All women are filthy, lying whores

All women are filthy, lying whores

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Anonymous (#5805)
Never have I heard such really disturbing language. You need a new beginning man.
Oli (#5806)
Wow. Between you all, I bet there's a lot of gay boys for starters. And half of you must blatantly be called Ahmed or Muhammed judging from how backwards your philosophies are on women. I hope when your wives catch you writing this shit, she feeds you a whole heap of pork and wipes your utensils on a dogs arse for good measure (because we all know your muslim). Before leaving you for a better bloke. I'm fucking embarrassed at being a bloke right now after witness all you fucktards in full swing.I guess I'm not blinkered by your stupid religion, which is why we're different.
Kandice Matthews (#5807)
Even me Oli????????
Anonymous (#5808)
@5806 you are oviously just another blindless gullible under the thumb will do anything believe anything piece of Shiit softcock Boy, not Man" who knows nothing about Women and the real World!!! Wankers like you give us Guys a bad name, you certainly aren't no real man you miserable uneducated no life experience Fucktard... Kandice Matthews wannabe
Kandace Matthews (#5809)
Watch it.
Anonymous (#5810)
Don't threaten me Kandice.
Anonymous (#5811)
Have obama vote drone strikes onto christian fucks
Anonymous (#5812)
fuck Muslims, Jew, and Christians.
i want none of your appeal.
Anonymous (#5813)
Kandice Matthews is a guy, not the girl he's pretending to be!!! You have misspelt your name incorrectly three times. Dickhead Troll.
Kandice Matthews (#5814)
Why are all you guys so evil?
Kandice Matthews (#5817)
miss kitty (#5818)
I'm a madame at a high end brothel. Business has been in decline for over a decade.The recession and the jiffy easy spread culture of sluts is hurting the working girl. America is a nation of skamk ho's and high maintenance glam bithces. Leave the slut stuff to the professional sex worker puhleeze. A certain percentage of men will always cheat. But who are they cheating with ? You bitches. The ones who say you've slept with a number that will fit on one hand. Shit, cracks/nigga which ever it is. You'd look like dick porcupine if all dem pricks wuz sticking out that wuz stuck in. You made america a "tough road to Ho". Leave the whore life and be a good wife. Before you make us into a pile of ruins like ancient Greece and Rome. Slutius Maximus
ea enki (#5822)
To all women on
Take your illegitimate children with you Whores!
Better yet sell there worthless asses to a salt mine, Or just give them to a murderer.
Dumb cunts I am so glad a couple guys got together and raped some of these bitches.
I heard stories of women on dating websites being killed.
and me personally, i think that is funny. lol
Kill a local prostitute throw her baby in a dumpster.
Stop getting filled up with all that cum you nasty, Filthy, Disgraceful, White trash, Inbred, Cunts, And hillbilly hoes.
Fucking eat less and start dieting you fat ass cunts!
before i poke your floppy asses with an icepick.
Most women have no father figure to whip them into shape, Or should i say beat them for slutting around.
If you ugly smelly bitches want to be sluts don't be picky because you will get me mad and i will fucking slap you in your face.
Kandice Matthews (#5824)
Look at all these gay guys!!!
Anonymous (#5826)
Your all forgetting one thing! We're all going to die! The world we live is fucked! It's corrupt! And know matter what we achieve in this fucked life it's all for nothing. Life is meaningless, it has no purpose! We have no purpose.
Anonymous (#5827)
Mr Nietzsche, thank you for your above advice.
Anonymous (#5828)
Mr Nietzsche, thank you for your above advice.
Anonymous (#5831)
Your welcome 5827. Friedrich Nietzsche.
ollie of Maxiapolis (#5832)
Everyone on this blog is an ass face. 99% of women in america are spoiled, stupid, whores and aliens won't be coming here or contacting us because of our planetary Jerry Springer mentality. You all suck, good night,
Sincerely, Ollie
Anonymous (#5833)
@5832 dope smoker
Anonymous (#5836)
hang children, and kill everyone, execute Christians.
Anonymous (#5837)
I'm a Christian. Do you want my address?
Anonymous (#5851)
Women knew people suffered from dinosaur caveman days.I could understand no abortion lls back then.but now their is no excuse & pop out babys from loose fisted many fucked sewer holes.what if your baby grows retarded.or in time gets tortured.they knew of this from before time.they r right out from hell!!!they r closer to the females also .don't trust their seductive lies.its jus a demon.we need more brotherhood.hope u fellas learned something.oh yes. They could of caused a rebellion back in days to stop pregnancy.but truth is their selfish lying whore pain inflicting devils.their nothing nice.they can set u up also.I know this from to all the brotherhood of sllraces.don't fall prey to feminisime.this a mans world.god is alphamale. name is blackbird.
Kandice Matthews (#5853)
You people are what make our world so polluted and filthy. Stop insulting women, go get a life.
Michael (#5854)
I met my wife to be in college and my friend was my best man. I lived on my own in an apt while I got my first job out of college. I was making around 25k and was also helping her pay taxes where she lived with her parents, her cell phone and of course bought an engagement ring on credit. Fast forward, we saved for an expensive wedding, saved for a house that had 1 acre of land for the to be children. Everything textbook and she still wasn't fuckin happy! She went back to work in 07 and still wasn't happy!

Her commute to work was 2 miles and she still was miserable. For years it was my income and everything and since she has gone back to work, she has worked for 3 different schools. It seems as though everyone she works with isn't good enough to work with her. During our divorce, she stole 45k, hired a cunt lawyer who was getting divorced at the same time.... Now I pay $1,100/month in child support and rarely see my kids. See, her female attorney slapped me with an unwarranted protective order. Not once were the police ever at my house and as god as my witness, I never raised my voice or my hand to either one of my children.
Now, I have my own apt, randomly date and get laid more than ever and it is a hell of a lot cheaper than being married! In fact, these women run circles around my ex in bed. You see, there is happiness after divorce! Even in Connecticut! God Bless and good luck to all of the good guys on this site!
Anonymous (#5855)
Kandice Matthews (#5856)
Shut up, your attempts to make women look bad are not working. Michael, that's just how some people are, you should have found someone better.
Anonymous (#5857)
Women and their actions are what make them look bad. 90% of them after being married are proven liars and they go to bed in an instant. Why don't you go vote for the carpet munching Hillary Clinton and you and your feminist friends with singlehandedly bring this country down...
Bigdick (#5859)
@5856 you know nothing.
Kandice Matthews (#5860)
I do know something. And seriously, this is coming from a person named "Bigdick."
