All women are filthy, lying whores

All women are filthy, lying whores

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IHateJews (#6488)
sewikie (#6473) Go fuck yourself you filthy lowlife kike. May Israel be destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth.

Fuck all Rabbis and fake Jews!!
Anonymous (#6489)
Most of the women nowadays are very Pathetic since Most of the ones that are Straight are filthy Whores to begin with. And then we have the Lesbian Low Life Losers that just want other women anyway.
Anonymous (#6490)
@6484 Why blame GOD? GOD didnt make you do anything, its called free will a choice. Sure we are bombarded with sexual content all the time. Does that mean you gotta run right out and grab a whore? No it doesnt, we choose these things to our own suffering and destruction. Nobody made us we chose.
truth (#6491)
Women are the devil, men are angels!!!!!
Anonymous (#6492)
The People, Beings,Creatures, or dare I say it Fallen Angels are the ones constantly trying to corrupt mankind. Constantly trying to get mankind to make the wrong choices. Constantly trying to separate mankind from GOD. Constantly trying to destroy the family and divide people, divide men and women, divide us by class, race. religion, and looks. We bought the bullshit and allowed them to ruin us. Feminism was created and funded by the Rockefellers to Destroy the family. Why because these evil fucking scum want to control mankind and they want to ensure that nobody gets a shot at becoming as wealthy as them. Divide people = ruin the family, and more people to "Income Tax". Everyone should shut off the television, stop buying fucked up magazines that implant the wrong thought patterns, stop buying newspapers, stop objectifying one another. Women should go back to a traditional role and should not just be used as a cock receptacle, men should not be seen as a walking wallet with a cock attached to it for control.
Anonymous (#6493)
Why do humans dwell on the sex acts so much? One reason is because we are exposed to those messages constantly. Gee putting my cock in that whole, Yeah I can get a STD, Produce an unwanted child and pay Child Support for 20 years. Hmm sounds kind of destructive right, destroying your health and finances. It's a fucking gamble I'm not gonna take. Those things may not happen, then what then I have to wine and dine a female that may have the mentality of a fucking 12 year old and I wont find out until I waste time and money. Why Bother. Then you have all the single mothers looking for a Provider, a Wallet, Sucker to be used and disposed of.. Means to an end..She will use her pussy to get her hooks into you..because her personality and feminine charm just isn't there. Then after he helps her raise her children and pays for everything he gets kicked in the balls and sent on his way. Destroyed emotionally and financially. Selfish huh? The man spent 18 years being a family and really thought he had family and she was just USING him and Playing a fucked up game.
Anonymous (#6494)
fuck the jews.
truth (#6495)
Never forget,a woman is always a cause of evil, purposefully or not!!!!ex= (war)& it feeds their evil energies.Also it is difficult to pinpoint that which is truth they r always and programmed and ready and purpose driven to add to the fire because they r pretentiously trained to b nice.:-) If I can avoid them,I Will live longer. DO NOT CALL UNDER EVIL spells of a woman!!!(Satan) Who in return Will never see heaven!!!!Humans don't analyze explanations, that is y the truth is the hate a another person has for another to the point of Torture or death was influenced and created not by God, but by the whore mother who spread her legs nice and fuckin wide to bring forth these feelings to us knowing hatred has always existed since prehistoric excuses.we as males were and r born to die for their pleasure through hatred or natural cause s
Anonymous (#6496)
Well then fuck god for creating satan!
Soon tiamat will stop this dream and she will awaken and take on the form of azarate and god and Jesus will be Slain!
Enki and marduk will die painfully along with there shitty humanity just wait.
fuck god (#6497)
fuck god and everything he has failed at achieveing go burn in hell with jesus and the jews and the jinn and muslims fuck al arab fuck god.
Anonymous (#6498)
blast a load of cum down yhvh asshole stab out his eyes rip his filthy body apart.
Anonymous (#6499)
damn god to hell may fire rape Yahweh ass hole.
Anonymous (#6500)
God is so stupid may all atheists die too they are a product of god and most are kikes and they trust Carl Marx, Liberalism Which leads to feminism in the bulk of it all.
Anonymous (#6501)
Most women nowadays are certainly Low Life pieces of Garbage.
Anonymous (#6502)
You see how it is now with feminism? Female police sheriffs, female ceo business owners, spoiled housewives that knows how the courts works in their
favor, etc.. Women simply do not need us anymore financially and now more than ever they are showing their true colors because of it. They do not need us anymore like they did in the old days its much different now. They also network secretly with other divorced women being given advice about
which lawyer to hire, which county to file in, what's she's entitled to based on his income, its carazy now more than ever. Nothing wrong with women having a brain and learning a skill having some independence but 60% are using to be deceptive.
Anonymous (#6504)
I notice and is this just me or what??? Everytime I see goodlooking woman that drives an late model luxury vehicle they are totally un approachable
they will easily walk right by you giving you no energy whatsoever. Like out of 10 only 3 will show you friendly energy that they can be approached.
But when I turn the table and show that I dont give a fuck about them then they become curious and interested. Is that where this world has come to??
You have to be an ass to gain respect from these spoiled bitches
Anonymous (#6505)
All I am saying is that when they have it going financially and with looks as well they walk around like the world revolves around them. But make her 50
60lbs overweight and have her living paycheck to paycheck driving a 2006 corolla and notice how much more outgoing and friendly the woman is lol.
Then its OKAY to approach her. Getting out of her 2016 mercedes sedan weighin 110-125lbs oh no you better keep your distance you fucking
Anonymous (#6506)
Cunt is not worth a penny,but a woman is worth two pennies.why did u complain about is not his fault I cunts chose to b Satan in the form of whores.God is good and powerful.Alpha and Omega bitches.Go get another smelly period dirty tramps.
michelle (#6507)
To 6506,I agree with u,we r not God's chosen people as females .we need to work at getting close to god.but nowadays we R whores as always was,just nowadays more is not God's fault hun.I'm an t women I want to get to heaven.
male teacher (#6508)
I DONT C WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT A WOMAN.THEIR PUSSIES LOOK GROSS LIKE SMELLY looking SNAILS.THE STENCH IS ALMOST UNBEARABLE,(u got fish,period blood,other men's saliva,other women's cum&mens,juices rotten,women's saliva,food excretions etc....)so sick.Then blame guys and God for everything.Fuck u two bit Women-holes :-)
hey bitches (#6509)
For neither was Man created for the sake of Woman, but Woman for the sake of Man.
In bibles!!!!
brothers spread this word and b safe (#6510)
t my address?
Anonymous (#5851)
2015-08-14 10:28:34 UTC Women knew people suffered from dinosaur caveman days.I could understand no abortion lls back then.but now their is no excuse & pop out babys from loose fisted many fucked sewer holes.what if your baby grows retarded.or in time gets tortured.they knew of this from before time.they r right out from hell!!!they r closer to the females also .don't trust their seductive lies.its jus a demon.we need more brotherhood.hope u fellas learned something.oh yes. They could of caused a rebellion back in days to stop pregnancy.but truth is their selfish lying whore pain inflicting devils.their nothing nice.they can set u up also.I know this from to all the brotherhood of sllraces.don't fall prey to feminisime.this a mans world.god is alphamale. name is blackbird.
WakeUpToTheTruth (#6511)
The Annunaki are the ones made mankind into a slave race. Enki (the master geneticist) was the one who was behind the experimentation of the Homosapien.

The Virgin Mary = Lilith

WakeUpToTheTruth (#6512)
So please, don't pray or worship this whore cunt deity for she is a female fallen angel that wants your aural energy.

The Reptilian Annunaki and the Khazarian Jews and the 13 Royal Bloodline families are evil scum that must be destroyed.
brothers spread this word and b safe (#6513)
t my address?
Anonymous (#5851)
2015-08-14 10:28:34 UTC Women knew people suffered from dinosaur caveman days.I could understand no abortion lls back then.but now their is no excuse & pop out babys from loose fisted many fucked sewer holes.what if your baby grows retarded.or in time gets tortured.they knew of this from before time.they r right out from hell!!!they r closer to the females also .don't trust their seductive lies.its jus a demon.we need more brotherhood.hope u fellas learned something.oh yes. They could of caused a rebellion back in days to stop pregnancy.but truth is their selfish lying whore pain inflicting devils.their nothing nice.they can set u up also.I know this from to all the brotherhood of sllraces.don't fall prey to feminisime.this a mans world.god is alphamale. name is blackbird.
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Anonymous (#6515)
@6505 That guy is telling the truth, and even then that overweight 50 yr old with the 2006 corolla wont appreciate a damn thing you do and if she does it's only superficial. I have this one 50 year old cunt trying to bait me with her saggy titties because she's gonna lose what little she has because she's fucking broke. Boo Fucking Hoo , your "Independent" Right? then get a fucking JOB.
Anonymous (#6516)
Our society is broken, very few single mothers raise boys that become real productive men. Why? No male role model in the home. Then you have 30 something year old dudes living in mommy's house freeloading and still bitching because she asks him to take the trash out. Any self respecting 30 year old man would not have mommy's titty in his mouth still. He would be on his own paying his own way, not freeloading off mommy. To make matters worse mommy probably spoiled this little motherfucker into some narcissistic piece of shit that has a skewed sense of his own value and intelligence.
Anonymous (#6517)
6506 back again. I'm not going to lie the best fun I've ever had was banging this 62yr old blonde granny. She would actually cook me a full blown
dinner and leave it HOT on the counter with my favorite alchohol vodka and sprite. She would leave the door unlocked and while I ate she would be
lying under the covers naked with candles. At least twice a month it was awesome. I didn't appreciate at the time because I was screwing so many
different ones from craigslist but man I'm almost tempted out of desperation lol to leave my number on her apt door hoping that she calls. I swear
get a HORNY 60yr old PLUS granny they are the fucking BEST! I had another to confirm these woman treat you the best man....... A young
18-50 very decent looking will cost you money and time! Then they still may fuck you over.
Anonymous (#6518)
Yes I said 50! When they're 50 and decent looking they still act out too like they are such a prize lol shopping for bigger better deals.
Anonymous (#6519)
these kind they beauty queens but they will let you fuck them all night and cook for you not asking for a dime!
Anonymous (#6520)
I dated a 49 yr old. She was hot, worked out a lot and liked to fuck. Only problem was while she was seemingly insecure, she was also a control freak and emotionally abusive. So I fucked her for a while and got rid of her. I dont care how hot they are. If they act like a cunt they get sent down the road after I tell them what a cunt they are.
Anonymous (#6521)
Useless product of imagination him and Satan suck on each other that kike god Yahweh could have not created this mother fucking world and we would not have to deal with suffering. FREE WILL IS A LIE HE IS A SADIST I WILL STRIKE HIM DOWN AND EAT HIS ETERNAL SOUL FUCK HIM ALL!.
Anonymous (#6522)
God is useless the Jewish god thinks he came before any other i say fuck Jehovah and fuck all these pieces of shit that point to him.
Id rather worship Odin or fucking Shango or some shit.
Yahweh is a demiurge keep waiting when tiamat awakens enki Marduk and all these pieces of shit will end with there lousy dreams.
sewikie (#6523)
Stop bitching just cause Jews make better money while you sit there crying.
You just a net nazi lowlife just get a life and stop net bitching we have more power then your common Shit 0 life span.
Anonymous (#6524)
Next time i see one of you sex working slut bags in the midwest i will Beat the living shit out of you same goes to the niggers you suck on.
You filthy aids infested whores deserve a 9 inch hot molten rod stabbed threw your eyes I wish mr blue was still alive so he could spill more stinking prostitute blood.
Yeash all these ugly forn prostitutes i will slay them all and there aids infested corpses will become a pile. Nasty usless cock sucking whores!
you deserve worst then rape how about a bullet to the face?
Anonymous (#6525)
I hate you disgraceful turd slut bags who talk threw your teeth. Nest time i see the first sight of you god help me!
What good is a useless cunt though? why these useless sex workers get mad when i talk dirty? You two bit hoodlums wouldn't know a single thing about hygiene. I heard some one tell me your slits stink like fish and feces that is some disgusting shit.
I hate white girls who talk threw there rotten teeth and Have lots of ugly wrinkles on there crack snorting faces that is disgusting i hope you get gang raped by a minority and they slit your ugly neck too!
Anonymous (#6526)
Anonymous (#6528)
There is no God's chosen people that's BullShit. What really happened was a whole villages were slaughtered in the name of GOD. Oh God told me to do it, it was his will. The prophet of GOD told me he had a vision (think book of Samuel) when King Saul failed to murder someone so Samuel the prophet cut the victim to pieces with a sword. Basically people were murdering, plundering and stealing land and goods and justifying it by saying "we are GOD's chosen people" I call rationalizing BullShit on that one. The same thing goes on in modern times, the continent of Africa is being slowly murdered off, so the powers that be can steal the natural resources. Only it's being done subtly with disease and sterilization. It's all fucking greed and evil.
Anonymous (#6529)
Why do you nasty lesbian hoes rape children, i hate to see all these dyke's have a right to vote it only lessons our chances of becoming something rather then a bunch of smelly degenerate wild sexually promiscuous scum.
raping an aborted horse baby. (#6530)
Fuck lesbians
Fuck Fags
Anonymous (#6531)
this torturous existence is painful and hard there is no skin contact anymore there is only struggle and loneliness.
thruther (#6532)
According to some knowledge of the Semite people.
Yahweh was there god he was accompanied by his wife Astarte and there son Baal
Astarte is despised by Yahweh for committing adultery with her child Baal.
This is very similar to modern women These worthless worms will never learn and the sword of the man will kill them all.
Anonymous (#6533)
yup let the western world hear the truth all these sex workers, and feminists must die for there filthy atrocities and for there abortions and promiscuousness.
Anonymous (#6534)
Im tired of dating advice they only shame me to death this is the shit that makes me want to go and shoot up a school.
Anonymous (#6535)
Technology is the new Sheep Dog. Technology distracts us into being grouped together and kept in the circle the same as the Sheep Dog does to the sheep. We are tracked with our phones, we are recorded in our activities, every call, every text message, every website visited. George Orwell was correct. Google tracks every damn thing you do, Microsoft Windows 10 is now playing catch up to Google's Spy Platform. Every country outside the US should suspect the American software companies that work for the NSA. They cannot be trusted with closed source software. Then you have people of low intelligence, getting roped into thinking life is to be lived through stimulating their genitalia. Real Fucking smart, will you being sending sext messages and titty pics when they throw you in the FEMA concentration camp?
Anonymous (#6536)
I bet god is really an evil women with 3 dicks and 5 pussies to fuck over man kind.
IHateJews (#6537)
sewikie (#6523) Lowlife scum such as yourself deserve to get murdered and killed. Fuck all of you khazarian ashkenazi crypto-Jews. You all deserve to suffer and need to be annihilated as soon as possible. Fake Jews and women in overall have power in society, however, that so-called power that they have needs to be stripped away from them for good. I can't wait to kill and murder all of you scummy trash kikes out in public.

Fuck your ancestors and fuck the holohoax you worthless faggot degenerate.
vanella jones (#6538)
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Anonymous (#6539)
Abby wambitch go and die with your equality you victim!
The death of feminist lies are coming!
Anonymous (#6540)
The feminist mindset is a regression for women. They tell women they can "HAVE IT ALL".
They cannot Have It All without being selfish and destructive towards their family. They bitch because they want a career and then still have to cook and clean. Then they get divorced and then have the career and still have to cook, clean, mother and do all the chores and other things the husband once did. If she cannot do those things she has to pay someone to do them. The children suffer being apart from the father. Nobody wins, and these dumb women are too fucking ignorant to see that the feminist mindset was created to Destroy The Family. These women are too proud and stubborn to admit they were and are wrong. Have fun struggling bitches, get a conscious and admit you are harming your children.
Dumb Fucking Cunts.
ariel (#6541)
Pretty women are useless and every last one of them i see i have an urge to harm them and lately i have Nada shame for the way i feel.
They always reject me anyway so they don't like me do they care that im suffering NO they don't. Because they got it all good and everybody else gives them all they want...
Anonymous (#6542)
So i have no shame wanting to kill them when they sit next to me and ignore the fuck out of me like im a pervert Hey i would never want to kill you all in the first place if you would just do your mother fokken job.
Why do you think god put your filthy cunts here? to fuck that is all and if you take my hand i bet you wont take no other because the first time i see your on a dating website ill beat you to shit!@
Anonymous (#6543)
I could care less if they ignore me. The key to it is don't act goofy or fawn over the way they look. Act like you can care less whether they pay attention to you or not because it doesn't fucking matter anyway. Neg her, if she says anything ask her why she is talking to you as if she is beneath you. The problem is we men do stupid shit for so called pretty women, Yeah her outside is pretty, problem is most of them are rotten on the inside and that's a fact. If she acts like a cunt, Ignore Her.
ariel (#6544)
Do i look stupid to you im not interested in them or anything about them ill take love by force now this is who i am now this is all im left with now.
Im cold and dead and forever loveless and it hurts deep too im not going to take anymore fucking methods and shitty things id rather kill them all these pieces of shit even there ugly mix raced children are disgusting slobs.
Anonymous (#6545)
All Whores and Lesbians should burn in Hell where they belong.
Anonymous (#6546)
If prostitution was legal, women would lose all of their power. That is why most women in overall hate prostitution because it proves that their pussy isn't worth that much. Fuck women and Fuck the U.S. government. May they perish and become abolished forever.
Mikey #1 (#6547)
I screwed 12 different women this summer from that pof website. All didn't require a condom and more than half of them swallowed my wad. One 3 times in a row! Anyway, I really wanted a relationship and narrowed it down to this Angela chick. As I got to know her, she told me about the 9 guys she slept with prior to me and has 2 daughters from 2 different men with the same name! Anyway, there were red flags everywhere and once I got a hold of her phone, she was exposed! She fucking lies about everything and proved to be a sèrial dater. She also has a few guy "friends" that proved to be otherwise. I fell in love with her unfortunately. Anyhow, I got rid of her but she tells me she loves me. I am going back to college mode and am just,going to fuck em' and treat em' like shit. They deserve zero respect and the next one is gonna have a gigantic load in her face.
Anonymous (#6548)
These women are out of their minds crazy. I fucked one chick 3 times in 2 hours. The 1st time she wanted a condom, the 2nd time she hopped on it while I was opening the condom. Guess she wasn't that concerned with safety. POF website is weird, you see these women on there saying "No Hookup" No FWB" and "Not Just Here For Sex". Then you see their profile and it has skimpy clothes, bikini shots, cleavage shots, and sexually suggestive poses. Duh that's why you get that kind of attention dumbass, have some self respect and some fucking class. I wonder what the statistics are on POF of how many times each woman on there has been pumped and dumped? I'm gonna say no less than 2 to 3 times each. If men are gonna fuck POF women the best bet is to use a condom and don't eat their pussy because STD can be transmitted to your mouth and throat. Fucking gross.
Anonymous (#6549)
Butured and raped and her kids will be Stalked and fed to the lawn mower We should kill these black nigger kids who steal and shoot inocent people while there monkey ass mother stands at the walefare office and then take them and bash there faces against the ground and torture there young bodies and throw them to the floor There mothers deserve to be Beat Raped And Skinned and set on fire and then smash there faces till there eye ooz out of them.
Sell there boys turn them into brothel whores.
Anonymous (#6550)
I want to take them and Beat them for smiling at me too.
Your kids deserve to be tortured.
Anonymous (#6551)
i hate life and reality i get no pleasure in life it just fucks down my ass i bet god is an evil Jew who hates us all.
Anonymous (#6552)
Women have always been the life forms of earth which embarrass us all. I craved and desired them for decades but finally realized what a bunch of trashy scum whores they all are. The ugly majority of them are just pure shit who help ruin the few desirables to build up themselves. This world is so fucking trashy because of women it's sad.
Anonymous (#6553)
Most women HATE men they HATE having to be "Subservient" to men. Most women don't even like sex, they use it as a tool, and just to get your seed, your dna, your child, and afterwards your money. They love that because it gives them control over you, a way to "hurt you" in a very sick minded way.
Wow a man can give a woman his all, his everything and it means nothing, it's never enough. Most women like to hear lies and they know they are lies. Just the lies allow them to rationalize 'Bad Behavior", to do as they wish. This is why most women "HATE Good Men". A good man makes her feel bad about herself just by his "Being Good", it reminds her that she really is "No Good" therefore the resent and hate comes in. The family is no more, thanks to the adoption of "Feminism" and the ignorance that surrounds it. We have been divided, we have been separated from traditional roles and society reflects that. Women are trying to be masculine, to be men.
Anonymous (#6554)
The "Entitlement Factor". People think they are owed something from their parents and society. "My BirthRight?" what?, Shut The Fuck Up. Your parents don't owe you a damn thing, if you are lucky you will get food, shelter, safety and security. That's all your parents really owe you is those 4 things. Think about the mentality, Oh because My father impregnated my mother HE OWES ME, Money, Property and things? Really, does he? No he doesn't you ignorant motherfucker, he owes you nothing. Inheritance is not a "Right" it's a gift and it's not "OWED" to you. These fucking people make me sick, these are the same motherfuckers that think their Employer "OWES THEM". These same assholes are the ones fucking off at work, making their coworkers work harder and then turning around and expecting that good raise and top pay. Fucking childish, self absorbed, lazy motherfuckers.
truth (#6555)
Mater pater latin = mother father.

