All women are filthy, lying whores

You may think she's your gal, but she may be everyone's pal.

Dec 6th, 2010 @ 12:52 GMT


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Anonymous (#134)
Dec 9th, 2010 @ 10:14 GMT
ahahah soooo true!
i'm gonna print and frame this one ^^
Anonymous (#595)
May 12th, 2011 @ 16:28 GMT
couldn't agree more. As soon as they realize they can use there cunt to get what they want, god help us. Fucking bitches need to be sent to the middle east for a tune up
Anonymous (#823)
Jul 11th, 2011 @ 23:38 GMT
I gotta buy this thing as a poster but cant find it anyway -.-
Anonymous (#913)
Aug 14th, 2011 @ 19:24 GMT
most of the women are filthy whores. they cheat,lie, and want to go to bed with as many guys as they possibly can. they are the lowest form of scum.
Anonymous (#914)
Aug 14th, 2011 @ 22:24 GMT
hey, at least there good for something.
Anonymous (#1241)
Oct 25th, 2011 @ 02:38 GMT
WE learn it from men. And not all of us are like that. Just so happens you fuckers arent good enough to get a really good woman. That's our problem how? Thats right Stfu.
Anonymous (#1265)
Oct 30th, 2011 @ 02:44 GMT
^ How'd you get on the Internet? My Sammich better be ready!
Anonymous (#2042)
Mar 19th, 2012 @ 18:53 GMT
It's true women are shit.
Anonymous (#2067)
Mar 26th, 2012 @ 19:52 GMT
they are brainless and worthless pigs.
Anonymous (#2123)
Apr 10th, 2012 @ 14:26 GMT
women are scum, they spend half their life trying to exploit and manipulate those around them into giving them material benefits, and the other half of their life playing the social victim card so their intentions aren't questioned. they know no other meaning to life. they're the lowest, they know no morals or concept of civilty all they know is selfishness, the word "ME", they also are easily affected by what society tells them they should own and look like in order to gather better benefits. Women are like gypsies, they have no morals whatsoever, feel no sentiment although they find it useful to fake it, like gypsy scum women are only out there for personal gain.

Be proud of being a man, be proud of your mind and of your skills and trade.
Anonymous (#2265)
May 10th, 2012 @ 15:23 GMT
You're all pussies for not posting your real names with these comments.
Anonymous (#2340)
May 31st, 2012 @ 11:56 GMT
Yes I believe they are all lying cheating whores at least until their looks fade in their 30's. Then they have to be a good woman otherwise they won't have anyone to support them. Or they are just bar whores forever living off child support. I've always treated my GF's great until they started cheating when i was at work, all of them have done it. I just got divorced after 6 months because I found out she was fucking everything with a pulse. 4 guys that I know about. Which is funny because i make 200k a year and she would have been set for life and treated with respect until I found out she was fucking guys without jobs and a burger flippers. It's sad that there are a lot of good guys out there that are single because most women have no goals but to look pretty and fuck every guy they can. So if you find a good one, say 5% of women. Better treat her right.
Anonymous (#2493)
Jul 18th, 2012 @ 04:56 GMT
it is without a doubt very true that there are so many FILTHY WHORE WOMEN out there now than ever before. what a FILTHY FUCKIN DISEASE they now have become. they can't even seem to just only STAY WITH ONE MAN ANYMORE, and want to go to bed with as many men as possible at one time. then again, GOD really messed up CREATING NO GOOD GARBAGE LIKE THEM TO BEGIN WITH.
Bret Jennings (#2503)
Jul 21st, 2012 @ 05:03 GMT
Women are nothing but cum dumpsters.

They use their ovaries as paychecks. Why have a job when you can just squat on a cock and have a free pay check for 18 years?

Every single one of the walking cock pockets want to be paid equal until it is time to do some actual work. Then they bitch and complain.

There's a reason God gave women two eyes. So you only have to tell the bitches twice to get their fucking asses back in the kitchen.
Anonymous (#2519)
Jul 25th, 2012 @ 04:44 GMT
so many filthy diseased infested, fucked up, scum of the earth women that are out there today, and lets not forget, the filthy lesbian scum of the earth women too. we can't forget these filthy rug munching freak of nature women either. they are certainly the reason why us straight men can't meet a normal decent woman anymore. and yes, these filthy pigs are to blame. not us.
Anonymous (#2538)
Aug 3rd, 2012 @ 20:24 GMT
Anonymous (#2539)
Aug 3rd, 2012 @ 20:30 GMT
Anonymous (#2549)
Aug 9th, 2012 @ 03:49 GMT
so many women are just a FILTHY DISEASE, and all there good for is SPREADING THEIR LEGS FOR ANYONE.
Anonymous (#2603)
Sep 2nd, 2012 @ 02:03 GMT
Man, you misogynists are weird. It's like the only way you can think better of yourselves is to think less of women.
Anonymous (#2660)
Oct 1st, 2012 @ 00:02 GMT
all these cunt fuckin whores when they get raped I just laugh because they make good men turn bad I don't give a fuck what people think of me. These whores know what they are
Anonymous (#2668)
Oct 4th, 2012 @ 18:25 GMT
Well let's keep this knowledge alive and never forget what women really are, not even when they aproach you with apparent good intensions, cause we might find ourselfes the target of their evil schemes, doing anything it takes to get what they want from us.
And don't ever believe a woman when she says she loves you because WOMEN CAN'T LOVE ANYTHING BUT THEMSELFES.
Anonymous (#2674)
Oct 5th, 2012 @ 01:12 GMT
you women will always be the GARBAGE that GOD created by mistake, you are a FILTHY DISEASE that has certainly been out of control for so long. i lost thousands of dollars because of that FILTHY WHORE that i was married too at one time, and had i known that in the first place i would have never married that LOW LIFE PIG. and now with all the FILTHY WHORES AND LESBIANS TODAY, meeting a real good woman will be impossible now for us STRAIGHT GUYS.
billy (#2688)
Oct 11th, 2012 @ 02:27 GMT
Women are worthless cheating bitches. No woman can be with just oney guy. I dont understand it. It seems like they get bored within about two weeks and have to find another cock. I dont understand it. If men find a girl we will stay with her but a women, all women, have to go from guy to guy to guy. I just dont get it. Why cant a woman just stay with a guy ? Does she have to find a bigger cock? Once it gets wore out she has to keep finding bigger and bigger then she becomes a nigger loving whore one the biggest cock in the world wont satisfy her then she becomes a feminist man hating lesbian, cuts her hair short and duct tapes her tits flat.women are evil i believe. They cause more problems than they are worth. They have it right in the middle east. Women shouldnt have any rights. And if she cheats she should be beaten severely by her man.so she knows to never do ut again , abd put on house arrest for 1 year. Cant leave the house at all. No internet ot phone. No contact with the outside world whatsoever. Its the only way u can be sure that she isnt cheating on you. Its sad really that such measures have to be taken to insure fedelity. Women should have to cut all ties with all " guy friends" once they enter into a relationship with a man.they should have no contact whatsoever with any men not even brothers, cousins, or father. Its gross but there are no limits to what a whore will do. If a whore wants to cheat she will cheat. A cock is a cock. Oh and i love when u get a girl to comeover to " watch movies" at like midnight and when u try to stick ur hand down their pants their like " what are u doing? No stop, we just met.." its like really? Are u freaking serious? What the hell do u think we want when we invite u over so late. Are women just that fuking stupid???
Anonymous (#2696)
Oct 16th, 2012 @ 00:53 GMT
i never realized that there are so many rotten disease infested women out there now, and they are the cause of so many problems today. yes i certainly blame you low life piece of shit women out there, and why should us men be to blame for the filthy trash that GOD created today? you low life piece of garbage women can't even stay with only one man anymore, and filthy whores like you are a dime a dozen today. they are the reason that the divorce rate is so out of control now, because they are not faithful anymore. and lets not forget the filthy garbage, diseased infested, carpet munching lesbian pigs either, they are definitely the reason why many of us good straight men can't meet a decent normal woman anymore. what a complete waste of humanity that women have become now.
Anonymous (#2714)
Oct 28th, 2012 @ 23:55 GMT
the average woman today seems to need seven different COCKS in her mouth, one for each day of the week.
Anonymous (#2760)
Nov 12th, 2012 @ 13:34 GMT
where are the women that use to be REAL LADIES years ago?, and today most of them are GUTTER HOLE SEWER PIGS.
AF (#2768)
Nov 17th, 2012 @ 21:28 GMT
If women are that filthy as all you anons say, maybe you all should meet up and just marry each other. see, problem sorted!
Anonymous (#2774)
Nov 22nd, 2012 @ 19:58 GMT
the dirty filthy low life whores have to make money somehow.
Anonymous (#2789)
Dec 1st, 2012 @ 07:08 GMT
not all women are cheaters. in today society, women are equal to men. most of these comments are from broken hearted, shamed men by ex lovers. i love women because im strait. i come to learn the ways of animals... fuck, eat and survive. emotions are for the weak. so guys get out there fuck these bitches like they need, then when you get old marry one so the dog wont eat ya. lol
Anonymous (#2798)
Dec 5th, 2012 @ 18:53 GMT
Yes. As a Black dude with a above average cock and a decent job, it's not good enough. All women are whores from each and every race and walk of life in this country. Even the church women are whores. There's no winning. I'd rather beat off my dick, save my money and do something positive with my life outside of women. These men on this post are not bitter; there just calling it how they see it, and I fuckin agree with them. These whores will ruin your life sooner or later. They fuck you in the end. Trust.
Anonymous (#2808)
Dec 8th, 2012 @ 19:34 GMT
Not only are all women whores, they are also all lesbians. They might never lick clit but their focus if clitcentric always, and in that sense they are all lesbians.
Anonymous (#2815)
Dec 15th, 2012 @ 19:02 GMT
Great Poster and so true... I thought Kim Monaghan was my pal but she turned out to be a LCH. However the boys in Bloomington, Il at State Farm Insurance love her LCH ways everyday at lunch time...
Anonymous (#2816)
Dec 17th, 2012 @ 22:36 GMT
Fuck em. Point out their flaws. Be nice. Make decisions for the both of you. Tell them you care. Fuck em. Don't take their shit. Make em suck it. Tell them you don't want them to go. Fuck em. Make em swallow it. Buy them a beer to wash it down. Fuck em. Buy them stuff. Tell em off. Watch Football. Tell them what they want to hear. Watch a chick flick. Fuck em. Drink a beer.

That's how you treat woman.
Anonymous (#2818)
Dec 18th, 2012 @ 01:38 GMT
talking about filthy whores, i was married to one of them not knowing she was a filthy whore to begin with. these women will always be the lowest form of pigs that GOD should have never created. gee wiz, if only he could create some decent women for us straight guys that are looking to meet a normal decent woman today. and now with so many LESBIANS out there today, that certainly adds to the problem.
Anonymous (#2832)
Dec 25th, 2012 @ 15:54 GMT
the family law courts in all developed countries rewards women well for cheating>The courts reward women who leave their men with all the mans assets and money house everything
women take all children house car money .disgusting cunts
Anonymous (#2833)
Dec 26th, 2012 @ 05:41 GMT
women are certainly not like they were years ago, when they were much more educated than today. most of the women today are lesbians, filthy whores, diseased infested pigs, cheaters, attitude problem, and brainless. gee wiz, that certainly doesn't say anything good about them.
Anonymous (#2855)
Jan 6th, 2013 @ 19:17 GMT
Why would anyone marry some skank who has slept with a hundred other guys? Thanks to feminism they spend their best years getting laid by the alpha cocks and wouldn't even consider 90% of the available men as worthy of their notice. Once they hit 30 they begin looking for a beta provider fort themselves and possibly a few kids. And the poor sucker is not even supposed to question cupcake's past much less judge her. With family law so stacked against males one would have to be a fool to have anything to do with any American woman. You are better off hiring a pro than marrying one.
Anonymous (#2862)
Jan 7th, 2013 @ 21:59 GMT
women have become the armpit of society today. and most of them now are worthless, diseased infested, low life pieces of shit. GOD really messed up on this one, creating filthy garbage like them. totally different than the women that existed years ago, when they were ladies. it is very hard just to try to start a normal conversation with them, and they are ready to call the police on you and yell rape. then they wonder why so many of us straight men can't find a good woman today, and now since there are much more filthy lesbian pig women that certainly would do it. then again, GOD certainly created SHIT today.
Anonymous (#2872)
Jan 11th, 2013 @ 21:58 GMT
the bottom line is, most of the women today are FILTHY WHORES AND LESBIANS. and they should burn in hell where they belong.
Anonymous (#2885)
Jan 17th, 2013 @ 03:56 GMT
I just can't handle that horrific smell God gave them. Dudes, as you know, not only does it smell worse than shit but you can't wash it off! How would you act if you were cursed with that problem?!!!
A man needs a woman like a dog needs a lamp-post.
Anonymous (#2888)
Jan 19th, 2013 @ 01:53 GMT
The stupid worthless big mouth tramp women commenting and defending the filthy ass whorey women of the world, are part of all the culture of stupid ass non moral cunts out there so, u need to shut the fuck up b4 we gangbang your filthy whore asses. u r part of the problem and u dont deserve anything but cock in your mouth so u can shut your nonsense speaking whore ass..fuck tramps and shut the fuck up!
Anonymous (#2889)
Jan 19th, 2013 @ 20:28 GMT
most of the women where i am are certainly FILTHY CUNTS, and what low life pieces of shit that they have become compare to the women of years ago that were well educated. i certainly agree, women across the nation now are the GARBAGE that were created by GOD. see, even GOD makes mistakes when he made these diseased infested pigs now.
Anonymous (#2895)
Jan 23rd, 2013 @ 21:54 GMT
The current state of the female gender is in shambles.

Just look around you.

It's all about mindless sex. How many hot guys can she sleep with before she hits 30. Party it up from 16 to 30 and when her looks decline she finds some poor chump good guy to take care of her while she will cheat with the first good looking guy to hit on her.

Women have become obsessed with sex. They will do the most DISGUSTING things you can imagine with the right guy. Just look at any woman's magazine. Sex, sex, sex. Everywhere you look.

And don't even give me that shit about men doing the same. Men hold NO power in the game unless they are attractive, rich or powerful. Women hold all the cards. They decide when sex is engaged. The average woman will have had 7 sexual partners by the time she hits 21. The average man will have had 2. Curious, hmmm? Not really. Women are persued, therefore they are the ones who decide when and where sex takes place. So, women are in fact FAR more sexually active than men in these modern times. This is a fact.

Then we get young girls indoctrinated into "slut culture" by these trash shows on MTV like Teen Mom and other garbage. Teaching them to be entitled and that they should excercise their "sexual freedom.

Like I always say, having sex with a woman in today's time is like sticking your penis in a hole that numerous other men have ejaculated in before. It's disgusting.

Thank God I have a foreskin and very skilled hands for masturbation. I'm done playing your game. YOU LOSE.
Anonymous (#2897)
Jan 24th, 2013 @ 01:38 GMT
reading many of these comments is certainly very true how women have become such a low life today. and as you can see, GOD really did create SHIT today.
the man (#2902)
Jan 25th, 2013 @ 00:44 GMT
The only one you can trust is yoour mother and sister, and even in that case you have to be carefull. Watch your back with women, everyone of them.
Anonymous (#2904)
Jan 25th, 2013 @ 19:53 GMT
today many women are having a contest with their girlfriends to see how much COCK they can suck today, and GOD forbid should they be with only one man. talk about FILTHY WHORES now, boy are they everywhere today. isn't it very obvious why us good straight men can't meet a good decent normal woman now?, i would certainly say so.
montaron (#2906)
Jan 26th, 2013 @ 12:50 GMT
This self-entitled scum and their vane egocentric mindset will tear society apart mark my words. Nowhere else in nature will you find a being so rotten.

A woman's social interaction instinct:

>is male = scanning for social status

has gf? if yes then girl is interested, he must have something worth taking. She also wonders if she's more attractive than gf and could compete. If no gf he's a loser or weirdo.

has good job? if yes girl considers social standing and revenue, may try to start love game. If no job he's useless and barely human being in her eyes.

talks ill of women, exposes moral flaws, goes his own way = employ male shaming talks, keep guy away from boyfriend/husband

>is female = scanning for threat level to own schemes.

is prettier than me? if yes engage competition mode. Backtalk, earn trust to know the rival. If not possible friend material, keep around to feel better about herself.

This is as much an instinct to them as it is for a male to procreate or an animal to gather food.

ROTTEN SCUM. A man works on an instinct-level when it comes to fucking but you sows are permanently set to it 24h
Anonymous (#2907)
Jan 28th, 2013 @ 08:18 GMT
Women are far more shallow than men.

What does a woman look for in a man: Looks, fit, muscles, tall, nice eyes, nice hair, good job, rich, lots of friends, social status, nice car, bad boy attitude, handsome face, nice house, big cock.

What does a man look for in woman: Not be fat. Even then some guy like fat woman.


Women have a competition these days who can sleep with the most high status partners. Like a corporate prostitution. You will never get a clean woman today. Every time you see and attractive woman thing of all the semen she has sucked down and taken into her hole before you. Nice sloppy seconds. FUCKING DISGUSTING.
Chris (#2908)
Jan 29th, 2013 @ 03:39 GMT
By the way all you guys, please keep this in mind. YOU DON'T NEED SEX TO SURVIVE. I happen to be the nice guy.........until now. I treated women with respect. I was kind, romantic, passionate, polite, courteous. I got judged for EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING you can possibly name. I don't know what the hell I did wrong. Oh I forgot, I got burned by a couple of Christian pastors, and some Christians who said I won't get a woman unless I lose weight. Well I lost 60 pounds, did I get a woman? Nope! I was judged for looks! I was judged for what kind of clothes i wear! I did not do anything!! So guys, please listen to me! - - - Before I continue, hear this one. Someone I once knew got married to someone who turned around and falsely accused him of being abusive when I KNOW he wasn't. She took EVERYTHING FROM HIM after he got thrown in jail!! He DIDN'T DO A THING! - - Now guys, do you want that happening to you?? Seriously!! Did you live yesterday without sex or having a girlfriend? Yes, you did. YOU DON'T NEED TO HAVE SEX TO SURVIVE. I did nothing to deserve all the heartache I have experienced. I am convinced there ARE no more good women out there any more. I have tried singles groups at churches. I have tried online dating. I have tried it all. Nothing worked for me, so now I have to accept my fate as I am destined to live single the rest of my life. A real shame on God's part for giving me the desire to love someone too. What a prick!
Chris (#2909)
Jan 29th, 2013 @ 03:42 GMT
Oh wait, one more thing. Listen to this. - One day i was at an ex-friend's house ( someone i knew from church ) and had a conversation with him. This is a good one! I asked my friend if when the time came I ever got married if he would be a groomsmen ( Remind you this is a Christian couple . Immediately his wife said right in front of me, "Oh, he'll be too old by then." - Pretty bad huh?
Anonymous (#2910)
Jan 29th, 2013 @ 03:50 GMT
Hey i found this video on youtube, IT SAYS IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous (#2911)
Jan 29th, 2013 @ 23:11 GMT
Women shouldn't bitch on here at all seeing they are the ones that ate the apple first in the garden of eden, and adam was a dumbass to follow suit, that cocksucker!
Jack (#2912)
Jan 30th, 2013 @ 03:14 GMT
That video said it all.......I'd like to shake the person's hand that made it too!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous (#2926)
Jan 31st, 2013 @ 16:14 GMT
the way that women have changed once women's lib took over, really messed up their brain. back in the seventies when they came out with that song that said, so many men so little time how could i choose, that really turned them into FILTHY WHORES. it is bad enough that women have become so fucked up now, and they did not need a song like that to make it worse back then. they do a good job on their own being filthy whores today, especially that many of them are competing with their low life girlfriends now. then we have the low life pieces of shit LESBIAN pig women that are making it worse, since they will suck as much pussy as possible. yes indeed, GOD certainly created SHIT today. and if there really is a GOD, i sure do hope that he gets rid of this GARBAGE soon.
Anonymous (#2927)
Feb 1st, 2013 @ 20:11 GMT
since GOD created garbage, even he wouldn't be able to get rid of it now.
Irene (#2929)
Feb 5th, 2013 @ 04:33 GMT
tell me what you think of this. my friend is a great guy who finally told his longtime female friend that he had feelings for her but would be understanding if she just wanted to stay friends. he was legitimately fine staying friends since he cared for her for more reasons than just sex. she friendzoned him and a week later she met a guy at a bar and fucked him simply because "he was hot". now my friend isnt george clooney but he sure as hell aint bad looking, he works out alot. now i dont want to use a double standard to say this bitch is a whore but the whore move is that she almost immediately told him about it like it was nothing. i should mention that this is a girl who hasnt slept around like crazy but i think shes getting there. as a girl i cant believe this shit. he just told her he had feelings for her, she friendzones him then sleeps with the next guy she met. ill admit, most girls are whores
Anonymous (#2932)
Feb 5th, 2013 @ 22:21 GMT
Women have been sold a pack of lies with this sexual freedom shit. It's just not the same for a man to fuck a bunch of chicks as it is for a woman to fuck a bunch of guys. Men are just biologically made to fuck around and not have any consequences. Imagine buying a hot dog and then covering it with ketchup, mustard, relish, sourkraut, onions...now imagine removing the hotdog from the bun. Which would you rather eat, the hot dog or the bun? I rest my case.
Anonymous (#2933)
Feb 5th, 2013 @ 22:30 GMT
Women simply have nothing to offer outside the context of a man. They contribute nothing to science, the arts, philosophy, i.e. all the things in this life that are worthwhile. They have a remarkable talent for the nurture and care of succeeding generations, but here again they are simply incapable of doing this without the constant upkeep of a man. The tragedy is that fewer and fewer men are willing to provide this upkeep. Particularly when women have degraded themselves to the level of cum gargling whore buckets.
Anonymous (#2934)
Feb 5th, 2013 @ 22:43 GMT
Women are my favorite things to jerk-off to. But let's keep it at that, shall we. At some point in our near future, men will break out of the "uncanny valley" and create perfect sex toy androids. What will women do then? She might ask, "how can an android provide the love and nurture that a real woman can?" My answer, "quite right my dear, a sex android will never be able to provide all that a real woman can, which is precisely why I shall be purchasing 3 sex androids." Ha! The clock is ticking ladies. Could it be that all of men's endeavors in the sciences have been leading to this one, triumphant moment: sex androids? I will ejaculate on all three sex androids faces and then they will prepare my favorite meal. Did I mention that the sex androids will all be good cooks? But won't there be male sex androids for the ladies you ask? Certainly there will be. But how do you fuck with a male sex androids emotions? They have none. How will you pilfer the male sex androids bank account? He has none. And finally, how will the male sex android impregnate you? Science will never progress far enough for that to happen, that is, unless you ladies get off your backs and start hitting those books...but don't worry, I'm sure we can make an Oprah android for you and maybe we'll throw in a robot dr. phil for good measure.
Anonymous (#2936)
Feb 6th, 2013 @ 17:37 GMT
Is this from the my mom was a whore so all women are whores now group?grow the fuck up and get some help
Aveles (#2939)
Feb 9th, 2013 @ 22:35 GMT
Don't forget they're also superficial, narcissistic, egotistical, vindictive, ignorant, mechanically un-inclined, materialistic, worthless, and incapable of giving a shit about anyone in anything other than a politically-correct sense outside of themselves or their children. If I was only allowed one word to describe women though the one that immediately comes to mind is: SELFISH. Outside of that... I'm sure they're great. And here people think I have no respect for women. I have more respect for them than anyone I know. I actually see them for the people they are on the inside... I just happen to hate that person.
Anonymous (#2940)
Feb 12th, 2013 @ 21:01 GMT
Women are contemptible. When I look at a woman, I'm filled with disgust. Their whole aura exudes mediocrity. Their is nothing ennobling about the form of a woman, nothing heroic or transcendent. On the contrary, she is the base receptacle through which this whole miserable existence is perpetuated. I look at a woman and I want to copulate with her. It is an instinctual act. I'm never elevated to moments of beauty or art or mysticism when I'm around her. No. It's merely a descent into the bestial. How awful it must be to be a woman. No wonder she whores herself.
Anonymous (#2941)
Feb 12th, 2013 @ 23:01 GMT
Thanks Oprah...you fat whore enabler. Fat whores are just as bad... at 20 they discover they have a filthy cunt (and i do mean filthy- vaginosis- the pussy needs to air out, fat thighs keep it dirty). They discover that when they open their filthy fuck holes, boys will pay attention. Only now, it's fat, dirty, old men who want them. But when you are attention deprived...like a whore is related to the rooster, any cock will do. It's just too bad the fucking cunts have to lie about love... Don't even get me started on "it was just sex"... it was just a gun...your honour
Anonymous (#2951)
Feb 25th, 2013 @ 00:23 GMT
Hey Anonymous 2815 this is really great I did that whore a few times. Sent her back to her husband on more than one occasion in 06 filled up with cum. Problem with that whore she had some type of hang up about swallowing but not about taking it up the ass and then sucking me clean.
The Misanthrope (#2962)
Mar 2nd, 2013 @ 03:44 GMT
I'm a 34 year old male virgin with good looks and a physically fit body. My problem? I'm a misanthrope. I've never been in a relationship, nor have I ever kissed a woman. The entire relationship concept simply angers me. Of course I would like to have sex with a woman, but trust is a major issue. This is awkward due to the fact that ALL relationships require deception. I don't want to be played upon, so I won't engage in the deceptive game - thus living a lonely life without sex. People who engage in such trivialities negate the consequences and suffer in the future. Women in my opinion are more deceptive than men, simply due to the fact that they are "social butterflies" and astound men with their beauty. Of course engaging in social conversation poses no threat, but one must be cautious. If the man decides to fall victim onto conversation or beauty, that is done upon their own risk. Think of it this way - Who do you want to see excel? You or the other? Men expend while women reap the benefits.
Anonymous (#2964)
Mar 2nd, 2013 @ 19:32 GMT
If guys would just start killing women for cheating the problem would be over with. The problem is guys aren't guys anymore, they are sissy boys and sissy boys do what sissy boys do, nothing whatsoever. So stop complaining about it sissy boys and get used to the knew reality, women are superior to you in every possible way, they tell you what to do and when to do it, and they cheat on you every chance they can get. And what are you sissy boys going to do about it? Nothing, except for cry and complain and whine like a sissy boy. But a real man would knock every one of her teeth straight down her throat and even kill her and do the time in prison like a man. Or if you don't want to do time in prison then fine, be a cuckold like you were born to be. God bless the Muslims and death to the Jews....
Anonymous (#2968)
Mar 4th, 2013 @ 20:38 GMT
If Darwin is correct, then it must follow that women select men for their abilities to provide, and men select women for their abilities to bear children. From a market perspective, men sell ingenuity, resourcefulness, strength, creativity, cooperation, i.e. traits that increase their ability to provide, whereas women, from this same market perspective, sell sexual desirability, i.e. the trait that signals their ability to bear children. Women are, by their very design, whores. It would make as much sense to blame a woman for being a whore as it would to blame a lion for eating gazelles. It is in their nature. It is for us men to understand this and to make peace with the fact that we will only ever enjoy sexual congregation with whores. Some of these whores will do a very good job of making us believe that they are not whores. And these whores are deserving of our gratitude. For it is only the meanest of whores who makes her price known beforehand. The gentlest will declare it only afterward, thereby filling the male's orgasm with hope and optimism. What little else can be hoped for in this joyless, miserable existance?
Anonymous (#2978)
Mar 11th, 2013 @ 17:55 GMT
with shows like 0prah and sex in the city, that really messed up these low life loser women today. we need the women like June Cleaver and Donna Reed again, and certainly they were much more better educated than the ones that are out there today.
Anonymous (#2980)
Mar 14th, 2013 @ 02:03 GMT
whores can be a beautiful thing i love pussy i don't find it wrong for women loving cock,think of it this way, when your single you spend thousands of dollars, for pussy looking for the right bitch. then you find her marry her now your in bills up to your neck, for that beautiful whore for life . tell me then, who is screwing who, she wins you lose,whore. women don't ever stop being whores your beautiful.
stickman (#2981)
Mar 14th, 2013 @ 02:14 GMT
from a man who loves women that love sex the way men do, for most part. to all you sorry asses with the name calling, are the jerks running around trying to fuck every women on earth, but most time your spanking your monkey so buy a toy doll screw it and shut your mouth all you losers
Anonymous (#2983)
Mar 14th, 2013 @ 18:46 GMT
Stickman. Youre probably one of the manginas who thinks his gf/wife is a good girl. Dont come home early, is all i have to say - or you may find your good girl sporting a cock in every whole of her body.
stickman (#2984)
Mar 14th, 2013 @ 18:56 GMT
i guess#2983 if i came early and found my gf/wife sporting cock in every hole as you say i would take my pants off and join in the fun
Anonymous (#2987)
Mar 15th, 2013 @ 22:24 GMT
sexist men are the only creatures,to lable things such as. flowers or weeds.
Anonymous (#2992)
Mar 20th, 2013 @ 04:04 GMT
Ha ha, I'm a women, you men love and think about us so much,
That you have pages of comments about us. I can't get mad at the children even if their only way of geting attention is negitive. How cute.
Brad (#2996)
Mar 24th, 2013 @ 22:14 GMT
Men are just as much whores as women are so what the fuck is your point you useless pigs?
Brad (#2997)
Mar 24th, 2013 @ 22:15 GMT
for the record i think pussy is nasty, give me a fat cock anyday
Anonymous (#3000)
Mar 26th, 2013 @ 12:45 GMT
I find this page very interesting and unfortunately real. My first gf when I was 16 cheated on me and used me. Ever since I've been cautious but respectful and courteous with women. Guess what..it doesn't get better. Once I learned not to give an F about them is when I had them eating from the palm of my hand. Now (30) I don't even want a gf. Why invest in something that will eventually destroy you emotionally and physically? Women outlive men. Why do you think? This is why prostitution is not legal; because of women. Personally I'd rather pay for it up front and know what I'm getting, cause if not you are really screwed.
Anonymous (#3001)
Mar 26th, 2013 @ 12:49 GMT
Ps..women have no self respect. thank you. :)
Joe American (#3010)
Mar 31st, 2013 @ 18:33 GMT
"Why invest in something that will eventually destroy you emotionally and physically?" AMEN!!
I will add financially too, especially in Western countries. One thing that helps is not to marry them under any circumstance as it only offers scalable financial obligations while the counterparty has zero risk or obligation.

Charley Sheen gives answers on the economics of women :)
Anonymous (#3015)
Apr 3rd, 2013 @ 03:23 GMT
It's hard to accept but women are degenerate filth. You can't trust them and they are really messed up in the head these days, truly disturbed. Never commit to a woman.
BigBlack (#3024)
Apr 7th, 2013 @ 16:30 GMT
All females aren't whores. Only 99.9999999999 percent of them are
Anonymous (#3025)
Apr 7th, 2013 @ 17:24 GMT
all women are bitches.
except 5% of them.
provable exception.
Anonymous (#3028)
Apr 10th, 2013 @ 21:53 GMT
I thought I met a decent woman once. But then, I woke up and was back in reality where they're nothing but lying, cheating, self-important whores who breed more of the same with any douchebag with tattoos or the closest thing to an image of satan they can muster. Idiot female fucktoys. They're nothing but the scourge of the human race. Nothing left for a decent man at all.
Anonymous (#3032)
Apr 13th, 2013 @ 08:47 GMT
You gotta play the game if you wanna get laid, careful though it's your health your gambling with. Once you know the game that there are attraction techniques that women fall for over and over then you win. Just don't spend your money on them and certainly don't marry them. For the poster that said something about as soon as you go to work she will be with another cock, that's 100% accurate. Think about that, if a man is working to support her and the offspring and she has so little respect for that man and his efforts. What does that say about her self respect or self value...she has none at all. If she doesn't respect herself she wont respect you period. If a woman has no motherly, nurturing instinct avoid her, if she can't and doesn't love her own flesh and blood then she can never love you period.
I will not date single mothers that whore around because I do not want to contribute to a kid being mentally and emotionally scarred for life. Fucking selfishness pisses me off!!
Anonymous (#3033)
Apr 13th, 2013 @ 09:02 GMT
I had this one bitch that didn't wanna work, she was a former junkie that now just wanted to smoke weed all day and hang out with whatever dude was available. When I say "hang out" I mean get high then suck and fuck. The shame of the whole thing is this woman has a 4 year old kid. This kid has seen her mother with 100s of guys, this kid thinks that each new guy is gonna "be her dad". This sick addicted bitch has already seriously damaged this kid. This kid has seen her mother doing drugs, and has seen her mother getting nailed. Fucking disgusting indeed.
Anonymous (#3034)
Apr 15th, 2013 @ 01:44 GMT
I'm 36. I have little faith in women today. Narcissism is an epidemic and women today in their 20s are the worst of the worst. Its about social status..being seen..and making comparisons to anything outside what they do not currently have...which in turn makes women of today a bit greedy in my opinion..Envy is not only seeking what others have but envy actually seeks to destroy what another has. Another poster mentioned how women are more attracted to men who are with another woman and I have found this to be largely true. Women chase these men out of envy which seeks to destroy and disrupt which women tend to do. They tend to disrupt and destroy and do it with a miriad of nonsensical explanation. No you and John weren't meant to be together....you chased John because he had a girlfriend and you wanted to be disruptive and cause drama because you envied what you perceived the other girl had that you did not have.....The legal system really puts today's man at a severe disadvantage...and women can cry foul at the drop of the hat....as a man...you should have the looks of brad Pitt...be an international business motel...and the social life of a kardashian....and if not...well...that guy must be somewhere....and men will put on a great show to bag these dummies....the bottom line is that with today's women forever means...until something better comes along....they do hold all of the cards really...I have been with some amazing women in my years...one was a model who ended up on a soap opera....most narcissistic selfish thing you could imagine....I'm not overly jaded...but as I get older I'm starting to see these patterns of wild unexplained behavior....and I'm just now getting much better perspective....today's women wants it all and will chase it to no end to get their selfish needs met.....men know much more about long suffering and sacrifice....women don't have to learn these things when they can just spread there legs for the new guy thomas who just inherited aunt matildas fortune and claim its love so that she can escape the fact she was a cheating who're and not have to have any conscious about betrayal...women want to be taken care of by nature...the funny thing is that when you do take care of them...they will want something else that is not being supplied to them.....attention....enough social activity...anything that they see on Tv...that there friends have and they do not....they are constantly comparing....and this is quite destructive by way of theo greedy and envious nature....my father was a faithful man...had been with one woman his whole life....hes an Md in the us....works like a horse to provide....pays 10k a month to my mom who doesn't think she can live on it....payments last for 15 years....she helped him in many regards...but ended up running away with an attorney who wooed her....my fathers words to me.....it was never enough son....never enough....see I believe that women can push men to greater heights....but they do it in a way where you are trying to please them.....like a donkey and carrot.....I have ayoung nephew and have talked to kids in their late teens as well as some professionals.....did you know that 1 in4 women are on some psych drug...yikes...I think young men in today's world should be extra cautious....with a poor job market...there are bound to be a glut of scheming women who surface....and they parade themselves as far from what they really are....just know that the tides change at their.whim....and you will hold the bag....women are sandbaggers overall...in fact I can only think of a few who have not sandbagged....and if they are getting crazier and wilder in there 20s.....god help these women at menopause age......overall...I would tend to agree with the topic on this board that most women operate whorishly at many times in there life....its when they rationalize it to you....where it gets fascinating
Anonymous (#3035)
Apr 15th, 2013 @ 10:48 GMT
It seems to me that these women have bought in to the whole feminism agenda and the images and propaganda of the mass media. The people behind the mass media have succeeded
in their agenda to "divide and conquer". I agree with #3034 It's never enough been there and had that with the ex wife. As for women wanting what others have here's an example. I move in to the house I just purchased, and I meet my new neighbors as would be expected. My new neighbor turns out to be the neighborhood nut job / trouble maker.
First off this nut job was introduced to my GF at the time, yet she continued to knock on my door with excuses to speak to me , "hey we should go out some time", invites me inside her house (she was drunk and I declined), tells me stories about my GF. (she knew I had a GF yet she persisted even after I spoke up) You get the picture.
She was basically after my dick, well the GF and I break up and low and behold the nut job backs off, Thankfully.
The comment about the 20 somethings is true also, this 26 year old girl I know comes from a really good family, In short she goes for druggie dirt bags and had a kid by one and is with that guy, yet she cheats on him left and right with other druggie dirt bags or anyone who she thinks has money or potential to have money..She is very lost to say the least. The sad part is what becomes of the kids from these types of mothers? These girls play the victim card Big Time to sucker in nice guys to help them out so they have extra money so their dirt bag druggies have money for weed and other drugs.
Anonymous (#3036)
Apr 15th, 2013 @ 16:57 GMT
I met a scum bag whore in Clinton Tennessee. She was a filthy fucking whore also but I got thank this nasty ass whore for sucking my cock and swallowing every drop but when her new husband Donnie kisses that whore I wonder if he tastes my nasty ass cum on her breath. My one regret is I didn't fuck her the day she left and beat the shit out of her and the mother fucker when I cought their asses together. Hey NMRCH thanks for swallowing every drop, you never missed one drop you fucking whore
Anonymous (#3038)
Apr 16th, 2013 @ 00:52 GMT
Hello 3035 I'm 3034....yes media is largely to blame by my estimate...they "normalize" shifty and whorish behavior...good girls rarely get famous if ever...but bad girl whores....well that seems to be the ticket....and if not the ticket the media glorifies it to extremes....controversy over who boned who...who is cheating on who and why....is the major theme in reality Tv....I refuse to watch it...in fact I have a friend who swears you can pick off a dirty whore just by watching these crap show with women and paying close attention to there responses to the dramatic situations...making crap whorish behavior normal is what the media does....when Jersey shore was all the rage a group of Italian Americans were furious and rightly so for the portrayal of Italians on the show....who is speaking up about the filth and normalization of whore like women on Tv? What has a kardashian ever produced besides supermarket headlines...many women curse them but on a deeper level many women exact the same spoiler behavior unknowingly....and they rationalize nonsensical behavior behind the emotion d.e.j.o.u.r...the effects that media has on society in general is quite poor....what the media is doing to the minds and behavior of young women today should begin to leave many men cautious...women are notorious for going from hot to cold on a dime on their whim....just like changing a channel on Tv their emotions swing....there is no endurance....there is no till death due us part anymore...these days are over...many women live by a mantra of until you cease to satisfy me do us part...there is no long suffering....just change the channel...instant gratification...let me tell you a real story...I built a company to 1million in annual revenue with my finance at the time...I had an underlying feeling that if times where not so good she would not stay around to weather a storm...I put the company on hard times...added a bit of light to medium stress as a test....well her new bf who she ran off with has a maserati and a much easier and fanciful lifestyle in midtown Manhattan with a fancy condo....lets just say that I sniffed her out and put her to the test...taking a million dollar business and running it into the ground to see how she would react you might say was manipulative...I do not see it that way...this was to be the mother of my children...if she had half a brain...she would have patted me on the back and said don't worry honey...we built it once and we can do it again...he response was to jump ship....change the channel...sick on another guys knob who showed more promise or was at a higher point....there was little loyalty...she didn't want to take the effort to rebuild....jumping ship is easier than docking and repairing a leaking ship....she wanted to keep moving forward towards her own selfish goals...when she perceived that the company would not be the vehicle to her selfish wants....she cursed it instead of rebuilding it....it was a test...and a good one at that...if I could find a women who would be willing to live in a tent with me if we lost everything this would be ideal...someone to stand beside you in good and bad....many women have little tolerance for down times...there longsuffering and endurance is low....especially when its accepted and normalized to jump ship...I will never forgetting the day it dawned on me in my office to take a 1 million dollar company and drive it into the ground to test my partner....it may have been the most cost effective thing to do in the long term....as loyalty is priceless...and having children with her could have exposed me to a lifetime of pain and suffering...hernew man with the maserati....shes not the only one for sure...she calls me now and apologizes for her betrayal...I put her in no position to betray and choose to be a who're...I manufactured a bit of a rough ride to see how she would take some lifestyle cutbacks...well now she can have all the fancy dinners on the next dumb guys dime...sheclaims the are such good friends...and have so much in common...when I asked what they have in common....Tv show was the freaking answer...I almost lost it laughing...because I always refused to watch that mindless crap.. so this next dummy is sitting over at his house tolerating housewives of Atlanta for a blow job....and pretending to like the whit....what a joke....they have in common shitty Tv shows....talk about media influence...tried to get her to watch the sundance channel...but that takes too much mental power
Anonymous (#3040)
Apr 17th, 2013 @ 18:50 GMT
How can any man in his right mind think about getting married these days? With all the facebook and social media,cell phones, texting, sexting, people are hooking up more than ever. So you meet some women who fools you in to thinking she is decent when in reality she fucked 100 guys off facebook or any other internet dating / social media sites in the last year or so. Then you have the ones that can't be alone, they collect guy friends for "friends with benefits" so the minute their chump BF is at work earning the money to pay for everything she will be with any one of her "Guy Friends" collecting random sperm.
Theseventhgrader (#3041)
Apr 18th, 2013 @ 01:56 GMT
Ok, look. Some women are like described above. We aren't all like the worst. Please don't lump decent, hardworking, humans in with them. By the way, if you really believe all of this bullcrap, you really need to stop drinking and doing drugs, because those people are the only ones that are drunk/high enough to buy into this. I am attempting to control my temper here, but the pig- headedness I see is pissing me off.
Anonymous (#3042)
Apr 18th, 2013 @ 15:09 GMT
Hello 3041. Are you aware that 1 in 4 women are on psych drugs? I dont think its the posters here who need to remove themselves from drugs. Many women should remove themselves from their addiction to cheap tacky media, cheap chinese branded "high end" material goods, cheap psych drugs, cheap attention, and cheap cock. These are the most common ailments of todays women and hard work has nothing to do with it. In fact recent studies show that the biggest sluts are the most hard working and career oriented women where its all about status and what is "best for me, me, me, me". If you are in 7th grade look up the term hypergamy and learn about it and keep it in mind over the years as you watch people and relationships develop and then unfold.

Women today are course, callous, and colder than ever before. Women are far from the nurtured nature gentle hand of yesteryear. Nurturing has to do with others and not "me me me me me". If you want Adonis to come fuck you and leave you then so be it. If you want a faithful and gentle man than so be it. Greedy women want it all, and are quite confused
Anonymous (#3043)
Apr 18th, 2013 @ 19:28 GMT
It all boils down to stupidity, If they are stupid enough to buy what they see in the media, stupid enough to follow their so called friends who already fucked their own lives up and want company, stupid enough that they completely forgot that women are suppose to be gentle and nurturing by nature, stupid enough to not respect themselves or any man, even one that treats them extremely good.
Women have been sold a line of BullShit nad have bought it, so they have an ideal man that works hard and gives 100% to them and their family and they throw the man away because they don't want to allow him to be the leader he is suppose to be. Ok so now they throw their man away, Now What? Now the women has to play both mother and father, do all her normal chores and mothering, Plus work 40 plus hours a week and take care of all the things that the man once did. So are they better off? NO they are NOT. All because they could not listen to and follow the lead of their man who probably had the best intentions for his family. Because they are stupid and selfish with the whole ME ME ME ME narcissistic attitude. They even put the kids behind themselves. Real women would never do that. And YES this is only some women probably a high percentage though. Look up Border Line personality disorder,and Histrionic personality disorder. I believe these disorders are a direct result of women not being able to cope with how they have fucked up their lives. And the psych medication thing is true, I dated one woman who wanted a medication because a side effect was rapid weight loss, a psych med for weight loss..real fucking smart.
Anonymous (#3044)
Apr 19th, 2013 @ 12:29 GMT
Hello #3043. Yes personality disorders are certainly on the rise among women. You wrote about men and leadership and how women reject this. Men have a natural instinct to lead and to slay the dragon so to speak and women today reject mens natural instincts and compete with them directly. In todays day and age if you are a man and try to lead with todays women she will label you....most likely as controlling...She will not encourage or thank you but will rather grow resentment against you. I suspect this resentment comes from anger that instinctively she does not possess the same natural traits as a man. So many women go on to try and prove they to possess the same traits and thus go into direct competition with a man to prove they are equal in this regard. Gender roles as man as provider and women as one that nurture plays to natural instincts. Men would be pinned to a cross if they attacked a women nuturing nature, but women attack men who try to provide the best they can. Women will never lead like a man and men will never nuture like a women. Men accept this amd women do not and foolishly fight it. Most women emasculate the men in there lives by trying to assume his role or compete directly with him.
Anonymous (#3045)
Apr 19th, 2013 @ 20:53 GMT
I agree with #3044 as I have experienced this directly. In my experience it also gets worse when the woman has a good job or career and makes decent money. They get a sense of independence from their financial status, just they take it too far. They start to think "I have my own money" "What do I need him for" "Why should he be the leader and call the shots when I earn money". These women do not want to be guided in any way.
EXAMPLE: a friend of mine he and his wife both earned roughly 2500 a week between the two of them. He was planning home improvement, retirement and the kids college tuition, she on the other hand wanted a never ending spending spree. When my friend tried to be the leader and kindly explain to his wife the opportunity they had for early retirement and etc. She threw a fit, spent twice as much, had an affair with a coworker and then asked for a divorce.
I think this mentality is from the bottom to the top as well, from the welfare collecting single mother all the way up to the female doctors and lawyers.
It's almost as if they want to be the man, they wont even settle for 50 - 50 partnership. I dated one woman that controlled how much time of hers I could take up,
and then complained when she didn't get the types of dates she wanted, another woman could not just be home with her child she would always be running everywhere in the car visiting her so called "guy friends" (jobless druggie whore) the second I was sleeping or working, when I spoke up I heard "Stop being Controlling" "I run from Controlling Guys" she is always with other guys period. Then I dated a nurse who made excellent money and was always broke, try to give her advice, teach her how to budget and same thing, I heard "Don't tell me what to do You are NOT My Father"
I blame women's liberation, feminism, stupidity, lack of self respect/restraint, the lack of communication aka passive aggressive, in other words instead of talking to the man straight up they drop hints, talk in innuendos and then bitch and moan to anyone who will listen about the man. Basically keeping themselves in this state of seething negativity until it comes to an end.
Anonymous (#3046)
Apr 19th, 2013 @ 21:12 GMT
When a woman does what is aid by #3045 (bitch and moan to anyone who will listen) those are the woman that get picked up by sleazy guys looking to play women for sex and money.
The sleazy guy provides a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry on, he tells these dumb women. Oh how could your husband be this way your so beautiful, and your husband is such a controlling asshole you deserve better. Next thing you know the sleazy guy is fucking this dumb bitch 9 ways till Sunday and spending all this dumb woman's money. The husband eventually finds out and gets rid of her. The husbands life recovers and improves and the dumb bitch gets what she deserves a dozen sleazy guys using her for sex and money until she eventually (if ever) smartens up.
Anonymous (#3047)
Apr 19th, 2013 @ 23:04 GMT
Hello 3035. I have been on the receiving end of "you are not my father" and it feels horrible frankly. I don't bake very well and she baked wonderfully. If I tried to bake and she made a suggestion I wouldn't say "your not my mother leave me alone" I would instead recognize she was better skilled in this area at that time and listen. I could become a better baker in time but not without a large hurdle to cross. Many men are good with finance (I passed all series licenses professionally) and I too would try to set financial goals which would get slammed down if it meant DELAYING instant gratification.

The running around in the car thing to "visit guy friends" while you are working. I have experienced that as well. In fact there is a biblical passage I read about whores that none other than my mother told me about " she is loud and wayward her feet do not stay at home"

Gossip is another really good way to pick off a liar who're. Yes they run around and chat to anyone with an ear what they are not happy with and expect you to be a mind reader. The minute they start telling you someone else's business be 100 percent sure that there is no sacred ground between the two of you.

I went to therapy with my ex. I stopped going after one single incident (I attended many sessions) She said I was passive aggressive and a Narcissist. Men statistically are diagnosed with NPD more than women. When I stopped going to therapy I suspect my therapist may have agreed with my partners evaluation as Narcissists tend to drop out of therapy frequently.

I later returned to confront this therapist after we broke up. I explained that my ex was using some methodologies so that she would be sided with and was simply looking to be right than to solve any issues. I also reminded the therapist when she asked me the reason that I stopped coming with her. I explained to her that when I was accused that day of being passive aggressive and narcissistic that my immediate response was "PROJECTION" She did recall me using that word. I further explained that I did not use the mirror for hours per day. That I didn't need to go through a giant routine to simply get a bagel on Saturday morning at the small deli...that I did not evoke the silent treatment or cryptic speach when I became upset etc. When she passed on and projected her own issues onto me....that is when I knew we were at a dead end....in fact I later recalled that in 4 years...she never had apologized for even a single thing.....

You mentioned seething negativity until it comes to an end. Once they start to seethe like this you can never recover and when the process starts you are in no mans land. They will gather friends. mother.grandma.and anyone that will lend and ear and yes them. Feelings cant be wrong right and if feelings aren't wrong this is a licence to do wrong which is totally absurd. They will remember even the smallest infraction you ever made to justify lying and fucking someones brains out behind your back. But one time he made a angry face at me....so....well....my ex tries to apologize...but she is serial at this shit....I once asked her why...and the answer was...it was new....well no shit....and she also said...he said all the right things.....well no shit....Nigerian scammers tell me if I give them my account info they will wire me 1 billion dollars from the Nigerian government.....of course the guy is going to agree with you...he wants to fuck you dummy...

If you ever date a women who is hanging on to the last guy...you are fucked....relationship swinging is who're territory....I fucked her a couple of times after I learner she was a who're...knowing she was swinging on the new guys Dick....and she initiated the shit....which I think she did to try to prove I was just like her....I regretted fucking her when I thought about it like that ...I wasn't 100% sure...but if they ever get married Id love to send that idiot an email...but ill wait for them to have kids first....

Dear Buddy...

Remember when my ex was telling you how horrible I was and you agreed with her so you could fuck her. Well she used to come over to my house and we fucked for a while...I'm not sure if you were really together...but you married this bitch now...and the minute you don't agree with everything she says....she will find a new sucker to agree with her and swing from his Dick.....so word to the wise...just agree brother...you agreed in the past and you now have a lifetime of it. What's really going to sick is when the next guy who agrees with her....shell take the kids over there and you'll be stuck paying,

Thank you for always agreeing. It served me in the past since you saved me from my doom. Now if you'll just agree with her you'll have no problems.....have a nice life buddy...because you saved me. several 100K I salute you...
George (#3049)
Apr 24th, 2013 @ 07:27 GMT
I see a problem today with my fellow men. We are separated. For all of us that would like to meet nice , decent ladies like before , there is an equal number of pathetic dumbshits that will sleep with your girlfriend/mom/sister without thinking about it for a second. Think about it , we all have a stupid friend like that.
And basically there lies the issue...women today have been manipulated to be whores. But who creates these whores? Men. I mean they couldnt become sluts if there were any men making them sluts in the first place , would they? I have rejected NAKED women asking me to fuck them because I know they have a boyfriend or a husband.
Now tell me honestly , how many of you can do that? For real? How many of you can tell them off and do what's right? You see , the thing here is that these so-called "alfa-males" are an equal part of the problem as slutty women are.
I might be labeled as one of these "bad boys" who attract women. But its only my appearance , it's not who I am. And it really surprises me how easy it is to get women in the sack today . I mean most of the times they wouldnt even know my complete name ! jajaj my God. It disgusts me and makes me sick. No self respect, no logical thinking whatsoever, they´re just sex-crazy, manipulative, hormon dominated, selfish animals.
I just broke up with my almost 5 years girlfriend. She was intelligent, hard worker , loyal for the most part. But before I came along, she was in a relationship with a fucking scumbag for almost SEVEN YEARS. Before me, my "beloved" was fucked by a scumbag(and not only him) for seven years. The bastard had the time of his life, probably. This girl who is amazing in so many ways, retaliated to her past stupidity by buying into the feminist agenda, and not even I could take that shit out of her head. Of course my heart was fucked up in the process and now I know that all the buzzards that were waiting for their time to strike most probably have.
She did not cheat on me. That I can say. But when the time came for me to assume my part in the relationship as the commander in chief because we were getting married and shit , she went nuts. She simply lost it. That was the painful moment when I realized that if I had married this girl, a life of wimpiness and no balls would follow for me. I could see clearly in my head the images of what was going to happen...being forced to watch sex and the city...bitchin´everyday about stupid shit...withholding sex to make me go apeshit...then I would finally snap one day and bitchslap her, she accuses me of being a violent caveman (like she always did), then she takes my sons, my home, my car and goes merry-fucking her facebook buddies.
So, as I had these revelations from the future, I acted upon them and told her nothin´about marriage anymore. Man, did she go apeshit. Everything I saw in my revelations, she did exactly that. Except for the sons, of course.
And now, six months after that catastrophe, I´m here, 31 years old, writing this shit , thinking : How the fuck am I going to meet a girl that doesn't drink, has not fucked more than 4 guys(or any), has no daddy issues, and wants to create a nice loving family with me without cutting my BALLS off in the process?
Answer : I have to go to an under-developed and war-torn country like Rumania where women most probably understand life in a more common sense- way by cause of being bombarded and raped, instead of watching Mtv.

And even if I find one , who is stupid enough to really trust any woman?
George (#3050)
Apr 24th, 2013 @ 07:55 GMT
I see a problem today with my fellow men. We are separated. For all of us that would like to meet nice , decent ladies like before , there is an equal number of pathetic dumbshits that will sleep with your girlfriend/mom/sister without thinking about it for a second. Think about it , we all have a stupid friend like that.
And basically there lies the issue...women today have been manipulated to be whores. But who creates these whores? Men. I mean they couldnt become sluts if there were any men making them sluts in the first place , would they? I have rejected NAKED women asking me to fuck them because I know they have a boyfriend or a husband.
Now tell me honestly , how many of you can do that? For real? How many of you can tell them off and do what's right? You see , the thing here is that these so-called "alfa-males" are an equal part of the problem as slutty women are.
I might be labeled as one of these "bad boys" who attract women. But its only my appearance , it's not who I am. And it really surprises me how easy it is to get women in the sack today . I mean most of the times they wouldnt even know my complete name ! jajaj my God. It disgusts me and makes me sick. No self respect, no logical thinking whatsoever, they´re just sex-crazy, manipulative, hormon dominated, selfish animals.
I just broke up with my almost 5 years girlfriend. She was intelligent, hard worker , loyal for the most part. But before I came along, she was in a relationship with a fucking scumbag for almost SEVEN YEARS. Before me, my "beloved" was fucked by a scumbag(and not only him) for seven years. The bastard had the time of his life, probably. This girl who is amazing in so many ways, retaliated to her past stupidity by buying into the feminist agenda, and not even I could take that shit out of her head. Of course my heart was fucked up in the process and now I know that all the buzzards that were waiting for their time to strike most probably have.
She did not cheat on me. That I can say. But when the time came for me to assume my part in the relationship as the commander in chief because we were getting married and shit , she went nuts. She simply lost it. That was the painful moment when I realized that if I had married this girl, a life of wimpiness and no balls would follow for me. I could see clearly in my head the images of what was going to happen...being forced to watch sex and the city...bitchin´everyday about stupid shit...withholding sex to make me go apeshit...then I would finally snap one day and bitchslap her, she accuses me of being a violent caveman (like she always did), then she takes my sons, my home, my car and goes merry-fucking her facebook buddies.
So, as I had these revelations from the future, I acted upon them and told her nothin´about marriage anymore. Man, did she go apeshit. Everything I saw in my revelations, she did exactly that. Except for the sons, of course.
And now, six months after that catastrophe, I´m here, 31 years old, writing this shit , thinking : How the fuck am I going to meet a girl that doesn't drink, has not fucked more than 4 guys(or any), has no daddy issues, and wants to create a nice loving family with me without cutting my BALLS off in the process?
Answer : I have to go to an under-developed and war-torn country like Rumania where women most probably understand life in a more common sense- way by cause of being bombarded and raped, instead of watching Mtv.

And even if I find one , who is stupid enough to really trust any woman?
Anonymous (#3051)
Apr 24th, 2013 @ 10:45 GMT
I think there are a lot of factors that turn women into sluts/whores. Selfishness, Molestation as a child, Sex Addiction, The Media (sex in the city), cosmopolitan magazine and etc. The feminism movement has damaged/brainwashed women and it has caused them to reduce themselves to being good for sex only. Most single guys can take care of themselves cook,clean, laundry and etc. So what do we need them for SEX and children. Men should be very Leary of any woman that buys the feminist bullshit, has all male friends and no female friends (basically a bunch of guys she has fucked before and kept around as friends), plays constant head games and constantly give you validation tests also known as shit tests to test your manhood. I would not trust any woman that wants friends with benefits because you are probably not the only one and will get diseased from it or she gets knocked up and tries to say it's yours. Men should not marry any woman period. Marriage is for women, they benefit from it during the marriage and when she ends it the man gets screwed over in court. DON'T MARRY!!
Anonymous (#3052)
Apr 24th, 2013 @ 19:53 GMT
Good Luck #3050 most women live in fantasy land, don't know what they want at all, and change their mind on a whim. If your not fulfilling their fantasy then they get depressed and cheat. My mother is a perfect example her and dad were together from high school she got pregnant and dad manned up. Dad married her and they had more children, Dad sacrificed himself working 12 to 14 hours a day the whole 20 years they were married. They were successful too they bought a house, lived in a nice area, never went without and the bills were always paid. Mom on the other hand spent 15 years working part time jobs, she spent the rest of her time cutting Dad to shreds verbally, bitching about everything constantly. Dad tolerated her giving her support and understanding, she still only gave him shit. Eventually mom went to school got a career going, made good money,then Had affair after affair...This pushed Dad over the edge, no longer tolerant he divorced her dumb ass so fast it's incredible.
Bottom Line there is probably up to 3% good women in the world the rest are a bunch of brainwashed wastes of time, money ,and effort. Dad wasted 20 years working his ass off, being kind and tolerant to someone who did not care or appreciate anything. If men need to get laid that bad use an escort service or a prostitute. At least they leave with a set amount of $ and that's it.
Anonymous (#3053)
Apr 25th, 2013 @ 22:30 GMT
And child-support is a joke! If a women cannot afford the units she shits out, than guess what, SHE IS AN UNFIT PARENT!!!! The father, who can support the child should get custody.
Motherhood being the toughest job there is? HAHAHAHA! BULLSHIT! The so-called mothers I've seen have the easiest lives in the world. Even the mothers that have a job (and bitch about their pay), well if you stop using your children as an excuse everytime you don't feel like going to work, maybe you would get paid comparable to men who actually do an honest days work. Women all over the world get treated like victims because they can't support the eight fucking units they've pumped out. Really now, shouldn't they have figured out after the second unit that they can't afford more. But instead they figured out they have an ATM between their legs!
In front of every good women is a man supporting her.
Anything a man can do, a woman can do, well, as long as a man is doing it for her!
Just some revised quotes that actually speak the truth.
Anonymous (#3054)
Apr 26th, 2013 @ 10:52 GMT
For the life of me I can NOT figure out why women produce children with deadbeats, alcoholics, druggies, and bums that wont work. The only things I can think of are the women feel that's what they deserve or the women are truly rotten by nature and would feel guilt about being with a decent man, that or resent him for being a decent man.
Maybe they are addicted to drama..
Anonymous (#3062)
Apr 27th, 2013 @ 19:41 GMT
Thanks #3052 , your story is truly hardcore. Hope your Dad was able to get through that.
Anonymous (#3065)
Apr 30th, 2013 @ 02:58 GMT
For everyone that tries to understand women , I read this book called "The Tao of Badass" . Interesting book, to say the least. It says a lot of true things about the mind of women, but one thing that really stands out in my mind about this book and other material I´ve read on the subject, is that men are basically destined to be alone.
Why? You ask? Well, there is a way to behave around women, and for the most part you will manage to have success, but all the authors agree on 2 things : First, if you do not do what you have to do since the very beginning, you are screwed. Second, as soon as a woman behaves like a bitch, you have to dump her immediately. Sounds logical right? Well, the thing about this is, that the ONLY power that you can hold on to against women is to be ready to end everything at any given moment. Let me repeat this: AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. To me what this truly means, is that you can never really be THAT close to any woman, EVER. Because, in order to keep them "interested"(by some sort of glitch on their minds), they need to feel that you are willing to send them to hell at any time.
Now, think about this for a second. In order to be a man, you have to understand that women are biologically engineered to respond to whatever crazy shit they are feeling. This is a very dangerous way to react to things because just like a wild tiger, they respond to things mostly on instinct, instead of using reason & logic which belong to men(thus the advancement of society).
Think about this again for a second. Now, you should be able to understand why women are attracted to the wrong type of men even if they are scumbags, BECAUSE they simply cant control it. A guy that knows how to play the game will always beat the nice guys and get laid a lot because he knows the game(obviously looks and shit like that help).
Now, let´s see a real life example of this:
My ex-girlfriend met me at the job, I was mostly quiet and cocky and I didnt give a shit about women at the time(because of bad experiences). Without knowing it, I was applying the Tao of Badass, thus she was inevitably attracted to me(lol). Now , here´s the interesting part...she was still dating her 7 year scumbag boyfriend at the time, and she basically didnt give a shit and sent him to hell for me(I should´ve seen that as a warning). You know how long it took for me to fuck her? NOTHING. She was practically begging for it (warning #2).
So, I fell in love with her. The thing here is that I was the one that asked her to be my girlfriend and told her that I loved her. Let´s pause here a lil bit...Do you realize that I could´ve banged her as much as I wanted to and she didnt even ask for a commitment of some sort first(warning #3)?? At that time, she was so madly impressed by me that I could´ve probably asked her if I could shit on her face while having sex and she probably would´ve agreed.
Now, here comes the turn of events...as I was in love with her, I started treating her like a princess. So in a few years, the girl that could´ve eaten my shit without question, started withholding sex, getting angry at me, going apeshit at times and even ending the relationship at several times...What did I do? I spent most of the latter part of that relationship apologizing for everything. Suddenly, I was accused of being a violent simian, a narcissit, a homofobic, a bad worker, etc...
Everything ended in hatred and I was fired from my job under suspicious circumstances.
I´m 31 years old, unemployed and broken hearted. That relationship cost me everything man. In fact I am very suprised she didn´t cheat on me(that I know of). So there you go, as I said before, DO NOT embark on a relationship with women without knowledge, under ANY circumstances. Never tell a woman to become exclusive EVER, until she asks you. If you play well the game, you might end up in a happy relationship for a long time. But even then, you have to understand that women are bat-shit crazy and you have to keep your distance at all times. Thus, the loneliness of being a man. Remember that there are millions of motherfuckers looking to get laid just like you and me, and a handful of them are chasing YOUR girl AT ALL TIMES.
Don´t try to console yourself by saying she will never find someone like you. She will, and he will probably be a scumbag and shit on her face while fucking and she is GOING TO LIKE IT.
This is war, gentlemen. Nice guys are the first to DIE at war. If you dont have the guts or the ability to control your emotions, dont even try it. You will be destroyed.
Anonymous (#3070)
May 3rd, 2013 @ 19:24 GMT
I agree with #3065 Men should buy and read the tao of badass ,the information will enlighten you. I also agree with the comment about this being war because it is. Women are emotional creatures and it goes like this FEEL-has an emotional feeling about a guy
THINK-fantasize about said guy and his dick ACT-take action on the feelings and the fantasy and lets the guy FUCK HER. The guys job is to just attract her and feed the fantasy and he gets laid with your GF your WIFE. Women can not be trusted just for what I stated above it's how they are wired, so if you present yourself as a BadBoy and can attract her and get her fantasizing using the techniques laid out in the tao of badass then you have it. Fair warning though You Play You Pay.
Anonymous (#3077)
May 7th, 2013 @ 21:11 GMT
here is a good one....my fiance of 3 years...runs off with another man....her mom cheats on her husband...without the husband knowing of course....and all of the sudden....when i send her packing...i become the 'toxic' person....what a riot....i have integrity...i'm honest....i don't cheat...i don't lie...i don't steal....

my ex is 23...her new man is 45....with a fancy car...fancy house in the city...etc...her mom keeps posting stuff on facebook like :taking back your ex is like picking up poo: .....she is ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACK....and she's calling all the plays...

'of course honey...go with your heart...just lie cheat and steal...if your heart says so...then your heart is right'.....the funniest part....she's calling it 'gods plan'....

well...my mother is in the firm camp that i have saved myself from a lifetime of trouble...and i agree....what the wildest part is to me...is how they make you into the bad guy afterwards to justify their shitty behavior...

the women in her family are a man hating mess...and i've thought of a good plan...i plan to send the mother a large lump sum of money...with a thank you note...thanking her for her quarterbacking methods that she taught her daughter...the good thing is that like in football....if the opposing coach leaves the playbook in the visiting teams parking lot....that's not a good idea....

all i had to do to pick her off....was just watch what mom was doing (cheating)....to know what was on deck for me...hey..mom justifies it...so will she....that was the biggest red flag ever...but hey...i'm the scumbag right?

let me tell you...a bored housewife on facebook all day is a recipe for disaster...all these men feed these women's fantasies to get laid...and so does her new man....

come on 23 and 46...they met at a bar...they are soulmates...give me a break....what i think is i have seen the largest case of daddy issues ever...and when i come to think of it...she is little more than a hurt child...

i even confronted her about it...i was like 'hey listen...your mom is out of control on facebook...with her quarterbacking....'....and she tells me 'well youve seen both my sides'.....FUCKIN A....both sides.....god help me....

oh...you mean mom doesn't know about when you would lay in the bathtub with your weed pipe screaming at the top of your lungs? oh...those moments...ok...yeah....

and i mean if you ever saw this woman...you would never get that...EVER....i mean i saw stuff like this...and i should have bailed then...and been like...go...get your act together...instead...i just gave her rope to hang herself....so she gets a job at the bar...(just like mom by the way)...and at that point i knew it was game over....

first guy with a fancy watch...fed her a bunch of lines...and he knew we were engaged and had been together for many years....and whammy....

true love....and now i'm the 'abuser'....well this dumb bozo..will get tired of the sex....hey..it happens in time...i don't care if you married a 10 supermodel...at some point...things can get stale...and he will pull the same bullshit...

yeah....here is the love story...we met at a bar...i was engaged in a serious relationship...i cheated with this man...and everything turned peachy keen....

god help this woman...it's a crying shame really....

i'm don't really deserve this frankly...but after many years how do you just change your emotional channel....

the group badmouthing and justification by the women of her family is a joke....god...

i have a question....should i just say fuck it...and open a fake email account..and email the husband and tell him his wife is a cheater? do you think that is shitty?
Anonymous (#3078)
May 8th, 2013 @ 17:35 GMT
You are better off, In your case it was her mother in most cases the "gullible" get played by sleazy guys after listening to the ever so wise advice of their "toxic girlfriends"
Anonymous (#3082)
May 11th, 2013 @ 10:19 GMT
Anonymous (#3084)
May 12th, 2013 @ 14:11 GMT
Answer : I have to go to an under-developed and war-torn country like Romania where women most probably understand life in a more common sense- way by cause of being bombarded and raped, instead of watching Mtv.

And even if I find one , who is stupid enough to really trust any woman?

They will flip on a dime. Tried this once before with a woman from a different country. They just learn the ways of America and it doesn't take long. It's the media bottom line. Women hold all of the power and a happy wife is a happy life? Ok and once they get unhappy forget it, your done. Where is any long suffering and loyalty? It doesn't exist. A woman who says she 'followed her heart' is about the same as a guy who 'follows his cock'. Normally 'following her heart' is a justification for cheating, lying, and being a whore. Their heart told them to suck the other guys cock...ok...and they believe this nonsense too. I think it's just too hard for them to own up to the fact that their biology makes them into grubby little selfish TAKERS.

I think of the best times in my life there are 2 scenarios. When a woman is in it, and when a woman is not in it. When a woman comes into my life it can be euphoric until they flip the switch on you. I think i'm a bit more stable by myself and cannot take the constant pressure of trying to give to empty bottomless selfish pits.