Anonymous (#5861)
I'm a guy that's guy my fair share of pussy for sure...My success is acting like a complete douche a total jerk to these bitches and for some strange reason they are intrigued! You MUST treat the goodlooking ones like they aren't shit but come dime a dozen I am dead serious. Nice guy my ass! Treat em like shit! I don't care how cute or pretty she is, if the bitch gets bored with you she will go looking for dick at work, they gym, or online discreetly. But in the meanwhile still tie up her hubby's financial situation. I've knocked up two cheating bitches. One that was waiting for her sick husband to croak so that she could collect life insurance policy while I was fucking her outdoors near the apartment pool at night, motels, etc... She aborted the baby of course. The other chick was actually engaged to get married in one month lol and I managed to get her preggo. That was 5yrs ago totally dropped off on her. This is only just a small percent I've fucked MANY married women from social media hookup sites alone and I am telling you right now they are some good women out there 30% out of 100% but mostly on average most women, good looking ones are no good. My experience goodlooking attractive white women are the worst!!!! They have no morals whatsoever! Its all about OPPORTUNITY at all cost. Next are the latina women who date outside of their race. I know it sounds weird trust me on this. Latina women will screw over a white guy or black guy waaay quicker than a guy from their own culture. Remember that shit! Then black women! But yeah white babes are the worst they are all about getting one moment they love then a year later they are sucking another guy's dick! I don't care what anyone says white women are too business like with relationships, the pretty ones. They are constantly weighing their options behind your back! The only way is to treat em like shit! If not they will fuck you over with no Vaseline! I don't care how cute or innocent she may appear....white women are evil....I've fucked waaay too many of them that came from good situations with their husbands but it's never enough. "I'm Just Bored With Him. He Works A lot!" Duh! He has you driving a brand new freakin lexus and you sit on your ass all day lol. Fuck outta here!!! I've heard this type of scenario many times! Again watch out for those exotic looking Latinas that only date white and black men! Watch them too! Those Sofia Vegara types!
Anonymous (#5862)
Oh I LOVE and sexually admire a woman's body of course. But emotionally
their is no way I could ever trust a beautiful one. They come with a price. Money, time consuming, constant gifts, multiple exclusive dinner dates, the list goes on and on. You have to keep the pretty ones busy and entertained ALL THE TIME. You cannot slack up! This pretty much is the problem the more attractive they are...the faster they will get bored with you. Its just that simple.
Anonymous (#5863)
Anonymous (#5864)
fucking jewie (#5868)
Kandice Matthews gets her head kicked till her lips swell.
Bigdick (#5869)
Kandice Matthews deserves a kick in the Cunt bone as women don't deserve the right to a opinion!!! There should be a Law against women who voice there opinion..
Kandice Matthews (#5870)
Lol, you guys are annoying jerks. You guys both deserve a punch to the nose.
fucking jewie (#5874)
Kandice Matthews deserves a kick in the Cunt bone as women don't deserve the right to a opinion!!! There should be a Law against women who voice there opinion..
Kandice Matthews (#5877)
This, my friends, is called one of the most trolled web pages in the world.
jbone (#5881)
No bitterness just calling it like I see it. This day and age no woman
likes a guy for his inner self...its all about what does he have going
on so that women can impress their friends and family. Status and opportunity! You can't lie to me I've banged waaay too many married women
over the years DOZENS and from my perspective this social media day and age
its hard to please a keep her genuinely entertained for an extended period of time before she starts to stray. Social media has made
relationships extremely rough from both sides of fences. Id rather just keep my money to myself and have fuck buddies lol.
Anonymous (#5882)
@5881. Spot on jbone! Although Kandice Matthews wouldn't agree!
Anonymous (#5883)
This site shows that 99% of you Men are failures with Women.
Anonymous (#5884)
It's not that hard flirt with them, compliment them, be edgy and cocky. Let them know that "You don't wanna change their situation" just have some "Fun" for a while. Married bitches give it up pretty easily, because they are bored or they hate their husband blaming everything in their life on him. In reality these married whores are just fucking miserable creatures.
Kandice Matthews (#5885)
You're right! I don't agree. How'd you know?
Anonymous (#5887)
@5885. You hate Men!!! that's how I know
Anonymous (#5888)
@5885. Your a women
Kandice Matthews (#5890)
I don't hate men! Just most of you on this site! :)
Anonymous (#5894)
@5881 I agree, Social Media is fucking things up even more. People in general have become more self centered and selfish. Some of these women scream "I'm Independent" "I don't need a man" what they are really saying is. I don't want any man to be my leader, I don't to be what men expect me to be. Reality is men want Feminine looking and acting Females, Demure women that know their place and their "gender role". Some women are acting very masculine and trying to emasculate the man in the process. Men are NOT attracted to butch masculine women and women are NOT attracted to weak emasculated men. It seems to be a viscous cycle all brought on by Feminism and Media Brainwashing. These women think that they are better off raising the children they pump out without the father around. Have fun with that, just know this that your children are MORE at risk for delinquent behavior and adult failure because of the choices YOU made. Have fun trying to be both Mother,Father,Caretaker,Everything plus working your 60 hours a week.
Anonymous (#5895)
Hey Kandace, or candy ass! You are a fuckin' goo gobbling cocksucker. You would be privileged and lucky for me to blow a load all over your face and make you walk to the supermarket and pick out your low carb, high-protein food. You are the reason why men hate women. Women deserve zero respect. Things will turn around and all of u whores will be on your knees for the rest of your life where you belong..
Kandice Matthews (#5897)
I'm 11... 5895. So I think that's disgusting!
Adolph (#5900)
Niggers ruin everything
Anonymous (#5901)
Fellows posting here are forgetting that most women these daze seem to enjoy dog cock & horse cock more as well. They love to get fucked by animals.
Anonymous (#5902)
no one 11 should be on this site Kandice. If you had decent parents, you wouldn't be here. Get off!
Kandice Mattews (#5905)
Are u the one who posted the comment 5895, 5902?
ea enki (#5906)
To all women on
Take your illegitimate children with you Whores!
Better yet sell there worthless asses to a salt mine, Or just give them to a murderer.
Dumb cunts I am so glad a couple guys got together and raped some of these bitches.
I heard stories of women on dating websites being killed.
and me personally, i think that is funny. lol
Kill a local prostitute throw her baby in a dumpster.
Stop getting filled up with all that cum you nasty, Filthy, Disgraceful, White trash, Inbred, Cunts, And hillbilly hoes.
Fucking eat less and start dieting you fat ass cunts!
before i poke your floppy asses with an icepick.
Most women have no father figure to whip them into shape, Or should i say beat them for slutting around.
If you ugly smelly bitches want to be sluts don't be picky because you will get me mad and i will fucking slap you in your face.
Anonymous (#5907)
ea enki... I agree with most of what you said except the part about throwing the baby in the dumpster! There are two kinds of people I fucking hate in this world and that is Peadophiles and any cunt who hurts animals!!! but yeh every woman needs to be put there place!!! Fuck all you bitches
blackbird (#5908)
Let me sum this up.women R all whore who can b fistfucked.