The Paterial
Because “spiritual” is a word that has been gang-banged for centuries, pimped out to every fool with a voice, a book or a pen, and beaten and bloodied so many times it is unrecognizable and essentially meaningless…I opted for a different word.

What’s the opposite of Material?

Well, since my website is the Patrix, the opposite of the Matrix, which is a physical system designed to enslave human beings and every other type of being, all for the evil whims of a few…I came up with the word, Paterial.

What is the Paterial? It’s the opposite of the Material.

If civilization is home to Materialism, and the Mother Church (the root word in material is Mater; the Latin word for Mother), the place where Holy Matri-mony takes place, as well as being the Matrix itself, then the soul of the Paterial must dwell in Father Nature, the wilderness…the thing that the Matrix is devouring, slaughtering, and poisoning at a record pace.

I’m the world’s first Paterialist. Yes, I’m a madman and a practicing whateverist, but first & foremost I’m a Paterialist.

What is the Paterial all about? Well, it is about all the things or lack of things that the Material is about…

Enough of this shit. The following are writings on the subject of Paterialism…

Blisters, Sweat & Pain.

And, since the idea of Paterialism comes from the right hemisphere of the brain, Left-Brain, Right-Brain.

And if we actually have three brains, do we also have three sets of consciousnesses?

Why is life so motherfucking boring?

The Seventh Wave.

If the Material thrives on Ego, to enter the Paterial we must demolish Ego as much as possible.

What Am I Doing? touches on a few Paterial themes…

On Chemical Substances does too…

On the subject of remaining humble, as well as simply not standing out in any way, flying below the radar: #LetThemThink
Anonymous (#6556)
Our society has made relationships nearly impossible. Some women are beautiful and damaged at the same time. Think of it as a beautiful dog that has been abused by it's owner. A stranger sees this dog and goes to pet it and something triggers the dog to attack, to lash out. Only in society it's not our owners don't beat us physically, they have beaten and conquered some of us psychologically. They have us out of harmony with nature and our own spirits. I would like to see what happens in a worldwide catastrophe, I bet women would drop all the feminist, independent bullshit and stand behind a man that would would be protecting his clan or family. Things would be set right. Then again a woman is a woman and she might just stand behind the man that's protecting her and stick a knife in his back and go with the man that has a bigger clan. Lovely right. Women are like rattle snakes or scorpions, you know if you handle them sooner or later you will get bit or stung. Humans have it backwards Sex is for making babies and families, to keep the species going. We have turned it into sport and pleasure, so fucking stupid. The animals are smarter than we are.
Anonymous (#6557)
black Boa Constrictors.
Anonymous (#6559)
its so frustrating that life cant just be good i really want to kill everyone i hope the world ends tomorrow.
Anonymous (#6560)
I want to kill, and rape ugly, black nigger babies and sell there young bodies to organ donors these pieces of young shit steal, Loot, Rob, and talk dirty to there own kind and these smelly kike loving liberals think black on black crime is not real I'll kill a liberal I'll shoot them dead along with there monkey nigger babies and wale fare.
Anonymous (#6562)
Dear mag for ruining your baby and husbands life i hope you die a horrible death of pain i hope you get abducted and your throat gets a deep cut with scissors.
Anonymous (#6563)
i hate god for creating me and making every girl i see walk away and treat me like a brick wall.
Fuck the jews. i hate god he was a trickster anyway so you kikes and Christians can fuck your Loki.
jimmy (#6564)
i hate god for creating life and making all my good thoughts turn bad and then making the sky piss rain after i had my hopes up i wish this planet would just blow the fuck up some times.
Fuck my ass hole jesus (#6565)
I hate god for Making it nearly impossible for me to find a women.
Honestly its his fault he made them have periods and made there minds tick like this i hate him so fucking much!
Anonymous (#6566)
Ahh fuck him he was a cunt anyway fuck Jehovah thats his real name a Jewish god a fucking slave owner id decapitate him and his fellow media buds and all his feminazi cunts working with him while he gives them all the power in the universe.....
Anonymous (#6567)
I scream allahu akbar when i see a dead bitch i rape her mother too.
Anonymous (#6570)
yo lets all rape Kandice Mattews young clit. and then sell her.
Anonymous (#6571)
a rape everyday keeps the feminists away. lol
Anonymous (#6572)
Don walk away rape her.
Cut her tongue off.
JeanJean (#6574)
Some nice and true comments about women here, but also a lot of psychopath losers.
Anonymous (#6575)
yup don't like it leave the fucking place FAG.
Anonymous (#6576)
all you bitches i hate you and your fucking boyfriends you never gave me a chance so i will kill you all.
Anonymous (#6577)
You stupid fucking bitches Women i hate you all and i hate your difficulty.
I say fuck your life! judging every man you see and every male child you treat like your husband.
I hate your ugly fucking make up and your constant amorral flirting with other men while merried i laugh at rapes, I laugh at your beheadings too you beg to be Hurt with your shitty fucking attitudes and i give money to any msale who would beat you down for getting an attitude with him.
Im tired of this america and its rise of fagotry and homosexuality there needs to be another holocast and we will Gas more then six million commies this time.
Anonymous (#6578)
I Say fuck vagina's and that disgusting blood pouring out of them you bitches are a disgraceful mockery of nature and i hate you all!
I hate you for denying your self of being promiscuous Then posting nudes and half nudes on social media You invite rapists to come and get you
Your Cocky ass man is a fag and will never amount to shit!
Your nothing but a idiot you beg for a victim status so you can get revenge on your daddy.
I hate your shitty profiles Nagging on males you attract and then disrespect them because they want to fuck you?
You Leave all kinds of sexual invitations,
Anonymous (#6580)
Steven Phillips (#6581)
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Anonymous (#6582)
Die nigger.@6581
Anonymous (#6584)
Yep all women are worthless whores, they have no morals and will fuck anything or anybody that has money, a woman only needs three things in life and that's dick, dope or a dollar, and the ones that fuck niggers are the lowest form of filth on the planet, even lower than the nigger itself, may they all rot in hell
Anonymous (#6585)
cant get a date or get laid worth a shit now im fucked forever i may end up going out and taking love by force I'm really over it already and im tired of life beating me down.
Anonymous (#6586)
Anyone notice with these modern females, If they get attention from a guy they like it's cool, as soon as they get attention from a guy they don't like "Oh he's a Creeper" such bullshit they have no social graces to let the dumb bastard that finds them attractive down easily. They have to add injury to insult and call the guy a fucking creep. We no longer have women we have twelve year old girls in adult bodies. Talk about narcissistic cunts, they think the world revolves around them and their vagina, they want to be held in high regard only they don't deserve it. They don't want a booty call or a hookup yet they flaunt their tits and ass> contradicting behavior. Men are better off just jerking off and keeping their time and money. Let these dumb bitches fend for themselves.
Anonymous (#6587)
What a great time to have a vagina! the whole world revolves around women now.
Anonymous (#6588)
What a great time to have a vagina! the whole world revolves around women now.
Anonymous (#6589)
The females that flaunt their ass like a damn fishing lure amuse me. show that skin and see if the guy makes a move. She's calculated and knows how to play it, he moves and she says "I don't wanna be used for a piece of ass" meaning she wants more. Like your time, money and soul, that fucking piece of paper and a ring that gives her half your assets. All for what? a piece of ass once in awhile, that she will fake enjoying, maybe a shitty meal once in awhile that she may just have poisoned you with. No thanks, my imagination doesn't take my money or destroy my life.
Richard S (#6590)
Anonymous (#6591)
I go with gentile
Ill defend people who follow me otherwise get out of my light⭐⚡🌇🔥
Anonymous (#6592)
I agree with 5804 as well. I have seen women act as if possessed, saying things to me they had absolutely no knowledge of about me. How do you explain this? The only explanation is that demons are real. People wont believe it until its right in their face and even then maybe not.
I hate america and all of this shit taking place. (#6593)
Anonymous (#6594)
She seemingly has it all, yet she's empty. She takes it all for granted, nothing matters except for her own satisfaction. She fills her void with shopping and other men, nothing is ever enough or good enough. Her husband loves her unconditionally even though he knows what she does, he's a cuckolded dumbass. So what's the point? if you meet her just have fun, fuck her as many times as you can, have fun and let her move on to the next guy. Let her husband deal with her on the daily.
Anonymous (#6595)
Meghan Trainor is a twat!
I cant believe Jew holowood let her be a star just for her insipid feminist babble.
Anonymous (#6596)
It is just too bad that God can't get rid of this Shit that he Created which it Really would have been a much better World today.
Anonymous (#6597)
Fuck god
Fuck his ass
Anonymous (#6598)
I don't think the current situation with women is GOD's fault. We have been fooled by the elite. How? They know that the key to taking down mankind, man and the family starts with women. Corrupt the naive, gullible woman into feminism and all that bullshit and Bingo. Family Destroyed, Man lives in an apartment paying child support and alimony, the woman jumps on the cock carousel because no man is gonna keep her around for anything more than a piece of ass, the kids get lost and are now prone to indoctrination into all kinds of corruption, partying and alternate lifestyles. The kids are there for the taking because now they are miserable and apathetic because they saw what the parents did and it damaged them. HMM I'm a kid and I see my mom lose her mind and become a fucking whore, my dad gets pushed into working too much to pay child support and alimony to that CUNT, I see all this shit go down, of course it's gonna alter my views on relationships and family.
Who wins "The Elite Do" because they used mass psychology, thought manifestation, and the power of the media to DESTROY US.
Meanwhile the statistics on "The Elite" are that the rich are actually divorcing less these days. People need to wake the fuck up and stop allowing the media to influence thoughts and actions. People need to think things through Thoughts Become Reality Thought>Actions>Reality>Consequences> We have the minds and power to set ourselves free.
Anonymous (#6599)
Yeah and those ugly, Russian red Jews are responsible as well as the fagot, Luciferian, smug, new atheism Bolshevik
Lets kill the Jews again 6 million was nothing we can do much worst to these worms.
Anonymous (#6600)
Cool that means raping, Or fucking them would be child rape!
Anonymous (#6601)
cant stand these homely white girls who act black everyone knows your uneducated you slime.
Anonymous (#6602)
White ladies who date a lot of black men are usually very ugly And most likely a product of incest.
Anonymous (#6603)
Well the white girls dating Black Dudes could just be a preference, could be the "Big Dick Thing", Could be daddy issues. I know this chick her sisters both date black dudes and have black babies, why? because the family is racist and these girls are attention whores and drama seekers, they wanted to piss off those racist family members. It's about attention, low self esteem and or preference. As far as the "Big Dick Thing" that is a matter of genetics and or Biochemical reactions in the body during development like hypergonadism because there are people other than blacks with big dicks. It's all Bullshit anyway, If a dude can perfect his game, his ability to lie and Bullshit these women, to develop the ability to get in their head and see where they are at then he can easily get laid. Consequences though, disease, loss of finances, unwanted pregnancies and children, child support. Is any of that worth it? Just to say "Oh I'm a man I lied and put my dick in a hole" FUCKING DUMBASSES
Anonymous (#6604)
Division, Separation, Defeat, Implosion, Rise Dust off try it again and fail. Stop, Step Back and really assess what's going on. We have all been suckered and programmed even though most will never know it. The women have a defect because they think mostly with emotions Feel>Think>Action>Mess. It's funny because the women think they manipulate men when in reality the Beings or men that run the world have manipulated the women and all of us. We are all a bunch of doomed fucking idiots bent on destruction and all people can think of is money and their fucking crotches getting satisfied. Fucking Brainwashed Morons.
Anonymous (#6605)
fuck the universe worst shit a cock sucking god could make.
Anonymous (#6606)
Fuck you bitch you never gave me a fucking chance i hate you i hate your mother fucking ass i wish i could kill all women on this earth and rape and drown there children and babies too.
Anonymous (#6607)
Anonymous (#6608)
My mission is to make as many bitches suffer as I can cause they are USELESS CUNTS!!! Right hook to the jaw and a hard kick in the gut followed by a long hard pussy ripping rape sesh will make her begin to understand that we are KINGS!!!!! I'm going to find a virgin slut now... Rip rip rip little bitch get used to it cause you belong to men now 😈
Anonymous (#6609)
You guys just won't listen to me. I'm a guy that's screwed close to 300 women and I'm sitting here telling you that white women overall have the lowest
of morals. Nothing compares to the white woman. Yeah bad in comes in all colors but from my experience white women they are the biggest risk takers
they get a high doing taboo things. Plus the corlaborate with law enforcement they'll set your ass up! At least with the black, asian, and latino strippers
and prostitutes when you get arrested they do too! White women will pull out a smoke, light it up, and smile in your face as your being arrested for
prostitution sting they work with law enforcement more than any other race of women. White women are the most disloyal creatures out there.
Anonymous (#6610)
@6609 Yeah when I was a kid the cops were at my house on a regular basis, My mother would start fights with my father, hit him with whatever she could find fast and then call the cops. The cops arrive and she puts on the fake tears and says her husband was coming after her that's why she defended herself. Needless to say my Father was arrested several times because of that cunt and her ACT. The man didn't do anything wrong she started it, put on an act for the cops and he got arrested, and yeah she's a white bitch.
Anonymous (#6611)
Id walk up to her and force my sharp knife into her heart.
Anonymous (#6612)
Id slash her throat and beat her in an alley way and pay a crack head to rape her.
I'll Take my knife and just plunge it into her neck and see all that blood gush out then ill curve burst her brain open.
Anonymous (#6613)
Worthless Low Life Loser women are everywhere these days Unfortunately. And this is what happened when God created Shit.
Anonymous (#6614)
single mothers are gross.
Anonymous (#6615)
Some single mothers plop the kid in front of the tv and blow the boyfriend in the next room. Some probably fuck with the kid in the same room under the assumption the kid is asleep. Gee Ms.Smith why does your 4 year old act out in class in a sexual way??
Anonymous (#6616)
single black sluts are the reason why the black community is a aids ridden slum of self genocide.
Anonymous (#6619)
Men from the beginning of recorded history were Hunters, Gatherers, Protectors, Providers, and Leaders. Modern Society has Stripped this identity and purpose from Men with the whole "Independent Woman Scenario". At some point Modern Society will collapse and these Brainwashed Cunts will be running around looking for a safe place and A Man or Men to protect them. Nobody is Fucking Independent Get It? Nobody. We all depend on other people and things to survive and sustain our lives. Women Do Not want to let Men Have their "Natural Role" as listed above. These fucking cunts should shut the fuck up and resume their "Natural Role". Take care of the children they pump out, and the Man that planted that seed.
Single mothers are fucked up, Yeah I want to sign up to take care of some hag and some other guy's 4 children. Then when my back is turned I get betrayed, and when that last child turns 18 I get discarded like a disposable item. No Thanks. God should wipe every living thing off the face of the earth and start over, and try not to fuck it up next time.
Anonymous (#6620)
Anyone ever notice the online profiles of some women. They love to travel, they want to see the world. Who's paying for all the Trips? Some foolish man? looking for ass or a wife. Maybe these women have 15 credit cards to finance their travel. Nothing wrong with travel or a desire to see new places, people, and cultures, just who's financing these wishes? Seems to me that men get suckered in "To Pay" "To Finance" based upon the fact that they "Might Get to be with her". Like a worm dangled in front of a fish's mouth. I say they want to travel, Great, let those "Independent Women" pay their own fucking way. See how much traveling they do when they are the ones fucking paying for it.
Anonymous (#6621)
i once fucked this slut up her urethra and used ITS thrush for lube i put earplugs in my ears because IT was sceaming to loudly after i blew a load into ITS bladder and withdrew my slut stick she was bleeding i could not give a royay fuck she bled all over the sheets next time ill fuck the thing in a pig pen and glue its piss hole shut with supper glue I HATE all women, Female Circumcision is the way of the future but leave her piss hole alone as this causes the most pain
Anonymous (#6623)
Most women were born to be filthy pieces of shit Whores.
Anonymous (#6624)
I have more respect for actual prostitutes and escorts than these fucked up housewives who just fuck around "Because They're Bored" or for "Any Other Lame excuse They Make Up". These housewives will make out their husband to be this fucking monster, Meanwhile the reality is the poor bastard is probably knocking himself out working 50 plus hours a week while taking care of the kids, pets, house, bills and trying to keep her happy.
Probably not perfect and not the described monster either. Some women are the most ungrateful, most malcontent humans alive. I guess you can say these women do EVIL and rationalize it after the fact. Those poor bastards get cheated on and betrayed, then they get raped in divorce court. Even though she is the problem, HE still ends up on the losing end and paying.
Anonymous (#6625)
god hates us all soon everything will fade to black and it all ends never to fuck us over again when we all die we will be free the universe is a mistake a horrible demon.
Anonymous (#6626)
the universe and life right now is horrible working for paper money all kinds of sin and lies evil triamphing all day long no way to fight back just shoot me and kill me i hate this all.
Anonymous (#6627)
Wait until paper money is gone. Paper money is a physical thing. You can go buy something at the store and there is no record with your name. People work for cash, strippers and service workers get cash tips. The powers that be see this as a problem because that cash is not getting fully taxed. Soon all paper and coins will be gone and everything will go electronic, you wont do anything without them "Tracking It". They are going to sell this "Electronic Money" as a "Safe or Safety" type of thing. All it's really going to do is give The Powers That Be Ultimate Control. OH you are a dissident or a protestor, your Electronic money gets shut off. They can freeze your accounts now, just if you have a stack of cash to use then they aren't fully winning. Electronic money your account gets frozen or shut down and you are screwed because no cash will be in use. Mankind is fucked unless we stop these banker scumbags from doing this shit.
Anonymous (#6628)
@6632 I have noticed that you are mostly correct. Some women are open whores and don't care what anyone thinks, Some other women try to play "Good Girl" for the public eye meanwhile they creep behind the scenes doing nasty shit. Which one is worse? To me the one who "Acts Good" is more dangerous because you won't know she is acting until she gives you some STD that you cannot get rid of. The one that is open at least you can avoid her. Live life, have fun and always use a condom!
Anonymous (#6629)
Women are nothing but fleshlights on legs.
Anonymous (#6630)
White womwn are are niggers they think that the White Man Owes Them.......
Anonymous (#6631)
Women think all men owe them. For What? Having a fucking vagina? In my experiences, I noticed that most women are somehow broken in one way or another. One use to constantly Test Me saying negative and insulting things, I would just calmly say, you can't want me around much if you keep saying these things, would you like me to leave you? Her answer NO. Did she stop the negative behavior? NO. So I dumped her. I don't need someone who is a downer constantly trying to make me feel like shit about myself, my life and whatever relationship we have. Women like this need a fucking psychiatrist. I wonder how much ass these psychiatrist dudes get from broken women, probably quite a bit. A women can be super model hot and if she's a headache then she will get pumped and dumped period.
Anonymous (#6632)
Get rid of that who gives a fuck Pee size Growth at the beginning of Its piss flaps.THE journey beginnines here/// Hepatitis juice--Aids--genital Warts-
-Syphilis infected--Thrush discharging--Cum dripping--Mucus oozing--Pox ridden--Gonorrhea infected--Slimmy syliva--Genital herpes--Puss--Bacterial vaginosis--Chlamydia juice--Used condoms--Period blood--Tampons--Pads--Urine--Rotting sardines--Maggots--Snot--Vomit-- and if she wipes the wrong way SHIT--Venereal diseased ridden WHORES..(yes dear i love you too)
Anonymous (#6633)
Women are built for sex nothing more.
Anonymous (#6634)
The grossest experience I had was bending this chick over pulling out and seeing this green slime on my Dick.
Anonymous (#6635)
im thinking of taking my life please post ( Y ) for YES /// ( N ) for NO.
Anonymous (#6636)
Put a salami down your trouser leg, light a cigarette with a $100.00 bill, hire a flash car, and you"ll have the filthy fucking things
( cuming )from all directions!
Anonymous (#6637)
Hello from down under Australia and i believe our whores are worse whores than your whores!!!
Anonymous (#6638)
Women should've never been created in the beginning. If only man were able to reproduce without the need for a sex drive then we would've been living in a much different world from now. Women thrive off of sex, without that, they are practically NOTHING. Women eventually will become obsolete in the not so far distant future.
Anonymous (#6639)
#6593) No, more like, if you do vote then phuck your whole life. And phuck you too. Voting is pointless and doesn't change anything for the better for anyone.
Anonymous (#6640)
The International Bankers, The Vatican, and the Jesuits OWN ALL politicians. Democrat or Republican are the same what we see in public is ALL an ACT. What's happening is little by little they are taking away our liberties and freedom and moving more towards our complete enslavement. I bet they are hoping for a Revolt By the Masses so we kill one another and then they try to Kill Us ALL. Population Reduction, Eugenics, Genocide. Georgia Guidestones..Look It Up. They want to reduce the population to 500 million. In other words they want to kill off billions of people. The Politicians are helping them do this. Gun control, they don't want citizens to be able to defend themselves, feed themselves, or fight back and take over. False Flag events involving guns, specifically assault rifles, NOT coincidentally there is a pattern to ALL these mass shootings and that is there is a "Drill Or Practice Event" taking place around the time of the so called Real Event. It's all staged, an act, complete with the same crisis actors you see at numerous events. Hegelian effect THEY cause a problem and let it escalate, then THEY come in and offer the solution (new laws) to strip away our freedoms. Problem, Solution, Loss of Freedom and they have been doing this for thousands of years. They want us dead, people need to be aware.
Anonymous (#6642)
i haven't had enough say this is a follow up on from (6632) Above.
I just cant understand why us guys need to chase lick and fuck this thing called a vagina let alone having to talk to the thing attached to this mucus
ozzing, thrush discharging, cum dripping, apparatus what the fuck are we thinking off we are all better off buying a blow up whore give it a name ie
(marilyn) fuck its three holes then stab it to death with a knife then it will go down on you without whining whinging or im on my once a month ozzing or ive just fucked your best friend And to all you Lesbian feminest WHORES understand this you would be nothing today without our efforts in the past everything you see touch hear buy at one point in time was made by men and through there efforts have died had there lives cut short by occupational diseases and industrial accidents You would not have had an education without us ie papers for your books,chalk for the black board,the seat you sat on,the pen you wrote with the bus that took you to school and the diesel fuel to run the bus and the list goes on and on & on and none of this would have been possible without ( invented by man ) electricity which is used to manufacture just about everthing/ the dishwasher
kitchen appliances,microwave ovens,washing machines,electic ovens,condoms to protect us the batteries to run your vibrators to feminine pads to soak up all your diseased discharges and infections and the only thanks we get is a kick in the guts cheated on spat on used and abused lied to and humiliated and for this reson i will never respect women (whores) dont get me wrong there are some good women out there somehere look in the sewer you wont go wrong!
Anonymous (#6643)
6642 Australia
Anonymous (#6644)
OH to all you thick heads out there a blow up whore (6642) refers to a blow up with your ( mouth ) blow up Lifeless ( Plastic Doll )!
thats all take care out there bye for now.
Anonymous (#6645)
please read post 6632 & 6642 you stupid cum receptacle!
Anonymous (#6646)
Fokk em all batter there ugly motha fokken muggs!
Anonymous (#6647)
@6642 Lets not let these bitches forget that MEN invented almost everything and MEN go to work in Factories and manufacturing plants to produce everything. So what does a Factory worker get for working a job that he HATES so HIS FAMILY can have More and Better? He gets fucked over, cheated on, spit on, bitched and nagged at, stressed out, and broke. Why Because his CUNT wife lives in some fucking Fantasy World where the man is Prince Charming and gives her a Perfect Fantasy. A fantasy where he's always around, he's always supportive, he;s always energetic and happy, he always magically has money to spend, he tells her she's beautiful when she's not, he tells her she's perfect when she's not and on and on. So this CUNT Princess has these Fantasies and when those Fantasies never match reality she goes off the fucking deep end and makes life HELL for her Husband and Children. Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Deceit on so many levels. The children if smart enough will pick up on her bullshit and lies, the family will suffer, a divorce will happen, and another Man gets put through an Emotional and Financial Grinder. Thanks CUNT.
Anonymous (#6648)
With much help from the hook nosed liberals down at wall street and media too Fokkem!
Adam (#6650)
So tired of these pieces of shit we got to deal with them and there filthy life.
all these demonic dirt bags should be lined up in a Syrian death camp and have there heads cut off, Shot, Raped!
Anonymous (#6651)
Every last one BANG BANG BANG BANG and laugh at them i hate them all and i hate feminism too.
Anonymous (#6653)
Lets face it feminism just gave them the excuse to publicly display what they previously doing and thinking in secret. Now it's right up in your face.
Some people are ignorant, wired wrong, just bad. They care only about themselves and that's it, they care not who they hurt. Even their own family and children. It's that ME ME ME what about ME attitude. A truly good woman is like a needle in a mile high hay stack, your chances are better at hitting the lottery than finding one these days. Some people are followers and want to "Fit In" with friends and society. Why do you think most people start smoking cigarettes at 15 yrs old? To be cool, to fit in. Duh you are just being a sheep, slowly capitulating your health, surrendering your time and finances and for what? to fit in? Not to mention it burdens your employer and coworkers with your fucking bad habit dumbass.
Anonymous (#6654)
I have fucked a few wives in my time. I have had some tell me "I'm being accused of cheating, I may as well just Do It". Really if I accuse her of murdering her child, will she murder the child just because she was accused of it? You see the fucked up mentality these women have. They make excuses to do want they really want to do in the 1st place. It's all about Spite, Loathing the husband, Hatred of the husband and men.
The excuses He accused me, He didn't "Insert fucked up excuse here" He doesn't "Insert fucked up lame excuse here".. What men should do? Go with the flow fuck the ones you want to and bail otherwise you are gonna get burnt. No commitments, No Bullshit, just string them along. Our modern society has reduced women to be good for sex only. Another one of my friends just found out his wife is fucking around, just proves my point.
Anonymous (#6655)
Thats why we have Syrian death camps any one of you disgusting pieces of female shit want to act up we got a special place for you!
Time for beheading your whores, It will be fun when we fucking rape them, And cut there vile throats!
Anonymous (#6656)
Anonymous (#6657)
god created shit and needs to suck on cocks i hate god.
Anonymous (#6658)
fuck you god. id like to kick god in the cock some times.
Anonymous (#6659)
Sarah Silverman is a Jewish kike!
Anonymous (#6660)
Lacigreen you are a stupid cum dumpster slut I have a good place for women like you its called a dirty alley.
There we will rape and molest you.
Anonymous (#6661)
Even God sucks filthy Cock and Swallows like a Motherfucker just like the Whores today.
Anonymous (#6662)
i would Sincerely like to say (sorry) for the comments on- 6642-i Apologise.
Anonymous (#6663)
Why for?
Anonymous (#6664)
I would love to kill all women and kill all the filthy Jews.