It's to the point now where I deal with them with kid gloves always wondering when they are going to flip. It doesn't make me remote, but just more aware that at anytime they can turn the tables. Would I turn the tables? Not a chance as I'm stable and committed in general. How many men would stand by their women if something horrible were to happen. More men know loyalty, and women value it less for sure. Men honor loyalty and women are quick to betray under the disguise of 'i followed my heart'. Imagine a man at war who did this. Well general 'my heart told me to sell the secrets to the russians'.....or did they sell their secrets to the russians for MONEY and SECURITY.....the same goes when a women leaves you and tells you she was following her heart....
Anonymous (#3085)
May 12th, 2013 @ 14:38 GMT
I do not disagree with #3084. When a woman cheats all the other women are like "what did that bastard husband do to make her cheat?" or "I guess he sucked in bed". When a man cheats he is a no good bastard it's never her fault. The only person to blame for cheating is the person who said YES to the CHOICE of cheating. People don't have to cheat, they are not forced it's a choice. The fact of the matter is woman will cheat and Rationalize it later. As far as women from other countries, a woman is a woman they all think emotionally and decide based on emotions. As soon as the American woman teach them and they get Americanized then it's game over.
Anonymous (#3086)
May 12th, 2013 @ 22:37 GMT
Agree with 3085. Women jump on the sympathy women cheater bandwagon. Here is a story that will blow your mind. When my ex cheated I got a call from the sister telling me how fucked up what her sister did via losing and cheating. I threw her out and back to parents house. Within weeks my ex had convinced them all of her version which of course included her innocents. The FB posts later ensued declaring the new man as destiny of gods will. I became the vilian of course and the sisters tuned changed. At first there was honesty in the deciet bit later I get to be the abuser for that one time I got angry over something legit and just simple couple issues. I have never cheated on a women ever and have never had the urge...she on the other hand was a serial cheater and swore she was done with that...and I believed her foolishly....it boils down to integrity really...I had a married woman throw herself at me once....I told her to be ashamed and to think about her 2 kids...I was friends with the husband....I never spoke to them again...and that was my cue to him....

Is there any Pusey worth your integrity...if your partner is bored in bed...and it happens in time...and if that is the reason why she cheated...I guess I would have been open to us having a 3way with some rules..but it wasn't about the sex with her as she claims...the new guy is her best friend....with a lot of money....ok...you sold out....I get it...dudes with a ton of money who steal away women in relationships by picking out flaws....yeah...those guys are super honest....they toss the dice...and they are loaded with crape rationaliztion....say your a who're...admit it...and ill respect you....hide it and lie...then you are trashy.....

Wow...I never thought of it that way....a who're is actually a step up from a cheater....whores are honest and in the open.... a cheater is not...and when caught women go to allow lenghts to rationalize that they are not shores...but will admit to cheating for reason.....my theory suggests better to deny the cheating and just admit your a whore
Anonymous (#3087)
May 12th, 2013 @ 23:20 GMT
My ex mother is a riot. She calls all the shots from the sidelines and is a bored housewife. All of my actions go through her filter and view on life which is limited on my opinion. My ex could never contemplate that her mother was living through her and it was plain as day. The mother cheats on her husband but the daughter rationalized it....they have been together 13 years....WTF....ok....well I'm 34 and now lets kill people seems the rational to me...my ex even admitted the mom is staying out of conveinence because life is easier if she stays...double wtf....she has had 2 failed marriages....and she called all the shots for my ex...there wording was so similiar I would call her her mothers name when that bullshit would come from her mouth....

Turns out my ex has gone down the same cheating path as her mom....I researched this recently and some suggest that it may be genetic....

Dudes...women are fucking never wrong when they cheat....I swear to you...I had to pry it from her to admit her guilt...pry...and it was plain as day...it was as if she was already building the bullshit story in her mind....when I asked her to just relieve me and admit that it was fucked up that she openly lied through her teeth...when she knew it...and wouldn't...I was sick....and the admission was like.....ok I did...that's it...

I killed a bird when I was a kid with a bb gun for fun...I wasn't going to eat it...I ran home and cried for a fucking week in guilt....these women will slay your heart with no remorse and will hold on to a scowl you had onto your face 10 years ago....and pin you to a cross for some really simple dumb shit.....they later get their friends to rally around and agree that it was all you....

I never cheated ever...honest as the day is long...my life is simple...I don't live a fucking reality Tv lifestyle....

Women are fucking deluded...I swear to God with the next one I'm going to consider video documentation for any commitments...so they cant back out with all the bullshit....I suggested it to the last one...after I caught her lieing a couple times and she shit herself...

In fact there is a term I fucking learned you guys will be all smarter to study....GASLIGHTING....its a professional term in psychology....I'm smarter for learning about this fucking trick they use....its well documented nonlinear....its like the number one trick of cheating whores
Anonymous (#3088)
May 13th, 2013 @ 08:46 GMT
GASLIGHTING , The number one thing a CHEATER tells the person they are CHEATING ON is
"YOU ARE CRAZY" making them doubt their own gut feelings and perceptions.
Anonymous (#3089)
May 13th, 2013 @ 22:30 GMT
YES...GASLIGHTING......YOU ARE CRAZY is what they say...she said that to me....in fact this is TOO FUNNY.....i knew she was cheating....had all of the evidence...she would call me and tell me how at work...the other women were putting her down and jealous of her and calling her a cheating whore....saying that she was stealing TIPS and customers from them...because she was sleeping with them....SHE WAS ALMOST IN FUCKING TEARS.....lying through her teeth....i learned alot about the SICKNESS in human nature....

i told her this....WOW HUNNY...people are really talking bad about you at work and that's not fair....they seem to be messing with your work schedule...and this seems like harrassment....we should call a LAWYER.....then of course she backed off and changed the subject.....

later when i caught her...she called me FUCKING CRAZY....i was like....enough....you had pulled the bullshit too many times....

i'm an honest guy...never cheated 1x...never had the urge to lie, cheat, steal in this way....i work hard.....WOMEN WILL BLEED YOUR SOUL MAN....the wrong ones for sure....DONT GIVE PEOPLE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT....AND WHEN THEY FUCKING GASLIGHT....don't fall for that shit.....its sick....i never knew about gaslighting...they make you question your perceptions...WHICH ARE FUCKING TELLING YOU THE TRUTH....they are not...and are gaslighting you....

god...they should teach about that shit in school.....ask 10 people if they know about GASLIGHTING....and i bet 9.5 will have no fucking clue....older people more so i would guess...

When i learned this term...it took alot of hunting....and when i read about it...i shit myself....i was like how can i be 35...educated....read...and not know about this trick of MASTER MANIPULATORS.....

she is calling the new relationship GODS WILL....this makes my stomach turn...god we live in a sick world really....it makes me so sad...what's worse is she owns up to that it was fucked up her cheating..but she's still with this new guy....dudes...if you are ever with another woman who just came off a fucking relationship.....YOUR MOST LIKELY FUCKED.....don't do it...question like fucking crazy....

LOYALTY IS NOT REWARDED...it's all a fucking game now....how can you really know someone...when they wear a bullshit mask....and won't be fucking real....

I'm a man....til death due us part man.....LOYALTY...that's it really...i don't understand cheating men really....its not worth it...fuck a 10 model...and it will get boring after a while....just know this...and don't sell your fucking soul man....

women cheat more than men now...it's a fucking fact...NO DOUBT...they call it FOLLOWING THIER HEART....which you cannot apply logic to....its a cop out for I left for money, was bored, am not loyal, only care for myself, think it's better over there....etc......

if my ex got a funky disease.....lost her limbs....whatever man....i would be there....i would have been like christopher reeves wife.....fuck...i just don't get it....

a good man would throw himself on a fucking sword for a woman....but i'm starting to think..that once they know you will do this....they will fucking get the sword...and stab you....like...ok....this isn't fun anymore...he'll do anything....game over.....why don't i just stab him and get it over with....i win...you lose....

does any other man feel this way?
Anonymous (#3090)
May 14th, 2013 @ 08:28 GMT
They despise nice guys because when they pull their dirty tricks they feel guilty. That's why they prefer dirt bags
Then there is an excuse " I did this because he a dirt bag". If they are with a nice guy who treats them well they fuck it up on purpose because they feel they don't deserve it.
Anonymous (#3091)
May 14th, 2013 @ 10:28 GMT
Oh and lets not forget they have babies with Dirt Bags and then latch on to a nice guy to pay the bills. When the kid turns 18 she leaves the nice guy. That is after she spent all his money and cheated on him for 18 years as well.
Anonymous (#3092)
May 14th, 2013 @ 10:36 GMT
REALLY? I think there are those women that ARE total sluts and men that ARE dickheads but do you really have to make a whole page about ALL WOMEN ARE LYING FILTHY WHORES? I seriously question the creator's motives it's either he's had a bad experience OR he's just doing it for fun either way I think he went a tiny bit far with the title I'm sorry to the people with sob stories it's just my opinion
Anonymous (#3093)
May 14th, 2013 @ 10:37 GMT
REALLY? I think there are those women that ARE total sluts and men that ARE dickheads but do you really have to make a whole page about ALL WOMEN ARE LYING FILTHY WHORES? I seriously question the creator's motives it's either he's had a bad experience OR he's just doing it for fun either way I think he went a tiny bit far with the title I'm sorry to the people with sob stories it's just my opinion
Anonymous (#3094)
May 14th, 2013 @ 15:04 GMT
Women lie cheat and steal and justify it with a mess of emotional logic. There is no loyalty in this world and women do not value loyalties as much as a man. Its too easy for them to jump ship and make claims later for their lack of loyalty "he didnt love me the way i needed to be loved"....notice I NEEDED as the key phrase here...."I followed my heart" notice I FOLLOWED MY as another key phrase....i i i me me me my my my.....loyalty is about long suffering and selflessness.....

If they know you will endure there shit...they will test you
Anonymous (#3095)
May 14th, 2013 @ 17:05 GMT
I think the posting was poking fun at the picture at the top of the page and then people with bad experiences posted and commented.
Anonymous (#3097)
May 15th, 2013 @ 19:21 GMT
You have to think of women as naive opportunist, They always think something better is just over there. They naively buy the bullshit that some guys tell them. The guys pretty much only want sex and the female knows this, just she lies to herself and everyone else to rationalize and justify it to herself. One thing though deep down they know they are doing wrong and do it anyway, it's pretty much a lack of self respect, self restraint, self love. The sad part is the kids get dragged through all the shit from selfish mothers.
Anonymous (#3101)
May 17th, 2013 @ 12:14 GMT
Gees...niave opportunist...that knows and rationalizes shitty behavior....to me this sounds sociopathic...let me tell you men something....ever had heard a happy wife...a happy life....when they get unhappy for any extended period of time.....forget it...all they think of is how better it could be elsewhere....u cannot give women any benefit of the doubt....they will stab you and take all of their bullshit rational to the bank....

Was i thinking about how i could be better off with some other woman....no...im a good man....if she had a double mastectomy....i would have stood by.....i start having trouble....and bam....adios....trades me in like a sack of potatoes....

Women need constant attention....god forbid you stop while you tend and lick a life wound and its not all about them anymore.....people are fucking selfish man...its so sad really....

My ex mother is a riot.....its ok hunny he just didnt love you the way you needed to be loved.......ok lady....your daughter was out fucking other dudes while i was working 70 hour weeks....and the new guy 2x her age coming off divorce...loaded to the gills....yeah....he fucking loves you....dude my ex...her mother is shopping her out like a whore to the highest bidder.....
Anonymous (#3104)
May 17th, 2013 @ 20:33 GMT
I think we as men just need to start thinking with our brains not our dicks.
For example I know this girl who has a kid and is with the kids dad. All she does is bitch about the kids dad to other guys. What this does is gets the other guys interested
thinking "maybe I have a shot with this bitch". The purpose of getting the other guys interested is for money and favors because her man does not want to work...it's a fucking scam. People are fucking amazing the levels they will stoop to for money.
Anonymous (#3109)
May 18th, 2013 @ 10:05 GMT
Most women will inadvertently reveal themselves to a man through conversations and or actions. So if you really watch and listen you can read between the lines and see what they are all about. It's the guys job to read between the lines and decide how much shit he is going to put up with from the woman he is with or is interested in.
Anonymous (#3110)
May 18th, 2013 @ 12:14 GMT
Most women will inadvertently reveal themselves to a man through conversations and or actions. So if you really watch and listen you can read between the lines and see what they are all about.

OK....so true....in fact here is a good idea from a friend...watch really sleazy shows with them....bridezilla...housewifes of xxxx....etc.....whatever....and try and get their thoughts on these shows and the situations that come up....press them for their thoughts....

What I have learned is this. Women GASLIGHT you....they will tell you one thing...while there actions tell you another....and that pretty smile can hide alot....my ex....when i look back now....had lied through her teeth most of the time....she ran off with a man 2x her age...and calls it 'gods will'.....i puke on my shoes....as i have been wrecked financially as I made some pretty big descisions based on trusting her....

When I look back...all i can say is that I was a fool for believing her lies...she comes from the school of thought 'if it feels good then do it'....which i don't subscribe to....where is any loyalty or long suffering...

Please let me tell you something....if I got an arrow in my back while riding lifes horse...and I fell to the ground and dropped my sword...well while i was lying down wounded...i would hope that my partner would pick up the sword and throw it around a bit....not complain the damn thing is heavy.....or say things like 'are you better yet'...'hurry up'.....listen bitch I have been carrying this sword and riding hard for along time....i got shot with an arrow...i'm down.....most women run from this....when some other dude comes along on a horse with no arrow in his back...she will just jump on and ride away...while you suffer to die with the arrow in your back...

All i can say is this.....people are overly selfish...i believe love and friendship to not be this way.....once women are left with a situation where its not all about them....well they will run off to someone else who makes it all about them....their needs....

I have gone 100% no contact with her....she was sending me 'your always in my heart and mind' texts while posting new photos of her and her new man on FB.....bitch....go the fuck away....i changed my phone number....4 years...losing the house.....lost my business....stole my soul....all to make her lady parts tingle....

I guess I no longer need to prove to myself what a selfish world we live in. I'm not the average Joe in that regard...I'm giving and loyal...but at anytime you must know that if a woman becomes unhappy....she will be sitting there dreaming about how good it would be elsewhere with little regard for you.....because its all about her...and she will mask it with a pile of crap....hey...lets call a spade a spade here....your a whore...you steal, lie, and cheat to please yourself....call that gods plan...gods will...destiny or whatever you wish....you just couldn't hack loyalty and honesty....bottom line
Anonymous (#3114)
May 19th, 2013 @ 11:25 GMT
Your best bet is to leave the past in the past, lesson learned. If you dwell on what happened then you cant focus on what is happening now, you are chaining yourself to a
an event from your past and when you do that you have no future.
Anonymous (#3115)
May 19th, 2013 @ 18:55 GMT
Yes. As a Black dude with a above average cock and a decent job, it's not good enough. All women are whores from each and every race and walk of life in this country. Even the church women are whores. There's no winning. I'd rather beat off my dick, save my money and do something positive with my life outside of women. These men on this post are not bitter; there just calling it how they see it, and I fuckin agree with them. These whores will ruin your life sooner or later. They fuck you in the end. Trust.

I'm a white brotha with an above average tool and agree. Don't waste your time with these bitches. Race has nothing to do with it, they are all the same. We have figured out their game so let's cut them off. The old saying, "If it floats, flies or fornicates...rent it." Peace out and remember..."bros before hoes."
Anonymous (#3116)
May 19th, 2013 @ 20:43 GMT
With all the cell phones attached to Face Book all day long a lot of these bitches are becoming female players aka whores. They play as many guys as the can for attention, money, and favors not necessarily in that order. I agree cut the bitches off at the 1st red flag and don't look back. I also agree that the guys here are just telling it how it is. The behavior of modern females is epidemic and it's not just 22 yrs old playing games it the older ones too.
Anonymous (#3117)
May 20th, 2013 @ 03:43 GMT
Why would any man sign up to marry a woman (aka whore)? Once you marry the bitch and let her sink her hooks into you, she will pop out a couple of rat bastard children, then tell you that you are not getting any more pussy from her. By the way, she won't let you get it anywhere else, either. She will spend your money as fast as you can earn it, while sitting on the sofa watching Oprah and eating chocolate all day. She will blow up to be as big as a house, asking you if her outfit makes her ass look big (when in fact it is her fat that makes her ass look fat)! If you try to dump the cunt, her attorney will take you to the cleaners! I am SO glad that I am gay, and don't have to deal with this bullshit. At least when it is over with us, you back up a U-Haul and you are out of there. No muss, no fuss, noalimony, no brain damage! All women are whores!
Anonymous (#3118)
May 20th, 2013 @ 12:12 GMT
Loyalty does not exist in women....men have honor and value loyalty....men can endure more suffering....women want it easy
Anonymous (#3119)
May 20th, 2013 @ 14:22 GMT
Women are the way they are partially because we men make them that way. Look at our society. Essentially we men make the mistake of putting women on pedestals when they DO NOT belong there, we are fools for the pussy and the women know this. As far as marriage goes that was created for social stability. If you bind people and make laws moral and otherwise to deter them from splitting up society supposedly is more stable because you don't have people running around screwing and over populating the world (that has gone on anyway). Marriage was also supposedly put in place to assure the man that the offspring was actually produced with HIS sperm. (that didn't work either because a high percentage of kids ARE NOT the husbands kids). With the advent of DNA Paternity test this has been exposed. If a guy is a man whore High Five he's a stud, a player, a pimp. If a women sleeps around she's a slut, a whore and etc. So the women not wanting to be labeled these names Learned to SNEAK AROUND, TO LIE EXPERTLY,
TO DECEIVE, TO CONNIVE AND ETC. Not to mention that some women get molested at a young age which totally destroys them causing most to become very promiscuous, because they feel that sex is all they are worth or are good for. Best advice in the world is DON'T GET MARRIED OR HAVE CHILDREN and be attached to someone who is NO GOOD.
At the 1st RED FLAG or LIE Dump Them And DON'T look back.
JEWLZ (#3120)
May 24th, 2013 @ 18:14 GMT
I hope all of you know, that as a fetus (In your MOTHER's stomach) you were all originally female. Do you think your mother was a whore? If she was, than what does that make you? A son of a whore. Just think about that. Furthermore, if you were half as original as you thought you were, you would be twice as clever as you are, you are merely echoing the thoughts of every PMSing man in the world. None of what your saying should be based on less than case by case, every woman is different. (sure they might have a lot of the same tendencies) And this comes from a WOMAN that has never spread her legs for anyone, save for her husband of two years, and we have an equal relationship, in fact HE cooks, and I make the money.

By the by, insulting them doesn't make them want to change, it makes them want to treat you the same way as you treat them. If we said all the things that MEN do that is irritating and JUST DAMN CHILDISH, the pages would be quite a lot longer, and we have more than just a COUPLE of UNCALLED FOR accusations put into a no less than rude and infuriating way.
Anonymous (#3121)
May 24th, 2013 @ 18:58 GMT
Well Jewlz have you ever witnessed a group of women talking about men, it turns in to a full on RAG SESSION bashing and belittling men. So it goes both ways. Some people have legitimate gripes other people complain for the sake of complaining or for the attention that complaining is bringing them. The men on this page have legitimate problems, mostly from making poor choices in the women they picked.
Anonymous (#3122)
May 24th, 2013 @ 20:06 GMT
Jewlz....have your hubby chime in here in 15 years.....when your hormones make you lose your mind...you get angry about the money....and tired of his food....when Romeo #2 spills all of his poo in your ear...and you eat it up......we will find your hubby here as a poster....

Women lie cheat and steal more than their male counterparts.......who ate the apple jewlz? Ur happy because ur getting what you want....wait till u dont get what u want...you do not know long suffering....
Anonymous (#3124)
May 25th, 2013 @ 21:20 GMT
JEWLZ...what´s funny is how did you find this page? Were you looking for an explanation on why you feel and think of whorish things?
Wow , your hubby must be such a REAL man that he cant go out and find a job. #3120 is right , your hubby will be a poster here in no time .
Anonymous (#3126)
May 28th, 2013 @ 13:25 GMT
It's true women work themselves in to this state of misery by dwelling on her mans faults instead of his good qualities, what she does not have instead of what she does have. This ungrateful, malcontent attitude festers until they have an affair. And of course there is no shortage of douche bag guys out there waiting to agree with her
complaining about her man and fucking her after agreeing with all her Bullshit. And of course she will just rationalize fucking somebody else blaming it all on her man, when in reality the whole damn thing was her fucking negative thinking in the 1st place.
Anonymous (#3129)
May 30th, 2013 @ 20:16 GMT
gail kim. is our whore bitch alway's and 4 ever and every time she is a bitch we eat and fuck the bitch/bitchness out of that delicious pussy our favorite food all day and all night long and eat and fuck the pussy juice pussy brain's pussy cum pussy bacon pussy steak out of gail kim. pussy and she love's it and gangeat and gangfuck and gangrape that delicious pussy our favorite food of gail kim. and she love's it.
Anonymous (#3132)
Jun 1st, 2013 @ 14:11 GMT
I can't believe there are so many men out there who have such contempt and disgust for women. Just reading these vile comments is disturbing on so many levels. I do understand that there are a lot of young women out there who don't show much class and morals these day, however, men have been behaving immorally for years, cheat on their wives, sleep with anything they can and yet no one calls them vile names. And don't even go there with this biological BS, it's our patriarchal culture that condones that. It seems to me that men always go after the 'hot' women who manipulate them and then when they get burned they react with vile, misogynistic attitudes. Maybe if you chose better women then you wouldn't have these problems. Instead of choosing the nice, moral girl who is moderately attractive, you chase after these trainwrecks bc they have big tits, nice ass etc.. You men have no one to blame but yourselves. You have created this monster by sending the message over and over again that the only value of women is how they look. period. The nice girls sit at home wondering why you guys won't give them a chance while you run after the dysfunctional breast implanted manipulators. Then that nice girl see over and over again is that the only way she can get guys interest is if she herself gets the bigger tits, using her sexuality to get men. You guys can't have it both ways.
Anonymous (#3133)
Jun 1st, 2013 @ 14:21 GMT
And btw, you guys justify your immoral behavior by saying it is biological for men to behave that way (gag) Then I will argue by saying isn't it a biological nature for women to look for providers, hence, men with money and status. Your double standards are oozing all over this page.
Anonymous (#3134)
Jun 2nd, 2013 @ 00:40 GMT
It's NOT ok for men to be Man Whores. I have to correct you in one thing, I have seen women of all walks of life in every body shape and size do some really messed up things
Lie, Cheat, Steal, Betray and it has nothing to do with their looks or whether or not they have large breasts either naturally or silicone enhanced. IT IS THE THOUGHTS THEY DWELL ON IN THEIR MINDS THAT CAUSE THE BEHAVIOR PERIOD. You can have a woman that seemingly has it all. Everything you can imagine including a man that treats her like a princess, If she is thinking NEGATIVELY about herself and her life and she is not thankful and grateful for what she has, She will DESTROY her life, her relationship, her family ALL Because of HER WRONG THINKING.
Anonymous (#3136)
Jun 2nd, 2013 @ 10:40 GMT

Nice Gaslighting tactic.

Funny how those with your particular argument always ignore the simple fact that 80% of the female population sleep with 20% of the male population. Yes, men are scum too. We are all scum. Yet that's no excuse to twist the facts.

Do yourself a favour. Go do some research on the statistics for STD and STI diagnosed in 2012. Then delve into which gender was diagnosed with the large majority of STD and STI.

Prepare to be mindfucked.

Alas, you are a woman. Thus you will defend the actions of your peers even when the shocking facts stare you dead in the face. Even so, our delusions never change the truth. Thank God for that.

Lastly, I wonder how many men you have slept with before your current partner. If it's more than 2, you're a whore. Bottom line. Third time ain't the charm, third time is the chump. Good day.
Anonymous (#3137)
Jun 2nd, 2013 @ 17:01 GMT
Again, I will repeat, when you keep dating the fucked up women, you will not be treated with respect and loyalty. And this is not a man bash. Im sick and tired of hearing women say they can't find a nice guy and go chase after these arrogant assholes and then wonder why their heart is broken. Look, the point I am trying to make here is that it sounds like a lot of men are choosing these dysfunctional women, they are attracted to these fixer uppers, drama queens, emotionally unstable women.If you made healthier choices then this wouldn't keep happening. And if you're ranting about what one woman did, then I can't even wrap my brain around that. You are going to disrespect all women in general bc of what one woman did to you. Now that's fucked up. I have been screwed over too but I have to take some responsibility for continuing the relationship when there were clearly a lot of red flags. I chose to ignore them and you guessed it. But I would never lump all men as being douchebags, would be that be fair to your gender? I'm one of the most loyal woman and would never dream of hurting a man and playing with his emotions. But some men don't mind taking advantage of that. So I've been where you have been, hurt, betrayed and even angry for a long time. The difference is I don't go on the internet and say ALL MEN ARE FILTHY NO GOOD LYING CHEATING ASSHOLES! You get what I'm saying. If you have a pattern of choosing women who fuck you over, you need to fix that shit, and start working on yourself so you will make healthier choices.I know how it feels, it sucks. You subconsciously choose these types. Change your way of women and relationships. Same to the women out there.
Anonymous (#3138)
Jun 2nd, 2013 @ 17:41 GMT
oh and 3136,if stats show women have more stds that bc women are more prone to catch it than men. Another shit deal that women got in life. And where do you think she is getting this, from men. A woman can be a virgin and have sex with ONE man and he could infect her. So that doesn't really mean shit to me. And why the hell would you say that if I slept with 2 men I'm considered a whore. Now that's funny!! And the the third time is a chump? Please go get some therapy bc you sound like one very angry misogynistic boy. You will never find a decent woman with that kind of attitude. And I hope and pray that you do not have sister, or worse, a daughter. It must please you to know that men think of your sister and daughter that way, esp. without even knowing them. Would you want your daughter or niece to be referred to by men as filthy whores. Why is it that some men feel so angry at that fact that woman can explore their sexuality. It is none of your business how many men women sleep with. Grow the fuck up and stop policing women!! You men just don't like the fact that women can't be controlled or silenced by your shaming anymore. Good Day.
Anonymous (#3139)
Jun 2nd, 2013 @ 17:52 GMT
#3134 These women you speak of that have it all except a positive healthy attitude, you didn't pick up on that? I could be wrong but I'm sure you did but stuck around some more. There are always red flags but we choose to look the other way for some insane reason. I didn't exactly mean that men ONLY date women who are 'HOT' but look at our culture. What do you see around you, listen to your male friends. How do they talk about those kind of women as opposed to modestly attractive women. If they were both standing in front of them, I'd bet money on who they would choose. But again, if people were healthier mentally, they would run from women like that. Fucked up people attract fucked up people.
Anonymous (#3140)
Jun 3rd, 2013 @ 01:12 GMT
Some women suffer from low self esteem and low self worth. They don't feel they deserve
to be treated good. That's why you see a lot of women stay with douche bags that treat them like shit. These same women will do everything they can to get away from a man that treats them good, because they feel they don't deserve it. So when you get a really good man that ends up with one of these women he pulls his hair out wondering why
she is miserable and the nicer he treats her the more miserable she is until she finally does things that are so messed up that the man has NO Choice other than getting rid of her. Then she will RUN to the 1st dirt bag that she thinks will treat her the way she feels "Like Shit".
Anonymous (#3141)
Jun 3rd, 2013 @ 02:14 GMT
#3140 I couldn't agree with your more about these women having low self esteem. The issue I have is that they complain all the time that they can't find a good man.Yet they continue to date these assholes. Then they need to stop saying they can't find a nice guy. They shouldn't be dating if they feel so low about themselves. Take a break and figure out why you're attracted to these guys in the first place.I firmly believe that somewhere along the way in their childhood they were treated poorly and emotionally neglected. But at some point you have to look at yourself and work on those issues.I know it's easier said then done but you need to grow up at some point and work on yourself. And so do these men that they date, why are they douchebags and treat women like shit? Damn, we live in a dysfunctional society. I can't believe how many toxic relationships there are out there. SMH And the way these men on this page refer to women is actually scary to me. I don't even know how I ended up on this page. Lol
Anonymous (#3142)
Jun 3rd, 2013 @ 08:53 GMT
I was married to a Low Self Esteem woman for years, Divorced after she went off the deep end. I also dated 2 or 3 of these women after divorcing. I am now very aware and avoid the low self esteem type altogether. The one woman I dated was so bad that she could not be without male attention, as soon as I was gone off to work or just had something to do, She would be off with some other guy. Needless to say I got rid of her as fast as possible. Unfortunately that woman will teach her daughter to be the exact same way.
Anonymous (#3143)
Jun 3rd, 2013 @ 10:01 GMT
Yes, unfortunately she will teach her daughter that behavior. And the cycle begins again. That is why it is so important to work on yourself, esp when there are children involved. Glad to hear that you have become more aware of unhealthy choices. No matter how well you treat someone like that, until they work on their issues, it will not matter. In the meantime, it's hurting your self esteem. You can't fix somebody. Learned that the hard way, lol
Anonymous (#3146)
Jun 4th, 2013 @ 10:38 GMT
@ 3138

The typical response of one without and argument. "Angry, misogonystic boy, get some therapy, etc." The same old nonsense you spout whenerver you are confronted with the facts.

You can spew away your bile all you want. I am unshaken. Such childish insults and shaming tactics have no affect on me. They merely serve to highlight your own personality flaws and further substantiate the fact that you are of the same mind as the women that are getting called out on this page.

Well done. They call you violent, and your retort is to shoot at them. Doing nothing but proving them right. Proving ME right. Every word you type on this page is against you. Here you are berating men who berate women, taking part in this discussion, posting multiple times. You are no better than any of the men who have posted here. Just the flipside of the exact same coin.

Now get to typing yet another sarcastic, insulting, berating, shaming or "witty" post. Just like I know you will. Your very nature works against you on this. You are drawn to do it.
Anonymous (#3147)
Jun 4th, 2013 @ 18:15 GMT
Damn skippy I'm going to keep on typing as long as I feel like it. This is a public forum. But you were banking on me to. You're hypocrisy is showing. My vile and childish comments? Look at all the vile and childish comments from these men on here. I don't see you challengin them. Why is that? Bc I'm a woman? I called you a boy bc you sound like one in your previous post. You refer to women as whores who sleep with more than 2 men? You basically called me a whore but you get bent when I call you a boy? If calling a woman a whore isnt vile and childish when she gives her opinion the I must be missing something. Most men I know don't call women whores. And as far as me defending my gender, read my comments! Its 50/50 with me. I know plenty of women out there who use thier sexuality to get what they can from men, it's called manipulation. I depise them. You dont play with someones emotions. Im trying to advise yiu guys to not let these women play you. Stop allowing yourself to be manipulated and screwed over. Geeesh. But when and if that happens stop blaming half the population.
Anonymous (#3148)
Jun 4th, 2013 @ 18:38 GMT
read this page <a href="http://www.rense.com/general75/how.htm"> The Elite "Divided and Conquered the Genders" and "Destroyed the Family" which "Destroys Society". The Elite got the ball rolling and Human Nature took over from there. Congratulations you have been "Divided and Conquered". Of Course women should have some rights, they should have stuck to their gender role though. Women can not be men no matter how hard they try, each gender was Designed for a specific purpose. We went wrong when we went against the natural order of things. Wake Up!
Anonymous (#3149)
Jun 4th, 2013 @ 18:44 GMT
Anonymous (#3150)
Jun 4th, 2013 @ 18:52 GMT
The content of your second post is no different from the former.

And yes, you will keep posting, not because you want to or stand to gain anything by it but simply because you cannot help yourself. I never could understand why people willingly and intentionally subject themselves to something that they feel is degrading to them. Makes little sense to me.

I am into very committed relationships. I would feel ashamed of myself if I had more sexual partners than my current partner. You will never share yourself fully with anyone after you already gave yourself to multiple people before him. That's what I believe. That's my opinion. So yes, women who have had multiple sexual partners before their current one or the partner that they are committed to for long term are whores in my eyes. And the same goes for men. Those are my values. That's it.

You will not convince any of the posters here of anything. Period. Deal with it and move on with your life. If you can. There is no victory for you here. None.

Just as a last word, I'm gay. So you can call me "boy" and such all you want. If you'd like to think that affects me in some way that's your agenda. I don't seek validation from women. I don't feel attracted to women. That doesn't mean I don't see toxic behaviour being instilled and grown in the female gender through feminist demogogy and "slut-culture".

Women are walking down a road of self-destruction. Just look at all the "where have all the good men gone?" And "men don't want to commit/get married anymore" articles and cries you see all over woman's magazines and sites. You are giving men the rights to sexually use you and dump you. Women are doing this to themselves. But I guess that truth will only make itself known at the very worst of times huh. When it's too late.
Anonymous (#3151)
Jun 4th, 2013 @ 19:07 GMT
When we went against the order of things? Who's order? Seems to me that men have always had the advantages and privelage. Any rights that women have she has had to fight for them. Can you imagine living in a world where you have to fight all the time for equality. Women didnt have choices. Why do you think there is such a backlash against women? Because men are losing their control. Alot of men want women dependent on them, they want to be boss. Women need to be independent. I have seen women give up their educ and careers to be a housewife only to be left. Then what does she have? Its called self preservation. I dont want to be a man , I love being a woman but I dont appreciated being a second class citizen. Would you?
Anonymous (#3152)
Jun 4th, 2013 @ 20:53 GMT
#3150 I'm astounded at how you judge me for debating on a forum Move on with your life? I love getting on these forums and discussing things with all kinds of people. I learn things from other peoples opinion. How do you know that Im not sitting here in a wheelchair and limited on getting out there in the world? Don't judge..ok so you're gay.My son is gay,some of my friends are gay. I'm not trying to win a victory on here. I just see a lot of unhappiness and anger with people. That is sad to me. That's great that you are in a committed, respectful relationship. You are one of the lucky people than. Let me be clear..I don't agree with women having multiple sex partners. And everybody agrees that men shouldn't either. My issue with it is that men don't get shamed and called vile filthy names when they do. In fact, they are praised. go figure. I agree that society is losing it's moral compass but women, esp young girls are getting a lot of mixed msgs from those magazines and the other internet sites. If they do not have a healthy childhood with their parents to guide them, then yes, they will look for love all the wrong ways. I worry for the girls of today. But does that give men a right to USE them and discard them? What kind of man would do that. You don't take advantage of someone. You don't use people for your own gratification. I feel for the men today to bc there are constantly being told how to be man is to be aggressive, suck it up, stop on peoples feelings and toes if you have to in order to get what you want,be dominant over women or else you're a P****the list goes on. And my last word, good chatting with you.
Anonymous (#3153)
Jun 4th, 2013 @ 21:22 GMT
Did you actually read the page at rense.com listed above? Look at the part of the natural roles men and women are suppose to fulfill. If everyone did what they were suppose to and didn't buy the propaganda that is dividing us then the world would Be different. Its the natural order of nature. Men hunter gatherer protector, women mother nurturer, sacrifice for her family. Women have been duped period.
Anonymous (#3154)
Jun 4th, 2013 @ 21:57 GMT
No, I have to admit, I did not read the page. I get a little apprehensive when clicking on links. I will though. But something stuck out at me on your comment, "sacrifice for her family." And what about the men? I noticed you didn't say "sacrifice for his family". But I digress, I will look at it.
Anonymous (#3155)
Jun 4th, 2013 @ 22:15 GMT
What do you think men do when they work 60 hours a week at a job they hate and juggle everything else? Men think about their wife and kids while they are at work and how much more they wish they could do and how much more time they wish they had for the family, it hurts men when they work that hard and get no appreciation or respect at all.
Anonymous (#3156)
Jun 4th, 2013 @ 22:47 GMT
If I was a stay at home mom/wife and my husband was out there working 60hrs a week to provide for me, you bet your sweet ass that I would make sure that he came home to a warm, loving place. And any woman who doesn't appreciate or respect him for that doesn't deserve him. I would have to take a serious look at my marriage if my spouse didn't appreciate or respect me. That being said, when a woman does stay home and has no work experience then she is harming herself. If that marriage doesn't work out, he continues w/o skipping a beat, job wise, I mean. She has to go out in the workforce with no skills. That puts her at a disadvantage. And unfortunately that happens more than not. And throw in the fact that she may be older at this time which makes it even harder bc most corps are going to hire younger, more tech savvy people. So what's the answer for women? How does she balance that?
Anonymous (#3157)
Jun 5th, 2013 @ 00:01 GMT
I see your point, some women once they get a career or a good paying job lose sight of what's right. They get a swollen head and start thinking they don't need the husband any more because they now have money and options. Very foolish thinking.
Anonymous (#3158)
Jun 5th, 2013 @ 02:21 GMT
Yes some women do, that is true. And that is the reason women should not marry a man simply for security reasons. If you love your husband you would not start thinking that you don't need him anymore bc you now have money and options. You work not only to be able to take care of yourself but also to contribute to the household. That is what I consider an equal partnership. When women (or at least most) talk about equality, it's about working together for the same goals. Not trying to strip him of his masculinity.
Anonymous (#3159)
Jun 5th, 2013 @ 04:36 GMT
See now that we can agree on. Men are just as much to blame because they ENABLE this behaviour. It does indeed go both ways.

Now, what women need to do is find the resolve to do what those men cannot, and that's to say NO. Women have been sold a pack of lies with "sexual liberation". Some men can sleep around and not care about it. They feel no attachments at all. But young girls who do this mess themselves up emotionally because they believe that their worth is now correlated to how men percieve them sexually. Just look at these magazines like Cosmopolitan and 7teen and such. Sex this, sex that. This instills a skewed sense of value on girls and women. And it serves only to allow men to abuse them.

See, I never said that ALL women are like this. Maybe that is where you misunderstood me. My comments are directed to women who take pride in acting no different than the men they loathe. That accomplishes nothing. Fire doesn't beat fire. Water beats fire. So I am of the belief that if women truly ever want to be "emancipated" they need to take the higher ground. They need to deny scum men. They need to respect themselves. They need to be smart and reserved and choose the right partners. Problem is, looking at the state of things, women are going in the exact opposite direction. That's my problem.

Freedom should never give way to depravity. Freedom should be the seed of a deep intrspection and the persuit of a HIGHER way of life. Not the opposite.
Anonymous (#3161)
Jun 5th, 2013 @ 18:51 GMT
Women are called "whores" because sex affects them in a different way emotionally than men (is that so hard to understand?). A man can sleep with multiple women and that doesnt mean that he cant be a good husband in the future ( I´m not defending that behavior either).
A woman who starts sleeping with guys since being 15 years old(like they are now)is almost completely sure that she is going to grow up screwed in the head.
And what whore-women accomplish with that behavior, is that they EMPOWER men to be douchebags. The men posting here are the victims of such behavioral mess. You dont believe me? Just take a look at this site:
Its basically a LEGAL page for pedophiles that I cant get through my head how it hasn´t been banned yet. But beyond that, just look how over- sexualized are little girls now. I cant imagine how a parent can permit his 14 year old daughter to use thongs. I just cant understand it.
That´s what women´s "liberation" has come to. Women now are being taught that their pussy has market value, and that they can get away with whatever
they want with it.
Your husband is not making enough dough? Hey, just ditch him and go fuck your facebook buddies. It´s HIS FAULT.
Your boyfriend is not doing what you want? Hey, remember that you have a thing called pussy with which you can mess up his life forever.
Women should instead be taught to respect themselves, to behave like ladies, to recognize when a douchebag is only looking to fuck her in the ass and then ditch her like thrash, they should be taught to reject douchebags instead of praising them, to respect the sanctity of their home and their families.
Just like some guy said above, we are being divided and conquered by liberalist pieces of shit that only want chaos and destruction of society.
Anonymous (#3162)
Jun 5th, 2013 @ 21:36 GMT
Wow First of all, young girls are being raised this way because our society is pounding it in women's heads that if you don't look like a porn star, you might as well disappear. I blame our media, porn, the patriarchal society and advertising. All they do is promote women as sex objects. I keep reading on here that girls need to respect themselves. I understand that. But why aren't we teaching men and young boys to respect themselves. Why does it always seem that the responsibility of all the ills in this world are because of women. Im getting real tired of hearing that. So men can do anything they want but girls and women have to live within certain boundaries? And as far as women's lib is concerned, what is wrong with women wanting to get paid the same as her male coworker for doing the same damn job. What is wrong with women wanting to be able to have sex without being shamed and guiltridden for it. Boys will be boys? And far as women seeing sex differently, more emotionally than men? So that makes men a lot worse because it means shit to him. How does your logic even make sense. When our society continues to drill it in women's heads that they are only good for their sexuality what the hell do you expect to happen. And if she ditches her husband for not making enough money then let her. He'd be better off. And how does having a thing called "pussy" mess up his life forever? How pathetic is that. Then he is a weak ass man.Jesus Christ, women cant win. If they stay home and not work they are called lazy, using a man to take care of her. If she goes to work she is selfish and negecting her children. If she has an abortion she's a murderer. If she gives up a child for adoption she is selfish and doesn't love that child. If she keeps her child she is ridiculed for being a single mother (which I might add, where the hell did all those fathers run off to) If she is assertive in the corporate world she's a bitch. If she doesn't she's timid and has no motivation. If she gets played and used by a man, it's her own fault for getting involved with him. If she uses a guy, she's a cunt, whore ,slut, you name it. guys don't get the blame for getting involved with her!!If she marries a man with money, she's a gold digger. But if that man uses that same money to marry some twentysomething bimbo, he's envied. Movies and advertising have men who are slobs but always paired off with the most sexy, young woman. You never see overweight or unattractive women paired off with studly looking young men. Women are trying to get that filth hard core porn banned due to the violent and abusive way women are portrayed, but god forbid, take a man's porn away. They are called vile names in these filthy movies, yet it's freedom of speech.But you can't say the N word.And the most mindboggling is that somehow she is responsible for her own rape!! Im not even going to get started on that bullshit. Why is is that their are crimes out there that carry more punishment because it's considered a hate crime. But not so if you're a woman, Assault against women simply because of her gender isn't a hate crime? Women are treated like shit.
Anonymous (#3163)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 00:40 GMT
Let´s make something clear , whoever you are liberalist woman#3162. You are not welcome here, you are not going to change anything here, and you can go off to the streets to yell all your shit about how men need to be castrated and women can go aborting babies like crazy.
Get something through your big head: Equality of rights doesnt mean equality of Genders.
Most of us who have posted here have been destroyed by a gold digger, a cunt, a whore, a slut, you name it. And by coming here yelling your activist shit, you are basically telling all these guys here to "SUCK IT UP". Lives have been destroyed here, you dumbass.
And basically what you´re saying is "well, you should´ve chosen better"...
You are doing exactly what you are criticizing.
Why are you so angry though? Do you hate your father? Did a man rape you while little? Do you secretly wish to have been born with a dick? Were you the ugly girl at highschool?
I got the solution for you : SUCK_IT_UP
Anonymous (#3164)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 01:22 GMT
Oh, and just so you know, my ex-bitch aborted her baby from her last relationship with a douchebag, she is not sure if she can have babies anymore, she has recurring back pains, and she was so traumatized by it that THE SHE ENDED UP THINKING EXACTLY LIKE YOU. That should teach you something about what happens when your gender goes off doing whatever they want.
And you know what she became? A resentful, controlling, manipulative low-self esteem bitch, that hates me(the only good thing that has ever happened to her) because I wouldnt give in to her repeated attempts to castrate me.
Oh, but according to your logic, I should´ve chosen better right? mmm I get it, then the next time that I find out that a girl has aborted, has been with a lot of men, hates her father, watches sex and the city, and thinks that men are on this planet to opress her because somehow she hates men but at the same time likes sucking their dicks(???), I´m going to ditch her immediately. There, my life is resolved.
Anonymous (#3165)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 01:35 GMT
Did you hate your mother? Did a woman rape you when you were little? When choose dumb bitches, whores and cunts then too fucking bad you dick! You are so fucked up and you hate women. It's never your fault is it? Thank God there are still some decent men out there. So go out and pick yourself out another dumb ass slutty broad, you know, just your type. You can't do any better. And you're not welcome here And why do you assholes ALWAYS talk about women sucking your dicks? WTF is up with that. Oh, I get it, only a whore would do that, right? Now go on and find some whore to suck that dick.
Anonymous (#3166)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 02:30 GMT
Yes, I do hate women and I think they should be replaced by sex robots.
Anonymous (#3167)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 02:52 GMT
I thought they already are just sex robots.
Anonymous (#3168)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 03:23 GMT
Unfortunately no, robots can be turned off
Anonymous (#3169)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 04:23 GMT
Men , I order you to read this :

Anonymous (#3170)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 04:53 GMT
Our lives are defined by the choices me make. We choose who we become.

So if you choose to wallow in mediocrity and set yourself tumbling down a path of self-destruction that's all on you. It's on your shoulders. Not the men. Not the media. Not society. You.

It is so sad that we as humans have such a propensity for self-destruction. And mark my words, that's exactly what will happen. We will destroy ourselves. Women and men. Because we are so caught up in our own pathetic webs of egomania and self-pity. Mankind has a problem. Society has a problem. Do not feed the problem. Deny it. Stop it in its tracks, or destroy yourselves.

Women have a choice. They do not choose the family. They do not choose marriage. They don't want it. They choose partners who destroy them time and time again. They choose to say yes. They choose to be complacent. Men do the same. Yet there are so many genuinely loving, caring, good men out there who are left in the dust. Because they are losers. Because they don't look good. Because they are fat. Because they don't have a car. Because they are nerds or geeks. Because they are not social. But these men have such a warmth in their hearts and will be so happy to find their perfect partner so that they can uplift her as she would uplift him. Yet women don't choose these men. They don't want these men. And that's just such a shame.

Some men are doomed to a life of loneliness because what they have to offer is what women really NEED, but do not WANT. It is the deepest love that births the deepest hate. Remember that.
Anonymous (#3171)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 05:05 GMT
Words of wisdom :

I just want to say to the guys that read this that think all is lost that that's simply not the case. There are still women out there that embody these ideals, they're just hard to find, but make no mistake, a good woman has always been as hard to find as a good man. I would recommend focusing your efforts on:

1. Women who grew up with both parents, in which the father was the breadwinner and the mother was primarily a housewife. Women who grew up in this environment will respect your breadwinning prowess and treat you accordingly. Women who grew up in an environment without a father or with a weak father will not have as great a respect for themselves or for men.
2. Young women (18 to 21), if they still live with their parents, this is good, the transition from the young woman being under her father's benevolent rule to your benevolent rule can be seamless. Why have her waste her youth in meaningless flings when she can invest it in you and the future you two can create together? Save her from lesser men, if she's worth saving, that is.
3. First generation immigrants from a country where masculinity still holds sway. Hispanic, Persian, Asian, it doesn't matter. These cultures teach women to be feminine and men to be masculine, whereas the west tones down masculinity in men and encourages it in women, the goal being some kind of gender-neutral middle ground that leaves both sexes with a gaping hole in their psychological makeup.
Anonymous (#3172)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 11:10 GMT
Lets make something clear Mr 3163 Im the one who wrote that men AND women need to make better choices. So are you referring to me as 3162. I'm not the only woman who post on here so check yourself. Although she took some of the words right out of my mouth. Are you threatened by women who speak their minds? Does it upset your status quo?
Anonymous (#3173)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 18:36 GMT
The reason you remain a virgin is that, if both of you are virgin. you would have a goo married.  He would trust you. but if on the first day, the man see, you have are not and he is . He would not trust you. And you see, your chance of been a faithful wife is lower. If you use to sleep with different men before. You would continue in your marriage.

But if you have been faithful before married. You would have the power to over come.

Only a man or woman who is a dog sleep around.

Do you know anybody who want to marry an ashawo?

Will you allow your son to marry an ashawo.

I mean put yourself in the other person position, you know this girl. who sleep around with several men, even your whole village knows she is wakajube.  They call her Ngozicheap. her real name is Ngozi. Even your mother sister touch Ngozicheap. Your wife touch Ngozicheap.    Meaning anything goes. And she know move to lagos or london or toronto.

And you came to visit your son in toronto or london because he was getting married the next day. your flight was late. you got to toronto night  3 am and at the airport, your son introduce the lady to you. And it was Ngozi, The villages ashawo. Ngozicheap.  what would you do as a mother. Will you allow your son wedding to take place  at 10 am.

Do you know any mother who would allow sure a wedding to take place.

Put yourself in the place of a virgin. I can tell you how virgin think of others. they look at the rest of you as ashawo. and they would not touch from the distance.
Anonymous (#3174)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 18:58 GMT
My last girlfriend turned out to be a serial cheater, when I confronted her she started telling me how I hate women because I called her out on HER behavior. My reaction/comment was NO I don't hate women. I hate YOUR behavior and what you have done and what you are doing and teaching your 5 year old child. I think some people are so selfish that it appears it's almost a mental and spiritual defect.
Anonymous (#3175)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 20:32 GMT
I have to say that if a MAN tries to be what a real MAN is suppose to be and that is a leader, then these modern women accuse that man of being "controlling". Any man with half a brain in his head knows that the behaviors of modern women who spend all day flirting, collecting guys numbers, texting, sexting , and etc need to be put in check. When the man says WTF are you doing and calls her out on her behavior he is called "controlling" yet these same women get all paranoid and check the guys cell, check up on the guy to see if he is up to the same vile bullshit that she is pulling. These women DO NOT want commitment, they want to have it ALL. I was recently offered "Friends With Benefits" from this younger woman who is suppose to be engaged. I said NO. She asked "why not?" I said "well you are engaged" "you are probably fucking several people, and that's pretty much like asking for a disease you cant get rid of."
She hasn't spoken to me since and probably just made the same offer to some other guy.
Bottom line is with the break down of the Family, The images, messages, stories ,articles, TV shows and etc influencing our youth, what do you think is going to happen? Go to a mall and hang withing listening distance of young people..all you hear is sex this and sex that. Everything that goes through their minds instantly gets converted in to some sexual meaning even when what was said was not intended that way. Hell in the 1950's you could have a group of guy friends and they could actually compliment each other saying things like dressed sharp today! or looking handsome you after some ladies today?! or hey good arms you been working out? Today if a guy even thinks any of that he's instantly labeled a homosexual. This world is corrupt and is totally on a path to destruction.
Anonymous (#3176)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 21:34 GMT
^ So true.

We are degenerating into fucking animals.
Anonymous (#3177)
Jun 6th, 2013 @ 21:44 GMT
Westernization of the world is an infection
Anonymous (#3179)
Jun 7th, 2013 @ 00:58 GMT
3170 You are right. There are women out there who choose these assholes then bitch about them. I have friends who complain they can't find a nice guy when there is one sitting right in front of them. There are men who always say they like the chase, the challenge. Maybe that holds for women too. But the payoff is not what they expected. A lot of women feel that they can change these guys, they want to be the exception. Thinking they will go through all the bs and come out with the prize. But he's not a prize. Some men are drawn to these fucked up women thinking they will save them from themselves. I don't know, a lot of toxic people out there.Some people thrive on drama. A lot of mind games being played. These genuinely nice guys need to just hang in there. There will be some woman who will come along and appreciate them.
Anonymous (#3181)
Jun 7th, 2013 @ 05:13 GMT
That's absolutely true, I know women like this. They want to fix or change the guy. Once the guy does change then she doesn't want him any more and off to the next asshole to " fix". You can't save these women they choose to be this way and will do so until their looks fade and they have been played out and fucked by 300 asshole guys. Then she will seek out a nice guy sucker to take care of them and pay all their bills.
Anonymous (#3182)
Jun 7th, 2013 @ 05:21 GMT
^^and after she does get Mr nice guy she will just cheat on him to she he's at work.
Anonymous (#3183)
Jun 7th, 2013 @ 05:41 GMT
**cheat on him while he is at work.
Anonymous (#3184)
Jun 7th, 2013 @ 08:58 GMT
Well, I have a perfect girlfriend.

She is petite, cute, innocent, has never even been romantic with anyone else before, she is shy but fiery, she has an adorable face, she is very intelligent and down to Earth but has a hidden naivity and likes to have fun. She loves music. She can be very strict but it's so cute because she is so tiny. She has wonderful long black hair. She isn't superficial and doesn't understand why most women and men act like they do. She thinks most people are kind of stupid really. She can see what's wrong with the world. She can understand my views and has the insight to form her own opinions on all thing instead of going with the norm. She is loyal to me and I am loyal to her. She belongs to me and I belong to her. She is perfect for me.

Just one problem...


Hell yeah.

Let that angel exist in my mind. Outside of this garbage world. Like the Japanese men called "herbivore men" or "fasting guys" who refuse to conform to their gender roles. Who have no interest in real women anymore and instead spend their time playing video games and doing what they enjoy while having fantasies of their perfect anime girlfriends. Fantasy will always be better than reality. What's better, a wooden sword or a lightsaber? Yes, the wooden sword is real and you will never have a lightsaber. The lightsaber is still BETTER. So too I have adopted this mindset. Fuck real women. They can go suck a fat one. Not mine though, not interested. Go try Tod at the club. I can't even fathom being with a real woman anymore.

Call me insecure, call me a moron, call me a nerd, call me a egomaniac, a psycho, whatever. I don't give a single fuck about you. Right now, on this computer screen, you are no more real than some Japanese guy's anime girlfriend. You ain't shit. Eat it. Kiss my fat, ugly, vulgar ass. Women have no power over me. Zero. You cannot even arouse me, I promise you.

Funny thing is, more and more men are realising that fantasy is the best possible outlet. Much like the Japanese "fasting guys" many young men who have been fucked over one too many times have had it. They abandon women completely and no ammount of your shaming tactics are going to affect them or bring them back to chasing your ass. Husbands who would rather watch porn than sleep with their wives, young guys who would rather play video games than put a bitch on a pedestal, men who disregard women and aquire currency. The world is changing. Slowly. It will take some time, but men are waking up.

So, keep bitching about how men are dogs who just want to fuck you and how they are all trash who refuse to commit and view women as sex objects. Boo-hoo where have all the good men gone. You did this. You bought the ticket now take the ride.

The only way to win a rigged game is to stop playing.

You lose. Deal with it.
Anonymous (#3185)
Jun 7th, 2013 @ 10:20 GMT
Umm Im stating an opinion. I have never cheated on any man. I don't sleep around and use my body to get what I want. I don't shame man for his mistakes, I dont mindfuck with them, so I'm sorry you have been dealt some fucked up experiences with women but Im not one of them so don't trash me or a lot of us because of some loser women out there.
Anonymous (#3186)
Jun 7th, 2013 @ 10:46 GMT
After divorcing @ 40 years old and losing everything, walking away from a cheating wife with nothing after Slaving away 70 hours a week for well over 20 years, Why the hell would I play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun it would be dumb. At least right now I still have a shot at retirement, If I get involved with psychotic woman that decides "she's just not happy" after 15 years then I'm screwed out of retirement. People are fucked up, a guy I work with cheats on his wife when she goes out of town in there own house. Fucking moron is gonna lose everything and he fucking deserves it.
Anonymous (#3187)
Jun 7th, 2013 @ 11:00 GMT
3163 you mention lives be destroyed. That does happen both ways. Men are fooled and screwed over by women and the other way around. But if people keep choosing the same types then they need to take a good look at why. That's what some people are trying to say here. No one is saying suck it up. But you have to move on at some point and try not to make the same mistakes. Get it you dumbass.
Anonymous (#3188)
Jun 8th, 2013 @ 02:43 GMT
What you dont get is that there is no more choosing. There are no options left. Our western culture is so fucked up now, everyone is so greedy and so selfish, that our modern life has become a concrete jungle.
There is no love left , there is no honor, there is no commitment to anything. Everyone has been brainwashed into believing that happiness is doing whatever fucked up crap comes up into their minds.
That´s what liberty has become. A fucked up chaotic world where only the most savage survives.
And those who are left standing on the sidelines are those who refuse to play this fucked up game. I dont give a fuck about women´s rights, or their struggles or whatever the fuck they think. I only know that I have tried doing things the right way and the only thing I got back is the finger.
But instead of becoming like everyone else, I choose to stand by the sidelines and watch everyone destroy each other. Anyway we will all die from cancer. Cheers
Anonymous (#3189)
Jun 8th, 2013 @ 04:33 GMT
^^You got the finger because these modern women don't want nice or right or traditional. They want a guy that let's them do whatever they want without questions,a guy who could care less if they call or not, a guy that treats them shitty. If you are that guy then these bitches chase you.
Anonymous (#3191)
Jun 8th, 2013 @ 15:51 GMT
i have had no problems with women. sure some of them are bitches whores and useless. simple dont date them. all you need to do is find the nice ones. i have never had a girlfriend cheat on me because i allways keep them on a short leash. tell them how it is and this is what is gonna happen. if they disagree one bit or even try to gain one inch on me side i say well hunny its not gonna work out. for fucks sakes be a man and just be smarter and more intelligent than your woman. these women cheat because they think they have you . my women never think that!!!! so there always got a challenge and for marrige stay clear of it tell her how it is. if she dont like find a woman that does ..let her know she can be easily replaced. If the woman doesnt respect you dont want marrige she does not love you . good luck and you boys and sissy men stop your wineing like a little girl. Be A MAN like me a dominate the female race take the power back
Anonymous (#3192)
Jun 8th, 2013 @ 18:24 GMT

Three people on this topic said what needed to be said.

1. The guy who said that women have been and are being brainwashed by the media and indoctrinated into slut culture.

2. The guy who said men should just start killing women for cheating and do the time. Cause hell, if I came home from a half year tour of duty and my girlfriend (don't have one anymore so hypothetically speaking) was fucking another dude I would kill them both and burn their bodies in the bed with gasoline. Psycho? Huh, don't piss off a psycho.

3. The guy who said "a lightsaber is better than a wood baton even though the lightsaber is not real. So true. My disgust and hatred of women has driven me to become impotent to real life relations. I feel zero attraction to women anymore. So, now I'm gay cause I don't like bitches? Fuck off. That's like saying you're a vegan because you don't like fish. Now whenever I get the urge I just look at some softcore hentai and get it out of my system. If fictional women were to somehow impose on reality it would be game over for bitches over night. You just don't get sweet, loyal, exclusive, loving, caring, intellectual and virginal women to form a life-long relationship with in reality anymore. Let me know how that relationship works out 10 years from now.

So fuck it. I'm not bothered. My dick doesn't even function for normal woman anymore. Over it.
Anonymous (#3194)
Jun 8th, 2013 @ 20:52 GMT
"I choose to stand by the sidelines and watch everyone destroy each other."


I've had enough too. I just realised that life is simply a game that nobody can win. Ever. Humanity is sick to the core. Rotten. Broken. And we just keep falling deeper into the depths of darkness. I try to be nice, I try to do the right thing. Try to respect people. You know what? It doesn't matter. People will not respect you. People will always tread on you. They even look down on you. But fuck them. I'm done.

I'm not done being a good person, I can't do that. It is my nature. Yet I'm done taking shit from this world and from twisted people. I'm fed up. It's sad though, I would probably risk my life to save a complete stranger on the street. I would jump in front of cars for you people. I would take bullets for you people. But people still think I'm a monster. So I just go about my business. If you truly need help I will help you. If you want to use me, fuck off. If you want to provoke me I will knock every one of your teeth down your fucking throat with a brick. But in my heart I wish things didn't have to be this way. I dream of a perfect world but I know that world can never be. It is so very painful.

It is because of love that I am the way I am, and perhaps you feel the same way. I love the people and the world so much that I want nothing more than to see it all at peace. But that can never be. So that love turns to pain. I hurt because I cannot do anything to change this fate of ours. I saw a glimpse of what is to come but there is nothing left of me to stop it. Then that pain becomes hatred. If I cannot fix it, then I must destroy it.

Love breeds pain. Pain paves the way to hatred. If there cannot be love, there can only be hate.
Anonymous (#3195)
Jun 9th, 2013 @ 09:26 GMT
I wasn't a sexist before I understood women. There was a time when I was blissfully ignorant.

I grew up watching Disney cartoons, I believed in romance and "true love conquers all" etc. I wanted to find a woman who could be my equal, my partner. I believed in finding that one true love and being committed to each other forever. You know, like in the marriage vows, "for better or for worse, through sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer" etc. And I believed that women basically wanted the same thing. Now I understand that this was only possible when society was structured to enforce it. Now that women are "liberated" (and thus at the mercy of their own emotions and baser instincts) this is mostly no longer possible in today's society. Victorian society, or many Arab societies, are examples of how society used to be structured to keep women as faithful as possible.

I'd like to point out that I am not a misogynist...I love women. But I AM a sexist, in the sense that I believe women are vastly different than men and, according to the standards that men hold for other men, women are inferior as well.

I must be a bitter loser, right? In fact, I enjoy more success with women than most of the men in this city. I have slept with over 200 women in my life. I am sleeping with 5 different women right now. They are all normal, healthy, well-adjusted, good-looking (8+ on the looks scale) professional women. (At least as normal and healthy and well-adjusted as women can be - most women have issues.) But that's not all. I can go out any night of the week and pick up a woman. I can pick her up in front of all her friends (with 80% efficiency for each approach.) Women will slip me their phone number when their boyfriend is in the bathroom. I can talk to women on the street or in the grocery store and within 30 minutes, I can usually have sex with them right there in my car or get them back to my place. If I have to settle for a phone number, and I meet her on another day, assuming she doesn't flake, I WILL fuck her that next day.

Let me point out right now that my Modus Operandi doesn't change in the slightest if she single or if she has a boyfriend or husband. I just do my normal routine and I fuck her. Sometimes she brings up the boyfriend so she won't feel guilty when I fuck her because now it's "my fault." Sometimes she hides it from me until after I've fucked her, then she admits it. I can't tell you how many times I've been laying next to some chick, all sweaty cause I just finished busting a nut all over her face or in her mouth or on her back, and suddenly her phone rings and she's on the phone with her man, giving him some bullshit story. This is with NO GUILT WHATSOEVER!!! The sweetest most innocent girls you ever laid eyes on, will cheat at the drop of a HAT. The one thing that most men value most - loyalty - is just not there with women. Women don't think in terms of honor, women don't say "word is bond;" women are basically emotionally driven. If they feel it, they do it, period. Then they rationalize it to themselves later. Nothing is more meaningful, or compelling, to a woman than (1) the way she feels and (2) learning more about her own inner self and having emotional realizations. That's why women love astrology, chick flicks, soap operas, stupid Cosmo quizes that supposedly reveal info about yourself, etc.

I must be really good looking, right? NOPE. My looks are marginal; I'm maybe a 7. I don't work out (though I'm not fat or anything.) In fact I didn't have any success with women until I was in my early 20's. That's when I decided to go out a lot and start trying to get laid... I was willing to face rejection a thousand times a night, and do it over and over, trying everything, until I got it right. I had to completely set my ego aside. I didn't get laid at all for the first few months. Then every now and then. Then pretty often. Then downright consistently! I'm in my early 30's now and I am basically a sexual god. I wouldn't have even believed this were possible when I was in high school. The ONLY factor that determined whether a woman would cheat was my own skill level. When my skills were poor, women shit all over me. (Everyone knows how women think they have license to be rude bitches in social situations... in fact I understand and appreciate that behavior now.) But once my skills got good, I could fuck just about anyone's wife or girlfriend. And many times I didn't know they had a man until after I fucked them.

Look, I'm not saying that men are perfect, or whatever. Far from it. I'm just saying, I've spent a lot of my time studying women and interacting with them, and I know how they are. In fact, sometimes I hate knowing it. Sometimes I wish I had taken the blue pill, and never went down the rabbit hole, because now there's really no going back. I didn't want to believe these things... but how could I ever get married now? How could I ever be the chump who pays for everything and blissfully goes through life not worrying about his woman because he trusts her? Look, would you leave your dog alone with a steak? You can't hate the dog for doing what's in its nature. You can't trust a dog, BUT you can trust a dog to BE a dog. Some men are disloyal... but I could *never* trust a woman to be loyal. Some men are bad presidents...but I could *never* vote for a woman to be president. I can rarely expect a woman to regard her own promises as more important and compelling to her than the emotions she feels in the moment. She will rationalize it to herself later.

Here's an interesting fact. Did you know that the median 22 year old woman has TWICE as much sex as the median 22 year old man? You might ask, how is that possible? If a woman's having sex, doesn't that mean a man is having sex at the same time? And thus, shouldn't men be having just as much sex as women? NO...because most men hardly get laid, or if they do, it's because they "got lucky." But a small group of men get laid ALL THE TIME, and fuck LOTS AND LOTS of women! It's evolution at work. Women follow their emotions, and that leads them to sleep with men like me (who know how to control female emotions.) Women want the top man...so the top man fucks lots of women. That's right - the sexual revolution, feminism, etc has resulted in a return to harems. Women, at the mercy of their own emotions, are volunteering for the modern-day equivalent of harems. Lucky for me!! Heh.

You might say, "But...but...I'm so nice! I'm a nice guy!" Guess what? That's like a fat chick saying, "But I'm so smart!" As if those things have anything in the world to do with sexual attraction!

I'm going to give some tips here for the poor sucker guys who are posting online trying to get laid and who are spending hundreds / thousands of dollars on all those whores out there without getting any play. (You bitches know exactly what you're doing, and I'm on to your game!)

* Don't be sexually judgemental in any way. A woman's worst fear is to be perceived as a slut. She will suck your toes and take it in the ass if she thinks you don't view her poorly for it (and she knows her friends won't find out.)

* Don't get angry at her. Women know they have emotional outbursts and they need to trust that you can handle that. It's ok (and necessary) to occasionally put your foot down...just make sure she knows you are fully in control of yourself.

* Don't let her manipulate you or control you in any way. She will immediately lose all respect for you. Always be leading. It's just like dancing - women hate a man who can't lead.

* When first approaching a woman or a group, they tend to get a feeling like this is just your little scheme to get close to them, when you really just want something from them - like sex. (And they're right.) It's important to structure your body language and conversation so that they honestly don't believe you want something from them. They should feel like you are about to leave at any second.

* DON'T TRY TO IMPRESS HER IN ANY WAY. Don't show off. Don't talk about accomplishments or possessions. As soon as she perceives that you are trying to prove yourself to her, she loses all interest.

* Don't ignore her friends. A woman values her friend's opinions more than just about anything else in the world. Nothing matters to her more than what other women are thinking. Give her friends lots of attention and get everyone laughing. If one woman is feeling different than the others, she will drag them away. They will follow like a flock of pigeons. Society is the book of women. (Notice that men do NOT behave this way! Women are very different!)

* To get a woman attracted / emotionally vulnerable, give her lots of emotions and feelings. Don't just make her feel good. Make her feel good, and angry, and sad, and connected, and astonished, and intrigued, etc. Make her laugh. Tease her. Tell stories about your sick puppy. Tell her why things would never work out between the two of you. Call her a dork. If she gets heated up, she will start touching you...playfully push her away. If she calls you a jerk and punches your arm, you are doing it right. If she gives you that "I can't believe you just said that" look, do NOT back down, do not say "Oh I'm just kidding" or anything like that.

* As she gets more emotional, she will try to ruin things by throwing in logic. She will ask you if you are a player, or if you say this to all the girls, or whatever. The trick is this: Don't take it seriously by giving it some logical answer! That's right...women lose interest if you take them seriously!!! It's crazy but that's how they behave. Just blow it off or misinterpret what she's saying as though she is coming on to you. If you fail these tests, she will be gone so fast your head will spin.

* She will start asking you lots of questions. This is what chicks do when they suddenly find themselves attracted to a man they know nothing about. This is your chance to open up a little and also find out more about her and build a deeper connection. You have to do this, or she will flake later (even if you've kissed her!) Women are the worst flakes in the world! Don't make it too easy for her, make her work for it a bit. Then talk about connections and childhood memories and things you have in common, etc. She needs to feel that this is genuine. This is usually the time when I throw in a few fake vulnerabilities, like pretending I'm shy or insecure about something. I know it's fucked up but women need to see that there are at least a few small holes where they can sink their hooks in you. They get uneasy if you are too perfect.

* Make sure she gets the feeling that you have standards and that you are judging her based on them. Ask her questions that show her you are checking her out to see if she is up to snuff. Women don't like to feel like you are with them only because you can't do any better. They prefer to feel like you have high standards; you can get any chick you want, but you chose HER because she is SOOOO special and SOOOO different from all the others. Yeah, I know.

* Move her to different locations. Take her next door for a drink. Take her across the street to check out some art. The more locations the better.

* Take responsibility for every escalation. A woman will do just about anything as long as she doesn't have to feel like it was "her fault." Make it YOUR fault. Make it "just happen." She will rationalize it to herself later using the same bullshit generator that women use to flake out on dates at the last minute. Don't get her horny until you get her isolated. Believe me, emotional is better than horny.

* Keep the woman always swinging somewhere between validation and rejection. If she feels rejected, she drops out or gets REALLY MAD. And if she feels too validated, she will ditch you in a heartbeat. So push her away (emotionally) and then pull her back in.