:)peac1740e to all brotherhood.they r from hell
Kandice Matthews (#5909)
ea enki (#5912)
illegitimate bastards from a whores cunt i hate them all.
Legalize abortion and exterminate them!
Anonymous (#5913)
i always get rejected last week a dark feeling came over me and it was not of this earth.
i hate god for leaving me here why did god create women? and make them eat that apple?
why is god not taking care of his children? I hate god fuck god fuck his ass hole.
i want to sell my soul and terrorize earth.
i looked up a group called the order of nine angles and these guys were really fucking wicked i want to join them because i have no direction in life and god fucking left me and all of us to rot on earth.
kill all women (#5914)
hail Elliot Rogers!
Abort all females!
Kandice Matthews (#5915)
Anonymous (#5916)
Anonymous (#5918)
Children are NOT to blame, these so called Bastards or Illegitimate Children are NOT guilty. They will suffer though because the mother is corrupt, dumb, a whore, or whatever. Children suffer because of the choices of the mother. The cunt lies, cheats, and steals and expects her child not to learn these behaviors, probably expects cooperation from the child to "Cover Up" or Lie. Then you have Junkie bitches fucking and sucking for a dime bag, while the kid watches Netflix, Gee how many men is the kid exposed to? Dirty behavior passed down.
Anonymous (#5920)
i know two women at my job who playfully belittle there husbands im getting to the
the first one has many kids by her dude and still disrespects him.
she even wants new dick in return i knew that she would even fuck me if she wanted we talk normally but i treat her like she is very lowlife.
She has been pregnant 3 times.
the second one really angers me im getting to the
point where if i met this one on the streets i would rape her
She even disrespects single men like there all a bunch of rapists.
I noticed her daughters are all very smart and intelligent.
I noticed that all her sons are considered lessor, Creep, she even threw one out for having depression.
Her child was abused by her husband and that is why he is mentally awkward and falling apart it made me almost cry when she totally told me and my co workers that she would throw him on the streets.
This is very sad that women do these things to male children.
these psycho maniac female pedophiles are SICK!
I even knew of a Girl who was 18 and got away with sleeping with a 13 year old boy.
Do the reverse 18 year old male sleeping with a 13 year old girl then he is a pedophile, creep, Just like all men i want his head cut off.
She even pushes the victim status on her daughters She really fucked up as a mother and she is a slanderous BITCH.
I cant get it into my friends head that this women hates men and that she is a typical SMUG ATHEIST.
Anonymous (#5921)
a majority of male simps are a product of a absent mother.
The male is usually trying to find a mother figure for him.
Visa Versa
Same with women.
parents need to be responsible No scratch that,
Better yet Do not have them if you cant raise them!
learn how to control the powers of desire and transfer that energy into a real power which you can benefit from.
Anonymous (#5926)
Pee Wee small dick hillbilly dentist fucked his daughter. Does she fuck black guys you useless piece of shit? Does worthlessness run in the family? Your orange hair, orange dick hair, fat ass, ugly as shit face and attitude need adjustment. It is none of your fucking business what other people do. I will fuck you up motherfucker. Keep your shit up.
Anonymous (#5927)
Life is meaningless! We will all be dead soon! There is no point, there is no purpose.
Anonymous (#5928)
@5921 I agree with you. But better yet they can use birth control and then fuck their brains out with their sister/pig-woman, who cares? Let the pieces of shit fuck one another and leave the rest of us alone.
Anonymous (#5929)
...and another thing hillbilly dentist pee wee: what the FUCK makes you think you have any say in how I live, who I am friends with, or who I fuck? You useless white trash. I live my life MY WAY, not yours. If you ever give me any attitude again like you did last time when I was in the car, be ready mother fucker because I am going to kill you. I'll shoot you. I won't miss because you are a big round fat ass target. You are ugly fat ass red haired trash. You ride around in your Mercedes and still can't get a woman. Gee I wonder why. Finally, you take this seriously fuckhead because I mean it. STAY AWAY FROM MIKE. I know you are trying to get at his granddaughters to molest them. I swear to you, if you so much as look at them I will lay you out, cut your dick off and shove it up your fat ass. You disgusting piece of shit. Take it seriously motherfucker because I am not playing. I will do it and plant your lard ass in a shallow grave. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. Go kill yourself.
Anonymous (#5930)
@5920 I wouldn't rape her. You might catch something. I'd just fuck up the bitch. She sounds like a real cunt from hell. They should take her kids away from her.
Anonymous (#5932)
PS dont threaten on line do it for real.
Anonymous (#5933)
women are so difficult everyone tries to hook me up with them and it gets me angry i look at them like what makes them so special?
All these guys want to get laid but dont want to build something good.
Sit around pussy deppressed because their not getting laid.
Anonymous (#5935)
She is an evil cunt oh did i mention in that post up above (#5920)
that this lady is Butt ugly too last week she got burned near her mouth and ended up looking like Adolf Hitler LOL LOL LOL.
Suites her attitude well too.
She is just an angry female cunt, her true colors were shown as soon as she figured out how fucking stuck in the mud she was. Lol fuck females.
These bitches need to shut the fuck up CAN out that male disrespect and get a better life.
us men can survive on anything we can deal with things until a female comes around to take it from us then we get pretty mad.
Bottom line, men will never be victims because we know our shit we are not petty.
Women need to shut the fuck up before we legalize rape and start really hurting you bitches you smelly cunts will really have a victim status at that point so shut the fuck up you smelly ugly failed abortions,.
Aiwas (#5936)
I feel pressured to going to collage when I'm around women.
Its almost like a big vagina is running the collages, One that constantly screams "RAPE, HE RAPED ME, DON'T TOUCH ME, NO MEANS NO!"
Anonymous (#5943)
top 5 gangeating and gangfucking and gangraping whore bitch's for 2015 are and is - jennette mccurdy. and geneieve g hannelius. and bella thorne. and miranda cosgrove. and ciara bravo. those tit's those ass's those leg's those pussy's favorite food. slut's whore's call-girl's prostitute's pornstar's drunk's pothead's crackwhore's.
Anonymous (#5949)
Any woman who has a decent man and belittles him or disrespects him in any way, even if it's supposedly just joking deserves to be kicked to the curb. She does not deserve a good man because she does not appreciate him. The problem is you get a low life woman that gets a good man and hates him for being good. Because his being good reminds her of how exactly low and shitty she really is. So she belittles him and disrespects him to feel better about herself so it "seems like" he is as low as her. Any man stuck with a woman like this, cut your losses and dump the cunt as fast as possible. Also if you are gonna mire yourself down with an unappreciative cunt at least make it a hot one. Nothing worse than being stuck with a fucking fat ugly miserable cunt.