Women = Whores, Sluts, & Prostitutes

Jews = Lowlife Scum

Niggers = Inferior Scum
Anonymous (#6665)
can i delete a comment help
Anonymous (#6666)
We need laws that make women into bookers for one year after reaching that age of 21.
Anonymous (#6667)
They will learn their place and be good at it.
Anonymous (#6668)
Anonymous (#6669)
I really will call them Attention Whores since they're always looking to be Noticed but they're Very Pathetic Losers in the first place.
Anonymous (#6670)
Some women are into consuming feces and drinking urine. Women are NASTY and DIRTY perverted creatures.
sewikie (#6671)
Shut your mouth you know damn well we are the best and Homosexuals and trans sexuals are humans too.
You whites are the problem look at history you filthy junkies killed animals stole and raped.
Fuck europe fuck white people too.
Anonymous (#6672)
I know this one woman who is constantly dwelling on whether or not "She's Fuckable". Dumb, I'm sure if she puts out the signals dudes will line up with hard ons wanting to pound her. In reality she probably just wants to feel like she's desirable. This same woman says "I don't want to be used as a piece of ass" My response was "what do you want to use men for? Money Right" This bitch doesn't work and probably wants some sucker to "Take Care of Her" in exchange for her shitty attitude and some Placation Sex, because she's really NOT into it. Sex to her is a Tool to get her way, To manipulate a man into giving her "His Resources" willingly. The problem with her act is she's not attractive enough, not clever enough, and not smart enough to pull it off without being found out. She should just stick to her vibrator and her welfare checks.
Anonymous (#6673)
The recent killings by a lone black sniper are just another false flag event. Probably just in time to distract attention away from Hillary Clinton's crimes.
People need to wake up and realize we are being manipulated and with each False Flag Event we are being pushed into a narrower passage towards our own further enslavement and or execution. It's not a white problem or a black problem it's a "Human Problem". The elite's end goal is to completely disarm the public and if they cannot take away all the Guns then they will make sure you cannot get ammunition for those guns. Anyone who has purchased guns or ammunition with a credit card, Be aware that one day you will get a knock on your door by the ATF or some other government agency telling you to hand over all your guns and ammunition. Once all the guns are gone then the fema genocide camps will be opened up and the guillotines will be working 24 hours a day 7 days a week to kill off all "Undesirables" starting with Christians. These Guillotines can behead up to 30,000 people per Guillotine per day and each fema genocide camp will have numerous Guillotines. That would equal around a million deaths per week per fema genocide camp that house 4 of these Guillotines. How will they get people to go along with it? Easy they will drug the operators of these Guillotines to knock out their moral side or their conscious, they will have NO thoughts of right or wrong , good or bad. After that just clean up the mess and the elite lay down the law for the New World Order in which they are dictators ruling under Satan.
Anonymous (#6674)
no it is permanent.
Anonymous (#6675)
I get so angry sometimes the stress keeps building up and i have no place to put it so i Just want to kill people at my job or on the streets id kill homeless people.
Torture a victim and rip them apart while i take the aborted and fuck its mouth till i cum on it.
Anonymous (#6676)
You can bet the hook nosed kikes will help them.
But guns and gas chambers are what the jews fear the most lol.
Anonymous (#6677)
sewikie (#6671) Go kill yourself NOW you scummy filthy kike piece of trash. You're a lowlife degenerate and you deserve to be killed off along with the homo fags and tranny's who are ALL mentally ill and sick in the head. Fuck ALL of the Talmudic Jews.

Fuck ALL homosexuals, I hope they DIE!

Fuck ALL transgenders, I hope they commit SUICIDE!