* BELIEVE YOUR OWN BULLSHIT. Chicks do not look at your excuses and try to see if they are bullshit or not... because that is the logical thing to do, and chicks are not logical. Rather, what they do is see if YOU seem to believe your own bullshit when you say it. If you look like you do, then chances are, they will believe it too. So the key is to believe your own bullshit, and other aspects about yourself that you want the chick to believe about you too (alpha male..whatever)... because your own self beliefs for some reason will automatically 'impart' to the chick!

* One more thing...many guys make the mistake of listening to female romantic advice. Don't listen to them, THEY DON'T KNOW WTF THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT, and they WILL steer you wrong. They will tell you what they THINK they want, instead of what they actually RESPOND to. And furthermore, a large part of the female sexual experience IS the inability to admit these things BECAUSE they derive sexual pleasure from putting up resistance and being overwhelmed.

If you do things this way, after a few months practice you WILL get laid like a rock star. The guys who get laid are the ones who know what they are doing, because they have practiced on lots of women. Ironically, women are most attracted to the men who are most likely to fuck them and then dump them on their ass - because those are precisely the men who have so many other options because they practice on lots of women. That's why you always hear women bitching about how men are assholes that only want to fuck them and dump them - because those are the men that they gravitate to.

Women tend to wise up when they get towards their 30s, and they start looking for a nice wimpy beta male to settle down with and pay for all their shit. As they get older, they will get more and more desperate to find this guy. Once they do, they will cheat on him with an exciting fun guy like me. (But who wants to fuck some old chick in her 30's? That's what beta males are for! Heh)

Hey, don't blame me - I didn't make things the way they are. I was just a guy who wanted to get laid. And I do :-)
Anonymous (#3196)
Jun 9th, 2013 @ 17:50 GMT
Old chick in her thirties!! LMAO you guys are a fucking mess. And the one that said "take the power back" that's it in a nutshell!!! That's your problem, women are taking control of their own lives and you guys don't like it one bit. It's all about control. Another one said "I don't give a shit about women's rights" Umm, maybe that's why you get the finger! But I'll bet you care about YOUR rights, don't ya. What a bunch of weak, insecure, self absorbed, narcissistic assholes you are. Not all of you on here, but quite a bit.
Anonymous (#3197)
Jun 9th, 2013 @ 19:29 GMT
@ #3195 : Ok man, thanks for sharing my worst fears realized. I read the Tao of Badass too, dude. And to quote you, "Hey I´m just a guy who wanted to get laid". Well, you have become exactly the savage predator that plays the game, and gets sex. Congratulations on becoming Charlie Harper.

I understand perfectly where you're coming from, and I dont judge you. I know the techniques man, I´ve read them too. And I´m gonna tell you something, in refering to your fellow men as "betas", you are being the worst kind of douchebag my man, and since I believe in Karma, yours must be not very favorable at the moment.

I would like to suggest something to you, so you can contribute in a positive way to this situation. Whenever you finish having sex with your victims, and you know that they are cheating, please call them out on their sluttiness. Make them feel bad, before you dump them. Make them see that you only used them like the whores they are. Humilliate them. I know you have the heart to do it.

I do understand that in reading the Tao of Badass and stuff like that, men can better defend themselves against today's women. But, there are those of us who just dont get satisfaction in having empty anal sex with sluts man.

Because, what you are basically saying is, that you are self-contained. You dont need no one. You are the Man of Steel. Feelings are for the weak. You have adjusted to a bad situation and somehow made it worse. Do you have any male friends? Would you sleep with their wives/girlfriends because they are "betas"? That´s your legacy, man. And what happens when you get to your 50's? If you someday have a daughter, what are you going to teach her? That because she is inferior she will be a victim to guys like you that know how to play the game over and over again until she settles down with a dumb beta that will pay for her bills? All of us have access to sluts man. The only difference is that you dont have to pay them.

I admire my father very much because he is the only guy I know that was able to get a good girl (my mom), and keep her in check. I honestly dont know how he did it. And probably because of my family background, I just cant be like you. Believe me, I've tried, and I can have success in that regard whenever I want to. I once saw this chick outside of my house walking and I got the predator instinct and went after her. I was fucking her in my room in no less than 10 minutes after. Then, I just said...ahh well...I got things to do. And you know what I got from that? Nothing, except some fear of having acquired some disease for having fucked a total stranger.
Anonymous (#3198)
Jun 9th, 2013 @ 20:24 GMT

The above is even more reason for me to never touch any real woman even from a distance with anything other than a high calibre rifle.

Anonymous (#3200)
Jun 9th, 2013 @ 21:40 GMT





3DPD Please leave. No want uuuuuu.
Anonymous (#3201)
Jun 10th, 2013 @ 05:49 GMT
I agree with 3197 being that way is douche baggery. People like that have respect for no one.
Anonymous (#3202)
Jun 10th, 2013 @ 06:04 GMT
The taoofbadass is an informitive tool and can he'll men " weed out" women that are No Good. Like anything else it can be used for bad. When you actually buy that it asks your intentions straight out. For me the intention is to get a better understanding of the interactions with women.
Anonymous (#3203)
Jun 10th, 2013 @ 22:27 GMT
laurie garrow brace. "a happy wife is a happy life" for over 30 year's. laurie garrow brace. know's how to satifie/satisfied a man/men for over 30 year's. laurie garrow brace. know's how to please/pleased a man/men for over 30 year's.
Anonymous (#3205)
Jun 11th, 2013 @ 04:55 GMT
Playstation 4 will be my new girlfriend
Anonymous (#3208)
Jun 12th, 2013 @ 05:04 GMT
I think women should just submit and admit they are wrong. Go back to being proper wives and mothers.
Anonymous (#3212)
Jun 14th, 2013 @ 22:17 GMT
I think that all women should be gangeaten and gangfucked and gangraped the bitch/bitchness out of those delicious pussy favorite food every month when they start getting ugly and sit on my face and lay on there back's and spread there legg's and eat & fuck those delicious pussy all day long and all night long one huge tougue and one huge cock right after another and a lot of cumming & quivering. cause if women want they need to pay the pide piper the men.
Anonymous (#3213)
Jun 15th, 2013 @ 13:18 GMT
Women have forgotten their place and their gender role, that's the problem. They want equality yet each gender has differences and therefore will never be equal. Women can have fun trying to work 50 hours per week and juggle all that comes with motherhood, plus do all the things the man once did. Have fun with all that, the empty bed and the vibrator.
Anonymous (#3215)
Jun 16th, 2013 @ 06:28 GMT
If all women are whores and bitches to all the guys one qustion you all got moms so who's your daddy??? Bastards.
Anonymous (#3216)
Jun 16th, 2013 @ 06:48 GMT
Well these days they have DNA Paternity testing so that in itself exposes whores that try to tell hubby that the kid is his. And yes some mothers are whores too.
Anonymous (#3217)
Jun 16th, 2013 @ 07:10 GMT
I believe there are Good women out there, however sifting through all the bad ones spending all that time and money, risking getting a disease or more children is just not worth the effort. Women have chosen what they now have, they are looked at in a bad light and it is their own fault. They have reduced themselves to being only good for sex
and paying for dates, dinner and etc isn't worth the sex. I'd rather jerk off and keep my money and not waste my time on a woman that has had 100 other cocks before mine.
Anonymous (#3218)
Jun 16th, 2013 @ 16:35 GMT
Gee Wiz, these low life women that are out there just can't keep their legs closed anymore. and today many of them are even spreading their legs for other women too, how very sad.
Anonymous (#3223)
Jun 18th, 2013 @ 04:15 GMT
,there is a lot of selfish scumbags in both genders and in every race. People need to be more picky about who they associate with.
Anonymous (#3232)
Jun 20th, 2013 @ 22:30 GMT
gangeating and gangfucking and gangraping. kyla grogan. pussy. I or we did.
Anonymous (#3234)
Jun 20th, 2013 @ 23:05 GMT
gail kim. is a gangeating and gangfucking and gangraping whore bitch cause i or we know for over 20 year's of eating and fucking the bitch/bitchness out of that delicious pussy our favorite food of gail kim. the whore bitch.
Anonymous (#3236)
Jun 22nd, 2013 @ 23:32 GMT
Just remember it was the Jews who corrupted the women, and it's the Jews who have corrupted society, and it's the Jews who are going to Hell and they will take as many with them as they possible can. The Muslims even say that most women are going to Hell, and I agree, however most men are going to Hell as well. Men and women both are total scum now, led and brainwashed by the Jew. Now Jews are writing more articles at CNN about how monogamy is not natural, encouraging everyone to have sex with as many as they like, and who is the author? Another filthy stinking Jew.....
Anonymous (#3237)
Jun 24th, 2013 @ 06:30 GMT
women are like old dogs, u cant teach them anything new and if u had any compassion for them. a bullet to the head would be the best and easiest thing to put it out of it's misery.
Vitaly Klitschko (#3239)
Jun 24th, 2013 @ 09:09 GMT
Being able to be celibate is essential - if you want to escape from slavery to women. It's best to throw yourself into work or a hobby in order to be celibate mentally as well as physically. This will allow you to accumulate personal power. The same power which allows hypnosis to dominate, for example.

A man must be a man. A woman must be a woman. The man is the dominant partner to whom the woman must be subordinate.

There's nothing more degrading for a man than being a woman's slave. But avoiding the dating game is very difficult for young men. This explains why Orthodox Christianity in Russia has taught chastity from an early age and traditionally tried to pair men and women for marriage as closely as possible. Religious values helped young people understand the importance of chastity and the hard work needed for successful marriage.

The old saying goes that if your perishable fruit and vegetables fall off the back of the wagon they're spoiled for good. This applies to modern Western women. Sadly, consumerism and the terrifying evil of Feminism is spoiling women worldwide.
Vitaly Klitschko (#3240)
Jun 24th, 2013 @ 09:20 GMT
Personally I would recommend that young men learn martial arts from an early age. Not just the physical discipline but the philosophy behind the different arts. Buddhism is very useful for teaching about the right state of mind and avoiding distraction. It is best to avoid women altogether until you are in your twenties. Young men should stop using gadgets and social networking and learn to concentrate and the virtue of work for work's sake, not for its profit. A young man should always put his family first and consider their honor.
Anonymous (#3241)
Jun 24th, 2013 @ 17:32 GMT
women are only good for one thing, and most of them aren't even good for that.
Anonymous (#3242)
Jun 24th, 2013 @ 17:47 GMT
Women dont think , and when they think , they are thinking of something else.
Anonymous (#3243)
Jun 24th, 2013 @ 21:25 GMT
I bet not a single one of these women who have posted here are virginal. Not one.
Anonymous (#3244)
Jun 24th, 2013 @ 21:38 GMT
"The man is the dominant partner to whom the woman must be subordinate." and believe or not than he actually says:
"There's nothing more degrading for a man than being a woman's slave."

But it's ok for women to feel degraded? Be subordinate? Do you even realize what you are saying here? No one should have control over the other, see, that's the problem here. Another one says:"I bet not a single one of these women who have posted here are virginal. Not one." Unless they are minor on here responding than I guess not. What the hell does that have to do with anything? Are any of you men virgins?
Anonymous (#3245)
Jun 25th, 2013 @ 03:14 GMT
Read the last chapter in the book of Proverbs in the Bible. Its about how a woman is suppose to be. She's not forced to be subordinate she sacrifices and serves her family and she is cherished for it. Wake up Women you have been sold a lie and corrupted.
Anonymous (#3246)
Jun 25th, 2013 @ 05:31 GMT
Men and Women have been corrupted equally. Indiviuadlism and materialism have doomed everyone.
Anonymous (#3247)
Jun 25th, 2013 @ 07:51 GMT
Well Eve was deceived in the garden and believed the lie the serpent told her and she brought down mankind. Now women are following Eve's lead only this time it's feminism not an apple. Eve was told she wouldn't die and believed a lie. Feminism got women to freely give up their natural role and believe the lie that femism is.
Anonymous (#3249)
Jun 26th, 2013 @ 05:07 GMT
So I hit the nail on the head huh.

Many men are virgins believe it or not. Because unlike women they do not get persued for sex left, right and center unless they are;

1. Good looking.
2. Physically fit.
3. Rich.
4. "Alpha Male."
5. Have social status.
6. Have finincial status.

It is a well established fact that for ever man who sleeps around there are 10 women who do so. Women hold the cards in the sex game. Men do not.

What does virginity mean? Everything. It means you had the insight, the resolve and the self respect to be 100% sure that your current partner desrved all of you. If you lost your virginity to a previous partner you fucked up. Men and women both. You will never be able to give yourself fullt to another. You will never be able to say "I belong to you alone. I am yours and you are mine." Because people are fools.

There is only one destination now. Complete and utter self anihilation. Choices shape the course of life for everyone. You make the wrong choices, you suffer. Simple.
Anonymous (#3250)
Jun 26th, 2013 @ 05:27 GMT
There are only a few species on this planet in which the female is dominant over the male and not subordinate to the male. Disgusting creatures such as snakes, spiders, Hyenas, Eels and of course humans it seems.

Go right ahead and reject your nature because of your pride. Doesn't affect me. Your "free" to make your own choices. Just now this, when you reject your nature, when you reject a system that has been in place for thousands upon thousands of years you become snakes, spider, hyenas and eels. How can you then blame anyone for being disgusted by you?

Keep up the shaming tactics though. That seems to be the only thing women can fall back on anymore. "Oh you are a loser", "You can't get laid", "You just got burned", "You are just angry because you can't control women" and so on ad infinitum. Straight from the school-yard bully handbook.

Your move. I'll just sit and observe your downfal of hurbris.
Matt Walsh (#3251)
Jun 27th, 2013 @ 01:36 GMT
Women are nothing but walking booty in the US. Check out my blog.

Anonymous (#3252)
Jun 27th, 2013 @ 04:54 GMT
That's true Matt. Women have been fully indoctrinated into "slut culture" and think this somehow frees them. Ha. What a joke. The only thing they served to accomplish is to enable men to more easily use them and lose them. Good job ladies. Outstanding work.

However, this trend is quickly growing in non-western countries as well. I have been to South Africa and Japan and let me tell you, they are just as brainwashed as Western women. White South African girls are a truly disgusting breed. Black South African girls are even worse. Japanese girls are extremely promiscuous and have much the same criteria in finding a "partner" as Western women do.

Islam does not have these problems. That's just a fact. I'. Not even religious but Islam knows how to keep women from themselves.
Anonymous (#3253)
Jun 27th, 2013 @ 04:59 GMT
Good blog article you are correct. A female I know does just what you say, she chooses scumbag after scumbag, from what I was told she had at least 5 good men in her life that wanted to take care of her and make a life. In the end she just cheats on every guy she has ever had. She would rather get high with random scumbags and suck cock for drugs than be a proper mother to her kid or work.
Anonymous (#3254)
Jun 27th, 2013 @ 17:17 GMT
Women have no morality.They can sell their fucking body for anything.a women's most vital power is her pussy.Worthless creatures with a fucking mouth.
Anonymous (#3255)
Jun 27th, 2013 @ 19:32 GMT
They say History repeats itself. Look at the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had it all, they had a paradise and only had to obey and tend to the garden. The garden most likely grew without much effort on their part at all. That's why it says now by the sweat of your brow you will plow the land, in other words before the fall he didn't break a sweat on the garden. Eve had NO PAIN during childbirth. They had all this and yet EVE WANTED MORE AND BELIEVED SHE DESERVED IT AND COULD BE LIKE GOD. Garden of Eden and today Feminism. You see Women always Believe a lie from an outside source.First the serpent in the garden saying you deserve more to be equal with GOD and today Feminism telling them they should be equal to MEN. Women pull the most vile shit and then rationalize it to themselves making the victim the bad one. You see history repeats itself, there are people behind the scenes controlling the masses with the same tricks over and over. We are fucked and we are fucking idiots for falling for the same shit over and over.
Anonymous (#3259)
Jun 29th, 2013 @ 19:56 GMT
My whore story time!

Met a woman. She had a man and was very smart, witty, and seemingly intelligent. We became good friends.

Some time later in my life this woman props up again. This time she's single, and I'm just coming out of a relationship with a whore who cheated on me (wasn't the first). Anyway, now she's single and has me in her sights. She starts dogging on me, telling me that she had to stop talking to me, because she started to have feelings for me all those years ago. I don't buy it.

Anyway, she keeps on trying to break me into liking her. We talk every day, and tells me she's in love with me. Starts crying and pleading, saying that she can't believe I don't feel the same way. How she is just so hurt that it isn't mutual, but she'll always be there.

I ask her for a bit of time (ie: a week or so). And against my better fucking judgement, I start feeling for her, because she APPEARED to be one of the kindest, most caring, socially aware people I've met.

We get it together. And she starts getting cold. "Baby, what's going on? You've seemed down and distant as of late. What's up?" "Oh, I'm on my period. I get grouchy". Fine.

A week or so later "Darling, you're still a bit down. I know it's tough, but talk to me. I'm here." "My cat died. I'm sorry, baby. I'm a bit torn up". Fine.

The next week, she tells me she's meeting a male friend to spend time with him for his birthday. RED FLAG. I tell her no fucking way am I gonna take that. And the woman starts to make it out as though I'm the controlling evil maniac for this. So I say fuck it. We need a break. And the next night, she fucks him.

I tell her it's over. And though I love this woman, I try to move on.

Thankfully, I had pussy lined up real good. So I had about three other women inviting me to come and stick it to them within the next day.

AS SOON AS THE CHEATER REALIZES I HAVE OTHER WOMEN TO SEE AND FUCK, SHE STARTS DOGGING ME AGAIN. And that was not the first time it's happened with a woman. The cheater starts blowing up my phone with meaningless shitty jokes and efforts to goad a conversation. I ignore her until one night, she wants to talk.

She still has a boyfriend (the guy she cheated on me with), and asks to come over. And declares "NO FUNNY BUSINESS. JUST TALK". Well, I can tell you that by the end of the night, the woman was in my bed, begging for the dick, even though I did not come on to her. She was open and willing.

They're whores. Plain and simple. I've smashed a lot of women, from all walks of life, and the common thing they all had was whoredom. You can't trust them, man. I've had female friends with boyfriends and husbands show me their pussies and vaginas for no reason other than attention. I didn't even ask. GROWN FUCKING MARRIED WOMEN WITH KIDS wanting me to service their vaginas while their husbands work long hours.

Do you want that to be you, sucker? haha. Fuck 'em!

And it's true; watch out for the ones who have a lot of male friends. These are the worst of the worst. No conscience. No self-respect. They gauge their worth on what others think of them.

So if you're sweet on this one woman who seems a bit whorish, but you believe she can be different or deserves better, don't waste your fucking time. She needs to change herself, before she can even begin to love herself, let alone you. These women will chew you up and leave you homeless without any fucks given. You better believe that shit.

I've seen men committing suicide over women who no longer love them (if they even did in the first place). And the women go straight to their friends to BRAG ABOUT HOW MUCH THIS ONE GUY LOVED THEM SO MUCH THAT HE HAD TO KILL HIMSELF.

FUCK THEM! Disgusting, vile, disease-infested cunts. And they also have the nerve to try and criticize you for trying to be a good man. FUCK THEM.
Anonymous (#3260)
Jun 30th, 2013 @ 04:15 GMT
^^^ I agree I have had other guys wives and girlfriends. These women do not care about men just their own selfish needs. I had one bitch cheat while I worked so I dump her ass
and all she could do was criticize me, saying the cheating was my fault for earning a living working long hours. Use a prostitute ,a call girl or an escort. At least once the
deed is done both people walk away happy and no headaches.
Anonymous (#3261)
Jun 30th, 2013 @ 04:21 GMT
If the woman knows you don't have other women lined up to fuck then she wont want you. If you do have other women lined up they get jealous and competitive like your the prize. Only problem is if they win the prize then they get bored and need to compete for the next prize. The bitches with all guy friends are just attention whores, they know all the guy friends want to fuck them and they feed on this attention and probably at some point fuck each and every guy friend. I know one chic like this, she got pissed off when I asked her how many guys from her long list did she actually fuck.
Anonymous (#3262)
Jun 30th, 2013 @ 13:38 GMT
Where the hell are all of you guys meeting these 'women'? They all just sound sound like immature, manipulative trainwrecks! I'm a woman and I agree that there are a lot of manipulative women out there but damn, are there that many??? These women love to mindfuck with guys, stay the hell away from them!
Stiff (#3263)
Jun 30th, 2013 @ 19:24 GMT
The only reason girls have legs is so that they don't leave snail trails everywhere they go. And yes they are ALL "girls", the word "women" contains the word "men" which is an insult to us. Last time I checked the reason cunts exist is to be fucked. The only reason GIRLS pretend not to want to be ducked is because society has brainwashed them into thinking its "bad". What dumbass started spreading that idea around? If it were up to me it would be illegal for them to wear clothes- EVER. So much as a glove or a flip-flop and they are subject to middle east style punishment. Barefoot, always pregnant, and on their knees with a toilet brush. Mouths stretched from having Cocos down their throat all day.
Anonymous (#3264)
Jun 30th, 2013 @ 20:30 GMT
I agree with #3262 stay away from these women, the 1st mind game they play..LEAVE. If you see they neglect their own kid to answer some douche bag on Facebook or text message..LEAVE. If they have 100 guy friends and no female friends..RUN. you cant trust anything that doesn't get along with it's own kind. These women are fucked up emotionally and spiritually, God forbid you get one pregnant and she has your kid, then you are really fucked. So the 1st Red Flag, any mind Games whatsoever,they just act overly flirtatious, they are constantly on social media getting male attention, their phone is blowing up with calls, texts and Facebook..Fucking dump her ass fast as you can.
Anonymous (#3265)
Jun 30th, 2013 @ 20:33 GMT
The Bottom line is Whore or Not, If a man feels he can not TRUST the woman he is with then he needs to EXPUNGE HER FROM HIS LIFE PERMANENTLY.
Anonymous (#3266)
Jul 1st, 2013 @ 08:45 GMT
INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Grab them by the hair and drag them home. 2. Fuck them hard and deep without mercy. 3.Boot their filthy used cunt out the back door. 4. REPEAT. 5. If there is a full moon out invite a dozen other cocks over and use her hairy dumpster till dawn. Then see number 3.
Anonymous (#3267)
Jul 1st, 2013 @ 15:40 GMT
3266. You sound like a rapist infact some of you on here sound like rapist. Are you?
Anonymous (#3268)
Jul 1st, 2013 @ 17:11 GMT
As a man you have to love your stuff more than any woman. Be it a hobby, your job, playstation or whatever. Being in love with women betrays common sense. Is like being in love with a scorpion. You can love them all you want, but their nature dictates them to sting you, sooner or later.
And if you say "hey! Why you did you sting me? !!" they will say " It´s your fault, you knew I was a scorpion"
Anonymous (#3269)
Jul 1st, 2013 @ 19:29 GMT
^^^^ This, people fall in love with the idea of being in love, it's an illusion, a fantasy, NOT REAL. And true think about it, what's the 1st thing a woman does when she is caught cheating? It's not I'm sorry. It's point the finger and say this is your fault because you did this or you didn't do that.
Anonymous (#3270)
Jul 1st, 2013 @ 20:04 GMT
Bottom line is Take Things For What They Are. Women will stray easily we know this. So Date Them, Fuck Them, Have Fun With Them. Any signs of Low Life behavior Dump Her and Grab Another One. Do Not Marry Them, Do Not Have Children With Them, Do Not Move Them In With You, Do Not Put Them On A Pedestal..They Don't Deserve It. Keep Them In Their Place at all times.
Anonymous (#3276)
Jul 3rd, 2013 @ 23:56 GMT
In the end People are People some are selfish assholes and some are not. It does not matter if you are a good man or woman if you are with an asshole you are not appreciated at all. All the woman bashing here is wrong, Not All are this way and I am sure the women have websites bashing asshole men as well. We are all Stuck in this fucking corrupt world and nobody seems to realize it or even give a shit. Nobody wants to listen or have an adult conversation and no I don't meant sex when I say adult conversation. People are lost and don't even know it how fucking sad is that. People need to wake the fuck up before it's too late.
Kevin Haughton (#3284)
Jul 5th, 2013 @ 12:32 GMT
Some women are good some women are bad, but I hate bitches that act like there not in the wrong. When you shatter their world and bring them back to reality they want to put blame you or something else and sometimes they blame things that have nothing to do with the current situation. I regret having kids with the women that i did because she put me on child support because I didn't want to be with her and I have the kids 50% of the time and legal and shared custody. She had to lie through her teeth and make up reason to put me on child support when she didn't have a legit reason to. People are really screwed up in the mind because they lie to their self so much that they start believing they own crap.
Anonymous (#3285)
Jul 8th, 2013 @ 13:44 GMT
I see the problem as women are nearly never satisfied. I see the posts saying "looking for a real man" "looking for a nice guy". Most women live in some fantasy world, basically they will get with you and as long as you are "living up to the fantasy" then you are Ok. If you are not "living up to their fantasy. Then all hell breaks loose and they pull all all the dirty little tricks on you. Basically most women line another guy up before leaving the one they are with hence "they cheat". Another problem is when some women actually get a Real Man and a good or nice man ,they purposely fuck it up or self sabotage the relationship or just outright DO NOT appreciate that good man. I have had ex GF contact me after a year of no contact. I have had a few constantly call and text for a while after breaking up. Why?? Because they know they had a Good Man and fucked it up.
Anonymous (#3286)
Jul 9th, 2013 @ 04:52 GMT
^^^^ Anyone can make mistakes. But since now women are being inducted into slut culture, they instantly disrespect men because they know that there´s always another dick waiting in line. So, like you say, why stay with the same dick when things get tough if they can instantly get another one and maybe with a better car or a fatter wallet? And if that wasn´t enough, the law favors them. So what´s to lose? I am a ghost now, live and let die.
Anonymous (#3293)
Jul 11th, 2013 @ 16:58 GMT
You have to choose wisely, and if you do make a mistake and end up with a train wreck,
DUMP HER FAST and spare yourself the emotional pain, the financial loss and etc.
They want it all "I wanna travel" I want a 5 star Restaurant date" Yet I dont want you to work more than 30 hours a week. "I want a guy that's good looking and built" Yet he cant spend time away from me at the gym. "I want that house with the picket fence" Yet you cant take time from me to maintain the house. And the list goes on. Get a damaged woman Just Dump her and move on. Think about it if you are a divorced guy over 40 can you afford to spend 15 - 20 years with some crazy only to have her destroy you at 60 ruining any chance at retirement?
Anonymous (#3294)
Jul 11th, 2013 @ 17:25 GMT
The problem with our society is most people are fucking followers,they follow the crowd.
Children are being raised without any real parental figures and most kids live with their mothers. No Male role models or fathers in the home. Immature mothers more concerned with getting high, getting fucked, posting the duck lip photos on Facebook and every other kinda social media. The kids are not being raised properly and are not getting the kind of support, guidance,and love they really need. Kids need structure
Not running around with a drug addicted immature mother til 3 am only to get up at 7 am to go to school. These kids should be taken away, Instead the welfare system gives these fucked up moms rent and food money right so then they only work like 20 hours a week most likely in the evening so they can spend all day running around while the kid is in school.
Anonymous (#3296)
Jul 12th, 2013 @ 18:40 GMT
#3286 I agree with you, Women Do Not respect Men, why? Because they Do Not Respect Themselves or at least a lot of them don't. Slut Culture is an accurate statement, there are no longer moral codes, no longer sticking to commitments, no longer is family valued. The Sheepol follow what they see on tv, women are trying to act out sex in the city, To hell with discretion or valuing myself as a woman, to hell with the way my behavior reflects upon my Family and Children. The Elite Satanic Bastards that run this world have succeeded at destroying the Family and make no mistake that was there goal.
They used Consumerism, Feminism, Magazines, TV, Music and etc to Program people and influence people towards there own destruction. All the while we work like slaves for things we really don't need.
Anonymous (#3302)
Jul 15th, 2013 @ 21:00 GMT
(#3203) laurie garrow brace. i bet her husband is pussy whipped. i bet they have a open marriage. i bet she is a horny bitch. i bet she is a whore/bitch. i bet she has fed alot men and i bet alot of men has fed her. i bet that's why " a happy wife is a happy life " for over 30 year's.
Anonymous (#3303)
Jul 16th, 2013 @ 06:08 GMT
Lmfao reading this forum. Dude said cocos in their mouths all day had me rolling. Using my male logic I am trying to devise a solution to this fucking epidemic. Ah fuck it. Gold digging corncob smuggling bitches. You want to know why back in the day family meant something? Simple finances. Now shits so fucked up no wonder bitches jump ship. I ain't mad I keep to myself and when I need a shot I go get it. I tried the fairy tale once or twice and admit deep down I wish I had a deep connection with a women. I hate the stereotype that men only want sex that's bullshit and both sexes are missing out. I've fucked thousands of times and after a while to me there has to be something else. Something meaningful and beautiful. It's funny one would assume when times are bad economically as they are now the family unit would stick together. Sure I have a whore story or two but honestly even the thought of typing it out would just rehash something that is in the past. Finito. Done. Learn from it use it to make a better choice. I will say one thing to all u deceiving manipulative slap my cock on your chin and tell u no hands bitch whores out there u may want to be equal but don't ask me to protect your frail ass if shit hits the fan. Us men will always have a physical dominance over you. And frankly u are lucky we aren't as heartless as u or u would truly be fucked. God damn u whores have made me cold. Peace.
Real talk (#3331)
Jul 21st, 2013 @ 05:24 GMT
To the above posters: by your own argument, all of your mothers are whores. That means I can call you sons of whores, right?

Do you guys realize that there are an equal number of women out there who truly believe that all men are whores, only after sex; that men always cheat, and cannot be trusted? They believe this as passionately and as irrationally as you do. They all have examples too, of sound low-down no-gooder who did them wrong. The stuff of classic country and western, and blues songs, for generations past.

There are shit women, and shit men. If you momma was a slut or your daddy was drunken pedophile, you're already bound to view the opposite sex with cynicism. You're already set up to love a loose woman or a bad boy. From there, you start generalizing about the human race. That's when you start getting it dangerously wrong.

You don't need to be a bastard or a queen bitch in this life to be successful. You just need a backbone, some self-respect, respect for others, and a positive attitude about your own life. You don't need to degrade or cheat other people. You should definitely apply caution when getting into relationships, but there's no need to be bitter. Bitterness and hatred aren't attractive. They make ugly on the inside and cause a big psychic stink that make good people stay away.

Personally, I haven't been screwed over and yet I treat people well. I avoid the bad folk while saying "there but for the grace of God go I". To the people on this site, stop generalizing, stop scowling at the world, stop pointing the finger elsewhere and get some happiness in your life.
Anonymous (#3332)
Jul 21st, 2013 @ 12:02 GMT
I'm a woman.
And I agree with most of what I've read.

I'd like to be a lady, but I want to have sex.

I want to think of men as upstanding beings, but to me, they're just a piece of meat.


Email me. Teach me how to be a lady. Teach me how to be lady without pressuring God on me, for I am not, and will never be religious. Be nice.

Also.... What about the scum who rape children? Like the one who raped me when I was five? What about them? Most pedophiles are NOT women. Mainly men. Is it the innocence? Whatever it is, it's disgusting.
Anonymous (#3333)
Jul 22nd, 2013 @ 09:41 GMT
People who mess with kids should be put to death period..it's wrong. There is nothing wrong with women wanting sex, just be discreet and don't cheat on your man. If you want somebody or something else then have a backbone split up properly and go for it. That's called self respect. Most people don't get it. Unfortunately most people are judgmental assholes. I put up with people's shit all the time mostly their verbal bullshit, I just shake my head and chalk it up to ignorance and or presumption. Maybe they want a reaction..who cares. The reasons I am alone I know all too well, it's mostly an intolerance of being treated like shit.

PS: the fucking captcha things are fucking annoying as hell.
Anonymous (#3334)
Jul 22nd, 2013 @ 15:21 GMT
i certainly agree, anyone that messes with children should be put to death. all pedophiles should be eliminated from society.
Anonymous (#3335)
Jul 22nd, 2013 @ 22:11 GMT
Wow, you guys are so busy talking about women...you must never have dates...gee, I can only guess why? But, hey, I guess it's cheaper this way, you know, just spitting out a bunch of vulgar words...and having sex with yourself, at least you don't have to tax your already limited amount of brain cells trying to hold a conversation with educated women... Not to mention the fact that YOUR MOTHER WAS A WOMAN...unless you were hatched? Good luck finding a life...attitudes like these are the hallmark of real men... NOT!!!
Anonymous (#3336)
Jul 23rd, 2013 @ 00:25 GMT
It's safe to say there are good and bad in both genders. The men here have been hurt and are venting that's all. We can argue all day long for eternity about real men and real women , it's a pointless debate.
Anonymous (#3340)
Jul 25th, 2013 @ 19:25 GMT
I was once optimistic,chivalrous, and viewed all women as beautiful in some way. After being burnt numerous times, I decided to be alone purposely because I do not want to waste my time, money or energy only to be burnt again. Our world is corrupt and tainted. The Islamic and other middle easterners want us DEAD and that is because of our women, they fear that their women will start to behave like ours here in America. American's should have kept the old standards where each gender has it's role and it's place neither disrespecting or crossing the line to the other. I would rather be alone forever than be chained to someone that just wants to use me for a meal ticket, that disrespects me and does not value or appreciate me. #3335 men are on "marriage strike" for a reason because any man with half a brain in his head that isn't thinking with his dick can see what's going on. It may sound negative, just why should I or any other man subject ourselves to bad behavior?, or participate in a game where we know the we will lose.
Anonymous (#3341)
Jul 26th, 2013 @ 01:40 GMT
Women are only wrong about two things: everything they say and everything they do..
Paul, cause I don't have to hide as an anon (#3344)
Jul 28th, 2013 @ 22:59 GMT
Wow you guys all sound like you been cockold faggits for all these horrible woman you find so easy to speak negatively about. I won't satisfy you with a debate, but you do know the only reason your here is because of a woman. And I doubt your fathers that married these woman would appreciate the way you speak about their wives, sisters, daughters. And is this really what you think if your own daughters. Granted woman have done all the things you guys mention, but how many horrible things have guys done to woman. It's not a justification for either side, it's meant to clarify, men and women have done horrible things to each other. But generalizing the entire race, cause your little pecker couldn't satisfy her, and you couldn't keep up the rest if your end of bargin. Is a sad state you guy live in.
Anonymous (#3345)
Jul 29th, 2013 @ 01:50 GMT
Generalizing the entire race.....wtf....lol...you know.... black...white...Hispanic....and women...

Dumb bitch poster
Anonymous (#3347)
Jul 29th, 2013 @ 21:32 GMT
You people are fucked up, not everything is about sex. Its about trust, loyalty, honesty, companionship and more. We have been divided and conquered, people need to wake up and start appreciating what they have. We live in a throw away world and now relationships are disposable too. People wake up!!!
Anonymous (#3348)
Jul 29th, 2013 @ 21:36 GMT
I know, it's all those evil women!. Here's a concept, stop chasing after these psychos that you love and maybe you'll have better luck. Try dating a mature woman who doesn't play headgames, of that's right, you throw them in the friend zone. But no worries, you'll find that woman. She just hasn't been born yet.
Anonymous (#3349)
Jul 30th, 2013 @ 02:45 GMT
Women are good for only one thing only
and they are not that good at even that!
King Big Dick (#3351)
Aug 2nd, 2013 @ 17:25 GMT
Women are pigs. Like everyone else states, all they care about from 15-30 is a guys looks, money, and car. How will they be perceived to their "friends" when they are riding around in the star high-school quarterback's brand new, daddy-bought, BMW?

Another example: normal, average guy asks a cheerleader just to hang out, cheerleader observes that he is lacking a sculpted physique or the top brand-name clothes, and rejects the kid. Meanwhile, douschebag tool comes over with a solid 6-pack and rock hard muscles, has fucked nearly every girl in the school, and wears all the brand name clothes, asks the same cheerleader if she wants to suck his dick and she drops to her knees.

Its all about social status & potential future. 'Cause if you go on an online dating site like POF.com or OKcupid, you'll find those same cheerleaders at age 30 looking for "a normal, nice guy who will be faithful, down to earth, and likes me for me not my body" - but your fucking ugly as shit & busted now.

The only possible good ones are the ones who have been hurt - cheated on, lied to, etc, because they know how it feels.....actually, she'd probably think its ok to cheat after that. Nevermind.

So I repeat, Women are pigs.

-King Big Dick
Yes & WaHey - Serious No 'Joke (#3352)
Aug 4th, 2013 @ 07:41 GMT
to solve ALL problem's of life is to rid of satan itself!!!

(KILL) & BURN THE FUCKING (MEDIA) the evil thing of which plagues EXISTENCE
This is the "KEY" to ending all of the FUCKING Suffering.

Also No FUCKING way What? I really can't believe that you have finally grasped it! yes
and you are 100% correct, the FUCKING ManMade Religion in which these Hell Destined people conjured up, really does sanctum all the FUCKING Evil that spreads.

Also Know this People of All Gender's and adhere to this, GOD is one No partners no Siblings & his Religion is one, His one true religion pinpoint's the Law's & Order to Humanity as a whole, down through every aspect's Gender = Race = Manner = Status = Wealth. Everything of the A-Z

know & keep this in mind People of the universe ect... life, world, existence
you get the picture
Not Remembering God Is the very definition of Selfishness
Anonymous (#3354)
Aug 5th, 2013 @ 18:19 GMT
well when were these women any good to begin with?, certainly not at all.
Anonymous (#3355)
Aug 5th, 2013 @ 19:50 GMT
hianiveyour train choo aside. if god made anything better he kept it for himself. exasperating beauty keeps whatever.whats not to love
Anonymous (#3359)
Aug 7th, 2013 @ 18:23 GMT
#1 kelly ripa. #2 gail kim. #3 jennette mccurdy. #4 bella thorne #5 kyla grogan. #6 zendaya coleman. #7 miranda cosgrove. #8 rihanna. #9 ciara bravo. #10 kerrin jeromin. & lauren maloney. are our gangeating and gangfucking and gangraping whore bitch's and alot more.
Anonymous (#3360)
Aug 7th, 2013 @ 18:24 GMT
#1 kelly ripa. #2 gail kim. #3 jennette mccurdy. #4 bella thorne #5 kyla grogan. #6 zendaya coleman. #7 miranda cosgrove. #8 rihanna. #9 ciara bravo. #10 kerrin jeromin. & lauren maloney. are our gangeating and gangfucking and gangraping whore bitch's and alot more.
Dizzy (#3361)
Aug 8th, 2013 @ 19:47 GMT
Hmmm... I'm not sure about the rest of the guys on here, but you guys describe exactly what I have been looking for, yet I only find GOOD girls. Where the fuck are all of these sluts you speak of? I WANT ONE! Every time I meet a female and talk about her sexual appetite, its always, "Oh yes, im a fucking slut. I love to suck dick and get slammed by anyone!" Then, after shit gets going, NONE OF THAT HAPPENS and all they want to do is cuddle, or watch movies, or some fucking homo shit like that! Where the fuck are all the women that will let guys slam through them at a party while their man watches??? Huh, tell me!?
Honest Girl (#3362)
Aug 10th, 2013 @ 14:01 GMT
Mmm you guys are right, we are ALL bad girls. I can't tell you how many cousins, brothers, friends, uncles and nephews I've of exes I had "fun" with! You all are only jealous because of the power of seduction that we have. When you're a hot young girl even a quick trip to the store can get you a pile of numbers, dates and marriage proposals! Ha! I think you all just hate that feeling of powerlessness. To realize that you are all slaves to our beauty and the incredible pleasure from the sex we give you that it drives you insane. No matter what we do, you pretty much gotta grin and bear it. ^_^ meow
Anonymous (#3364)
Aug 16th, 2013 @ 03:29 GMT
To Honest Girl, your such a loser.
honestguy (#3365)
Aug 16th, 2013 @ 20:34 GMT
"No matter how good she looks, somewhere there's a guy who's sick of her shit."
honestguy (#3366)
Aug 16th, 2013 @ 20:45 GMT
Been "man-bashed" my whole life. Mother, sister, aunt, teacher, girlfiend, strangers, TV...unfuck all you skanks. And of course here's the obligatory "don't go away mad....."
Anonymous (#3378)
Aug 19th, 2013 @ 15:32 GMT
Honest girl. So basically you're a hooker. You use your body to get what you want from men. It's like females like you who give women the bad rap. Good luck when your looks run out, and they will, you'll be kicked to the curb. You piece if shit!!
Anonymous (#3380)
Aug 20th, 2013 @ 10:24 GMT
Most men here are bigots (for example, female promiscuity VS male promiscuity).

Yes, some women use sex to their advantage, as well as some men. So what? Anyone can be a 'victim'.

My suggestion for this society: gender-role reformation. Avoid the stereotypes.
Anonymous (#3382)
Aug 21st, 2013 @ 01:08 GMT
"yes, some women use sex to their advantage, as well as some men. So what?"
That #3380, is a big part of the problem. People USING other people for their own self gratification. Someone is going to get hurt. Who likes to be used? This is why men call women whores and women call men assholes. GET IT! Most of the comments are anger at someone who used them for personal gain. I wonder when someone you care for uses you, would you just shrug it off and say so what. I doubt it very seriously.
Anonymous (#3383)
Aug 21st, 2013 @ 02:44 GMT
women are just so very pathetic today, and such losers too.
Anonymous (#3385)
Aug 21st, 2013 @ 18:00 GMT
Did you know that monkeys pay for sex too? Turns out that women are genetically predisposed to be whores. Men aren't predisposed to be Johns. How do I know this. Well, men would actually prefer that women slept with them for free. No such luck, though. Women are born whores and they remain whores for their whole life. Don't want to sleep with whores? Pretty simple, really, just don't sleep with women.
Anonymous (#3386)
Aug 21st, 2013 @ 18:12 GMT
Women will NEVER give away sex for free. There's always a price. Maybe it's hidden, maybe it will be paid at a later date, maybe, if you're lucky, you'll manage to cheat her out of it. But make no mistake. There is a price, and oh boy, you'll know it when you pay it! That pretty little girl that makes your heart go all aflutter: yep, you guessed it-she's a WHORE. Women get wet at the idea of selling their pussy. They love the idea of being whores. They love the Julia Roberts Pretty Woman fantasy. They're all reading their 50 Shades of Grey and thinking, "oh boy, when will it be my turn to exchange money for sex with some rich handsome psychopath?" Whores. They're all WHORES! Your father was a john and your mother was his salaried whore. Every one of us is a whore's son. Forgive yourselves my brothers. How else could we have been expected to turn out? We were all raised by whores after all.
Anonymous (#3387)
Aug 21st, 2013 @ 18:33 GMT
I hope you're reading this page, you fucking whores! You see what men think of you when they have the freedom to express their opinion anonymously and without fear of repercussion? They think you're whores. That's right. Men, deep down, in their heart of hearts, know you for the whores that you are. When you give birth to your son and you hold it in your arms for the first time, does it not shame you to know that he will one day grow old and realize that his mother was a whore? Do you think it is a worthwhile endeavor, raising a boy amid such shame and ignominy?
Anonymous (#3389)
Aug 22nd, 2013 @ 20:03 GMT
I used to be blind and did not know the whorishness of the disease infested woman.Now being older and wiser I know this never get complacent and turn my back on any woman even my mother or sister.As far as relations go women are cold evil mean spirited bitches, their self centeredness knows no bounds as it's always about them "me me me me" i need, i want, she has this and she has that,why can't I have that. So sick of it, If I wasn't sxually attracted to women I would be gay in a heartbeat but unfortunately my brothers I'm cursed just as you. When the shit goes down and all goverment fails these cunt whores will regress back into childbearing houseslaves so quick the cunts will have whiplash. Then the cunts wil try to manipulate us by offering us pussy for food and protection, and so the cycle continues they'll be whores no matter the circumstances.My brothers the only advice I can add to the great headliners on this blog is to fuck them, fuck them hard, use them, hit them (without being arrested),cum on them, spit on them, use them for their money, humiliate them, make them feel worthless, verbally ,emotionally and mentally abuse the shit outta them and choke them during sex which is really fun btw and the cunts love that shit (whores). Gentlemen when your feeling down just remember this, we are the superior gender, we created society and fought and died trying to preserve it. We will continue to advance and push mankind into the future because we are proactive and strive to get better no matter what the challenges, where as women are reactive meaning if something isn't on fire they'll sit on their fat ass all day staring at facebook and eating oreos.
Derrick (#3391)
Aug 25th, 2013 @ 05:21 GMT
You think that way..until you have a sister or a daughter. My daughter was killed serving your country. You may want to rethink who you call a 'whore.'
Anonymous (#3392)
Aug 26th, 2013 @ 15:31 GMT
I think its true. Most women are disgusting whores these days especially here in Australia probably by far the worst place I have ever been in the world to meet girls. Particularly Brisbane. You won't even find one decent, friendly woman here unless she weighs a million kgs. Everything said in previous comments above is so true. I'm glad i'm not the only person that sees this. But it has happened everywhere because they are so easily brainwashed by the media and tv/internet. Although they can sometimes get somewhere academically, they have very little foresight. I think there are many forms of intelligence. A woman's is better referred to as cunningness which isn't really intelligence. Being cunning is what people of low intelligence do to get ahead because their brains can't figure out how to get ahead otherwise. Women look for men who are of a low intelligence and are easily manipulated and abused by them. That's why you never see all those nightclub prostitutes with decent and/or good looking guys and they are always complaining about how shit the men in their lives are. And the media of course would like all our daughters and sisters to become prostitutes so that all the criminals in porn and politics can take advantage of them later on for sex and to make themselves rich by prostituting them. Its not convenient for the real disgusting men (the ones who get glorified for having money when its made out of the misery of others like in porn for example) to encourage decency in a woman. Better for rich, corrupted men to brainwash girls from a young age that money for sex is ok and they should be sleeping only with people with money. Its just a job etc etc. Here in Aus some whore and her parents were even boasting on a current affair once that they were proud of her daughter being a pro and paying uni with that money. Pretty sad when a culture and country starts encouraging the prostitution of its women. Time for me to move out of this shithole. But i'm a young guy in my 30s, fit, attractive and decent. I'm proud of that. I don't need a woman like that in my life it would totally ruin me. I'm happy to wait for someone decent. Most people these days just think they will get away with all their behavior forever. Everything has consequences in life. Look at these porn actors. This one who stars in Public disgrace which is the most disgusting shit I have ever seen just got HIV. Now this slut Sydney Leathers also probably has HIV. And the dude who fucked them both. Well thats kind of karma I think. was just a matter of time. Who knows how many more are infected or will become infected. Not that everyone with HIV has done something wrong or that if you do something wrong you will get HIV, but good things come to good people eventually and bad things seem to come to bad people eventually even though they may seem to get away with it for a while. Its just the laws of probability if you don't want to believe in God. I believe in God though. Lucky I don't hate all women because there are some good ones and my mum and all my friends' mums are good people, but yeah my generation is totally fucked up and its pretty sad. I am just hoping to wait 5 or 10 years and find someone young from another generation and when all this shit has hopefully passed and people start becoming more real and not so obsessed with money and all that shit which is just immature and makes no difference in life as far as one's happiness is concerned. Not in advanced countries anyway where we all have food and a roof over our heads. the real challenge would be working harder at relationships whether they be friendships or gf/bf or whatever. i admit there are a lot of sick/disgusting/horrible men out there today also, but I think from my life experience they are far and few between and they are usually the ones all the girls seem to worship. If women want respect they need to earn it just like men do. If women want equal pay in jobs, they need to study the difficult careers and be as good as men are. If women want anything good for themselves in the future they need to work for it today. Hating men and being shitheads isn't going to help them its only going to make guys hate them and treat them worse and things will just go back to how they used to be, but far worse. Look how women get treated in porn now. They haven't got more power like they keep saying. They are being treated worse than animals. Spat on, slapped, raped etc. And its all legal once you're 18. Just need to be brainwashed because when you are brainwashed anything can be twisted to look like anything. Tell them they are just doing a job thats entertaining people and the word prostitute suddenly changes to sexually assertive business woman or something along those lines. Well, not everyone is that stupid. And the people who will suffer the most from all this isn't them men not getting laid (as women would like to think), but the women themselves who are behaving this way. I think just be proud of who you are whether you are rich or poor or whatever kind of guy you are. Those people will destroy themselves sooner or later and life will go on for the rest of us. And our generation of men will probably have more choice of younger hotter and more decent women whoen we are older and still single because the younger generations will look at their fucked up mums and think, shit i don't want to turn out like that stupid alcoholic attention seeking whore. And if the dykes want to fight on the front lines in war, please be my guest. Go! Give them all the guns and grenades they want. Shit I'm a guy. I've been in heaps of fights and scary situations. War is still something I hope to never experience. If the Dykes want to prove themselves i say go for it. Do the hard work that men have been having to do all this time and see how it is to be a guy.
Anonymous (#3397)
Sep 1st, 2013 @ 17:44 GMT
this is what happens when God created Shit.
Anonymous (#3401)
Sep 6th, 2013 @ 20:42 GMT
Stfu! Stop dating strippers then all you old, ugly, fat middle aged cum spigot males.
What do you expect?
Anonymous (#3402)
Sep 6th, 2013 @ 22:58 GMT
Men have shitty taste in women. They idolize skanky females such as strippers and porn stars and won't date less than a 12! They live in lala land and ignore how manys dicks they've chomped and taken rides on. They try to polish up these turds and date them. Reality soon sets in and the actuarial number of dicks involved can no longer be ignored. These men sit and take dumps and scratch their balls all night then ask themselves why they can't find a good woman.
Anonymous (#3403)
Sep 7th, 2013 @ 00:07 GMT
Stop whining about all the twat sharing you fools are foolishly and stupidly partcipating in. You bought this on yourself!! Don't forget about the nicer girl you screwed over for this cum guzzler's bigger tits.
Anonymous (#3404)
Sep 7th, 2013 @ 03:05 GMT
men and wemon are whorers til fall inlove...and inlove is like 1 million sperm going for the egg..only 1 makes it...same with 2 loving each other...only 1 in a million..so your odds of finding love are not worth waiting around in life and looking for..if it happens it happens...also...I aggree dont get married..not girl or your fault men..its government..I am inlove for 45 years..no cheating no fighting..and total communication and openness..but i have had hundreds of friends devorce and the woman take there kids..there sanity and there finance by the courts..and our justice sysstem dont give a rat ass about the problem...money so dont cause lost..and 2.. our laws are written for woman not the man...thesse new laws if you bring them up...they dont work...unless. you willing to burn your wife find everthing u can down degrade prove video plant hear and put her in a guillible spot..she will get the kids and money...

story time just 1 of many of my friends had his wife took by man half his and her age...seduced her on facebook..owned her and filled her head..she left took kids. this guy was a druggy no job bum but very good looks and some charm to him. after 5 mons his 3 daughters and house and car and everthing was gone and him emotionally to gone to even handle the long marrage lose much less his kids. after 5 months 1 daughter was killed...took 2 years for law to prove that the new man killed his daughter..then went prision..guess what...other 2 daughters was found to have been wrapped by this man as well for them 2 years..and his ex wife made submissive.

I stop this guy from killing this man more then a few times. My regret...my nightmare...my pain i live with the rest of my life...I should of never stop him. and trusted his gut feeling and what he felt about the danger to his kids.

law is law people. but if your kids ever are in danger..the law for most part in situations like this..is not going to save them from this abuse.

as for me. if this happen one my kids..i glady kill the person call police and they are more welcome inprison me..cause i dont want live with the nightmares knowing i could of stop it and i didnt.
Anonymous (#3405)
Sep 7th, 2013 @ 03:09 GMT
wrapped in the comment meant Raped
Tony (#3407)
Sep 8th, 2013 @ 06:18 GMT
Women will always defend their gender by pointing out the evils perpetrated by men BUT I ask them; who have the greatest influence on men, who created these supposed monsters ? Answer is "their mothers".
Woman (#3408)
Sep 8th, 2013 @ 17:04 GMT
I'm a woman, and I agree with almost every bit that has been said here...
Woman (#3409)
Sep 8th, 2013 @ 17:39 GMT
I can't get enough of reading this, really. It's all so true. I hate women. And I agree that they need to be put in their place. The funny (sad?) thing is that I'm NOT someone who acts like all these women mentioned above. But I certainly feel burdened by being a women. Women are no good and deserve what some of you all would give them....

If there's anyone that might want to talk to me about this, I'd appreciate it. I... need help understanding my hatred for my own sex.

(No, it's not to be a whore and get something from you. :/ I just want genuine conversation on the topic...)
Anonymous (#3411)
Sep 8th, 2013 @ 20:20 GMT
Napolean said it best: "women are nothing but machines for producing children." Notice he said "producing." The raising of children should not be entrusted to these nasty creatures. Would you let your child be raised by a whore? And yet we turn our sons over, at the tender age of 5, to an institution monopolized by women. Is it any wonder these boys are coming out either homosexuals or slackers? What else would a whore teach them, except to lay on their back, get fucked, and collect payment? How can a sensible, thinking person look at a woman with anything short of utter contempt? The idea of even touching a women fills me with disgust. They are tired bags of flesh chained to this festering corporeal existence, incapable of the least measure of transcendence. They are, indeed, machines for producing children.
Sebastien (#3412)
Sep 9th, 2013 @ 22:39 GMT
Problem with women, they can't think by themselves. That's why they "read" stupid magazines. And they act like they were in the Sex and The City TV show.
Anonymous (#3413)
Sep 10th, 2013 @ 17:45 GMT
I don't wanna start hating women, because there are some who actually seem human to me. But I have really altered my opinion of women over the past two years, and agree with much of what is being said here on this blog. My internal dialogue frequently goes something like this when I see women on the streets of cities I live in and cities I visit. 1. Why do they dress like that? In the summer their shorts expose so much of their asses, that it is near possible to see their anuses. They shout RAPE!, and then dress like whores, I don't understand it. someone please help me to understand why they dress like whores. 2. Men don't dress that way with their cocks partly exposed, and their butts pressed into short shorts, why do these bitches think they can dress in a manner many would consider indecent in the public sphere (including most of my male friends). 3. I have begun to think everything about a woman is fake. You have fake nails (ewwwwwww!) fake eyelashes, fake breasts, fake height (i.e. platform shoes and stilettos), fake tans, fake hair. Again, what number of men aspire to present themselves in such a fake manner? 4. The shoes, mentioned above, really get to me, prancing around London and shouting FUCK because they have to binge drink every night. 5. The bestial weight of so many women which is difficult to ignore when you are walking behind one of these hippos on the sidewalk. UGH. and 6. The manipulation and cruelty dished out to men, frequently after the guy has turned over all his money to his partner, and 7. This is the one I really hate the most...the cell phones. Have you noticed that nine out of every ten people on the streets using mobiles, are women, texting with their little finger held up as if affecting drinking a cup of tea, or talking when walking with her partner, or while pushing a baby carriage. Come on guys...these people are bad for you. Get free from the tyranny of women, and know how good a thing it is to be male, and to have brothers who feel the same tyranny as you do in your disaappointing gender relationships.
Anonymous (#3417)
Sep 13th, 2013 @ 10:50 GMT
I wouldn't trust anything that bleeds monthly and doesn't die.
Anonymous (#3418)
Sep 13th, 2013 @ 10:58 GMT
Don't trust anything that bleeds monthly and lives. They mother F@# C$@
Anonymous (#3419)
Sep 14th, 2013 @ 22:38 GMT
Dear mother earth!
You men have been hurt a plenty apparently
If you dont like women go for men, problem solved.
And all of you probably want a slave not a woman not a lady, but a slave one you can control and keep locked in your closet only to let her out so she may cook. You men are scum always trying to be right, in control, trying so hard to make your 2inch dick a footlong. Its sad and pathetic how you can just rant and rave about how ALL WOMAN ARE WHORES(like you know everything) yet give only your life examples and or the account of a "friend" . Have you met every woman in the world? i think not. Get a life or a blowup doll, stop being pieces of little shit who sit there on ur fat asses criticizing woman and than wonder why you can't find a descent one. SERIOUSLY you are all hateful shittalking trolls, i hope everyone of you stay single for life. I know after this is posted you trolls will come and call me a disease cock sucking infested pig or whatever you ignoramus like to shout and thats fine just know that your haunted attitude and view against woman is why you are all alone. Furthermore go suck a monkey's hairy ass dick and swallow. That is all let the butthurt men come and attack because thats what little boys do.
Anonymous (#3420)
Sep 14th, 2013 @ 22:47 GMT
SOh and men are no different
They lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, become abusive physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then when you leave that ni good son of a bitch because he hit you for some "viable" reason its like well she is a whore even though i was the one who raped her and took her cherry, she just looked like she wanted this dick in her right because she is a slut i only gave her what she wanted, she was only wearing jeans and a graphic tee how could i not. Fuck off men you wamt things done your way and dont wanna hear otherwise PUHmotherfuckingLEASE like a worthless lowlife who is angry at the world opinion realy matters and when it doesnt in the eyes of the woman STONE HER TO DEATH WITH INSULTS. Men logic -_-
Anonymous (#3421)
Sep 15th, 2013 @ 10:13 GMT
Violence against women is never justifiable, but methinks it a bit rich, how wimmin who love to point the finger at the purported tendency toward male violence conveniently overlook the violence exercised on all the babies being aborted every day virtually everywhere on the planet where women have been'liberaterd.' Women are murderers. They have the blood of millions of unborn humans on their hands, and I think this alone should somewhat mute the politics they use in the issue of male violence toward them.
Kurt Cobain (#3427)
Sep 18th, 2013 @ 03:10 GMT
where I live 85% of all women dress like an employee of a sex club, they act like it too....then when you tell them they go apeshit. They promote this immoral depravity on TV and have made it a trend, WTF? A Dress with the hemline an inch from the pussy being "the spring/summer fashion trend you must have"??? hell if this was Saudi Arabia or Iran these bitches be strung up on a rope by now. I'm sick of those woman who dress like skanks yet get angry when they are told. BTW that picture you have at the top I wouldn't call a "skank", shes fairly modest by my standards.
Anonymous (#3430)
Sep 20th, 2013 @ 01:27 GMT
Woman are murderers and they get away with it everyday. Everyday around the world men are killing there wifes because they fuck with there heads, and what happens, the guy gets thrown into jail. The Justus system has it so wrong. you dirty filthy scumbag mother fucking whores should stop your fucking cunt face winging and realise its a womans world out there and not a guys world, which means You get what you want when you want. You always here woman say, if he would only help around the house a little more, do this do that, and things will be much better in the bedroom, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, the thing is there is nothing a guy can ever do to make a woman happy, and when you give them what they want, they always want a little more. Woman need to shut the fuck up and start doing as there f@#king told, cause you never know what's waiting around the corner for you. Mother fucking cunts.
Anonymous (#3431)
Sep 20th, 2013 @ 03:04 GMT
Coming from a guy. and to all you guys out there, wake up and smell her cheese cause it ain't as tasty as you think it is. When a guy gets with a girl they say the same thing every-time without fail. They instantly think 'believe' that she is the one, shes different to all the others out there, she's just like me, we think so much alike, we have so much in common. Well il let you all in on a little secret, it dose not exist, there's no such thing as a good honest girl, and there never will be, they just don't exist. And for those of you who think you have a good one, she's already brainwashed you. When the female embryo comes into existence they are ready to go, they are ready to lie, manipulate, cheat, steal, and be the whores they all are, thats right, they are already pre progamed to tell guys what they wanna her, to fuck us over. The Muslim religion needs to be adopted world wide.
Sickofwoman (#3432)
Sep 20th, 2013 @ 03:41 GMT
She's still a whore
To all the whores (#3433)
Sep 20th, 2013 @ 04:09 GMT
I don't see your name up there neither you fucking whore
Anonymous (#3434)
Sep 20th, 2013 @ 21:17 GMT
gangeating and gangfucking and gangraping whore bitch's. Kelly ripa 26 year's. gail kim 20 year's. jennette mccurdy 6 year's. bella thorne 2 year's. Ciara bravo 2 year's. Rihanna 10 year's. kyla grogan 15 year's. Miranda cosgrove 6 year's. zendaya coleman 2 year's. Juliet huddy 17 year's. those delicious PUSSY favorite food.
Anonymous (#3435)
Sep 21st, 2013 @ 03:34 GMT
At the end of the day, woman are just wankers. Every time I here or see some terrible story on the news about a woman been badly this or badly that, I think suck shit you probably deserved it you whore, I can never get enough of those stories. So keep them coming woman, keep pissing guys off. Skanky sluts
Anonymous (#3436)
Sep 21st, 2013 @ 21:00 GMT
Cant stand the cheap dumb whoring bitches. Their vaginas are gross and make me sick. So glad Im gay, and can live my sexual life with a brother male and friend.
Anonymous (#3438)
Sep 24th, 2013 @ 15:09 GMT
Lol I can't believe these fuckers. Just a reminder: You can't make a ho a housewife. If you think the plastic, busty, blonde dyed, junkie hottie will make a good wife and mother, the only one to blame is you. Just because your dick likes her she won't magically turn into a perfect wife, she won't stop chasin that cock just because you "deserve" to have her. I'm just laughing at all these butthurt beta boys. If you don't have the strong pimp hand and want to tame a dick slurping low-life daddy issue entitled to everything princess (so you can at last have her after she's done riding 50 other men when she was younger and tighter) remember your "love" won't suffice. But hey you get what you look for. keep whining cry babies.
Anonymous (#3451)
Sep 25th, 2013 @ 13:34 GMT
Women are disgusting slime. Women nowadays are narcissistic drunks that have sex with men or women at the drop of a hat. Women live to be filthy and in many case actually live in their own filth. The only reason women even have jobs today is because of affirmative action and enforced equality quotas. Women are hopeless sputum floating in the sewage of humanity.
Anonymous (#3452)
Sep 25th, 2013 @ 13:38 GMT
Vaginal discharge is utter filth! Women expect men to lick that nasty slime, you can get cancer from eating that shit just ask Michael Douglas.
Anonymous (#3453)
Sep 25th, 2013 @ 19:58 GMT
I agree with #3438 take these women for what they are. YOU WONT CHANGE THEM.
Have fun with them, fuck them and then get rid of them after that get checked for STD and repeat the cycle till it gets boring.
Anonymous (#3454)
Sep 25th, 2013 @ 20:12 GMT
OK I have read comments here about men overlooking plain women or average size women. I have dated plain women and normal size to chubby women who were for outward appearances "good girls" or conservative. I have to say that even plain girls, average girls, size 12 and up will still do all the things the so called flashy silicone skank would only they are much more discreet about it. It all depends on the individuals in question here there are good and bad people in the world. People need to think with the brain not the crotch that's the problem. DO NOT overlook anyone's bad habits or self created problems. People are where they are from the choices they make. Choose Better, Hold Out for a woman that is actually good not just faking being good.
Anonymous (#3455)
Sep 27th, 2013 @ 22:14 GMT
"a happy wife is a happy wife" "pussy whipped husband" no! not! find them, feel them, fuck them, forget them,
Anonymous (#3456)
Sep 27th, 2013 @ 22:19 GMT
" a happy wife is a happy life " " pussy whipped husband " no! not! find them, feel them, fuck them, forget them,
Anonymous (#3458)
Sep 29th, 2013 @ 08:15 GMT
true they are all sluts, only way is now to treat them the only proper way that women should be treated, get a few girlfriends and fuck them whenever you like, dont get involved and just use them...i think the muslims have it rite actually each man should have 5 women , and treat then all like the bitches that they are..
Anonymous (#3459)
Sep 29th, 2013 @ 10:46 GMT
The problem with the above comment is obvious. It repositions the debate away from objective conversation on the cheapness, fakeness and manipulative sport of wimmin toward an equally problematical issue on male crudeness...'get a few girlfriends and fuck them.' Why one would even want to 'fuck/ people like this, in any, I cant comprehend. Just stay away from them, or wait until someone comes along who appears to actually be human and humane.
Studmuffin (#3462)
Oct 1st, 2013 @ 14:12 GMT
All women are filthy, lying whores! I couldn't agree more! Once you get married, it's over! You end up forking over your paycheck so the bitch can spend it faster than one can earn it. Once the whore gets knocked up (hopefully by you and not the rest of the men in the neighborhood) and pops out a couple of rat bastard children, the slut will spend the rest of her life sitting on the sofa eating chocolate, watching Oprah on tv and getting fatter by the second, and telling you that you that you are not getting sex ever again, and that you better not be getting sex anywhere else, either! Why would any sane man ever sign up for this? You tell me... I have been turned into a eunich like all other men! Maybe I should have been gay! Whores (all women) need a reason to have sex, men just need a place to have sex!
Anonymous (#3463)
Oct 1st, 2013 @ 14:28 GMT
What do you tell a bitch whore with two black eyes? Nothing! You told her twice already! <rim shot>
Anonymous (#3464)
Oct 1st, 2013 @ 22:41 GMT
they're selfish attention seeking cunts, watch a porn movie, it depicts women very accurately, they don't mind who they fuck, it could be anyone, they don't even notice they are being treated like a piece of shit because they are brainless and have no feelings. VERMIN.
Carl (#3465)
Oct 2nd, 2013 @ 02:43 GMT
Cock teasing whores made me mad years ago! This one kept coming into my shop wanting free donuts just because I liked her ass! Then one day she shows up when I am closing, I take her in the back storage room and she's got no panties on and is wet as hell so I put my meat in her do her up real good. Then she gets all emotional and says she can't believe that she cheated on her husband and she does not know why she did it! So I tells her "It's because your a cheap SLUT donut Whore" She gets all offended by the truth and storms out. She comes back a couple weeks later and is horny as hell , I tell her to come back when I close I would have a surprise for her. The cunt needs money so I tell her I will help get her some. I got her some all right after I fucked her in the back room I brought in the old timers guys that hang out drinking coffee and they used her like a whore that she had become. She never came back again to get those donuts for her Sunday School Class....LOL Cindy was a real fuckpig
Anonymous (#3467)
Oct 3rd, 2013 @ 21:16 GMT
Wow, I thought it was just a joke, but I suppose it's true after all. Men seriously ARE loosing brain cells, I mean, why else would such meaningless dribble spill from your mouths. I have never had a boyfriend, my life is already stressful enough without an idiot to take care of, now, I'm rather sure that I don't want one. Maybe I'll get a puppy, it won't take nearly as much time to potty train him as it would a man.
Anonymous (#3468)
Oct 4th, 2013 @ 09:52 GMT
I agree with what the above writer has said...I find the comments here somewhat crude, but I essentially have to agree with most of what is behind them. Women have really changed in the past twenty years, and it is hard to take what is going on when one considers that men die an average of seven year's earlier than women, are hugely more likely to be homeless than women, or to be dependent on chemical addiction, and all we get from women is that men are serial rapists and batter women. Perhaps you need to take a look at women around you. Women are murdering millions of humans every year through abortion, and there is a mountain of human bodies piled up because all a woman ever considers is 'my freedom', my body.'
Anonymous (#3469)
Oct 5th, 2013 @ 09:14 GMT
There is so much pain written here but basically men aren't seeing the world as it is, you can't blame women for taking advantage of an abusive legal system, 100 years ago things were the other way round.

Men have to wise up to the fact that marriage is a complete no no. In a marriage there are always three entities you your wife and the State, the State always sits squarely behind the woman and therefore always the law is on her side.

Upon marriage you are emasculated completely you then have a balancing act of keeping a woman happy and here is the subtlety of it all, you can never make an unhappy woman happy, so don't try, you are wasting your time and energy and learn it or you will waste your life on a lost cause and yes it will all be your fault at the end in any case.

My girlfriend is a slut she says she is a slut, has just had breast implants and she will get more cock now than ever but the thing is although I like her company there is no way I would live with her or make any financial commitment or allow the law to force me to give her anything. She is for fucking, thats what she has worked her life position into, she always cheats on her boyfriends (for her own complex emotional reasons that I cant be arsed going into) and when you can enjoy your own company and not be frightened or self judgmental you find it is rather amusing that here is a woman that can't actually make anything work for herself.

I suspect there are many women in her position, many men are angry because they have been fucked over by a woman and a system that is most definitely not fair, but this is not new. Men believe the fairy tale of walking off into the sunset with the woman of your dreams but women are programmed to look for a provider, you'r all pissed off because when she has the provider,you, she then (with the help of the State) can fuck around as there are no punishments for her shite behaviour. But men are not seeing the reality for what it is, if you get married it's over for you, you sit in your lounge at night after working all day because your wife lets you !!