Andreas (#5950)
I dont blame women for what they become the ones i blame is the FUCKING FEMINISTS THEY ARE THE ONES WHO FUCKED WITH OUR FEMALES MINDS..There is still some nice girls out there but hard to find a decent girl this days..But i have a female friend thats very gorgeouse and beautiful and shes not a bitch at all very respectful and kind girl.
Anonymous (#5951)
The ultimate evil behind sexuality is the human female. They are the main instigators of sex. They control which men get it and which men don’t. Women are flawed creatures, and my mistreatment at their hands has made me realize this sad truth. There is something very twisted and wrong with the way their brains are wired. They think like beasts, and in truth, they are beasts. Women are incapable of having morals or thinking rationally. They are completely controlled by their depraved emotions and vile sexual impulses. Because of this, the men who do get to experience the pleasures of sex and the privilege of breeding are the men who women are sexually attracted to… the stupid, degenerate, obnoxious men. I have observed this all my life. The most beautiful of women choose to mate with the most brutal of men, instead of magnificent gentlemen like myself. Women should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with. That decision should be made for them by rational men of intelligence. If women continue to have rights, they will only hinder the advancement of the human race by breeding with degenerate men and creating stupid, degenerate offspring. This will cause humanity to become even more depraved with each generation. Women have more power in human society than they deserve, all because of sex. There is no creature more evil and depraved than the human female. Women are like a plague. They don’t deserve to have any rights. Their wickedness must be contained in order prevent future generations from falling to degeneracy. Women are vicious, evil, barbaric animals, and they need to be treated as such.
In fully realizing these truths about the world, I have created the ultimate and perfect ideology of how a fair and pure world would work. In an ideal world, sexuality would not exist. It must be outlawed. In a world without sex, humanity will be pure and civilized. Men will grow up healthily, without having to worry about such a barbaric act. All men will grow up fair and equal, because no man will be able to experience the pleasures of sex while others are denied it. The human race will evolve to an entirely new level of civilization, completely devoid of all the impurity and degeneracy that exists today. In order to completely abolish sex, women themselves would have to be abolished. All women must be quarantined like the plague they are, so that they can be used in a manner that actually benefits a civilized society. In order carry this out, there must exist a new and powerful type of government, under the control of one divine ruler, such as myself. The ruler that establishes this new order would have complete control over every aspect of society, in order to direct it towards a good and pure place. At the disposal of this government, there needs to be a highly trained army of fanatically loyal troops, in order to enforce such revolutionary laws. The first strike against women will be to quarantine all of them in concentration camps. At these camps, the vast majority of the female population will be deliberately starved to death. That would be an efficient and fitting way to kill them all off. I would take great pleasure and satisfaction in condemning every single woman on earth to starve to death. I would have an enormous tower built just for myself, where I can oversee the entire concentration camp and gleefully watch them all die. If I can’t have them, no one will, I’d imagine thinking to myself as I oversee this. Women represent everything that is unfair with this world, and in order to make the world a fair place, they must all be eradicated. A few women would be spared, however, for the sake of reproduction. These women would be kept and bred in secret labs. There, they will be artificially inseminated with sperm samples in order to produce offspring. Their depraved nature will slowly be bred out of them in time. Future generations of men would be oblivious to these remaining women’s existence, and that is for the best. If a man grows up without knowing of the existence of women, there will be no desire for sex. Sexuality will completely cease to exist. Love will cease to exist. There will no longer be any imprint of such concepts in the human psyche. It is the only way to purify the world.

Elliot rogers...
Anonymous (#5953)
Women are taught to lie from the time they are born. Once they are a toddler and can perceive what's going on around them, they learn by "watching" their mother "lie" and "deceive". For these children lying and deceit become a natural act.
I think the reason women are crazy is they constantly have to fend off guys hitting on them, wanting to fuck them. Some women can do this gracefully and some cannot. The predator guys go after the ones that have no ability to fend off advances or are dumb enough to believe predator guy is just a nice guy that flirts, and he has her best interest in mind. Yeah OK, have fun with that illegitimate kid he gives you, once you get pregnant he will be nowhere around. This world is fucked because we human beings over emphasize SEX. It's for procreation, to keep the human species going. We have twisted SEX into something it was never meant to be. We are suppose to be the most intelligent creatures on the planet, yet we allow SEX to RUIN us. Take a successful doctor, judge, or lawyer that has it all The Family, Money and a good name and he starts fucking another woman. Then he Loses it all and for what SEX? to get his cock wet? what makes people do these things? Why is marketing and advertising always pushing the SEX button? to sell products? or to program minds? I know grown men who cannot have a normal adult conversation without twisting everything into a Sexual or Homosexual context. Really? this shows where their minds are at.
drjyrjdtbcrsgxssyrjvyjutjvdvgxesxreaxfrewgtutoiupoi[ulkp,j (#5957)
fuck life fuck matter fuck matireal fuck reality fuck god fuck yahwey fuck allah fuck the sun fuck the moon fuck the stars fuck the Mistery fuck the truth fuck lies fuck fucking fuck fuck fucking you fuck fucking me fuck god for creating us as the sex crazed robots we are oh my god to much red pills i wish the universe never came to life i hate it all oh my god i need to shoot myself in the face their is no contral over life.
The universe sucks i hate it for ever starting everything is a fucking joke our Ideology, hopes, dreams, physics, Psych its all fucked i wish this planet would end i feel like a robot i have no control over me i want to murder rape kill god and all his angels.
Anonymous (#5958)
fuck this planet i hope cancer kills every one on it.
Damn humans Rot All of you pricks can die.
Anonymous (#5959)
fuck mercy chop up men, women, and children of all ages
Anonymous (#5968)
Fuck the universe we are trapped in hell
Anonymous (#5969)
god really hates us he gave some of us a penis and tell us not to use it but then you use it and he creates an earth quake and kills millions of people we need to kill all the jews and christians.
Anonymous (#5972)
This site is getting really sick because of the comments just above. I need to take a shower after reading this. Don't think I will come back again.
Anonymous (#5973)
Most women cannot be trusted, they want to use foolish men to pay for everything. Meanwhile the second the man is not around she is seeking attention from other dudes, fucking other dudes. Most Modern women lack any redeeming qualities, they lack self respect and cannot be loyal to anyone. The mindset is they want what they want and don't fucking care who gets hurt as long as they get what they want. The man says NO to anything and she will spitefully do whatever she wants anyway. She will fuck other guys just to spite the man. She thinks she is hurting the man, only she is hurting herself and her children even more. The message or lesson being taught to the child is "it's OK to be dirty and lie" as long as you get your way. And the vicious cycle continues. Generation after generation of fucked up people and behavior.