Fuck ALL Jews, you kikes need to be EXTERMINATED FOR GOOD!!
Anonymous (#6678)
i hope pregnant sluts get murdered and there babies get the shit fucked out of them while being molested.
Anonymous (#6679)
things are boiling in the USA niggers wont stop looting and fucking there worthless community up i really do NOT support the black community but nor do i support the white community.
The Mexicans already said This looting wont be tolerated at this point they will shoot nigs if they try it.
Fuck America is this what a black person is supposed to support unhealthy Weak breeding with no control?
Lame tough guys holding guns and blasting loud music?
Anonymous (#6680)
Unhealthy weak breeding has been going on for decades. Bombard everyone with sex and sexual advertisements, marketing, magazines, and TV. Dumbass women with numerous baby daddies. Dumbass kids idolizing rappers because of money and hoes. Single mothers pass on their ignorance to their children. We are taught Sex is the best thing in the world? Until you wake up realize that was a lie and several lives are ruined. Child support ,STDS, unwanted pregnancies,abortions and on and on. Is it worth the 15 minutes of pleasure?? No!
Anonymous (#6684)
you are correct there is unknown pleasure all around us nature is Ecstasy.
the out doors that is.
Anonymous (#6686)
This world is fucked, they teach young Men that Fucking as many females as possible is somehow manly, Besides that we teach our young people all this destructive behavior and wonder why our world is falling apart. Peer pressure, internet addicted retards that pretend they are "Super Smart" meanwhile all that they know came off of a fucking Google Search. No common sense, No mechanical or technical skills. Derp everything I know cumm off of google, It must be true I readed it on the inturdnet. Yeah lets teach our young men that it's manly to be irresponsible, lets teach our young women to not respect themselves. It's messed up that the ones that are responsible and "Do The Right Thing" are looked at as fools and are unappreciated. How many young men get their girl pregnant and actually stick around these days? Dual edge sword is the girl a class act or did he just fuck a pig girl? How many pig girls out there pretend to be good and trick a guy with her act only to screw the guy over later on. Too many women blab all their personal shit to their "So Called Friends" and get "Bad Advice" that ruins many lives.
Anonymous (#6691)
every last politician and supervisor in americas jobs should be brutally murdered and decapitated and no mercy attack there race and offspring too.
Anonymous (#6692)
kill there intire breed back to the youngest of them.
Anonymous (#6693)
give this man a fokken A!
Anonymous (#6696)
i really don't care Ive been fucked forever there will never be peace for me i grew up in hell ill go to hell when i die.
I really hate this earth
Anonymous (#6699)
Has anyone ever dealt with a woman that is so filled with Jealousy, Envy, Hate, and Spite that she would cheat on her husband just to Spite Him because she Hates him that much? My ex wife did this. I don't even think it was about Sex with whatever other man there was. The Cheating was about an intense Loathing and Hatred of her husband, Not Sex. Women like this are dangerous because they harbor that much hate and will go to great extremes just to spite somebody and that spiteful act puts a smile on their face. I would say that is Evil. So if your wife or GF ever says she hates you then Look Out and take her word for it. If she seems uncharacteristically happy then look into why she is like that. Chances are she did something Evil to you behind your back and that's what she's happy about.
Anonymous (#6701)
Most women nowadays are real Scum Sucking Pigs unfortunately.
Anonymous (#6703)
white women are the most vile and dishonest
Anonymous (#6704)
the problem is that white women are constantly being bred and born into this world. stop the breeding of white women. this is from my own experience these white women are the most shockingly dishonest
arreo (#6705)
mostly because they don't know what to do so its birth control and multiple partners plus Jewish pedophiles from the western civilization has a big influence on white women of America.
Most of these Jews run the porn industry to look at that shit.
and the walt disnay company was always for a true honest loving white herritage and now its all fucked up by jews.
Anonymous (#6706)
Disney has a lot of sex images in their "Movies for Children" often hiding the word sex in there somewhere, scenes of fellatio, nude women, pics that just happen to look like a cock and so on. Hollywood is full of pedophiles, just look up Cory Haim, Cory Feldman, Michael Jackson and so on. Michael Jackson was probably repeatedly butt raped as a kid by pedophiles in the music industry. Look up some or raps big names, they accuse each other of being a sell out and making it because they had homosexual encounters with influential people in the music industry. Peter Frampton was once David Bowie's guitar player and then suddenly "He's a Satr". Why Because David Bowie and other influential people in the music industry fucked him in the ass that's why. Disney kids get brainwashed from the time they are toddlers Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilara and probably others too. Those girls were probably molested and fucked at an extremely young age, hope their parents are happy that they "Sold their Daughters to Disney". White women are either pure evil or they are just super selfish and or impulsive. They do shit without thinking of the "Consequences" and that's the problem these days "There are No Real Consequences". So white women see the UPS guy and flirt, she gets horny and thinks about that guy, then one day they kiss, and soon they fuck. 1. Feelings (horny), 2. Fantasize>Obsess>Dwell>on that guy, 3. Thought becomes Action (They Fuck), 4. She rationalizes her actions and lies to herself about what she did (Usually by making her husband out as some bad guy) he did this so I uhm fucked the UPS guy. A short period of time passes maybe a few months and she does it again with some other guy that presents a combination of flirtation, opportune moments, and accessibility. Rinse and repeat. So what happens if this woman has a daughter? the daughter learns by "Watching The Mother" and will repeat what the mother does "Lie, Cheat, Steal, Rationalize, Blame others, Play the victim"
Anonymous (#6707)
I really don't think "Jews" control everything. The Vatican and the Jesuits control everything. The Rothschild Banking Family (Jews), are a front for the Vatican. Long ago they were chosen to be the front man for the Vatican Jesuit illegal banking system. From what I have read all the "Intelligence agencies in the world FBI,CIA,NSA, MI6, Israeli Mossad are all controlled through the Vatican Jesuit connection. That's how they can get to anyone at anytime they choose, The Clinton's, The Bushes, or Obama can make one phone call and someone gets murdered and they get away with it in exchange for political favors that allow illegal activities to go untouched. Andrew Breitbart supposedly had a video of Obama and bam he suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances, oh and the coroners photographer that photoed Breibarts body he died soon after. Make no mistake there are evil people and some may be Jewish, Blaming all Jewish people however isn't right.
Anonymous (#6708)
I have this one white bitch that always flaunts her body to me, short shorts, low cut shirts. So one day I was a bit drunk and said fuck it and I kissed this bitch. We made out for a few minutes and then she flakes out saying "I don't want to be used as a piece of ass". I said then don't represent yourself as a piece of ass. Besides what does she want to use me for? Money? My Abilities? My Resources? Oh she probably wants to pull that marriage shit to get half or more right, in exchange for her non passionate, mechanical, uptight piece of ass right. No Thanks. So I bail and the next time I see her she says Oh I can't stop thinking about that kiss, this bitch wont quit she flaunts it as if she wants sex, the guy goes for it,she puts the breaks on because she wants lock down before she fucks. No Thanks
Anonymous (#6709)
white women are evil.....overall they have shocked me the most. Been busted twice for prostitution over a 10yr span. Guess who sets me up lol? Never the black chicks, never the asian babes, never the latinas, for some reason white women are waaaay more likely to work with law enforcement. Soon as I stopped fucking around with white women they betrayal has stopped and life is more balanced for me. This is just my own experience.
Anonymous (#6710)
I am no longer interested in sex my penis will remain to me and any women trying to flaunt herself will be reported for indecent exposure.
cunt crusher (#6711)
god i hate these bitches sleeping around with all kinds of loser fags but friend zoning others.
I will take a razor and slowly slice your throat!
Anonymous (#6712)
Women deserve to be killed for spreading herpes all there kids deserve a brutal raping too.
male, and female. it will teach the bastards what happens when you become a slut, and also a single mother. so just fucking enslave them.
Anonymous (#6713)
It's bad enough that they whore around when they are single, it's worse after they get married then depressed. Once caught cheating they get divorced and become a single mother. After she becomes a single mother she gets desperate for money and "Plays Guys" for money using her pussy as bait or reward. They don't really want a man, they just want to "Use a Man" and they want unrestricted casual sex and will cheat to get it. Meanwhile her chump husband if she still has one Pays and Pays in more ways than one. Poor bastard.
Anonymous (#6714)
hail islam cut there throats.
Anonymous (#6715)
Alright, check this shit out guys. This woman I was dating recently told me that she wanted to talk to me about something that happened the night before. So, I responded via text by saying "what" then, she texts back and the only thing she says is the name of her neighbor...Frank. So, I'm thinking what the hell. The anticipation is eating away at me. Then, she texts me again saying "you can guess" Alright I don't know about you guys, but in my mind I'm thinking they slept together. I bring it up, and she gets extremely angry with me. She says Frank came on to her. What the fuck, am I just supposed to assume that's what you meant by that? If that was the case, then why didn't you just, and very simply fucking say that Frank came on to you in the first place. Doesn't take Einstein to figure this out. She's a major attention whore, she's also a compulsive liar and manipulator. Also, the most narrow minded individual I've ever encountered in my life. She's a single mother, insecure as fuck, and when your not looking, she will remove your spine and fuck you with it. Lastly, this is a site, containing a collection of men venting and sharing personal stories. This is not a place for dip shit to tell us not to do what we're all doing. It is what it is, and who fucking cares about grammer on here.
Anonymous (#6716)
Well said 6715, this chick you speak of reminds me of my ex girlfriend. Oh, and I feel ya on the grammer thing, who fucking cares, who goes out of there way to judge how we are all wording things?. Who cares. As for me, at the age of 41, I think I'll stick to my imagination and wackin off for now. I'm fucking exhausted from women's childish games. Oh, and when a guy gets I an argument with a female, the MAN loses, no matter what. I hate to say it, but I'm going to do it anyway, fuck women.
Anonymous (#6717)
I don't know if this is normal, weird..I just don't know to be honest. Every time I would have sex with my ex, I would catch her masturbating in bed with me hours later. Look, I'm not in the mood for cruel remarks to this, I'm also to old for it. With nothing to prove, I will say im of excellent proportion. Anyway, is that normal? Moving on, years ago I came home from visiting my father in North Carolina and noticed a car in my driveway that I've never seen before. While walking towards the front door, I could hear moaning coming from the bedroom window upstairs. I figured it was yet another solo episode. Well, I go in my house, walk upstairs and she getting it from behind from some stranger. They didn't see me, obviously didn't hear me. I swallowed my tongue and left. Later, I come back to the house and pretend like I just got back in town, and she literally is acting like nothing happened. Alright, sweet so now I feel like an incompetent loser at this point. I guess making 300,000 per year as a heart surgeon, providing providing providing, constant attention, constant compliments, making dinner, cleaning house, vacations, list goes on... is NOT enough. FUCK!! Apparently I suck. What did I do wrong? To hell with it, I live alone and want to tell you fellas, be careful and DO NOT!! I repeat DO NOT!! Give too much. Just don't do it. Bad idea. Find, and maintain a steady medium, lesson learned.
Anonymous (#6718)
@6717, Hey, you ask if it's normal, who knows man. But one thing is for damn sure, your ex is a damn whore sir. Sounds to me like you've worked extremely hard to get where you currently reside. Ya know what? I would just travel, casual dates, and stay away from commitment shit. Best of luck, I myself have had fuck ass experiences with various ladies. Probably why I'm here, duh. Anyway, I read a comment earlier about wealthy women. Shit man, so fucking true. Rich bitches will act as if you do not exist, like your invisible. Fat ugly women act like your a fucking god. It's because the beautiful rich bastards get so much damn attention that now they're picky, arrogant, egotistical and mostly flat out mean, not to mention materialistic and narcissistic as hell. But the fat ugly ones get zero to little attention, so the moment you lock eyes, she want your cock. What eves, I say fuck it all, and yes humans are fucked up, no denying that shit. Our society has molded women to be exactly what most men do not want. Fucking mouse trap, be wise men, and be fucking careful. If not, your life is about to get ass fucked.
Anonymous (#6720)
Keep it casual always, the minute you commit or say "I Love You" then you are fucked. Most women will push for a commitment and when you fold and give it to them then they devalue you and you become a floormat. Don't be a simp and waste years of your life and thousands if not hundreds of thousands on any woman. Why? Because most of them are so fucking unstable and hypersensitive that at any minute you will be shown the door or she will just fuck someone else behind your back to "Hurt You". Dumb Right, just that's how some women operate. I also noticed certain women are control freaks, trying to control and change the man, trying to control his behavior, his time, his money, his thoughts and so on. I had one bitch trying to constantly demean me making fucked up and insulting comments constantly, another one would criticize my looks, my walk, my talk , everything about me, I dumped her and she asked why while she sat there crying(fake bullshit). Duh Bitch, you criticize everything then obviously you don't like me or want me around or you would behave the total opposite of how you behave. Dump! Next! I'm too old for Bullshit, I can see right through their game now and now exactly who they are in just one or two short conversations. My hand does not give me grief, waste my time or money, make me want to drink or give me a headache. I have wasted literally hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of my life and i'm done,
The last one fucked me over, that was it, that was enough. Five years later I'm just getting out of the financial hole. Five fucking years. For what, to put my dick inside her a hundred times, and get fifteen or twenty blow jobs, and her being fake as hell, pretending to be something she's not. Expensive lesson, men are better off rubbing one out, get a scrub and tug, or hire an escort.
Anonymous (#6721)
Even some of the fat women once comfortable that they "Have You" will try to walk all over you and take advantage. I get a kick out of women that are pathological liars and cannot keep track of what lie they told. Some of these pathological liars deem themselves "Smarter Than You" because they are lying and thinking YOU are believing them. They think you are dumb for believing the lies, even though in reality you are just letting them slide.
Most women these days act the same to varying degrees, Big, Small, Thin, Fat, Fit, Pretty or Ugly..ALL the same fucking behavior PUMPED into their minds through the fucking media and listening to other women bitch. What has happened is the Motherfuckers behind the media DESTROYED Society and The Traditional FAMILY and that's the truth.
Anonymous (#6722)
Grammar funny, I confronted some douche that I thought had an affair with my ex-wife. The only thing he could do was criticize my grammar, I said OK dude you better have that new wife of yours checked for HPV (genital warts) the type that causes ovarian cancer, because if you fucked my ex-wife then you probably just infected your precious new bride. Needless to say this asshole called the house no less than 20 times in 3 hours(according to my daughter). I guess I got my answer without him telling me anything. Of course she doesn't have HPV just this douches reaction told me the truth.
That asshole was worried about grammar when he's being a shitty human being.
Anonymous (#6724)
Beta Bucks (A sucker Providing for her needs) Alpha Fucks (The Garbage Man she thinks is hot, the FedEx Guy that flirts with her, The bad Boy with the tattoos and the Harley) Now those dudes may just be normal dudes putting on a good show just they are pounding the wife's pussy when you are not around, because they stimulate her mind in a sexual "fantasy way" and that makes her cumm over and over. Joe the provider working his job and being a good guy is boring so she is not turned on. That's the reality of our world for the most part.
Anonymous (#6725)
These bitches deserve rape who cares send them to syria
moe (#6726)
Fuck life fuck god Fuck everything life is hell no escape lonely days no love no peace fucking sucks just pollution and war and pain.
Fuck a god why is he so evil im fucked ill just fuck children and unborn.,..,.,.
Anonymous (#6727)
God i love the ones who try and ignore you i will stalk them down and kill them all.
Anonymous (#6728)
I think the stuck up ones, the pretentious ones that think they are above everyone are not worth the time. You see them on the dating sites the attitude they put off is sickening. I think the attention they get boosted their egos to tremendous proportions beyond comprehension. They deserve whatever they get. When some dude strokes their ego and tells them how great they are just to pump and dump them. After that they can cry in their ice cream and bore the cat with their sob stories. Oh kitty i'm so beautiful how could he just fuck me and leave. hahaha
Anonymous (#6729)
Women are fleshlights with legs!
Anonymous (#6730)
Do the pump and dump on ' email.
Anonymous (#6731)
Dating sites, email, texting, instant messaging, and other technology just allows you to boost their ego and set up the dates that lead to you doing the Pump and Dump. Just don't knock em up, that would cost you and would be counter productive.
Anonymous (#6732)
So you got Burnt. Stand Up, Shrug Off the Hurt, Negativity, and Bullshit. If you walk away without losing much, without getting an STD, and without hearing I'm Pregnant then consider it "Dodging A Bullet". Go live your life, Have fun, Be honest and stop thinking with your dick. Trust me you will be much better off.
Anonymous (#6733)
thats right.
Anonymous (#6735)
Filthy low life pathetic loser women are Everywhere now.
Anonymous (#6736)
i hate you Renee for giving me an std i hope all 3 of your kids get raped and die of aids i hope you choke on a broken cock.
Anonymous (#6737)
All women are sperm breathed, pathological lying goo gobblers! After 21 years of a shitty marriage, I blow cum wads down their throats, in their faces and a few had to have their stomachs pumped because of all the jizz. That is all they are good for! Cock breathed whores...
Moe lester (#6739)
Send me a video of you beating one up while dry fucking her bum that would make me harder then a rock make sure she is pretty abuse that cunt!
Anonymous (#6741)
All lesbians and whores should Rot in hell where they belong.
Anonymous (#6743)
Our society on America is rewarding bad behavior. She does dirty or wrong and then gets paid and rewarded. We are also condoning the behavior by allowing it. Good rule of thumb 2 red flags and dump her fast. Most women these days are not even datable , not girlfriend material, and God Forbid you wife one up. You will pay dearly if you wife one up. I think we need some Middle Eastern laws in the US where women are concerned. Put them back in their place and make them humble and modest again. American women have become entitled, spoiled, fat and lazy. Uhm yeah I want frozen fish sticks and chicken nuggets every night the rest of my life. Lazy bitches annoy me. You get average to less than attractive American women acting like they are the most entitled and desirable woman on earth. Narcissism running amuck.
Anonymous (#6744)
that dog rihanna is a good example.
Anonymous (#6745)
i don't know whats so attractive about an ugly black hoe that runs her ugly ass poop smelling mouth and talks about nothing at all important.
some black women, mostly inner city trash are unattractive.
Anonymous (#6746)
torture rape and behead them.
Anonymous (#6748)
@6737 You are probably the victim of "The Princess Fantasy Syndrome". A lot of American women grow up thinking of that Knight in Shining Armour, That house with the picket fence, the perfect husband and children. When these women Actually get married then they realize "It's not a Fantasy" and that having a marriage, family and Relationship takes work they Crumble. They Do Not want to do the work, They get depressed because "This wasn't my Fantasy". After they get depressed they will make their husband and children MISERABLE for a while. After that they cry on some other mans shoulder (usually the predator kind of guy, that just wants to fuck her but listens oh so well). So she cry's to another man eventually having an affair and now she will ramp up the making the husband MISERABLE part. Because in her head she has herself convinced that it's HIS FAULT that she's having an affair. Truth is bitch is miserable and her negativity is her biggest problem in life. A few words come to mind ,Malcontent, Ungrateful, Selfish, Self Centered, and DUMB CUNT.
Anonymous (#6749)
you are my fucking hero
they fuck (#6750)
hate them all i would put a big shot gun in a womens mouth and pull the trigger i hate them all.
Anonymous (#6751)
god created shit and sucks cocks from fagots he wont even destroy America because of fags..
god sucks cock and swallows.
Anonymous (#6752)
god is gay anyway i heard god fucks Satan and swallows Jewish cum too. lol fuck god in his asshole
Anonymous (#6754)
These low life piece of garbage women were born to be Filthy Whores and they should Rot In Hell where they belong.
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Anonymous (#6757)
Once a man gets burnt enough, he wakes up and takes mental notes on women's bad behavior. I can see right through the bullshit now. Fake tears, lies upon lies. You see some of these bitches will "TRY" to be what you want at first. Sure she will cook you dinners, she will be nice and pleasant, only sometimes she will slip and you see "The Real Her", she may Give You Sex after making you wait a bit. That way she doesn't seem slutty or whorish. If she succeeds at getting you on the hook (and moves in with you) you may still get dinners and Sex for a while UNTIL she flips the script. After she flips that script No Dinner, No Sex and the true CUNT comes out. She will be bitchy, she will complain (About Everything), she will insult and demean you, she will pick fights, she will argue over stupid shit. In other words guys she will fucking drain your will to live and your damn bank account too. She will make you Miserable, If you let her. Be aware, look for and listen for red flags, for lies, for contradictions. Don't let Dumb Cunts ruin your life, this type of woman isn't even worth fucking, don't waste your time, money or life.
Anonymous (#6758)
You stupid cunts always think your so entitled to everything, and why do you nasty cunts have so many boyfriends?
You should be caged and raped for being a cunt.
Anonymous (#6759)
illegitimate children should be put to death I hate them all There mothers should be denied wale fare and detained for there disgraceful human actions.
All nasty ape niggers who breed these illegitimate future thugs should be castrated and murdered stuff them in ovens.
Anonymous (#6760)
Why would God create such Garbage like them in the first place? Pipe cleaning Filthy Pigs.
Anonymous (#6761)
Ignorance is the main problem, The Feminist "I don't need a man" bullshit is a problem. No Dumbass your Children NEED a man, a father. Problem with that is these dumb women have zero respect for a man. They would rather have a child support check from the man rather than the man being the leader and breadwinner of the house. Why? because then she would have to Listen to him as the leader. The support check lets her get her hair and nails done while the children go without things and food, and the bitch don't have to listen to no man. That's the mentality. It's insanity, they want all this equality, then want men to be old fashioned and pay for fucking everything. We are bombarded with sexual images and content in the media. Why? so we Destroy ourselves, so we impoverish ourselves, so we enslave ourselves. Who suffers the most? The unwanted children do. Drink that kool aide, follow that feminist movement, hate men, stand up and claim your independence while you stand in the welfare line or while your counting those food stamps in the grocery line. Fucking Retards. Wake the fuck up feminism and the I don't need a man movement was created on purpose to DESTROY THE FAMILY and they succeeded because people are fucking stupid followers. The girlfriends are all cheating I think I will too, The girlfriends are all going for divorces, I think I want a divorce too. Same goes for pregnant chicks, oh my friend is pregnant, I think I want a baby too. Again Fucking Retarded.
Anonymous (#6762)
Thats why i scream ALLAHU AKBAR at the beheading of a women these pregnant sluts deserve the same i will kill them and there accursed child.
Anonymous (#6763)
I like these pretend girls who want to say "why I don't need feminism."
But then here comes a man they don't know and he tells her that he has a crush on her and is in love with her.
plus he did not say he wanted to merry you, or have sex with you.
Still in a damaged womens mind who cant see beyond the illusion of feminism still strays away from a good man and will end up acting like a conceited whore, smoking weed with her generative male friends who rob rape and gang bang.
Anonymous (#6764)
Most chicks that smoke weed suck the dicks of the guys they get the weed from them or just to smoke weed with them, just to get high and afterwards they say "That Was Fun", Yeah weed and semen fun right. Social media is creating conceited, narcissistic women everywhere. Even the Fat, Beastly chicks are over assessing their desirability. Then you have the suggestive poses, the duck lips, and the skimpy clothes along with a social media or dating profile saying "Not Looking for Sex or a Hookup" Bitch your pushing the sex button sending a contradicting message. Then you have the chicks that say they want a good man and when they get attention from one they call him a creep because they are not physically attracted to a "Normal Guy" without the tattoos, the harley, the badboy image. So they whine and cry meanwhile they pass up good men, and looking at it from the outside those good men are better off without these types of women. A good man has to wait to find that one in a 100,000 "truly good woman".
uriel (#6765)
God dudes do you ever have an urge to choke a women write "AMEN" if so.
Anonymous (#6766)
guess god wants me to rape one of these bitches...
Anonymous (#6767)
Anonymous (#6768)
Anonymous (#6769)
Another thing I noticed is a lot of these chicks take it in the ass now, they throw the idea out there and see if you take it. One chick said she was "curious about anal", another one said "mmmm, where are you gonna put that thing?" when I was behind her and she was religious, and yet another one I was about to fuck doggy style turned her head around and said "Not In The Ass". Lastly I fucked this weird chick who was into pain or something she was very vocal about it "Fuck That ASS Babbbbyyyyyy ayyyyyyyeeeeee". I think these women are corrupt and want to see if they can corrupt a man into that activity. To control him or bring him down a few notches.
Anonymous (#6770)
women should be forced with extreme prejudice to date males who never get a chance.
Plus feminism wont be tolerated they should promote public hangings for them.
Anonymous (#6771)
We should brutally shred there cunts when they are prego and beat the child out of her clit I'm fucking the aborted child and now hes covered in red hot cum.
Ass slamming, child mutilating, abortion grinding, deafuckkkult. (#6772)
Anal slamming from left, right, side, and on top the asshole will be filled with red polyps.
Cumming all over her feces and her children are forced to watch.
Anonymous (#6773)
Ass slamming, child mutilating, abortion grinding, deafuckkkult. (#6774)
Disgraceful whore with 20 kids gets a severe anal drilling so hard that its blasphemous.
Then her kids, and babies get raped by 50 horny pigs busted cunts raped and exposed.

Porno graphic slobbing cock molestation growling horns blow to the sound of eggs and cum and anal slammery.
Pure fokk, Nigger, Spick, Kike, Oven monkey, Nose nigger shit.
Ass slamming, child mutilating, abortion grinding, deafuckkkult. (#6775)
Cumming soon all over amerikkka.
brutal baby abortion grind 12 month old ante partum porn.
Featuring abused cock mongrel, And jewish nigger.
plust special guest star apparans from compton F the jihad man.
teach me how to perform an anal slamming death fuck with new born baby dicks sliming out the fokking ass hole.

I learned alot about vomiting metal shards all over a lubricated horse cock.
Anonymous (#6776)
Humanity suck i hate living life just so i can die in the ground thanks alot god, life universe.
Fuck it all
Anonymous (#6777)
Dear bitching twat Marissa Next time i send you a text and you ignore me, I will stalk you down and fucking beat your butt up.
Anonymous (#6778)
Why do you shit filled, vomiting, anal debris, "women" have such a death wish?
Anonymous (#6780)
Sick of all the double standard bullshit, Typical Female Thoughts: I want a guy that's in shape, he cant spend too much time at the gym. I want a guy that can afford to travel the world, buy me gifts and spoil me, he cant spend too much time earning the money for these things though. I want a guy that answers MY calls and texts when I want yet If he calls and texts when HE want I will call him clingy. I want a guy who secure in himself and wont get jealous because I have lots of Guy Friends who many of are just coincidentally ex boyfriends, yet I don't want him associating with other women at all. I want equality, yet I want old fashioned when I want it too. I want him to plan the dates and pay for them, then I will bitch when don't go someplace I wanted to go because I didn't open my damn mouth like an adult. HMM no equality there. You see all double thought and double talk, all bullshit. This is why a lot of women I deem not date material let alone girlfriend or wife material. These women need to know their damn place and knock off this bullshit. Single mothers should take that mother role a lot more seriously. Don't date them unless you always want to be dead last on the priority list and deal with her child's father, who by the way probably left her because he couldn't deal with her bullshit.
Anonymous (#6781)
Yeah they want a guy that's in shape yet they are allowed to be fucking fat slobs right?
Anonymous (#6782)
I get a kick out of the compulsive pathological liars. They tell so many lies they cannot keep track of them all and then trip themselves up. So dumb living your entire life and existence as a lie and in a lie. Nothing is real to them. Do they even know who they really are? I'm polite and just take pity because they obviously have issues.
Anonymous (#6783)
All women are shit they never asked me out but sit on facebook with boyfriends and lies
Hope they get shot dead and die a painful death.
joel sandra (#6784)
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Anonymous (#6785)
We need to get rid of this Filth that God created today. Most women are the Lowest form of Scum these days and always will be. And today there are many more Filthy Lesbian Diseased Infested Pig women Everywhere now spreading their Filth all over the place. This world is Contaminated.
Anonymous (#6786)
with a sword and a gun i will kill them in the name of god.
All Zionist Jews will die too.
Child raping priests in church are 2nd.
bob manly (#6787)
jab in in yo ass nigger.
Anonymous (#6788)
Certain Jews live by the Talmud. The Talmud says that Jews are allowed to Rob, Cheat, and exploit "The Goyim" non Talmud believing non Jewish people. Basically it'seems a fucking handbook on how to be evil and deal treacherously with other human beings. Essentially saying the Talmud Jews have the God Given right to fuck everyone else over. They claim there was a haulocost in Roman times and 1 billion Jews were slaughtered. There most likely wasnt a billion Jews in the world at that time. You see they repeat shot, the ww2 haulocost was faked as well. All propaganda.
Anonymous (#6789)
1 All liberals of the left must be killed.
2 All pornographers will hang in public.
3 All bankers will hang from trees.
All three Ive listed are Christ hating Jews.