You, in reality have no power no say and the only reason you think differently is because you have deluded yourself, don't get married, keep control of your life and it is a great life. I can say this after 3 years in court being accused of everything there is, costing me £70000 pounds and I did not cheat or lie or do anything, but I got my daughter contact and to get that nasty lying bitch out of my life was a fantastic boost to my life, I hadn't realised how far I had already let my self down trying to make an unhappy person happy, don't bother trying guys it can't be done and it's not worth it.

Men need to start to look after themselves don't buy the feminist bullshit, I believe in my life time feminism with it's encouragement of single mothers will be seen to be one of the most socially destructive and abusive movements of all time. Abusive to all the children that have been wrenched from their fathers, especially for boys, abusive to any chance of the great feeling one can have from family life, and above all controlling beyond belief.

Women are now protected in law more than our children, when the hell did that come about and to put a new spin on it when did women get to be so weak as to need such heavy handed interference from the law?

Women now have all the rights and no responsibilities just like politicians and newspapers, they may not be physical child abusers as much as men but many are emotional and mental abusers of children in their need to have absolute control of OUR children.

But guys just wise up its a great life having a woman to use as a dump just don't get involved in any legal way and its a win win situation
Anonymous (#3470)
Oct 5th, 2013 @ 09:22 GMT
Oh btw, something that can never be uttered in England under any circumstances at any time.....mothers can be bad..... this you will never see or hear in England even when they've just pulled a dead child from a stinking flat somewhere that has a single mother !
Anonymous (#3472)
Oct 5th, 2013 @ 17:54 GMT
If you don't think women are vile have a look at the Rhianna video where she's writhing sexually and singing about making money with her body. If that's not enough look at Miley Cyrus sticking her anus into the presenter's face during the sward show a month ago. Vile, filthy women.
Anonymous (#3473)
Oct 7th, 2013 @ 12:10 GMT
I learnt a long time ago how to treat girls, and that is tell them what they wanna here and treat them like the whores they are without them noing it. Guys, you need to play there games And that is screw them over before they screw you over and for me it feels great.
Anonymous (#3476)
Oct 8th, 2013 @ 14:03 GMT
I agree with above post, treat them like shit and they will come crawling back for more. Young guys don't seem to realize this, they treat them nice, bring them to restaurants, buy flowers and gifts while the bitches are laughing at them behind their backs, then they get bored and move on to the next mug.
Anonymous (#3477)
Oct 8th, 2013 @ 16:17 GMT
The Middle East has it right! All women should be put in a Chador (a head to toe pillow case with tw two eye holes cut in it). They are forced to walk bebind the men, and to be totally subservient. Tbey speak only when spoken to. If they fuck anyone else, there are always honor killings! We shoulx ship these whorez there for an attitude adjustment! Imagine what it must smell like under a black wool chador under the hot sun on a 120 degree day! It must smell like rotting fish... Nice!
Anonymous (#3481)
Oct 9th, 2013 @ 04:57 GMT
All women are lying, cheating, filthy, cum dumpster, stinking, useless whores. Ship them all to the Middle East to have their mi ds made right!
Anonymous (#3482)
Oct 9th, 2013 @ 05:00 GMT
The term dumb cunt is redundant!
Anonymous (#3483)
Oct 10th, 2013 @ 14:31 GMT
Women seem to be nothing more than filthy, lying, cheating, nasty whores that are utterly useless. Use them as the cum dumsters that they are and never, ever think of marrying them. When the brain damage that they offer starts to make one crazy, kick them down the road and find another and use them for what they are. Then, repeat the process. They generally are dating for dollars, so use them as the whores that they are! They contribute nothing to society, use them to your advantage and f*%k the s*%t out of them. Vile, nasty, passive aggressive bitches...
Anonymous (#3484)
Oct 11th, 2013 @ 17:10 GMT
Why in the world would any man want a woman? Their so called logic makes no sense at all, they rarely contribute to society in any way and will use their filthy cunt to advance their station in life. God help you if you marry one of these prostitutes. They will fuck other men but cut you off. They will blow up like a balloon and ask you if her pants make her ass look fat, when it is her fat that makes her ass look fat! She will have you been working 90 hours a week and spend your money faster than you can earn it! While you are working to keep the slut in chocolate and designer clothing, she will fucking every man in sight, looking for a better deal. Once you and your assets are totally used up, The filthy, vile, sinking excuse for a human being will take the house, cars and everything else and move on to another future victim and repeat the process. Nice! I want to sign up for that again...
Anonymous (#3485)
Oct 11th, 2013 @ 22:01 GMT
My my! A veritable hate fest!! I agree totally!!
Anonymous (#3487)
Oct 12th, 2013 @ 06:17 GMT
Into the kitchen, bitch, and make my dinner! Stfu while I fuck your brains out, then gtfo!
Muslim (#3488)
Oct 12th, 2013 @ 06:28 GMT
I HAVE THE ANSWER!!! Become Muslim. What has happened is that what "Christians" "believe", in the Bible, they no longer practice in society. NOT SAYING Muslims ARE PERFECT. But in general Muslim "wives", are far more submissive, obedient and caring than Christian ones. They cover up in public in general and you don't find a bunch of men trying to bang your wife because she's covered up repectably, as the Bible says she should as well (1 Corrinthians 11:3-6). And in general, you just won't find alot of "adultery"/cheating, plus we believe in marriage NOT fornication, so you make her honest and treat her well and God willing life is better for the both of you. Muslim marriage is sort of like, how Christian marriage used to more traditionally be, and God knows Best such things. Look into it. Also,drugs and alcohol REALLY bring down people. JUST THINK OF THE WORST STUFF THAT HAPPEN TO YOU AND ALCOHOL AND DRUGS WILL PROBABLY BE INVOLVED SOME WAY. Peace.

P.S. Since their are close to 2 billion Muslims on Earth, you should be able to find a Wife of ANY Race you want, which is Always a bonus :)
Anonymous (#3489)
Oct 12th, 2013 @ 08:34 GMT
Yes, but the Qu'ran is a human construct. Why one earth would anyone with an once of compassion want to be a muslim?
Anonymous (#3490)
Oct 12th, 2013 @ 13:46 GMT
Well 3489, your wife or girlfriend wouldn't be f€%king every man in the neighborhood while you are off at work! She would know her place!
Cocksman (#3492)
Oct 12th, 2013 @ 19:11 GMT
Did the Same Damn Motherfucker comment every time on this motherfucker or what??? Jesus!! The same damn shit said over and over...I agree with a lot of this but fuuuuck, it just looks kinda stupid the same repetetive asshole talkin over and over hahaha
Anonymous (#3495)
Oct 12th, 2013 @ 22:54 GMT
Well, cocksman, maybe we just see these whores for what they are. It sounds as though your woman has castrated you!
Anonymous (#3497)
Oct 13th, 2013 @ 18:15 GMT
It's unbelievable, how bad women have gotten. They cheat like a muthafucker. They're lazy as hell. And they're just full of bitching and whining these days. A woman will cheat on you and instead of apologizing or trying to be nicer to you, they'll still be a total bitch. They have no morals anymore. They're like fucking demons that just want to give men as much grief as possible. Why do we have a desire to be with these fucking bitches?
Anonymous (#3498)
Oct 13th, 2013 @ 19:35 GMT
I have no idea why any man would put up with a whore's bullshit just to pound out her pussy! They bitch at you from dawn to dusk, suck up your money like they are entitled to it! They spend their lives having lunch with their friends on your nickel and contribute absolutely nothing to society! Fuck these c*nts, then kick them to the curb!
Anonymous (#3499)
Oct 14th, 2013 @ 00:24 GMT
My, my! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
Anonymous (#3500)
Oct 14th, 2013 @ 00:50 GMT
Go to Spike TV's website, spike.com, and search for the article "Top 10 Types of Skanks". Which type of skank is yours? This is a pretty all-encompassing and definitive article, I would say!
Anonymous (#3501)
Oct 15th, 2013 @ 15:09 GMT
All women seem to whore themselves out to the highest bidder, and even after they marry a sucker, they never stop looking for a better deal. What low life pond scum they are!
Anonymous (#3502)
Oct 15th, 2013 @ 22:03 GMT
I was married to one of those c-dumpsters for 7 years. Now she takes 1/4 of my income. Fuckin whore. Now I keep a quiet Chinese whore around to fuck and cook for me. Shut up bitch!
Anonymous (#3504)
Oct 16th, 2013 @ 01:30 GMT
Why do straight men sign up for these skanks? A cleaning lady and a hooker twice a week would never cost 1/4 of one's income, and one doesn't have to listen to their screeching, whining, nagging voice for the rest of one's life. Why do men generally die before their wives? Because they WANT to! <rim shot!>
Anonymous (#3505)
Oct 16th, 2013 @ 01:48 GMT
Maybe a little Sharia law would provide these whores with an attitude adjustment! STFO, bitch! <slap slap>
Anonymous (#3506)
Oct 16th, 2013 @ 09:13 GMT
ever wonder why homosexuals are called "gay"?
Gay means cheerful, fun loving, happy, carefree etc.
Could a married man be described as cheerful?
Anonymous (#3507)
Oct 16th, 2013 @ 13:16 GMT
From what I can see, all married men are castrated, abused eunichs, doomed to an existence of being nagged, ridiculed and being minimized by the lying, cheating, filthy whore that they have chosen. They are in that position because they allow it. It's really sad. For God's sake, get a voice and make your whore's mind right!
Anonymous (#3509)
Oct 16th, 2013 @ 18:39 GMT
There IS no such thing as a happy life if you hsve a wife or any woman! 'nuf said...
Anonymous (#3511)
Oct 17th, 2013 @ 09:58 GMT
Goodshit everyone on here, except to the skanky whores who have written in. and wHere here to 3501 and 3502.
Anonymous (#3512)
Oct 17th, 2013 @ 14:34 GMT
It seems that the hooker and a cleaning lady (or a cleaning lady!) is the answer for a fraction of the cost of a divorce. No more having to tell them that you love them, no more having to listen to their screeching voices and other woman bullshit! No more reaching into your wallet and no more rat bastard children! It couldn't get better than this!
Anonymous (#3513)
Oct 17th, 2013 @ 17:02 GMT
Sticking your dick into a sea of vaginal discharge is like siicking it into a cesspool, and it smells no better! Yuck! Smells like sewage, tastes like chiicken!!
Anonymous (#3514)
Oct 17th, 2013 @ 18:46 GMT
I thought that we might hear from some of these lying, cheating, skanky, com dumpster, gd digging prostitutes defending themselves. Apparently, their behavior is indefensible! Fucking gold digging whores!
Anonymous (#3515)
Oct 17th, 2013 @ 21:17 GMT
God invented yeast infections so that women would know what it's like to live with an irritating cunt!
Anonymous (#3516)
Oct 18th, 2013 @ 03:04 GMT
Jewelz, my little whore, (see #3120), by your own words, you have successfully turned your soon to be ex hubby into a eunich. Down the road, he will hate you for it, and will probably locate a new, younger whore and repeat the process. Have a nice life! :) :)
Anonymous (#3557)
Oct 19th, 2013 @ 23:11 GMT
Men just don' seem to learn the life lesson that any woman with whom they become involved is a filthy, lying, conniving, cheating cum bucket. that will do ANYTHING to score a stud that will have the financial wherewithal to keep her in money for the rest of their life, all the while shopping for someone with a bigger bank account. The poor schmuck will be nagged and berated all day, every day, until he is pussy whipped into submission. He will have to put up with a woman's bulls*it until she dumps him for someone that has more money, and will do ber best to take everything in the process. Learn from this or you will be doomed to repeat it!
Anonymous (#3558)
Oct 19th, 2013 @ 23:26 GMT
I don't know about the fest of you, but I want to hear from any man that has been with a cum dumpster whore, and that he is honestly happy. There must be at least one man out there that enjoys being a sperm donor to a lying, cheating whore...
Anonymous (#3559)
Oct 20th, 2013 @ 00:23 GMT
It is certainly very obvious why us good guys can't meet a decent woman anymore these days.
Anonymous (#3560)
Oct 20th, 2013 @ 02:33 GMT
There never has been and never will be a decent woman...
ibop (#3561)
Oct 20th, 2013 @ 15:26 GMT
Dont care if I get knocked for this, BUT... Im a fairly decent looking guy, in my late 30s, have a job, car, my own place, witty sense of humor, kind, blah, blah, BUT, because of these fucking shallow materialistic bitches who need to play mind games and the EXHAUSTION Ive had to go thru in lying to them that yes, I want marriage (hell no, never again) just to date them in a FWB scenario, Ive begun getting my cock sucked by other guys. Just go Craigslist and you can summize by reading the gay AND straight section that many guys are doing the same!

They run an ad for women AND those dumb enough not to know how to be different in their ad can be identified in the GAY section as well! So basically, gay guys dont want women for sex so that tells me many straight dudes are getting tired of the hard to get shallow women who ya need to date and dine for weeks on end before MAYBE getting head or pussy.
Anonymous (#3563)
Oct 21st, 2013 @ 02:30 GMT
If it works for you, have at it! You can avoid the games and all of woomen's conniving, cheating and manipulative bullshit! Remember, women need a rea$on to have sex, men just need a place! Good luck!
Anonymous (#3576)
Oct 21st, 2013 @ 07:12 GMT
a lot of them are soul less and aren't real people. My wife turned on me and it makes me sick to my stomach thinking of all the years I wasted with her. We have kids together and what does she think I'm gonna tell my kids about her? she probably doesn't care. my mom was the same way. climbed over guys until she finally met a rich one. disgusting. I've lost faith in most women. it sucks
Anonymous (#3578)
Oct 22nd, 2013 @ 02:50 GMT
If God didn't create Garbage like them nowadays, many of us men would had met the right woman and had a family like the ones that did years ago. it is just too bad that many of us men weren't born many years sooner to avoid this Bullshit today. then again, it is Not our Fault that most of the women today do Really Suck.
Anonymous (#3579)
Oct 22nd, 2013 @ 17:30 GMT
I only wish that they could see themselves as others see them. Would it make any difference? Probably not. I really wish someone would seriously address this phenomenon as to the change in women over the past what? twenty years. I find it hard to believe a human can be so fake as most women today are. By that I don't only mean the fake fingernails (give me the creeps) and eyelashes, but the callowness and superficiality of their personas (is it attributed to their parroting the models an the catwalk, and ppl like Madonna and Miley Cyrus?) Just spent some time in London and every night while in the city I saw drunken, scantily clothed bitches on the streets, screaming FUCK! at the scene and ppl around them, and bumping into anyone in their way, prancing around in their stiletto shoes. My God. What is going to become of this culture if somehow the politicians fail to legislate or in some way introduce forced decency in the female gender. What fucking bitches. I am so glad to be a guy, cuz I don't see anything in guy's temperament that is as unnatural and repulsive as that in women. Watched a doco last night about women porn stars, and parts of it included bestiality and incest. If that passes for what was once cheeky and playful porn, then we are far gone, and being taken there by evil women. Guys, don't let the bitches ruin your life and soul.
Anonymous (#3580)
Oct 22nd, 2013 @ 18:20 GMT
They are nothing more than gutter sluts that are dating for dollars...
Anonymous (#3581)
Oct 22nd, 2013 @ 19:38 GMT
alot of women today and in the last 25 year's are crackwhore's and alot of women today and in the last 25 year's have open marriage's and alot of men today and in the last 25 year's are pussy whipped and afraid of there wife's.
thegman (#3583)
Oct 23rd, 2013 @ 04:00 GMT
Speaking for american cunts, they suck green pus-filled donky dicks. Lie, cheat, steal, and they aren't even attorney's! Jesus christ, could you imagine a female attorney? I can, she fucked me over during divorce, shitty attorney. Can't even trust a professional american woman. You guys on here keep it up, you all speak truth, the truth most people are unwilling to hear. Two american wives, busted my ass, too trusting, I lost it all. Though I enjoy eating and fucking, Never again, can't afford the risk.
Anonymous (#3584)
Oct 23rd, 2013 @ 14:06 GMT
Just keep dragging their filthy, vile, cesspool c*nts back into court as often as you can! Make their lives as miserable as you can! By all means, you always want a better attorney than these miserable c^nts can afford!
anon1 (#3586)
Oct 24th, 2013 @ 18:06 GMT
you guys need to get some middle eastern girls they r compleytely opposite to the types your talkin about (at least most of them are) but srsly if ur here u will get really bored of these honest loving women u wud feel so bad if even u had a though of cheating but yummy ur country seems that i wud cheat and cheat and a bonus = feeling good :D
Anonymous (#3588)
Oct 24th, 2013 @ 22:48 GMT
Anonymous (#3597)
Oct 25th, 2013 @ 13:16 GMT
well i went to a restaurant at a bar to have a drink, and there were two women making out. and i am very surprised that the manager didn't tell them to leave which was very disturbing to the other customers as well. women have become such of a Low Life Today, and they are such a Disease that will be very hard to Cure.
Anonymous (#3633)
Oct 25th, 2013 @ 23:23 GMT
A birka snd a little Sharia law would fix those whores! Send tbe skanks to the Middle East. A holiday in Tehran would do them a world of good!
Anonymous (#3669)
Oct 26th, 2013 @ 19:16 GMT
send a slut, call girl, pornstar, prostitute, crackwhore, (008-60-8839) to the middle east or anywhere's there's alot of huge cock's and huge tougue's and alot of drug's and alot of alcohol.
Anonymous (#3670)
Oct 27th, 2013 @ 23:43 GMT
Women are absolutely worthless, with no redeeming values save one. They are notbing more than legalized prostitutes!
Anonymous (#3673)
Oct 28th, 2013 @ 07:25 GMT
My name is Micheline Chretien. I am exactly the filthy fucking whore that is described on this thread. I use my pussy to get as many men in my life as i can. When i have a boyfriend, i still keep my ex's around, just in case. I accuse my boyfriend of cheating all the time in order to justify my own infidelity. I am on pretty much every single dating site there is because i need to get as much attention from as many men as possible. I take pictures of my pussy and send them to the men i meet. When i have a boyfriend, and he asks me if I've ever taken pictures of my pussy and sent them to other men, i say i forget cuz i have a bad memory. I have used boyfriend to take me on vacation, and try to use my children as a paycheck. I have different kids with different fathers. Mentally, i have the maturity of a 13 year old and I'm incapable of having mature and rational conversations without playing games.
My name is Micheline, and i am a whore and every mans buddy.
Anonymous (#3674)
Oct 28th, 2013 @ 07:45 GMT
Dear bitches and whores...
If you still cry for equality with men, then why the fuck are so many of you useless whores collecting alimony instead of working and supporting yourself? Most women will respond with "well we were married for xx years". Who gives a flying fuck, you stupid cunt!!! Men work hard for their money and so should you.
One of the biggest problems in society today is because of women being allowed to vote and have any sort of position of authority in the work force. Fucking cunts can't make a single deciion without letting emotion being involved and any woman with any sort of power has either used her dirty twat to get where she is or has some sort of point to prove that she is a 'strong and powerful, independent woman' and are the biggest cunts to work for.
Women are fucking useless.
Anonymous (#3675)
Oct 28th, 2013 @ 10:07 GMT
Comment for 3673. You may be proud of your 'pussy's power,' but frankly you would have to pay me, and pay me big to put my face to that sewer. Just the thought of it is almost enough to make me want to retch. Forget the word 'pussy,' (what a silly word). Face it, it's a CUNT, just like what you see when you look in the mirror when you get up in the afternoon.
Anonymous (#3676)
Oct 28th, 2013 @ 17:16 GMT
Women are nothing more than filthy cum dumpsters... good for one thing only.
Women are manipulative, dishonest, greedy little whores that want everything in life handed to them and will use their cunt to try amd get what they want
Anonymous (#3677)
Oct 28th, 2013 @ 19:58 GMT
I agree with the general sentiment here, they're nothing but fucking filthy pieces of shit, fucking worthless cunts, greedy fucking bitch whores.
Anonymous (#3678)
Oct 28th, 2013 @ 21:35 GMT
most of the posters above are fucking idiots. disgusting, idiotic misogyny. no wonder the world's such a miserable place with all these stupid prejudices, emotionally retarded morons, and broad sweeping generalisations (excepting this of course). absolutely hopeless.
Anonymous (#3679)
Oct 29th, 2013 @ 04:59 GMT
3678 the post above you obviously are a woman "whore" yourself And my question to you is how did you come across this site and why are you on here.
Anonymous (#3680)
Oct 29th, 2013 @ 14:56 GMT
I've said it before and I will say it again. Women are filthy, lying, cheating, useless, cum dumpsters that contribute nothing meaningful to society at all! They have no power of reason, cannot have meaningful conversation ever. when they do speak, it is usually about themselves and are nothing more than walking baby factories, looking for a man that will take financial care of them for the rest of their lives! All the while, the filthy, lying, nasty c*nts will be sbopping for a fatter wallet! They will use their vile, stinking, nasty, diseased, filthy, seething, oozing cesspool of a vagina to get what they want. Women are nothing more than prostitutes! End of story!
Anonymous (#3681)
Oct 29th, 2013 @ 15:25 GMT
3678 - If you feel that way, my little cum dumpster, if you don't like this thread, then WHY ARE YOU HERE? I suggest that you take your blinders off and see women as the whores that they are... STFU as we don't want your miserable opinion.
Anonymous (#3682)
Oct 29th, 2013 @ 15:43 GMT
3673, What a miserable cunt you are! Just the thought of burying my face in your used up twat makes me sick! You are nothing but a crackwhore! Now go fuck your meth addicted boyfriends while I vomit, and try to erase the mental image forever!
Anonymous (#3686)
Oct 30th, 2013 @ 18:28 GMT
This is what happens guys when God created Shit like them.
Anonymous (#3687)
Oct 30th, 2013 @ 19:20 GMT
3686, God must have bee. awfully drunk that morning!
amber (#3688)
Oct 31st, 2013 @ 06:07 GMT
Looking for a man who live be these rules. I'm a women and believe we are whores who need to please men.
Anonymous (#3689)
Nov 1st, 2013 @ 00:33 GMT
I'll just bet that you cheat, lie and whore yourself out to the highest bidder. Just another skank! Nice!
amber (#3690)
Nov 1st, 2013 @ 04:24 GMT
at least I admit to it.
Anonymous (#3691)
Nov 1st, 2013 @ 12:48 GMT
It is very sad that God created just too many Filthy Whores And Lesbians today which is the Real Reason Why us men can't meet a Decent Normal Woman Anymore Now, and we're certainly Not To Blame At All. What is so Very Sad now is that much more women are into other women, and as long as they have their Dildos and Girlfriends which will keep them very happy. But then again, they are Diseased Filthy No Good Pigs Anyway.
Anonymous (#3692)
Nov 2nd, 2013 @ 01:11 GMT
FI'm a 45 year old guy and I have seen many friends and acquaintances sucked into terrible relationships/marriages by terrible bitches. There are maybe 5-10% of women who are good marriage material--the rest are shit. Guys, focus on being the best men that you can be and if you happen to get fucked a few times great--if you happen to find a quality woman for an LTR, great. Otherwise, forget about women--focus on yourselves.
Anonymous (#3693)
Nov 2nd, 2013 @ 02:01 GMT
Hey 3192, why would any man ever want to be married? All women want is a sperm donor and all of your money for the rest of your life! Just use them as the cum dumpsters fhat they are and kick them to to the curb! No muss, no fuss, no alimony! Just f*cm them and forget them!
amber (#3695)
Nov 3rd, 2013 @ 06:43 GMT
Anonymous (#3696)
Nov 3rd, 2013 @ 11:51 GMT
Amber lusty, u r pathetic. Not enough for you to brag of your whoreing around, now you are prostituting yourself with your email address on this site. You need to take a good look at yourself, how you have ended up, and the human failure you are, and indeed that you take pride in by your words above.
Anonymous (#3697)
Nov 3rd, 2013 @ 17:51 GMT
Amber, you are a filthy, lying slut! Do you honestly think that any man would ever want to stkck their dick in your nasty, filthy, diseased, oozing, seething, dirty cesspool of a vagina when you put your private e-mail address out there? What a skank you are!
Anonymous (#3698)
Nov 3rd, 2013 @ 21:47 GMT
Amber! Your poat shows what a disgusting whore you are! Is your self respect so low that you have to post your e-mail address so that anonymous men can use you as a cum dumpster? Those aren't very high aspirations... You are a gutter slut!
amber (#3699)
Nov 4th, 2013 @ 07:28 GMT
Anonymous (#3700)
Nov 4th, 2013 @ 11:14 GMT
You certainly do have one good trate Amber, which is a rare quality in any woman, and that's is that you are being very honest. Your half way there to becoming a the perfect woman.
Anonymous (#3701)
Nov 4th, 2013 @ 13:28 GMT
Oh, good God #3700! What are you thinking? Just because Amber is being truthful doesn't change the fact that she has very low self esteem, and that she whores out her filthy, diseased, vile, nasty, seething, oozing, reeking, crusty cesspool of a vagina to any man by posting a personal e-mail address right here! You both are totally disgusting!
Anonymous (#3702)
Nov 4th, 2013 @ 17:21 GMT
Silly name isn't it...Amber. Bit like Crystal or Dawn. Cheap and low class. For her response to be LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off)reveals her psychological state when confronted with the universal criticism from others on this blog...she has to dismiss the criticism with LMAO, and thereby reassert her position, her isolation, and her crudity, but in reality she's a scared little cunt, and always will be. She thinks she is the standard bearer for whatever...porn chic, but she is in fact quite a candidate to be laughed at by us guys, the cause for us to fall to the floor in fits of laughter at her presumptuous act. lol.
amber (#3703)
Nov 4th, 2013 @ 19:50 GMT
It is not a personal email. It's not even a real name. I do find it hilarious at the comments. What people assume and their "views," is hilarious and fascinating. It is easy to talk a big game when you are hiding behind a keyboard. Thank you this is all the information that I needed. Fyi that email address did get responses. That email no longer exists.
Anonymous (#3705)
Nov 5th, 2013 @ 23:30 GMT
Fuck women they are whores. The only thing a women is for sex. A women should be on her knees for be fucked and to suck my dick. If I feel I want to fuck another whore to shut up I can. If I want to whore you out I will. I will do with you as I please because you are a piece of shit.
micheline_chretien@hotmail.com (#3706)
Nov 6th, 2013 @ 07:29 GMT
Micheline Chretien back again... just wanted to know if anyone wants to fuck my dirty little cunt.
My email is micheline_chretien@hotmail.com, or mimi -1983@live.ca, or michiebaby60@hotmail.com.
I'm such a whore that i create multiple accounts so that i can try to be anonymous when i suck cock. But, i love semen so much i can't control myself.
You can find me on basically every major dating site under the profile:
What can i say.... cock is my friend and I'd love to be filled by as many cocks as possible.

Ive also done amateur porn and webcam shows that can be found all over the Internet.

Please message me and treat me like the filthy whore.that i am.

I'm hungry for cocks...
micheline (#3707)
Nov 6th, 2013 @ 07:34 GMT
Ohhh, it's micheline, the whore.... again.
If your looking for me, i can bd found on the following sites;

Yup, I'm a whore who needs as much male attention as i can get.
Fuck me hard, suck on my tits and cum on my face...
Adam (#3708)
Nov 6th, 2013 @ 08:07 GMT
To all the cunts posting on this thread about how disgusting the men are...
Tell me one thing, why is it that you filthy whores still feel justified and entitled to a mans financial well being after a divorce or separation?? Are you incapable of bettering yourself and achieving your own finacial independence? Ya, thats what i thought!!
Women are nothing more than emotional whores who will use their twats to get what they want and more than they deserve!!!
Marc-andre gratton (#3709)
Nov 6th, 2013 @ 08:20 GMT
Dear micheline.
I enjoyed fucking.your pussy while your fiance and father of your child was out of town on business, making money to support your slutty ass. Does he know that i fucked you multiple times when you were with another man?
Let me know whenever you want my cock in your cheating cunt, and I'll spray my load all over your face!
613-898-0815... i hope that's still your cellphone number so i can text u and tell u what i want to do to.you... slutty little whore.
Anonymous (#3710)
Nov 6th, 2013 @ 08:45 GMT
It's time we take back North America from the most dangerous, vendictive, promiscuous, untrustworthy, money hungry and manipulative animal in the world... the human bitch.
You bitches should be back in the kitchen during the day and on your back at night. The world was a better place when you whores knew your rightful and proper place in society....
Anonymous (#3713)
Nov 6th, 2013 @ 17:14 GMT
I have trouble trusting women due to past relationships however hate isn't the answer. I can see by reading the comments there are many hurt men here. Many friendzoned after devoting so much time and effort. Doesn't mean they are all bad, same can be said about men. For every hurtful woman there has been a man to make her that way.
So why not gather the pieces of eachother and heal? Living like this won't help and only further spread the misery.

I can't trust worthshit but I like to believe there is someone out there who feels the sameway as I do. Someone who gets me yet haven't crossed paths yet. The universe I believe tests us to see how strong we are if we pass we gain happiness. Some never see it and only live to serve as lessons for others, I believe everyone has a chance. Don't waste it.
Anonymous (#3715)
Nov 7th, 2013 @ 05:42 GMT
3713! If you think there is a decent woman out there, think again. All women are self centered, worthless cum buckets. It's not worth the effort of hating them, but never, EVER marry the whores. Use them for the only asset that they have, and when it isn't fun anymore, kick them down the road! It is as simple as that!
Anonymous (#3716)
Nov 7th, 2013 @ 14:14 GMT
I really don't understand women (aka cheating, lying, vindictive whores). They will marry a poor schmuck, use him as a walking ATM while they constantly cheat while shopping for a man with more money. Once they get divorced, tbey expect alimony for the rest of their life! I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU WHORES! WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED WITH A MAN, GET A JOB AND SUPPORT YOUR SKANKY ASS YOURSELF! You want to leave, earn your own money!
Anonymous (#3718)
Nov 8th, 2013 @ 02:26 GMT
It is very sad that God Created these Low Life Pieces Of Shit Women Today instead of Creating the Real Good Ones that really did Exist years ago at one time. What is really Worse is that much more Women nowadays are leaving their Husbands And Boyfriends for another Woman instead, and that just shows you how much of a Filthy Disease that most of them are now.
Anonymous (#3719)
Nov 8th, 2013 @ 14:16 GMT
There were never, ever any such things as a good woman. They always were lying, cheating, manipulative, self centered, totally useless pieces of sh*t. At least when women choose to do each other, men don't have to listen to their screeching, whining voices and their women s*it all day, every day for the rest of our lives! I would rather use my right hand for the rest of my life then have to deal with them!
Anonymous (#3721)
Nov 9th, 2013 @ 20:02 GMT
yeah! yes! fox news! JULIET HUDDY! everybody's whore! everybody's lover! she is a skank she is a whore she is a pornstar she is a call girl she is a slut she is a prostitute she is everybody's tit's legg's ass pussy she is everybody's gangeating and gangfucking and gangraping whore bitch. why do you think she went through 3 marriage's! cause she love's tougue's huge tougue's cause she love's cock's huge cock's.
micheline_chretien@hotmail.com (#3722)
Nov 10th, 2013 @ 01:29 GMT
Micheline here again
... or as i like to call myself, "slut'tien"
Well, i just figured i would prove that all the men on this site are correct about us women, i mean greedy whores.
You see, i share 50/50 custody with my sons father (one of my multiple children from multiple fathers). I recently asked him for $$ to pay for certain school related items. When he gladly offered to reimburse 50% of the expenses as long as receipts were provided, i proceded to turn into the immature, un-rational cunt that i am because i feel i am entitled to an unlimited source of financial support because i took a pearl necklace in my filthy sewer.

My name is Micheline Chretien, and i am a filthy, greedy, money hungry, self involved whore.
Victor Ramsey (#3724)
Nov 10th, 2013 @ 14:04 GMT
I couldn't agree more with what most guys here have say,women today especially over the last decade or so have become nothing but worthess whores.
I'll be totally honest, I'm not a good looking guy,very average on my best day,but I'm a nice guy with a good sense of humor and I did luck out in the pants,not huge,but 8in + and THICK,about ten years or so ago that didn't seem to matter as much,I didn't have a very busy social life.Today I still get shot down alot until they find out I'm packing a pretty good tool.Also I finally finished school after a long time all while working some horrible fucking jobs(couldn't afford just to go to school,had to do both),so I busted my ass and now have three degrees and make GOOD money now,I'll make about 500k this year,and more next year.Now while still being unattractive,once women learn these things about me getting dates hasn't been nearly as difficult,I've never had this much interest in me my entire life.
With that said I've been able to show a woman a real good(expensive)time for years now ,but I never just showered them endlessly with gifts because I didn't want them to think I was trying to buy their attention or to have them feel like a prostitute,but it turns out they all really are.
This was the last straw,I was dating a woman for a little over 2 years,I treated her with kindness and respect,we had very good sexual chemistry,we went on expensive vacations,expensive birthday,anniversary and xmas gifts etc..,I even covered her rent for 2 monthes when she was between jobs.Now I know she liked the gifts and I didn't mind paying,because she seemed nice,we had fun everything seemed great.This is how it ended,we had a fight, I had a bad day at work and kind of took it out on her.Two days later I went and bought flowers and was gonna take her out and apologize for being a jerk,surprise visit,I showed up at her apartment and I FUCKING SHIT YOU NOT,she's blowing the FED EX guy.So I called her the worthless scumbag cunt whore she was and that was it,who knows what else or who else she did.
So in closing ,I might not be the absolute best catch but I'm pretty fucking good and I'm done being nice,getting used,hearing women complain there are no good men left,truth is there are no good women left.If they want to act like whores I'll treat them like whores.
Anonymous (#3725)
Nov 10th, 2013 @ 18:09 GMT
I hope that you learned your lesson, all women are filthy, self centered c*nts that will do anything that they want without regard for others! The universe always revolves around themselves. At least you kicked the skank to the curb! The biggest mistake you could have made would have made would have been to marry the bitch or to have knocked her up. You would have been paying alimony and/or child support for the rest of your life! Luckily, that didn't happen. Their end game is ALWAYS your wallet, as well as the wallet of the men with which she is cheating. They are nothing but cum recepticles! Use them for your pleasure, but never marry them or let them near your wallet! 'nuf said...
Anonymous (#3726)
Nov 10th, 2013 @ 18:27 GMT
Micheline, you money grubbing whore, you represent everything that is reprehensible about all women. It appears that you have castrated your ex. If he was not so pussy whipped, he would be dragging your filthy, skanky, vile, nasty, stinking, dirty, diseazed, crusty cesspool of a twat into court at every opportunity. You have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and absolutely no self respect! I am amazed that any man would f*ck you! Have a nice life as a self centered, filthy whore!
Anonymous (#3727)
Nov 11th, 2013 @ 19:30 GMT
Well I will never have sex with a woman again after my experience with them. I have found a lovely, decent, and handsome guy and our sex is similar, erotic, egalitarian, and affirming. I feel a bond of brotherhood with him that I have never felt in any similar way with women. And reading all these comments, I am tempted to say that the greatest fear women should have is that men will find in one another what they had been led to believe they could find in a woman. It's not just my experience, I know quite a few guys who have made the switch and have no regrets, except that it took them through a lot of emotional turmoil to get where they are now. All I can say ton these bitches is, you deserved it, men don't want you creatures anymore.
Anonymous (#3728)
Nov 12th, 2013 @ 03:03 GMT
There are only two reasons poster 3678 said what it said,either it's another worthless whore or a pussywhipped, pathetic, piss poor excuse for a so called man.Listen guys this might not cure all your ills but remember this, they ALL eventually lose their looks and when they do they'll all be left to fend for themselves and they will ALL be completely fucked. HA HA HA HA
VIC Ramsey (#3729)
Nov 12th, 2013 @ 11:08 GMT
Some stupid bitch I was talking to said that it was mens fault for the way women are because men shower them with gifts and all they had to do is give up a little ass and that is true to some extent,but that doesn't mean you have to fuck and suck the world off to get whatever your little black heart desires.
Women are so stupid,yes men want sex our brains are just wired that way,but if they were smart enough to realize if you treat a man well and not constantly run around on him,have little teenage girl temper tantrums whenever you don't get your way and uses him as your own personal money machine and he would give the world to you,or as much as he could,he would walk through fire for you.Even in most I guess what you would call normal or average relationships it's the woman who makes most of the decisions,who gets their way most of the time and men know that and don't really care they just want to be treated decent and not have to worry every time you have and argument or when he's working to pay both of your ways in life that you won't hop on the first dick that comes along.BUT NOOOO,just run him dry and on to the next one.
Remember guys just use them for the cumdumpsters they all really are.Don't let them near you wallet.
Anonymous (#3730)
Nov 12th, 2013 @ 11:44 GMT
Post 3351 king big dick couldn't have said it any better everyone should read that post.Ladies,oops I mean skanks,and honestgirl,just think that's your future.
Anonymous (#3731)
Nov 12th, 2013 @ 19:43 GMT
Honestly, looking at all of these asshole males on here makes me want to be celibate for the rest of my lufe
Anonymous (#3732)
Nov 12th, 2013 @ 23:43 GMT
Hi, I'm 20 a years old male from Romania and I wanna tell you my story...
I grew up in a divorced family, I never had a male role model, however my mother always took care of me and made sure I had everything I needed and I also want to mention my mother is hard working and never prostituted herself for money, I am certain of that. You could say she's among the 0.1%.
Back on topic: I was and still am a mannered guy, I respect women firstly as human beings, I mean I respect their privacy, I respect their opinions and their ideas, however after reading the comments here since the past 2 days I can tell we live in a fucked up world.
I believed until recently in a perfect love, a love where you can rely upon a woman to give you a boost to become a better man, I believed in a scenario where the woman will listen to you and give you emotional support and help you go through difficult moments in your life...
Now my eyes are wide fucking opened, there is no such thing as love or a supportive woman...
I had my fucked up moments in my life with girls, girls which friendzoned me because of fuck knows what reasons... Needless to say I never had sex, and I kissed like 2 women during my lifetime. This hurts me so bad... I had a broken heart for 2 years once and I never opened myself to anyone to talk about, not even to my family...
Now whenever I walk on the street and see women I feel disgusted... the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they dress, the way they act and their body language, I fucking hate them, I hate every single fucking woman. Fat, skinny, tall, small, midget, I just wanna fucking inject my pain and hatred right into their fucking brains and make them feel like I feel.
I don't know if this is normal behaviour for a 20 year old but I don't give a shit. I just want to hurt them so fucking much on an emotional scale to make them see the world as I see it. All of them are the fucking same, it's like evolution(I don't believe in a god btw) made a fucked up chinese blueprint and created women.
I am so fucking angry at myself for not being an "alpha male" asshole and at the world that I don't even know how to express my mind... I thought in the beginning that it's my fault, but seeing some comments here way more fucked up than my experiences I can tell I am not the only one with such experiences...
As fucked up as this might sound I wish to thank you all for posting your experiences here, it makes me feel better, it makes me feel not alone in this world.
I want to mention that I give up. I give up on the idea of a relationship, I'd rather play video games, go to college and hang out with my only friend I have than seeking a relationship. I am just not genetically programmed to put up with women's emotional instabilities and their fucked up mindgames and deceptions. I fucking hate that.
I needed to get these thoughts off my back, the only way I could do it was in here and posting as anonymous, I just hope someone will take their time and read this...
All women are whores.
Anonymous (#3734)
Nov 13th, 2013 @ 12:25 GMT
3732, I admire you for your contribution here. I agree with everything you have said. I don't want to hate them, but I do, as 99 percent of the women I see are as you have described. Men who live in a fantasy world about women are just naive and stupid, and are sitting targets for deep hurt.
Anonymous (#3735)
Nov 14th, 2013 @ 14:46 GMT
3734 You are wrong! It's not 99%of women that are like this, it's 100%. All women will use their skanky, filthy, tires dirty, diseased, vile, reeking, seething, oozing, crusty cesspool of a c*nt to get what they want. In almost every case, other men will have used that pussy before you did! If a woman has ever been fucked by more than one man, she is a slut! If a woman has used her cunt for financial gain, she is a whore! Does anyone know of a woman on earth that is not a slut or a whore? I don't think so...
Anonymous (#3736)
Nov 14th, 2013 @ 16:03 GMT
I want to spit in a whore's painted face and watch her make up run as she cries because she realizes that she is the lowest form of life and there really is no coming back from it. Go suck down another bud light at the bar you drunk whore and while you're at it, suck a cock in the bathroom in exchange for a draft PBR. Nice and cheap you ash sucking gutter cunt. Go grab some used condoms out of the trash and try to enslave someone else and get your free checks from Obama.

... Oh and all those "guy friends" of yours? Yeah, we all know they've fucked you (maybe multiple men at the same time?), realized you were a fucking trashbag gutter cunt, and stayed friends with you because they pity you, want some casual sex behind your boyfriends back from time to time, and they also have no spine.
MAX FLAMER (#3737)
Nov 14th, 2013 @ 18:15 GMT
I agree white most of the comments hear coming from disillusioned men here because i am one to.
But instead of of geting angry at them i give them the taste of thair own medicine.
I date them and tell them what ever i haw to, to get in thair pants.
And then i torcher them emotionali like the sadist i am, and play all like stopid when thay call me out on it. I usualy haw two our three girl friends att the same time. I'l go like what did i do honey i am so soory and realy i am not, i look all sad infront of her but on the inside i could not be happier, some times i cry on cue just to trick them. I love cheatin on them just to se how far i can take it before the stopd bitches finde me out. And then i dump all of them or i keep the best looking one and tell her it will newer hapen again, witch is total bullshit. Just to haw some one to fuck until i finde a nother her. I love being an asshole toward woman i never take them out or spend any money on them, instead i get them to spend money on me. Newer show you'r money to a woman cuz she whil want to spend it as son as she seeas it. Just tell her that buissines has been bad previous month and you haw to cut back on the spending. I hate writing this mutch becuz i am a MAN and not a emotional FAG like some of you bitching soory excuses for men on this page, You get the point, and if not just remember thease three simple rules: USE THEM, ABUSE THEM, and if they get to upetty LOOSE THEM. I only got one girlfriend at the time so if any, any of you cunts are reading this there is a couple of openings.
e-mail me@: max.flamer@gmail.com
Anonymous (#3738)
Nov 14th, 2013 @ 18:32 GMT
Mr Flamer, you obviously are either incredibly stupid, or deliberately blind as to the content of you have written here. You are, clearly, no better than the bitches you have issues with, at least on the sexual side of things. In addition to that, perhaps you should place a dictionary at your side when you are writing on this blog as your spelling suggests that not only are you base, but not very polished, and you come across as a Cretan yahoo.
Anonymous (#3740)
Nov 14th, 2013 @ 21:45 GMT
jasmine tanner stalcup/jasmine stalcup tanner.
MAX FLAMER (#3741)
Nov 14th, 2013 @ 23:26 GMT
Go Duck a duck CUNT, how's that for spelling?
Anonymous (#3742)
Nov 14th, 2013 @ 23:45 GMT
You must learn to be giving.

You must learn to be nice.

You must learn to be a real man.
Alice (#3743)
Nov 15th, 2013 @ 00:06 GMT
You men are all terribly confused about what women really want. I stumbled across this after a friend told me about this page.

I'm a 28 yr old woman, who has been in relationships with all kinds of men.

My friends and I were reading this and we came up with some good information to help all you guys, cause really - We don't want you good men to be stuck.

1. A man who spends money on them to show how he cares. (Spending money on a women is a great way to show you appreciate her as a person, because without women, there would be no men)

2. A man who is proud of himself and has lots of hobbies and goals. Being a little weird is a plus.

3. And don't even get me started on that "Alpha-Male" crap. They simply aren't real. They are all fake. And besides, who needs a pretender?

Women all really want the kind guys, but we don't know how to say it, and the truth is it's so difficult for us to choose as we don't want to hurt anyone, even if hurting a person is a mistake.

And jerks? We want gentlemen.

That great restaurant, Smothering us - that gentle man. The one who lets us make the decisions and makes us feel powerful. We want the control - but intend to use it for for greater good. For a stronger bond. To form a deeper connection. Seek for our approval of decisions and ask good questions. All women ever wanted was for men and women to be equal. And there will be no more battles...No more lonely nights.

I'll leave you men with this, and let's hope things turn out for the better.
Anonymous (#3744)
Nov 15th, 2013 @ 01:43 GMT
Alice, kindly go fuck yourself. You are such a whore.
Text analysis:

1. So spend as much money as possible on you, sure, but what if he gets fired for example? Would you support him until he gets his shit back together. Not really, no. The more money he spends on you, the more you think he loves you, right? Gold digger anyone?
"Without women there would be no men". No shit? Well without men you sluts wouldn't exist either. You know a female is retarded whenever she brings that "argument" into a discussion.

2. Define weirdness you shallow slut. Also, my hobbies are video gaming, jogging and drinking beer. Tell me how interested you are in a guy like me. FUCK OFF. I don't wanna hear your opinion, you are not enough of a human being to talk.

3. No shit? Then how come scientists have concluded that there are more types of men? Alpha, Beta, Gamma etc.? Is science wrong?
"And besides, who needs a pretender?" Who needs one you ask? You. It's so much better to live in a fantasy world where everybody fakes shit than to deal with the reality. Sluts like you need pretenders.

"Women all really want the kind guys..."
I am a kind guy, well was until now. Look where that shit got me to. It made me wanna stomp on your heads and piss in your hair, gauge your eyes out and harm you as much as possible.

"The one who lets us make the decisions and makes us feel powerful."
How fucking retarded are you, alice? Note I wrote your name in lower case because you're not a human being in my eyes, you're an object worthy of destruction.

Gah I feel disgusted by you, you are the worst humanity has to offer...
Anonymous (#3745)
Nov 15th, 2013 @ 04:55 GMT
"Yeah girl I got rawdawg plowed last night and let him shoot spunk in my vagine." "Uh oh time to go have my babies brains sucked out so I can get back to sucking dick with no hands so I can buy some meaningless materialistic bullshit." You fucking whores make me sick. Nuff said.
Anonymous (#3747)
Nov 15th, 2013 @ 05:12 GMT
"Yeah girl he made me suck rubber last night." "Yeah girl he told me to arch my back." "Yeah girl it looks like a roast beef sammich now." "Yeah girl I did ass to mouth last night then farted some brown smoke." I have gotten some many laughs reading the posts I figured I would contribute. Anyone else care to share?
Anonymous (#3748)
Nov 15th, 2013 @ 15:12 GMT
Alice, your points that you have made simply prove that you are a self centered whore tbat thinks the world revolves around you. You demonstrate everything that is wrong with women in general, and that you are too blind to see it. Actually, no men here care what you think, so STFU! With that attitude, why do you think that men want to use you as a cum bucket, then put you out with the garbage on trash day? It's because we don't want the women s*it that goes along with a relationship. Men just want to f*ck you and forget you! Have a nice life, you skank! xoxox
Alice (#3749)
Nov 15th, 2013 @ 15:45 GMT
You anonymous wimps are really the problem here. Because you wimps didn’t leave your names, I couldn’t respond to you all individually, or better yet...As individuals. That’s really sad.

I’m also not going to respond to any of the things you asked me to define. My reason? Because of your sickening comments about pissing in hair?! Harming us? Stomping on our heads?? You are not even a normal human being to say such things, but a psychopath.

You should all take a cold, hard look in the mirror. And realize what a bunch of sick men you are. That’s the reason you don’t have a happy sex life (because if you did, you wouldn’t have such hatred for women in general)

Oh and my question to you men.... How would you like it if you saw your FATHER piss all over your MOTHERS face, spit on her, beat her, and pull her hair out??! And the scenario is this: All you unstable men are tied to wooden chair, and forced to watch – as your own mother is helplessly abused and ravished by your father. Imagine him laughing, and her crying... her clothes being torn off, Imagine the atmosphere..the sounds...Imagine the women who did so much for you growing up, being put through such torture.

Only then will you guys know how important women are to humanity.

Anonymous (#3750)
Nov 15th, 2013 @ 17:28 GMT
I am intensely embarrassed by the crude language and imagery men express on this site, but that doesn't mean that I have much sympathy for women...in fact I grow to dislike them more every day. They are stupid (define themselves by the standards of celebrities), materialistic (use men as a walking ATM), fake (eyelashes, fingernails,tan, hair, boobs), crude (female artists like Miley Cyrus sticking her anus back to the male performer on the stage), moody and angry all the time, shallow ('let me just check to see if anyone has texted me...its been like a minute since I last looked), and often fat enough to be called a hippo. I cant see why anyone would want to put his mouth to that cesspool of a vagina they think men lust after...(well I don't). Get the fuck out of your prancing stilettos and stop your catwalk attitude with men on the street. It's not good for your cause to be bumped into on the sidewalk because you fucking bitches wont weave and move for a guy on the street because well, you're just so hot.
Steve (#3751)
Nov 15th, 2013 @ 19:21 GMT
All woman are selfish whores, I am 55 and have fucked hundreds of chicks, sex is over rated! I like fishing these days and have many other interests. Went out with some old mates not long ago, they kept banging on about I should have a girl friend, and I was past it! I said right you wankers, pulled the best chick in the bar went back to her place and did the business, the guys thought I was a hero! Fucking wanker. I mean what's great about putting your cock in some skank where loads of others have allready. I am not gay and have always found it easy to pull woman, but they bore the fuck out of me! They are all as thick as shit. I never buy them drinks unless they buy me one, some chick said arnt you going to pull the chair out for me! I said why are you disabled, still fucked the twat.
Anonymous (#3752)
Nov 15th, 2013 @ 20:39 GMT
Alice, women are important to humanity, not sluts like yourself.
So yea, you are not important to most of us here.
Now fuck off.
Steve (#3753)
Nov 15th, 2013 @ 21:17 GMT
Alice, you live in a dream world! I am all for woman's rights, and equality! Like woman should get down the sewers, unblocking drains, brick laying, getting stuck in with a pick and shovel! 98% of women are ugly bitches, when you are at the alter getting married, the guy has just had a shave and probably a haircut! Yet the woman has had a big make over, the works! Now get a hose and wash them both down, put them in the sun to dry off, the tart will look like the sack of shit she realy is, and the guy will look a bit ruffled? Also who would want there kids comming out of a vagina, a load of other guys have used for bollock relief? And that is what most chicks are. The amount of times I have heard guys talking in detail about some chick they have been with, then you see some twat marrying the whore! When I was younger, I was half way fucking some chick, and she told me she loved her boyfriend, I stopped called her a slut and told her to walk home!
Anonymous (#3754)
Nov 16th, 2013 @ 02:14 GMT
Alice, you really don't see why men don't want to deal with you skanks? I cannot believe it! Gay men have it made. Men don't need a reason to have sex, tbey just need a place! Once matters are handled in the bedroom, it's over. Straight men have to jump through hoops to get laid. We have to tell you that we love you 10,000 times (when we don't), we have to take you to dinner 27 times and function as a walking ATM just to get some head. We have to talk to you, when no woman has ever had anything interesting to say. We have to listen to your screeching voices day in and day out, nagging us, making endless demands and trying to grind us into the ground to get your way. We don't love you or even care about you. we just want to get off! Women are nothing but cum dumpsters for straight men. Get me off and GTFO, you utterly useless c*nt!
Vic Ramsey (#3755)
Nov 16th, 2013 @ 04:05 GMT
Alice,I wasn't afraid to leave my name on my posts,start with 3724.Funny how the first thing you said is that you wan't men to spend money on you and you're not a gold digger? How so?
You,along with all women say you just want equality and honesty.How is giving you all the decision making power equality?It's laughable that you say you would use the power for nothing but good and to make the relationship closer and better,what a load of shit.You all use sex as a weapon and any power you may have just to get your way.Anyone ever hear the quotes, "you gotta keep momma happy", or " the relationship isn't happy unless she's happy"?A womans idea of an equal partnerships is everything is equal,even and fair as long as it's my way.
Alice any problem you have with what or why men say what the say here is of your own making,you and those like you have driven men to this place,you're just another selfish,golddigging cumdumpster.
Once again guys their endgame is your wallet and don't ever make the mistake of being nice ever again to any of them.
Steve (#3756)
Nov 16th, 2013 @ 07:41 GMT
Vic,your right! Woman's definition of a deal is, what's yours is mine, and what's mine is my own? Also, heads I win tails you loose? And it is right a huge percentage of woman are damed ugly, in the UK a leading journalist said, if there was no cosmetics and alcohol, the world would be full virgins and spinsters? Like I said I am not gay, like sex but hate most woman's company. The only two woman I hit it off with mentally were two Isrealie soldiers, I met in the hotel in Kenya.the both knocked spots off cyndy Crawford, could strip a Kalashnikov down blindfolded in seconds, and had high IQ levels. Coverd in dust, with no make up, in shorts boots and T shirts still looked great. What my problem is, I have never met a real woman!
Mitch Chretien (#3757)
Nov 16th, 2013 @ 08:29 GMT
Hey everyone. It's the biggest whore talking again!!
Seems that i can not handle my own battles so i bring my mom into it.
I am such a manipulative whore, that i ask my mom to fight my battles for me. But little does she know about the truth about what a game playing whore i am who has already run off one father. I'm a dirty ass chameleon who can play the part of the innocent victim so well. But meanwhile, I'm the biggest dirty whore who sucks cock for quarters.
I am micheline Chretien, and i am.a.whore. My mother is marriette lalonde/chretien amd she is a dumb fucking cunt for trying to take sidez without knowing the truth about the amount of dicks that have been in my mouth and my filthy cum dumpster.
Mitch Chretien! I'll swallow, as long as u pay me...
Steve (#3763)
Nov 16th, 2013 @ 23:24 GMT
Hey 3761, we can tell you have been fucked in the arse, most probably in prison! But had any one told you, your fucked in the head? Perhaps you should get a sex change, and be a proper cunt! Any way what I realy wanted to say is I hate those guys who run round after woman, like twats trying to have an Easy life. Well when I was in NZ , I was fishing on the warfe, a car pulled up with a Maori guy and chick,she got all the gear out of the car, set up all the rods put the bait on, unfolded the guys chair, then he strolls out of the car sits down, has a beer put in his hand and rod in the other! He must have been a mind reader, or I must have poked shocked! As he said to me, no I am not disabled bro, it's my day off? I had to go all the way to NZ to find the missing link, A REAL man
Anonymous (#3764)
Nov 17th, 2013 @ 02:55 GMT
3763, that guy really made his whore's mind right! Maybe we all need to move down under!
Anonymous (#3765)
Nov 18th, 2013 @ 02:23 GMT
Im reading all these post and find it confusing how a lot of you say how you fucked all these skanks, whores and all kinds of other foul names. You talk about how dirty they are. WTF are you doing with them? Soooooo, its ok that you are filthy and stick it anywhere but not them? Are you that desperate? Please tell me how you go have sex with them yet turn around and talk about how filthy there are. Please explain the reasoning behind that, I'll wait..
Anonymous (#3766)
Nov 18th, 2013 @ 02:57 GMT
If you don't understand, go bach to the first post and read them one by one. It seems pretty clear to us. We'll wait for you to read everuthing. If you then don't understand it, you are as hopeless as all other women. If you don't like what you are reading here, nobody is forcing you to do it!
Jason Hoschar (#3767)
Nov 18th, 2013 @ 17:42 GMT
Women are completely fucking insane. Being a whore is just part of it. I have been pussy whipped, mind controlled, and bitch free for 8 years. I use women now. I lie to them, I cheat on them. I fuck them and forget them. I don't don't consider their feelings. The only woman that has never let me down is my Mother. Most of us got treated poorly in the past because our Mothers taught us how to treat Women properly. It's Stupid dumb fuck lying whores that make decent honorable men into the fucking assholes we are. "I don't feel like you love me" Fuck you and your fucking feelings. if I said it I meant it. Your fucking feelings are what made you a fucking dip shit cum receptacle in the first place. Your need to feel is the reason you are the ones primarily "Fucked" in the end. (pun intended) So, "ladies" if you think you got the one up on guys. Just remember. If you're married and you think you're being all "secretive" about your whoring ways. Guess what, there's a really good chance your hubby is giving your best friend his dick. All I have to say if when Women take it up the ass then let you ejaculate on their faces afterwards. That should be a sign that she probably isn't "dating material". Stupid Women for jading us then wondering why there are no good men. Fucking insane women..just sayin..
Anonymous (#3768)
Nov 18th, 2013 @ 21:18 GMT
If most of the women these days weren't Filthy Pigs to begin with, then many of us Good Men out there would had been able to find a Good Woman to settle down with.
Sad Rick. (#3769)
Nov 18th, 2013 @ 22:59 GMT
I hate all women, they are so mean and heartless. They all want some sort of fantasy prince that doesn't exist. I've been in other relationships before which were are all horrible, but I want to share this one: I was in a relationship for 8 years. YES, 8 YEARS! with a woman who I thought loved me dearly. Just last week, I found sexting messages on her phone from a "John" I cried in-front of her one night while we were at her place to watch a movie. When she asked me why I was crying, I told her that I was deeply hurt, so deeply hurt to see those sexting messages, YOU KNOW WHAT SHE TOLD ME??! "GO SUCK IT UP, GET OVER IT!!!" I had such a temper at that moment I could have smashed the wine bottle we were sharing on her face, but like a good man I walked away. She hasn't called or texted me since last Friday. You guys are right: All women are filthy whores who never deserve respect from any man. They deserve to get left in the cold and freeze to death...for all I care.
Anonymous (#3770)
Nov 18th, 2013 @ 23:01 GMT

They deserve nothing. Only pain and suffering....
Alice (#3771)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 00:42 GMT
That's a terrible thing to say. Another one of you Anonymous folk.

Guys, you need to listen to me. I'm here to help.

I wrote on here a while back, check for my comment and allow my guidance to help you guys.

Anonymous (#3772)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 02:46 GMT
Alice you fucking cunt, get the fuck out of here, nobody loves you and nobody will ever love you here.
Anonymous (#3773)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 04:29 GMT
Alice, nobody here wants your guidance! You are a lying, cheating, filthy cum dumpster, like all you whores! Who pays your bills? I'll just bet that you have some pussy whipped schmuck paying them, If you do, you would cheat on him immediately if you found someone with more money! If not, you are a gold digging whore looking for a pussy whipped schmuck to pay them. Either way, nobody here is interested! Please do us a favor and GTFO! Thanks for listening... (slap slap)
Anonymous (#3774)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 05:42 GMT
I am a woman and I am a whore. I got out most weekends and fuck anyone who wants to have sex. most of the time it is in the bathroom or their car. A few time in the club. I do swallow and take it up the ass. The guy tell me how big or a whore or bitch I am. They feel better to abuse a women since some women pissed them off. I just get off to it.
The voice of reason (#3775)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 10:31 GMT
Women use their sexuality to get what they want(especially the attractive ones) they use layers of make-up and dress in very tight clothes it seems like it's chocking them.They are materialistic lunatics They are always the victims who think that they are not accountable for their actions some have been brainwashed by feminist lunatics , the government protects them with more rights and institutions in favor of these whores,they manipulate you and exploit you, it got to the point that no one is going to convince me that there's still a good woman out there, shut your mouth 'cos the remaining good ones were influenced and poisoned by the whores, lesbians,feminists etc. A highly venous snake is more productive and holy than a woman.
Anonymous (#3776)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 14:17 GMT
The moral of all of this seems to be to never, ever get emotionally involved with fhem. Once you are pussy whipped, your life (and your wallet) will be ruined forever! Women are worthless, self centered, self absorbed prostitutes, who only are interested in improving their financial position with a man's money, by using their only asset to pussy whip a man into being their personal ATM. The most amazing thing is that men put up with this! Men should just use the c*nt for their personal pleasure and put the worthless, whining whore out with the rest of the trash when it isn't fun anymore, or when they try to get into your wallet! Remember, every day is trash day when it comes to kicking your cheating, money grubbing, gold digging whore to the curb! All men need to learn from this!
Jason Hoschar (#3777)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 18:17 GMT
Agreed with #3776. Once you break that pussy whip and just use whores for what they were intended for, you will be much happier and much more sane.
Frank (#3778)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 20:48 GMT
All you guys are nothing more than wimpy shits who can't get laid to save their lives. And women treat you poorly, cause you're all stupid fucks.If you were actually successful with women, you wouldn't hate women so much. I'm a real alpha - and you CANNOT fake this. Have a nice time Jacking yourselfs off you lowlifes...you all deserve castration for your mentality.
Anonymous (#3779)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 20:50 GMT
Yeah! Let them deal with the shit they spew from dawn to dusk, day in and day out! Most men are really tired of dealing with women shit every day! Lock up your wallet, invite them over, pound tbem out and then just kick them to the curb! No muss, no fuss!
Anonymous (#3780)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 21:09 GMT
And you, 3778, deserve to spend the rest of your life living with the screeching, mean, self centered, nagging, whining, stretched out whore that you are with, who will make it her life's work to make you miserable. I'll just bet that she is cheating on you rivht now! When menopause hits, they become even more crazed and totally whacked out than they usually are! So don' t pull that alph male bullshit with us! This is where your life will end up if you don't do something about it. And, by the way, if you don't like to hear this, you can take your sorry alpha male ass to another website!
Frank (#3781)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 21:09 GMT
Last thing I'm going to say, to all: You guys hating women is like a poor man hating a Ferrari and the person inside. You hate the car cause it's much better than your car- and the person inside, cause you're a jealous fuck.Just goes to show you have no backbone or guts. Stick to masturbation and if you clog the drains call the damn plumber. And don't even think about approaching a woman with the "fuck, use and manipulate- then leave strategy. Women are getting much smarter, and it's only a matter of time before mistake fucks like you all get put in your place. Your father's should have withdrawn,meaning your births would have never happend. The world would be a better place!

You are all free to become professional-masturbators. Enjoy your lives! :)
Steve (#3782)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 21:47 GMT
Hey Frank you are right! I love what these woman do to these wankers, I have total respect for them! You see I am not gay will fuck woman as fast as you can put them under me. But other than that they bore the fuck out of me. I don't mind them cooking my food,washing my clothes ect, but unless a woman is dead sexy or very attractive, I can't stand the sight of them! If I was a king or lord in the olden days I would just have all the fat and ugly cows made to work in the fields ect and keep the nice ones for sex, and then when I have emptied my nuts, tell her to wash my Gulliver, then get me some food and wine, and get the fuck out of my sight Even when I was going out with this chick in my teens, She looked dead horney, when I used to pick her up to go out. So I used to fuck her as her parents were out, and after my Gulliver had been satisfied, I just eared to go out with my friends? I still feel the same! I reckon I was a king in a past life, as I love shagging but woman bore me. The perfect date for me would to go round a chicks place, eat the meal she has cooked, fuck her then get her to drive me to a bar, then fuck off home.
Frank (#3783)
Nov 19th, 2013 @ 22:33 GMT
Hey Steve, great comment mate.

I completely understand what you're saying. It does get boring when women throw themselves at me, undress for me, webcam strip, etc. They are just so hot and ready for me all the time. I’ve never known different.

To this day, I've banged a little over a thousand women. I started when I was 16, and I'm now 27. I'm really looking for love now, and want someone who I can love and cherish for the rest of my life. I am in need of a woman like this - So they can enrich my life...Because banging so much didn't do anything but give be temporary buzzes of satisfaction and confidence boosts. I actually regret most all of it - and Wish I had just found a good woman to settle down with. Heck, I'd already have been a married man committed to a true lady and a baby boy on the way.

Wankers at the end of the day will be wankers. Leave em be, let em wank.

Anonymous (#3784)
Nov 20th, 2013 @ 04:09 GMT
Wow, whatever happened to the real good women that existed years ago? Today they are the Worst that i have ever seen.
Frank (#3785)
Nov 20th, 2013 @ 13:24 GMT
Knew one of you wankers would write back. There are good women, most of my mate's are married men and their wives treat them with respect and vice versa. I guess the rest of you wankers are too busy calling your plumber over- You can't complain that this one will cost you, it's your own doing guys!

Every woman or self-composed man should call any man who posts a negative comment a wanker. And these men should be referred as "their first name" , wanker. If they post an anonymous comment, they are to be called: anonymous wanker.
Like drones in star wars, you guys don't deserve to be spoken to as individual human beings, but as clones.

Don't even try to play battleship with me.
Anonymous (#3786)
Nov 20th, 2013 @ 15:45 GMT
Frank, if you're that enlightened and such a superior human being and such detached from us wankers here, why do you spend your time among wankers in the first place?
Doesn't that make you a wanker, or at least qualify you for being one?
Frank (#3787)
Nov 20th, 2013 @ 20:28 GMT
Anonymous Wanker,

How do you not know I'm not with a woman right now? How do you know I'm doing something that I enjoy, while watching this page on my mobile phone...mostly for fun?!

You don't know.

And it's a good thing, Anonymous Wanker- That you have admitted your are indeed a "Wanker"

Good day now, But thank you for not bashing the wonderful persons who are women.

Jason Hoschar (#3788)
Nov 20th, 2013 @ 21:36 GMT
Steve and Frank, You two are pitiful excuses for men. Not only are you Omega males. You need to sac up and put away your Manginas. Women are getting to smart for the fuck them and forget them strategy? Then you claim to have had sex with over a one thousand Whores? A bit of flawed logic there mate. You'll never meet a whore you can settle down with. You are not with a whore right now. You have never even been inside a whores only weapon. Simply put you're a virgin and a troll. So, go hold hands and take wimpy walks together on gaydate. This thread is for real Alpha males that know what whores are good for and bad for.
Anonymous (#3790)
Nov 21st, 2013 @ 01:39 GMT
Jason, you are absolutely correct. Most men here don't hate women, per se, they hate their agenda of landing a man to take care of them for the rest of their lives. If they really want equality, then get out there and work for a living, for Christ's sake. If they use their pussy to land a man to keep them, guess what? They are a whore, as this thread states. As to the guy above who states that he has bedded over 1,000 women, he has made each and every one of them a slut. If he took any one of those womeen out and bought them drinks or dinner beforehand, congratulations! He has made each and every one of them a whore! So, get down off your high horse and live with the rest of us, and see them as they are! Sluts, whores and prostitutes! 'nuf said...
Anonymous (#3791)
Nov 21st, 2013 @ 17:46 GMT
I think that women today have men right by the ball's. men are afraid of women. men are pussy whipped of women. half of marriage's end in divorce and the women get the goldmine and the guy's get the shaft. women need to be gangeated and gangfucked and gangraped by a bus load of big black men. fuck and eat the brain's out of those PUSSY. PUSSY is the women's most powerful weapon on earth on this planet in the world.
Anonymous (#3792)
Nov 21st, 2013 @ 23:27 GMT
I'm tired of seeing comments like these. We aren't useless. If you don't like this comment, shit happens. Suck it up you hating assholes.
Julie Klein (#3793)
Nov 22nd, 2013 @ 01:25 GMT
Please understand Dr. Lee, that what I’ve gone through has been unbelievable. When I purchased your Love Retrieval; I was literally about to give up. I thought he was gone for good and I was beyond heartbroken. I thought, that’s it, my life as I knew it is over. And now only 4days after you cast this spell for me – he is HOME! I don’t know what you did or what happened but we are together and planning our future – marriage, children a new home – everything. Bless you Dr. Lee, bless you!” Ancientfathersandmothers@gmail.com
Anonymous (#3794)
Nov 22nd, 2013 @ 01:40 GMT
@#3792 U mad bitch?
You are useless.
Anonymous (#3795)
Nov 22nd, 2013 @ 03:28 GMT
3792, if you don't like this thread, then why are you here? We just see women as totally useless parasites that you are. The agenda is always the same, to use the power of your pussy to trap a man to use as a walking ATM, all the while shopping for a richer stud. There is no other word for this, other than women being millstones around a man's neck! Women are nothing more than whores.
Jason Hoschar (#3796)
Nov 22nd, 2013 @ 03:59 GMT
#3792 Obviously you were seeking a thread on your sex being whores. Just happened to fall here by accident did you? You have to admit that you have whore'd yourself out on many occasions. You had that drink that a guy bought you then slept with him later that night. You ate the meal that was bought and or prepared and/or bought for you. You slept with him. You are a whore. However, I think you know that already. I think you may encounter more pussy whipped males on a different thread. =)
Anonymous (#3797)
Nov 22nd, 2013 @ 07:29 GMT
3792 - How in the Hell did you land on this website? Were you searching "All women are filthy, lying whores? It appears that you know what you are... It's pretty funny that you landed here! Then you have the nerve to whine about it? GTFO, bitch! (slap slap)
Frank (#3798)
Nov 22nd, 2013 @ 18:25 GMT
Jason Hoschar Wanker.