Anonymous (#5975)
Based on what I have seen thus far...I'd rather be the douche bag, the jerk, the difficult guy with a chip on his shoulder than to be that nice guy who
pays for everything, holds a steady job, pays most of the bills, the good father, etc...Those are the ones that are getting screwed over lol. I can honestly and truthfully tell you guys that I have slept with over 50 or so
married women from the internet and the women who fuck over their husbands they admit that he's a good guy but he is boring and he works too much. All the while she doesn't have to work, drives a nice car, goes shopping at his expense but it's never enough. I am so serious they're main reason for screwing over the husband is that he's boring. BEWARE*****WHITE WOMEN ARE THE WORSE. ALL WOMEN FROM ALL RACES I KNOW FUCK OVER THEIR HUSBANDS BUT FROM MY EXPERIENCE WHITE WOMEN DO IT LIKE ITS JUST A WAY OF LIFE. VERY OPPORTUNITY DRIVEN!
Anonymous (#5977)
I agree with #5975 I have had similar experiences. Just act like you don't give a shit, make it fun and exciting, get her to tell you all the shit she is frustrated about, run around with her taking her places and doing things the husband wont do or doesn't have time to do and that's it. You let her and her imagination of you do the rest. It's mostly fantasy and spite driven, she wants to have fun and be excited, give her that and she will fuck and suck all damn day, calling the husband while she's servicing your dick. It sounds bad, the choice is the woman's though, she doesn't have to mess around she is choosing to. All we have to do is just be that guy that she thinks is fun and edgy and let her imagination take over. GOD put scumbags like me on earth to fuck these married bitches so they get caught and divorced and set the good men free from her. Think about how fucked up the mentality here, He works too much (to provide for his family) He is boring (probably fucking tired from working) so he isn't 100% himself. It looks to me that these women DON'T want to do the work it takes to maintain a Relationship and keep it healthy and happy, this is
the True Definition Of a Mind Fucked CUNT. Totally selfish and self absorbed, It's all about her, she doesn't even give a shit about her children or their future.
Anonymous (#5978)
@ 5975 I guess the KEY is to Never Get Married, Never Live together with them or give them any serious commitment. It's just NOT fucking worth it. I have had Other Men's Wives before, It's not that hard. If you really want to go all out, just get a job someplace where there is a lot of women, like a hospital or a nursing home. Build yourself a reputation there. Fuck the married women, use Viagra to give her the fucking pounding of her lifetime, She will tell all her female coworkers and they will be after your cock too. Cause Chaos, Cause Divorces, keep fucking them married bitches, make them abort your babies, send them home with your load dripping out. Fuck them in the workplace too. Even fuck the female management figures that way you
get promoted. Just never ever give any one of them more than just enough time and excitement to give up the pussy, never ever give one of them a commitment EVER.
Anonymous (#5979)
Not ALL women will screw the husband over. There are Good women out there that have husbands screwing them over. It's not gender specific, it's called SELFISHNESS. People get bored or they are lacking the emotional or empathetic characteristics to give a shit about anyone besides themselves.
Anonymous (#5980)
I was fucking one married bitch that told me "I was convenient" because I lived 3 miles away from her. She could "Go to the store" sneak by get my cock and run back home. Then I had another one tell me "If you lived closer I would be over here a lot more". It's all about opportunity and them not getting caught by the husband.
Anonymous (#5982)
God made a very bad mistake creating them.
Anonymous (#5983)
Lol at 5975 talking about not all women are bad hey dude today 75% of them
are BAD. If they are anywhere between a 7-10 on the attractive scale you
better not let them bored in the slightest way....I love women physically
I really do but I hate their biological makeup, how they come across that
their pussy is epic so you better do your best to keep them entertained
or ELSE! I know a guy that's in the process of divorcing his wife after
helping her shed 70lbs and she started having affairs lol. She pulled the
ol' "Who Are You??? Do I Know You?" Even the FAT ONES are bad under the
right circumstances that benefits them. I'm starting to believe that deep
down in their core...that woman hate men. Like they envision us doing the
worst when that time comes so when it's convienent that stick us first! I
am serious...I 100% believe deep down women imagine their boyfriends or
husbands leaving them for someone else younger or thinner, you know all
these crazy thoughts. So deep down it makes them very cold towards they
will never admit this because then they will blow their cover because
when they get you it will be a time when you least expect it. Forget men
hating women I believe they hate meh! One of my other friends used to
fuck this married white chick who would drive several hours to spend the
weekend with him and would buy drinks and pay for the food on her husbands
expense lol!!! The bitch didn't work and when the husband caught whif of
it he ended up calling my friend begging him to leave Yolanda alone because he'd invested so much time and money into her. Sad and pathetic....
I'd rather just fuck and drop hot loads into women that are already in
relationships, then send them home to let the husband continue to pay for
her trifling ways. This is how I've been doing it for the past several
years and I LOVE not having the financial responsibility!!!!! I love it!
$$$$$$ and his daily expected tasks while I make that pussy squirt with
NONE responsibility!!!! I love it! I love it!!! I love it!!!!!!!247
Anonymous (#5984)
Cant see much difference between what you guys are doing, playing around, and what you accuse your wives doing. But I'm a guy who likes guys so don't really care. Don't know what you see in them and their cunts.
Anonymous (#5987)
Words of wisdom-----Stop Caring----Once You Stop Caring & Treat Them Like
Whores Watch How Your Sex Life Changes. Not Giving a Flying Fuck Sends Out
The BEST Pheromone.
Anonymous (#5988)
@5987 you are 100% correct, once you tell them "I Love You" that's it you just handed them your Balls. They will trample you after you say that. Don't care, make it clear that you don't give a shit whether she is around or not. It's all a fucking mind game with these bitches. If they fucking disrespect you or belittle you in any way Dump Her Fucking Disrespectful ass as fast as possible because her behavior will only get worse as time goes on. Don't date single mothers either it's not fucking worth the trouble. She doesn't respect herself and she won't respect you. Obviously she cannot be committed or she would be with the kid's father. The kid will eventually hate you as much as the mother does. It's all fucked. I dated a single mom once, I had a 4 year old telling me how much she hated me, repeating her mother's words. Nice teach your kid to hate.
Anonymous (#5990)
Very obvious today why the divorce rate is so out of control now.
Anonymous (#5991)
Divorce is out of control because our society is corrupt and because of No Fault divorce laws where either party can have a divorce Just Because They Want One. Usually filed under irreconcilable differences. This is how certain women "Play the System" marry a wealthy man put a few years in and file for divorce, She Cashes In and he gets fleeced. I think things were already corrupt only now we are exposed more because of the internet that and people stopped caring about being discreet. People that get married more than once are crazy especially Men. Women get married more than once to cash in or they are just stupid or crazy.