Jews are not chosen so fuck off.
Anonymous (#6790)
@6789 Correct they are NOT chosen. That's the LIE that they have tricked the world with. @6788 I read something about the Talmud and it looks like
exactly what you say, It basically says that the Talmud Jews can fuck people over. It also says that they should quietly conquer from within, meaning that they "Infiltrate Other Religions" why do you think the "Catholic Skull Caps" look like a fucking Jewish Yarmulke? Because the Catholics were infiltrated by Crypto Jews (Jews Pretending to be something they are not and practicing Judaism in secret - Kabbalah - Jewish Black Magic).
So with all that said this information is NOT saying they are "Chosen" it's Exposing the Truth about whats going on.
Anonymous (#6791)
These bitches on dating sites make me laugh. Ugly women, Women with 4 kids, Fat Bitches, Played Out druggie bitches, and Fat out Whores.
They act like they are worth a good man's time when in reality they are not. They should be the ones Humbling themselves and being fucking grateful for a man even looking their way. 4 kids and you think your the fucking bomb, that your fucking pussy is worth a mountain of gold, that a man is suppose to drop to his knees and worship that used up pussy. Then on top of all that how many fathers are involved? Does each kid have the same father? Don't date these bitches, don't put your cock in them without a damn condom on either, unless you want her trapping you and your money.
The Rapist from Toronto, Canada (#6792)
women love to be raped. Despite all of the feminist bullshit, women deep down want to be taken by a strong man. They don't want the guy to ask their consent, they want to the man to take her, the way nature intended. I used to be one of those liberal ally to the feminist type guys, but then I realized that feminism is nothing more than fat, ugly chicks angry at the hot chicks cause they get male attention. If you wanna make a bitch happy, rape her.
Anonymous (#6793)
then there child gets molested and raped by there pedophile boyfriend.
And his cum splashes allover the child.
Anonymous (#6795)
God is a real fucking Scumbag that sucks Cock and swallows for making all these Filthy Lesbians And Whores everywhere these days that have Contaminated this Earth already and will Continue to do so unfortunately.
Anonymous (#6796)
I got drunk at the bar one night and was getting along really well with this woman I drank with for a few hours. End of the night we are outside waiting for her taxi. I moved in grabbed her by the waist and kissed right there. She resisted at 1st and then got into it. Later she started saying I was a real man because I was aggressive with her. Women do want to be taken. It's true.
Anonymous (#6797)
Yes they do love the rape! Studies show they always always get off like nothing before.
Anonymous (#6798)
lol god dindu shit though @6795
Anonymous (#6799)
If your woman is one that is always hyper jealous and constantly comparing herself to other females, Then look out because 99% of the time these types of bitches are the ones that will cheat in an instant. I noticed a pattern too when these women do cheat and are called out, they will say something like "His wife is really good looking why would he cheat with me?" Duh bitch because you are putting out the pussy and probably doing all the dirty shit his wife wont do. I have heard this from more than one female. I also noticed some of these females say shit like "I'm being accused of cheating, I may as well Do It if I'm being accused of it" OK Genius if I accuse you of giving your child a daily violent beating will you beat the child daily because I accused you of it?
Anonymous (#6800)
sex is truly gods greatest fuck up. i wish i could just end my fucking life this shitty torturous universe gave me.
Fuck it i hate humanity. i hate it all Jew.
Thanks god for creating this shitty terrible sick universe of shit and i always get fucked harder then ever for living in it.
Anonymous (#6801)
You have to train your mind to think of other things. You have to train your mind to see the sexual bombardment in media and advertisement. Then stop and ask yourself, WHY? Why would they want to get People thinking on a Very BASE level? Because if they get you obsessed with Sex, Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs, Escapism, or any other thing that is destructive, then they can Control You to a degree. Think about the sex act for a second animals don't obsess about sex now do they? Why Do we? Our controllers want to steer us away from the fact that human beings are using a fraction of their true potential, they do not want us To Wake Up, To Learn, To Grow, To Evolve, into something better. The Controllers want Hate, want War, Want Division, want Death, want Destruction, They want human beings to freely choose to destroy themselves. The Controllers Feed off of negative energy. They are not human. I Do Not Blame GOD, that's exactly who these controllers are trying to keep you away from. These Controllers do not want you knowing how powerful you really are. The controllers manipulate us the way a parent can manipulate a toddler into doing and thinking things. Shut off that TV, Don't listen to Celebrity nonsense, Political nonsense, it's all a fucking staged act to deceive us. Sooner or later they will "Cull The Herd Of Useless Eaters" and Destroy 96% of mankind. The 4% that's left will be easier to "Manage"
Anonymous (#6802)
god still sucks cock just don't create a devil and let him have all the power so he can fuck the world 2000 years later.
Your god is useless he created shit and sucks for it.
Anonymous (#6803)
He cant do anything right he was a jewish consept he will never be shit but a hook nosed kike fuck them all.
Reptile scum that suck the life force out of the universe god hates humanity thats why he brutally killed jesus christ off.
Anonymous (#6805)
For fuck sake if he hates us so much then send an asteroid to this planet and kill everyone here.
Anonymous (#6806)
Anyone who tries to change the "Money System" The production of and distribution of "Fiat Currency" gets murdered Lincoln, Kennedy, McFadden. Jesus was crucified because he "Overturned the money tables in the synagogue" and exposed the "Usury" the practice of "Charging Interest" that's why they crucified him. He was a threat to that "Money System".
Anonymous (#6807)
And these enemies of him were jews as always.
Now they are screwing over europe.
See i know things but they always scream ANTI SEMITE when they are foiled.
But they can shoot me dead because the only bad thing good people can do is nothing.
Anonymous (#6808)
@6807 YES anti Semite is their defense, that along with being the "Victim" with fake holocaust and more. Was there a holocaust, probably were the numbers Greatly Exaggerated Absolutely. Why? to get preferential treatment and to gain more wealth and power over the "Goyim" or non Jew. The Jews see anyone that is not a Jew as Fair Game for Exploitation, hence the modern Banking System, Printing money out of nothing, no Gold Standard backing the money. The Jews know that every man has his price, so they bought Richard Nixon and Congress to remove the Gold Standard. Now they just fire up the printing presses for dollars and that's it. They buy everyone. If anyone disagrees they get murdered or commit suicide by a bullet to the back of the head. They have Ultimate power because people are corrupt and can be bought. If you refuse you are dead.
Anonymous (#6809)
Why do women try to hook men with sex? Don't they realize that I want more than that? I want a partner that is on the same page, That has a common goal, that compliments me as a man with her femininity. I guess they just don't get it. They do not understand that I'm not some simpleton that's going to be satisfied busting my nut and eating a good meal. I want My Woman to be on the same damn page and acknowledge my vision and my intelligence. It's fucking insulting that they believe I'm so simple that sex will be all that's needed to satiate me. Be an adult, be on the same page, share goals together, discuss everything together. I am going to guess that 1 out of 100,000 women actually understand what I'm saying here. They just don't fucking get it.
Anonymous (#6810)
Jews, Women, Africans.
The three heads of the victim horse.
Anonymous (#6811)
All the people in my life who left me alone and don't like to talk to me including my own sister.
I would love to give all of them and there pets & children cancer so they can all die i will piss on there graves fuck this planet fuck life.
Shitty planet (#6812)
To many people alive to many evil stupid damaged humans.
All they need is to be killed put against a wall and shoot them dead no mercy.
Tired of peace and love bullshit need more cruelty in this world to whip these weakling into shape.
Shitty planet (#6813)
We are at war so kill some humans no mercy abort them all.
See them blown apart and there guts slumping out of there asses after there coffee shops get burned down.
All these gay males need to man up stop acting like gay homosexuals.
Women need to stop sleeping with everything and fucking everyone.
Humans are shit i hate being one.
Anonymous (#6814)
Inferior pieces of shit!!! All women are cunts who deserve to be bashed and raped and used as we men see fit.... Look at the male body girls... It's built to dominate you and train your weak pathetic body to submit to us always. We rule the world and u were designed for our cocks to rip u in half and breed your useless pussy whenever we demand it.

Rape is too good for women they don't even say thank you for all our hard work and energy us fellas used raping her and making her feel like she has a use in life. Being raped and bashed is an honour you fucking bitches!!! Thank your man for his attention and for blowing his load in you cause it's the highest honour to be bred by us... Our cum is our manhood and we give it to you for free! If she don't thank you it's your duty as a man to beat the shit out of her until she gets the message. Teach your sons to be a man and own his woman through rape and violence and he will spread the love to all his future sluts the way we were built to- through force and brutality.

FUCK HER TILL SHE SCREAMS FOR MERCY AND THEN KEEP GOING BOYS!!!! A crying bitch is an educated one and she will respect you for being a man
Anonymous (#6815)
@6814 amen
Anonymous (#6816)
they better stop there shit too because they will soon be less then a minority!
they will be killed and piled higher then the holocaust them chumps aren't that strong.
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Anonymous (#6818)
Males are supposed to be men not gay fags who suck cock.
fuck lgbt shit on all gay rights activists.
Anonymous (#6819)
Fuck lgbt Fuck that shit!
Nasty fucks hitler would have gassed all you scum.
Anonymous (#6820)
She'said in the city tonight with her "friend " and her cuckold husband is at home babysitting a kid that isn't even his. If I was him I would kick that whore's ass to the the fucking curb so fast she'd have whiplash. Dirty bitches don't even work. What's wrong with that dude? Someone should give him back his balls and his manhood.
Anonymous (#6821)
The universe is an evil creation no one can rap there minds around the pains and pleasures life holds.
Why is it easy to kill and torture a new born baby then to love him?
Smomane (#6822)
Let me lay now thee smack down.
Allwomen with bastards in there bellies i hope they catch aids and die.
All women posting nudes on facebook i hope you get kidnapped and forced to fuck.
All women with bad attitides i hope you get mollested and raped and brutally fucked up the urethera with a knife.
Suck my cock and die all sluts who started the slut walk.
Im glad trump raped you bitches while you were at his place i hope he wins to then we can gang rape more slimy sluts so that these greasy husband humpers can be in there rightful place in the world.
Plus feminism isnt shit your still a fuck trophy with a hole beneath you go die and eat yogurt you fat slag of cum lol.
Smomane (#6823)
You sluts love rape its your favorite its a part of life grab her feel her rape her ass she loves it they know they do they always invoke it at all times these sockets need a plugging so shut yo female phokk hole and take this cum before i beat you down.
Smomane (#6824)
White women who only fuck niggers are a stinking shame they look like shit smell like shit taste like shit and are nasty hogs who need to get sterilized with zyklon B. FUCKING YUKK!! Xd.
Anonymous (#6825)
There is no point relationships. Uhm yeah I want to sign up for lying, cheating, stealing, betrayals, STDS, and the topper divorce. Divorce where she lies and steals your money and house. No Thanks. Women are only good for sucking and fucking and that's it. Everything else I can do myself. Useless cunts. I feel sorry for the children of these cunts.
Anonymous (#6826)
You see the dating profiles where these bitches say they are independent excuse they have some money, a car, and a house they probably got through divorce. I bet 9 of 10 of those houses were stolen from a man with divorce. DO NOT MARRY THESE BITCHES.
Anonymous (#6828)
I punch them so hard in the face there eyes would be swollen for 7 days.
Id Bash there mouth with a hammer so their teeth fall out.
Id fire a mossburg into there clits and see there new born baby blown to small pieces!
Anonymous (#6829)
thanks a lot America for letting a female run for president........
Smomane (#6831)
Notice how women rape young boys and girls, Women get away with rape far too often i hope some of you women end up dead!.
God will start killing all sluts he should have killed eve too so we would not have to dealth with these sluts and there disgusting nature.
PS my friend was only 16 and was forced to build a relationship with my socialpath lead worker at my job so you see he was ubducted by a female of 20 years of age.
She raped and fucked this young man at his age of 16 and took advantage of him and made him cum inside her so he would get her pregnant so she could steal his money and life.

So here it is.
I back in 2015 she claims he cheated on her?