I said that women are indeed becoming smarter – With the men they choose. When a man will purposefully treat women as victims, and use them for only sex – It’s a terrible thing. I’m talking about men who are paying nice guys (take women out to dates and expect or force sex) and jerks who see women as objects, and not rational human beings. Women are rational human beings. It is also about self worth, and women deserve much more respect than to be used and manipulated. I am not calling women who want sexual liberation whores. Women who have entered my life have wanted to become emancipated as individuals and be free to express themselves sexually. This does not make them whores; it is you who insist on calling them whores. You are the real victim here as far as I can see, is you: The wimpy one who is sad, lonely, and angry with the world. People agree all the time on a number of things. People have debates and sometimes come to the same conclusions. Steve and I have agreed with each-others comments...That does not make us gay. I know I have respect for all people: Whether gay, transsexual, lesbian, socially awkward, etc. And as such, all humans should be treated as equals regardless of sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, etc. You are an insulting, pathetic disgrace to the human race.

J.H.W. the above is your clarification. You are merely an omega. You are POSING as an Alpha, for self entitlement buried under a hatchet of complacency. You are the cheapest bait on the hook and with you, No fish could ever be caught and kept; unless it is the lowest of the low – Matching your personality directly. If I were you, I would be careful who you try to bring down, because true Alphas respond to garbage in the same way I just have. I clarified what you misunderstood and then ruled you out as the person you are. I did not encourage your destruction, but I had no other choice but to put you in your place. Stand down.

Anonymous #3792 – They need to grow up. Don’t worry about them. They are the paperweights in society who feel the need to exist to encourage enough hatred to finally get their way. And through this display, we are all supposed to feel sympathy and encourage withdrawal from commitment to reason; which of course will never happen.

Alpha(s) will always crush the betas, omegas, deltas, etc. the sociopathic and psychotic, sinners of all grades etc.

To all Wankers here:

You, as a MAN (if you deserve in your own right to be called one) have absolutely no right to disrespect a woman in any shape, way, or form. They are our Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Grandmothers, Cousins, Friends, and foremost – Our equal halves; our most valuable assets: To all true Alpha(s) women are our greatest gift. We love you dearly and will forevermore treat you as persons.

Much respect,

Anonymous (#3799)
Nov 22nd, 2013 @ 18:40 GMT
Our greatest gift? I don't think so. We guys have to support one another, and not to spend out time exhausting ourselves in upholding some notion of women as essential to their egos and our being happy. Women have changed just too much over the past twenty years, and are toxic to men, and to the rest of humanity, including the unborn. They are cheap, narcissistic, fake, manipulative, gold diggers. Don't get off by hating them...Just form a universal society of men who don't have to have women in their lives. Who would want to stick their faces in their gross cunts anyway?
Frank (#3801)
Nov 22nd, 2013 @ 20:29 GMT
Pathetic, unruly and weak.

You can hate women all you want, but it won't change anything. Our world and its dynamics are far too challenging of a topic for you to approach, women included.

Good day,

Anonymous (#3803)
Nov 23rd, 2013 @ 03:53 GMT
I bet Frank is the kind of guy who hits the gym just as an excuse to see sweaty males and loves wearing pink tight t-shirts with yellow belt on tight emo jeans.
You and your putting women on pedestal policy is not welcome here.
Go grab hands with Steve over there and go away already.
Frank (#3804)
Nov 23rd, 2013 @ 16:04 GMT
The wanking will consume you!

Anonymous wanker(s) you must all suffer from premature ejaculation, micro penis syndrome and low testosterone. I'm only guessing...@ Quite a pity, but anyone who has this much hate for women must have some serious things he hates about himself. I'm not placing them on a pedestal, I'm only stating they are equal to men.

I like Ted Baker, Hugo boss,Burberry, and Michael Jordan (Nike) for when I play basketball. I'd say I'm quite fashionable and dress well.
Anonymous (#3807)
Nov 24th, 2013 @ 04:22 GMT
I think that Steve and Frank need to hold each other's cocks and sing Kumbaya together, before they go out and marry some gold digging whores and ruin their lives and their credit forever! We warned you both, and you didn't listen...
Jason Hoschar (#3808)
Nov 24th, 2013 @ 05:01 GMT
Hey Frank old pal! I see you finally decided to join the conversation. My question is why? I have the same question for your omega, pussy whipped, "I've slept with a thousand women" ass. Did you happen to find this thread by accident? You obviously by accident searched all women are whores in browser search.

Let's be real Frank, you crave cock. All this heated discussion being thrown your way is really getting you all hot, isn't it?

Women are gold digging whores, if you want to be the chump that pays their way more power to you. It proves your Omega. Or you secretly want to be dominated by a real Alpha male. (your reason for putting yourself through the abuse)

Now you can stand down or fuck off!? Either way you should tie a rope around your penis and jump from a tree!
Sebastien (#3809)
Nov 24th, 2013 @ 22:23 GMT
Frank is a fukin' troll.
Anonymous (#3810)
Nov 25th, 2013 @ 04:29 GMT
Women are cows. We made a mistake letting them walk upright.
Anonymous (#3811)
Nov 25th, 2013 @ 04:44 GMT
Zap her with a cattleprod and then unload inside her.
Frank (#3812)
Nov 25th, 2013 @ 20:42 GMT
Jason Hoschar...

I’m an Alpha, not an Omega. Don’t mix things up.
I was curious to know what most men think about women, because I have heard many of them complain about how women are so mean, and how they get pussy-whipped and such. I’ve heard stories from helpless men at work who keep telling me their personal, and marriage problems, and so I decided to take it to Google:

I typed some random things and found negative pages like this. I typed in: all women are whores - and I found this page. It was out of curiosity, you baboon. You are a cretin who deserves no respect from women. And as such, you will never taste the sweetness of a vagina for what it is – Pure tender delicacy.

I encounter women who are attracted to me as a person, and therefore I do not have to pay – To get to get to know them or have a mutual relationship with them of any kind. You are very different from me, as a pussy-whipped omega who lacks a backbone and probably has to compensate for his lack of genitalia by writing hateful crap about women – Who have laughed at his manhood time and time again...

If I attempted that, which I totally wouldn’t – I’m sure the weight of my penis would bring down the tree. It really sucks to be so well endowed...Because it’s difficult for me to find comfortable underwear. People like me are blessed for a reason – We contribute to the greater good of humanity.

I have done enough to bring you men to your demise, and have humiliated you in the deepest and most self-esteem crushing ways. I have done this by ruling out what you preach as absolutely wrong, and then speaking my mind, regardless of what you may think. I wrote on here to try to figure out what the hell is wrong with you all, but I see nothing more than condescending men who are mama’s boys and wimps - who wouldn’t dare say the things I’ve seen written here to a woman’s face. You’re all just wimps who cry wolf and expect to get your way. I suppose the guys at my work are exactly like you guys. It was fun for a while on this page. Chow,

Anonymous (#3813)
Nov 25th, 2013 @ 23:07 GMT
Adios and good riddance Frank...
Anonymous (#3814)
Nov 25th, 2013 @ 23:11 GMT
You might want to shove that cattle prod up her ass, then hit the switch. That might get a reaction!
Anonymous (#3817)
Nov 26th, 2013 @ 02:17 GMT
lol frank is such a fail-troll.
mitch chretien (#3818)
Nov 26th, 2013 @ 08:26 GMT
Hey everyone... it's micheline again. only I changed my name to mitch chretien. Funny, cuz it rhymes with my personality, bitch. Hahahaha
I just wanted everyone to know that I'm still a dirty whore. As a matter of fact, I have recently discovered pics of myself that I didn't even know I had. These pics are quite dirty and slutty cuz that exactly what I am, dirty and sluty. Back to the pics tho...
So recently I found some old pics that I took when I was cheating on my ex. These pics have cum shots that I have dripping all down my filthy slutty face that were taken at my fiances house. While my fiance was away on business, I decided to invite another man over to the house that my baby daddy paid for. While he was away, I allowed another man to eat my pussy, fuck me and cum all over my whorish face. I guess I forgot that I even had these pictures, but now that I have them, I think they will look great on the Internet. There is one specific picture that shows me smiling as cum is dripping down my face as I smile and show the hot load I just took to my cheating face.
My name is micheline chretien... however I changed my name on facebook to mitch chretien. I'm still a fucking whore who loves cock and quite obviously loves cum allllll over my cheating face.
But shhhh, don't tell my ex. I keep telling him I didn't cheat on him and I think he believes my bullshit lies.
I'm mitch/micheline chretien from ottawa and I certainly am the biggest whore in the world. I'll suck your cock too... bring your buddies cuz I'm down for a circle jerk all over my french face. mmmm cummmmm
Jason Hoschar (#3819)
Nov 26th, 2013 @ 10:05 GMT
She certainly does look like the whore she is!
Anonymous (#3820)
Nov 26th, 2013 @ 14:54 GMT
What a disgusting, filthy skank you are! I am amazed that any man would ever want to stick their dick in your stinking, filthy, disgusting, used up, stretched out, cesspool of a c*nt. You need to be inspected for STD's! I want to vomit just thinking about your crusty hole! What a whore you are!
Anonymous (#3821)
Nov 26th, 2013 @ 15:58 GMT
Your mother must be so proud of you, and your high moral standards... NOT!
Anonymous (#3822)
Nov 26th, 2013 @ 20:09 GMT
I am ashamed of her as a Canadian, and resident of the capital, Ottawa. She has suspiciously taken the name of one of our Prime Ministers, Jean Chretien. I wouldn't want anyone reading this blog to think she is representing anything anyone in Canada could be proud of to the world, or to what we have learned collectively as a nation to aspire to in affecting human decency. I find it really sad that she thinks it somehow cool to be so debased, but perhaps that is all she can count on bearing such a stained and dirty soul.
Anonymous (#3823)
Nov 26th, 2013 @ 21:31 GMT
What is so amazing is that she can find any man that would want to shove their cock into that filthy, stinking, disease ridden hole. I just hope that anyone that has been with someone so easy would visit their local VD climic right away! Imagine just how many men unloaded in her. She makes me want to vomit!
Jason Hoschar (#3825)
Nov 27th, 2013 @ 10:47 GMT
Haha, I just saw "Frank's" reply. Apparently he tied a rope around his penis and jumped from a tree. It didn't make the news though because it was such a "tiny" story. You can fuck off now you fucking omega troll. You're probably just some whore with her panties in a twist because she doesn't see anything wrong with her whoring ways. Frank=Francine.

On the whore micheline chretien/mitch chretien Yeah, you can see her whoring ass on facebook. The thing is it looks like she has a daughter that she will bring up to be a lying low life whore as well. Poor kid is all I have to say.
Anonymous (#3826)
Nov 28th, 2013 @ 00:00 GMT
If Frank actually tried that, he might have stretched it from 1" to almost 3"! Nice going, Frank!
Anonymous (#3828)
Nov 28th, 2013 @ 11:37 GMT
Although ive never hit or abused a women, I'm am certainly all for domestic violence against women. They all get away with murder. That's rite you whores, keep on pissing us guys off. Bring it on mother fuckers. You get back wat you deserve. Cunts.
Judgement (#3829)
Nov 28th, 2013 @ 11:56 GMT
Agree 3828, a bit of domestic violence on this FRANK wanker too.
Anonymous (#3830)
Nov 29th, 2013 @ 01:27 GMT
This Frank dude needs to have his mangina gang raped by a bunch of whores wearing strap-on's! That just might fix him up!
Anonymous (#3831)
Nov 29th, 2013 @ 01:40 GMT
Although I have never, ever hit a whore, I really understand tbe urge to do so. What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing! You told her twice already! (rim shot)
Anonymous (#3832)
Nov 29th, 2013 @ 10:27 GMT
I wanna punch franks soul
Anonymous (#3833)
Nov 29th, 2013 @ 14:41 GMT
Go right ahead, 3832! Can we watch?
Anonymous (#3835)
Nov 29th, 2013 @ 23:14 GMT
I'm a woman studying at University, and I do agree with a lot of these comments. Women's behavior these days disgusts me. Wait, SOCIETY's behavior disgusts me! Not only do everyone fuck everyone, they don't even bother to court someone properly. Just go on Facebook or some other social network and you're there.

I've never been with anyone, not even kissed anyone. Not because I can't, I've been asked out a lot. It's just that I observe who the hell I'm getting myself involved with, and all of the males who ask me out are no better than the women described by most men here. I've lost nearly all hope in finding a man who shares my views and sees society for the garbage it has turned into. I have to admit I have some faith restored by some of the comments here (some of them are really down-right bloodthirsty. Please, people.)

I would rather shave my head bald than leave my man, let alone when he needs me. Except, I can't find that man through all of the garbage people on the way who just don't have any morals or self control anymore. Everything is about sex today in society's eyes. I have a fun habit of cracking really old famous jokes but nowadays they somehow get mistaken to be flirtatious and sexual? I just don't get it.

My goals in life is finishing my studies and getting a proper career, and live. Finding a great, faithful, gentleman who would stand along with me and my children and be the barrier protecting us from this vile society used to be included in my goal's list, but the chances of me finding and getting that precious man are slim when more and more people are getting infected by this disease. I know he is there, I always keep an eye open, but it's hard when there's so many sluts in the way pushing their plastic bums to every face they lay their eyes on.

I am a bit more hopeful now that I've read the comments here and found out I'm not the only one on the sidelines watching as society turns into filth. But the abusive parts of these comments worry me.

I hope you all find a good solution and way of life. Maybe you find someone you didn't expect to find, or maybe you just decided you're better off without anyone. However way, wishes to you all good men!
Anonymous (#3837)
Nov 30th, 2013 @ 07:24 GMT
You certainly can 3833, and anyone else who wants to jump on the franky ban wagon be my guest,
Anonymous (#3839)
Nov 30th, 2013 @ 22:25 GMT
well, 38et, once again we seem to have another clueless whore on our hands, so let us explain this to you avain, as you seemed to miss the entkre gist of this blog! It is not about sex or who's f*cking whom! It is about all women using their only asset to land man! Ic you have let him buy you a drink or dinner, and tben f*cked him, you have had sex for financial gain, and you are a filthy wbore! If you have had sex with anyone but your boyfriend, or if you ever do so, you are a filthy slut as well! I will also bet that you have pussy whipped your sad eunich of a boyfriend into being with you. I will also bet that if you find a richer stud, or one witb a higher station in life, you will either cheat on or drop your pussy whipped, so called boyfriend in a nanosecond! You are about to be, if you are not already, a lying, cheating, filthy whore, and you don't even see it! Have a nice life of whoredom...
Anonymous (#3840)
Dec 1st, 2013 @ 12:12 GMT
You speak for yourself 3839, and certainly not for everyone on this blog, and not for me. I cant stand most women, but I am ashamed when I read the gross and violent language of some of the bloggers here...they need reformation as much as the women they castigate. I feel there is a place here on a site like this for guys to 'spill their bile,' and I prefer to overlook some of the less delicate expressions as due to personal experience with women. But we have to be better than all that...have to make points based on the need for people to see that men are the fairer sex, more vulnerable than women, purer, and are being driven to the ground by the bitches out there who have only one thought, for their own narcissistic selves. Whatever.
Anonymous (#3841)
Dec 1st, 2013 @ 17:46 GMT
To 3840, 3839 here... I was speaking for myself, and nobody else. If you were looking for someone to stroke your delicate mangina, go find another blog. The visitors here seem to see women as self centered, utterly useless beings fixed on using their only asset as a means for financial and social gain! It also seemz that you found this site by searching "All women are filthy, lying whores", so I am not certain as to what you expected. Anyway, most men here seem to see women as filthy, lying, cheating, self centered. useless, uninteresting, boring, gold digging cum dumpsters. Now, you can take your mangina to another blog. I suggest that you search "All women never, ever cheat, lie or use their man for financial gain". I just searched it, and guess what? Nothing came up! 'nuf said...
Anonymous (#3842)
Dec 1st, 2013 @ 21:27 GMT
yeah, that about sums it up. your better off jerking your meat than feeding cum to some disease ridden whore in their 30s.

women ride the carosel of cock and expect a free ticket to ride in their 30s, not from me, and apparently not from majority of men who are waking up to a new era ... after all you might as well preserve your dignity and pay a housekeeper and prostitute ... at least they will lick your ass clean .. and you can smile on your deathbed knowing you didnt subsidize filth.. it's not much, but it's something
Anonymous (#3843)
Dec 2nd, 2013 @ 02:39 GMT
It's not even anout filth, it's about honor. The whole problem goes back to all women and their alterior motives! They will lie and cheat, in order to have a man take care of them e they marry a man and get their hands on his wallet, it's over for the man, or until they find a richer man with which to cheat! They will then bail, and take the house, cars and 401k! Hopefully, men are becoming aware of what lying, cheating, filthy whores all women are!
Anonymous (#3845)
Dec 3rd, 2013 @ 19:24 GMT
(#3844)now that's a slut, a whore, a call girl, a pornstar, a prostitute, and a of course crackwhore, and a bitch.
Anonymous (#3847)
Dec 4th, 2013 @ 01:37 GMT
wow i can't believe how many comments there are! none of this matters, if men were women they would act like they do and visa versa. Never marry its not a law, and if you are stupid enough to get married you're the fool. Women lie and say save me from loneliness in my old age when i am to old to be worth fucking, they older they get the less competition they are for the younger ones. Of course they have to have sex with as many as they can they have a short shelf life before they rot and expire. The trick is to know this before you even consider marriage, marriage is an IQ test and if you are married man you failed. Fuck em and chuck em before they dump you. They are only good for getting your rocks off, they are all sluts so go get them as young as is legal and if they aren't legal, just keep it quite. But the sooner you nail them the less disease you'll get from them..... only women use the idea of growing old and alone as tool to sucker or fear the weak minded into believing this for their own benefit, they have to get all they can cuz they never know when their next lay may be their last...... be glad you're a man......
Anonymous (#3848)
Dec 4th, 2013 @ 04:16 GMT
Women are the lowest form of life on this planet, with no redeeming qualities save one! I think we know what that is...
Anonymous (#3854)
Dec 4th, 2013 @ 18:19 GMT
For anyone who has any doubts about the truth of what is being said on this blog, have a look at google 'argentine feminists protest at cathedral.' Topless, they disrupted a group of men saying prayers, spray painted their crotches, painted Hitler moustaches on their faces, spitted at them, burned an effigy of the Argentinian Pope, declaring abortion rights, declaring they all want to be whores all the while screaming like devils around a circle of fire in the square in front of the cathedral. My God, I am proud to be a man watching the guys who held their dignity in front of all this.
Anonymous (#3855)
Dec 4th, 2013 @ 18:33 GMT
Thr behavior of women makes me want to throw up. They are nothing more than gold digging prostitutes that use their c*nts to get what they want. They are self centered, utterly useless whores! Men need to wake up and use them as cum dumpsters, then put tbem out with the rest of the varbage on trash day! 'nuf said...
Anonymous (#3856)
Dec 4th, 2013 @ 23:32 GMT
Yeah well, I don't want a c..t anymore. Looking for a nice guy.
Anonymous (#3857)
Dec 5th, 2013 @ 03:46 GMT
To 3856 -You may have just found the answer! No more endless brain damage from these filthy, filthy, money grubbing whores!
Anonymous (#3858)
Dec 5th, 2013 @ 05:21 GMT
35 years with the same woman. Shheeesh ! I cant figure them out. I cant have a logical current argument with her, she has to throw up shit from 35 years ago.Not major shit , just bullshit. I told her, no wonder she doesnt have any friends, who would want to hang around with her. She accuses me , for her not having any friends. I looked at and said, you know what your problem is. She says no, what is it ? I said, "YOUR A CUNT" plain and simple. At least its quiet now.
Anonymous (#3859)
Dec 5th, 2013 @ 05:23 GMT
I should have listened to my father. Not got married, and when a dry spell hit, just jerked off. Less bullshit.
Anonymous (#3860)
Dec 5th, 2013 @ 08:58 GMT
Beautifully said 3847. and 3858, you had me in tears on that last line, well done.
Anonymous (#3862)
Dec 6th, 2013 @ 20:55 GMT
Getting married is just like enlisting in the military, but without tbe paycbeck! You will be nagged, berated, lied to and driven into the ground by the miserable, self centered, screeching c*nt that you chose to marry. You will be condemned to a lifetime of misery by your filthy, vile, nasty, stinking, whore that you married. Don't ever think of getting married!
Anonymous (#3864)
Dec 7th, 2013 @ 08:50 GMT
If a woman wants to be slutty, that is her right, but be up front about it! Don't play yourself off to be some sweet innocent thing and lie out your ass. There are women who destroy lives and get some sort of sick pleasure from it. They are everywhere! Granted to be slutting in your town soon!
Anonymous (#3865)
Dec 7th, 2013 @ 16:47 GMT
Women do not have the ability to be anything but slutty, as they use their twats to get into your wallet. They will lie and cheat after you marry the stinking, lying, hheating whore, all the while looking for a richer victim. All women whore themselves out, it is who they are!
Anonymous (#3866)
Dec 8th, 2013 @ 02:15 GMT
Technically, women are never, ever sluts, as that implies that they f*ck for free. All women are wbores! They always have an alterior motive, and will use their c*nt to get whatevef they want. xfr Women need a reason to have sex, men just need a place to have sex. All women are lying, cheating whores, without exception, period!
Anonymous (#3867)
Dec 9th, 2013 @ 20:03 GMT
women suck
Anonymous (#3868)
Dec 10th, 2013 @ 02:52 GMT
This is great! I thought I was alone in my hatred for the filthy lying pigs.I'd put my name here but I plan a reckoning and don't want to make it too easy for the cops when they find her and her two faggot fuck boy toys bloody torn up corpses.hahaha!
Anonymous (#3869)
Dec 10th, 2013 @ 03:05 GMT
To 3867 - Women may suck, but never without some financal reward, be it drinks, dinner, marriage or some sort of financial reward. Meanwhile, they will lie, cheat and f*ck other men, constantly looking for a better financial deal! Every woman on earth is some sort of whore!
Jason Hoschar (#3870)
Dec 11th, 2013 @ 19:17 GMT
I know it's been a while since I commented. However, two days ago I was out on a date with a dirty whore. I decided to test a theory. I said "I could pay for a movie and dinner. Snacks at the moves and it will probably come up to around 75 dollars or so. How about we skip all of that and I just give you the 75 now and we just fuck?" She at first looked very shocked and acted upset. Obviously her greed set in and she finally agreed. You see all these whores want is the money. So she was a whore, I fucked her gave her the 75. Fair trade. Most women if you talk to them and be honest and just tell them you want them to be your whore they will. I've now been called 5 times by the same girl who wants to get together again. Whores once they get that taste of cash and actually perform their goal of being a whore accept what they are. It's the ones who can't accept that they're whores and they think they are an exception to the rule. Women...YOU ARE WHORES. Just take your pay and be done with it. It's all you're good for.
Anonymous (#3871)
Dec 11th, 2013 @ 23:26 GMT
Sounds like every other skank on the planet! Every last one will whore out her pussy for any amount of money! How many men dou think dumped their loads into that skank before you? What a whore she is...
Psychedelic Kingpin (#3872)
Dec 12th, 2013 @ 03:37 GMT
Its no wonder I've lost all respect for women. You dress like a slutbag you are a slutbag. When your single and a man likes you, you don't tell him to "get lost ya longhaired bogan retard". Did you know if you dressed in a mini dress in Iran you are stoned to death with rocks and bricks? the same thing should apply to where I live - but no. Our whiny pyny evil sex-sicko government (propped up by slutbags (and your fag boy alpha male counterparts) like you) allow you to dress in a way that in Iran or Saudi Arabia is an automatic death sentence by stoning. Yet they come down hard on the small amount of modestly dressed individualist women who smoke a bit of cheech and munch away on mushrooms. I hate all you snotty whorish slutbag bitches (and your trendy alpha male counterparts)
Anonymous (#3875)
Dec 12th, 2013 @ 19:43 GMT
3872 - You are so right! Our whores need a little Sharia law to make their minds right! The United Stated should have never given whores the right to vote! Look where that one mistake has put us now! We need to ship our whores to Iran for an attitude adjustment! At least in the Middle East, women are property! They cannot vote, they are not educated, they are not allowed to drive, they have to wear a chador or birka, they cannot sign anything, they walk behind the men and they cannot leave the walled hoise without a male escort. If they cheat, an honor killing is performed! They are treated like the whores that they are! What a great system this is!
Anonymous (#3877)
Dec 13th, 2013 @ 03:39 GMT
Make my dinner bitch.
Anonymous (#3878)
Dec 13th, 2013 @ 04:49 GMT
3877 - What do you tell a women with 2 black eyes? Nothing! You told her twice already! (slap slap)
Anonymous (#3884)
Dec 15th, 2013 @ 14:44 GMT
If a whore dresses like a whore, she is a whore! Filthy, douchebag c*nts!
Anonymous (#3885)
Dec 16th, 2013 @ 02:30 GMT
If your skank of a whore dresses like a whore, she IS a whore. Pretty simple, eh?
Anonymous (#3886)
Dec 16th, 2013 @ 03:50 GMT
The guy that said women can't love hit the bulls-eye. Oh they love their children, b.s. Then why do women create 75 percent of divorces, out of love for their kids right? Take a kids dad away, after all she didn't need one! And what a loving gesture for the entire family? Well... now she can have sex with the World, just like her favorite country western singer says right! How many Women should be required to take thc? Everyone of them, maybe they'd have a little insight into spirituality and keep their mouths and legs closed when needed. But who screwed that up? You know who, men. You screwed the whole world and we know who's really going to hell.
vic Ramsey (#3887)
Dec 16th, 2013 @ 06:18 GMT
I have posted here before but haven't checked it in a while.Good one 3858 I'm still laughing my ass off.3858 brings up a good point,stop and think about all the women you've known throughout your life,whether they be wives,girlfriends,friends,exes,sisters,etc.. etc..,how many do you know actually have good friends or someone they'd call a best friend?Almost none,or the groups of women they hangout with have changed time and time again starting with highschool.Why you ask? 3858 said it perfectly,no one wants to hang out with you because you're a cunt.Now think about that,certainly mens friends will change throughout the years and I'm not saying there aren't any women with lifelong friends but it's rare.How many women do you know that have any of the same friends they had as a kid? Everyones life is different and the groups of people I associate with and hangeout with have changed but my best friend today is the same as it was when I was seven,thats 30 years ago,and some buddies I met in highschool are my oldest and most trusted friends,how many women do any of you know that can make that claim? Few if any,I bring this up just to show again what despicable creatures they really are.
To that douche Frank and the others like him,this sight, all though it may seem like it, is not about hating women in general,it's hating their agenda and what they've become.Despite all the shit most men have gone through with women most would still love to be with one,a good one,those are just excedingly hard to find.Frank you can come on here and be cocky and douchebag like,it just hasn't happened to you yet and it will and you've been warned of the modern womans intentions.
As I stated here previously due to the last cunts behavior,I'm done with treating them with all but contempt and simply use them for what all they're really good for,a night of tension release,then it's fuck off good bye.
Anonymous (#3888)
Dec 16th, 2013 @ 19:11 GMT
I cannot believe that any man can expect logical behavior from a whore, as logic is not part of a whore's ability! They are emotional train wrecks, and their behavior is always reprehensible! They are vile, nasty, filthy creatures that will whore out their crusty cesspool of a twat for anything of monetary value! Just f*ck these whores and kick them to the curb with the rest of the trash! It is what they deserve!
Anonymous (#3890)
Dec 18th, 2013 @ 02:12 GMT
Well after reading all these comments about women, there certainly isn't anything good you can say about them now. It is very sad what women have become today, and most of them are a pile of Trash.
Anonymous (#3891)
Dec 18th, 2013 @ 04:38 GMT
If you walk like a whore, talk like a whore dress like a whore and behave like a whore, guess what? You are a whore!
Anonymous (#3892)
Dec 19th, 2013 @ 07:34 GMT
Every woman who's ever sucked a cock, is a dirty, dirty, filthy rotten minded whore.
Anonymous (#3893)
Dec 19th, 2013 @ 14:40 GMT
It is utterly amazing that women cannot see that every last one of them is a whore! "Oh, I would never whore myself out! Now buy me a drink or dinner, and you can bang me!" Every last whore on the face of the earth has done this, and every last one has whored out her pussy, yet they will never admit that they are a skanky whore!
Anonymous (#3896)
Dec 21st, 2013 @ 23:15 GMT
Happy Holidays to all you sluts and whores out there! Bend over, your whores! I am ready for my favorite Christmas present. Ha ha ha ha ha!
Anonymous (#3897)
Dec 23rd, 2013 @ 12:18 GMT
Women are cheating vile lieing pigs.look what they none in the viet nam era most of them were cheating on there spouses .yep the veterans were fighting for there country and the vile bitches were spreading there legs some even got knocked up.ship these vile stinking bitches to afganistan.women are low life heartless witches.HAY DO NOT EVER MARRY THESE STINKING CUNTS THEY WILL CAUSE GRIEF
Anonymous (#3899)
Dec 24th, 2013 @ 08:14 GMT
They all deserve a kick in the cunt bone.
Psychedelic Kingpin (#3900)
Dec 24th, 2013 @ 21:19 GMT
@#3890 if u want anything to blame, then blame popular mainstream media. That is responsible for corrupting women and turning them into the slutbags they are, Then like a Multilevel Marketing scam that corrupted women spreads her evils upon society further corrupting women and turning them into slutbags.
Anonymous (#3901)
Dec 24th, 2013 @ 23:00 GMT
You are wrong, psychedelic kingpin, every last whore since time began has prostituted herself by using her crusty twat for financial gain. Media has nothing to do with it!
Anonymous (#3902)
Dec 24th, 2013 @ 23:16 GMT
Happy Holidays, you useless slutbag whores! I am ready for my favorite present, so bend over, bitches! I might even buy you a drink. I have whores sell their pussies for less than that! Filthy, , lying, cheating whores... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Eat it, c*nts!
Psychedelic Kingpin (#3903)
Dec 26th, 2013 @ 23:10 GMT
@ Anonomous #3901 - Yeh, Ok But popular media has a big influence. 20-30 years ago women where respected and loved...nowadays I don't respect 99% of women.
Anonymous (#3904)
Dec 27th, 2013 @ 00:41 GMT
Women are fucking garbage. We've had thousands of years of civilization formed from the strength and imagination of men, put women in charge for a single generation, and we're right back to the level of apes. I'm never going to fuck a woman ever again. I don't even want to jerk off to them any more. They're vile and disgusting. That stench that comes out of their cunts: that's the smell of misery and death. I can't think of a single woman in my life who hasn't viewed me as a means to her shallow and materialistic ends. If I ever saw my child come out of a woman's cunt, I think I'd throw myself off a bridge to erase the memory. Frank can have all those "thousands" of pussies. I say let him catch all their whore diseases. I'd sooner slam my dick in a door than catch some cunt filth on my dick and be reminded with every outbreak of the festering hole that infected me.
Anonymous (#3905)
Dec 27th, 2013 @ 00:45 GMT
#3903 - I think it really goes back to pre World War 2, when we gave women the vote. Before that, they were property. Then, in the late 1960's to early 1970's, they wanted to be liberated! Yet, these skanks want to buy them everything! Lisyen up, you filthy, lying, cheating whores! If you want to be liberated, GET A JOB AND WORK FOR IT!
Anonymous (#3906)
Dec 27th, 2013 @ 21:20 GMT
#3903 - Most women I know do work, but most of them are still slutbags who have nothing to give them attention other than sex. You either choose between giving them that attention through sex while trying to enjoy yourself, or you ignore them because they don't deserve your attention and time. I choose the latter. I can survive without sex, many before me has. Had a wife, treated her like a queen, had a kid together, yet she decided that she wanted to ruin both the kid's and my life. She cheated, many times before I caught her. Took the kiddo with me and left her to fill up her slutty cunt with std's.

After a while I met another woman who seemed fit to be a mother for the little buddy, but I was an idiot. She cheated too. I didn't even catch her, she admitted it and broke up. After that, I just decided that 90% of women are filth who only care about themselves. And most men are just as filthy for giving them the attention that they're looking for. Yeah, give her all that money and feed her through your own hard work, while all she does is fill up her vagina with other cocks and infect you with her diseases. I'd rather keep myself clean.

The kiddo is probably suffering without a mother, but hey, at least I will teach him how cruel the world is. I'll make sure that he doesn't depend on anybody, especially not a filthy woman who will turn on him the moment she sees a big wallet. My boy is my life, only him. The bitches can go slut themselves out and die early, along with these equally stupid douchebags who think with their dicks. If you can't handle and control your desires, you get no respect from me, man or woman.
Anonymous (#3907)
Dec 27th, 2013 @ 21:36 GMT
Anonymous (#3909)
Dec 28th, 2013 @ 17:17 GMT
A whore ia a whore is a whore! It's kind of like putting lipstick on a pig!
Anonymous (#3910)
Dec 28th, 2013 @ 18:18 GMT
I have come across two instances recently that pretty much sum up modern women perfectly.
1. A woman's profile on a social networking site has this as her relationship status--
"Married, but eyes open always!"

Hands up who wants to be her husband ?

2. A friend works in a woman's clothes shop and had this exchange with a female customer who wanted a dress for her daughter that was "revealing because she's a busty girl."
Friend-"How old is your daughter?"

Thanks mom !

I have got to the point where it sickens me that I can't seem to rid myself of my sexual desire for women. If scientists found a way to inhibit this we'd all be much happier as we wouldn't have to deal with women and they would become a redundant gender. I am ashamed that I have tried to be "kind and caring" towards girls in the hope that they'd actually like me enough to sleep with me...I try to avoid them theses days, but they seem to swarm over me at the gym and I don't consider myself a hunk by any means, I wish they'd leave me alone because I don't want to know about their lives and problems. I am civil to them because I'm a man and try to be courteous to everyone unlike women who even hate their own kind. Apparently the birth rate in Japan is plummeting because the women aren't women anymore.
Anyway I could go on for hours, great thread !
Anonymous (#3912)
Dec 28th, 2013 @ 23:38 GMT
To 3910 - I have a great way to never, ever fuck another whore (and every last woman that has ever walked the face of the earth is a whore)! The next time that you are about to bang a whore, just imagine the gallons of other men's spunk is sloshing around in her dirty, vile, nasty, stinking, crusty cesspool of a twat from all the men that have dumped their loads into the skank before you. Once you vomit in the corner, you won't want to pound the whore out! Have fun!
Anonymous (#3913)
Dec 29th, 2013 @ 00:53 GMT
I have always believed that condoms aren't there to prevent pregnancy but to protect men from having our dicks destroyed !
Anonymous (#3914)
Dec 29th, 2013 @ 03:05 GMT
To 3913 - A whore doesn't just destroy your dick with disease, a whore destroys your entire life with their endless money grubbing! Save yourself from this, and just f*ck these b*tches without ever marrying these whores!
Anonymous (#3917)
Dec 31st, 2013 @ 07:51 GMT
To all you woman out there, I hope you all get Cunt cancer and suffer a slooooooow death. Fucking maggots
Anonymous (#3918)
Dec 31st, 2013 @ 19:54 GMT
Every last woman that ever existed since time began is a purveyor of endless misery to everyone around the miserable, filthy cum bucket whore! They will lie and cheat with everyone around them, they will attempt to pussy whip every man around them while cheating with any richer stud. They are utterly boring, as they can only talk about themselves. They contribute nothing positive to society at all! We could bulldoze the lot of them into a trench and cover them over, and they would never be missed! What do you call 10,000 whores at the bottom of the ocean? A good start! (rim shot)
Anonymous (#3919)
Jan 1st, 2014 @ 16:35 GMT
Every last woman that ever existed since time began is a purveyor of endless misery to everyone around the miserable, filthy cum bucket whore! They will lie and cheat with everyone around them, they will attempt to pussy whip every man around them while cheating with any richer stud. They are utterly boring, as they can only talk about themselves. They contribute nothing positive to society at all! We could bulldoze the lot of them into a trench and cover them over, and they would never be missed! What do you call 10,000 whores at the bottom of the ocean? A good start! (rim shot)
Anonymous (#3920)
Jan 2nd, 2014 @ 00:54 GMT
"I have got to the point where it sickens me that I can't seem to rid myself of my sexual desire for women. If scientists found a way to inhibit this we'd all be much happier as we wouldn't have to deal with women and they would become a redundant gender"
I cant agree more with this. All women are wores, and who says this is a guy with a 10 year good relationship with an awesome woman.
jmurphydmd@ yahoo.com (#3922)
Jan 3rd, 2014 @ 01:21 GMT
Why such hateful statements about females guys? What would your mothers say so little faith in the human race s
Anonymous (#3926)
Jan 7th, 2014 @ 16:50 GMT
3922 - We men do NOT have little faith in the human race, we just have NO faith in women. Every last woman since time began has used her twat for financial gain, and it is absolutely disgusting! Many of you whores will prostitute yourselves for the price of a free drink. How do you whores expect respect from men when none of you have any self respect?
Anonymous (#3927)
Jan 8th, 2014 @ 02:43 GMT
All women are filthy whores!!!
Anonymous (#3929)
Jan 8th, 2014 @ 19:48 GMT
Women in general have abandoned their natural gender role as wife, mother, caregiver, nurturer for what they feel is independence. From? You guessed it men.

They don't want a man in any normal, traditional way, they want a man to suppress his natural role and just accept this unnatural society and warped sense of thinking found in it.

They want it all (complete selfishness), only what they want is some fantasy that can never be. As soon as women stopped being "Real Women" it was all down hill from there.

A Real Woman NEVER puts her kids on the Back Burner ,Never puts her own selfish wants and Desires before her own children or family, which is exactly what is going on these days.

A Real women sacrifices parts of herself for her man and their children and the man sacrifices parts of himself to fulfill his male role. this is how it's meant to be.

Today most people view this as oppressive because they have been "programmed" and "brainwashed" by things like Television or Cosmopolitan type magazines.

Ask a modern woman how do you please a man? She will most likely say sex, when in reality what the man wants is just for her to respect and appreciate his efforts what she has in him.

75% of divorce is initiated by the woman or she is a coward and does something she knows he will never get over or never overlook, The betrayal of cheating (breaking the mans trust forever) forcing HIM to get RID of her.

Gee when they are initiating the divorce or cheating or whatever, are the children even a thought in their mind? NO they are NOT thinking about their own children's well being. They are only thinking about THEMSELVES.

They drank the kool aid of feminism, They took things way too far and now the women and mostly the children are paying the price for women buying the "Bulls**t".

Most women will never admit this "That Most were duped or tricked in to this", some went willingly knowing it's completely wrong and went with it anyway.

These days a man is no longer valued for being hard working, honest and righteous, providing and protecting his family, trying to be a good Father.

Guys like this get cheated on while he is working himself to death providing for the woman and children.

Why?, because some women view his working as abandonment "If he cared he would be home, I think I will hang with a guy friend while he is at work"..Gee where is that gonna lead to. affair possibly?

Face facts today a family NEEDS 2 incomes and people NEED to work, so what kind of warped thinking is it when a woman says If he cared he would be home, DUh he is killing himself because he DOES care.

They want one guy that is gonna pay for it all, and the other guys to excite her and please her whenever the husband or BF is not around, at her beckon call. No Man in his right mind will EVER accept this arrangement.

Women now want guys with social value, a guy that's willing to let them "have their way", and just eat it when they "behave badly" and suppress his manly need to to be a leader, provider, protector.

Wow and they wonder why they are sitting with the cat on Saturday night not getting any phone calls or just getting PLAYED for sex over and over again. Duh!! Wake UP!!
Anonymous (#3930)
Jan 9th, 2014 @ 02:51 GMT
Face it, guys! Every woman since time began sells her filthy pussy for something of material value! They were, are and forever be nothing more than skanky whores!
Anonymous (#3931)
Jan 9th, 2014 @ 06:41 GMT
3929, well said mate, my words exactly.
Anonymous (#3932)
Jan 9th, 2014 @ 11:25 GMT
All they do is use your money and give a little pussy to make sure you pay for more things. They a whores and cunts that is what they are. Hate the cunts and would love to shove a shotgun up their diseased cunts and blow their brains out, thats where their brains are.
Anonymous (#3934)
Jan 10th, 2014 @ 19:30 GMT
Everything about women is false and exaggerated. Why can they not see how ridiculous they look with these false eyelashes as exaggerated as Miss Piggy's or Daisy the Cow? Their false nails give me the creeps, and any human that needs that much makeup application before going out should look into becoming a cosmetician in a funeral and embalming enterprise. I hate their looks, their hair top laid and pulled back to their heads, the arrogance ('I'm the only one on the street that matters') and the attitude, much of which goes with their 'dominatrix' stiletto shoes. They have become inhuman, and dangerous to men (and children, to say nothing of the unborn). Just stay away from them, make yourself strong, form healthy male friendships and bonds. Few of them are any good.
Dan the man (#3935)
Jan 11th, 2014 @ 00:30 GMT
I think must of you posters are just envious that you do not have a money machine between your legs. If all men petitioned to legalize prostitution then when can set the price of pussy at a more reasonable price. Case in point. Several years back a woman approached me about hooking up.We did and the sex was great but as soon as we finished she laid back and let out a heavy breath. Then started asking me for $900.00 to pay her car and house payment. I told her that i was broke and she was only worth $100.00 at most.

A 30 minute fuck isnt worth anymore. Once a whore always a whore.
Anonymous (#3941)
Jan 14th, 2014 @ 23:37 GMT
Well 3935, you have learned the valuable lesson that all women are cheating whores! No woman in the universe will ever have sex unless there is something of material value in it for them. Their ultimate goal is to pussy whip a man into marrying them, so that the man will function as a walking ATM for the rest of their life! They will dump the man in a nanosecond if a richer stud comes along. Never, ever marry one of these whores and hang onto your wallet!
Animal (#3942)
Jan 15th, 2014 @ 16:29 GMT
@3922 Who fucking cares what they'd say?

Mother is not synonymous with saint, no matter how much your whore-goddess gender-studies "professor" insists on it. Young males in the west routinely have their very wills sublimated by maniacally psychotic feminist mothers.

Incidentally I loved my mother. She was conflicted about feminoids and once even admitted to me that it was a rude awakening when she realized she had basically been trying to smother my teenaged (at the time, I'm 32 now) male soul. Why? Because that's what the whole of fucking society was telling her she should be doing.

Sadly (and rather weirdly) it was my father who blindly bought the iron pyrite and abondoned whatever masculinity he may once have had. I feel a mix of shame, disgust, and hatred about this. Conversing with him is exactly the same as with a narcissistic feelings-first child. Or a feminist.

Anyway just to share a chuckle, my google search was "fucking disgusting slurping human trash" Didn't even have to use the word women.

Thanks for reading (and for the opportunity to vent without concern for the horde of screeching harpies trying to equate pissed-off bluntness with abuse)
Anonymous (#3944)
Jan 15th, 2014 @ 22:20 GMT
All women are pigs!
Anonymous (#3945)
Jan 16th, 2014 @ 02:00 GMT
Fucking women. Soon enough we'll have robots who'll be able to behave like you but less bitchy and moody.
Nobody will need you anymore you dumb sluts. I hope you all die.
lucerian darkness (#3953)
Jan 20th, 2014 @ 02:20 GMT
I have absolutely no respect for women now

They don't want a serious relationship, they're in a game to see how many penis' they can get in them its a contest. And I absolutely fucking hate women who dress immodestly, they have no respect for morals decency or themselves. Its no wonder rape is at an all time high yet femanzi propaganda immediatly shoots us down if we say this. A premisciously dressed and acted women is akin to paedophilia. If this was saudi arabia a promiscious women would have been stoned to death by now. Death to slutbags (and there alfaG male counterparts)
Anonymous (#3958)
Jan 22nd, 2014 @ 10:03 GMT
Oh, it's my turn. The sexual energy surging and pulsating within man's loins, mind and dreams has always been denoted in feminine terms at least in the hindu case i.e. kundalini, look it up. Anyhow my point is... how can you expect to control any woman out there..., if you can't control the woman within you..? Food for thought.
Peter (#3959)
Jan 22nd, 2014 @ 10:19 GMT
"I have a friend who comes over daily to show me all of his nude pics he takes of his hot bitch girlfriends and movies of him fucking them and getting sucked off. Then he gives me all the pics and vids to smack off to when I'm by myself. Sometimes I might venture round to his place and peer through the windows when I know some action is going on." >>What's the difference between that and juicing to porn?
Peter (#3960)
Jan 22nd, 2014 @ 10:23 GMT
Peter (#3961)
Jan 22nd, 2014 @ 10:40 GMT
Maybe jacking off to porn for so long has programmed our systems to always deter women into the beds of other men because we actually get off on watching that and then subsequently falling into a lowly state of inferiority. How inferior is the guy jacking off to another couple? And how frustrated is he? Ditch the porn. Ditch THAT type of women who openly displays her wares to grandparents, parents, siblings and the world at large, hidden from the mainstream yet larger than life and seeping powerfully throughout society. Thank GOD they're wearing those shorty-shorts half way up their asses at the mall or I couldn't bear the lack of eye candy.
Anonymous (#3962)
Jan 22nd, 2014 @ 10:59 GMT
I don't share your appreciation of shorty shorts on the streets and in the malls. When I go out I would like to return home feeling generally good about being human, not revolted by a provocative display of flesh up to the anus of the female gender. I can understand why Muslims have covered up their women (I don't advocate that), and have to conclude that they were on to the baseness of women way ahead of us.
Peter (#3963)
Jan 22nd, 2014 @ 11:19 GMT
And then ask that bitch directly "Do you think that wearing your shorts half way up your ass is the only thing you need to do to attract me?" And wait for her response. The interested ones will be waiting for you to continue. Then you say "Baby, I only need to see your eyes." Hell, even the fattest ones wear the skimpy shorts, gross. No matter what women wear, fully encased muslim style or miami style g-string on roller skates, we men know who is attractive. If it is eyes against eyes. Or ass against ass. Just a different playing field. Muslim bitch Vs Miami bitch? Both are a fish out of water in the alternate environment. The bar has been lowered in western culture whereas the bars form a prison in muslim society. Obviously there is a minority of women who flaunt style without baseness but still control the manipulation base.
lucerian darkness (#3964)
Jan 23rd, 2014 @ 00:12 GMT
A male work colleague told me that last year he saw several woman walk across a bridge not only wearing dresses up to just mm from there pussies but also not wearing any knickers he had a laugh but it comes to show that 21st century women have the morals of a pig, but yet again the lowest class of animal has morw morals and fashion sense than a human female aged 11 to 55. Woman in that age range disgust me. They are slutbags, liars and usersand are only after a 20 min cock slob in the toilets not a devoted relationship with view of marriage/starting a family. Western women are slut bags, if this where Afghanistan or Iran they'd be stoned to death by now for that dress sense and behavior.
Anonymous (#3965)
Jan 23rd, 2014 @ 11:43 GMT
"No woman in the universe will ever have sex unless there is something of material value in it for them." If a man has drained his cum reservoir a woman will naturally seek out a man who is more "tanked". That's the real currency.
Anonymous (#3966)
Jan 23rd, 2014 @ 11:54 GMT
Cum sucking whores
Anonymous (#3968)
Jan 23rd, 2014 @ 19:45 GMT
Killing their children here in UK (always boys), and throwing acid into face of their rivals. Aborting their unborn foetuses. They are a degradation of all humanity with their false eyelashes and false nails and false hair and false tans and false breasts and false height (stiletto shoes). All they care about is their narcissistic convictions of their beauty, and disregard for everyone else in their life, especially males who are simple, vulnerable, nice guys, but not rich. I hate them. I can barely tolerate the sight of the bitches on the street.
Anonymous (#3969)
Jan 24th, 2014 @ 06:34 GMT
As soon as you are married then no more sex. WTF
Anonymous (#3970)
Jan 24th, 2014 @ 21:53 GMT
that right 3969 you can not said it better so that's when you get the PUSSY eat and fuck the PUSSY juice cum brain's out of that PUSSY like there's no tomorrow just like the saying find them feel them fuck and eat the forget them.
Anonymous (#3973)
Jan 25th, 2014 @ 10:27 GMT
Very edifying 3970, and so well written.
Anonymous (#3974)
Jan 25th, 2014 @ 15:28 GMT
3970 can you rephrase i don't quite understand
Anonymous (#3975)
Jan 25th, 2014 @ 17:53 GMT
3970, you display illiteracy.
Anonymous (#3976)
Jan 26th, 2014 @ 03:52 GMT
that right 3975 you can not said it better so that's when you get the PUSSY eat and fuck the PUSSY juice cum brain's out of that PUSSY like there's no tomorrow just like the saying find them feel them fuck and eat the forget them.
Anonymous (#3977)
Jan 26th, 2014 @ 09:40 GMT
Well i'm gay so i'm not at all interested in what you call pussy.
Anonymous (#3980)
Jan 28th, 2014 @ 01:35 GMT
okay 3977 you can not said it better so that's when you get the ASS eat and fuck the ASS juice cum brain's out of that ASS like there's no tomorrow just like the saying find them feel them fuck and eat the forget them.
lucerian darkness (#3987)
Feb 1st, 2014 @ 00:23 GMT
Women who dress immodestly (is. Short skirts/dresses skin and breast revealing tops) should be hurled into jail and caned with a rattan for solicitation of prostitution, I don't understand why certain country's can pass laws against LGBT/drugs/occult but still allow there women to dress like an escortm which IMO is a lot worse. An immodestly dressedmwomen is an unproductive women possessed by satan. A good dose of shariah law will set these harlots straight
Anonymous (#3992)
Feb 6th, 2014 @ 07:46 GMT
Ok, so I just got accused of posting on this site about my ex... her name is identical to a type of rubber tire.... Michelin.
I was given this website by her lawyer accusing me of writing this shit. I never read something so funny in my life!!!! It wasn't me who wrote the shit about that cunt but it just speaks volumes to the kind of bitch and slut that she is. Obviously that dirty bitch has pissed off enough men that apparently some are writing about her on this site and pretending it's me.
When I was first accused of writing this, I had to check it out for myself. When I read what was written about micheline, I nearly pissed my pants. I was accused of putting her email and phone number on this site. I saw that her email was posted but no telephone number as per the accusations. What a stupid fucking cunt. Micheline, if you are reading this, you know who this is. I had nothing to do with the posts about you prior to this but holy fuck, whoever wrote that was bang on!!! You are a filthy little whore and apparently you have sucked one too many cocks and have pissed off a few people.
Stop blaming me for all your shit, you fucking cunt. Maybe try closing your legs for once. You have herpes, you've had 'the clap' and you do in fact have multiple kids with multiple fathers. You are a slut. Deal with it. Stop blaming me and everyone else for the problems you create with your dirty slutty twat.
You are a whore, you know you are, and up until this post, you know it wasn't me who wrote that shit about you so fuck off, stop sucking so much cock and deal with your own fucking problems.

Yours truly.... nawww. go fuck yourself.
Anonymous (#3993)
Feb 6th, 2014 @ 07:53 GMT
Ohhh, and micheline c, tell thay cunt lawyer of yours that she can go fuck herself along with you and your family for accusing me of this fucking bullshit. It wasn't me and you know it!!! So stop blaming me of the bullshit that you got yourself into with your own promiscuous behavior!!!!
Victorious (#3995)
Feb 7th, 2014 @ 14:36 GMT
Little Laura Lee always lying to her family and friends,
swings from dick to dick,
the party never ends.
She thinks she has fooled every one but I know what she is,
A worthless whore with no future,
hell will be her end.
Here arrogance and drug filled life will be her bitter end,
Laure lee Bagley Asher,
Flames and fire will be your end.
May your dreams become nightmares and may they all come true,
it is what you brought upon yourself,
and no one is responsible,
but you, oh yes just you.
Have your fun now you fool, because hour end is coming soon.
You sold out your life while destroying others and no one is responsible but you.
There is a time to live and a time to die,
a time to laugh and a time to cry,
Laura lee bagley Asher because of your lies,
may today become your time to cry.
Anonymous (#3996)
Feb 8th, 2014 @ 05:57 GMT
I don't what is the problem if the girl likes sex. I like sex and sleep around. What is the big fucking deal?!
Anonymous (#4000)
Feb 9th, 2014 @ 23:29 GMT
Women's utter lack of moral fiber is disgusting! They all dress like streetwalkers with morals to match! They will never have sex unless there is something of material value in it for them. They will even whore themselves out for the price of a drink! Once they do that, they have branded themselves as the whore that they are! The next time that you are fucking your whore, just imagine the gallons of other men's spunk sloshind around in that vile, nasty, crusty, stinking, cesspool of a twat! Pardon me while I go vomit! They all need a one way ticket to the middle east for an attitude adjustment. A little Sharia Law and a head to toe birka will make their minds right... Nothing says style like a head to toe pillow case with eye holes cut in it.
Anonymous (#4004)
Feb 11th, 2014 @ 02:58 GMT
To 3396 - The big deal is that if you sleep around, it makes you a WHORE! Are you roo stupid to see that? Have some self respect, you skank...
Anonymous (#4005)
Feb 12th, 2014 @ 13:09 GMT
Feminism is a false dialectic, the aim... to divide and conquer. You see those on top KNOW human beings need to be kept back, and the population needs to be kept down. (because assholes don't wana get fucked) Unfortunately the men who invented feminism, (to deal with the suffragettes seeking votes for women and keep them from gaining a voice because, even most women know how empty they are deep down inside, and honestly who wants amoral people having a vote). Interestingly I have read the Freemasons won't let 'them' in the lodge and interestingly feminism which is a hidden form of (national?) socialism literally and is as such a covert political movement hell bend on the complete subversion of what women claim they care most for, family cohesion in favour of social 'correctness' i.e deception over common kindness and decency. Now ask yourself how dumb has your average woman gonna have to be to buy into such a fraudulent egocentric ideology, we need to take the power back and shame those politicians who create and proliferate this shit publicly and I for one vote we start with woman's hour the misandric cunt flaps who think they are intelligent and Elite because they help lower the population by making true hearted genuinely kind relationships IMPOSSIBLE for gentlemen and promotes men acting like fawning back-stabbing assholes driven by sex craving (which for men is as physical as womens periods, and deserves the same societal respect and entitlement). It's true we have been neutered even talking wrong to fuck holes gets you a youtube video telling teens shit like saying something she doesn't like IS full blown abuse, and if she changes her mind afterwards you retrospectively raped her... *sigh* I MEAN FOR FUCK SAKE!

OK so human beings can be sullen bell ends and moody pricks but NO that ISN'T ABUSE you fucking twat faced shitwaggons, it's words deal the fuck with that shit, it's just words and learn to use them elo-fucking-quently if you don't like whats said to you, now I'm off to chop my own junk off before the government make it Man-DA-Tory!
Anonymous (#4006)
Feb 12th, 2014 @ 13:35 GMT
I wrote the above and yes I have a sense of humour about it, but the overall sentiment has truth. Mindless Ideology needs changing by all those who can reason, so the rest of womenkind don't have to.
Fight Club - The Revolution (#4007)
Feb 15th, 2014 @ 04:46 GMT
I have read many if not most comments and I am pretty impressed by the insight being shared. My guess is that most posters are betas or ex-alpha males. I disagree with the statement made by a few that women have all the power. We have given them our power by being politically correct and dogs. The dog issue is the most disturbing, your friends, family and random males are ready to pounce on any attractive female in conflict with her boyfriend or husband. The female almost always takes advantage of this fucked up situation and the male involved is usually humiliated. This is why we need "Fight Club". This version like the movie version is about getting our manhood back and being brothers. The exception is, it;s not about MMA or boxing, but about a code of honor.

Fight Club - The Revolution is about enforcing the code. The code is that wives and girlfriends are off limits and that alpha males that are fueling this environment of whorish disrepute need to be checked. We are valets, waiters, analyst, drivers, chefs, doormen, security, bouncers, managers, policemen, pilots, etc. If we create the code and enforce the code we take our power back. Home wreaking men are frozen out and sluts get treated like sluts and not like ladies. No more "captain save a ho", be a good girl or be an outright whore.

Let's reverse this fucked up feminist created nightmare!!!! Let the Revolution Begin!!!
Anonymous (#4008)
Feb 15th, 2014 @ 09:28 GMT
Here here 4007, my words exactly.
Anonymous (#4009)
Feb 16th, 2014 @ 10:39 GMT
I've seen on sites where women complain about men cheating on them. From all of the comments I suppose that none of you have cheated before. Most of the women would be talking about how men can't be trusted and that they always cheat. But from all of these replies, it shows that there are a lot that don't. Now let's flip it over, this is a post full of men complaining that all women cheat, so there is somewhere that a minority of women are complaining about men cheating as they have not cheated before. So my point is that no matter what gender, there are people cheating and manipulating, no point just focusing on one.
Anonymous (#4013)
Feb 19th, 2014 @ 17:47 GMT
women think because they have a vagina it's lined with gold. I find them without exception moody, smelly money grabbing bitches only good for cleaning
Steve (#4016)
Feb 21st, 2014 @ 08:56 GMT
I've lost a few significant loves in my life that hurt me a great deal because I couldn't bring myself to be turned into a spineless wimp to appease unprincipled or characterless behavior on the part of my girl. They moved on to greener pastures and I was left alone with my morals. None of their relationship lasted long, so when they came back I had the pleasure of telling them to fuck off.
It's a hard road to travel and I can see why some choose not to do it.
The only consolation for the fucking pain and suffering comes from something the Dalai Lama said:
"Live your life, be honorable and do the right thing,
Then when you get old, you'll be able to look back over your life and enjoy it all over again".
Captain Pugwash (#4018)
Feb 21st, 2014 @ 10:58 GMT
yesterday and today have been the hottest days so far this summer and it seems where i live every brothel has opened its doors and let there workers go free. 9/10 women aged 50 or under i saw in the street today are dressed like the despicable trollops women are. Hell if this was Saudi Arabia or Iran wearing anything above the knee-line or exposing anything other than the arms or face would see you stoned to death (that's with rocks and brick). But no where i live its all namby pamby "we hate potheads but love slut-bag trendy dressed people and women and love to corrupt a new generation with pornographic fashion and media". WE NEED AN ISLAMIC STATE WHERE I LIVE. Fuck our Jewish Zionist pig fucker infidel PM.
Anonymous (#4022)
Feb 22nd, 2014 @ 02:17 GMT
Some of the boys or men on this site are either mental, illiterate or religious nut cases.
Fucking Islamic state. Get real you moron.
As for the other raving illiterate wackadoodles that write copious words with no punctuation, my advice to them is as follows:
Grow up, crawl out from under the rock you call home at get some kind of education and character.
Why would another person of any gender want a fucking babbling numbskull for a close friend or lover?
Answer: they wouldn't.
Captain Pugwash (#4024)
Feb 22nd, 2014 @ 08:27 GMT
anonymous 4022 - you TRULY ARE A FUCKING HARLOT. Too much Kardashian family, top 40 pop music and fashion catalogs have fucked up your brain innit? Mindless sheep. why would i want a trendy dressing trollop for a wife? Shes a stuck up, pinna colada swilling, snotty slut. Now begone you fucking trollop
Anonymous (#4025)
Feb 22nd, 2014 @ 13:47 GMT
The Feminism movement was created by "the elite" aka "The Rockefellers" to destroy society, to destroy the family unit, to separate men and women, to divide and conquer. Most people are followers and follow things that they do not clearly think about or look in to. Television is used to "program minds"
the word tele in greek means from afar in other words they are putting out "television programming" to program your mind with vision from afar. The whole feminist thing is use to destroy in many ways. What women call "chemistry" is actually that little tingle the right guys gives them in their twat. They want Mr nice beta guy to pay all the bills while they suck another guys dick the minute Mr nice beta guy is not around. They all use their pussy to entrap men ,to get what they want. MEN think with your brain NOT your dick. You can see when a woman is no good, just say NO. Don't let whores scar your soul and empty your wallet. If the whores need money tell them to fucking get a job and work 50 hours and be "independent" the way the feminist bullshit tells them to be. These whores are soul less. Yo want to laugh, go look on some free dating sites and read the profiles and some of the fucked up ideas and fantasy thoughts these deluded women have. Most of them 2 to 3 kids all different fathers, played out 30 something party girls, diseased, pierced, tattooed, and getting haggard. Tongue rings, yeah we know Tongue rings are for oral sex, now just how many cocks has she sucked off with that tongue ring?? Probably more than the women without the tongue ring is my guess. Now they want to settle down and NOBODY WANTS THEM. They get what they deserve in the end.
Anonymous (#4026)
Feb 22nd, 2014 @ 13:55 GMT
About the Mother comments. My own mother is in her 70s and has not learned a thing. She has a guy that has played her for sex for about 2 years. She says there is a "chemistry". Now she has another "Nice Guy" that jumps to open doors
for her and is a gentlemen. She says oh he's so nice just there is "no chemistry". In other words the Nice Guy isn't aggressive sexually and does not flirt with her. He is reserved and acts respectful towards someone who clearly is thinking with their pussy and frankly does not deserve his time at all. Until people start using their brains and start thinking with something more than the dick or pussy the world is going to be a fucked up place. This is my own mother in her 70s, she had her 1st child at 16 years old. Obviously she never learned a damn thing her whole life. Sex got her in trouble at 16 and sex got her in trouble in her 70s. She should wake the fuck up.
Anonymous (#4027)
Feb 22nd, 2014 @ 14:19 GMT
People we are all being Deceived, Tricked, and Fooled. The People that run this world and are in control of everything are experts at manipulating people through psychology and the manipulation of what I call Base wants, needs and instincts. Base meaning Sex, food, shelter and etc. This is not about religion, race or gender. They just use those things to divide us. Why do you think "they" force cities to a public water supply? So "they" can use "Sodium Fluoride" to make us all apathetic and passive. "They" own everything and "They" are very in your face with the things "They" pull off in plain sight. "They" Mock the masses when "They" pulled off things like Murdering JFK, RFK, MLK and other things like 9-11. All wars are for the "profit" of the "elite" and nothing besides. Human life means nothing to them. There are 7 billion people on the planet right now. "They" want to reduce that to 500 million. How By Murdering over 6 billion people through either soft kill aka disease, famine, or through hard kill aka a nuke or nukes.
Anonymous (#4029)
Feb 23rd, 2014 @ 15:20 GMT
The reason the "Mass Media" is constantly bombarding us with Sexual Content is to Get us to Destroy ourselves. Destroy your Finances, Destroy your Health, Destroy Your Future. How Many people that are hard core party type people do you think make it past their fifties? How Many illegitimate kids are out their wondering who their "Real Dad Is". Bottom line is "They" are trying to get "US" to destroy ourselves in every aspect. Body, Mind, Spirit ,Finances ,and Family. "They" Hate families "They" Do Not want smart successful people around who may catch on or build any kind of wealth. "They" have successfully "Brainwashed" people to believe a lie. A woman cheats in the middle east and her husband can kill her or get rid of her instantly, she is shunned and can not contact her family or children. In America the woman cheats and she is rewarded with over 50% of the assets ,the house ,custody of the kids. Most of them are not even guilty or ashamed of what they did. Why? because the media is telling them it's ok to be a fucking whore.
Captain Pugwash (#4030)
Feb 24th, 2014 @ 03:41 GMT
@4029 - KA PAI (WELL DONE) BROTHER!!! Everything you've said is the absolute undisputed truth. we need more people like you in this world
Anonymous (#4031)
Feb 27th, 2014 @ 11:41 GMT
@4022 Most women have reduced themselves to the status of worthless. Why because when all a woman has to offer me is grief and the occasional pity fuck then it's not worth my time. They wanted independence and now they have it. Now they can have fun struggling when before they probably did not have it all that bad and bitched about it. Yet they are too dumb or stubborn to ever admit it and admit they were and are wrong.
Anonymous (#4032)
Feb 27th, 2014 @ 23:37 GMT
young women are such shallow, superficial, undercover, closet sluts and the innocent looking ones seem to be the worse. They cant seem to keep one guy for a long time. They get bored of a guy so quick yet they are boring themselves. They dont know what real love is. Jumping from guy to guy like theirs no tommorrow.
Anonymous (#4033)
Feb 28th, 2014 @ 02:07 GMT
We'll speak for yourselves..theres a whole lot of good woman out there in the world who know your body is your temple..and chooses not to use there bodys like its a trash can!!! For hard up trifiline men..that wants to dump there nasty waist in you like its a trash can..to gross!!! And it takes an nother horish person to spot another horish person out!!! Men just want to ruin womans body's..and toss them out like old trash!!!!
Anonymous (#4034)
Feb 28th, 2014 @ 03:10 GMT
You got that right cunt face 4033👄
Anonymous (#4036)
Feb 28th, 2014 @ 21:42 GMT
well I think half of marriage's end in devoirs today and there are more open marriage's today and women they want everything today and the guy's have to pay for the PUSSY today.
Anonymous (#4038)
Mar 1st, 2014 @ 18:55 GMT
It is more like 75% of marriages end in Divorce. Most of those Divorces are initiated by the woman. Probably because the Man could not live up to the Fantasy Marriage the woman had in her head. People do things backwards
Meet >Fuck >Relationship >Marriage >Divorce
It should Be Meet >get to truly know one another >Sex plus a real relationship >Marriage >Happily ever after.
Today People Do Not live in reality and do not honor commitments or their own word.
If you live your life through your Genitals you are always going to have a problem.
Anonymous (#4039)
Mar 3rd, 2014 @ 07:53 GMT
I read a book written by a female psychologists and in that book she interviewed women that made mistakes aka: cheated and or ruined their family in various ways. The women admitted that now years later in a new relationship they found themselves having the same empty feelings that caused them to "make mistakes" in the first place. What this tells me is that these women need to learn how to be thankful for the good things they have in their life and not take it all for granted.
Anonymous (#4046)
Mar 8th, 2014 @ 07:53 GMT
I just saw a story here in australia about a guy who set fire to his girl friend and my first thoughts were sucked in mole you would have deserved it. She had 1 metre flames coming off of her , from head to toe she's in a bad state. I never use to think or feel this way about such horrible crimes but I've seen and know what girls are all about and I hate the. Fucking cunts. You get what you deserve you bitches.
Fight Club - Please Read (#4047)
Mar 8th, 2014 @ 15:05 GMT
********** Please Read and Comment **********

I have read many if not most comments and I am pretty impressed by the insight being shared. My guess is that most posters are betas or ex-alpha males. I disagree with the statement made by a few that women have all the power. We have given them our power by being politically correct and dogs. The dog issue is the most disturbing, your friends, family and random males are ready to pounce on any attractive female in conflict with her boyfriend or husband. The female almost always takes advantage of this fucked up situation and the male involved is usually humiliated. This is why we need "Fight Club". This version like the movie version is about getting our manhood back and being brothers. The exception is, it;s not about MMA or boxing, but about a code of honor.

Fight Club - The Revolution is about enforcing the code. The code is that wives and girlfriends are off limits and that alpha males that are fueling this environment of whorish disrepute need to be checked. We are valets, waiters, analyst, drivers, chefs, doormen, security, bouncers, managers, policemen, pilots, etc. If we create the code and enforce the code we take our power back. Home wreaking men are frozen out and sluts get treated like sluts and not like ladies. No more "captain save a ho", be a good girl or be an outright whore.

Let's reverse this fucked up feminist created nightmare!!!! Let the Revolution Begin!!!
Anonymous (#4048)
Mar 8th, 2014 @ 17:28 GMT
I agree with Fight Club. The problem is that guys get with women that have some issue with being content. These women are never happy, then they get more and more in to their own negative thinking. Eventually they vent to a guy that sees it as an opportunity to get a piece of ass. I do not think that alpha or beta has anything to do with the guys here sharing their stories, I think that all the guys here just happened to get women that are damaged and or have a fucked up thought process which is based in negative thinking. I also believe that ALL WOMEN will cheat if she allows herself to continually think about her husband or boyfriend in a negative way. I have seen it, I have been the guy fucking some dudes wife. She would call him moron and a bunch of other names when she spoke of him. The only thing making that guy a moron was keeping her around.
Dave (#4049)
Mar 9th, 2014 @ 12:41 GMT
Some of these comments are well thought out and make sense. Others are written by real haters, delinquents and socially or mentally damaged people. Maybe I'm just lucky but my wife has been around for about 25 years. She is still as horney as fuck at the tender age of 45, and she still loves to be boned a couple of times a week. She earns over twice as much money as I do, is super generous to me and our boy, and rarely complains about anything. The only thing that I will concede is that she can be a bit of a hoe in the bedroom. Bliss.
Dave (#4050)
Mar 9th, 2014 @ 12:43 GMT
Some of these comments are well thought out and make sense. Others are written by real haters, delinquents and socially or mentally damaged people. Maybe I'm just lucky but my wife has been around for about 25 years. She is still as horney as fuck at the tender age of 45, and she still loves to be boned a couple of times a week. She earns over twice as much money as I do, is super generous to me and our boy, and rarely complains about anything. The only thing that I will concede is that she can be a bit of a hoe in the bedroom. Bliss.
Anonymous (#4051)
Mar 9th, 2014 @ 18:42 GMT
I agree all women are trash. They like getting that stinkin cunt fucked and they don't care who fucks it. If she later shits a kid out of her gash, that's a paycheck. I laugh at the ugly bitches who claim they were raped. Most are liars, just making it up for attention. As for the ones who are not lying, I am glad to see that a man is finally giving them what they deserve. And if he ass rapes and murders the bitch, all the better. TORTURE THEM ALL TO DEATH
Anonymous (#4052)
Mar 9th, 2014 @ 18:49 GMT
I'd slice the bitch from her clit to her asshole if she fucked with me. Hang her up by her rear pig hooves and let her bleed to death out of her rotten cunt slit. I'd get a good laugh out of that. Nobody would care either because she is just a useless fucking FEMALE.
Anonymous (#4053)
Mar 11th, 2014 @ 04:03 GMT
To hell with that dead fish smell!
Anonymous (#4055)
Mar 11th, 2014 @ 21:41 GMT
pussy juice, pussy cum, pussy brain's, pussy hamburger, pussy bacon, pussy steak, pussy vitamins, pussy mineral's, pussy protein, pussy DNA
Anonymous (#4056)
Mar 13th, 2014 @ 20:57 GMT
A lot of these modern day CUNTS have a very warped way of thinking.