Anonymous (#5992)
I'm #5987 replying again. Yes assume ALL of them are closet sluts and send out the vibe that you can be very cold hearted. In fact, I wouldn't even give
them the pleasure of giving them my time over an extended period of time. 2--4months a sex hookups is all they get and once they get tired of that wanting more then hey it's time to move on! I saw a quote somewhere that was very powerful in regards to women something along the lines of "Men Take Betrayal From A Wife or GF Harder Than Women Do Because Men Have That Image Their Wife or GF Nurturing, Like Near The Same Realm As Your Mother
And Sisters...And Once That Comes Crumbling Down It Can Be Completely Devestating." This is so true! I've heard stories of women complaining
about how their men favors their mother more than the wife I'm thinking "Yeah Bitch That's Right! When I'd Down & Out My Mother Will Always Be
There Till The End...You? You'd Start Shopping Around Sucking Another Man's Dick At Some Hourly Motel Discussing My Faults & Misfortunes!" Damn right my mother will ALWAYS come first! We just have to rule out the thought that these women are all so wholesome and has potential just because she's cute and tells you what you want to hear FUK THAT! Treat em like whores because it's nothing worse than letting your guards down, changing your lifestyle, and telling them that you care about them then a couple of years later she pulls some shady act. I refuse to tell any women outside of my mother and sisters that I love them. Hell no. Not a chance!
Anonymous (#5993)
Just go right into expecting hard orgasms and good nasty sex and stop having expectations that you will meet a good wholesome girl for marriage because when that comes crashing down the hate starts! Right now all I have in my mind is HARD orgasms from the doggystyle position nothing more.
Anonymous (#5997)
@5992 I agree, only where are these sluts learning this behavior from? Their mothers? Their Girlfriends? The Media? Society? I consider my own mother a slut based upon her behavior, she is still my mother only she is flawed the same as the rest. Some women are in your face sluts, they have no shame over it, others are the "discreet sluts" sneaking around and lying their asses off. I have more respect for the in your face sluts at least they admit it and your not blindsided by their fucked up behavior.
Anonymous (#5998)
@5932 If murder were legal for a day I would. Seriously, I don't have to because the pig is fat and has all the illnesses associated with it, including heart disease. He won't be around for long. Maybe I'll start planning a celebration for when he keels over.
Anonymous (#5999)
Hey dude social media! Ya'll keep forgetting this is the Kardashian era!
I've heard somewhere where he quitter account is waaay up in the millions
of loyal followers that should give you some idea. Wake up! Today's
generation of young hot women are only about what do you have to offer in
terms of financial status and how well rounded your life is so that they
can make their friends jealous with envy and impress their family. She
cares about YOU the actual person? Really? Okay lol!
Anonymous (#6000)
I had a buddy who did okay financially who always had short term success
with women, he used to really get into them but they would always leave
him for GOOD for a bigger and better deal. He made 80-100k, the guy is
cool as a fan to these women making them comfortable as possible..drinks,
food, going out places, etc. But they would always bail out because he
didn't make loads of cash now keep in mind these are the professional
and corporate type of babes. Here is the flip side my other friend who is
cool as well but a bit judgemental and more stern and is accomplished in
the financial industry with investments THEY KISS HIS ASS! Whatever he
needs or wants these women RESPOND. I've seen it over the years with my
own eyes I am seriously telling you guys that most women that are very
exciting to tell her friends about lol. So up your financial status but
at the same time be jerk and very street wise Ah Man! That's it you will
have them doing whatever you want them to do! MONEY-ASSHOLE-STREET SMART=
Anonymous (#6001)
Most of the hate comes from women have the ability to devastate a man's life. You love her, take care of her financialy, be a great father, then just a few years later she finds a bigger better deal and now you're stuck with alimony, child support, mental anguish, etc.. while you are depressed wondering how you can fix things she is fucking some guy that just got out of jail that genuinely doesnt care about her or your children. This isnt just blah blah blah it happens all the time. Not so much as the guy just getting out of jail but some bad boy type of dude that really doesn't have her best interest. Women have the ability to really fuck your shit up.
Captain Pugwash (#6009)
Filthy western women....bitchee, slutbags, users, gold-diggers, all after one night stands not serious LTRs with view for marriage.

Its no lie that New Zealand, Australian, UK, American and Canadian women under the age of 45 are filthy prostitutes. But i'm especially vindictive towards New Zealand women who have on average fucked 26 blokes in there lifetime - DOUBLE that of our Australian neighbors less than 1000 miles or a 2 hour 20 minute flight away and THREE Times that of our American Bro-dawgs and ex-colonial master British - Kiwi women especially oughta be beheaded or stoned to death for being such distrustful slut-bags....hell they Dress and act just as slutty if not more than our yankee and pommy mates.....for a country with a population half the fucking size of New York City Its just a fucking insult to our values of which we where founded Upon

We need a Vladimir Putin type person to run this country - only s/he wont target gays or lezzas - Theyll target heterosexual women...heterosexual women who dress like and act like the fucking slut-bags they are.....ban One Night Stands, compel women to Observe a "reasonable" dress code or risk fines/imprisonment/whippings, Ban women from Bars and nightclubs (Seriously This country done so up till 1962) encourage women not to drink alcohol and severely punish women who initiate divorces unless "due and reasonable grounds" exist (ie escaping abusive marriages and they have to be proven too not just some made up cock and bull story in order for them to go suck the dicks of some bloke 5 years her junior she just met in some seedy bar down Courtney place or Viaduct Basin), abolish welfare for single mums as it opens the floodgates for slutbags to get preggers and get a free ride from the state so they become professional baby-mamas who milk the system and the bank accounts of there ex's and yet spend MY HARD EARNED PAY the govt robbed me of so they can buy lollywater and durries and watch fucking Jeremy Kyle all fucking day....

But no we have a filthy Jew running this fucking puppet of Israel country - its unlikely we'd see him gone before 2020 and even then some brunette lefty bimbo feminist slag who would have then just turned 40 could be running this country.
Anonymous (#6010)
@6000 I was at a bar one night, this woman approaches me offers me a drink, I already have a full one, she continues to ask me "20 questions" all based upon "Financial Status". When she got to the question of "do you have a house?" I said "No I live in an apartment, By Choice". Once she realized she wasn't going to get anywhere with me or she wrongly determined my "Financial Status" she went away..Good Riddance. I make 100k per year, only I don't talk about it or advertise it. This is to avoid that type of woman wanting to "Use Me". Single Mothers looking for a financial backer, meanwhile they don't give a shit about the man and will cheat. That and as soon as their kids are adults and that man "Paid for and helped raise them" his usefulness is done and she will want a divorce taking over half of his assets none of which she earned. The US court system is Fucked UP, basically they reward women for being whores. Oh you gave this man pussy for a few years and cooked him some shitty meals, here take half of everything he has. Fucking Bullshit. Stay single because it's not fucking worth it, all the lies, deceit, betrayal and Unrealistic Expectations. I feel sorry for the children of these women.