Never trust a women they are the devils doorway they rape and suck the life out of everything they come close too!
Anonymous (#6832)
These women are the Lowest Form Of Scum on this Rotten Planet to begin with since they have Caused so many thousands of Divorces already and will Continue to do so Unfortunately. These Filthy Fucking Pigs need to burn in hell where they belong.
Anonymous (#6833)
I blame lawyers and the legal system. Women get away with so much and no accountability. Oh you cheated and betrayed your husband, family, and friends. Good job let us reward you with 70% of his assets, the house, the kids, and the car. Fucking cunts should be held responsible and accountable for their actions. Hangings, Stonings, and publicly announcing what they did. That way the shame sets in. What would happen would be dudes would seek her out for easy ass after the publicity.
Anonymous (#6834)
lol all these fems mad because trump won.
its fair game bitches so shut it!
Anonymous (#6835)
Hillary fucking lost, boo fucking hoo. She's an illuminati cunt anyway. Now the feminist should shut the fuck up too and get back where they belong serving men and raising families. Back in the kitchen bitch.
Anonymous (#6836)
Victory for Trump which it is real time to Drain The Swamp.
Anonymous (#6837)
Low Life Diseased Infested Cunt Whores are everywhere these days which they should burn in hell with Satan forever.
Anonymous (#6838)
this one Arabic cunt i used to know is nothing but a lowlife fem slut she should be shipped to her country and beheaded for having unclean sex.
Anonymous (#6839)
What most of these women want is a FOOL to pay for fer while she does not work and put up with her behavior. Then while this man works to Pay for everything she contacts other men and "Keeps In Touch" with guys she already had sex with. I would boot this woman as soon as I found one shred of evidence of her lies and betrayal.
Anonymous (#6840)
You belong in the kitchen shut up clean or get murdered. cunts
Die in a fucking hole you slutty trash bags.
Anonymous (#6842)
All shallow people should be killed there faces should be exterminated with acid.
Humans are taking up to much space just so jews can use them to implant jewish thinking.
Anonymous (#6843)
Most women are the shallowest people on the planet. They constantly compare themselves to other women in some silent competition. They see some guy they like with another woman and say "What's he doing with that ugly bitch" "I deserve a guy like that". Then if they did get that guy they would just drive him fucking crazy. This one bitch I know is all hung up because her ex called her a "Fat Unfuckable Cow", this woman doesn't have that bad of a body, just her personality would kill any erection. That and the shit coming out of her mouth constantly. So is she fuckable? Yeah if she was fucking gagged so she couldn't run her mouth. That and fuck her from behind and pretend she's someone else. I bet this bitch does the old bait and switch sex to get the guy on the hook and after that nothing, no sex just a nagging cunt, incapable of any kind of love or intimacy. She says all a girl needs is some wine, her TV, and her dog. Yeah the dog can't talk back. I bet she lets rover fuck her.
Anonymous (#6844)
LOL@ Fat Unfuckable Cow that probably describes a lot of women out there.
Anonymous (#6845)
all i get is rejected anything positive emmidiatly turns negative i should have been aborted and molested.
Anonymous (#6846)
@6845 Try to meet women someplace more positive than a bar or party. Volunteer for some positive cause, go church or church functions. Join clubs or groups that are on the positive side of life, chance are you will meet someone decent and have better results. Stay away from Bar women, Druggie chicks, counter culture chicks and dare I say the bottom feeding, welfare collecting, sperm gathering Single Mother, at least most of them. I could have a woman a week if I wanted to waist my time and risk STD. It's not worth my time. The ones turning positive to negative are usually the women with their fantasy thinking and their unrealistic expectations. Think about it you have single mothers out there with 3 or more children thinking they are the finest woman on earth and that any "Real Man" should be lucky to have her and have the chance to step up to the plate and take on her and some other man's children. Delusional Thinking = Positive to Negative.
Anonymous (#6849)
Funny time goes by and I hear more and more of the truth about the ex-wife and what a nut job she really is. Does any woman really believe that her affair partner is going to take her seriously? After all she is cheating on her husband, so right from the start he knows she cannot be trusted. Throw 2 children on top of her not being trustworthy to boot. I think some women cheat out of spite. Some women target married guys because if he fucks her somehow she thinks she is better or sexier than the man's wife. Reality of it is the guy wants ass, and wants all the dirty shit he wont ask his wife to do or that the wife wont do. So these nut job women have a man at home and bounce from man to man hoping one of them sticks around. Talk about fantasy island. The land of non reality. so these affair partner dudes hit it a few times and slink back to the wife. They are dumb to because the wife probably already knows.
Anonymous (#6850)
ALL women today are the same. I don't care, divorced, single mother, etc. They're synonymous with unpeeling an onion, just depends on what layer. Within 10 minutes, they show me their tits and cunts online, talking dirty, etc. Meanwhile their profiles say they want a great guy, etc. They all are cum breathed, cocksucking, lying, spermbreathed, passive aggressive fucking GOO gobbling whores. I'd rather pleasure myself. Fucking cunts.
Anonymous (#6851)
@6850 Yes and they go to church on Sunday and pretend to be good. They go to the city to party and get cock so the parents of their child's classmates don't see them locally with another man. Ex-wife did this shit she dragged around a 1 year old and a 3 year old with other men in the car
while I was working my ass off to support my family. Running my children around with the scumbags she was fucking. Now that's dirty. What's dirtier is family and friends covered for her and lied for her. I know this one bitch that goes to the city at least once a month. Stupid really, her husband works in the city so someone their can recognize her too. I hope she gets caught. Although I don't think her man will do anything about it. Very Sad.
Anonymous (#6852)
Why dont you start exicuting these women?
Kill one of them who cares if you go to jail when you get out it will ve cool.
Anonymous (#6853)
I will force you to be mine i will chain you up you will do as i say god made you that way this law system cant save you so dont make me hurt you i will turn you into a sucking cock slave.
Anonymous (#6854)
Gof is a cunt lol what a prostitute sucking cock in the hood for 15 G'z.
God sucks dicks all day long for ceating useless shit in this world Holly scheme my ass!
Fucking loser couldnt even save his own son for. For some odd reason he kills the good guy and lets the world become shit and soon he will let the peaceful become shit too. He was never worth shit to began with...
Anonymous (#6855)
Plus in the garden of eden he couldn't bang eves virgin clit like Adam could. so he had to suck on Adam, Cain, Jesus, moses, and lick Methuselah's 300 year old penis instead. lol god is a fucking douchbag suck on 50 cocks and die in your imaginary heavy you fag!
Anonymous (#6856)
everyone makes bad choices sometimes. Just remember you choose the wrong woman and it will cost you a lot of time, money, and heartache. It's worse watching the cunt making your kids suffer all because she hates you so much. Fucking warped bitches, they hate their own children because they remind her of the man she fucking hates. Now that's a real wacked out cunt for ya.
Anonymous (#6857)
The women belong in the kitchen today cooking Thanksgiving dinner for their family. Or at least you would think so. Unfortunately American women have become so far from what they were that the Thanksgiving tradition will die off. American women don't want to cook or clean, they resent having to do these things. What do you hear "I work too" then I have to do work when I come home too. WHa Wha Wake up bitch men work their 50 plus hours a week come home and do more work too. Only difference is most men don't bitch and complain about it making everyone in the house fucking miserable. So shut your complaining mouth and get back in that damn kitchen and cook up that turkey for your family.
Anonymous (#6858)
stay away from white women these dogs are disgusting pigs who shell always be prone to corruption even if they are high scale they still play to the victim card a t all times call men creeps and try to get some one into court.
They will get spooked when you flirt with them too. I suggest you get with a black women not one of these hair hat wearing goons; But a nice one that speaks English really well and does not try to wear fake hair and nails all day.
I wont complain about her nails though, Acrylics here and there turn me on sometimes. But like i said as long as she isn't a slob from the hood of some inner city with 5 kids then your good.
Black peoples hair is hard to maintain but GOD#$#% I don't know whats up with the hood in America...
I used to know a really nice black girl in my city and she was proud of her self very confidant and her hair was perfect.
Anonymous (#6859)
They call the men they are not interested in creeps for flirting, then another guy they are hot for throws the same line at them and it's OK because she's into him. Fucking Bullshit, No social graces what so ever. They think they are a fucking prize, and that the beat up pussy they have is worth a brick of gold. The dude that was fucking my ex-wife thought he had his white bitch prize. His jaw hit the floor when I told him he was probably around number 15 and he should go and get a fucking STD test. So yeah white bitches can act very good, act all innocent when in fact they are far from innocent. I guess that acting really helps out in the court room. That and the fact that they will go on a smear campaign to make the man look as bad as possible before court. They will even push buttons to try and get you ti hit them.
Anonymous (#6861)
Anonymous (#6863)
To Anonymous #6861 Good One.
Anonymous (#6864)
I certainly Blame all these Reality Shows that they now have on TV today as well as the Media that made Most of them Real Filthy Whores And Pathetic Low Life Pieces Of Shit Losers too as well.
Anonymous (#6865)
The reality shows are promoting and glorifying bad behavior. Probably why it's becoming the norm. Then again I watched my mother, sister, and ex all be trifling hoes way before the internet, cell phones, computers, social media, and etc came into play. Think about it back then a hoe had to do more work to be a hoe, one thing was there was less evidence around to get caught with. Now technology allows hoes to have hundreds of dudes right on their phone, at their fingertips. They want that fix of attention or to stop by some dudes place for 30 minutes to have sex it's all right there. Lets face it the average dude things his wife is "A good woman" and doubts she would ever cheat. So when she says "oh I got stuck behind this accident and sat there for 30 minutes" he believes her. She probably kisses him with her cock breath mouth too. Poor Trusting Fool.
Anonymous (#6867)
Reality is Feminism and women's lib ruined everything. They told women they can "Have it ALL" the Husband, Family, and career and maintain a perfect balance with everyone happy. That was a fucking LIE and the women believed it. Next you have about a dozen women's magazines not only promoting the feminist message of "Having It ALL" they print 100s of stories on how your man is lacking, 20 ways to a better orgasm, why you deserve better, etc. Fantasy thinking, and then when it doesn't work the way she thought. It's her husband's fault. He held her back, he didn't help out, he didn't support her fantasy thinking. Fantasy land bullshit. Then she gets divorced, finds a new man and everything is OK for a short period of time. Then the same thing happens. Fantasy fails and it's the new man's fault, it's always someone else fault, her faulty thinking and unrealistic expectations are never to blame.
Anonymous (#6868)
All you have to do is compliment the hell out of them, be nice, and get them to vent about the boyfriend or husband. As soon as she complains about
not going out with the husband thrn you have her. You say, we are going here on Saturday night, Don't ask tell her we are going out. See all you gotta do is just the slightest things the husband doesn't compliments, take her out, and surprise her. That's it the panties will drop the second you get her alone. It only last for so long though unless you can keep up the pace. Besides you already know she can't be trusted, after all she is cheating the husband and will cheat you too given enough time. Pump, Dump, and send her home to Chump.
Anonymous (#6869)
Anonymous (#6870)
I'd personally execute a women by shoving a sword threw her abdominal cavity.
I wish there was a torture game.
Anonymous (#6871)
@6868 been there and done that. I noticed that these type of women don't need much convincing because they are looking to screw around. So I bang her and then we are drinking beers afterwards. She complains about her husband, calling him moron, useless, and other names. Messed up part
they have been together over 10 years and she always fucks around. She has never worked and he pays for everything. He takes care of her kid that is not from him. Talk about fucking disloyal and ungrateful. I would throw her the fuck out the 1st time she screws around or lies.
Anonymous (#6874)
@6825 some women are natural born pedophiles who cause emotional incest.
Anonymous (#6875)
I am sure there are some women out there that use sex to control their son or to tempt their son. Probably molestation victims themselves that have lost all judgment and control.
Anonymous (#6877)
If your woman just looks at you and says "You're not being very nice" what she is say is "She's not being very nice" probably doing wrong. If your woman just looks at you and says "we don't have anything in common" Hmm who do you have something in common with? If your woman goes from hating you one week with the above statements to being all lovey and affectionate the following week. It probably means whoever she was fucking on the side just dumped her whore ass and now shes back clinging to you. These women are mentally deficient, do they actually think the guy they are fucking on the side is going to take them away and take care of them? After all he already knows she's a Liar and a Cheater, She's Betraying and Cheating everyone in her life that she promised to take care of. So this guy would be a fool to think that she would not do the same thing to him.
So he plays along, listens to her complain about her husband and family and he keeps fucking her until the whole thing is found out and implodes.
Then she runs back to her husband who is foolishly thinking he has a good woman. In the end the toxic bitch will destroy her marriage, alienate all her family and friends all because of a negative mindset based in self centered thoughts and actions. ME ME ME It's ALL about ME poor little bitch gets her life handed to her on a fucking silver platter and decides she doesn't want it. She rather shuffle off into a life of whoredom and debauchery.
Rant Over
Anonymous (#6878)
there isn't an animal more cruel then the human female.
I would mostly love to rape these tease bitches who don't know shit about a fetish and how to properly perform one.
Just fucking useless even escorts are useless slow ignorant sluts man lets face it they are the most slimy creatures on the earth who do everything in there shit power to make a man beat them to death and i do NOT feel the least bit sorry for them.
Anonymous (#6879)
I use to feel sorry for women. Then I started hearing both sides of the story. Yeah he slapped her after the bitch provoked him and pushed every button she could. Guys don't fall for that shit. What they want is to get you removed from your home and a restraining order put in place. After that they will use the victim card in divorce court. Don't smack her just walk away.
Ed Gein (#6881)
Oh yeah another slut found dead on the morning news.
Anonymous (#6882)
The very sad thing is that these Pathetic Low Life Filthy Whore Women will always win out in Court Most of the time unless you could really prove that she is an Unfit mother to begin with. Then the Filthy Whore Bitch will wind up losing in Court. These Garbage Women are everywhere now today which makes it very Sickening that they have Broken Up many Good Marriages already and will Continue to do so with No Remorse at all. I had this happened to me already but i was very Lucky that i Didn't have children. And two friends that i know had the same thing happened to them as well. Filthy Disgusting Whores should Burn in Hell with Satan.
Anonymous (#6883)
I was married for a long time and from a young age. Our first apartment friends of mine lived upstairs so the bitch was behaving. Our second apartment nobody knew us and the fucking non stop cheating started. Come home different brand of cigarettes in the ashtray, I question it. she says "Oh those were mom's". I said "she doesn't smoke that brand but your coworker does". Next come home there is wine coolers in the fridge 5 of 6 gone. I said "I see you were entertaining?" She says "Oh those were my sisters she visited". I question it again a day later she now says "Oh mom bought those and didn't like them so she brought them over". Fucking Liar, it was the coworker. What kills me is nobody ever said anything to me ever about her exploits. Why? She went on a fucking smear campaign against me telling anyone and everyone how I was this oppressive, abusive man and that how what she was doing wasn't wrong because of the way she made me out to be. Guys if you get that gut feeling that something is going on, fucking call out sick from work and catch the bitch in the act. Never ignore that gut feeling. If you catch them fucking, beat them both within an inch of their life and claim temporary insanity.
Anonymous (#6884)
Don't fall for their Lies, if you think she's lying then she probably is. If she mentions some dude from work too much show the fuck up with a baseball bat. The only thing that should hold you back from dumping her dumb ass should be legal issues with marriage and kids. Even then you can leave just see the lawyer in advance of leaving. This way she cannot say you abandoned your family. FUCK THEM, FUCK THEM, AND FUCK THEM. All fucking useless twats.
Anonymous (#6885)
The problem is not the other man. He's just taking the pussy that your women is giving him. He can hit on her all day. She is the one that says YES lets fuck or NO thanks just leave me alone. Bottom line a whore is gonna be a whore. Just walk away and go no contact. Remove her from your life and forget about her.
Anonymous (#6886)
Uhmm yeah a young mother with 2 children under 5 years old. She has a fear of abandonment, so she is constantly trying to latch onto another guy by cheating on her husband. HMM lets break this down, she fears her husband leaving her right so she engages in activity that if found out will ensure that the very thing she fears will surely happen. Plus the men she tries to latch onto gladly take the piece of ass, just they have to question the whole damn thing. If this bitch is crazy enough to cheat on her husband and have guy after guy around her children then at some point she's gonna do the same thing to me. Bitches make absolutely No Sense. I fear you leaving, so I'm gonna do something to ensure that my fear becomes a reality. IQ meter says less than 60.
Anonymous (#6887)
God sucks dick and swallows for creating this aids ridden stinking fuck hole i hate so much I will enslave Christian kind and force them to fuck there parents! XD
Anonymous (#6888)
God blows on 50 cocks from 9 naked niggers in yuganda.
God fucks christ up the bum and swollaws his own load.
God is a faggot and if i see him on earth I will kill him and jesus and burn both of there disgusting bodies.
Anonymous (#6889)
Heaven is burned soaked in black fokk. The throne is gone jesus is an aborted fetus being sexually molested by a preist. Sodomize the holy child oh great catholic. Dick raping girgin whore covard in cold black cum. Gagged raped alter boys covered in fresh mold. the father yahweh i impale and drink his aids ridden blood and fuck his dead flesh as i masturbate with the dead face of jesus.
Anonymous (#6890)
Sexual frustration will cause world war 3.
Anonymous (#6891)
I find it funny that some people run right out and get married again. Just to have someone, to prove they can get someone, or not to be alone. I guess getting kicked in the balls, sent on your way and robbed of your house and money wasn't enough for them to learn.
Anonymous (#6892)
Sexual frustration will cause world war 3.
Anonymous (#6893)
No the elite bankers will cause world war 3 just like every other war. They start the wars under false pretenses and then they finance both sides. They profit off of the death and destruction. Meanwhile they use the media outlets they own to lie to the public.
Anonymous (#6894)
Im glad to be mgtow. I go my own way. Sometimes I fuck this hot chubby bitch. She tells me not to mouth fuck her and I just don't listen to her and she wails like a pig. Don't give a fuck. A week later she calls me all horny and I do other shit she doesn't want. Still not giving a fuck as she will still cry like the whore she is and call me a while later for another sexy time. Women are dumb.
Anonymous (#6895)
They all deserve to be raped they all beg for it i have NO sympathy for any of them!
Anonymous (#6896)
fake websites and fake emails make me want to do worst to them.
Anonymous (#6898)
@6896 Yeah corrupt webmasters following people around with (tracking)cookies and doing XSS attacks on unliked and unwanted visitors to their website. Doesn't take a whole lot of talent just a lack of ethics.
Anonymous (#6899)
Hmm fake websites, I think these websites are exploiting peoples real human needs as far as companionship/relationships go. Usually it goes create an account and suddenly you get all this attention, winks and etc. So if you take the bait and try to email the person that winked you and you get offered an upgrade to read the message. It's all about money. Also a lot of people must miss the checkbox that says Share Your Profile With Our Partner Dating Websites?. Gee the mystery is over on why so many females are on so many dating sites. Want to date get out in the world, volunteer, take up some hobby or sport that involves groups of people.
Anonymous (#6900)
God is a real Fucking Homo Cock Sucking Pig that swallows Cum Juice as well for creating these Low Life Piece Of Shit Whores that are a real Disease since they're Contaminating this world to begin with.
Anonymous (#6901)
I think they should set off a world wide fucking Electro Magnetic Pulse Bomb and kill all the electronics and computers. When everything stops it's survival of the fittest or smartest. Then where are all these vapid, shallow cunts gonna run to? To a man of course. See where there looks and vanity get them then. Under those circumstances bitch better know how to work, cook, and breed. Her Number 1 job would be keeping her fucking mouth shut is she wants to survive.
Anonymous (#6902)


Anonymous (#6903)
Fuck god he cums allover alter voys after he gives them a lewd molesting and ejaculating on young kids.
nataz (#6904)
God is a useless cock sucker who cant even drain the swamp
God molests alter boys for fagoted catholics
Anonymous (#6905)
i really tend to hate god, and his shitty creations like what the fuck god Herpes? aids?? are you a fucking cock sucker or what.
dictator (#6908)
Nope, Men are polygamous by nature, women aren't and women who are practicing are at their own expence of devaluing and putting out what she is only good for, no guy if he has options would marry a girl whos been fucked left and right, a whore is a whore, that said this is why your kid is trying to turn evry women into a whore so good women are scarce and beata guys or any guys have to take you in as they wont have options. only the final solution can fix your kind for good like they do in the middle east, you whore around, you get raped and you die with your sisters and whole family, done. women put in their place. you want to be a whore, go to the prostitution center earn some money doing it, solved!
Anonymous (#6909)
Bottom line is we men need to stop allowing shit behavior. They whores around they should get punished. They want complete equality fine when the ship is sinking then it's children out 1st and everyone else gets the same chance to drown. They can go to war now too, so fuck them and their Bulls hit. Don't date or fuck single mothers, men should shun them, because they already threw the kids father away like a selfish cunts and now she wants some fool, some simp beta motherfucker to pay her way. As soon as she's done using the dumb chump, she divorces and cashes in. I say make severe punishments for bad behavior from these cunts.
Anonymous (#6910)
Middle Eastern countries, and some of the the Vietnamese have very strict rules on adultery. Some death, Some Banishment. Banishment is better. Kick her ass out with just her clothing, never again can she return to the town or village, never again can she contact any of her relatives or children, forever she will live a daily hell knowing she will never again be able to return. And for what? because she thought negatively and made bad choices based upon negative thoughts, because she is fucking selfish. So live that daily hell whore, meanwhile some other woman married your husband and is enjoying what you did not appreciate.
Anonymous (#6911)
F****** serves them right for a guy to forget about females I can't stand a nasty look of a f****** vaginas I think their hands and feet a more beautiful I can't stand that nasty smell that vaginal seepage makes I can't stand the fact that the vagina has to believe like 24 f****** 71 of f****** wild animal no wonder why so many people want them all dead
Anonymous (#6912)
Well everyone knows how women are towards one another. Unhealthy comparisons, Jealousy and more. I am convinced that women hate men and that they only want us to provide babies and money. I have witnessed a woman badmouthing her husband undeservedly because he is a good man and good father, just the wife was so damn negative and miserable that she projected it on to him. This bitch tried to convince everyone the he was a bad husband and a bad father. It wasn't true I knew the guy and everyone that really knew him knew this woman was lying. In the end she screwed him in divorce court. So now she has some money and his house, only thing is she is just as miserable as she ever was. I guess it was not him making her that way.
that manw (#6913)
Yo i'm getting a silicon sex doll and that will replace women forever no more whining no more bullshit i got my sex doll i am complete!
no herpes, syphilis, aids, HIV, gonorrhea.
Anonymous (#6914)
I know this one woman she always has a pet dog. When one dog dies she quickly gets another. I asked her once why she stays single and she said "All a girl really needs is some good wine her TV and her Dog" when she said "Her Dog" she got this weird smirk on her face. I wonder what she is really doing with her dog? Coincidentally all of her dogs have been male dogs of medium size like a Labrador size. Very weird.
Anonymous (#6915)
Anonymous (#6917)
Yeah just think she doesn't even have to shower or shave her legs for the damn dog. Lol
Anonymous (#6918)
Just so everyone is aware there are services out there where you can see every service that your email was used to sign up for. is one.
This is how some women stalk men on the web.
Anonymous (#6921)
Coal burning white sluts fuck ugly, gun toting, drug dealing, looting police hating, slum niggers.
Anonymous (#6922)
I fucking hate god for creating such filthy fucking fuck puppets.
Anonymous (#6923)
white women are filthy pigs who are naturally sluttier then any other race on this earth.
When isis gets them they will die by the thousands lol.
dictator (#6924)
only the final solution can fix your kind for good like they do in the middle east, you whore around, you get raped and you die with your sisters and whole family, done!
Anonymous (#6925)
Listen to that guy @6415 he is telling the truth. If your woman has that silent connection shit going on Fucking Dump Her. If your woman has a certain guy friend that's always orbiting around her like a fucking mosquito Fucking Dump Her. That prick is just waiting for you and her to have an argument so he can "Console Her" with his dick. I have only dated White and Spanish women and they act the same. I have been around Black, Phillipinas , and some other foreign nationalities. The worst of the worst are the White American Women Born and Raised in the USA. I think they all have "Daddy Issues" or some shit. I know one thing there is no shortage of lies once they get caught. Pump Dump then send em home to Chump, just wear a damn condom.
Anonymous (#6926)
If she lies about stupid trivial shit, then fuck her for a while and dump her. Why? she lies about dumb shit that means by nature she's a liar and a sneak. If she lies about little things then she will lie and cover up big things, therefore she cannot be trusted at all.
Anonymous (#6927)
I agree with #6924, There needs to be some deadly consequences for being a Lying, Cheating, Slut (whores get paid) these bitches ruin families for no other reason than "They Felt Like It". They should be dealt with harshly.
nigger bob (#6931)
low life, nigger sucking, coal chambers who suck cock and swallow
Anonymous (#6932)
i don't give a fuck about these smelly cunts id give em hell by slitting there throats slowly
id torture there kids to.
Anonymous (#6933)
Teenage white women are a good example of how shitty these lowlife creatures are
Bisexuals are disgusting
White teen girls love fucking niggers who gang bang, and play that smelly ape rap music
But never would they date a good black man who works a full time job and saves his money
Thats why niggers kill white women too.
Dont get me wrong not all white women are bad because European women are raised much differently then western women.
Western women are all going to get raped and murdered if they keep acting like this.
Anonymous (#6934)
A good black man who is educated and wears a belt