Example: Your GF hangs out with other dudes when your not around getting high and drunk and probably fucking and sucking as well.

She calls this behavior "being social" I call it "being a whore"

The worst part is if this CUNT has a kid then where is the kid while she is
doing these things
Answer: plopped in front of the babysitter (TV) while the CUNT mother
is getting High/Drunk/Fucked in another room.

UHM yeah that's being social.
Anonymous (#4057)
Mar 13th, 2014 @ 21:04 GMT
those type of women should be avoided you will risk getting AIDS
you have to use some common sense train wreck party girls
are not worth your time or the risk.
Anonymous (#4058)
Mar 14th, 2014 @ 07:54 GMT
This whole world is so fucked up, every country is as corrupt as the next, girls are cunts and before you know it where all gonna be dead. So I say get out there and fuck as many girls as you can over before they do to you and enjoy it. Fuck this world. And fuck woman.
Anonymous (#4059)
Mar 14th, 2014 @ 09:09 GMT
The difference between a woman and a rooster is that a rooster says cocka doodle doo and a woman says any cock will doo
Anonymous (#4060)
Mar 14th, 2014 @ 11:58 GMT
I'm not so sure all the comments here are about hatred as much as they are a Great Dislike and Disappointment in what Women have become. Men want to be with women, women they can rely on and TRUST. In today's corrupt world the women now have too many choices and too many people and things corrupting and distracting them. Maybe things were always this way just on a much more discreet level. Now everything is in your face, we have too much access to millions of other people. In the past we had access to people we saw physically on a daily basis. The women believe all men are lying, cheating, dogs so they want to "hurt men before men hurt them.
It's easier to stay single and celibate. My bank account loves it and I have no headaches from dealing with Bad Behavior.
Anonymous (#4061)
Mar 14th, 2014 @ 12:22 GMT
I'm not as convinced as you are that all men want to be with women. A significant and growing number of men can find at least some of what they are looking for in other men. As for me, I like some women, but cant stand their superficiality, fakeness and bitchiness, and there is easily as much beauty in the male physique as female, and moreover, the male nature and ethos is so vastly different from women, that I find I am home there, with my brother, who is beautiful, vulnerable, masculine and sweet.
Anonymous (#4062)
Mar 14th, 2014 @ 18:24 GMT
It should not be a crime to kill a woman. They are less than a fucking cockroach.
Anonymous (#4063)
Mar 14th, 2014 @ 19:20 GMT
You cocksucking bitches. Every one of you should be dragged out, ass raped, and murdered. You fucking suck. You live to suck cock and take advantage of men and you get your fucking nut off abusing one another. I hope each and every one of you gets tortured to death very slowly. Then go and burn in hell. Fuck you cunts in the ass all the way to hell.
Anonymous (#4066)
Mar 19th, 2014 @ 12:04 GMT
Fucking ignorant ugly ass hillbilly bitches are the worst. They should all be murdered and their little fuck trophy kids too. FUCK YOU BITCH WHORES go kill yourselves you useless inbreds. Your cunts stink. Do you even know how to wash your rotten pussies? I swear I hate every one of you. If this shithole got bombed I would laugh at your suffering. FUCK YOU
Anonymous (#4067)
Mar 20th, 2014 @ 16:35 GMT
and as for you so called men who fuck these worthless stinking ugly bitches FUCK YOU IN THE ASS TOO. You pieces of shit are just as much to blame. You will do anything for that rotten pussy, won't you? Fuck, I'd like to take each and every one of you and slice your little dick from your piss slit to your asshole. You do not deserve to live. All of you, male and female, need to kill yourselves. You are useless trash, everybody hates you, you are disgusting, you are failures, you are pathetic, you are lame, you are trash, and you deserve to be dead.
captain pugwash (#4068)
Mar 21st, 2014 @ 03:07 GMT
4066 - the fashionista hollywood / Beverly hills clone are the worst of the worst. You see them everywhere in my country and hometown' they are not only fucking slutbags who follow what's cool and trendy and what's in the latest issue of porno-politan magazine, but because they are rich bitches who look and act like the kardashian sisters or paris hilton, there personalitys are stuck up and snotty as well which makes them worse than the $5 whore from the hutt valley. They need to be stoned to death - and I mean with bricks
Anonymous (#4069)
Mar 21st, 2014 @ 03:37 GMT
Every woman deservingly needs a bullet, actually make that two, one for each knee cap
Anonymous (#4070)
Mar 21st, 2014 @ 13:08 GMT
Females here, yea I fuck a lot of guys because I can. Yes, I do whore myself out and enjoy it. As pissed as you guys get remember there are guys who do anything for pussy. I love to use my pussy to get what I want.
Anonymous (#4071)
Mar 21st, 2014 @ 13:20 GMT
I've got time to kill so I'll take out the trash.
Anonymous (#4072)
Mar 21st, 2014 @ 13:32 GMT
@4069 I agree then let them suffer for a long time before you put a bullet through their bone head
Anonymous (#4073)
Mar 22nd, 2014 @ 12:59 GMT
If their lives are as worthless as the babies they abort, then I say kill them.
Anonymous (#4074)
Mar 22nd, 2014 @ 22:50 GMT
@(#4070) Lets face it women whore themselves out and guys do stupid shit for the pussy, Some women fall victim to man whores as well. It seems that some people actually want a traditional relationship with the traditional gender roles. Only problem is almost never works out because one person or the other
falls victim to corruption, negativity, depression and etc. So if you want to be a whore more power to you. Peace...
Anonymous (#4075)
Mar 23rd, 2014 @ 00:18 GMT
I find some of these comments true. Women use sex as a means to an end, to get what they want and need. So they use sex thinking that is the only thing that is going to please a man 100%. They are wrong. Men want more, like loyalty, honesty,appreciation, and respect. Those four things are what they withhold from us. You know they are a whore the signs are there. Cold hearted and passion less. Most people are selfish assholes, putting themselves even before their own children.
Anonymous (#4077)
Mar 23rd, 2014 @ 09:00 GMT
@ 4075 the four things you mention most people are incapable of. Maybe they are so selfish that they refuse to give those four things to the people they supposedly love. In the end it's all bullshit anyway, I see it and hear it all the time people talking shit about their husband or wife. You see it everywhere you get a man or woman who truly and unconditionally loves their mate and that mate just shits all over them and gets used, abused, and eventually discarded.
Anonymous (#4078)
Mar 23rd, 2014 @ 14:52 GMT
Feel A woman has a feeling because she likes a guy or because a guy flirted
Think The woman thinks about said guy and fantasizes about him and sex
Act The woman gets to a point when the fantasy thoughts are too much
now she must have said guy.
Rationalize The woman now makes excuses to herself about why she fucked said guy and consequently cheated on her Husband or Boyfriend. She will lie to herself and Blame it all on the Husband or Boyfriend. Any lame excuse will do. You see it's not her fault it can't be, because then she must admit to whorish behavior.
Anonymous (#4079)
Mar 23rd, 2014 @ 23:44 GMT
This message is for micheline aline chretien...
One of the fuckin men you fucking cheated on me with just sent me a picture of the two of u in my fucking bed in my fucking house.
It takes a certain kind of fucking whore to cheat on a man while she is pregnant. Wow, you must be soooo proud of yourself.
Your a fucking cunt. No wonder you used to constantly accuse me of cheating in order to justify your own infidelities.
Deny it all you want you fucking cunt, but I finally have evidence.
Your a fucking peice of shit. You really are.
Whoever wrote the initial posts about you on this thread is probably the person that fucked your dirty cunt when you were with me.
I hope you suck on a dick with aids... fucking whore.
Anonymous (#4080)
Mar 24th, 2014 @ 00:07 GMT
Wow, Micheline aline chretien from ottawa Ontario... you had the fuckin audacity to accuse me of cheating, you made me spend thousands of dollars to get joint custody, you continue to act like a fucking 5 year old... you have even denied your child athsma medicine in the past to try and piss me off.
Your a fucking peice of shit. Your nothing short of a whore. You probably act the way you do cuz u have daddy issues... well I'm here to.say that Mariette should have swallowed the load that turned into a money grubbing, slut whore. Fuck you
Anonymous (#4081)
Mar 24th, 2014 @ 13:00 GMT
@ 4079 Whenever a woman is constantly accusing you of cheating, LOOK OUT, because she is probably the one really doing it. I would even say the women that are extremely jealous will eventually cheat as well. They accuse and act that way because they are probably doing some fucked up shit behind your back. Don't date insecure cunts it's not worth the headache.
Anonymous (#4082)
Mar 24th, 2014 @ 13:09 GMT
If she checks your phone chances are She is DOING THINGS with the phone.

If she checks the computer chances are She is DOING THINGS with the computer.

Follow your Gut instinct and watch her behavior very closely.

I have dealt with cheating women before, I know the tricks they pull.

A good give away is just say the guys name that you think she is messing

with and monitor the look on her face, it will give her away instantly.
Anonymous (#4084)
Mar 24th, 2014 @ 15:57 GMT
If your wife or girlfriend ever says the following you are probably in trouble.
1. You deserve better than me. Take her word for it she's probably dirty.
2. You deserve someone nice. She is telling you she has not been nice.
3. She has been a cunt for months and all the sudden you are "The best man in the whole world" She just got dumped by the guy she was cheating with and now you don't look so bad. That's until she is fucking someone else again then you are back to her cunt mode.
4. She drop's the name of a male acquaintance or coworker on you 100 times in conversation constantly talking about this guy. Chances are she is infatuated or is already fucking this person.
LUCY (#4085)
Mar 25th, 2014 @ 13:55 GMT
WOW. I'm fairly disgusted by mainly the comments, and I do want to say this. I am a 24 year old (straight) woman and I have LOYALLY dated a few guys in the past, post-high school, and I am currently in a loyal, comitted relationship. During the times when I WAS single, I chose not to sleep around with multiple guys bc it's fucking gross. I am the type of woman who wants to get to know you first before getting close like that it's just who I am. While I was single, I had one friend with benefits whom I played Halo Reach and hooked up with, which is certainly not considered "sleeping around." I do not approve of the concept of women using their "assets" to get what they want, whether it's money or attention, and them playing the "she's a victim bc she's a woman" game. What's pathetic is that those with the bigger "assets" usually get more of what they want or they get it quicker bc bigger is better, right?! Well, what if Ms. Petite B-Cup isn't nearly as blessed as Ms. Doomin Double-D's over there, and gets overlooked over her larger counterpart when she is no less desirable?! I think thats just fucked up. I just wanted to give my opinion, underneath all these angry, women-hating comments, and say: Men, there are other women out there like myself who are loyal and choose not to sleep around and use looks to get what they want. There are good women out there in this world amongst the bad, and it's up to YOU to weed out the good and leave the nasty cheating "bar whores" for the nasty men who are willing to put up with them! 👌✌
Anonymous (#4086)
Mar 25th, 2014 @ 18:28 GMT
@ LUCY the comments here are only about "SOME" women not "ALL" women as the title would imply. I agree with your comment about how most guys go for the larger breasted women. Reality is most guys are not that picky and will tag anything that they think they can. The petite ,smaller breasted women because the usually have a better backside. :) The reason there are "Double Standards" is so that women get kept in check and to assure paternity. These days paternity tests are nearly 100% accurate. No man wants to pay for someone elses child Forever after being deceived. Also think about this a woman's womb should be considered sacred because that is where she carries her child, it's disgusting that any child has to get carried around and gestate in a womb that has seen 300 cocks and 300 different DNA samples (sperm).
Anonymous (#4087)
Mar 26th, 2014 @ 00:09 GMT
the only time the dumb worthless cunts feel any emotion is when they look in the mirror.
Anonymous (#4088)
Mar 26th, 2014 @ 08:43 GMT
4085 will you make love to me.❤️❤️❤️
Anonymous (#4096)
Mar 31st, 2014 @ 13:49 GMT
So many women haters on here. I would be willing to bet money that every single one of you have little tiny dicks! It's very obvious...
Anonymous (#4098)
Apr 1st, 2014 @ 02:04 GMT
4096 you've answered the questions that all woman are wholes, it seems that you have cock on your mind all the time and big cock for that matter??? And who cares if we do have small dicks, we have them so you whores can reproduce and that us males have a good time while doing it, not the other way around you dirty cocksucking slut.
Anonymous (#4099)
Apr 1st, 2014 @ 14:43 GMT
what is a whore!!! these are unmarried/married males and females who are sexual active with other whorish people. Men don't need to complain because man like hoe's. men like free sex and sex with no string attached and now you reap what you sow. You whores male/female spread STD like others give out candy to kids. No female can become a whore without a male whore period. stop supporting whoredom keep your legs closed and you dick in the pants. We don't want your STD or your filthy penis/vagina.
Anonymous (#4100)
Apr 2nd, 2014 @ 20:02 GMT
The Bottom Line is WE have ALL been MANIPULATED, The mass media and the EVIL FUCKING SCUMBAGS that own and run it bombard us with Sexual content constantly. They play divide and conquer with people and have succeeded. YOU and I still have a choice.
It's called Free Will, just say no to corrupting your body and mind, just say no to mass consumerism putting yourself in a never ending cycle of Debt Slavery. Qusetion everything Including authority. Look around you at all the symbolism..Occult Symbolism that are on the logos and letterhead of 99% of all the major companies in the world.
Something is seriously WRONG here and people better WAKE THE FUCK UP.
Feminism was created by the Rockefellers to destroy society, the family and to make them richer and in more control..Pushing their "New World Order Agenda"
Racial Hate is promoted again to "Divide People" hence conquering them.
Homosexuality..We are being Bombarded with this from the media..why
1. Homosexuals do not create offspring
2. To corrupt society
3. To divide and conquer You can't have a Brotherhood of Men if 30% of them are only concerned with a their "Lifestyle" hence divide and conquer

Ok we have established the divide and conquer "New World Order Agenda"

Now It's up to US to Stop Buying In to and All The Brainwashing and Take control of
our own Thoughts and Destiny.
Anonymous (#4101)
Apr 2nd, 2014 @ 21:24 GMT
@4100 rockafellas and the rothchilds and all the other Dew scum.
Anonymous (#4102)
Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 06:21 GMT
Ok, so I know that all women are useless whores. But I think that french Canadian women take the title. I've met 6 frenchies over the last 2-3 years and every single one of them is the same. They all pretend to be decent women, but when you dig into their past, you find that every single one of them is only one step away from a hooker. I mean, seriously, each one has had at least 20 different men penetrate them in the last 2-3 years. They all keep their ex's around "just in case" and they are all bar stars even in their 30's.
Seriously? Do you really need to go get all whored up every weekend so you can get as much male attention as possible? Don't think it's time to grow the fuck up???
I think the dirty ass french culture just breeds whorish behavior. Essentially they are raised to disregard all decency and to suck as many cocks as they can as if dick was going extinct. None of them care about protection and they all love facials. Not that I don't enjoy giving a facial, but only a low life whore wants a strangers cum on her face.
They all have kids and most of the fathers are not in the picture because they likely dont even know who the father is due to all the semen they have swimming around their cum dumpsters.
Women are whores, but french bitches take being a whore to a whole new level.
Anonymous (#4103)
Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 07:34 GMT
Wow!!!!! Hahahaha. So Julie Beauchamp, aka MJ Beauchamp, aka Marie Julie aka aka aka... holy fuck slut, just keep one name, bitch.
Anyway, so you decided to.get fake tits. It takes a certain kind of insecure whore to get fake tits in order to attract the wrong kind of guy. But we've always known you were a whore. Where's your daughter's father? MIA? Probably cuz you can't keep up with your lies and all the men you've fucked.
Then there is Karina Louisseize. Seems like this dyke is hurtin for friends so will cling desperately to any woman. Your a pathetic whore, karina, do everyone a favor and eat a pussy with AIDS.
Then, there is Micheline... well, what can one say about the biggest human toilet? not much, cuz that's what this whore is worth. The kind of whore that would rather look for another cock than take care of her kids. She already has herpes... OMG, what a peice of french trash.
Anonymous (#4104)
Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 10:40 GMT
@4102 It's not just the French Bitches that are whores for male attention It's most of them. I know one Cunt that keeps at least a few hundred guys on Facebook, Probably 50 to 75 Guys on her phone. All the ones on the phone she has probably sucked or fucked. She is in constant contact with exes even when she has a boyfriend. Today's society tells these women it's ok to behave like entitled little whores. The sad part is Most of these women are single mothers, Teaching their little girls the same behavior only the kids are learning this shit @ 5 years old. Fucking junkie whores should be gathered up and sent to an island with all the drugs they can dream of and just let them FUCKING DIE. At least then those kids may have a chance.
Anonymous (#4106)
Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 18:43 GMT
Any woman that has all male friends and No Female friends is a Huge Red Flag.
These type of women are very insecure and view other women as competition, and remind them of their own thoughts of inferiority. Besides if a woman cannot get along with her own gender or kind how is she going to get along with anyone else.
Any woman that puts getting high before her own child or puts the child in harms way to get high does not love that child. If this woman cannot even love her own flesh and blood then she will never love any man, because all she really loves is getting high. She does not even love herself.
Drug and alcohol addictions are about the self, selfishness. It's about that person feeling good with and from a substance. The substance becomes needed to keep feeling good. Only problem is when the addict is busy getting what they need, they basically destroy all around them (their family and friends)just to keep getting high. Drugs and alcohol = Death.
Anonymous (#4107)
Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 19:01 GMT
I agree with 4087# all most women care about is themselves.
Not their children, Not their Family, Not their friends, only themselves.
We have created a ME ME ME society of narcissistic little whores.
Don't believe it, go look at the majority of Facebook.
The average female profile has 20 or more pics of the female that owns the account making duck lipped photos or trying to be sexy. You won't see pictures of their children or family only them. If the immature bitch has a husband or boyfriend then she will crop that guy out of every picture to make herself appear single so she can get her "Fix" of male attention.
WE have created monsters of entitled, lazy, addicted, lying ,cheating, useless people. There are even documented cases where young females killed their infants to stay on Facebook as long as possible.
Anonymous (#4108)
Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 19:23 GMT
A lot of the problem women are probably victims of molestation and etc. Their parents probably found out and did nothing ruining the girls self worth Forever. Perhaps the girl witnessed her mother cheating on her father and was forced to keep "The Secret". Shh Don't tell. Wow a great way for a young girl to learn the morals of being a young lady. What a burden on a young teen girl to keep her mother's secret knowing it would destroy her father if he found out. So after being molested and being the secret keeper the young teen girl turns to Drugs and being a Drug Slut in order to Get Drugs. All this because of fucked up parental behavior.
Anonymous (#4109)
Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 19:32 GMT
Any woman that goes out of her way to adamantly state she has only had sex with 2 men her entire life is probably lying. Good rule of thumb is take the number they give you and multiply times 5. That's a good start point.
Anonymous (#4110)
Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 19:42 GMT
With Most women everything is a Fucking Lie or some Rationalization (lying to themselves) in order to justify wrongdoing in their own Fucked Up Minds.
Anonymous (#4111)
Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 19:48 GMT
@4108 I bet this druggie girl now uses her elderly mother's guilt against her to get her to hand over the welfare or social security check.
Anonymous (#4113)
Apr 5th, 2014 @ 13:03 GMT
@4108 you are so correct
Anonymous (#4120)
Apr 7th, 2014 @ 00:38 GMT
You read these comments and wonder how many women are sitting there reading them thinking "Is he talking about ME? Is this my EX?
Women are behaving badly and wonder why guys Don't want them or use them for a fuck and chuck. In the past few years without dating my life is completely peaceful. I have only myself to answer to. Is chivalry dead? Why, yes it is and women killed it. Here is a good link


This will give you a pretty good idea why men should not date or marry.
Anonymous (#4121)
Apr 7th, 2014 @ 01:53 GMT

This is the Truth People, We have all been distracted and fooled.
Anonymous (#4125)
Apr 11th, 2014 @ 11:19 GMT
All women are whores. That's why most women orgasm when they are raped even if they have never orgasmed with their husband. Filthy whores.
Anonymous (#4126)
Apr 11th, 2014 @ 11:21 GMT
Women are stupid fucked-up selfish whores. Period. All of them sluts should be butchered, and served as lion food. Filthy sluts will fuck anything that moves.
Anonymous (#4127)
Apr 11th, 2014 @ 11:22 GMT
Women are useless wastes-of-space. These whores need to be gangraped.
Anonymous (#4129)
Apr 11th, 2014 @ 19:24 GMT
I was a nice gentleman who was well disciplined and respected women very highly. Then came the day my Fiance Cheated on me with multiple guys behind my back and left me like a dog. I did everything I could for her but this is how she treated me in the end. Then I met another girl who caught my fancy, she was very nice and I thought she was different, then she started talking about her sexual past and that she wanted to try me out and pretty soon I caught on to her game that she only wanted me for sex. I almost slept with her too but I have better respect for myself than to be a whores toy. In the end I blame myself for thinking I could have found a decent and honest woman in this world.
Anonymous (#4131)
Apr 12th, 2014 @ 19:23 GMT
I find women's genital absolutely gross, and their exterior presentation not much different. Why would any man want to stick their tongue into that sewer of a vagina any more than he would want to do the same to any other of her internal organs. UGH.
Anonymous (#4132)
Apr 13th, 2014 @ 07:35 GMT
This page is great for its brutally honest perspective of what a man feels like after going through the hell and heartbreak of a relationship with an unworthy woman. A slut. A whore. All of the above. Some have articulated the bullshit that women pull on men perfectly. There is so much truth and unfortunately an equal amount of hatred being vented through this forum. I have read every post and agree with most. I find that the saddest part is that I agree with most. I agree with some of almost everyone of them except for some of the things I've read on violence against women, but thats just me.

As a shy kid I didn't get much action. Now as an adult with 15 years of body building under my belt I can honestly say that I never have to approach a woman. I make them come to me. I learned a long time ago that trying to chase a woman around was stupid and self degrading. Now that I am in perfect shape I tease them and play the same game right the fuck back. I treat them like shit. I never call or text them. I play their own game right back at them. Not caring about women has gotten me more attention from women than I care for.

I would like to respect woman like I did when I was shy. Thinking that they were special. The older I get the more I am absolutely convinced that women are so materialistic and self centered that marrying one just seems like the dumbest move a single guy can make.

If you find a good woman and you aren't lying to your self about her behavior when she's sober or drunk then you got a keeper........for now. Who know what she turns into years down the road.
Anonymous (#4133)
Apr 13th, 2014 @ 11:10 GMT
I agree with 4132 women should be treated the way that they treat us. I believe that women somehow enjoy this. I read all the posts as well, I don't agree with violence either. The best thing to do when they are out of control is just walk away and No Contact after that. In this day and age it's not even worth the piece of ass because of diseased women spreading their filth. I personally do not want the headaches. My coworkers make fucked up comments because I don't date anymore. I think those assholes just want me in the same boat they are in, either attached and miserable or married and miserable. No Thanks I put up with many years of misery with my now EX Wife.
Anonymous (#4134)
Apr 13th, 2014 @ 11:41 GMT
I have had slutty druggie chicks, men should avoid this type of woman lie,cheat,steal
I have had religious chicks (wow was she horny)and hypocritical and crazy
I have had chubby chicks that thought they deserved Adonis and the world on a platter.
I have had "Good Girls" that put on the "Good Woman" act for the world they are liars
I have turned down "Good Looking Women" because I knew how dirty they are
I have walked away from women after short conversations of them saying they are divorced 3 times, uhm nice meeting you and good luck.
I have had chicks want "Friends with Benefits" with me. Yeah how many other "Friends" does she have?? No thanks when she gets AIDS I am sure she'll be real happy.
Tongue rings are for ORAL SEX if a woman has one, you gotta question yourself on how many dicks or pussy she has used it on.
Men are better off single and celibate Until a woman comes along and proves beyond a doubt that she is even worth my time.
Captain Pugwash (#4136)
Apr 15th, 2014 @ 05:38 GMT
honestly - women who take explicit "selfies" of themselves ought to be tortured then stoned to death with bricks...these slut-bags have absolutely no respect for themselves, there bodies and shows they have very very low self esteem. I wish death upon these disease-plagued, attention-seeking prostitutes.
Anonymous (#4137)
Apr 15th, 2014 @ 07:20 GMT
Ok, so let's get right down to it...

So what do men need women for... at the most primal urge. Sex. Most men see women for one purpose only, to have sex and reproduce.
Why do we need women? In this day and age, we don't. Women are pretty much fucking useless and are good for one thing and one thing only... to accept a mans seed.
Let's look back at the last 100 years or so... what the fuck has any woman contributed to the betterment of society in the last 100 years??? I can't think of one GD thing that women have done!!!!
Any divorced bitch will tell.you that she is "entitled" to her ex husbands money. Why??? What the fuck did you do to earn that money, bitch??? Huh??? What did you do???? Did you stay up late for 6 year's studying for the barr exam??? Did you sacrifice years of hard work and thousands of dollars in student loans to become a doctor???
No!!!!! 99% of the useless gold digging cunts out there did NOTHING to contribute to her mans financial success, but 100% of you whores think that just because you sucked a little cock, you're entitled to another mans hard work.
Women today are nothing more than useless cum dumpsters. They do nothing but suck cock and expect money in return.
The biggest mistake North America made was to allow women to vote!!!
Anonymous (#4138)
Apr 15th, 2014 @ 20:35 GMT
I agree with 4137, I was with this married woman one time. What an eye opening experience. She has it all Nice house, Nice Cars, Money, Comfort,
She Doesn't work, She has a healthy Child, Her Husband who IS NOT the father of the child is Raising the child as his own and make a VERY HIGH Salary.
All this woman did besides suck my dick was bitch and complain about her husband and how bad she has it. Complain because her life is "Boring" and how she misses "The Night Life and Partying" She should be kissing that guys ass for taking care of her and someone Else's child because she has no education and would be standing in the welfare line if it was not for him. These women are Ungrateful, Immature, Shallow, Deceitful, and Self Indulged. It makes no sense unless the women feel like they Do Not Deserve the nice things and Blessings they have in their life.
captain pugwash (#4139)
Apr 18th, 2014 @ 15:07 GMT
120, 100, 50, 30 or even as recently as 22 years ago if a woman started a conversation in a bar she would obviously be single and looking for a man to walk down the aisle with with a vow to "start a happy little family, have kids/grand-kids and be together for the rest of our days"...sadly i was born too late. Women of my generation 25-40 are users and slut-bags. Hell there's even a dating site dedicated to women in my age group who wish to CHEAT on there husbands and Ruin the family's they help create. 98.8% of Women born born after 1970 are slut-bags, hoes, prostitutes, users, gold-diggers, cheaters and fucking goddamn liars...a man my age would be fucking lucky if he had a missus after 5 years - she must be one of those 1.2% who are true gems, and as they say true gems are ultra-rare.

Death to those 98.8% of women aged under 45...i hope you are all stoned to death with bricks and rock...i good couple of years in Saudi Arabia or even Iran will set you fucking slut-bag dressing, cheating, gold-digging lying harlots straight, oh you'll learn the true meaning of respecting your man as well as yourself and children.

99% of juvie crims and striipers/prostitutes come from divorced/single parent homes where dad doesnt exist to give you spoilt product of lil miss slut-bag a good boot up the bum
Anonymous (#4140)
Apr 19th, 2014 @ 04:37 GMT
I Don't think age matters Most women are Followers. They follow their so called Friends, trends, fads, the media, celebrities and etc. If a group of female friends are all Divorced or are all Cheating on their husbands except for one of them, They will drag that one down with them to their level of depravity. They will play on her fears trying to convince her that her husband is probably cheating himself or that her husband is a bastard, depriving her of life and fun because he wants to live a sane life and not be enslaved to credit cards because of shopping sprees. Women need to Fucking Wake Up and stop Following Others and Fucking THINK for a change.
Anonymous (#4141)
Apr 19th, 2014 @ 10:32 GMT
I agree with the above...followers. In addition I would be hard pressed to name any number of significant woman painters, explorers, writers, composers, scientists, religious leaders, philosophers, revolutionaries, humanitarians, industrialists, architects, and on and on. The woman today is seen in mainly in media related positions. They take their lead, as the writer above states from others like Lady GaGa (?), Madonna, Miley Cyrus. They are too dumb to get out of the labyrinth maze they are in to see any reality outside the little world they construct for themselves.
Anonymous (#4142)
Apr 21st, 2014 @ 01:32 GMT
If they didn't have cunts there would be a bounty on them.
Anonymous (#4143)
Apr 21st, 2014 @ 02:46 GMT
I think it's sad that these women are so messed up. When called out on this extremely wrong behavior all they can say is "Why Do You Hate Women?"

Here is a break up I went through.

ME: You have to go, I am not going to put up with this behavior and what
are doing to your kid ,yourself and me.
HER: Why Do You Hate Women? You just can't handle an independent women.

Me: I don't hate women I hate the behavior that you are choosing.
Besides you are not independent because you rely on welfare.
I really wish you would go to rehab and see a counselor.

HER: FUCK YOU, you don't care about me and you hate women.

ME: Please get help, I never want to see you again if you harass me I will
have you arrested.

HER: FUCK YOU, turns on the fake tears while having a major temper tantrum.
Anonymous (#4144)
Apr 21st, 2014 @ 10:03 GMT
@4143 that's funny, reminds what I went through.
Anonymous (#4145)
Apr 21st, 2014 @ 12:51 GMT
@4143 In the end that woman will probably find some fool to put up with whatever she is or was doing. Since you mention rehab it's probably drugs or alcohol. Rationalizing seems to run rampant in their minds. They don't think they are doing wrong or convince themselves that they are not. The children suffer the most. You are probably one of a hundred guys she has gone through.
Anonymous (#4146)
Apr 21st, 2014 @ 13:47 GMT
And heres proof.
just sloopy meat to be used to dump a load into.
Anonymous (#4147)
Apr 21st, 2014 @ 17:31 GMT
Wow excellent that does say it all. Probably been gangbanged a hundred times and does circle jerks on the side.
Anonymous (#4148)
Apr 21st, 2014 @ 18:35 GMT
@4147 you are probably female and NO I would say it's more like use and abuse 1 guy at a time most likely because she cannot afford the addiction and needs to USE men to get her supply and survive. Sex is the currency.
Anonymous (#4149)
Apr 21st, 2014 @ 19:40 GMT
You read these comments and wonder how many women are sitting there reading them thinking "Is he talking about ME"? Bottom Line the children will suffer for the choices of fucked up mothers. Dragging their children through the aftermath of bad decisions and behavior. The women lashing back at these comments know the comments are true and can't deal with that truth. And that truth is you are harming your own children for your own selfish bullshit. Gee I wonder why my child is acting out at school? I wonder why they say my child is acting inappropriately? Wow maybe if I expose my children to enough strangers the same shit that happened to me will happen to them. Yeah then I will feel really good.
Anonymous (#4150)
Apr 21st, 2014 @ 20:26 GMT
Say you will fake an ill, say you will take my pills, say you will fake an ill, say you will take my pills.
Anonymous (#4151)
Apr 22nd, 2014 @ 03:27 GMT
Hmmm I would say it looks to me that Andria doesn't do sex to pay the habit,
she does the drugs to futher enjoy the sex. I can see it in her face.
She loves fucking and sucking and the drugs intensify the pleasure.
Anonymous (#4156)
Apr 23rd, 2014 @ 18:41 GMT
This site should have a moderator. The above is sick.
Anonymous (#4157)
Apr 23rd, 2014 @ 22:30 GMT
@4156 I totally agree, as much as woman sicken me to the the core there are some comments on this site that go to far, but in saying that they are entitled to there own opinion.
Captain Pugwash (#4158)
Apr 24th, 2014 @ 05:25 GMT
4154/4155 - your mor ethan entitled to bad-mouth women and call them slut-bags who deserve to be wiped off the face of the planet, thats what this site is for but your comments have well and truely gone overboard, even sickening.
Anonymous (#4159)
Apr 24th, 2014 @ 13:18 GMT
You tell em cap. cunts like this andriad069 should be trained to suck cock, be slapped around and put to work on the streets sucking black cock. Keeps the economy going and a lot of scum happy don't ya think?
Anonymous (#4160)
Apr 24th, 2014 @ 13:29 GMT
Lol she sucks black cock and drinks thier cum then goes home and kisses her hubby and kids . This makes them black cock suckers to. Right? She's just another white trash whore advertising on google. Piece of white shit!
Anonymous (#4164)
May 3rd, 2014 @ 14:39 GMT
cut the clits out of their cunts at birth. just let them live to suck cock and cook and clean problem solved useless fucking whore ass bitch cunts
Anonymous (#4165)
May 3rd, 2014 @ 14:40 GMT
LOL women got a hold of you dicks just by having a cunt YOU ARE THEIR HOSTGES hahaha
Anonymous (#4166)
May 4th, 2014 @ 02:58 GMT
@4165 you are absolutely right, just don't let me catch you though cause I slit your fucking throat open you fucking whore.
Captain Pugwash (#4167)
May 5th, 2014 @ 01:31 GMT
Women that dress like sluts - I WISH DEATH UPON YOU BY STONING OR HANGING.
Women that act like sluts - I WISH DEATH UPON YOU BY STONING OR HANGING.
Women that are gold-diggers - I WISH DEATH UPON YOU BY STONING OR HANGING.
98.8% of women aged under 50 - I WISH DEATH UPON YOU BY STONING OR HANGING.

Yeh thats right ive been burnt for that 12th time, Its really gunna take me a while to rebuild my trust in the filthy disease-bag drunken slut-dressing ho-bags again who in my opinion should be stoned to death or shot in the head after having first been forced out of there slut-clothing and into orange prison jump-suits,

IMHO even dressing in provocative and unacceptable attire should land a women a soliciting prostitution charge. Dress like a slut then you are obviously telling the world that you are one - and that you need to be punished in the way they do it in many Islamic country's - God Bless Shariah Law.
Anonymous (#4168)
May 5th, 2014 @ 10:00 GMT
Women I hope your monthly menstruation and other vaginal discharges reminds you how fucking disgusting and abnormal you are, even female animals are more decent than you and the pain of your birth , cramps, and period is as intense as I would love you to endure. DISGUSTING CUNTS!
Anonymous (#4169)
May 5th, 2014 @ 11:03 GMT
Well...I'm back again....

Thought I finally met a nice educated professional woman....turns out...she left her last boyfriend of 4 years a doctor...because he wouldn't pony up and marry her...she said that his sister felt she was a gold digger...and he demanded a prenuptial....the whole thing sounded like an offseason baseball contract to me...

Fast forward...we spend 6 months together...spending lots of time together....and essentially i learned one thing...i was being evaluated...this wasn't a friendship or loving relationship....it was simply an evaluation to see if she could get all her needs met....

Here are the questions she asked herself via her probing/investigation/selfish pursuit:

-- Will you provide for me when I eventually dump you and move on to another man....according to her...people have larger life expectancy and are not meant to be together forever/so long...

-- How financially stable are you...can I lean on you...

-- Can you produce enough cum so that I can have a baby...are you able to have kids....(i swear to god that she practically measured my semen count as best you could without a fucking lab....even once saying...'you don't come enough'....expressing concern if I could have children....are you fucking kidding....well i thought to my self this....yeah bitch...after years of dealing with selfish cunts like yourself....I self regulate my seman count on my own...by masterbating...because god forbid i got someone like you pregnant....my life would be fucking over.....

I mean the list goes on....but in the end....i was under her damn microscope the whole time...and since I knew this...it was pretty easy to just show her what she didn't want to see or hear....to get rid of her...

I was in a position of 're-building' my life after i gave everything i got to the last woman in my life....i owned a house....lost my house....lost everything really....well needless to say...this new woman wasn't going to deal with someone who was rebuilding their life....they wanted 'established'....but it's so funny to me...she is lusting after a home, kids, and husband....but one day this bitch will lose it all too...and be back to square 1....

perhaps i have just lived more life....and she is chasing it...i'm not sure...but i know that woman can be warm as hell....and turn cold in an instant when they learn they are not GETTING WHAT THEY WANT.....

i mean all our dates....all about her...what she wanted...it was sickening really...i went along with it..but should have put my foot down....if you don't they will run all over you....

If fact if you want to get rid of a woman really quick....here is some advice...give them the feeling that they won't get what they want...they will leave in a second....
Anonymous (#4170)
May 6th, 2014 @ 22:02 GMT
I am posting a Youtube of some cunt who posted her abortion there. She says that she did not get the guys feedback before having the abortion, as if she knew who the father was. She said this was a celebration and recording it was her keepsake. Here is the link: http://youtu.be/OxPUKV-WlKw

This bitch is the embodiment of all the whore discussed on this forum. When the Fight Club revolution starts this is the kind of bitch that we draw and quarter along with the lawyers and judges that enable these cunts. Death to the whores that make up western womanhood and the men that support them
Captain Pugwash (#4171)
May 7th, 2014 @ 03:23 GMT
God Bless the Sultan of Brunei. We need more people like him

He has now implemented Sharia law. I Dare all you women to travel to Brunei wearing a See-thru and/or Thigh Exposing Dress or Skirt. Its fashions like this that will see you fucking slut-bags flogged then stoned to death.
Anonymous (#4173)
May 7th, 2014 @ 20:28 GMT
jasmine stalcup tanner/jasmine tanner stalcup. love you to death/love of a lifetime. perfect 10. cute pretty beautiful hot sexy gorgeous babe.
Anonymous (#4174)
May 8th, 2014 @ 03:50 GMT
@4166 yeah yeah bla bla bla You'll do nothing but stand there and grasp your little dick and stare at me with your dumb cow eyes. Go kill yourself. You fail.
Anonymous (#4175)
May 8th, 2014 @ 03:53 GMT
#captain pugwash I agree with all your posts
Anonymous (#4176)
May 8th, 2014 @ 15:42 GMT
@4170 right on!
Anonymous (#4177)
May 8th, 2014 @ 21:50 GMT
@4174 I must say you had me laughing with the dumb cow eyes bit, I thought that was genuinely funny, so for that I will lesson the crime on you, instead of slitting your throat wide open I will be more than happy with just blowing both your knee caps out. And for the I fail part, hardly. So to you, yeah yeah yeah bla bla bla, you fail.
Anonymous (#4178)
May 9th, 2014 @ 03:27 GMT
@4177 you're a fucking female aren't you?
Anonymous (#4179)
May 9th, 2014 @ 06:12 GMT
@4178 no I'm not female, but what's with the aggressiveness?
Anonymous (#4180)
May 9th, 2014 @ 12:24 GMT
@4179 LOL all bullshit. Actually this site is all bullshit.
Anonymous (#4181)
May 10th, 2014 @ 01:27 GMT
@4180 cheer up.
Anonymous (#4182)
May 13th, 2014 @ 17:43 GMT
My new sexual fantasy is to concentrate women especially the beautiful ones in one place, once they are by the millions then drop 3 atomic bombs in the female crowd.
Anonymous (#4183)
May 14th, 2014 @ 00:37 GMT
You guys are bitter and angry, because of what you learned about women, through life experiences. But this wont last forever, perhaps just a few years. Once you understand that they are ALL whores by nature, youll learn to accept it as normal. The anger will fade and you will move on just fine. See, women havent really changed all that much. Its just that men knew who they were dealibg with, and knew how to keep them in check, in the kitchen and forced to only a single cock they were bound to. Its just that todays men are such emasculated beta faggots, that they have no idea how to treat women. You treat them like a piece of garbage, because all of them know deep down thats who they are. Look up Briffaults Law and Definition of hypergamy to learn more. Women do not love idealistically and romantically like you feminine faggots, they love opportunistically. Thats all for now.
Anonymous (#4184)
May 14th, 2014 @ 01:32 GMT
Hahahaha!!! I agree with 99% of the comments on here!!
Most of it is sooooo true!!! Women today do nothing towards the betterment of society. Most pretend to be so innocent and in search of 'true love' when in fact, most of them have a hard time staying monogamous to a rubber cock!! Women in this day and age are raised with a sense of entitlement and believe it's ok to 'shop for cock' in order to find happiness. But at the end of the day, they are nothing more than useless cum dumpsters. North America started to fall apart when women were allowed to vote and allowed out of the kitchen.
Anonymous (#4185)
May 14th, 2014 @ 03:43 GMT
Wipe my arse bitch.....
Anonymous (#4187)
May 14th, 2014 @ 20:00 GMT
@4183 bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
Anonymous (#4188)
May 15th, 2014 @ 14:47 GMT
You cocksucking bitches. Every one of you should be taken out and your throat slit SLOWLY while you are beaten senseless. Your kids should be tortured to death in front of you. Useless fucking whores, every one of you.
Anonymous (#4189)
May 15th, 2014 @ 14:48 GMT
#4185 "arse"
Brittish faggot huh?
Anonymous (#4190)
May 15th, 2014 @ 20:06 GMT
@4189 Australian, you American/Canadian cocksucking ass munching terrorist.
Anonymous (#4191)
May 15th, 2014 @ 20:49 GMT
#4190 sorry, Australian faggot.
Anonymous (#4192)
May 15th, 2014 @ 21:42 GMT
@4191 your forgiven, American terrorist 😜
Anonymous (#4193)
May 16th, 2014 @ 16:44 GMT
#4192 Thanks AF :)
Anonymous (#4194)
May 16th, 2014 @ 16:57 GMT
#4192 & 4189: Just kidding. You seem pretty cool. You "get it."
Signed, The Ass Munching Terrorist
Anonymous (#4195)
May 16th, 2014 @ 22:23 GMT
all women need to be/all a woman needs to be. gangeating and gangfucking and gangraping those delicious PUSSY'S favorite food all day and all night long and bring the beer wine & liquor and bring the cocaine/crack cocaine/liquid cocaine.
Anonymous (#4196)
May 17th, 2014 @ 03:53 GMT
@4194, for me that's what this site is all about, trash bagging the whores that we love and hate so much, and a little bit of the bullshit fun talk we share between us. It's all good. Signed, The Australian Faggot.... Lol
Anonymous (#4197)
May 18th, 2014 @ 06:23 GMT
Some of my thoughts that haven't been voiced:

1. Women *receive* to acquire pleasure. Men *give* to please. When a man makes love, maybe their are some that are just in it for themselves, but IMHO, men care just a little more about turning the woman on than their own pleasure, for the most part. A woman basically just "takes it" and is not "making love" in the same way a man does. She is not loving the man's body as he is loving hers. For women, sex is 99% selfish/self-centered.

2. I read how some argue that women were different 20-30 years ago (hehe, I think you have to back 40-50 years) and that it's the "media's" fault, and others say they have been whoring since time began. But my view is that it is simply cultural, and how girls are raised. Pre-70s, when a girl got into high-school, they took home-economics, where their generally sub-literate math skills was put to use learning how to balance check-books and make a family budget, and they wore dresses to keep their pussy breathing, not man-pants that keep their pussies prime territory for yeast/fungi, and they were taught to keep a clean house and to keep a man happy after work by having the children clean for the husband to enjoy, and dinner ready and the house cleaned. And they were taught useful things like sewing buttons and making dresses. And at home, they were taught how to cook and how to prepare for motherhood and marriage. In general, they were educated to be useful and practical and a family asset.

But now, as we all know, they are just spoiled pieces of shit that usually don't even know how to clean their own asses, let alone clean a baby. Usually, it takes a man somewhere along the line that tells them "clean your fucking ass you dirty bitch!". They can't cook, they can't sew, they can't do a fucking thing except gossip and prostitute. They work jobs for $15/hr and instead of buying cloth for $25 to make a dress, they spend $100 on man-pants that put creases in their fats (so ugly) along with $75 designer blouse, and instead of sewing some mittens for the kids, they buy $25 China mittens and shoes with flashing LEDs.

3. But also, men are disgusting too, really, without survival of the fittest and life amidst nature's challenges, the intelligent are now slaves in commerce working to support welfare mama junkies that spend their lives on their backs for $$$, while high-IQ people don't have much chance to breed intelligently. I once knew a girl that had "OMG - get me the fuck out of here!" stinky infected rot pussy (found out with my fingers before I got into trouble), and years later, I ran into her, and asked her if she was still a virgin, and she said no ... and I couldn't believe that a man would actually dive into that. There's men that will not want to drink out of the same glass as another man, especially in the same area on the rim, but there's plenty of scum-types that don't mind at all. There's men that fart in front of everyone and think it is a funny expression of themselves. There's men that happily stick their cocks into the same hole as other men even within the same hour. I mean, I see that men are playing a part here as well. My point is that there's just not enough chlorine in the gene pool. The challenges of nature have been eliminated, and we are supporting the breeding of low-IQ morons at the expense of the high-IQ men that labor and are taxed to death to keep the low-IQ morons alive and breeding. We are creating "epsilons" - as in the Brave New World slave race. And I really think that is part of the deterioration as well. Society is "dumbing down".

I also choose to be celibate for the last 20 years. And I can't tell you how many of these wenches will do anything for a rich handsome man in his late 40s. I can't really even go to any store without girls in their early 30s hitting on me in the strongest of ways (grand displays). Fuck them though, I am alpha, and I am not taking care of a public ejaculation recepticle while trying to pretend it's private property. Nobody takes care of public property as they do their own private property - and that is where the whores lose. They will never know love and nuturing and personal development. It's common today to see women in their 60s trying to pretend they are in their 20s still. I always advise to buy stocks in old-folks homes, because they are going to be stuffed with ugly old wretched sluts soon - marriageless and childless - with nobody to care for them. And I am sure they will be given speedy deaths the way the economy keeps tightening.

But it is true in my experience that women are mentally connected to the Borg, and they care more about what their gf's think than any man. People need to stop paying taxes, and it is possible. Things will change when the welfare state (tied to the federal reserve system) collapses, and you can help usher that in by learning some things at http://www.freeinhabitant.info/ ...

Help kill the beast that is breeding all this societal trash, help bring personal responsibility back to life. If you keep feeding the beast, don't expect anything to change. Time to get your free-energy device, and disconnect. Know this: the law is "the law of the land", and all written laws don't have any force and effect on private/public lands. They are merely laws for government owned land (in the USA, because we defeated our king and freed ourselves, unlike other countries). When you defeat the king, there is only the common law. It's all part of the same beast system. Don't feed it anymore please.

Then women will see once again - serve a man well, or fucking die. That's the facts in the natural world. That is the origin and evolution of women.
Anonymous (#4198)
May 18th, 2014 @ 06:49 GMT
I also want to add that 50% of women over 40 have hysterecomies now from all the filth they stuff in their pussies, and no doubt it will be 75% soon. That is science data, and I find it true in my personal experience as well. At least half of all women I meet over 40 have had that operation, and it's no small operation. The tummy is cut open, and all the guts must be taken out and placed on a table to get to the uterus in the back. Then it is cut out, and the guts are stuffed back into the body and sewed up. It has a 2-4% mortality rate. It is major fucking surgery - so, at $50,000, it's great for the medical economy.

So, don't think all the sluts are getting a free ride, they pay for their stupidity. If you choose to fuck them, it's always good to let them know how loose their pussies are. I know that once my 1st gf cheated on me, her pussy never felt tight after (?, I know less than 1% are bigger than me, so ... my thinking is that a pussy is like leather, and it "breaks in" to a certain penis, and more penis' just make it loose regardless of size). And some women - they are so loose it feels like fucking air. So disgusting what they must do to achieve that (fisting? I have no idea).

Another important point is that a pussy is not a penis. They are not meant to be used the same way. THEY ARE NOT EQUAL. A pussy is INSIDE the body, a penis is OUTSIDE. When a woman fucks a man with a STD, 90% chance she gets it. But when a man fucks a woman with a STD, only 10% chance (generally speaking). So, it is much more dangerous for women to have multiple sex partners. And much more damaging to their pussy-feel. And a loose pussy destroys the woman's feeling too, so it's just lose-lose for sluts. Certainly, the sluts are not going to get the intelligent, self-respecting, responsible men.

A pussy is a fucking petri dish - it is DESIGNED TO GROW THINGS INSIDE OF IT! And you sluts better understand this: every cock you shag is a direct injection of all the viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, protozoa, and parasites on and in the mans cock. And there they grow and establish themselves - in your fucking cunt. Forever. And it's not just a matter of getting an "STD". It's a matter of the total microbe load. It burdens the immune system, and later in life when the immune system naturally declines, all these horrible creatures that you've been injecting yourself with over a lifetime start winning the battles against the immune system, and a plethora of illnesses and conditions then manifest themselves. So, as they say, she who laughs first, surely doesn't laugh last.

Pig whores. When the financial system crashes, you're most all gonna have to be beat to get in line, because your whoring will become a matter of life and death, and won't be tolerated so casually.
Anonymous (#4200)
May 18th, 2014 @ 12:35 GMT
Typical modern cunt: http://www.bestgore.com/sexual-disaster/well-developed-pussy-outbreak-genital-warts-happy-valentines-day-exclusive/
Anonymous (#4201)
May 18th, 2014 @ 14:18 GMT
PS. I was not a MCP. I did all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. I never put any demands on a woman, and usually figured I was safer with a "6" or "7" than a "9" or "10". But it's not safer - hehe. They will all bend over. And I was never violent. But seeing her the other day, 22 years later, I felt like giving her a fist to the side of the head. Interestingly, she and a friend stalked me in their car as I walked home afterwards, and then she also drove by my home the next day, pulling into my neighbors driveway to turn around at the end of the street. Funny how that works.

I should also say that after my 1st relationship (7-8 years), I dated a woman 20 years older - 27+47, and I was never happier - this time, she did the cooking cleaning, and every day I came home to a nice dinner and made-bed and traditional-type of woman, but 2 years later, more sluttery. I fucked her best friend in revenge the next day, but after that, I was done. I could clearly see that no woman was going to benefit my life in this paradigm. I guess she may have thought the age difference was too big, but truly, I was never happier in life, and I would have never left that woman. Pleasant sanity is a treasure in life, and if by rare chance a man gets a good woman, he really ought to treasure her. I am not a woman-hater, just a modern sexuality hater.
steven (#4203)
May 21st, 2014 @ 06:29 GMT
so fake! only white women are dirty infidels and high divorce rates with no monogamy,east indian women are not whores at all so quit making false statements as this does not apply to east indian women nor middle eastern as they are not promiscuous
Anonymous (#4204)
May 21st, 2014 @ 09:58 GMT
All women are whores and nothing else dont trust them.They are the biggest manipulators and nothing else,they will take you to the cleaners.
Anonymous (#4205)
May 21st, 2014 @ 10:59 GMT
@4203 racist.
Anonymous (#4207)
May 22nd, 2014 @ 05:27 GMT
@4206 I'm all for hating on woman, but fuck me, you are one sick, dirty, twisted, delusional scumbag. Do yourself a favour and kill yourself.
Captain Pugwash (#4208)
May 22nd, 2014 @ 05:47 GMT
Hey UCS - Do your-self a favor, go jump into a pit of burning acid and quit trolling this site.
Anonymous (#4212)
May 22nd, 2014 @ 17:52 GMT
This guy, Unholy Child Sacrifice is a reason I will not return to this site again as I feel implicated in his vomit inducing sickness. He needs help. Clearly what he is writing on these pages is not a joke or a game. He is the sort of sicko who will explode sometime and carry out on women what he fantasizes here, and we will watch it all on television, after which people will ask, 'Why didn't we see the signs of this coming?' I want a site where guys can legitimately say what it is about women that we need to share as I find nearly everything about them fake, superficial, materialistic, ugly, and manipulative. But this guy trolling this site is
undoing the value of the discussion here by polluting the space with images of violence. He is sick, mentally sick. He needs to be removed form this site.
Anonymous (#4213)
May 22nd, 2014 @ 21:01 GMT
@4212 I totally agree with what your saying, but by not returning to this site won't help, you say he needs help, but there is no help for people like this, it is ingrained in him, no different to people like this Rolf Harris scumbag. I suggest we just don't give him the time of day, "No Feed Back To Him". More power to us.
Anonymous (#4219)
May 24th, 2014 @ 01:58 GMT
"Unholy child sacrifice" and others like him are very likely US Government Agents ... that is typical of the frauds they do to kill the informative content and shut down websites (and other things, like 911, OKC, JFK, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Drones, Spying, etc). The US govt (and Jews) pay people to troll and spread disinformation all across the internet. They are trying to set people up and have the server taken down one way or another. That's my experience with that scum.

I have posted in the past, on other websites, about how the pussies of women get very loose and how they don't feel good anymore when they have had multiple sex partners, and that content was always deleted, despite how true and important it is for men and women to understand. And I never used curse words or any other words to give a reason to remove that information. The slut behavior of women is not allowed to be attacked by the New World Order, only praised, and if you discuss it, there will be forces that will attempt to destroy that information. They need to break down families in order to keep everybody alone and weak so that they remain enslaved and dependent on the New World Order systems.

I hope people will get smart about these things. They already are above the law, and now it is time for them to control all of reality. If someone was a real murderer and rapist, they wouldn't have the ability or time to post on a website board. They are usually half-retarded and would never make it this far. If you see something evil enough to have a website taken down, you can be sure it is very very very likely a government operation. Just like the Jews that do anti-jew vandalism ... Be smart people.

I just read in the news today that the top 3 favorite Twitter accounts are OBAMA, JOE BEIDEN, and MICHELLE OBAMA, and someone traced all the followers and found out that all the followers are fake - they pay agencies to create fake followers - that is how they roll - like pigs :) Don't think all posts are real - especially if they have a "design" to accomplish the destruction of freedom.

Notice how there really is no other place on the Internet where this discussion is allowed to take place ... This server must be outside the USA (my guess), or they would have taken it down already.
Anonymous (#4220)
May 24th, 2014 @ 10:02 GMT
Zeitgeist the movie.
Anonymous (#4221)
May 24th, 2014 @ 21:53 GMT
> Captain Pugwash (#4171)
May 7th, 2014 @ 03:23 GMT
God Bless the Sultan of Brunei. We need more people like him. He has now implemented Sharia law. I Dare all you women to travel to Brunei wearing a See-thru and/or Thigh Exposing Dress or Skirt. Its fashions like this that will see you fucking slut-bags flogged then stoned to death.

Haha, I went to check on this country, and what does Google tell me about Brunei?

Lawmakers urge US to shun Brunei in trade talks over Sharia Law -- Reuters - 2 days ago

US loves those dirty little crack whores, and is willing to do anything to protect them. If I was younger, I think I would like to emmigrate to Brunei. I dislike living with all of the memories and scars of filthy whores. What does the article say?


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A group of lawmakers wants the United States to press Brunei to revoke Islamic criminal laws that they say jeopardize human rights under threat of being kicked out of Pacific free trade talks.

[haha - "human rights" ... discouraging slut behavior and broken families is "jeopardizing human rights - so funny ...]

Brunei is phasing in Islamic laws that will impose fines or jail terms for offenses such as pregnancy outside marriage and failure to perform Friday prayers in the East Asian nation. The sharia laws will ultimately punish sodomy and adultery with the death penalty, including by stoning.

[The only part I dislike is being forced to pray every Friday - hehe - but maybe that isn't so bad.]

"The United States must make it clear that we will not tolerate such abuses," says the draft, which was seen by Reuters. It is addressed to Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and says the United States should use its position as the world's largest economy to push against discrimination and abuses.

[Big Bully USA, seeking to destroy men/women/families/children across the world using lies and economic threats - I am from USA, but I say to Brunei: tell USA to go fuck itself!]

"(We) urge you to insist that Brunei address these human rights violations as a condition of the United States participating with them in any further Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations," the draft letter said.

[The cunts in the USA will try to destroy Brunei for being anti-whore and pro-family and pro-children.]

Brunei's new laws, introduced three weeks ago, have also been attacked by gay rights groups, Hollywood personalities, such as comedian Ellen DeGeneres (we call her "Degenerate"), and British entrepreneur Richard Branson.

"Protecting fundamental human rights is a cornerstone of American values. American trade policy should also promote human rights, not reinforce bad actions by nations like Brunei," Representative Pocan said.

[See, this is how ugly and sick USA is - they call "human rights" as being PRO-WHORE - it is a deep mental illness in US society - I feel like I have been locked up in a room with schizophrenics and psychotics for decades, and it's not good for mental health. If you care about children, and promoting healthy families and male-female relationships, then the USA must "wipe you off the map". Such things will simply not be tolerated by the West.]

Froman's office had not seen the letter and a spokesman referred to comments by State Department officials earlier this month. They said the United States has "very serious concerns" about the Brunei laws criminalizing freedom of religion and increasingly threatening human rights and the U.S. ambassador had relayed those concerns privately to the government.

[Notice how they keep saying "human rights", when they are clearly promoting open homosexuality and whoredom. Why don't they just talk straight? Why not just say "The US loves whores to be free to destroy families and corrupt societies, and will try to destroy Brunei if they will not implement a pro slut+whore society? What the matter? Does that sound more "offensive"? Haha - sickos.]

Reporting by Krista Hughes; Editing by Lisa Shumaker

Haha - brought to you by 2 sluts - probably Jewish. Somebody should open up a travel agency with a special deal for Brunei vacations for US women - and then set them up like the FBI in the USA does to Muslims. They could make a killing selling videos of the final results. Oops, no pun intended.
Anonymous (#4222)
May 24th, 2014 @ 22:21 GMT
If only someone could find a way to wipe Washington DC off the map. Many/most in the USA would sigh a big breath of relief. The problem with power is not that "power corrupts", but that power attracts people that are corrupt.
Anonymous (#4223)
May 24th, 2014 @ 22:29 GMT
I wish I could experience a good nation with Sharia Law to see for myself how life is. If anyone is living in such a nation, I would be interested to hear what life is really like. My thinking is that people are probably MUCH MORE FREE than people living in the USA, and probably much more just, and overall, better life.

Especially if you have experience in USA and a Sharia Law nation, how do they compare? Which do you like better, and why?
Anonymous (#4228)
May 25th, 2014 @ 02:34 GMT
No, I am past man-o-pause (andropause). I don't have hormones that make me desire women anymore. It's purely hormonal, or an emotional weakness to desire women. Men don't "need" women in life. We were always capable of hunting and doing what was necessary for survival. In nature, it is women that need men for survival.

Anyway, at a certain age, men revert back to pre-puberty essentially :) My intentions are to share things in life before I die, and for the last few decades, to remove myself from the Matrix (free inhabitant, not US citizen - learning how to defeat property taxes and other things - right to travel, etc). I never paid any taxes to this beast system, and that is the one great joy in my life: that I did not contribute to this beast system. And I try to live self-sufficiently with spiritual devlopment in connection to the natural world - which is possible to about a 90% extent.

But with only a decade or so left in life, it is a sadness for me to have lived in a world where all women are sluts and whores. It's a sadness to have never been able to work with a woman in raising decent children that are knowledgeable, wise, and capable. It's a sadness to not have any heir, because a single man can become quite rich in life without a modern woman :)

It's one of the beautiful things in life that I merely tasted, but have been denied. So, I make a small effort to do my part in changing that, even if it is very small - I don't have the power to do more than that. I just to live as the example I would like to see. I think life is not about changing the past or future, but changing what is within ourselves, to discover and master ourselves. That is the challenge of life IMHO. And I have seen a lot that people should not see in life.

Many/most men will probably never know what they are missing, and women too. Let me share this: in the 1st 2 years of my 1st relationship, my gf's pussy was tight. She wasn't a virgin, but was very close to that. Maybe 2 sexual experiences. Usually I fucked about 1 hour, and it would take about 30-40 minutes to get her to have a fully body orgasm (whole body quivering and trembling), and then my penis would be so sore, that I couldn't fuck more for the rest of the day, and she would walk funny, like she has a stick up her ass, because she was sore too. And that, IMHO, is the normal/healthy/natural sexual experience that we are meant to enjoy as men and women. And it was great.

Then about 2 years later, she came home drunk about 3 hours after work. Later that night when we were making love, I noticed something very different ... her pussy wasn't tight anymore, something changed. It felt "sloshy" with only barely noticable tightness. So, while fucking her, I asked her if she had sex with someone else, and she said "yes" - surprising me with her honesty.

There was a little game going on: her parents were idiots, and I didn't like them (and she didn't like her father either) - her father was an old Catholic crumugeon (sp?) and her mother was the epitome of a dizzy airhead - the kind with 100 psychology books in her home. And she and my gf were pushing me to marry or fuck-off, but I was young, and though I didn't know the implications of "legal marriage" (where the state is a 3rd party), I never felt comfortable having a "legal marriage", I didn't understand why it was a legal thing. And I was too busy with school and life at the time to research it (pre-Internet). Anyway, she and her mother ganged up on me in a way where she started to fuck around unless I married her - and I don't play games like that. For me, marriage was something in your heart, a promise, a commitment - not legal papers. And those were the things I was waiting for, but didn't get in return. Same with taxes - I never filed income taxes because I don't do things that I don't understand fully, and I felt uncomfortable living in the "freedom of the USA" while simultaneously being compelled to do things against my will or beyond my understanding: allowing the govt to steal from me. It just felt all wrong to me. And I am someone that thinks for myself - society/friends have always had zero peer-pressure on me.

A man once told me as a child, while visiting a bank, out of the blue - he said - always be careful what you sign, because everything you sign is a legal contract. And it made sense to me, and I never forgot it. It was at an age when I began to wonder about signatures, and why they seemed so important to everyone - I was about 13 or 14 with a paper-route ... so I had a bank account.

Hmmm, anyway, I hoped that her pussy would return to "normal", but it never did. And I wondered why something so great and special could be trashed so carelessly and recklessly. And I wondered why nobody ever emphasized this aspect of a woman's pussy. I mean, I know people say a woman is "loose" if she fucks around, but I never knew if it meant "loose with morality" or "loose, physically". And it was only then that I found out it meant both. But I still find it unbelievable that something so special can be trashed by one stupid move in life, trashed forever.

And it isn't just men that lose out, it is the woman too, because after that, it became much more difficult to make her orgasm like before, as well as myself. And then I looked around, and see everybody fucking everybody - and I didn't understand it - I mean, why? How is that better than having a monogomously tight pussy and great sex? Are they just all chasing an experience that they will never experience again? And what is so special about getting the state involved in a matter of the heart (marriage)?

It took a few decades more to realize that it is so the state, as a 3rd party in a marriage, can now make legal claims over everybody involved, including the children (that's how the state finds authority to take your kids or make demands on your kids, and punish you after a divorce, etc). And that it is really just a way to set people up to be robbed, just like all the other ways the state steals from people. It's not lawful under the Organic Laws of the USA (4 of them, and all Americans should know and understand them), it's a matter of being tricked by legalese and the peer pressure of "doing what everybody else does".

Anyway, that is where I am coming from. Of course, I would like to see a better world, or feel like I did something to improve it. You get those feelings a decade or so before you die. You are forced to come to terms with what you did in life. Maybe a woman thinks about how many sparkly shiny things she acquired in life, or how many men she got to chase her, but for a decent man, I think it is more about honorable stands you took in matters of personal development; how you developed your power, and how you used it. Though, I guess for other men, it's how many loose pussies they fucked.

PS. OK, I am loose with the J-word, I am no expert on all that and don't care for it much. I just shared that stuff because it stands out, and they are an influence in society. I don't argue you, and guess I was just a little lazy and unconscious in my scribbles.

Anyway, men and women lose in a society of sluts and whores. We are all being tricked into missing out all the things in life that we are meant to experience and enjoy. My view is that it is all just part of creating so much personal chaos in the lives of people that they remain oblivious to the designs behind everything - which ultimately, will lead to utter and complete enslavement, whether people are conscious of it or not.
Anonymous (#4229)
May 25th, 2014 @ 02:39 GMT
And my motivation that led me here was that in the past few years, all the women I had previously in life have contacted me, one way or another, as if I am going to bless them and save them now in old age with my riches - which is laughable at best. I used search terms to find other similar experiences men have had.
Anonymous (#4230)
May 25th, 2014 @ 20:19 GMT
Well she did it again. This whore with the net name of andriad069 once again has ruined a relationship I had.I walked in and right on my bed she was sucking of a big black nigger. When I walked in he shot his load right down her throat and laughed his ass off. before he left he brought up this site on my bedroom computer showing her in all her glory, the cunt.
what a fucking whore I've been kissing nigger cock by way of her lips for two months. Lying fucking pig whore.
Anonymous (#4233)
May 26th, 2014 @ 11:19 GMT
4229, Please don't use the word 'nigger,' We guys should be above that ugly word here, and using it says more about you than whatever it is you are trying to suggest in your script here.
Anonymous (#4234)
May 26th, 2014 @ 18:11 GMT

Open letter from one "porn star" to another (that committed suicide).
A few irrelevant sentences were snipped to keep things short.
[] is used for commentary.

Belle Knox
May 23, 2014

Dear Alyssa,

When I first heard your story, my eyes immediately filled with tears. A rush
of emotions overwhelmed me: outrage, anger, shock and then, a sort of humming
dread and disgust. Inside my chest, I felt a gnawing sensation. My body
shivered. That could've been how it all ended for me, too, I thought to
myself. As several news outlets have pointed out, your story is my story is
your story -- is every young porn girl's story. The same tragedy, the same
parents' nightmare, the same slut-shaming following an impulsive decision to
make an X-rated video for the Internet that captures our sexuality -- for pay
no less -- forever.

[The above "is every young porn girl's story" - haha - so let's promote it!
Nothing better than "outrage, anger, shock" and "humming dread and disgust"
that ends in suicide ... for a "young porn girl!" Is the parents' nightmare
the suicide or the porn? That's not very clear. Note that it is appears to
be well-known that "slut-shaming" follows these "impulsive decisions" to make
"X-rated video for the Internet that captures our sexuality" - haha. That's
women: "impulsive decisions" - always the best kind ... ]

We were both straight A students. Like you, I have battled depression for
years. I too was a freshman in college when I was outed as a porn performer.
We even shot for the same website, where I had an experience that traumatized
me to this day. And, just like you, I was bullied relentlessly by my fellow
students for my actions as a porn performer. I was threatened with death,
rape, and heinous acts of violence. I was called every derogatory name in the
book -- every horrible epithet that society slings at sexual women.

[What a nutcase: a) "straight A students" - my ass - if they got straight A's,
it was from sucking teacher cock, b) how can you be "outed" when you are an
"internet porn performer" (a public act/release), c) she admits that she "had
an experience that traumatized me to this day" (sounds great!), d) she says
she was "bullied relentlessly by my fellow students" (bullied used to mean a
stronger/bigger person that uses physical force to get their way whenever they
like, but I guess today it means the 1st amendment, the right to free speech),
e) she thinks she is special because she is a "sexual woman", different than
all others, I guess, whatever ...]

I am not sure why you chose to perform in a porn scene. Perhaps it was for
economic necessity, or perhaps it was merely a fun adventure for you. The
reasons are irrelevant. You made a choice, to do what you wished with your
body, of your own free will, and for that I will never judge you. There is
absolutely nothing wrong with what you did, and quite frankly, I admire your
courage and your confidence. I have read the criticism that because I have
said I feel "empowered" by porn that I am somehow encouraging other young
women to go down this same path. Absolutely not. Your story is proof of that.
Until our society's first inclination is not to verbally stone and shame a
woman to death for participating in pornography, it will always be a deadly
business. And I feel as if we are bonded forever by the deep scars we bore as
the unwitting recipients of society's anger and shame.