100 percent all natural redhead - Pussy. (#6011)
Francesca Capaldi. 100 percent all natural redhead - Pussy.
Anonymous (#6014)
Catholic Church officials voted on whether or not women had souls, way back in the 1400's (or thereabouts). It passed by one vote; they finally decided that yes, women had souls. And this was 600 years ago. Personally I think they got it wrong, but that's just me. Women have been pulling the same twisted, insane shit for centuries. They have that extra hole that men don't have (the vagina), and all sorts of weird, evil energies crawl up inside them. That's why they are batshit crazy and they will always be batshit crazy. Once they perfect the design of female robots, women will be out of business. Look at the women in porn, doing gangbangs and DP's. Look at the expression on their faces. They all look like they have finally reached the pinnacle of their careers. You can't fake the type of smiles they have. Women are at their happiest when they have all the cocks in the vicinity spewing all over them. They were designed as dick receptacles and that's what they are. Getting mad at their behavior is like getting mad at the sun for coming up. Just know them for what they are, use them for sex, and other than that, avoid them like the plague. They are incapable of love. They can only mimic feelings.
femalesexposed (#6016)
I created a blog to expose the filthy, manipulative, deceptive creatures women are:
Kandice Matthews (#6017)
I'm back and I have to say. You people haven't changed one bit. You're all still sexist jerks. Seriously, why don't you do something with your sad lives? Something good. Instead of being ignorant pigs, be productive. Build a shelter, help animals, pick up trash. Just stop harassing women, PLEASE!!!
Anonymous (#6018)
Kandice you're in denial sweetie. I've banged dozens of married babes from
craigslist alone and I have physically seen with my own eyes how the women
are very taken care of financially and the husband is a great dad, but alot
of them I have seen need that "extra" confirmation from a boytoy to know that
they still have it! Now why would I sit up here and lie? What award will I
win? From that I have seen american born and americanized white women are
the best when it comes to deception & betrayal. On average.... I guess
you're going to deny this as well huh? I have an older buddy and we used
to tag team married women weekly who's husbands were at work during the day
or out of town on business! We used to pose as business travelers looking
to sexually spoil one woman in a 3some and most of our hookups were from
married women.
Kandice Matthews (#6019)
You may have a point, but not all women are like this. I will not be like this. I'm not an adult yet, but I know that you shouldn't go around sleeping with married women, and married women are not supposed to be sleeping around with you. This is not denial, this is truth. A lot of the cheaters inn this world are men, not just women. Think about that. A MAN killed baby doe. THINK!
Anonymous (#6021)
Of course you want to believe you are wholesome most do!
Id bet if your husband slept with dozens of women then you had to pay spousal support monthly as he lays up with random women youd fully understand lol. Women are more evil because they know the law works to their favor when they fuck up. Ill just fuck who i want and if i get caught so hey ill get half of everything on top of child support and spousal support, etc
Anonymous (#6022)
#6021 is 100% correct, this is the attitude these women have. I am going to say that these women are so messed in the head that they have other men right in their husband's bed, they violate a man's sanctuary, his home, that he slaves away for. Any woman that can do that to her husband is definitely lacking a soul and any kind of morals. I think these women HATE their husbands and men in general. These women were probably "Messed With" by some male family member or family acquaintance and it set the on the path they are on. Some women Fuck other men just to "spite" their huband. They really don't like the guy they are fucking, they are just using him to "hurt" her husband in secret. OK lets get this right, she is Fucking other guys in secret so when she looks at her husband she gets some sick satisfaction knowing she betrayed him.
Anonymous (#6023)
#6021 replying here...Women are evil I really believe this. As long as it's
good and everything is working towards their favor everything's good, but as
soon as they experience the slightest boredome they will fuck you over. Hey at least when men cheat we dont go into detail about our personal lives, our children, the wife's schedule, how her pussy is dried up, how she can't suck
a dick worth shit, etc.. Women??? 80% of the married sluts I've banged show me pictures of their kids on their smartphones, discloses the
husband's daily routine, how his dick stays limp, how he doesn't know how
to eat pussy, they tell it ALL. Again. As long as things are gravy she's
okay but as soon as she gets the slightest or bored and there is another
opportunity that's your ass!
Anonymous (#6024)
Wait till you hear this! One dude that used to work as a bouncer back in the
day at some club lured this white babe to suck his dick behind the club, she
swallows it all THEN goes back in the club and kisses her husband and winks
at the bouncer DAMN! That's cold blooded!

Wanna here something else that tops this one? Okay here we go! One guy I've
heard of but havn't actually met the guy personally. Well to make the long
story short he had something going online with a chick from out of state
that he had been communicating with for a few months as he was going through a seperation at the time from his wife. Okay he set up a meeting
where he paid for her roundtrip plane ticket and put in a nice hotel. He
arrives earlier then expected at the hotel to finally meet her face to face
and she had another dude in there! Damn! WOW!!!!!!!!!

American asian are very materialistic but at least they are okay wives once
you marry them even though it comes with a price. White women doesn't matter how much money you make if the situation is right they will fuck you with no vaseline. Out of all the dozens of married I've banged over the years 6 out of 10 are the worst from what I've seen.
Kandice Matthews (#6025)
Well... I'm 12 and don' have a husband, sooo yeah.
Anonymous (#6026)
@ 6024 that's because it's not all about the money. For these women it's about self loathing and blaming the husband for all the problems in life. It's about her acting in a very hate filled, spiteful, hurtful manner. She wants to "Punish" her husband. Why because "He Cares" and she doesn't. In her head she is wondering why he cares and she has to destroy that because she feels she doesn't deserve it. That or she is just out of her fucking mind crazy and or immoral.
Anonymous (#6029)
That is why they call them filthy whores.
Anonymous (#6032)
Fucking crazy whores is great, IF that's how you want to spend your time. Risk involved such as STD and God forbid you knock one of these whores up, then you get 18 plus years of child support and you are attached to her for life through your child. Think, wear a condom or just stay away from whores. The worst are the ones pretending to be "Good". The single mother epidemic in America is out of control, These bitches should be sterilized after the first kid. We have laws for everything except for people creating unwanted kids. The media pushes sex like it's the pinnacle of your existence to get your rocks off.
Anonymous (#6035)
Most of the women these days do clean pipes for a living.