they only want brutal apes who will kill them in the future
And i hope it happens most white women need to hurry up and die too.
Ship them all to islam for a rape fest!
Anonymous (#6935)
i think Isis was caused by sexual frustration.
daddy O' (#6936)
i like cumming on a girls hand and nails is that wired?
Anonymous (#6937)
I hate god for creating shit i know he was a homo sucking 60 cocks
Anonymous (#6938)
God fucks and humps on millions of filthy penises for creating these despicable lesbians i see upon this fucked up world we are forced to live on
Anonymous (#6939)
god is a scumbag who swallows gonorrhea rash off of millions of gay mens cocks
Anonymous (#6940)
Who cares if Jackie got raped by 7 men at the fucking collage they should have killed her ass too.
Anonymous (#6941)
College girls get shitfaced drunk and want sex, then when they wake up they cry rape, because they want to know which guy is gonna pay for the abortion.
Anonymous (#6942)
This dude told me to kill myself i bet you i could tie up his 9 month old child and saw off its penis and then cannibalize face
Id send his daughters to jail and force them all to fuck the prisoners and send the porn back to him threw email.
he would be crying waterfalls as I fuck his whole family!
Anonymous (#6943)
So someone told you to fuck off or kill yourself. Just ignore them. This world is fucked up, people are brainwashed. I work with morons that assume most of their coworkers are gay. I say since you assholes always have homosexuality in your thoughts chances are that you are the ones who are gay. Fucking morons.
Anonymous (#6945)
you damn right
william jackson (#6946)
Yeah... But luckily most of them are getting killed!
Anonymous (#6948)
God is a gay homosexual who rapes and blasts loads of cum allover small alter boys in praise of child raping catholics for creating such aids infested lesbians who are now infesting this earth we live on.
Him and Jesus Christ and Satan like having threesomes with the universe
and that is why human life is not ever going to be worth living.
Anonymous (#6949)
Escorts are just like any other women they are all still not your girl.
No matter how much trust you put into them you will still get nothing from them
I just want to get honest with women "Do you want to fuck?"
"Can we fuck on saturday night?" No more dating for me i always get left behind and told "I HAVE A BOY FRIEND"
Big lie they are really pushing my buttons with this shit too. All on the same shit but never want that short guy?
These crub races cum buckets would leave there child if he was to short.
Anonymous (#6951)
keep you shitty feminism out of my modern music! No one cares about how WEAK you women are and how all you can do is fuck and get raped.
Anonymous (#6952)
Most women are always looking for a better deal. They are never yours. I had one gf that I told "I'm so happy that your mine" then she shook her head no and I fucking dumped her on the spot.
Anonymous (#6953)
I just met and dumped a cum burping slut. I basically just fucked her mouth and blew around 30 loads down her throat! That's all they are good for!
Anonymous (#6954)
Any workplace that has both men and women, like stores, hospitals,and etc. You are gonna have people cheating with coworkers. This shit is now common. People are fucking selfish and dumb. Uh yeah that activity is gonna get you real far in life. Destructive acts lead to destruction of the family. Duh. Why did he leave me? Duh you cheated and lied you dumb fucking cunt.
Anonymous (#6957)
Never make a woman your everything. Never tell a woman all your information only what she needs to know. Always make sure she knows her place in your life. If she gets out of hand fucking dump her. If she starts acting shady, angry fuck her and then dump her. Try an experiment, after you fuck her toss 100 bucks at her. I guarantee she takes it, thats what whores do.
Anonymous (#6958)
god is a gay nigger who loves it in the asshole for making this shitty life and setting the whole thing up for failure.
Anonymous (#6959)
Never give a woman commitment. They will push for it, manipulate for it, whine, cry and lie for it. The second a man makes a commitment to her she instantly loses respect and interest, because The Challenge is over. Soon she loses interest in Sex because you are no longer a Challenge and she already Has You and no longer has to Win You Over With Sex. It's a sick fucking game. If any woman gives you the pussy too fast, chances are she gave it away to others just as fast as well. Life is Hard enough already, Life takes hard work and determination to succeed. Unfortunately most women are stuck in some fantasy land romance novel where everything is perfect. No man can fulfill that fantasy for them. Make no mistake they are always miserable because of fantasy thinking then having to face reality and being disappointed by it. They hold the man up to these high standards when the majority of American women are overweight, lazy and cannot even cook a decent meal. They bitch and complain about everything. They want help and wont ask, they are offered help and say no, then turn around and bitch saying nobody ever helps. Fucking Insanity.
Anonymous (#6960)
Unfortunately there are so many low life pathetic whores and lesbians everywhere these days since they're Contaminating this earth that certainly has enough Garbage on it as it is which i really hope that Real Trash Pick Up comes very soon. Will God ever get rid of this Filth?
Anonymous (#6961)
no because he blows its fat cock like a scumbag
Anonymous (#6962)
I dated one woman that was addicted to welfare and bouncing from one family member's house to another family member's house. She couldnt handle the fact that I have a house and she might actually have to be responsible for once. The worst part is she drags her kid through all the shit she creates for herself. Dumb druggie whore.
Anonymous (#6963)
Yo raquel have fun taking care of that gangster baby yo thug nigga drop in your worthless twat.
Anonymous (#6965)
Its safe to say god fucked up alot in this world and he will have to die for doing it too.
He fucked up everything and is a stupid fucking maggot who milks Satan in hell.
Anonymous (#6968)
Arrest single mothers before they produce more gangsters.
Anonymous (#6970)
Some narcissistic bitches go crazy over the challenge of taming a so called bad boy. Once that so called bad guy Gets Domesticated then she will do the same shit to him as any other man Lie, Cheat, Steal, Bitch, Complain, and Nag Nag Nag. No more challenge equals no more wet panties, the thrill is gone and now she will go and cheat because she is a addicted to the thrill of the chase and the attention that feeds her narcissistic ego. Nothing matters, not the man, not her own children. Just her and how she feels. Fucking Cunts.
Anonymous (#6971)
@6970 Bro just chop off her head.
Anonymous (#6972)
I had a decent 2 months with a woman, that is, until I looked through here phone. What a needy attention whore cunt. I guess I'm not enough. I now am officially done with these 21st century sperm breathed whores.
Anonymous (#6973)
It seems like the phone is a huge problem. These women get off imagining getting cock from all these guys paying attention to them. They are mistaken. Sure the guys may find them attractive in some way, just the bottom line is most guys just want to pump and dump. These women however think the guys sincerely are interested in them. NO little girl they are not, they want ass from you that's all. Deluded Twats. Too funny it's not just young women either, you have women of all ages sexting and exchanging pics of the naughty bits. Some of the women are married too and think they are neglected so they do this shit and it most likely leads to cheating. Greedy, Selfish Cunts. So the man is out earning a living and has business and other things to take care of so these cunts can eat, have a nice house and car, and be taken care of, Yet they are so fucking ungrateful and just spit in the man's face. Now if he was a bum and didn't provide and she was hungry and driving around in a 25 year old car then she would condemn the man for that too. Bottom line is Nothing is ever enough, Never enough attention, Never enough Money, Never enough cock, and the list goes on and on.
Anonymous (#6974)
ALL women today are on this planet for 1 reason: TO SUCK MY COCK!
Jillian Maxwell (#6975)
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Anonymous (#6976)
IHateHumanity (#6977)
Women are SCUM.
Anonymous (#6978)
Men should stop worshipping the pussy. Women do not deserve to be put on a pedestal. Women need to know their boundaries. Men can play the game to get laid just don't sell out. She needs to know you are the man and wont put up with her shit and will call her out on it. Bottom line for men is - Is the risk worth the reward? I say no it's not. Some men will try and talk shit if you are not running around fucking every bitch available. Fuck that I have all my money and I'm at peace. If I want sex I'll just rub one out and all is good.
Anonymous (#6980)
God is a Gay fagot who hollows out the urethra of Jesus Christ in hell forever.
Anonymous (#6981)
There are only 2 women I've ever respected, my mother and grandmother. Both were with 1 man each and were married until the day,they died. Both were selfless and unselfish things you'll never find in any woman today. Both were there for me during a divorce in which I almost drank myself to death and lost everything in including my kids. Being alone is ok with me because I have peace.
Anonymous (#6982)
I have noticed in some cases that women just do all kinds of nasty shit without one bit of guilt or remorse. They will cause a divorce with their behavior and make the husband and children suffer, again without any guilt or remorse. The men on the other hand take it hard because they had themselves fooled into thinking "She's a Good Wife/Woman". So the men lose everything they worked for including children and pets and the women get things they did not work or sacrifice for. #6891 is correct 99.98% of today's women are No Good. They don't know how to be a woman a wife or a friend.
Anonymous (#6983)
@6981 I see just the opposite, I see women around that have multiple kids with multiple fathers. These women do not respect themselves. Then you have the ones that are on marriage number four or five. What kind of moron marries a woman like that? She has a bad track record, yet some idiot marries her thinking he will be the one she stays with. Only to find out 7 years later she wants out and is taking half his assets with her. Then you have the ones that get a guy to help her raise her kids (some other guy's kids) and when those kids are grown she is done with that man, talk about evil and ungrateful. Lastly you have the ones that will stick with the husband until the youngest is around 18 because they fear being a single mother so they string some poor bastard along for all that time and then destroy the man's world and illusion. Real nice huh? Do NOT date single moms, Do NOT marry a woman with a bad track record, Do NOT move them in, and Do NOT keep a woman around if she has no damn self respect, because she will burn you at some point. Do NOT use women for ass, this is only making things worse in our society. Women want independence from a man. Then I say let them have it, let them suffer and struggle alone. Do NOT help them or give them a damn thing including your time. An escort would be cheaper than getting involved with any of these types of women. She says she wants to travel? Fine ask her how she's gonna pay for it. I bet she doesn't go if she has to pay.
Anonymous (#6984)
just masturbate too escorts are trash in small cities they do lots of heroin.
Go to LA, Chicago, Miami to find good escorts.
Anonymous (#6986)
The swat should Bloody these womens march protesters.
Anonymous (#6987)
They should just round them up and send them to saudi arabia where they will get humbled or killed whichever comes 1st. Comply or die.
Anonymous (#6988)
I pity the cunts that get a decent guy and ruin it. One bitch I know always says that all the guys she was involved with were trying to "save her". No bitch, maybe they saw something in you and actually wanted a relationship only your too apathetic and self absorbed to notice. Or maybe you do notice and just don't care. The children of this type of warpex cunt will suffer childhood and be the same as tbe mother in the end. What a waste and a shame.
Anonymous (#7000)
MGTOW is the way
Anonymous (#7001)
The police should shoot rubber bullets at the womens march protesters.
Anonymous (#7002)
Kill the fucking hillbilly cunts! Torture them to death. They deserve it. They are fat, ugly, worthless, useless, trash. They think their cunt is the center of the universe. Ram a rusty knife in their center of the universe. It is exactly what they deserve.
Anonymous (#7003)
Why in the world would God create these diseased infested low life loser piece of shit pathetic Whores in the first place especially when this world is very much contaminated enough? These filthy Whore women are everywhere now and it is getting much worse. God stop this disease already.
Anonymous (#7004)
God is an ugly aids infested molester, Who humps 12 year old children in the name of catholic priests for creating such filth on this crap planet.
Anonymous (#7006)
I find it funny that once a woman is comfortable around you and knows that you wont judge her. She will let her guard down and start revealing herself.
One older woman I know looks like an innocent lady only she's not. She told us stories of how she used men when she was young and hot. The same woman was after my cock, even though my girlfriend lived in her house. The girlfriend turned out to be a lowlife. I should have fucked the old woman when I had the chance. That's life.
Anonymous (#7007)
Kik lilpumpkin30 and tell her how much a slut like her deserves nothing but to get raped, killed and shit on her dying corpse. I hate that cock tease bitch.
Mr stab stab stabbery (#7008)
I think single mothers should be raped and there babies should be aborted.
Anonymous (#7009)
7008 Mr. Stab, you kik the bitch and tell her how worthless a human she is yet?
Anonymous (#7010)
I ran into an ex girlfriend. Crazy, she has never worked and is divorcing her husband. What Money and things she has all came from him. She is telling me how she's going move and then buy a house and get a job. Wow talk about not thinking realistically. I'm not sure of how much of his money she saved on the side or will acquire in divorce. It just doesn't sound like realistic thinking to me. I can't help thinking that maybe I'm a target here. Do People think that they are going to get a mortgage without a job even with 20% down? I realize people have dreams and goals and there is nothing wrong with that. Just when you have minimum education and job skills to offer, those types of goals seem way off base. That is unless she latches on to the next man to pay for the next 20 years of her life. Vagina = free pass to free living if the woman knows how to play it and finds the right fool to go along with it. My prediction, she finds her fool, she will be unhappy with him, the situation and her life and will continue lying, cheating and etc.
Anonymous (#7011)
It's all bullshit, everyone fucking lies and plys dumg games. That's the problem. A lot of women just use a man for his resources, to pay for it all. Meanwhile tbey bitch about that man. Ungrateful cunts.
KILLER DME (#7012)
Can i rape and molest the abortions from there cunts??
Anonymous (#7013)
That's disgusting, stick with raping the whores
Anonymous (#7014)
@7010 I wonder if that crazy woman you are talking about got these ideas from a supposed friend on Facebook. Some people just don't get it, not everyone who says they are your friend actually are a friend. I bet that woman throws everything away only to find out that this so called Facebook friend just wants a piece of ass or access to her child. So what's going to happen then? The money she stole from the ex husband will quickly disappear because life is expensive. And when that money is gone and she has a shit job due to no education, then maybe she will wake up and see reality. Maybe it's karma because she used and abused her husband. Oh poor woman had it so bad, didn't even have to work. Keep the house clean, do some chores, some grocery shopping, cook dinner, and throw the poor bastard some sex now and then. So oppressed. Now she is going to find out how cruel this world is and can be. When she winds up in a woman's shelter broke, with nobody there for her. When she looks at her child and says to herself "What have I done?" Another kid with a crazy mother. I can relate.
Anonymous (#7015)
Women looking to divorce attempt to get the next guy and may have many lined up hoping to land one. Any man in his right mind will avoid her or take the piece of ass and leave. Why? Because if she is willing to put her children through hell for her own selfishness then how does any man stand a chance with her?? If she dealt harshly and treacherously with a man she supposedly loved (her husband, the father of her children) then what chance does any other man stand?? It's common sense she will fuck you over too as soon as she thinks she has a better deal on the hook. She will calculate and wait for the right time to maximize what she can take from you. Your house, Your cars, Your assets, Your Sanity, and lastly Your Retirement. She will walk away as happy as can be and will do the same thing to the next man as soon as she thinks she has something bigger and better lined up. Sealing the deal with deceit, sex, and faking being in love. She will smile as she cooks you breakfast and the second you leave for work she's talking to that other guy she views as a better deal than you.
Anonymous (#7017)
This bitch I know was drinking with me at the bar, she looks around and says "these people are low class". Wow just fucking Wow. This bitch bounces from man to man, she don't even know who her kids real dad is. She never works, the guys support her till they catch her cheating like she always does. So this bitch has the nerve to call the other people in the bar low class?? I think she is the one that is crawling on her belly like a snake, that's how low she is. This world is really corrupt. I'm sure there are decent people though, somewhere?
Anonymous (#7019)
All women today are lying, social media junkies, hair flipping, phone tapping, cock breathed, sperm burping whores. My next woman is going to have a cast iron stomach to hold find if cum! Case closed.
Anonymous (#7020)
I kind of feel sorry for some people. Than again we all make choices and some people purposely go with what they know is the wrong choice. If she cheats with you than she will cheat on you period. This dude I know left his second wife for some crazy cunt and his life has been hell ever since. A good man, he treats her like a fucking princess, and loves her child as his own. He raised the child since birth. All this woman has done is cheat non stop, often leaving her child with him for an entire weekend while she runs off to party with and fuck other guys. Why he puts up with it I don't know.
Now she wants to leave. I told my friend to let her go, he will be much better off. That cunt will either fail miserably and try to run back to my friend or she will latch on to a new man that will put up with her bullshit. No man should ever have to deal with a woman like this. Every man should be very aware and be on the lookout for corrupt women.
Anonymous (#7021)
Social media is poison for relationships. People get addicted to that external attention, it's always there on the smart phone. How can people have a healthy relationship when people are getting addicted to the attention and emotionally attached to other people. What's really messed up is the "other person" may be across the other side of the country or world. OK so people are willing to throw away their primary relationship for someone they don't even have access to?? That fucking insanity. Women are most likely more prone to social media addiction. I wonder how many women get divorced and go to another state to be with the "other person" only to find out that most of what they were told was a complete lie?? The guy was just pouring on the bullshit on Facebook chat or Skype. Now she realizes she threw everything away for this, and she is just some side distraction or side piece of ass. Fucking Stupid People.
Anonymous (#7022)
I love getting off to these comments. I wish we lived in a world where women were legally property. I'm touching my cunt right now. I'm so wet. God I'm such a worthless cumrag. Kill all femicunts kill them slow make it hurt. Piss on them. Piss on me and beat me. I deserve to be slowly tortured to death when my holes become useless.
Anonymous (#7024)
You are a disgusting piece of shit. I'd use you as my toilet bitch
Anonymous (#7025)
Toke you long enough to figure out where you belonged.
Anonymous (#7027)
ALL these selfish cunts asking for Divorces and Causing Divorces should be dragged to court with their children there. Then be forced to confess all the dirty bullshit, underhanded and rotten things that they did. A forced public humiliation and exposing. That way everyone knows the truth. The session should be posted in the local newspapers. Then and only then can they get a divorce.
The problem in the USA is that we reward bad behavior. Then you have Divorce lawyers and judges Getting Their Pick of these divorcees, those scumbags get paid lots of money and get ass too. The blue collar working man, that just wants to work his job, take care of his family, and home gets screwed over. Women should not be allowed to cash in, they should only get what they contributed.
Anonymous (#7028)
I just used this 21st century count as a fun dumpster for 3 months. She said she NEVER swallowed before but it only took her a week to do so. She turned out to be just like my ex wife, she wanted an atm machine. That's ok, last week she swallowed 5 big loads of fun and she had to go to the hospital and get her stomach pumped! This is how these women today should be treated. I used to be nice to them but they're all the same today. Buncha fucking useless for That cunt, whore sperm gargling GOO GOBBLERS.
Anonymous (#7029)
Social Media.. Bottom line is Men and Women cannot be just friends. Why?? because most of the time someone catches feelings, gets a crush, or just wants to FUCK the opposite sex friend. Throw some alcohol in there and it will happen. Then what they sober up and agree to keep it secret? They might hook up again and they might not. You see these females out there that thrive on male attention. Everywhere they go they are collecting male friends and phone numbers. They are on social media too doing the same thing. I dated a woman like this. Overly friendly with males even though she was out with her boyfriend. Now if I started getting overly friendly or joking around with other women she would flip out in a jealous rage. Red Flag!! I dumped her over this behavior. Too bad she had some good qualities too just I'm not gonna be sharing with 100 other guys, it's not fucking happening.
Anonymous (#7030)
My cunt is dripping from these comments I can't keep my hand out of my panties rubbing my clit. I think everyone in this dingy motel has heard at least some of my moans maybe some men will come and visit me.
Anonymous (#7031)
I agree because I was raised by a single mom and I wish that bitch had aborted me life with her drunk ass was hell
Anonymous (#7032)
God can go to hell forever for creating a smelly slit that bleeds out in the woods forever.
I bet god cant even get laid he probably fucks Jesus and milks his urethra forever and slurps Christs cum by hollowing out his urethra. How can you Christians worship such a fuck up who has failed for at least 2000 years by creating worthless shit on this accursed planet?