[Porn for money or a "fun adventure" ... "experience that traumatized me to
this day" sounds like a "fun adventure", ha? Just because someone makes a
"choice to do what you wished with your body" doesn't mean others are not
allowed to make choice to express their opinions of it. "absolutely nothing
wrong with what you did" is an OPINION, not an ABSOLUTE. Hehe, if it takes
"courage and confidence" to be a whore, the world is full of courage and
confidence (not!). As demonstrated later, "empowered" means "lack of
conscience". Is Belle Knox all for girls doing porn? She says "Absolutely
not!", as the suicide demonstrates, but then she says she's all for society
ridding their anger and shame of girls doing porn, presumably, so more girls
can do porn without the negative aspects. Ugh, female reasoning gives me a
headache. I guess because society is to blame for the suicide, but then
again, she says porn "will always be a deadly business". Then she says porn
girls are "unwitting recipients" - meaning they have no idea of the outcome -
well, how can an entire society have "anger and shame" about girls doing porn,
yet porn girls are "unwitting" of the consequences? Gives me a headache.]

I have not talked about this much, but I will tell you, Alyssa, that soon
after I was outed, when the bullying and the harassment was at its worse,
after being so strong for so long, I broke down, laid in bed, and I cried. I
thought about the look on my parents' faces when they would inevitably
discover my profession. I thought about how I would forever be the porn star,
and my college experience would never be the same. I felt stained as forever
"less than." My world was imploding. I felt the most depressed I have ever
felt in my whole life. I felt so very overwhelmed, isolated, and helpless. My
mind ventured to its darkest corners.

[Note: again, using the term "outed" for a public act/video, as if an internet
video is supposed to always be secret - how dumb/crazy is that? And "worse"?
I think you mean "worst" Ms. Straight A Darling. And now, only after she is
not "strong", she considers her parents thoughts upon seeing her pornography
(or "profession" - haha - so funny! A professional fucker - hehe - because
you get paid? Or because you are better than other women at bending over?) A
"porn star"? A star??? Or trash? Only when she is not "strong", she feels
"stained"? Only now she has a conscience? Sounds like a liar or petty
criminal that only finds a conscience after being caught, or someone that does
a stupid prank that ends up injuring others.]

I wanted to just die. I fantasized of what this would do to my bullies and
tormenters. I went to the most morbid places I ever thought possible.
The headline even flashed before my eyes: "Duke porn star commits suicide."
In my bleak state it sounded so beautiful. Maybe my bullies would regret what
they'd done. I thought of my parents crying and wondering what had gone so
horribly wrong and why I didn't tell them. At least I wouldn't have to face

[Haha - hilarious, she is so stupid that she thinks her "bullies and
tormentors" would regret what they did if she killed herself - wow - awesome
self-pity Belle Knox!]

It all seemed so hopeless.
But then I felt a flicker of hope inside of me. I kept going.

[Haha - but then she felt "strong" again, I guess, and decided to keep going
with her "porn stardom" ... screw that conscience - it's not "strong". In
today's world, a woman with conscience is weak, and a woman without conscience
is strong - and admired, I guess, whatever.]

I wish I could have done something. I wish I could have held you tight and
told you about all of the great things you are meant to do in this world.

[Oh - this is unbearable! From porn star to what? Where do you go from

I would have told you that it does get better, past the darkness
-- and that the ignorance of some asinine college students today would
have no significance in your life in a few years, when you were a successful,
bad-ass anesthesiologist just like you said you were going to be. I would
instill in you that your self-worth is not predicated on your sexuality, and
that you have every right to live your life as you choose.

[These women are SICK SICK SICK - it gets better? A bad-ass anesthesiologist?
Anyone want a suicidal porn-star to put them under before surgery? Especially
given that her father is in prison, and her mother is a drug dealer, I am sure
she would be resisting all those drugs just as she resisted her urges to
"display her sexuality" - barf.]

All I know is that my anger for what happened to you is ineffable. I am so
sorry that you were treated with such cruelty and vitriol. I sincerely hope
that the people who bullied you are brought to justice.

[OMG - and now that she is "strong" (lack of conscience), she wants people
that disliked her "porn-star profession" to be locked up in jail!!! Wow!!!
Justice if I've ever seen it!!!]

You were an intelligent, beautiful, and compassionate young lady who, despite
what everyone told you, did not ruin her life when you shot that scene.


There is a reason many women are drawn to porn: Because we are not supposed to
do it. It's a flirtation with the unknown, the edge, the dark side, everything
society tells us we are not supposed to do. I do not think pornography caused
your death. But I think society's reaction to pornography did. It's time that
we end slut shaming and treat sex workers with respect and tolerance. How many
more people need to die before we realize that the hatred needs to end?

[Ahhh, the truth is "outed" - they do it because they are not supposed to do
it, just like all other liars and petty criminals ... She admits that it is
"flirting with the edge, the dark side, everything society tell us we are not
supposed to do", and that is what makes her love to do it! They are SICK SICK
SICK WOMEN. And she demands everyone to "treat sex workers with respect".
And nothing is her fault - did anyone ever hear a woman say they are "sorry"
for anything? Probably not. At least, in my life, I have never heard a woman
say they were sorry or shameful for anything, ever. So, Belle Knox blames
society, not herself, even if she admits she is doing porn just because
society hates it. NOW - FOR THE ULTIMATE IN FEMALE LOGIC: a) I do porn
because society doesn't want me to do it, b) Society should change and love
all women that do porn, c) a - b = 0. OK, whatever. I mean, if society loves
and respects porn workers, where will the "impulsive decision" to "flirt with
the dark side and everything society tells us not to do" come from?

In natural law, women are somewhere between men and kids, physically and
mentally. It is insanity to have a society where women are treated equal to
men, pure insanity. Women have no conscience, except on very rare occasions
when they feel weak. They have no honor or sense of dignity. Society becomes
ruled by the logic and reasoning skills we see above and everything goes to
hell amidst "impulsive decisions" and "expressions of sexuality". Ugh.
Captain Pugwash (#4235)
May 27th, 2014 @ 05:52 GMT

America (And New Zealand) - The land of the slut-bag, I cant even believe i live in a country that is awash with slut-bags, prostitution and women who hit on you then dump you at the end of the night (or the next day if your lucky). They should all take a trip to beautiful Brunei.

and having said that whats with America trying to force its own sick and twisted world view upon a peace loving nation when America (and New Zealand) are awash with sin, sluts and Bitches.
Anonymous (#4236)
May 27th, 2014 @ 08:50 GMT
@4235 you forgot Australia, the Queen of "Whores" Prostitutes, and Slut-bags.
Player (#4237)
May 28th, 2014 @ 22:46 GMT
Sex is easy, just like women. Use them as what they are - tools. Don't love a tool, don't respect it. Use it. A toilet exists to receive your urine and excrement. Women exist to receive your semen. That is their function. I use my toilet, I don't cherish it and take it out on dates. Same with women.
Anonymous (#4239)
May 29th, 2014 @ 19:50 GMT
Anonymous (#4240)
May 29th, 2014 @ 19:55 GMT
Anonymous (#4241)
May 29th, 2014 @ 21:26 GMT
Anonymous (#4245)
Jun 1st, 2014 @ 13:06 GMT
I love you Captain Pugwash :)
revenge time (#4246)
Jun 2nd, 2014 @ 13:59 GMT
OK bitches, the time has come. It is payback time. All you hillbilly cunts that have caused me trouble are gonna get what's coming to you. No I am not going to physically harm you. That would be too easy on you. I'm gonna hit you where it hurts: your money. Those of you on welfare who have a convicted drug felon living with you, guess what, no more food stamps for your fat ass. I'll starve you down to size. I'm gonna report you. Those of you working illegally: gonna report you. Those of you committing fraud: gonna report you. Those of you cheating on your taxes: ring ring, hello? IRS? Got one to report to you. Hey Frank, why did you marry an ugly she-male? That bitch you married has a big long hairy dick. Doesn't it bother you that her dick is bigger than yours? Robin, your dead kid is burning in hell where it belongs. Hey Rick, (yeah he's a bitch too), you better be careful with the drugs you are selling on the job site, the illegal workers you have, and the fact that you are cheating on your taxes. I wouldn't be verbally abusing people if I were you, dumbass. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Lisa, you better run on those short stubby legs of yours and watch your actions you stupid cunt. Your ass pissed me off and you know why. Oh, and btw, you are ugly as shit and you stink. Take a shower once in a while you fucking idiot. Sandra, you are a cocksucking bitch if there ever was one. You are just a cunt. Go kill yourself PIG. There are more of you, believe me, and you are all gonna get it. I'm going down the list, one at a time, and I am gonna fuck your lives up big time.
Anonymous (#4247)
Jun 3rd, 2014 @ 14:29 GMT
To all you whores that cry rape: fuck you! You lying ass cunts should be shot dead. You dress like a prostitute and stick your big stinking cunt in a man's face and when he reacts you want to say you were raped. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RAPE. It is just you slut ho bags trying to set men up and get attention. You think being raped means your pussy was irresistible to a man. Well pussy is pussy. Yours is nothing special. Quit acting like it is. If a man fucks you, it is just a fuck. Nothing more, nothing less. Get over it bitches. Find something else to sniff your cunt over.
Anonymous (#4248)
Jun 3rd, 2014 @ 15:15 GMT
And that bitch in Steubenville that ruined those poor boys' lives with her rape bullshit should be strung up. Cunt, why were you drunk at a party? 16 years old! Shit, they should have done more to your stupid ass than fuck your pussy. They should have strangled your stupid ass.
Anonymous (#4249)
Jun 3rd, 2014 @ 16:51 GMT
I wonder if we can elevate the discussion here a bit, and avoid the sort of thing in the two submissions above?
Anonymous (#4251)
Jun 4th, 2014 @ 16:11 GMT
Rhianna showed off her filthy ass last night in her see through dress. Don't even really know who she is, just that she's a role model for most women.
I am a whore (#4252)
Jun 4th, 2014 @ 18:39 GMT
I am a whore. I have cheated on pretty much every boyfriend I've had.
My self esteem is so low that I need to fuck as many men as I can to feel good about myself. I have 2 kids with 2 different fathers and I cheated on them both while I was pregnant. All of my friends are whores too.
I'm too lazy to work and provide for myself so I use my filthy twat to lure men into my life in hopes I can get some free money from his hard work in the form of alimony or child support. I'd rather suck dick than work and pay taxes.


Every woman
Captain Pugwash (#4253)
Jun 6th, 2014 @ 04:48 GMT

rhianna is a fucking prostitute. If i had my way she'd me stoned to death and i mean with bricks and rock or better yet hanged on a meat-hook with piano wire as rope - after shes been flogged. Just like all women who dress and act like that slut-bag
Anonymous (#4255)
Jun 7th, 2014 @ 16:59 GMT
Men don't need false eyelashes, false nails, false hairpieces, jewellery and makeup to look good...don't need stiletto shoes, don't need see through clothing to get noticed, and shorts short enough to expose the anus. Men don't need a mobile phone to their ears 24 hours a day to feel happy. Men don't need to take their cues from celebrities to express their personalities. Men are capable to find their spiritualties beyond the materialism of pea brain and so called modern women. Cant understand why any man would want a woman around to ruin his life.
Inseminator (#4257)
Jun 9th, 2014 @ 23:56 GMT
Comment for great justice huh! A fuckload of spite being spewed in here, and for good reason in most cases I dare say. Who set up this site? Does anyone have the faintest idea? The server must be outside the US.of A. for certain sure, otherwise it would have been flagged by our self-righteous social engineers by now. It's a good site to come rant and unload your grievances at the injustices and social cataclysms in today's fucked up societies. Oh and a woman is naturally and instinctively a whore. I could definitely testify to the aforesaid.

Cheers fellas
Anonymous (#4258)
Jun 10th, 2014 @ 23:29 GMT
I was walking to the bus stop in Chicago yesterday leaving the Whole Foods on Huron. Some self important bitch was pacing in the middle of the sidewalk talking on her phone. She looked up with not the least indication that she was going to move. I looked at her and said softly, "get out of my fucking way". The look on her face was amazing.

We men have to stop accommodating these narcissistic , you owe me, what have you done for me lately tramps. If they don't move - move them - if they don't ask politely - tell them to fuck-off - if they flirt with other men - dump them and throw your drink in their face - if another plays hero - kick in the nut and crack a bottle over his fucking head.

That's it for now my brothers.
Trollio (#4265)
Jun 16th, 2014 @ 16:42 GMT
Not true! Some of them aren't filthy.
What could possibly go wrong? (#4267)
Jun 19th, 2014 @ 02:24 GMT
To #4265 - Oh puhleeeaaase! All puss is filthy! The next time that you are banging your filthy friend/girlfriend/wife/whatever's filthy, vile, nasty, crusty, stinking seethyng, oozing, stretcbed out hole, don't think for a minute that you were the first to use it. While you are pounding it, just imagine the gallons and gallons of other men's spunk sloshing around in there. Don't think for a minute that you were the first! Now parxon me while I go vomit! Nuf said!
Anonymous (#4268)
Jun 20th, 2014 @ 01:00 GMT
Fuck all women they are all worthless sex objects. I hope one day all women go extinct. Never trust women they will lie to you in your face. If someone's wife was told that she could become a multimillionaire by killing her husband and her family she would do IT! Women are psychopathic and are sick in the head. Even the succubus is a ghostly demonic whore. Stay away from women and create your own dream girl with your collective imagination.
Wake Up To Truth (#4269)
Jun 20th, 2014 @ 01:59 GMT
Fuck human women they all deserve to death. Alien women might be better, but who's to say that they aren't just as bad as human females. Cartoon women are way more sexy than human women. Females humans are nothing but trash. They are only good for intercourse.
Bravery (#4270)
Jun 20th, 2014 @ 02:06 GMT
Stay away from a succubus, the one that tries to have sex with you late at night when you are sleeping. Shove her off and push her away and tell her to get the fuck out of your mind and out of your life because she is a demonic slut that needs to begone forever.
Captain Pugwash (#4271)
Jun 20th, 2014 @ 06:57 GMT
20 or even 15 years ago a women in my age group (25-40) who wore a dress just inches from her pussy and/or one that showed part of her assets she was shunned upon and rejected by society. Nowadays women that dress modestly are shunned and shamed for not following fashion trends.

seriously? Women who dress in dresses/skirts just inches from there vaginas and/or show parts of there boobs and/or are see-thru should all be beaten with rattans then stoned to death. What about there children (if any) how will they see mums fashion sense - they will almost certainly copy. Just a hint of how society today is corrupt. Shallow arrogant women who care only about the way they look and following whatever fashion the kardashian sluts are wearing.

The bible clearly mentions that women have a duty to "provide for there husbands and children" and "must not dress in fashions that will offend the lord". These women are hell-bound if they refuse to stop wearing such offensive fashions.

dressing like the above around there husbands also shows terrible arrogance and "the need" to cheat upon them - 75% of all divorces ar initiated by the women and 80% of the time its the woman's fault for sleeping with another man. All to common in 2014.

seriously? dressling like a slut-bag for a funeral?? YOU slut-bags should be next to be buried 6 feet under.
Anonymous (#4274)
Jun 22nd, 2014 @ 01:29 GMT
Laugh my ass off. So much truth here about woman . woman are in my opinion such stupid whores and sluts ,that's why I'm going on 6 years being single .I don't date and have no desire to. When I think of woman the words that come to mind to me are victim ,liar,slut,whore,deception ,attention . Woman are always looking to trade up for the better deal .I now make lots of $$ but I will never never ever again be stupid enough to get married or have a long term relationship and let them have access to my bank account. screw that ! ha ha ! Being alone ain't bad . I love it . I have a great life filled with hobbies and friends and I don have to put up with a nagging Cun-t .
Anonymous (#4277)
Jun 23rd, 2014 @ 20:17 GMT
find them, feel them, eat them, fuck them, forget them.
Captain Pugwash (#4278)
Jun 23rd, 2014 @ 20:37 GMT
98.8% of New Zealand women are Slut-Bags, They dress Like Sluts, Act Like Sluts, have no interest in developing a relationship that results in a happy life-long marriage and children. They like to pick up men in clubs, bang them and the next day dont wanna know them, then go pick on the next male. These women are Fecal Matters.
Anonymous (#4279)
Jun 24th, 2014 @ 16:55 GMT
Take is not true, my partner who is male is a person that only thinks of himself and what he can get from me. I am giving him one more chance to be nice to me.

Please read the Lotus Sutra interpreted by Nichiren Daishonin, best English translation by Burton Watson, you can find it on the internet. It is about cause and effect without a beginning or end and that every person is responsible for their thoughts, actions and deeds.
Anonymous (#4280)
Jun 24th, 2014 @ 18:25 GMT
gangeat them, gangfuck them, gangrape them, forget them, the whore bitchs and move on to the next whore bitch.
Anonymous (#4281)
Jun 26th, 2014 @ 19:42 GMT
Okay we'll I'm a Asexual female so?im a whore ?i never had sex never will and don't want to? Stupid?i graduated from collage 4 year degree and I'm a vet . And if your Christian your saying god made a mistake by making women?YOU WHeRE Born!from women!you came out of them and you have there DNA and traits!
Anonymous (#4282)
Jun 27th, 2014 @ 04:34 GMT
@4281 you know you want it.
Anonymous (#4283)
Jun 27th, 2014 @ 15:37 GMT
Yeah 4281...I don't agree with the ugliness of many of the comments here, but I don't like women at all...they all seem so false and materialistic, and must have very small brains as they are so easily influenced by media and consumerism. Also hat they way they are walking on the streets texting. God I'S Sick of that. Wish they would fit in with they way male society is...natural, vulnerable and nice.
Anonymous (#4284)
Jun 27th, 2014 @ 15:48 GMT
A report in the Times of London today stated that most domestic violence is initiated by women...60% to 40% is begun by women partners. The violence is psychological and physical. Most men are too sheepish to report it, and when it gets too much the male sometimes responds with a hit or smack, and of course this is reported to the authorities by the female, and you know what happens next. But there is a move at foot now to rebalance the lie that all domestic violence is attributable to the male partner. What bitches.
Anonymous (#4285)
Jun 27th, 2014 @ 22:13 GMT
cherlyn-cherri moffit ramsey. and Christine-chris Jerome laflam. sluts/whores/call-girls/pornstars/prostitutes for over 25 years.
Anonymous (#4288)
Jul 1st, 2014 @ 19:35 GMT
More truth than lies have been written on this forum. My question to all is: What are we going to do about it?
Anonymous (#4294)
Jul 2nd, 2014 @ 02:23 GMT
@4288 as far as we know there is nothing we can do about it. You cannot change who you are as a person, you cannot change your DNA, women are woman, it is ingrained in them to be the Whores they are and that my friend is a fact.
Anonymous (#4295)
Jul 2nd, 2014 @ 08:02 GMT
@4283 small brains? Some women maybe but not all you never met every women in world I have masters ,went to collage own my own house and asexual so couldn't be a whore
Anonymous (#4296)
Jul 2nd, 2014 @ 08:08 GMT
I hope you know your calling women terrible things when they brought you in this world without women you couldn't be here you share there DNA.you are making a standard not all women have sex no all are whores I'm asexual virgin and don't want sex I do not like dick and I've never fingerd myself and I'm 24 soo.im a whore ?never did anything sexual
Anonymous (#4298)
Jul 3rd, 2014 @ 00:22 GMT
@4294 thanks for answering my question. I disagree, but appreciate your point of view. I believe that we men have power and we use our power poorly. We allow ourselves to be driven by the desires of the flesh and women use that to perfection. Maybe we are dick heads for life, but I don't believe that. If we redefine what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior from our friends and fellow males we can change the shit women get away with as well.
Captain Pugwash (#4299)
Jul 4th, 2014 @ 11:09 GMT
if your 36 and under and still single - Blame Feminism....frankly the modern women aint after marriage, shes after a 10 minute frolic in the pub toilets or at her place and its "see ya later buster" Then the next time you'll see her is in court when she accuses you of rape even though she was smashed off her face and asked you to bang her.

If your a women aged 45 or under you are a fucking slut-bag, This generation of women have been corrupted by the media. I Wish death upon you women my age (25-36) that dress like slut-bags i wish you die in massive fiery blood-purge - face it women under 45 are ALL users, Bitches and gold-digging Slutty-dressing slut-bags. I Wish death upon these skank whore-bags.

Men where never originally misogynist 100 years ago - in 1914 women knew how to respect themselves, serve there husbands and knew how to meet a man for marriage. in 2014 its "fuck 'em forget 'em," then "if im pregnant i demand every single fucking cent in child support from him even tho im a drunken slutty dressing slut-bag that is easily led by what a corrupt western-world media throws in my face and that i have no morals or respect for myself".

Its you slut-bags mislead and corrupted by western-world pop culture media that are the problem in this word today you slut-ho dressing possibly disease infested trendy harlots who are PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE. You skanks, the mainstream media, and the people who sold you those slutty clothes - listen to that song Buy Dope from 2001 - Die Mother Fucker Die - Yeh thats right. Fuck You skank sluts. I fucking hate you Bitches.
Anonymous (#4300)
Jul 5th, 2014 @ 06:14 GMT
Ok I am not Racist or Prejudice by any means. I would like to personally thank all the Hispanic and Black dudes out there trying to fuck the married women they encounter both in and out of the workplace. Why because the Hispanic and Black dudes are setting good men free by exposing these cheating wives for what they are...WHORES. Do I agree with fucking other dudes wives...NO. The Hispanic dudes have it right, they know most women are whores and will give it up really fast and the women that tell them to fuck off are probably in the 1% of good women. I think it's hilarious that the Hispanic culture has so much Jealousy,Drama, and ,Cheating. They put their mothers and wives on a pedestal meanwhile they look for a whore on the side to blow them and take it in the ass, because they DO NOT want to bust a nut in the wife's mouth and have her kiss the kids goodnight with that mouth. So Thanks all you Dudes out there fucking other guys wives exposing them for the whores they are, you are causing divorces and essentially setting good men free. On a side note Brunei's new laws are right on. The USA should adopt such laws and include in them Druggie cunts get stoned to death as well only after spending a year in prison and being sent the paperwork and pictures that their kid will be with a "new adopted family", after that put the cunt whore to a deserved death.
Anonymous (#4301)
Jul 5th, 2014 @ 06:28 GMT
Brunei's new laws are being Put Down by the US Law Makers and other Degenerates in the US, WHY? Because Brunei's new laws want to bring back Sanity, Honor, Dignity, Honesty, Family, Trust. The People in the US opposing
Brunei's new laws are the ones PROFITING from "Slut Culture". They are the elite, The Satanic elite that makes Family "ENEMY NUMBER ONE". Make NO Mistake It's Real and the Satanic Elite Give Celebrities their "Fame and Fortune" so the Celebrities will gladly agree with whatever the Satanic Elite want. And what they want is for the whole world to be as CORRUPT as the USA is because they will PROFIT and because people are easier to control when they are separated. It's all "Free Will" you DO NOT have to buy into their Bullshit or make the vile fucked up choices they present you with. Brunei's new laws are a step in the right direction and the second step would be to Dismantle the Satanic Elite step by step until they are obliterated and their entire inbred blood line no longer exist.
Anonymous (#4302)
Jul 5th, 2014 @ 06:46 GMT
I know a chick that is a drug using self proclaimed "playa" and a really dirty slut. She sucks dick for a joint or if a guy wants to just "hang out" and get high, he will also get a piece of ass. I wonder if she learned this behavior from her mother? The lying, cheating, and deceit that is. It comes down to morals I suppose and some people just say fuck it and do whatever they want no matter who gets hurt. Fucking idiots you think you are a player only in the end you will just have a lifetime of memories of all the fucked up things you did and the people you hurt in the process and that includes your own children. Oh I forgot you just have children to get that State Funded Welfare Check, Rental assistance and Food Stamps.
Anonymous (#4303)
Jul 5th, 2014 @ 08:44 GMT
It's all a means to an end, Women use the pussy to get things from men whatever that thing may be. Men lie and do stupid shit to get the pussy, if the man is good at it he won't spend much money just lie his ass off. Anyone expecting any kind of monogamy, loyalty, or trust from most modern women is living in fantasy land. Most women are not capable of monogamy, loyalty or trust, they will all betray you in some manner. If a woman cannot even control herself enough to keep her children safe then she will never do so for any man. That means she cares more about herself than her own child her flesh and blood. Any man expecting loyalty from a creature that does not love her own child is fucking insane.
Anonymous (#4304)
Jul 6th, 2014 @ 01:29 GMT
@4298 the only way we are going return women back to "correct behavior" is to do what Brunei is doing and that is KILL the bitches for whore behavior period. No second chances ,No excuses ,No Bullshit. You BETRAY your family and husband by being a whore you die period. Guarantee they straighten up real fast or get a lot more discreet and sneaky real fast. The law should not stop at their sexual misconduct either it should go further and really put them back in line in more ways than one.
Anonymous (#4305)
Jul 6th, 2014 @ 02:30 GMT
A prostitute in Columbia, Missouri was recently arrested for not only being a whore but the filthy slut also knew she had the AIDs virus and was willing to infect every idiot stupid enough to pay the slut for access to her filthy disgusting death-dealing hole.
Anonymous (#4306)
Jul 6th, 2014 @ 11:29 GMT
The sad part of this all, of these women behaving the way they do is. What kind of message is this sending to their children? Young girls will grow up seeing their mother with 50 different guys and think that kind of behavior is normal and most likely be the same exact way when they grow up continuing the "Slut Culture". Young boys may look at this behavior and get the idea that all women are whorish or get a real disdain and start harming women.These women are fucked up, they are thinking and acting fucked up.
I think they lack any kind of rational thought process or they know exactly what they are doing and just don't give a shit. The media brainwashing really has them. Browse single sites and you will see.
It's "My Time"
It's all about ME
Seeking FWB for non commitment mutually beneficial agreement aka she gets money the guy gets his dick sucked.
I find it comical that you see these hagged out bitches @40 or 50 something still looking for some sucker to take care of them and their 5 kids.
Then you have unattractive, overweight women looking for a good looking, in shape guy that makes 200k per year and will treat them like the beautiful princess they think they are >Delusional Bitches.
Any women that was married to a good man for a long time and bails because
"Now It's My Time" or because she isn't getting her way. "FUCKING DESERVES NOTHING"
I have seen this over and over again, even the so called religious cunts pulling this shit. That or they marry some guy that helps them raise some other guys kid for 18 years and then she bails on the guy as soon as the kid turns 18. Fucking Using Cunts.
Anonymous (#4307)
Jul 6th, 2014 @ 13:54 GMT
I think what's missing in these comments is the fact that when people get together
they need to be compatible in the 1st place.
For example:
1.Potheads should be with Potheads. A Pothead and a straight edge won't get along.
2.The so called beta people that are not selfish and are giving towards others
will not get along with a self centered person, In Fact that self centered person
will resent and even hate the so called beta person.
3.Irresponsible people and responsible people will not get along, nor will the ignorant and the smart.
4.Shallow people that are "for show" and about looks and appearances won't get along
with those who don't seek attention.
The only thing you can do if you don't get along with someone or you know it will end badly is walk away. No Name calling, No nonsense or Bullshit. Just walk away and wish them the best.
After all what good is a physical attraction if there is Nothing Else..It's pointless.
Anonymous (#4308)
Jul 6th, 2014 @ 21:43 GMT
Irene said:

"tell me what you think of this. my friend is a great guy who finally told his longtime female friend that he had feelings for her but would be understanding if she just wanted to stay friends. he was legitimately fine staying friends since he cared for her for more reasons than just sex. she friendzoned him and a week later she met a guy at a bar and fucked him simply because "he was hot". now my friend isnt george clooney but he sure as hell aint bad looking, he works out alot. now i dont want to use a double standard to say this bitch is a whore but the whore move is that she almost immediately told him about it like it was nothing. i should mention that this is a girl who hasnt slept around like crazy but i think shes getting there. as a girl i cant believe this shit. he just told her he had feelings for her, she friendzones him then sleeps with the next guy she met. ill admit, most girls are whores"

Irene... you just described my teens and 20's.

Every. Single year. Of my teens and 20's.

I think this must have happened to me something like over a dozen times.

Well. Guess what? I expect this now. And I actively screen for it. I mean to me, sad to say, this is default behavior for most women.

I can have no sex for the rest of my life (except perhaps paid), or I can have a good woman... and I am more rigorous on my screening requirements than any woman could ever be on her worst day now. But if I can't find one that meets standards... none works fine, thank you. "Bad" is far, far, FAR worse than "none", take it from me.

If all men did this... we'd either have a bumper crop of lesbians, or women would get their shit together.

I'm thinking lesbians. I don't think most are capable of getting their shit together.
Chuck (#4309)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 01:36 GMT
Women view men as a paycheck, a dick, and entertainment...

Unless you're mangina bad boy then its just entertainment
Anonymous (#4310)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 03:21 GMT
My ex-wife the dumb cunt, went with our daughters to a girl scout camp out. The mothers must have been sitting around talking about men and cocks. The dumb cunt actually came home and told me this. Her description of me to the other women was. Mine comes with a paycheck. So I guess I was some living dildo to her that came with a weekly paycheck.
What a cunt.
Any Man that is over 35 and gets married (or marries again)is insane in my opinion.
Why? Because if you already handed over 50% of your assets including your home
the 1st time then why the hell would you put yourself at risk of losing that much again?
If you are 35 and spend 20 with some bitch and she decides "It's her Time" then guess what 50% of your assets are gone again and now your retirement is fucked.
Fuck Them, They want this equality only it's not equal. Fuck Them, Let them get a Fucking Job and earn their own assets and retirement, Have Fun Struggling Cunts, Have Fun telling your children why you cannot afford things and why you collect welfare and government cheese.
Anonymous (#4311)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 03:42 GMT
Being Single = You answer to yourself and do what you want when you want, this is peaceful and ideal.

Being Married = you answer to your wife you are obligated to take care of her and put up with her shit even when you aren't up for the task, this is not a good situation it's like selling out your manhood and the prize at the end is you get kicked in the balls, stripped of your hard earned money, your children and your home and then sent on your way. After that yo get child support and alimony payments for the rest of your life. Sounds pretty fucking crazy to me.
Anonymous (#4312)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 04:03 GMT
Go look at plenty of fish dot com put the search filter on 35 to 55 and see what's there
Recently separated and looking, Fat ugly hagged out bitches. Women with up to 5 kids looking for that sucker. Then there is the pictures, they say a picture is worth a thousand words and some of the pictures there speak volumes, some of them you just look at the picture and you can see their state of mind Sad,angry,mischievous and washed out.
A lot of them look like ten miles of bad road and that's with make up. Too funny you see the ones that obviously were the pass around girl that every guy has fucked and they are on there looking to "Settle Down" more like they want some fool to use and abuse, pay for them and their kids while they blow other dudes the second you are gone for 10 minutes or more.
Anonymous (#4313)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 05:27 GMT
All you women getting on here and yelling and all that...

You sue for peace (obviously, or else you would not be here)... and yet you offer nothing besides "you're all deluded... get back in line".

There shall be no peace until you police your own and bring something to the table.

No one reads your words. I've been cheated on four times now by four different women. They all reassured me too. Your words mean as much as Charlie Brown's teacher. Blah blah blah blah blah.

I've seen it happen to other guys live something like 3-4 times that often. I'd say my sample size is valid at least for the area in which I live.

Bad women, good women, old women, young women, it don't matter. Divorce rate is like 60% now, you are initiating over 80% of those.

You want to get mad at men having too much power? So do we. You are speaking of 1% of all men.

You think we don't police our own? I put a guy in prison for beating his girlfriend. How's that sound? We don't take kindly to rape either, despite what you may have heard.

But you divorce and cheat around? It's congratulations all around from you. To say you have no influence over what other women do... well... that is demonstrably false as you all appear to be on the same page and totally supportive of your gender's bad behavior.

You want peace you will have to negotiate with something tangible. The way adult humans do. Not pitch a fit like a four year old.

Most men are giving the fuck up and we'll be happy to let you take over. Why not. Those same 1% of all powerful men will own your ass like they own ours, do not kid yourself. Go ahead, do the education / career / kid thing all by yourself all simultaneously and keep this society running if you want. Only reason we ever did it was for your love and respect and we clearly have no further reason to do so.

You think you have a reason... sticking it to us, proving you're as good as us. Fine. I'm sure you are. Whatever... you will run out of reason 30 years in when it's clear that no one gives a fuck how hard you work either. You think you're immune from that?
Anonymous (#4314)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 06:16 GMT
"More truth than lies have been written on this forum. My question to all is: What are we going to do about it?"

Starve it.

As someone on here said, you can survive without sex.

I recall in the 90's, male competition was fierce for female attention (and oh how the women loved that).

Now it's pointless. Even if a man uses every underhanded tactic in the book to get one over on his fellow men... he'll have that female attention for 2-3 years tops. And then he's out again. That's if he doesn't get financially fucked or thrown in jail.

Dude... why. Why compete for it at all when it's just going to go away on you and take a big bloody chunk of you with it?

Rent if you must. But stop chasing it. And stop financially supporting it. You'll be taxed of course, but that shouldn't be much of a problem, what with jobs vaporizing at the speed of light, and the few that are left being used to fill affirmative action quotas.

When a business gets taxed to shit, what does it do? Pass the cost on to the consumer.

Same deal here. Pass the cost on to women. Stop working more than you need to keep a roof over your head and eat. Stop spending on consumer junk. Stop competing with other men for something that is hell bent on fucking you and then kicking your ass.

If you gotta rent, Vegas is a mere plane ride away.

They have been tricked into thinking work is such a great "old boys" club that leads to uncontrolled consumer spending and the fulfillment of their every whim. Let's test that theory. I'm sure dudes back in 1850 thought the same thing.

With their budgeting skills and lack of impulse control they'll be underwater inside of two years (being generous) and then they will be wage slaves to their debt.

And then maybe some perspective might surface.

I doubt it but maybe.

If not... oh well. What are you really out? Someone who's hell bent on fucking you and then kicking your ass, that's what.
Anonymous (#4315)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 07:44 GMT
"75% of divorce is initiated by the woman or she is a coward and does something she knows he will never get over or never overlook, The betrayal of cheating (breaking the mans trust forever) forcing HIM to get RID of her."

And I can hear it right now... "what's the big deal".


Tell you what, go to a job ladies, and give me your entire paycheck. Pay for my house, pay for me to fuck another woman and get her pregnant, pay for the kid. Let me give you an STD, and when I'm done I'll leave and you can still pay.

Do you get what's the big deal yet?

Let's add... since you have to pay, you have to keep your job. Which is going to be a neat trick when you're that depressed and distracted...
Anonymous (#4316)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 08:46 GMT
4314 and 4315 make good points
If the roles were reversed and the women were working 60 plus hours per week and the men were home fucking other women during that 60 hours all hell would break loose.
And yes they would become wage slaves real fast. My ex-wife went through 13,000 dollars cash in less than 3 weeks during the divorce. Talk about being fucking ignorant. She also racked up credit cards during that time, thankfully they were only in her name. The creditors did call my phone looking for her and I gladly gave them ALL her information. Men if you get divorced protect yourself by changing passwords and getting new credit cards and account numbers. My cunt ex-wife tried stealing from my accounts and I had to get new accounts and etc.
Fucking CUNTS get a Fucking JOB.
Anonymous (#4317)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 09:15 GMT
I looked at Plenty Of Fish like the poster above said. All I can say is I hope those are not the only kind of women available out there. Wow played out.If a women has to flash her tits, ass, or be overly sexual in photos, she is desperate, low self esteem and has no class. What's with every bitch wanting a dude with a Harley, they must like the vibration on their twats.
These single mothers should not be exposing kids to every guy they date, the kid should never meet any of them. With these women probably dating up to 50 different guys that's a lot of people to expose a kid to.
420 friendly another misnomer, I have nothing against weed. Weed should never be smoked in front of kids period. A mother should never be drunk or high in front of the kids period. These single mothers should not be making out with dudes with the kids around.
Anonymous (#4318)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 10:43 GMT
3473 & 3476 totally agree
Anonymous (#4319)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 13:38 GMT
I think it's true treat them like shit and they want you more, just fuck them and never commit to them it drives them crazy.
Anonymous (#4320)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 14:16 GMT
You are better off celibate because this shit is like Russian Roulette sooner or later you get the bullet. Only the bullet in this case are STD including HIV and AIDS or just plain old financial ruin.
Anonymous (#4321)
Jul 7th, 2014 @ 16:29 GMT
Shallow whores never satisfied, Grass is always greener on the other side.
Be a gentlemen it doesn't matter
Be kind and giving doesn't matter
Be an alpha male doesn't matter
Work yourself to death and give them everything doesn't matter
Face it if you hook up with a shallow whore they are always looking to trade up.
Too funny they don't want to be judged for looks or weight, how many of these whores date short guys?
Anonymous (#4323)
Jul 8th, 2014 @ 05:05 GMT


You know you want it.


For real... anyone that is saying "yes that's actually tempting"... you are your own worst enemy. Really.

Yes I am male.
Anonymous_fed up (#4324)
Jul 8th, 2014 @ 14:39 GMT
Anonymous - its the only way we (men) can be truthful about how FED UP (!) we are about this new society and the legal methodical take down of anything with a penis.

The laws are stacked up against men and its only getting worse.

Men are demonized and are always at fault.

We are pay checks nothing more!

Basically its an continual assault we are losing.

We are protecting ourselves by our silent revolt against Marriage.

Women do not want to accept any responsibility to the decline of Marriage.

If the whore is forcing you to get Married - Get another Whore. Shes wants Free stuff. She wants you to sign away your rights!

With everything stacked against men, We men must use every means to use women as much as we can until you are forced into something. Then walk away.

Let them be pissed - but they made there bed - its time to sleep in it. And you can be replaced.
Anonymous (#4325)
Jul 8th, 2014 @ 16:02 GMT
I agree with the comment that men need to remove emotions from the equation. Why because then we cannot be manipulated with our emotions. A lot of no good women out there need to be fucked, told they are a whore and then dumped in that order. When they start crying laugh at them and point at the door. This won't solve the "Slut Culture" problem. The only thing that will do that is the extinction of human beings.
Anonymous (#4326)
Jul 8th, 2014 @ 16:16 GMT
I find it rather funny how they want equality equal pay,equal rights (until divorce court) then the man is stripped of his rights. First off the biggest mistake we made was allowing Women to vote and to be in male oriented jobs and fields. They were and should be property, like a farmers animals. A milk cow serves a purpose it produces milk
and when the cow stops producing milk it's no longer serving it's purpose and it get sent to slaughter. Our women have LOST and in most cases rebelliously given up on or thrown away their purpose. If a man can cook, clean, and take care of himself then what purpose does a women have? That's right a Cock Receptacle and nothing more.
The middle east has it right she cheats she dies or is cast out with nothing period. Some Vietnamese villages do the same a person cheats and they get thrown out of the village period never seeing any of their children or family EVER again.
So ladies thank feminism and your own stupidity for Losing your fucking purpose in life.
Anonymous (#4327)
Jul 8th, 2014 @ 16:24 GMT
I think Dick Masterson got it right: http://tiny.cc/u5soix
Anonymous (#4328)
Jul 8th, 2014 @ 16:39 GMT
If the want to be like men and have the rights of Men do the following.

1.No more feeling sorry for them and giving them handouts for having illegitimate kids.
2.If they are able bodied tell them get a fucking job.
3.If they piss their money away and can't pay rent throw them the fuck out.
4.Men and society should shun and punish whorish or slut like behavior in public
Men wanna see barely dressed women go to a strip club or a whore house.
5.Reverse the laws and take away their rights they are property and nothing more.
6.Do away with No Fault Divorces, You want a Divorce you have to have a Valid Reason.
7.Make a law that says if a woman is caught betraying her husband and family she get's
publicly shamed while she walks to the gallows and hangs, Men get hung for cheating as well. This would solve a lot of problems period. make the price so heavy no one will want to risk it.
8.Eliminate the politicians,film makers and producers, the Hollywood crowd for putting out the Shit Laws and ideas that corrupt.
9.Eliminate the media bullshit that corrupts as well along with the people behind it.
It's obviously being done purposely and with evil intent.
Anonymous (#4329)
Jul 8th, 2014 @ 17:02 GMT
@4327 good article

All it takes for a women to cheat is to just heap compliments on and tell her she is always in the right and OH your so beautiful how could that bastard husband or boyfriend treat you this way. Too easy in most cases some of the more stubborn ones may take a few weeks or months, you just gotta wait for that vulnerable moment and then pounce. They all crave attention, they all want to think and feel they are in the right
that they are a victim and predator guys exploit the shit out of this all the time.
Anonymous (#4330)
Jul 8th, 2014 @ 19:28 GMT
@4329 couldn't agree more.
Anonymous (#4331)
Jul 9th, 2014 @ 07:57 GMT
Why the hell are you even talking about "fuck them then dump them"?

What on earth for. Dump the entire gender, then dump it again for good measure.

Why do you want to fuck someone who is trying to destroy you? I'm reading on another forum about a guy getting cheated on and then when he went to dump her she's pulling the false domestic violence card on him.

Aside from "this is real bad"... dude how could you want to stick your dick in a person that's about to pull that shit on you? I mean isn't that sort of like fucking the local meth dealer, except he has a silicone tit job?

They're acting like men... but that's not right. They are acting like a bad stereotype of the worst kind of men humanly possible, and then pushing it even further from there. What's to fuck? It's not... shit. I mean. I don't even know how to make this make any sense to y'all. It's not like you'd be fucking a woman. Put it that way.

The sex is already gone unless you like fucking criminals.

How can I say "criminals"? Let's see a man do half the shit they're getting away with. He'd be behind bars.

Just stop already. Even fucking and chucking, you give them power because you put that at the center of your universe. And inevitably compete yourself out against other men who should all be helping put a stop to this shit, but they're all too busy beating each other down over criminal fucking.

You want a woman in your life, you better screen them very, very hard for good traits, and burn off the bloody rose colored beer goggles with acid if necessary.
Anonymous (#4332)
Jul 9th, 2014 @ 20:37 GMT
The beast thing any man can do is Quit the Game, then they lose.
I would rather be a celibate asexual heterosexual male than subject myself
to the bullshit going on.
I am in control of My Time,and MY Money, I rely on myself.
I Don't have to think about what's going on at home while I'm working.
I Don't have to worry about my computer or phone being tampered with some bullshit spy applications because some messed up female wants to see if I am fucking around the way that she is.
Men Stop thinking with your dick and do better things with your time
I think you will find that your life will improve.
Anonymous (#4337)
Jul 10th, 2014 @ 17:33 GMT
I have to say, men that think with their dicks need to be beaten and casted off to live a meaningless life. when we see a young attractive girl in short shorts instead of staring we need to give disapproving looks. When we find out that one of our friends fucked one of our other friends girl we need to invite him out and take him to club dark ally and fuck him up. If our friends girl is in our social circle we tell our women to abandon the whore or fuck-off. We need to stop taking shit. When we see Mr. Save-a-Whore coming to some sluts rescue we need to come to the aid of the male being affronted. We need to remove all special privileges these whore enjoy. The next we are at the Club and some asshole orders a bottle of Dom for a table full of somebodies else girls, we should send nasty looks and a cup of water with shit in it. Stop the Whore Party Now!
Anonymous (#4338)
Jul 10th, 2014 @ 17:56 GMT
Right on 4337. I am one who has approached the women on the street in the shorts so short the anus is next to be seen, and asked they why they feel thy have to dress that way. Course they think I'm out to spoil their fun,and therefore I' either overtly religious or gay. I cant imagine why they would want to dress that way...is it because they are hot? If so, why is it you don't see men dressed in a manner to provoke? My take on men has so improved since I started assessing women as per many of the comments on this page. Mostly I see men as simpler (in a good way), bearing about them a poverty which allows them to be enjoyed. And I agree with you that men who slave over upholding the myths of womanhood, are not much better than the bitches they kill themselves to uphold. I wont allow myself to hate women, but I feel they are way out of place.
Anonymous (#4339)
Jul 10th, 2014 @ 20:16 GMT
Out Of Place indeed and out of line.

Typical American CUNT

Has the American Dream, a House ,Healthy Kids, A Good Husband That treats her well, Money, Nice Cars and etc.

American Woman's Thought Process

Look at my house, Why is my neighbor getting new furniture and I am stuck with this 2 year old furniture?
Oh My neighbor just bought a new car, I am jealous because my car is 3 years old.
All my husband does is work, works over 50 hours and then comes home and works around here, What about ME? It's suppose to ALL be about ME!
I disrespect my husband Because I have No Self Esteem or Self Worth, I grind my husband to the ground with my attitude,
My negative and child like behavior and if he doesn't like it then I will cheat and get half of everything anyway.
Nothing is my fault it's always my husband's fault or someone elses fault because I live in a fantasy world where I am a princess.
It's his fault I cheated because all he does is work, It doesn't matter that not once have I gone cold or hungry and not once has my car ever broken down,
Not once have I ever not gotten something I asked for. Not Once has he beat me, He doesn't even drink or smoke, yep that's right he deserved to be cheated on.

American Women = Fat, Lazy, and Entitled princess syndrome cunts that don't live in reality.

Women From Some other countries mindset.

I am so thankful that I have a loving, providing husband. That I never worry about food, clothing, heat or housing.
I am so thankful that my children will never know what it's like to literally be starving.
I am so happy that my husband works very hard for us, he doesn't beat me, he doesn't drink, smoke ,or do drugs.
I am so happy and Grateful for the things I have been blessed with.

Foreign women = In Shape, Hard Working, Thankful and Grateful for what they have and lives in reality and understands what it is to NOT have the things others take for granted.
Anonymous (#4341)
Jul 11th, 2014 @ 22:17 GMT
I am not sure they are human anymore. They seem to me so very materialistic and lacking in any qualities of humanity and spirituality as they come off as only interested in how they look, and what they can get, and nothing else, absolutely nothing else is of any consequence if others are not as shallow as them. I don't think there has been a period in human history where women have been so divorced from genuine humanity and goodness. What is going to happen? I don't think there is much cause to think things are going to change. From what I see women are spending more time with women and men with men. It will, I think ultimately be good for men as they will be liberated from the oppression they have accepted to be psychologically tied to women, and to have to uphold them and stroke them in their fantasies of their questionable beauty and the need men have wrongly felt they have for them. Let them go and live in their consumerist shallow universe. Time for men to rediscover their precious qualities apart from women.
Anonymous (#4342)
Jul 12th, 2014 @ 04:47 GMT
Well think about this.

They Call Marriage an "Institution"
Marriage is suppose to be a "Committed" relationship
Signing over half of everything you have for a blow job and a fake relationship is "Insane"
Wow I think someone is trying to tell us something only we are not listening.
Anonymous (#4343)
Jul 12th, 2014 @ 04:53 GMT
There are actually websites out there where married women discuss
what they can get from divorcing their husband. They talk about the laws, how long they have to stay to maximize what they get in divorce and other similar topics.
Men DO NOT GET MARRIED because it's not in your best interest.
Anonymous (#4344)
Jul 12th, 2014 @ 05:00 GMT
I find it comical that they all fantasize an ideal relationship and yet none of them want to do the work to make a relationship work. If the man makes one little mistake, makes any kind of misunderstood remark or comment or just burst the fantasy bubble for just one second then the woman flips out
and starts looking for another guy. Usually they will cheat to try and land the next guy first and then leave the guy.
Captain Pugwash (#4345)
Jul 12th, 2014 @ 05:52 GMT
what really boils my blood these days is that The media are now promoting Promiscuity, adultery and casual sex - worse still some of this can be found in supposedly family friendly News Websites, magazines even the daily newspaper.

There articles teach women how to adopt the Princess Mentality. Al they talk about is sex, this, sex that. The photos on these family friendly news websites are not what you call "soft porn" - They ARE porn.

Gone are the days when womens magazines published recipes, how to be the best mother in the word, write an impressionable CV or encouraged women to feed there brains with puzzles. Now all we see in these magazines is half naked slut-bags with articles like "how to pop and pash him" "top 10 sex times" and "how to ogle a man behind your hubby/BF's back and get away with it, then take half or all his assets and children when he files for divorce" and feed there minds with gossip about materialistic slutty ho "celebrity's" who got famous because of a reality show and sex tape - alot of this pornographic stuff is sold unrestricted meaning an 11 year old girl can by this rubbish.

Face it - Women under 45 today CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

The publishers of these articles should all be arrested then stoned to death for "corrupting and perverting women and innocent children". I Find it hypocritical that people who molest children can face the death penalty while media people throw this sinful and sick pornographic shit into the face of children can get away with it...both are as evil as one another.
Anonymous (#4346)
Jul 12th, 2014 @ 06:44 GMT
I agree with #4345 You are 100% accurate. Another problem is we are being bombarded with homosexuality. I think small minds are susceptible to all this media Hyper Sexuality. It's not just the women either I work in a place that's all men and all these idiots joke about is sex this and sex that, they play homo grab ass, constantly assume that coworkers are homosexual, constant homosexual jokes, Spreading Rumors and Gossip about whoever they think is gay, when something is wrong some of them say oh that's so gay. On Monday's the supervisor goes around asking how was the weekend did ya get laid?
What I am saying here is that THE MEDIA is corrupting people.
Some People have Very SICK MINDS
People are Very IGNORANT and Brainwashed
They are not using their Brains, They learn Nothing and Have NO GOD in mind
Anonymous (#4347)
Jul 12th, 2014 @ 09:54 GMT
Well said, 4346. I am gay, (straightacting) but don't like the whole business forced in the face of others. Another thing, why do women who pose in pornographic situations always look so evil...you know, painted lips with mouths open, eyes tempting to something unhealthy, bodied twisted to emphasise, I suppose the cunt, false fingernails ready to rip the skin . Men in pornographic poses, usually smile, look boyish, and seem like the kind of guy who could be fun, not just in the bed, but at the pub, backpacking, chilling out together with a friend.
Anonymous (#4348)
Jul 12th, 2014 @ 13:34 GMT
I think Pornography is an evil thing. It's designed to get you thinking the wrong way. It's designed to get you to objectify other human beings. It's designed to get you to be in a constant sexual frame of mind. It's designed to implant those images and ideas in your mind. Sodomy is a prevalent theme in pornography. How many men see that and then go and try to sodomize their wife? Men are Not suppose to be turning their wife out that way. This constant sexual frame of mind can drive people to cheat, make them sex addicts or something worse. Serial Killer Ted Bundy said in an interview that his first victim was after he got hooked on pornography at age 15 and the he viewed that victim as an object not a human being.
You see people the battle is for your mind, once the enemy has your thoughts the rest follows. People are naive for not seeing that Evil People are trying to corrupt at every turn and the choice is theirs whether to be corrupt or not.
Anonymous (#4349)
Jul 12th, 2014 @ 13:44 GMT
Those Men you work with Are Sick Indeed. It sounds like they use homosexuality to make one another cringe or to insult one another in a very Sick and Disgusting way. Possibly some of them are closet cases trying to determine who else is gay. I personally could care less who is homosexual or not. I will say that it should not be up in everyone's face though. The homosexuals would most likely be left alone if they would tone down that flamboyant shit and being up in everyone's face. When they are in everyone's face they are disrespecting other people. How can they expect to be respected as human beings if they are being disrespectful themselves. This website really isn't about that though, although the topic does fit in with "The Purposeful Destruction of The Family and Society" People Need To Wake The Fuck UP and Really Look at The Big Picture.
Anonymous (#4352)
Jul 13th, 2014 @ 09:44 GMT
Please just don't talk about the pussy...I find them revolting.
Anonymous (#4353)
Jul 13th, 2014 @ 11:35 GMT
People are the problem not just women and not just men.This has been going on forever. Only now we have the technology to see and hear what millions of others are up to. We have access to a lot more people. That made things worse. The only thing that is going to solve the problem is if the human race is somehow wiped out and the few that remain are dumbed down to forget all the shit behavior. Then again I think shit behavior is probably in our DNA.
Anonymous (#4354)
Jul 13th, 2014 @ 14:31 GMT
Pussy is great, It's all the bullshit they expect you to put up with to get it. Men can blame themselves really. If we men would have kept the women in check and not allowed things to happen, then we wouldn't be dealing with the way things are now. I still believe the time we are in now is not really any different than say the 50s. People are doing the same shit only now it's in your face in the 50s people were very discreet and sneaky.
JOHN (#4355)
Jul 14th, 2014 @ 04:39 GMT
john (#4356)
Jul 14th, 2014 @ 04:41 GMT
sorry if i didnt read through everybodys thoughts and opinions before i replid, because i relly don't care.so HHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Jul 14th, 2014 @ 04:44 GMT
Anonymous (#4358)
Jul 15th, 2014 @ 02:28 GMT
@4357 Of course, his mom, your mom, and my mom were fucking whores just like these modern bitches. As men we have to stop creating fantasies about women. We need to live with the truth. It does not mean that we do not love them any less, but understand who they are. Are there women that are not whores? Yes, probably but they were probably raised by men.
Anonymous (#4359)
Jul 15th, 2014 @ 18:40 GMT
Good Point 4538 Fatherless children, NO FATHER IN THE HOME, Impudent Women, Shun commitment to a man. Saying "I don't need a man". No you Dumb Cunt, your children need their father and you are the one who Removed your own child's father from the picture. Therefore you, with your choices and behaviors harmed and are continually harming your own child. Rationalize it all you want, make all the lame excuses you want. You are fucking WRONG none the less. It's a known fact that children are more at risk for trouble and failure from a broken home. Now throw in a whorish mother with a rationalizing fucked up mindset and those children have no chance.
So bounce from man to man to man forever, get high or drunk in front of the kid, let the babysitter (tv) watch the kid while you are in another room of the house sucking dick. Show the kid that work is not needed because welfare and child support are where it's at. Teach the kid that all men are cowards, fools and no good. Children learn by example as well, they imitate what they see. So keep being a degenerate you Stupid CUNT.
Anonymous (#4360)
Jul 15th, 2014 @ 20:48 GMT
Anonymous (#4361)
Jul 16th, 2014 @ 02:42 GMT

Yes gentleman pay attention, adhere to all RED FLAGS(RF) , do you think she may be a slut??? guess what? if you got to ask yourself then she more than likely is,

Guy friends/Drinks often/Smokes when out drinking/smokes period/Girls nights out/FACEBOOK!!!/Slutty friends,mother,sisters(birds of feather)(like mother like daughter)/Piercings/Shoddy tattoos/Ghetto talking foul mouthed speech/Divorced parents/Gossip obsessed/fast food eating/reality tv loving = RED FLAGS.

Yes she's a bit rough but she's ok , she's nice to me , she just needs someone to show her not all guys a bad!!!! Wrong mother fucker, WRONG.

You knew it before it even began, no one to blame but yourself, BUT,, every know and again, the legit nice one, that girl every one loves, will blindside you with crushing betrayal and humiliation that you'd think satan himself had conspired against you!!! you are not to blame, but looking back there where signs, inklings, hunches gut feelings that may have foretold, listen to them, act on them, dig/snoop/spy a little for the information!!!!! it may just pay off and save a lot of HURT.

All humans capable of this, Male or Female, but women, by far, the more evil, manipulative, lying, gaslighting, IL morale'd, conniving, cheating, low life bits of shit that walk the earth.
Anonymous (#4362)
Jul 16th, 2014 @ 11:37 GMT
Does drugs,smokes weed (and hangs exclusively with guys that smoke weed),keeps 50 guys on the cell and 100s on Facebook, keeps in touch with exes. Keeps mentioning to you her one "Guy Friend". Her friends and family act weird around you like somethings wrong, like oh I hope he hasn't found out. Constantly going to different dudes houses to "Hang Out" and "Get High" and what else? 4361 is right most of the time the signs are there just open your eyes. And yes I agree if a mother is slutty and cheated on her husband and the daughter knew then the daughter will do the same shit and her mother will "cover up" for her with the boyfriends. There are maybe 1% of women are good the rest are pieces of shit sad but true.
Fight Club Hero (#4366)
Jul 20th, 2014 @ 21:17 GMT
@4365 Writing poems about our love of pussy is not providing a contribution to the frustrations written by so many on this forum. Our love of pussy is a major contributing factor to our demise. Rising above this love is what is needed to construct a brighter future for us all. Whether you believe or disbelieve, now is a great time to embrace the practices of Christianity and/or Islam from a moral perspective. If women see our best qualities without the ability to corrupt us with their sexual advances they will bend their behavior to what they see as the qualities we see as desirable. So what, if their behavior is crafted by self interest. The point is simple, they follow our lead. Lead and they will follow us to the behavior that we desire from them and generate the society we wish to live in. Don't be a pussy, be stronger than pussy.
Fight Club Hero (#4367)
Jul 20th, 2014 @ 21:30 GMT
Many of you have framed the issues in a racial context. To a limited degree a racial dynamic exist in the problem between the sexes. However, interracial love affairs is not the problem but a cure randomly applied by ten's of thousands of men and women today. Black women love white or asian men because they feel that they have a new beginning from whatever experience they have with black men. White women come to Black men because they feel more respect and acceptance. Black men take on less attractive white women because they feel they get more support and respect. And white men seek out black women because they feel they receive more appreciation. Individually, these people are solving their problems, but the are a minority. Interracial relationships are not the problem for men of any race. The problem is the breakdown of morals and customs that promote healthy male-female relationships. When we take on mates from other races we are making a statement that change must come and I have taken a positive step for change. Can you dig what I am saying?
Fight Club Hero (#4368)
Jul 20th, 2014 @ 21:43 GMT
Those of you currently in a divorce battle, I encourage you to fight for sole custody or split joint custody. The battle will take longer and cost more but in the end you will have more rights and pay less money in the long run. Your children will become indifferent to you if you accept an every other weekend relationship with them. They need to see you a few times or more every week, You need to see them more than a few times a month to ensure that you nurture your love and mold their minds and values. We have been programmed to surrender our rights and end up paying for children that ultimately won't love or appreciate us. Fight for your children, if enough of us do this, many women will think twice before asking for a divorce or engaging in activity that will lead to a divorce. I speak from experience, I won more rights than were first offered and I enjoy an outstanding relationship with my daughter. I have a fighting chance to influence my daughter so that she can be a first class individual and a lady of high moral standing. Fight the fight brothers, you will not be sorry.
Anonymous (#4371)
Jul 25th, 2014 @ 01:49 GMT
To the financial whores and other cock sucking bitches...

I'd like to know, why do you scream for equality but still demand alimony? If you so fuckin equal, go make your own money!!!!

In my experience, 90% of women (aka whores) would do whatever it takes to set themselves up for life. That includes marrying for money, blowing their boss, getting pregnant for child support and just plain ol' whoring themselves for money.

Women today are nothing more than slutty cum dumpsters that are only interested in themselves.
Anonymous (#4372)
Jul 25th, 2014 @ 09:46 GMT
Well said.
Anonymous (#4373)
Jul 25th, 2014 @ 22:20 GMT
Very True 4371

So I am in a bar watching a live band, this ugly bitch offers to buy me a beer.
Ok I accept a beer and a conversation starts.

Her: "are you single? and what do you do"
Me: "Yes, I am single and I earn good money"
at the words good money she gets excited
Her: "Do you live in an apartment or a house?"
Me: "I live in an apartment by choice"
Her "By choice?"
Me: "I don't want the responsibility or something that can be taken away"
Her: Walks away after realizing she won't get anywhere with me.
as you can see all this Cunt's questions were all revolving around financial status
and what she could possibly steal from me if I were foolish enough to hook up with her
Anonymous (#4374)
Jul 27th, 2014 @ 11:48 GMT
Bottom Line is there are Scumbag Guys and Scumbag Girls out there. You gotta learn how to weed them out. Usually a train wreck female is easy to spot. You can't "Help" her because she don't want to be helped or "Change". If she wanted to be different she would be. Usually these train wrecks are not very smart at all. Although they think they are. Drug usage, bleeds her family dry for money, cannot hold a job, or if a job is being held it's a waitress or server type job. Welfare collecting (because they think somehow this is getting over on the system). Loyalty to nobody, fake loyalty to anyone she thinks she can use for a while to get more drugs
or short term gains aka (money, a phone or other types of material goods.)
Facial piercings, 100 tattoos, overly sexual (because this is really all she has to offer- Her Twat). So there you have the basics of a train wreck woman. Individuals may vary in psychopathic behavior patterns. Be Careful because they are not even worth putting your dick inside of.
Captain Pugwash (#4375)
Jul 28th, 2014 @ 06:34 GMT
thank you 4374.

i ran into one of these a year ago, but my instincts told me that something was up......and i backed away

Pays to listen to them (and your friends who know her well)
Anonymous (#4376)
Jul 28th, 2014 @ 12:29 GMT
Train wrecks indeed, Men need to be careful. Don't let loneliness or your need for sex get the best of you. Look at the Dating sites and really analyze what you are seeing and reading there in the women's profiles.
You have Train Wrecks and then you have the entitled ones with the pout lipped faces, flaunting their goods and showing the lack of self respect they have. You have the long lists ones who will never be satisfied. Then you have the middle aged ones that had a mid life meltdown, ditched their family and now "It's her Time" because after all "Everything is about her".
I am going to say 1 to 2 percent of them are really sincere about finding a life partner and even then, Does she have a warped mentality? Will she make you miserable indefinitely? Good questions, Look at it like this it's a HUGE Gamble with the odds stacked against you. Like the lottery millions of chances on losing and only one of winning. No Thanks.
Anonymous (#4377)
Jul 28th, 2014 @ 19:27 GMT
All women are the same. They all sleep around and smoke and do drugs. Women who don't do those things don't exist.
Anonymous (#4378)
Jul 28th, 2014 @ 19:41 GMT
I don't agree with they all do drugs, smoke and, sleep around. What I have noticed is a lot of women follow their friends, most of the time to their own destruction. Some of them "play" the role of "Good" when in fact they are not. I would rather deal with a whore that admits she's a whore than a woman playing "Good". Because a whore that admits what she is is less dangerous than a woman playing "Good" and lying her ass off (she is the one you won't expect to give you an STD but she eventually will).
Anonymous (#4385)
Aug 2nd, 2014 @ 19:46 GMT
Uhm yeah ,The way I see it their panties stay wet as long as you go along with their fantasy and tell them what they want to hear. The second you disagree on anything the panties are drier than the Sahara desert. It's all BullShit and most are playing some fucked up game. That is until they are too old and feel they cannot keep playing anymore. Control they all want some form of Control. Control in the form of games. Control the man through Fucking Mind Games. They want it all yet they are insincere and lack any real feeling for anyone except for themselves. Even their own children come after them. Wow no wonder why the world is fucked up and so many men are jaded. It's because they had a Selfish CUNT mother who can't see beyond the end of her nose. Duh CUNT you let your kids down, you abused them physically and mentally and you wonder why they don't want to be around you. Fucking Retard.
Anonymous (#4386)
Aug 2nd, 2014 @ 19:57 GMT
Molested girl hides herself away all day after the incident. Her momma is cheating on daddy and she keeps the secret. Thanks momma that's just what I needed another burden upon what has already happened to me. My body betrays me, I know molestation is wrong yet the physical sensations get me off and now the guilt is fucking with my mind and probably always will. I get high to shut down the emotions and memories of what happened. Shameful that some men are so bent on getting ass that they do this to young girls.
Anonymous (#4387)
Aug 3rd, 2014 @ 22:26 GMT
I am a pretty good looking 30 year old guy. I have never been with a woman. They are all superfine bitches who are only interested in bad boys with huge cocks. Well joke is on them. Once they get past around 35 and their looks are going, they will scrabble around for some Beta male to look after them, cause let's face it, the Alpha's just aren't into them any more.
Anonymous (#4388)
Aug 3rd, 2014 @ 23:39 GMT
This is for every one who believes that all women are whores.
Just remember that when you do this type of claim, you have insulted every female who was part of the family line that brought you into the world. Be it your mom, both your grandmothers, all four of your great grandmothers and so forth. All the way back to the very first human female of your ancestry.
Anonymous (#4389)
Aug 4th, 2014 @ 01:01 GMT
I get a kick out of the alpha beta thing. I know so called alpha males. What they have is the ability to act. To put on this fake confidence and to flirt a bit that's all. Maybe it's more than that, maybe it's the I don't give a fuck attitude that keeps these dumb women gobbling up the bullshit. After all they all want what they cannot attain. That's where the so called betas go wrong, they are too willing, too available and show that they care, in other words they are not a challenge. It's all a Bullshit game. Ever hear a women talking about "Chemistry". What this "Chemistry" really is - Some Guy Bullshitted them out of their panties and they believed the Bullshit because he was so good at it hence he is telling her what she wants and needs to hear because after all most women are only really into themselves anyway.
Example my ex girlfriend could never allow herself to get off for whatever reason, So I say her name when I bust my nut inside her and guess what she got off big time. She didn't get off from me she got off on her own name. Totally self centered and self indulged, so much so that only hearing her own name got her off.
Anonymous (#4390)
Aug 4th, 2014 @ 12:07 GMT
Chemistry is when a woman Buys the Bullshit and gives up the pussy too fast. She is so infatuated by the bullshit and the pushing of her buttons that she creates this idea of chemistry in her head. In other words the Dude poured it on thick and heavy and she got horny. After she fucks said dude she has to rationalize to herself why she did what she did. Therefore chemistry is essentially a rationalization for Buying the Bullshit and fucking the dude.
Anonymous (#4391)
Aug 4th, 2014 @ 12:16 GMT
It's all about illusion and fantasy and the mans ability to keep her fantasy of him going as long as possible to maximize the quality pussy he gets. I had one woman that was in fantasy land. I didn't even really do anything except let her run with her imagination and fantasy mind. Her panties were so damn wet you could wring them out and fill a glass. As soon as I burst her bubble the fantasy ended and she came back to reality and the panties dried up. Fantasy, Imagination, The Mind >all this leads to is a woman being impetuous and impulsive most times to their own harm or destruction.
Again player dudes will exploit the hell out of this.
Anonymous (#4393)
Aug 4th, 2014 @ 22:46 GMT
Women are sluts because men allow it. So many of them loudly support the feminist viewpoint and mouth insane lies.

Fact of the matter is that men don't get pregant. 10-20% of men listed on birth certificates are not in fact the biological father. They are cuckolds and they have not only been cheated financially, but stand the very real chance of being cheated out of having a child that is actually theirs.

Cervical Cancer - Boo Hoo -This is a one to one direct relationship to how many different men have squirted there semen over the cervix. Ugly Truth, but absolute truth none the less.

The worst insult that you can make to another man is to say " I had my cock in your wife"

Any man who has not got a major problem with this is not a real man.

People do not change.

Once a slut always a slut.

As all women are not sluts with many of them having had different cocks that number in the three figures inside them.

When you are with this women a man can now be guaranteed that the bitch has had lovers that are better than you. and have had bigger dicks than you. It is a statistical certainty.

And guess what - a women is chemically and psychogicaly primed to "bond" with men she has sex with...That is until a certain number is reached and then no more - poof - She fucks you and suprisingly enough, there is nothing special there at all. You can be certain though that she will be making unfavourable comparisons
Anonymous (#4394)
Aug 5th, 2014 @ 15:10 GMT
Any Man that stays with a woman that cheats on him is Not a Real Man he's a Fool and a Cuckold. He is her bitch. The only real excuse or reason to do so would be his children of course. My personal opinion is dump the slut and leave her in your dust. If you are a father double your efforts with your kids and leave the slut out of it. Just Do Not Bad Mouth the kids mother at all because the kids will get damaged and or upset from it and it makes you look bad.
I agree with the comments about women comparing. The nasty ones will tell you the comparison. My answer one time was "so what I have had better and worse too only I respect you enough to keep those thoughts to myself" The bitch shut right up.
Anonymous (#4395)
Aug 5th, 2014 @ 15:14 GMT
a women is chemically and psychologically primed to "bond" with men she has sex with...

Yeah she will bond with you until she starts fucking someone else at the same time then she lets the emotional attachment to them make her attachment to you disappear. That's if she was ever "bonded or attached" to you in the 1st place.
Anonymous (#4396)
Aug 5th, 2014 @ 15:22 GMT
Lets not forget the mixing of PH levels in her pussy. If she is fucking more than one dude and they all bust a nut inside her there are several different dna samples with different ph levels throwing her body chemistry off. This causes all kinds of nasty things.

Yeast infections this is what too many sperm samples or a whole lot of fucking does.

Vaginosis this is where the natural bacteria level get out of control and they smell like they are a rotting corpse.
STDs and more.

If your wife or girlfriend suddenly comes up with one of the two things above

Wake Up and look around at where she goes and with who.

After all it's your health at risk.
Anonymous (#4397)
Aug 5th, 2014 @ 20:33 GMT
Women are sluts because men allow it. So many of them loudly support the feminist viewpoint and mouth insane lies.....