I can hear Jesus screaming "HELP ME GOD IS FUCKING ME FOREVER"
Anonymous (#7033)
Where's the gratitude? Where's the loyalty? Seems you are only as good as the last thing you did. If a female asks you for a favor fine give her almost what she wanted NOT exactly what she wanted. That way when she thinks back she remembers it was on your terms NOT hers. Because if she gets exactly what she wants it swells her head and she thinks she controlled you into giving her exactly what she wanted. And if you don't want to do any favors then say NO and tell her she has a lot of fucking nerve to ask for such favors.
Anonymous (#7034)
This site is so disgusting. I'm a single mom but I have a great friendship with my children's father. He fell in love with another woman, but I'm happy he's happy. I'm not an alcoholic or a drugee. I live for my kids and give them as much attention as i can. I love them unconditionally. They are very well taken care of and spolied. The manner you guys talk about rape and abortions is revolting.
Anonymous (#7035)
Well some women use abortion as a form of birth control. Oh I have been fucking other guys and now I'm pregnant. I guess I will have another abortion so this baby that is not my husbands is never seen by my husband. So she carries on with her act, trying to appear to be the prim, proper, ideal wife. A facade she puts on for her family and the public. What the medical workers must see day to day. What about people in Human Resources?, they see the medical records of the spouse. So the poor bastard who's wife is doing this cannot even see her medical records, yet the Human Resources Department at his job can. So she's cuckolding him and Human Resources cannot reveal information by law. Poor bastard stuck in the middle of hell. Nice right so a man thinks he has a decent wife and family, yet Human Resources knows she has had 9 abortions in 3 years. Nice right? This is what the average hard working nice guy husband gets right? He gets a filthy hog of a wife and possibly is raising other men's children, that's if she did not abort them. This is what feminism and women's liberation has gotten society. Yeah let's make everything about sex, every joke, every advertisement, and all marketing. So people destroy themselves.
Anonymous (#7036)
The single mother thing is a plague. Blame feminism and the break down of family and extended family. In 50s and early 60s people could rely on family and extended family. If you were having a hard time family would help you out. Now everyone is selfish and out for themselves. Mothers sending their 18 year old boys to the military (so they are out of the house.) Parents not teaching their kids a damn thing and then throwing them out of the house at 18 (to the wolves and world). That's if the parents even stay together. Family is enemy number one is what the elites say. Break the foundation and the house falls. Nobody gets it because they are too distracted with smart phones, social media, or trying to stimulate their crotches to take notice of how they are being manipulated. Young women think giving a man sex right away will keep him around?? No Silly be a good friend and partner, be honest, be loyal, cook a meal, and have his back. Respect and appreciate him and he will love you for it. I use to be brainwashed too that's until you step back and really look at what's going on.
Anonymous (#7037)
God can swallow my load and die by getting run over by a fucking train for fucking creating such disgusting shit on this worthless fucked up planet.
Anonymous (#7038)
why do Christians worship a fagot?
Slut (#7040)
I love when I get to read what men really think of us, it gets me so wet, makes me cum so hard reading the comments. I wound up squirting in my bed the other night from them so I laid there and slept in it with nipple clamps still on and plug up my ass. Had some nasty dreams that night.
Anonymous (#7041)
Hey #7040, you're a nasty fucking cock breathed whore cunt. You're the norm regarding slutty women today. I hope you die with a fucking load in your face.
Anonymous (#7042)
If a woman thinks she can get away with doing wrong then she will do it. What confuses me is some women have a good husband and family and they hate that man with all their heart.
Anonymous (#7108)
he Middle East has it right! All women should be put in a Chador (a head to toe pillow case with two eye holes cut in it). They are forced to walk behind the men, and to be totally subservient. They speak only when spoken to. If they fuck anyone else, they will get raped, beat, and killed! We should ship these whore there for an attitude adjustment! Imagine what it must smell like under a black wool chador under the hot sun on a 120 degree day! It must smell like rotting fish.
Anonymous (#7121)
I think the smell on that hot day under that Chador would help to keep women humble and probably faithful. Because showering that smell off to get fucked would take too long to get away with. The Middle East do have it right where women are concerned, that's why they hate Americans. Our women run around being sluts, and lie, cheat, steal and more. Why? because American laws are set up to give them "Rights" to behave in a way that's destructive to everyone.
Anonymous (#7133)
Most of the women out there nowadays are the scum of the earth and they keep multiplying unfortunately.
Anonymous (#7139)
All of these women today are cum burping, fat, cock breathed fucking whores, period! I have no respect for any of them. They deserve to be pissed and shit on their faces. I've even seen some of them giving horses blow jobs and fucking them. I fucking hate all of them.
Anonymous (#7166)
the guys that date fat chicks thinking they wont cheat. How fucking dumb are you? All women cheat no matter what size, age, or color. All it takes is for them to be disappointed with you or bored with life. There are a million guys that will fuck anything including your Fat Chick. Predator guys that take jobs where they know they will interact with women. They flirt they get touchy to desensitize her to being touched, the right moment comes and he kisses her and the rest is history. These women can tell the husband they are going to the grocery store, swing by dudes place fuck and suck, hit the store and then go home all cock breathed and dripping making up lies about a traffic jam that's what took her so long. Ive seen it before, I have heard my sister and nieces talking when they thought I was asleep. Fucking whores. Twenty something females talking about drinking and getting their numbers up meaning how many guys they fucked. So corrupt.
Anonymous (#7167)
Was always very protective of women, which I know most guys are or were, but then I grew up, hit 30 and started to see women for who they really are, and now I am all for domestic violence!!!! Bring it you bitches
Anonymous (#7168)
I dont feel sorry for any of them. I do feel bad for the children though. I know because my mother is not a nice woman. She views herself as nice though. Delusional woman.
Anonymous (#7169)
Here i come you cock tease walking home with a miniskirt and thinking your going to make it? No way my knife slices your throat and i fuck you raw while you scream your last breath i cum to fast then i pull out the 9 gauge and blast off your head.
Now for your other friend the brunate looks nice but she has no ass i will rape her by ripping off her yoga pants and beating her belly and tits with my fist. Then i pin her down forcefully kiss her face and lick her mouth and tounge she starts crying and i stab her fucking deeply and laugh as my cum soaks her face. then i piss allover your dead bodies.
Anonymous (#7170)
Just say NO to single moms. They all seem to be the same, they had a kid with either a thug, or a decent guy that couldn't handle her shit behavior.
So they look for the next guy, A sucker, A simp, A walking atm. She will give him sex just she has NO attraction to him, this keeps him placated for a while. He will pay and he will get attached to the kids and if he lasts until the youngest is 18 he will quickly get the boot because his usefulness is now over. That's if she doesn't find that better deal that she will always looking for. I think it's funny I meet single moms and they throw out the "I'm Interested signal" so I play along and have a conversation and then, Uhm yeah it was nice to meet you but I have to go now. The look of disappointment when they realize I'm not buying their game. They made bad choices and they have to live with that, It's NOT My Fucking Problem.
Unholy Child Sacrifice. (#7172)
Tie children up and molest and enslave them all.
Dan Kriecheck (#7173)
The lies that women spread they are Trifflin'' Deciving whores of satan!

1# serveral of my friends married and unmarried there lifes suck' all happiness and there very souls are sucked from there bodies. When it's pay day leeching bitches swindlel all there cash and of coursee my life is grand cause I don't have a full time whore directing my life they will not break me. Married Men have to ask for permission to breathe.
2# Yes it's true women suck weather there on there knees with your best friend or feeding you a trash meal the only good woman in a mans life is there mother (sometimes) later mom goes fucking crazy and bi polar. I'm sick of it !
Donna jackson sounds like a peice of shit sculpted for the demise of men and the munipulator of women fuck that!
3# All you women reading this are fucking mad ain't you? cause i jepordize you Grubbing everything from your piss ant man he's your Vagina doing all your soul wants. Fuck you!
4# Wine bitch! : did you know 80% of these sluts collect child support from there hubbies now depressed and suicidal. The other 20% women collect child support while they fuck crack addicts and collect welfare
food stamps liheap and WIC and call men loosers as they lick pussy secretly femist cunts they suck.(YES YOU DO WHORE!)
Dan Kriecheck (#7174)
5# Greedy: Those of you women like black guys like the abuse,You peice of shit that never should of been born.Fucken turned on the white man that loved you and turned on your own family (should you be hung from a tree whores) You make me sick!
6# Fattie melt: When I see a fat chick walking down the street I see her with the wrong race man or feeding her face with lard what the fuck! I mean they already streched there pussies out with interracial cock! Now marked for life they can't go back. The white man is now a slave to the black man and the former whore! It doesn't matter the white man busts his ass and dumb bitches hook up with the brothers!
while collecting money, putting a PFA out on you demoralizing your charcter to the community. (Don't be mad Whore it's true)
7# The bottom line: All these women are money grubbing whores and only want your property,cars,and money so they can move on to the next sucker maybe fuck your brother or cousin to get ahead, I can't understand the law lets these women fuck men over again and again.
To a Judge: he's married and happy but give it till the teenage daughter is about 16 and the whore will turn with her mother, you will be sucking another cock at the courthouse to get out this one with a PFA order against you you soon will be fucked and then you can think about how I warnned you FUCK! so I don't have these worries cause there will be no Fem-nazi control over me I will remain single if i want a good woman i go geta whore a woman that realizes her soul purpose is to spread her legs and open her mouth for 1 thing only cash
cause thats what it's alll about so street wores are most honest to me. then after they swallow they move on I rest well. Thanks Dick keep up the good work. PS Legalize prostution in all states and cut to the chase!
Anonymous (#7175)
I think some women go wrong in childhood. They have young boys offering them favors and money just because they are a cute female. The females realize this and exploit it for a while. Until everything catches up with them and then they are miserable, so they make their man miserable. They want that attention constantly. I hate the hypocrite bitches constantly criticizing and comparing. Then behind the scenes they are doing dirty shit. In the end the judges and lawyers are fucking these whores and rewarding them with excessive alimony and child support payments. All she had to two is suck and fuck the judge and lawyer. I'm sure it happens more than we think it does.
Anonymous (#7176)
I dated one bitch who was on divorce #3. All it took to get her was to say "You are so beautiful, He's the one that's wrong, It's his loss". Instant wet panties, so wet you could probably wring them out. This same woman was mentally and emotionally demanding and abusive. Constantly insulting me, probably so I fuck her harder in my anger. This bitch was sexy as hell only fucking crazy as well. I dumped dumped her, I told her what I thought and said I wont be #4 because I wont get married again. No Thanks! They want to fuck, have some drinks and fun, that's great. That's as far as it goes though.
Anonymous (#7177)
You will never win. How many men get bitched at because they don't work at all or work enough. Their women call them useless because there is not enough money. Then on the other hand if the man works 70 hours a week, the bitch will spend all of his money and cheat while he's at work saying "he works too much". Stay Single it's a much more peaceful life, and your money is yours.
Srinithy (#7179)
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Anonymous (#7180)
great post / you make a lot of sense and really nailed it!!
Anonymous (#7181)
It is very unfortunate that these filthy diseased pieces of shit women are everywhere now since it is very bad for many of us good innocent men that keep meeting these fucking no good losers everywhere we go. Isn't this world contaminated enough as it is? And now these filthy pigs are really making it worse altogether spreading their diseases and germs all over the united states since they're really destroying this world to the very end since we have to suffer for this shit for no reason at all. God should really destroy these pigs as fast as possible before many more innocent people like us get hurt even more since many of us men had this happened to us already unfortunately.
Anonymous (#7182)
Psychology>Crowd Mentality>Social Acceptance>Peer Pressure>Weak Minded People wanting to Fit In>Monkey see Monkey do. Get the picture?
The people that own and control the media are controlling the majority of the people on the planet through psychology. Little by little they are desensitizing us to all kinds of depravity and things that were once unacceptable. Example in the 40s and 50s divorce was low, pre marital sex was looked down upon, cheating was looked down upon, divorce was a much more difficult thing to get and it was looked down upon. They light the white house up with a rainbow and everyone talks about it right. In reality people talking about us are doing exactly what THEY want you to do. What's that? Spreading their agenda by talking about it. Now the gays can get married so now what? THEY move to the next depravity and that is the whole transgender thing and they will push that until society is forced to accept these people. After that happens THEY will move to the next thing and keep going until society Falls in destruction. The women are being programmed by watching reality TV, sitcoms, and other media. Some women actually view porn too. All in All mankind needs to change. What's going to happen is the earth will be reset, the majority of mankind will die and the whole shit show starts all over again.
Anonymous (#7183)
Psychology>Crowd Mentality>Social Acceptance>Peer Pressure>Weak Minded People wanting to Fit In>Monkey see Monkey do. Get the picture?
The people that own and control the media are controlling the majority of the people on the planet through psychology. Little by little they are desensitizing us to all kinds of depravity and things that were once unacceptable. Example in the 40s and 50s divorce was low, pre marital sex was looked down upon, cheating was looked down upon, divorce was a much more difficult thing to get and it was looked down upon. They light the white house up with a rainbow and everyone talks about it right. In reality people talking about THIS are doing exactly what THEY want you to do. What's that? Spreading their agenda by talking about it. Now the gays can get married so now what? THEY move to the next depravity and that is the whole transgender thing and they will push that until society is forced to accept these people. After that happens THEY will move to the next thing and keep going until society Falls in destruction. The women are being programmed by watching reality TV, sitcoms, and other media. Some women actually view porn too. All in All mankind needs to change. What's going to happen is the earth will be reset, the majority of mankind will die and the whole shit show starts all over again.
Anonymous (#7184)
People don't even realize that all the world leaders are in it together. The Satanic Elite. Baby Killing, Blood Drinking, Ritualistic Bastards that think being evil will somehow get them ahead. Seemingly it works as most of them are millionaires and Billionaires. Where do people go wrong? At what point do they just sell out? Are they given an offer they cannot refuse such as Join or Die? I believe this happened with Bill Gates. The scumbag was already a conniving thief so it probably didn't take much arm twisting to get him to sell out to the Government. No wonder why some foreign countries are going away from using Microsoft software. Where is this going? They have access to what everyone does and looks at on computers and now phones. This will help them corrupt mankind further by pushing content at them, getting them addicted to social networking. Lets get this right, people think they are being social when they are sitting behind a screen Alone only connected through social media and an electronic device.
Anonymous (#7185)
I'm one of the good guys today unfortunately. Prior to marriage, I treated women like whores because my mother treated me and my brother like shit. This is how fucked up & stupid women are. When I treated them shitty, it was like I could do no wrong! Once I got married and treated someone nice, I got shot on from head to toe. This cunt never worked, complained constantly and took my home and kids from me via bullshit protective orders in which I did nothing wrong. I haven't seen my kids in over a year. If you're a guy & get divorced in Connecticut, good fucking luck! I've dated these 21st century counts as well and they are ALL lying pieces of shit. Appearance doesn't matter, it just depends on how long and far you peel back the onion. I'm the victim of (pas) parent alienation syndrome regarding my children. This is no joke. Men today become depressed, suicidal & are so destroyed that they can't even provide for themselves. God Bless all of the good guys on this blog!
Anonymous (#7186)
The women are now using Facebook to compare notes on "How to cash in with divorce". My experience with the ex-wife was she was pushing every button she could to see if I would either leave or beat the shit out of her. She failed and I told her flat out "I'm aware of the Game You Are Playing". She wanted me to smack her so she could get a restraining order on me to remove me from my house and children. This is the 1st steps, because if they get you out of the house and get you viewed as violent, then the next step is for her and her lawyer to rape you in court. You see she already has you out of the house so in the courts view she is already there with the kids so why not award her the house? Then she will deny you visitation or make it supervised visitation because you smacked her or she simply accused you of smacking her. This one woman I use to fuck is now leaving her husband and that guy is gonna get fleeced in that divorce. She put her 12 years in and now she's gonna get paid. Paid For what? being a lying, cheating woman. He should be looking at it as getting a leach off of himself because all she did was leach off this guy for 12 years.
adam (#7196)
GOD is one slimy homosexual who swallows cum from gay men for creating this shit hole earth we live on today. God really fucks the DEVILS hard juicy cock for failing to create perfection on this planet.
adam (#7197)
Tie her down on a chair and slice all of her skin off and pour hydrochloric acid into her wounds.
Take a hammer and crush all of her toes and fingers.
Pull off all her fingernails. Rip her hair out of her head.
Smash her face against a concrete wall.
Burst her eyes after you run her over with a BMW.
Baseball bat her vagina until the cunt juice slimes out of her gaped wound and until its a bloody paste
Anonymous (#7237)
@7185 If you are with a woman with a corrupt mindset then Your Being Good, Your being Decent, Your being Kind will disgust and repel her. She will hate you for being "A Good Guy" because your "Niceness" to her is a weakness and it reminds her that she Is NOT Nice. She will constantly compare herself to you and others. She will get extremely jealous and angry when her friends and family praise you and tell her how lucky she is to have a "Good Man" like you. She will literally hate you more and more every time someone tells her how great you are. Why? Because she wants to hear how great she is not how great you are. She's absurdly jealous and completely self centered and self absorbed. These types of women are easy prey to "Predator Guys" because all "Predator Guy" has to do is keeping pouring on the compliments constantly. Make her the constant focus of attention and tell her how great she is and how she deserves the world on a silver platter. He will fuck her non stop because she gets off on the compliments and attention. That's until she wakes and her life is destroyed with no chance of salvaging anything. I had one girlfriend like this, she was narcissistic and everything was about her. Hearing her name whispered in her ears during sex would make her orgasm, in other words she got off on her own name, hearing about herself. Men need to be more careful, If you are out for getting a piece of ass constantly, then you are taking a gamble and everyone knows that when you gamble you sometimes get burnt and lose.
Anastacia Lorutto (#7262)
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COON BASHER! (#7273)
I hope that you hairless black single mothers are proud with sleeping with thugs and allowing them to ever so swiftly turn every neighborhood into a drug zone. I HATE YOU ALL, But love the decent ones. not a lousy thug who totes guns and throws rocks at my own kind and cause trouble in the street. No nigger i work a job and make lots of money and I will murder your ugly race off of this planet if you throw a rock at me again.
Your fucked up scum lives do not matter to anyone because you are wild shit beasts and every single race on earth hates you.
So fuck BLM and if your stinking coward, jobless, thugs want to start shit with me i will KILL YOU OFF!
Fuck your lives you don't have any respect for anyone but your selfs and i hate all of you scum fucks.

Oh and white women who fuck them are completely fucking disgusting and should be put on trial And HUNG!
any (#7274)
all women who tease and play fucking games with sex deserve to get raped real hard and left alone in the woods to die
Anonymous (#7275)
I hate cock teases, one woman I use to know would start talking about sex every time I saw her. So one night she asked me to come over to fix something in her house. She was already somewhat drunk and we had some drinks. She had on pajama pants with her ass hanging out no panties, real loose shirt no bra, leans over and shows her tits to me. She starts talking again so I kiss her and at first she's into moaning and all. As soon as my hand touched her ass she asked me to leave. Cock Teasing Cunt.
COON BASHER! (#7276)
Uncle ruckus was right "A black womens body is a temple of doom"
Anonymous (#7277)
That's why the founding fathers of America were slave owners and had sex and children with the black women. Get it founding fathers. Hence the popular last names of Washington, Jackson, and Jefferson in blacks. The founding fathers were banging the slaves every chance they got.
Anonymous (#7278)
I think that these days men should not commit to any female. People are brainwashed into going along with societies thoughts on marriage, employment and money. First off you don't have to get married, it's financial suicide for a man not to mention she can hurt you with denying access to your own children. Second off most people slave away for years at jobs they hate, Why? for money? fear? If you don't like your job then quit and tell the asshole management how they failed you and that double the money would not solve the problems of a fucked up workplace. Money yes it's nice just what will you do for it work 4000 hours a year so you can have a big bank account and be alone because your friends and family will drop you for not being around. So what then you have money and nothing else. Life work balance is needed. So when some company tryies to tesll you they are doing you good by making you work 4000 hours a year tell them to fuck off.
any (#7279)
Ahh well any whore i see with a bad attitude to me is as good as DEAD! left alone on a street corner with a slashed open throat.
Anonymous (#7280)
I had one bitch try to bait and switch on me. She tried to lure me with sex then cock teased me and the next day wants to talk. I said I was busy. So after that every time I talked to her I would just flirt and make innuendos about fucking her. I don't have time for cock teases so I just reversed her game on her.

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