I agree with this statement. These asshole men will agree to anything as long as it gets them pussy and keeps the easy pussy slut culture going. They wanna fuck sluts and whores go for it. Bring home that STD to the wife.

Would these asshole men be ok with it if the feminists brainwashed their wife and daughter???
Would they be ok with it if their wife or daughter got involved in slut culture and started behaving like whores???

This world is corrupt. I wish GOD would interceded and straighten this shit out.
Anonymous (#4399)
Aug 6th, 2014 @ 08:19 GMT
Women have the brains , the higher IQ'S , And all the power , men are nothing more than servants , work horses , who keep her draped in luxury. A man who can not keep a beautiful women happy is not worth his weight in shit,
and he knows it. Thats why we cheat , because we can, as long as we are beautiful cute and sexy hot men will fawn at our feet , and we know it...A beautiful women can get any man she wants , anytime she wants, don't forget it ...we have the upper hand , we choose the dicks we desire. The men on this page are the grunts in society , the left outs, the walking abortions, the pathological women haters, the unloved, undesired, unwanted , the forgotten.
Anonymous (#4400)
Aug 6th, 2014 @ 12:06 GMT
Men run the world period. Sure there are smart powerful women, only men have built and invented damn near everything.
4399 what you are talking about is sexual power and that only goes so far.
Any smart man would spot you and avoid you for what you are. The men on this page are venting after making the mistake of being with a woman like yourself. That's if you are female at all. You are probably just some internet troll looking to create drama.
Men need to educate themselves and a lot of the postings here talk about and expose some of the shit behavior pulled of by modern women. These guys are not left outs, they can go out and act like alpha males lie their asses off and bag unworthy women like you only these guys are probably mostly decent men who only wanted a decent woman and made the mistake of giving a lowlife a chance.
Anonymous (#4401)
Aug 6th, 2014 @ 12:26 GMT
Brunei has the right idea be a whore and pay the price. Overly sexual gets you caned or stoned to death, adultery or cheating stoned to death. America has it wrong we reward bad behavior. You Committed adultery here take half your husband's assets, the kids, the house and the family dog. Good Girl be sure to marry again and pull the same shit, only next time aim higher and get a wealthy man.
Anonymous (#4402)
Aug 6th, 2014 @ 13:40 GMT
It's ridiculous to think any woman can have ANY man she wants. Even a beautiful one. The statement simply is not true. Contrary to your belief not all men are dogs. Most men
actually Have self respect, pride and morals and if married would turn down another woman. I know I have done it. I am a decent looking guy and have what the world calls success aka the American dream. I turn down other women because I am married. Can I have plenty of other women If I want to YES. The women that cheat have NO self respect and deserve whatever bad comes their way. Wait until your husband or boyfriend loses his mind and beats you within an inch of your life.
Women that cheat on every man they are with will end up haggard, sad, lonely, and, diseased. At the end of your life what will you have accomplished? Wrecking homes?, 1000 sex partners? 1000 meaningless empty so called relationships?
The reason they cheat is they Hate men and want to punish them in a spiteful way.
Only the Dumb cheating female does not stop to think about how she is degrading herself to spite whatever guy she is cheating on.
Anonymous (#4404)
Aug 6th, 2014 @ 20:12 GMT
If women have high IQ's then why do they follow instead of lead?
If women have high IQ's then why do they resort to manipulative ,deviant behavior?
If women have high IQ's then they would know that they are setting an example
for the children with the behavior they display.
If women have high IQ's then why did they Buy the feminist agenda that was created and funded By the Rockefeller and other elite bastards?
Anonymous (#4405)
Aug 6th, 2014 @ 20:58 GMT
The only thing you have to prove women have brains is Sex and the way a woman can get it any time she wants.
Yeah wait until the looks fade, too much stress from all the lies and deceit.
Aging badly from Smoking, Drinking, Drugs, and stress.
When you get old and you played out all your options then you will want to "settle".
Only by then Nobody is going to want you and if they do initially they wont when they find out about who you really are and the life you lead.
Anonymous (#4407)
Aug 7th, 2014 @ 05:50 GMT
Ok, so I work with one of these self involved whores who think they are entitled to their man's money.
Said whore, is divorced and has a 2200 sq/ft house here in Ottawa Canada along with a lake front cottage for the weekend in Wakefield Quebexico.
When I asked her how she could afford such luxurious accommodations, she replied "I got it in the divorce" as if to say this fucking whore worked for it herself.
This cunt has ZERO Children and was only married for 8 years to her husband who was still in University when they met.
As disgusted as I was, I pretended to play stupid and asked her what her ex husband was doing for a living. She replied almost to say 'as a matter of fact' that he was an engineer who makes excellent money and that she is entirely entitled to his financial success as if it were her own. She further went on to brag that her ex husband still pays her alimony regardless of the fact that she walked away with all the assets that he accumulated during their brief marriage.
Her ex is now living in a townhouse driving a Toyota Corolla while she works as a secretary driving a BMW.
Suffice to say that she is the epitomy of a greedy whore who has an over inflated sense of entitlement to another mans hard work... all the while her ex and apperent life time beneficiary works to support her fucking slutty ass who did nothing but open her legs and said 'I do".
I'm not gay, but I fucking hate every single women on the planet. They are ALL self entitled whores that think they are justified in their relentless financial quest to another man's hard work.
My own mother milked my father for hundreds of thousands because she said 'she had his children" and is therefore justified in her pursuit of financial reward.
To my own mother I say this... "listen, cunt, he worked hard and bettered himself to provide for you and his family. he worked late nights and took courses to advance himself. What did you do???? You wiped a few shitty asses and cooked pre made microwave dinners... you could have taken night courses to go back to school... but you didn't. you fucking whore, you relied on someone else to live a better life instead of working hard for yourself like my father"
I fucking hate my mother, and I hate all women in this day and age.
That's why I am a self made millionaire who goes out to tell all the greedy whores what they want to hear so.i can cum on their slut faces and then toss them bus fair and tell them to get the fuck out of my house before I call the cops.

Women are good for nothing but reproduction. I wish slapping a bitch was still legal so these self entitled whores would know their place and work for their own achievements instead of living vicariously through someone elses hard work.

Any whore, bitch that disputes this is a money grubbing whore who is currently living off of another mans wealth.

Die, you fucking lazy sluts.
Anonymous (#4408)
Aug 7th, 2014 @ 06:04 GMT

Amen, brother.

I'm still paying my ex wife nearly $1200 a month in alimony for a marriage that lasted 3 years. I divorced the filthy whore who was fucking one of the single fathers from her home based day care, even though we had no children together.
I provided email evidence to her infidelity to the court, yet I was still liable to pay for this whore indefinitely until she remarried.
She is now living with her boyfriend, yet claims seperate taxes to avoid her monthly paycheck from me.
Women are nothing short of financial whores!!! Especially the lawyer cunts and judges that condone their behavior!

All women are cum dumpsters that are good for nothing but reproduction!!
Anonymous (#4409)
Aug 7th, 2014 @ 06:44 GMT
I knew this whore named Micheline Chretien.
Apparently this cunt fucked so many men that she had her tubes tied to avoid further impregnation from all the men she sleeps with.
By the time she was 24 she has already had 18 cocks inside her despite her claim of being with the same guy until she was 21.

That's an average of 6 different cocks a year... or one every 2 months.
Sounds about right, eh, Micheline? Or should I call you Michelle Cyr?

Nothing like cheating on your man or sucking the cock of another woman's man, eh Mi Mi?????
Anonymous (#4411)
Aug 7th, 2014 @ 17:39 GMT
Financial whores indeed, also financial nightmares. A lot of these women will fuck and live with some guy just for that payday if they think it's possible. Too funny, most modern women are fat and lazy, don't want to cook or clean, don't wanna be a mother or a wife at all. And yet these CUNTS think they deserve to be pampered and taken care of Most probably have some dependency issues whether it be cigarettes, weed, pills, alcohol and etc. And who is paying for their habits? Men are. These women are a leach and a burden upon their family as well.Because when they are between victims they will leach all the money from their elderly mother or from siblings that actually work.
They cheat because they have Zero self worth, Zero self Respect, and want to hurt the man that had the nerve to care for them.
Don't get married ever, Be careful of your states "common law wife" laws even if you just live together for a few years she still can steal from you.

Pathological Woman Hater...This is what a woman with all the bad attributes discussed on this page will call any man exposing her or her kind to other men because it ends their game and that makes them pissed off and nervous.
a 19 year old girl with all A's (#4415)
Aug 11th, 2014 @ 07:35 GMT
So many morons on the internet! Most don't know how to spell correctly. Welp, very entertaining read. Good shit most guys aren't as fucking stupid as 90% of the commenters here ^^
the above comment. (#4416)
Aug 11th, 2014 @ 07:50 GMT
holy shit, reading some of these messages... for example, let me address "if women have high IQs, why do they follow and not lead?". Well, intelligent sir, did you know that women were seen as baby making machines for centuries? WOW. Over time, most women were made to think that they're worthless and less equal than men. That is why in most polls, women think that men are better than them in pretty much everything. Even though over the years it's gotten better, women are still pretty disrespected. I mean, just look at how the media covers women in politics; it's not what they're saying that matters, it's what they're wearing, how ugly they look, etc. Now to be honest, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get a shit ton of hate because of these two comments, and I don't really expect to change anyone's mindset. To say that ALL women are whores is a big, big stretch, and it won't get you far. Yeah, most men on here are probably unlucky with girls or butthurt because of their past wives, etc - but saying that all women are stupid nymphomaniacs is ridiculous by itself. So what is my point? Just as there are scumbag men, there are bitchy women. Does that make every woman on this earth evil? Fuck no.

(Again, I don't expect to convince anyone. I get that people with a certain mindset are attracted to these types of posts, but it would be nice to think that I made at least some guy out there think about his perspective)
Anonymous (#4417)
Aug 11th, 2014 @ 13:02 GMT
@4416. Bitch stay the fuck off this forum. We already know what your brainwashed ass thinks. No one said all women are fucked up, just most. That's a fact. The shit in a Cosmo article can undo 5 happy years of marriage because women can not think independently. They are group think sluts and the cause of family breakup and general heartbreak.
Anonymous (#4419)
Aug 11th, 2014 @ 15:05 GMT
@4416 First off the original picture that this page is based on was probably meant to be an ironic comment trying to joke about whorish women. Obviously it went off the hook when people started commenting. Are there Bad Women..Yes. Are there Bad Men..Yes. This world is corrupt. And I am sorry, just when women gave up the natural order of things by adopting feminism and it's destructive agenda that was it for society and normal relationships. Since the inception of feminism, which was created by and funded by the Rockefeller dynasty to Destroy the family, People and families have been separated, divided and conquered. Women were and are extremely foolish to think they are better off trying to be and act like men, to think that their child does not need a father around, to think that they are subservient for fulfilling their natural gender role. If women are happier working 50 plus hours a week, being a single mom, doing all the things the man usually did for her, and sitting at home with haagen dazs and the cat, then more power to her. Then I say more power to them. Things will be Messed up until women realize that they are not men and will never be completely equal to men. Things will be messed up until Men and Women start go back to normal gender roles. Women need to think for themselves, stop listening to your girlfriends, oprah, and whoever else and really think. Stop thinking there is a better man and a better deal right around the corner. Be content with what you have. The average middle class woman in America has the husband, the house, the cars, some money, and probably healthy children. They should be happy, but no they spend all thier time being jealous and covetous of what everyone else has. Most women in that situation think they have it so much harder than their husband. Well think about this Most blue collar guys work 50 plus hours a week, come home and do more work and try to be a dad. It kills men knowing that their wife and kids are at home while they are working extra hours to make ends meet. Men need the support of their wife, not the attitudes that are given. The attitude of disrespect and non appreciation. Women need to wake up period. The bottom line is we have ALL been divided and conquered by the people that run this world. The question is when are WE going to take back what is OURS and start valuing one another again and valuing family again? When?
Anonymous (#4420)
Aug 11th, 2014 @ 15:33 GMT
My Ex Wife after destroying our family with her non stop complaining and eventual serial cheating admitted that she acted foolishly. She listened to the women she worked with, who by the way all happened to be single or divorced. Listening to them led to her destruction and the destruction of our family. I am convinced that women know when they have a good man, just they cannot bring themselves to admit it because of the brainwashing. My Ex Wife went out of her mind when I kicked her to the curb. She knew she lost big time. This woman would go from being apologetic to fuck you, you deserved this to you are the best man that I know. Perhaps she should have been more thankful for the good things she had instead of dwelling in negativity and listening to her coworkers. I think some women are actually jealous of their husbands for whatever reason, Negativity and constant comparison will always lead to dissatisfaction.
Anonymous (#4421)
Aug 11th, 2014 @ 19:19 GMT
Ok women in the media

First we have Maddona, Miley Cyrus, lady gaga Nice way to represent women.

Second we have politicians Namely Hillary Clinton who is so out of control that she actually got into a fist fight with another politician. Hillary goes ballistic in the blink of an eye. The we have Sarah Palin who is using her looks and sexuality to sway people. Are these the examples of women we want in power.

The reason women cannot be in power They Think Emotionally Period.
Do we really want an emotional woman thinking with her emotions with her finger on the button for nuclear war?

Why do you think the Freemasons Do Not allow women in the masonic order?
Answer:because they would ruin what took men hundreds of years to create in a matter of months.
Captain Pugwash (#4422)
Aug 13th, 2014 @ 03:34 GMT
In this mornings Dominion Post (wellingtons main newspaper) there was an article which i though - traditionally a waste of newsprint but for once spoke the absolute truth - New Zealand (in fact most other western women) are nothing but Gold-Digging slut-bags who marry for money, not the heart.

So what this means is that Jenna, a PA on $55k per year at a prestigious law firm Marries James a financial worker earning $100K Per year at a bank. They have 2 kids who attend the likes of Scots College or Samuel Marsden Collegiate, One day the bank starts shedding staff and James loses his Job so he has no choice but to accept a Job in a supermarket for $14.25 (Minimum wage) stacking shelves, collecting trolleys and manning the check-outs and whatever his overly-aggressive dictator managers ask him to do. All this just to keep his family afloat.

For Jenna this new job working at Pak N Save aint good enough for her so she ends up going for girls nights out, on Saturday nights at first but these become more frequent. Eventually She doesn't come home at all eventually Jenna admits she has not one, nor 2 but three guys on the side. Monkey-branching until she decides she likes one of them - Ben, a Cardiologist 6 years her Junior. Jenna calls James a "cheap lil cunt" "i cant believe you took a job at Pak'N Save how can we afford to pay sammy and sarahs school fees and private tutor (who Jenna has been also banging) - now our kids have to end up going to Taita College or some other decile 1-2 hell-hole with wannabe gang-bangers and apprentice-hooker ghetto bitches".

Jenna angrily walks out on James who knew deep down that Jenna was a money-hungry cock-thirsty slut-bag who wanted nothing but his dough and sperm, not whats in his heart and feelings. and as a final epilogue at the divorce proceedings Jenna successfully steals the family mansion, 2 property's and takes the kids and the dog while continuing the vicious cycle of sleeping around and revolving-door boyfriend who are "not rich enough for her". This makes James Feel fucked over and swears off all women and goes MGTOW for the rest of his life.

so there youse have it - Kiwi/Western Girls are like Jenna in the scenario - legitimized prostitutes, NOT caring, loving ladies who love you for who you are. Go Thai or Eastern European if you have to. They are 100% loyal and dont fuck you over.
Anonymous (#4423)
Aug 13th, 2014 @ 06:58 GMT
Look what Robie Williams ex wife's "WAGS" have just done, they murdered him, took him for everything. Cunts.
Anonymous (#4425)
Aug 15th, 2014 @ 23:30 GMT
In the end it's not worth the fucking effort.

Do not date, marry, or even fuck any of these modern women who are wannabe men.

Stay single and celibate, deprogram your mind from the constant bombardment of sexual

images in advertisement and etc.

Take up a hobby, learn new things, invent something, improve yourself and your life.

If you do seek a female you need to have an Extremely good filter to weed out trash.

Do NOT feel sorry for some lowlife just because she is a single mother.

That lowlife is where she is by choice in 99.999% of the cases.

If they Do NOT respect themselves they wont respect you.

If they Do Not take their role as mother seriously and love their child the way a

mother should then she Will NEVER love you or any man.
Anonymous (#4426)
Aug 17th, 2014 @ 01:28 GMT
Has anyone else noticed that when you call these women out on their bullshit, they try to reverse the situation and make you the bad guy?
Like you are the one who forced them to choose the things they did.
People choose and the majority know right from wrong and say Fuck It and Fuck You and do whatever they feel like doing. No Matter who gets hurt.
They just don't give a shit. Which says something about their self worth, self esteem, and or character or lack thereof.
Why do these fat, lazy women think they deserve it all and then bitch when a man spends time working to support her fat, lazy ass.
They put him down, cut him down, lie, cheat, and etc. Why? Because deep down they know they are fat, lazy degenerates, not worthy of the guy they have.
Anonymous (#4427)
Aug 17th, 2014 @ 01:36 GMT
A guy at my work stole someone's wife and then got stupid and got engaged to the whore and even bought a house together with her. Now she is still being a whore and doing all the shit behind this guy's back that she did behind her husband's back. Talk about a dumbass, She cheated on and left her husband for you dumbass. If she Cheats With You then she will Cheat On You DUH! He saw all the behaviors, Facebook, skimpy clothes, seeking male attention at all times, overly flirtatious, flaunting her body by being too revealing. DUH!
Anonymous (#4428)
Aug 17th, 2014 @ 06:19 GMT
To all the dumb cunts who denounce this thread and argue that women are equal to men...
Answer me this one question...

Why the fuck do you cunts still feel so entitled to alimony??

If you are so equal, you should be supporting yourself after the break down of your relationship.

Feminists should be lobbying to abolish alimony if they truly feel women are equal. But they dont. They dont because women are nothing more than money grubbing whores who want their cake and eat it too.
Essentially what alimony confirms is that women are a lower form of being incapable of supporting themselves and feel entitled to another persons hard work and success.

I challenge any of you stupid cunts to provide a logical reason why you cunts should get a dime!!! Essentially, your just a hooker who was paid for sex, only a hooker only bills their clients once... divorcees keep billing long after.
Saying 'well I stayed home with the children' is a pathetic excuse. That was your fucking job, bitch. Your husband worked to pay all the bills and you were paid with a home, food, clothes and other luxuries for staying at home with the kids. In this day and age, there is ZERO excuse for a woman to not take an online course or night courses to better herself after her husband returns home from work and can watch the children.
So why do you useless cunts still feel so entitled?? Answer me that???

Bottom line is that the vast majority of women are hypocrites and are utterly useless aside from taking a load into their cum dumpster.
Anonymous (#4429)
Aug 17th, 2014 @ 09:17 GMT
I agree with 4428.

One Cunt poster here says women have the High IQs and ALL The Power.

#1 They have no power and are not equal that's why they are fighting for it.

#2 A Relationship goes both ways the Man can tell her to fuck off at any given moment.

Most men won't do this because it will cost them too much financial loss.

#3 If all a Woman is offering me is Placation Sex, a fake relationship and a whole

lot of grief then she can Fuck Off.

#4 Men and Women were created to be different ones weakness is the others strength

Women want to be like men these days only they cannot because the genders are

different by design. Women are deluded into thinking there's always something

better right around the corner or they are missing out if they cannot do what men

do. When they gave up their Gender Role as mother, wife, nurturer they essentially

left themselves with one purpose and that is SEX. They should Wake the fuck Up.

#5 If they want to be equal then they should not receive any alimony, No Welfare,

No Rental assistance either, No food Stamps. They want equality then do what hard

Working men do Get A Fucking Job and work 60 to 70 hours a week.

You say you are a single mother Too Fucking Bad, You should have thought of that

Before you had a kid and shit all over your husband..Yeah that man that worked

His ass off so you could sit on your ass and bitch.
Anonymous (#4430)
Aug 17th, 2014 @ 11:35 GMT
I don't like the name of this site, but appreciate most of the comments, excepting the sick ones. I have never had any real desire to fornicate with a woman. I mean, perhaps I'm missing something, but if a person had a deep cut in their abdomen or groin, and it bled, why would I want to stick my tongue in there? One other comment...feminists posting on this site can shout all they want to about the superiority of women, but I would be hard pressed to name more than a handful of accomplished composers (Mozart, Bach, Beethoven),painters (Picasso, Rubens, Rembrandt, religious leaders, explorers, inventors, humanitarians, philosophers, politicians, liberators, authors, hero's of the wars, etc. I have noticed how snotty women are on the street, whereas guys will frequently say 'Hi!',and most (well all) of the street musicians are guys. There are some really nice women, but waaaaaay to many are just bitches.
Anonymous (#4431)
Aug 17th, 2014 @ 17:58 GMT
Can't agree more... Women are just the scum of this planer...filthy liars. They will always pretend to be good when they sense a benefit can come, but as soon as you turn your back, they will just play mean and flirt around: it is their way of gaining self comfidence. They have no morals at all and they lack of logics... Think about this, guys... How many times it happened to you to talk to your girl and maybe ask her not do something that would make destroy the trust in the relationship. I bet in 99% of cases she must have agreed with what you said, admitting it was fair being loyal. Then, dear pals, tell me, what happened when you found out she could not keep her words and did EXACTLY that mean thing (cheating, meeting a guy, etc.) which you asked her not to do?? I bet again in 99% cases she started to accuse you and blame you of a ridicolous thing, that maybe you did not even do, thinking like that that was a good way to tie. They are like this, no morals, no logics, just selfish lying opportunists, without feelings (if not pretended).
Anonymous (#4432)
Aug 17th, 2014 @ 22:33 GMT
Self confidence from Lying, Cheating, Sneaking, Manipulating, and etc.

What that tells me is that these types of women which is the majority I might add

Have No Self Respect, No Conscious, No Morals and are incapable of Loyalty or Love.
Fight Club Baby (#4433)
Aug 18th, 2014 @ 00:55 GMT
As I read through these comments I match my ex-wife against the examples hoping that she is an exception. However, she is the rule and it breaks my heart that so many men dealing with this same shit. How much longer are we going to put up with this nonsense? We need to start with enforcing good behavior among ourselves. The players and white knights need to be crushed. Crushed in the workplace, playground and punched in the jaw in the bars and night clubs. Fuck these bitches and the men that enable them.
Anonymous (#4434)
Aug 18th, 2014 @ 01:38 GMT
The players and white knights are usually one in the same.

Female "Blah Blah my husband never takes me out"

Player "Oh you are so beautiful he doesn't deserve you, I would treat you right"

Female "gobbles up the bullshit like it's fucking candy"

Female "talking to white knight about friends with benefits- she has a man already"

White Knight "you should be careful who you say that to- then he fucks her anyway"

Female "Feels no remorse because the white knight Took Advantage in her mind"

The difference between white knight and player is the white knight dudes are the ones
that actually want relationships and fall into the trap of these cunts. These dudes really need to stop trying to "help" someone who is in the position they are in By Choice.These cunts don't want help. If these cunts wanted to be different then they would, they would make positive change. Unfortunately they do not think or feel that they are doing wrong,they tell us that we are the fucked up ones for not accepting or condoning the fucked up behavior. The ones really getting hurt here are the kids.
Anonymous (#4435)
Aug 18th, 2014 @ 11:22 GMT
There Are Scumbag Men and Scumbag Women. Our world is corrupt.

The people running the world don't want money they want US to destroy ourselves.

They want US chasing after Meaningless Sex, Material Possessions.

Chasing after the things that distract US,

Distract our focus from what's really going on.

If we were to truly focus then we would see through their game.

Like the wizard in wizard of oz just a dude behind a curtain.

We are being Fooled and deceived the same way.

What has happened here is THEY have used social manipulation to DESTROY the family.

How by taking advantage of people's weakness and longing for so called equality.

They succeeded. They know if families stay together they may develop generational

wealth and the power that goes with it.

Don't you people ever stop to think why everything is designed to keep the middle

class poor. From everything being too expensive to everything being taxed and

overtaxed. Think you own that home, Better think again. Miss a tax payment and they

steal it from you. Everything is being marketed at us in an attempt to keep us all

chasing our tails after things that were never ours and never will be ours.

They succeeded in dividing and conquering Men and Women with Psychology and Social

Manipulation. Problem is most people can't see that or would not believe it even when

the facts are on the table.



Anonymous (#4436)
Aug 18th, 2014 @ 12:03 GMT
I had an interesting conversation with my uncle. He told me that most women will tell you what they are thinking you just have to listen. The problem is most men are so focused on that pussy that they don't listen.
Example:Train wreck girl meets a guy and he is focused on that pussy, meanwhile in the conversations she says what she wants and does not want.
He doesn't listen and pursues her anyway. She tells him about her some of her past experiences in relationships All Bad. He doesn't listen and pursues her anyway. Bottom line is if men don't start to listen they will keep getting the same kinds of experiences with train wreck women over and over again until they finally listen or stop and ask themselves, What the Fuck am I Thinking?
Anonymous (#4438)
Aug 19th, 2014 @ 20:33 GMT
They Cheat because they have no morals

They cheat because the have NO Self Respect, Self Worth, Or Self Esteem.

They Cheat To be spiteful, how dare a man actually try to love and care

for me that bastard he deserves this.

They cheat because they Do NOT Love anyone this includes themselves and

their own children.

They cheat because they are Powerless and by Cheating they gain some sense

of power over the Man they are cheating on. Totally Pathetic.

And last but not least

They Cheat Because they are just ROTTEN CUNTS.
Anonymous (#4441)
Aug 23rd, 2014 @ 07:24 GMT
My name is mariette lalonde. I'm not sure if I should go by lalonde or chretien.

Im a huge cunt. Im arguably the biggest hypocrite ever. I support my daughters whore lifestyle and feel free to message baby daddies to voice my irrelevant opinion. My daughter is a whore, much like me. She drives a brand new car, pays nothing for daycare, thanks to government subsidies and even lives in subsidized housing. Yet my little whore of a daughter named micheline can afford a new car and can suck cock at the bar every weekend.
I raised a loser. That is because I am a loser.
I work at a youth center for drug addicts and troubled teens yet I smoke weed like cock and even grow my own dope. Im a hypocrite.
My name is mariette chretien or mariette lalonde and I am arguably a bigger waste of skin than my whore of a daughter, micheline.
Anonymous (#4442)
Aug 23rd, 2014 @ 09:10 GMT
@4441 so if I'm right, you are not Mariette, you are One of Michelines many, many ex boyfriends that's been very badly hurt by Micheline?
Anonymous (#4446)
Aug 25th, 2014 @ 01:58 GMT
Let's think about the fact for one second, that if it weren't for women, none of you would be ALIVE. I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with women and feel like you need to degrade all of them to boost your egos. Good luck finding a decent woman when you aren't even a decent person.
Anonymous (#4447)
Aug 25th, 2014 @ 04:09 GMT
For all the misogynists agreeing with this slogan, to all men who say all women are filthy, lying bitches, pieces of shit. The solution is quite simple to all your complaints about women. If you think all women are pieces of shit then don't have sex with them, don't bother to get their phone numbers, call them, be friends, associates & don't bother to talk to them. If you all despise women to such an extreme extent then go to a store & fuck a pocket pussy! If women are only good for sex, then purchase an item that will serve that only purpose. But don't worry guys. The results of international gendercide is eliminating all women right now & I wish to God all of you misogynists will one day live in a society where the last woman is exterminated & you'll live in a world populated by men only. By continuing to terminate the opposite sex none of you will ever complain about co-existing with any filthy, whore bitches ever again. Be patience guys, your wish of living without bitches & hoes is coming true! :)
Anonymous (#4448)
Aug 25th, 2014 @ 04:26 GMT
I think the original picture that this posting is based on was meant to be a joke and nothing more. Obviously this page got out of hand. To think that ALL women are bad or ALL men are bad is absurd. I am going to say that some of the people that posted here probably are decent and just hooked up with the wrong type of woman. People need to remember that some men and some women were abused and probably mentally and psychologically scarred and damaged which is why they act the way they do. The only gendercide going on is in third world countries like Brunei and parts of the middle east. Guess what if the woman does her job as wife and mother and doesn't ever betray her Husband and family then she will live a long life. Too bad it's taking the threat of certain death to straighten some women out. Perhaps they should think before acting.
Anonymous (#4449)
Aug 25th, 2014 @ 04:40 GMT
Another problem in our society is we have men ? living at home with mommy well into their 30s. I call this the coddled little prick syndrome. I am going to say that in this society we are not raising men to be men. How can we with No Father in the homes anymore. So mommy feels guilty and coddles her prick of a son.
Anonymous (#4450)
Aug 25th, 2014 @ 04:54 GMT
It does not matter if a man or woman is decent or not. If a husband or wife that has been good, loyal and faithful for years suddenly turns the other way then there is nothing you can do. Nobody can force another to stay with them. There are very few creatures that stay with one mate for life. Human being probably only started being that way for survival. Until modern DNA Paternity tests were created, how many men were raising a child that obviously was not theirs? People are weak, they follow the crowd or their friends. The majority of smokers out there started smoking to be cool, to fit in with their so called friends. Divorced women drag their married friends down, telling them how great it is to get too drunk at the bar and suck some strangers dick in the back room. Weak minded people! Then you go the other way you have very willful people that will never settle on anything, these are the ones that leave a trail of misery behind them. In their sociopath pursuit of what they feel they want or deserve they step on anyone and everyone friends, family and even their own children.
Captain Pugwash (#4451)
Aug 27th, 2014 @ 03:27 GMT
4449 - im gunna tell you a true story.

While im bloody lucky to own my own house, i have a mate who is 34 and living at home with his parents soley for economic reasons. Until the 2008 recession he had a good job paying $150K P/A and was living a life of luxury in a $400 p/w apt. in the most affluent part of our city. He had what he thought was a loving girlfriend whom he was planning to marry - he'd accompanied so much for his 28 years in such a short period of time esp. how in his teens/early 20s of drug-taking and delinquency and dropping out of high school in year 12 - 2 weeks after his 16th birthday with nothing more than one subject in NCEA 1 Math

Then in early 2009 the financial trading firm he worked for collapsed. He was forced to accept a job at McDonalds and a year later after his redundancy payout ran dry he had no choice but to move back into his parents house in a part of town where the average rent skyrocketed from $95 to $190 within a few short months - owning to the merger of several prisons in the region, The influx of criminals and there family's didn't force the rents down - it only increased them.

His "loving and caring" girlfriend left him because he lost his job and she could no longer get all the expensive diamond gifts she received from him. Not long after my friend lost his job she cheated on him with 2 guys who still had jobs in the healthcare industry and where raking in the cash. Sadly this money-hungry slapper chucked a hissy when started at Maccas (minimum wage aint good enough for her). Going on the dole wasn't even worth mentioning or worth it. So my friend and his supposed "true" love went there own ways - and the bitch is still sleeping around at 32 years of age.

5 years later he is still finding it difficult to find a job in the financial industry and is still stuck working for that clown ronald - still on minimum wage despite his bosses saying he is "top class"

So there you have it lil Miss Gold-Digging slut-bag 4449. Dont assume that these people are "spoilt pricks" Economics plays a large part in my friends residential choices, esp. how the govt. choose to artificially inflate the price of every single product and service just to suit them and there billionare mates from hong kong.
Fight Club Baby (#4452)
Aug 27th, 2014 @ 22:14 GMT
Hey guys, we all know what women are like and what they value. It is up to us to change are expectations and behavior with them. Stop buying drinks for them, buy for your buddies. Stop paying for dinner or lunch, if they ask why you aren't paying, ask them why they didn't offer to sleep with you. They bring their girlfriends along, bring your buddies, have them whisper in your ear every 10 minutes some dumb shit then look up at her and laugh. If it is good for them it's good for us.
Anonymous (#4453)
Aug 27th, 2014 @ 22:29 GMT
@4452 Heya Club Baby, your spot on, good one, you made me laugh. Very true.
Captain Pugwash (#4454)
Aug 28th, 2014 @ 05:28 GMT
right on FCB

When you buy a girl a drink she doesnt want to know you the next day - all shes after is your reproductive organs, not whats in your heart. They are Slut-Bags.

Theres an even worse one than above - The whore who you buy a drink for yet she doesnt want to sleep with you yet alone repay you in any way (ie. a phone number). She just walks away when you tell her how much shes appreciated and what a wonderful girl she is These girls are the biggest slut-bags of them all as well as being very insecure.

both these whorellas can be found in places like The Glasshouse, Bangalore Polo Club, The Establishment and Boogie Wonderlands/Alices Tea-house club. They are fucking sluts, carry with them 10001 STDs and when they sleep with one guy, they go to the next one often behind there back yet at the same time give you the silent treatment and doesnt wanna know you after a few days at the most - WCS they often give out fake phone numbers.

slut-bags like them need to be forced to dig pits and be stoned to death in them - and i mean with bricks and rock. They dont deserve a single second of life left in them.
Anonymous (#4455)
Aug 30th, 2014 @ 14:37 GMT
@4451 CPW There are certain circumstances when a man is down and out and NEEDS help from his family that is certain. However I think that 4449 was referring to the kind of men that are so spoiled and lazy that they stay at home well into their 30s and are spoiled and coddled by their family. The family does not realize that this coddling is actually destructive. Anyway this page is ridiculous with the generalizations made and the people taking those generalizations as a literal of "all women" or "all Men".
Anonymous (#4466)
Sep 4th, 2014 @ 10:50 GMT
I love this site.
Anonymous (#4467)
Sep 4th, 2014 @ 14:32 GMT
@4460-4466, Thanks you for your true expression. All that you said is true although somewhat extreme. You hit the nail on the head expressing dislike for your mother and sister. These bitches are the root cause for mangina's and white knights. Mother's misrepresent women to their son's to soften them up for future whores to devour. Sisters play their brothers into being heroes (white knights) for some situation involving a non-family male that they deem requires a physical response. Unwitting males take this learned behavior into night clubs, bars and other social situations. Collectively, we should beat the shit out of any white knight motherfucker trying to play hero for some bitch-ass whore. I don't give a fuck what race, creed etc. the whore is or the white knight. Men of all races and backgrounds should come together to put an end to this shit. When bitches realize that they are on their own the will moderate their behavior.
Anonymous (#4472)
Sep 6th, 2014 @ 16:11 GMT
The only good thing a woman is for, is to give birth to a man.
Wake up men, after that, see to it that you live without them. You will then
have the chance to get in touch with the universe. Breath and live
for yourself , not those needy betrayers. As it is, there so much to see and do
on the planet. Don't be a pussy-slave. Women can only create you alot more problems. Ignore them and live a happy life.
Anonymous (#4473)
Sep 7th, 2014 @ 16:52 GMT
A permanent relationship with a woman AKA marriage or living together is like a casino. It's designed for a man to lose. At least the casino just takes your money. A woman will take much more, all the while smiling at you pretending everything is OK.
Anonymous (#4474)
Sep 7th, 2014 @ 23:09 GMT
I'm really starting to hope Islam takes over Europe and America. Then these fucking CUNTS will finally get what's coming to them. College rape epidemic? Try no college at all you fucking worthless whores. We'll cover you with sheets. Out of sight, out of mind. Divorce? Alimony? Child-support? Good fucking luck you worthless twat! You'll be lucky if your husband doesn't behead your worthless ass.
Anonymous (#4475)
Sep 7th, 2014 @ 23:26 GMT
@4477 if Islam takes over then anyone not converting to Islam is going to lose their head literally. There are already guillotines being stored in the USA and Germany. It's coming and people better get prepared.
Anonymous (#4480)
Sep 10th, 2014 @ 04:48 GMT
Aids for dirty filthy whores! Fuck em deep! Fuck em long! Fuck hard! Then take out the trash!! Act like trash you get treated like trash
Anonymous (#4481)
Sep 10th, 2014 @ 19:08 GMT
Women are Women it doesn't matter if they are religious or not. I have had religious girls suck my dick and offer me their ass. They all want to think and feel they are correct for whatever it is they are thinking and doing. If you are agreeable for a while they love that and give up the pussy. The second you disagree the fantasy is over and the pussy dries up.
Anonymous (#4482)
Sep 10th, 2014 @ 19:53 GMT
Women wanna be Independent then by all means let them go and try. What usually happens is they end up a single mother, struggling to play Mom and Dad, having to explain to the kid why Dad isn't around. Struggling to survive and make ends meet. They end up on Welfare and the career ones that are successful stuff their 3 yrs old in daycare so they really are harming the kid once again for their own selfishness. Who gets hurt the most?? The Children. Why?? Because these women do not think before they procreate and after the fact act like the kid is some kind of fucking burden or hindrance to their own selfish desires. The bottom line is the whole Fucking World is corrupt and WE Have ALL been deceived into believing a LIE. So go ahead be independent and keep the dysfunction going generation after generation. Teach your daughters it's OK to be a whore and cheat on your man and after that discard him. Instill a disdain for women in your sons when the young man sees his mother and sisters going through dozens of men and questions the sanity of the women in his own family. Questions and wonders why they act like whores and Do Not respect themselves at all.
Anonymous (#4483)
Sep 11th, 2014 @ 12:37 GMT
I hate girls, Fullll Stop.
Anonymous (#4484)
Sep 11th, 2014 @ 18:42 GMT
All a woman knows is suck, fuck, rinse and repeat with a different man. Fucking worthless whores.
Anonymous (#4485)
Sep 12th, 2014 @ 06:33 GMT
I am deeply offended by the comments above making reference to the Madonna. I assume the writer is a crude American, and I ask him to apologize and keep such comments, sensitive to many out of this domain.
Anonymous (#4486)
Sep 13th, 2014 @ 07:34 GMT
Shut your whore mouth whore #4485! Nobody gives a rats ass that you are offended cunt face cunt. Is madonna someone you look up to? I guess it make senses that a whore would look up to a whore. Go burn your filthy vagina!!
Captain Pugwash (#4487)
Sep 13th, 2014 @ 12:53 GMT
right on 4482

Single Mothers are a horrible influence on there children - cos daddy aint round Joey and Jenny aint got somebody to give em a good boot up the backside when they break the rules. The result - Joey ends up selling drugs to unscrupulous teens, falls foul of the law and joins a mock kiddie gang in order to earn respect to join the Real Gang and Jenny ends up also falling foul of the law, She starts out - whoring herself to unsuspecting classmates at school, moving up to offering BJs in the toilets of a nightclub in exchange for free drinks then going up to the grand level - starting work at a brothel/strip club or even worse freelancer and giving BJs for cash payment. Eventually her whorish behavior will bite her in the bum and she - like mummy - will end up a single mum also. by the time she hits her mid 20s she hits on a good guy in order to clean up the mess she and some bad boy in-and-out of jailbird bozo made.
Anonymous (#4489)
Sep 13th, 2014 @ 20:38 GMT
Hellooooo Mariette!!!! I bet you're fucking furious about the world knowing you are a the mother of a disease infested whore!!!!!

Ms Chretien, you are a fucking pathetic peice of shit. So is your daughter who lives off of government subsidies instead of working harder, your cunt daughter just wants more handouts!!!

Ms Chretien... and your entire french fried family of faggots can swallow a warm load of shit.

Micheline C and Mariette L can both choke on the load of cum that both of their french fried faggot fathers should have swallowed..

Anonymous (#4493)
Sep 14th, 2014 @ 10:06 GMT
While browsing a singles website I saw a profile that read

"I have Carrie Bradshaw Syndrome"

Not knowing what the fuck that meant I looked it up on Google.

Carrie Bradshaw is the cunt played by Sarah Jessica Parker

on the society corrupting TV series Sex and The City.

So this Female on a dating website "Looking For a Relationship"

compares herself to a self absorbed narcissistic slut on a TV show.

Wow and we wonder why she is single and society is so fucked up.

Another profile a female that clearly is NOT supermodel material

typed out that she doesn't date short men and wants the tattooed biker type.

Explaining her preference or being a shallow cunt? You decide.
Anonymous (#4495)
Sep 15th, 2014 @ 21:02 GMT
im a 38 year old male. ive been in 3 LTRs. one of 7 yrs. one of 6 yrs. one of 5 yrs. ive had a couple short term in between but for most part 3 women 18yrs. i never did them wrong any of them. my parents have been married for 45 yrs and are happy. i know how to treat and respect a woman because thats the way i was raised. in the end they all are heartless cheating sluts. women are not the way they use to be. todays american woman is a selfish self absorbed piece of shit cocksucking whore!!!! its unreal.
Captain Pugwash (#4496)
Sep 16th, 2014 @ 05:44 GMT
everyday at my gym there a TV show thats on...The woman hosting it always wears slutty clothing and has her hair done up wavy like a stripper - FFS Put some fucking trousers on and stop wearing those dresses that are just an inch away from ya fucking pussy you pathetic retched slut-bag. its not a fucking whore-house.

Women should not be wearing slutty clothing on air - If they do they should be beheaded live on air to teach women that love morals and decency are an important part of their gender. Women have degraded themselves to the pits of a shit-house over the last 20 years they deserve to be treated like they do in countrys with Shariah Law.
Anonymous (#4497)
Sep 16th, 2014 @ 18:55 GMT
What's with the phenomenon of Slutty Looking and or Pregnant Weather ladies? Sex is part of what our masters are using to control us, make No Mistake about it.
Sex is really intended for procreation not pleasure. Human beings have this shit all warped and backwards. And we wonder why there is so much misery on this planet.
It's because we have our priorities ALL FUCKING WRONG.
Anonymous (#4499)
Sep 17th, 2014 @ 18:46 GMT
Think about why human beings are so fucked up.
Why do we make everything about sex? sex jokes, sex references, sexual innuendo.
Technology is distracting us, couples would rather be immersed in their cell phone
than be conversing with each other..GEE I wonder why people are cheating.
Social media aka tweeter, facebook and etc. people are too wrapped up.
Guys I work with "Hunt" on Facebook for dumb ass females to "Fuck" because these girls get too into their "sexting and flirting" until the act becomes physical.
A 19 yr old girl shook her kid to death because the baby interrupted a fucking game on Facebook. We Are Fucked as a society if this continues.
Anonymous (#4500)
Sep 17th, 2014 @ 19:17 GMT
A female I know, welfare recipient, single mother, druggie, dumb ass, whore.
This bitch only thinks of herself even though she has a kid.
Has no money and collects welfare only works occasionally.
Her thoughts are Wow If I got Breast implants it would be so sexy..Really?
So her first thought is breast implants or the next tattoo or the next guy (victim) or the next text message, NOT her own child.
Women like this should be terminated and the child given to a family that
would actually love and care for it.
Families that enable this behavior by "helping" said dumb ass in any way should be punished for not doing the right thing.
They would rather enable this fucked up behavior and watch the kid's life
get flushed than do something about it. Fucking Pathetic.
Captain Pugwash (#4501)
Sep 18th, 2014 @ 01:11 GMT
The lady youve described #4500 fits the bill perfectly to a women i met last year. We had everything in Common (in fact joined at the hip). I was within a whisker of getting into a relationship with this chick but when i got my phone out to get her number She mentions she has 2 children....WTF....sorry no ph number for you.

I Later learn that there is much more to this girl than first thought....i kicked myself initially that i didn't get her number i look back now and realize that if i did i would have made a BIG MISTAKE. Waving goodbye to my hard earned pay would have been the least of my worries and the fact this girl is a big user and would never tell me where she works or what she does for a job i wouldn't have got anywhere with her in the first place. i could go on forever but only a desperate white knight would date this girl - only to realize some months down the track That his bank balance, and his heart would be broken.
Anonymous (#4502)
Sep 18th, 2014 @ 20:53 GMT
All I can say is the women described in this page have major character flaws.
Maybe they have personality disorders and or mental problems, our society, the media and all the rest of the Bullshit certainly does not help.
I dated one of these train wrecks and had the rare opportunity to have a conversation
with an older woman who knew the situation.
I was told that the train wreck was a molestation victim and as such felt guilty, ashamed, and unlovable. I am not heartless that is an awful thing for a person to go through.
My question is Does being victimized as a child allow you to be a complete degenerate
with no morals, no loyalty or respect for yourself or others forever?
Is it a legitimate excuse for Bad Behavior?
NO It's NOT It's a cop out and Bullshit, oh I was victimized now I will punish everyone I come into contact with just because I can and it makes me feel better for a few seconds.
Anonymous (#4509)
Sep 20th, 2014 @ 05:21 GMT
@4508 The percentage of that actually being reality is very low and the mother would not only have to be desperate but sick in the mind as well.
This might be an adolescent fantasy for some.
Personally If I wanted a woman as old as my mother I would target her friends
or my girlfriends mother
Anonymous (#4510)
Sep 20th, 2014 @ 06:43 GMT
The comments on molestation are offensive. I had a female cousin who this happened to.
She became promiscuous and a IV drug user heroin. Her life was a huge chaotic mess for 30 years all partying non stop, then she was diagnosed with HIV. After having HIV for a few years and continuing her prior behavior she developed full blown aids and died.
It's not just women It's SOME PEOPLE that are truly sick and ruin things for everyone else.
Anonymous (#4511)
Sep 20th, 2014 @ 11:54 GMT
If they accuse you of cheating then they are probably cheating. If they mess with your Phone or Computer she is probably cheating and or paranoid that you are. If She knows things about your text messages, emails, or web browsing habits that she should not know then Spy Applications are in use. If things are bad just end it and save yourself the trouble.
Anonymous (#4512)
Sep 20th, 2014 @ 23:53 GMT
Do Not Go To the link posted in #4508 unless you want to view pornography.

I find it kind of dumb that someone is posting something about

Morals and Values and The Catalyst For Evil then supplying a link to Incest Pornography.

The people making and distributing that material are Evil as well.
Anonymous (#4513)
Sep 21st, 2014 @ 00:20 GMT
Usually when people are dishonest they will try to "find something wrong" with the person that they are betraying. Why do you think all these "Spy" applications have been created in the past few years for computers and now mobile devices? Because a lot of people are up to No Good and the people being betrayed want the truth. As far as the whole pornography / masturbation thing goes. I saw a TV show where the topic was discussed. They made a good point. They said that the problem with Masturbation is people get into sick imaginations and develop sick scenarios in their mind and that's where Pornography and or erotic literature come to play. The People on the TV show explained that once those thoughts or images are introduced into your mind a corrupting process begins, because even when you are not actively thinking about it,doing it or viewing it the thoughts and images are in your subconscious mind and it would take a long time to clear that from the mind.
Anonymous (#4516)
Sep 24th, 2014 @ 18:46 GMT
I think what #4508 is doing is lashing out at someone they feel is attacking them with comments made on this page. Again probably 100 females sitting there wondering "Is That Comment Directed At Me?" So they post stupid shit thinking they are attacking some EX that they think or imagine is posting things here. Again they think everything is about them. Self Indulged, Self Centered, Self Deluded Dumb Asses.
That or some self righteous webmaster that has tracked what pages one of the posters here has come from or gone to from this page.
People can do whatever they want, it's your life and your mind, and your time.
Anonymous (#4522)
Sep 25th, 2014 @ 11:29 GMT
I saw a clip on useless junk website where a female who had herself veiled
was dancing around in a pair of what looked like crotchless pants. She was teasing her dog, shaking her exposed pussy and ass in the dog's face, bending over for the dog. The video ended with her falling back in a chair and the dog with his face in her pussy. So #4519 you have a point.
Anonymous (#4525)
Sep 26th, 2014 @ 11:53 GMT
How do you handle the pathological lying and manipulation? In this society, we're not allowed to beat our women to keep them in line. I was curious how you've reacted when you've caught her in yet another lie about an affair she's been having or some other duplicitous behavior.

Borderlines are the "Devil's Handmaidens." Yes, they frequently look astonishingly beautiful and irresistible. Yes, they can afford you spectacular episodes of sexual ecstasy that will stay in your mind for the rest of your life.

But then there's the downside; like how they use their emotional mood-swings to dominate and control you! The pathological way they always see everything and blame you for virtually every single problem in the world today.

And let's not forget how EVERYTHING is your fault despite the fact they are the ones lying, cheating, manipulating, betraying and talking about you like you are shit spread on bread (Just open some of her emails and read about how she talks about you! Or better yet, put a keylogger program on your computer like I did and catch her on all the dating websites she's on and telling every guy under the sun how much she loves him and is single and wants a future with him...)

Also, how do you deal with the childishness and constant attention getting immaturity? How do you deal with the tantrums and extreme emotional bi-polarity? How do you deal with the disturbing narcissistic selfishness like you don't even exist?

Borderlines are known for self-harming behaviors like cutting on themselves or some other self-destruction; one of the things they will do is provoke you to no end until you are ready to explode and beat the living shit out of them...(Which is secretly what they want! Why self-harm when they can get you to do it?)

Then they call the police and charge you with abuse and then soak up the attention from all the social workers and courts... It's the audience she loves to play to! Only later to ask you to move back in and start the same thing all over again! Only this time it's "You better give me more money or I'll call the cops on you again and say you're abusing me and this time you'll go to prison!

No, it doesn't take a "Real Man" to handle someone with BPD...it takes a dysfunctional, co-dependent man who believes he doesn't deserve better or is so captured by her beauty he can't let her go because she looks so good because his "nads" are in a Mason Jar ...!

It takes a Real Man to walk away from this nightmare and enjoy the life he's been given enough not to waste it on someone who is incapable of a healthy reciprocal relationship. Why put up with it? It's not worth it!

One day she will have you set up with a labyrinth of lies and accusations and be backed up by a phalanx of ruthless feminist-misandrists who are just waiting to carve you a new asshole.

("He forces me to do things in bed I don't want to do...!" "He makes me work and then takes all of my money from me...!" "He calls me names and physically abuses me...!" "I'm so afraid of him because he...!" "I need an Order of Protection because he...!")

Then you'll walk into your place and find that it's been cleared out of everything you own and she's disappeared on you to move in with another guy she's been seeing behind your back.

If you've truly found a way to keep her in check, then more power to you. You should write about how you did it and publish it. You will become and instant billionaire overnight!
Anonymous (#4529)
Sep 28th, 2014 @ 06:44 GMT
As said previously most women are followers whether it's consciously or subconsciously.
They do things wrong and do not admit it, that is if they even see what they are doing is wrong in the 1st place. I call this a moral void, and that is where a whole bunch of Rationalization, Excuse Making, Finger Pointing come in to play. Usually it's some Bullshit Excuse blaming the man for the wrongdoing of the women.
The Blame Game. I see this with my elderly mother, she is still making shit excuses and rationalizations for events that took place 30 years ago. Yeah can you say Guilty Conscious? She brings shit up that everyone else would like to just forget about. The more she runs her mouth the more guilty and snake like she appears to be.
Anonymous (#4530)
Sep 28th, 2014 @ 07:15 GMT
I don't know how else to say this but...

Women are useless. They really are!!!

Women of this day and age think that they are soooo important and that society owes them something.

For instance, it is a society 'faux pas' to hit a woman. Yet society has no issues with women hitting men. What's the fucking difference?? Any bitch that hits a man deserves the fucking fist she gets after!!!

Secondly, why the fuck is alimony still legal??? Alimony was implemented over a hundred years ago before women could even vote. Women were awarded 'support' only if they could prove "marital misconduct". Today, the useless cum dumpsters are able to vote and take care of themselves. So, i ask, why is alimony still legal???? Alimony is nothing more than legalized prostitution!!
Finally... the whole 'dead beat dad' stigma in modern society can be blamed on women!!!! Women today see children as nothing more than a paycheck. They know that they are going to be fucked over with unrealistic child support payments. That being said... don't get me wrong, i fully support child support to a certain degree. But not to the point where a father is paying over $1000 a month in support only to see his kid every second weekend. There are sooooo many father's out there that want 50/50 custody of their kids only to be fucked over by the greedy cum dumpster of a mother who only sees dollar signs $$$. Child support should be based on real and actual costs of living. Not based on income. Otherwise a filthy whore like that cunt Micheline described by someone else in this thread can open her piss flaps to as many men as possible hoping to get paid.

Anyway... Women in this day and age are more useless than ever before. they feel entitled. They feel empowered. They feel equal. They feel liberated...
Quite frankly, the only thing that cunts like Micheline and Mariette don't feel, is the need to take responsibility for their own actions and support themselves without government handouts.
But, it's always easier to have a dirty twat that can be used as a paycheck and and an excuse to get more than what you deserve.

PS... Mariette, your a fat fucking cunt. You do realize that your daughter has seen more cock than a gay orgy, right? Keep defending that filthy little immature cunt that you reproduced with the load you should have swallowed. Your little cunt of a daughter has lied to two father's about birth control and has openly admitting to 'trapping' both fathers. I have an email from her confessing this very fact. Bitcheline got pregnant on purpose BOTH times, you stupid fucking cunt! You keep defending that little whore you raised. You know that she has taken pics and videos of her sexual habits, right?
You know that she is a habitual cheater, right? Got email evidence for that one too.
But, hey, you're just a fucking hypocrite who couldn't care less about the facts, eh, bitch? You just like to take the one side and stick that ugly french face where it doesn't belong.

Ain't that right, 'MC Jaws'? Lol. Jaws... should be 'MC Mr Ed' because you look like a fucking horse with those fake ass chompers you call teeth.

Ps. Lets fuck and make up?
Anonymous (#4531)
Sep 28th, 2014 @ 13:08 GMT
Well I agree that alimony and child support should be limited to what it actually costs to House, Clothe, and Feed the child.
Welfare mothers, a lot of these mental midgets see having kids as a full time job to collect
a check from the system. Some of them will even "Time It Out" or have a kid every 4 to 5 years so they can remain on welfare as long as possible. So what if they really cannot afford to raise the children properly and will always be in poverty. Or the fact that they will have 4 children all by different fathers. AS long as that child support, welfare, rental assistance, and Food Stamps keep rolling in these messed up women will keep pumping out kids until the state pays for tubal ligation. This way they can sit on their fat asses at home smoking weed and drinking beers all day long, sucking the dicks of the men they choose (the fucking bums that don't want to work either). Meanwhile the children go without
because these mothers are about as smart as a pile of dog shit. If it wasn't for the welfare system and food stamps those children would probably starve, Yet their fat ass cunt mother would still have Beer, cigarettes, weed, pills, and etc. I say the first time they sign up for welfare give them a psychological screening if they fail they still get welfare only they have to get mandatory sterilization via tubal ligation.
Anonymous (#4532)
Sep 28th, 2014 @ 13:22 GMT
Drug using women should have their children taken away from them the second that their
drug abuse is recognized. How are these women paying for the drugs they are doing?
With their body and what they do is drag the kid around with them while they go and
"Hang Out With" some dirt bag that does drugs or deals drugs. She most likely does not work or collects welfare. So she resorts to Fucking and Sucking to get the drugs.
Meanwhile some little kid is getting to "see too much" of the underbelly of the druggie
lifestyle. The authorities Should Take These Kids Away,then sterilize the druggie
and or lock them up, give them a pile of the drug of their choice and let them die
from overdose. Fucking Selfish Cunts.
Anonymous (#4533)
Sep 28th, 2014 @ 14:52 GMT
You have to ask yourself
1. Why does any woman want to have a man's child if she isn't going to stay with him?
2. What's the point in lying and pretending to be committed to someone? Just be honest.
3. What do they tell these kids about their father? Probably a lot of lies.
4. If a woman knows a guy is No Good aka a druggie or a criminal. Why have his kid?
5. Women want equality, only if a man pulled a fraction of the shit women pull
All hell would break loose.
6. The problem with the American courts siding with the poor little woman is
You have the poor little woman doing the judges, lawyers, and lawmakers
which is how this system became so damn corrupt.
Anonymous (#4536)
Sep 29th, 2014 @ 03:47 GMT
@ #4354
Make No Mistake even the fat ones will behave like any other woman. They will lie, cheat and steal. Women Do Not respect a man who fails their "Tests".
They view a man that puts up with all their "SHIT TESTS" as weak. It's all a big fucking game. If you Don't put up with their tests and you show you have balls
you get labeled as controlling. So either way If you are too nice and tolerate their shit or if you have big balls and call them out YOU LOSE. Either stay single and don't date or subject yourself to what I equate with mental and emotional torture from these psychopaths.
Anonymous (#4537)
Sep 29th, 2014 @ 03:59 GMT
For the people talking about SPY applications on the computer and phone.
These applications are usually installed as hidden or stealth.
What these applications cannot hide is the outgoing TCP connection to whatever email server it was setup with. If the person that installed it has local access to the computer or device they will probably physically check the device.
Most of the people installing these things probably choose email report that way they can check the report at some other location and not get caught doing so.
Windows users look for a program called "tcpview"
Android and Iphone have Install monitors that basically log and email all install and uninstall activity.
Captain Pugwash (#4538)
Sep 30th, 2014 @ 00:42 GMT
And yud expect 36-37 year old women to be more conservative when it come to finding the right man.....fuck off

True story, on this Friday night just been I was accosted by this random drunk whore demanding me kiss her and telling me I was a nice bloke - do I even know you? She kept on bumping into me and when I said ''oh it you again'' he replied ''who are you?'' I replied ''we've met 6 time already tonight'' (in my head ''ya stupid slutty bitch'') then the same cycle of trying to get me to do the deed with her repeat itself.....sorry bitch I'm almost 35 and long past that stage' I mean business now...I tried to get her pH. Number and name...she gave me neither despite her willingness to get me to ''sea the deal'' which was probably a ''see ya buster'' Saturday morning.....you fucking slutbag.

Now I could have forgiven her if she was 20-21 but at 36-37 I'm sure she wuld have been passed that stage by now' this shows and proves that once a slut..always a slut. I hope this whorebag catches ebola and dies...women like this slutbag esp. If they are 30 and up should be tied to a post and shot into a pit. There's no such thing as a good honourable woman anymore if there is they certainly ain't where I live they are all loose slags

That says she's probably married and wanting a man or three on the side, a baggage loaded whore or the town bike' I'd forgive her if she was say 20-21 but being only a couple of years older than me she should be Long passed that stage by now
Anonymous (#4540)
Sep 30th, 2014 @ 18:59 GMT
They Don't want to find "The Right Man" they want Mr.Now. Any man they think they have a shot with for either sex, using, or a walking atm.
Women need to show more respect for themselves, I don't think they put a lot of thought into the things they do.
So I meet a woman and we have one date, a dinner and a conversation, not bad.
The following week, "would you like to come over and get a pizza and watch a movie?"
So we have Pizza and I am being polite and nice, next thing I know my dick is in her mouth,yeah ok she just disqualified herself as anything more than a hoe.
This woman was carrying on about how she cannot find a man. DUH!
Men don't want an outright hoe that cannot be trusted period. Wake Up!
This world will be Fucked UP until we realize that life is more than sex.
This world will be fucked UP until women realize some men want more than their ass.
This world will be fucked UP until people get and take control of their thoughts.
Anonymous (#4543)
Oct 1st, 2014 @ 08:36 GMT
Oh and by the way if you want to see more of bitchline in action or to take your turn riding that dirty cunt email micheline_chretien_@hotmail.com or on Facebook you can find her as MiMi. Or many other sites as mimi1983, mimi_1983, Michelle cyr. This bitch loves cum and she will let you hit it over and over. Don't be fooled this cum luving whore only wants one thing, money money money. Her fat pig nose French mom is a lonely old haggard bitch who looks like she's taken a hard ride wouldnt be surprised if that drug addicted cock fiend would also want in on the action.

P.P.S these vids still get me off.
Anonymous (#4544)
Oct 1st, 2014 @ 08:45 GMT
I mean :
Michelle Cyr on fb and twitter but that's just this cunt stalkin and picking up other men while her fiancé is away on business. She actually has the fucking balls to bring back one of her many guys she keeps on the side and fucks him in her fiancés bed in his house that she doesn't even pay for. She can never me alone and craves cock probably because of her sever daddy issues
Anonymous (#4548)
Oct 3rd, 2014 @ 05:02 GMT
45445 and 4546 are good reasons to shut this site down. YOU ARE THE SICK ONES. GET HELP
Anonymous (#4549)
Oct 3rd, 2014 @ 16:19 GMT
At some point in time what gave a Woman "Value" was being a faithful wife and loving mother. Today Most women Do Not want to be either, and most are incapable of being either one anyway. In other words society has degraded because people let themselves be fucking brainwashed into pure fucking insane selfishness and nothing besides.
A good man that just wants to earn an honest living and love his family was once a very noble man, respected and honored. Today that same man is ridiculed, laughed at, cheated on and discarded. What was once valued and look upon as good in this world is now spit upon.
Anonymous (#4555)
Oct 7th, 2014 @ 08:41 GMT
My balls are itchy.
Anonymous (#4556)
Oct 8th, 2014 @ 11:06 GMT
@4555 let me sooth that itch for you, let me put my mouth over them and suck them like I'm sucking my grand daddy's
Anonymous (#4557)
Oct 8th, 2014 @ 20:29 GMT
A good man that just wants to earn an honest living and love his family was once a very noble man, respected and honored. Today that same man is ridiculed, laughed at, cheated on and discarded. What was once valued and look upon as good in this world is now spit upon.

Every woman is going to cheat with a handsome loser of a himbo when her man earns a good living.
Anonymous (#4558)
Oct 8th, 2014 @ 21:19 GMT
Not everyone cheats mostly guys do it for the sex. Women do it for various reasons, some emotional, some sex, Mostly I think they get off on Betraying, Sneaking around, and secretly hurting and punishing the guy the are with for whatever twisted ideas are in their head.
Most people if confronted with an opportunity to cheat would providing they think they wont be found out or caught. Bottom line monogamy is a fallacy and Love is not real.
Anonymous (#4559)
Oct 9th, 2014 @ 01:25 GMT
SO happy to have found this thread. ALL WOMEN are greedy, self-centered, self-important, lying, scheming, mentally-ill, whores, who will do or say anything if they feel it will benefit THEM and THEIR (foolish/delusional) quest for MORE, MORE, MORE.

If you are good or 'nice' to a woman, believe me you will come out on the LOSING END. Women meet a guy who treats them well, and attempts to do 'right by them', and simply cannot deal with it. Mainly because because they are mentally unstable whores, who NEED to have 'issues', who NEED to have a 'problem'.

Women can NEVER just be happy. Guys- NAIL/SCREW PROSTITUTES!!! It's much easier, cheaper, and won't totally destroy you in the end. Don't by into the BULLSH*T that you are SUPPOSED to get married/have children BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

Women are the most evil, vile, lowdown, crazy, beasts to ever exist. Women are out for money, and what that money can get them-NOTHING MORE.

Anonymous (#4560)
Oct 9th, 2014 @ 01:55 GMT
I am not a violent person but the number of fucking women on cell phones every day, 24/7 makes me want to...i dont know. Just hope guys tell them that if they dont put it down, they can find another man.
Anonymous (#4561)
Oct 9th, 2014 @ 18:14 GMT
SHE: 'Oh just look at my beautiful hair, how it shines and moves in slow motion with my model-like gait on the street. I'm just like one of those long haired women promoting shampoo products on tv. I love it when everyone is looking at me and thinking how beautiful she is,and how much they must want me. Sometimes when I catch the gaze of a man, I try to open my full lipped mouth just like they do at the stop point of the hair ads when the model looks into the camera with the look of, I'm really beautiful, aren't I, you know it and so does everyone else, though Im not attainable to a mug like you.'
HE: 'Look at that fucking bitch walking down the street in her stilettos, what a stuck up fucking cunt. If I look at her, she's either going to think I want her because of her 'beautiful shining heir moving in semi slow motion,' like the bitches she's seen on tv she's trying so hard to imitate. But she won't look at me because she's too much adhered to her inner conceit. So when I get to her her on the sidewalk, I'm going to sneeze in her direction and spew all my germs all over her beautiful shining conceit because she's a shallow rake put together by little more than contemporary images she has seen from the media world.
Anonymous (#4562)
Oct 9th, 2014 @ 18:18 GMT
The non-stop 'cell phone' involvement makes my blood boil also. It's just another way for these stupid whores to feel important, be looked at, and give off the 'vibe' that they have 'something going on'.

Stupid ass, dumb, self involved, NON STOP ATTENTION SEEKING SLUTS.

Every last one of them are useless (except for sex) zero's.
Anonymous (#4563)
Oct 9th, 2014 @ 21:09 GMT
#4562 is correct, Shallow Cunts...Look at ME...Look at ME...Pay Attention to ME!
Cell phones and social media are not helping the attention seeking. They made it worse.
The typical low self esteem slut just cannot get enough male attention because that's how they assess their own worth and desirability. DUH, think about that for a second
if they were thinking things through they would realize that men are going to pay attention to get the pussy because that's what men want. Men don't want to hear about your dumb little problems. They will pretend to be interested and care to get the pussy.So by the women thinking a guy wanting to fuck them makes them better or more desirable they are wrong because a guy will fuck damn near any decent looking women if given the opportunity. These women should find a more positive way to boost their self esteem and self worth. Fucking Dumb asses.
Anonymous (#4566)
Oct 10th, 2014 @ 01:06 GMT
I'm gay. Cant understand what you guys see in women. Their vagina is a virtual sewer
Captain pugwash (#4567)
Oct 10th, 2014 @ 04:48 GMT
While at the newsagents this afternoon looking for a model railway magazine plus starter kit I was shocked none where in stock but I was mortified that right in front of me uncovered wasva stack of pornographic cosmopolitan magazine's. Im sickened that these publications are sold at all yet alone with no age restriction its sickening that a 12-13 year old girl can buy this sexually infested highly indecent publication. Itsblittle wonder why females aged 12-45 are all slutbags these magazine's indoctrinate them to do so.

Possession of this magazine should be s crime in itself and punished by stoning to death the offender's while publishing and peddling this evil sick publication should be punished by hanging from a meathook with piano wire as rope and/or public beheading
Anonymous (#4568)
Oct 11th, 2014 @ 00:13 GMT
Short story-

I meet this whore on the train, get in to a small conversation with the whore. The whore ain't bad looking, so she takes my number. Before we leave the train I ask the whore if she needs anything. The whore answers 20 dollars. Fine, I give the whore 20 dollars.

Two days later the stupid whore calls me and says, can you LOAN (give) me some money. I ask the dumb whore "how much", the whore says 500 dollars!!!!!

I met the slut one time for a 15 minute train ride, now the whore wants 500 dollars.

For fun I ask the whore, "if I give you some cash, what do I get in return (i would never give her 500 dollars, but might slide her a little money for some pussy)?"

The dumb whore blurts out "I never would sell pussy". Mind you I said nothing about cash for pussy. But thats where her whore mind was (my mind was there too, but atleast i admit it).

The dumb bitch then gets all self righteous saying "I have morals BLAH BLAH BLAH".

The dumb whore wanted me to "LOAN" (dam lying cunt) her 500 dollars and give absolutely nothing in return.

And then have the NERVE to get an attitude, when I even slightly suggest she give me something also (some PUSSY).

These whores are so cunning (at least they think they are), self-involved, and totally without regard for anyone but themselves and their stupid kids, (whose father is in jail of course).

If this dumb bitch had any sense she might have been able to get a little cash in exchange for some pussy. BUT (as all dumb whores are) she has to try and act like she's not a whore and her twat is the only thing of value she possesses.

Whores are so greedy and stupid.

Fuck them, use them, then dump them. BEFORE THEY DO IT TO YOU!!!!

Women (excuse me WHORES) need to kept in cages.
Anonymous (#4569)
Oct 11th, 2014 @ 09:05 GMT
I think it's fucked up how a lot of women either value or devalue the man based upon what their friends think or say. Also if the man is going along with her twisted mentality then he is golden, as soon as he disagrees in any way or says one little thing
not to her liking then she looks to try and find things wrong with him as an excuse to somehow fuck him over justifiably in her head. Most times no excuse is needed they will fuck him over anyway just because they can. If a woman is looking to find something wrong she will find it. If a woman says "you deserve someone better or nice" RUN because that means she is NOT playing nice behind your back. Listen to what they say, read between the lines then RUN because it's not worth all the bullshit she is gonna put you through if you stick around.
Anonymous (#4570)
Oct 11th, 2014 @ 19:17 GMT
Dont you just love the fake long fingernails and the fake eyelashes. Everything about a woman is fake. What you see outside should be a warning about what awaits you inside. Let their life be their obsession with the cell phone. She cant destroy that, but she can destroy you.
Anonymous (#4571)
Oct 12th, 2014 @ 23:27 GMT
I have read online forums talking about Divorce.
I find it ironic that some women say this "He expects me to cook, clean, and do laundry plus a full time job". Always complaining, bitching and moaning. A lot of married guys I know work their 50 to 70 hours a week, Do Chores around the house, lawn, car maintenance, house maintenance and etc, those things plus