Anonymous (#6038)
Some of them just like cleaning pipes. Some of them offer pipe cleaning service in exchange for benefits from you AKA money, favors, and things. Most women give men sex either because they want a kid or to extract something from the man. In other words sex is a means to an end, a tool for extraction, for financial and material gain. Why do all these bitches want to have kids? and then get rid of the man. Then proudly proclaim that they are independent to everyone who will listen. Fucking Stupid.
Anonymous (#6039)
To Anonymous #6038, so very true
Anonymous (#6040)
I really hope that God will get rid of the Shit that he created today.
Anonymous (#6044)
To all you guys that married ''the pretty girl''...get that smug look off your face, when you parade around with your slut, those chuckles you hear are from us that fucked that whore before, and it didn't cost us 50,000 plus wedding either. Once a whore always a whore, its going to be the most expensive filthy used up a$$ you will pay for. Sorry for the dads of these skanks..not worth having kids these days because what good can come out of a used up pussy, a future slut or if you have a son could become a homo these days...Fuck whores by the hour, when the clock struck 2 i dumped my goo... then I dumped the bitch off the next block.
Anonymous (#6050)
You have to be careful with these self proclaimed "Pothead Women". You gotta ask yourself "How does a single mother Waitress Pay for all her bills and her kid and still afford to buy hundreds of dollars of weed per month?" She cannot therefore she probably befriends as many "Pothead Men" as possible and trades sex for weed. Rotating the men and collecting new ones along the way. If this "pothead woman" happens to have a boyfriend in her life she will continue to do the same thing and cheat. If the boyfriend says anything about "why so many guy friends?" she calls him possessive and will try to destroy him and whatever relationship there is. Lets face it if they are putting smoking weed ahead of their own child's well being then No Man stands a chance either. Besides a whore like that isn't worth the air she breathes.
Anonymous (#6051)
@6044 I like the Andrew Dice Clay Quote. Men need to stick to their guns and NOT commit to any whorish type of woman. I am sure there are "Some" good women out there, few and far between. The proverbial needle in a haystack. It's a Gamble because some of these damaged women are quite good actresses and you won't know until it's too late. It's only going to get worse as time goes on. Single mothers and children being raised by them are the problem. The kids learn dysfunction from the start. How can children of single mothers grow up only knowing dysfunction ever form a functional, healthy relationship in a family type situation? They Cannot because their mother by choice screwed them out of a normal life. Chances are that 90% of the kids of these single mothers will go the same route, bad choices and a fucked up life. Thinking they are smart because they get over on the welfare system and get over on other people, that includes friends and family.
Anonymous (#6052)
dude i will get the INTERNET police on you!
Anonymous (#6058)
It's too easy to hook up now more than ever before that's the problem! It's
so easy now to go online and find sex discreetly I swear to you this is
the issue. Added to the fact you have all of these materialistic women
showing out on these reality based shows which is plaguing the world the
chances of a woman screwing you over raises by 35-40% if she gets bored with
you REGARDLESS of the situation. Marriage, children, house, etc...if they
get bored they will find another guy on the side or just leave you entirely. That's just the way it is the internet and social media has alot
to do with it. Kim K has millions of followers on her twitter account lol
Anonymous (#6060)
@6058 True boredom or just being selfish and childish. If they don't get everything they demand or expect from you, then they do Spiteful shit behind your back to take vengence on you or to "Hurt You". Fucking Stupidity. Uhm yeah she spitefully had an affair to hurt you and now everyone knows what she did and labeled her a fucking whore, you on the other hand are free and have a better life. Who got hurt more You or Her? Everyone including friends and family thinks she a fucked up whore and you get another chance to go be happy without her. She got hurt more. Yeahs she's a victim of her own stupidity and negativity. I repeat Fucking Stupid.
Anonymous (#6061)
Whoa wait a minute now lol! When a woman decides to fuck someone else
behind your back or drop you for another guy DO YOU THINK SHE REALLY GIVES
please they dont give a fuck! lol! All they know is that they are getting
what they want to get at that moment being labeled a slut serious a woman
could care less! Come on now! You know better than that lol. Being
called a whore only makes the man feel good the cheating woman could give
10 flying fucks! The only way the woman would ever feel bad is if the
children says fuck mommy we want nothing to do with her. Giving the dad
full custody and the kids honestly wants nothing to do with the mother
Now that's when shit hits home. Birthdays, holidays, etc the kids are
"We Want Nothing To Do With This Woman...She Betrayed Dad." I can't think
of anything besides this but that whore slut label lol you are funny.
Anonymous (#6062)
Hell 60% of the women celebrity woman have had whorish pasts and they are
going on with their life no problem lol. Hell half of your co worker women
have had slut teenage years throughout their 20s and 30s and 40s and right
now they are still planning the next hookup, or the guy they want to lock
down in a relationship they could give a shit/fuck about the whore label just
as long as they are getting whatever the hell they want. That's like
calling a jack rabbit in the woods a slut or whore that jack rabbit
wouldn't give a fuck! LOL Calling a devious woman a whore is like telling
a lion in africa to chill out, take it easy on the antelope LOL
Anonymous (#6063)
Hell 60% of the women celebrity woman have had whorish pasts and they are
going on with their life no problem lol. Hell half of your co worker women
have had slut teenage years throughout their 20s and 30s and 40s and right
now they are still planning the next hookup, or the guy they want to lock
down in a relationship they could give a shit/fuck about the whore label just
as long as they are getting whatever the hell they want. That's like
calling a jack rabbit in the woods a slut or whore that jack rabbit
wouldn't give a fuck! LOL Calling a devious woman a whore is like telling
a lion in africa to chill out, take it easy on the antelope LOL
Anonymous (#6066)
I heard an advertisement on the Radio for a new TV show the ad had a sound clip where the female said "Finally I don't have to answer to anybody" it's another Sex in the City mixed with unhappy housewife kind of show. The people creating TV shows know what they are doing, they know that women are gonna watch that show and act out what they watch. 6061 is correct these women don't give a shit about labels, maybe 1% of them would care and try to hide the behavior. The comment Birthdays, Holidays and Kids wanting nothing to do with mother does hit them where it hurts, I have seen this in my own family. A Cunt mother sees herself as victim forgetting all the evil, rotten shit she did, now in her head she is a victim and wonders why her kids don't want her around.
Anonymous (#6069)
I have 3 women I have met online. I have 2 women that I am juggling because they are trophy type potential girlfriends. The 3 women I met online partake in oral sex with me and they suck my cock dry and swallow every single drop of cum. My ex wife wouldn't even do that and she was fucking expensive. The other 2 women,(trophies) are hot but what do they all have in common? They are all goo gobbling, lying, sperm breathed whores. I'll just keep continuing to juggle these bimbos and keep saving loads for all of them and continue to fill up their jizz filled stomachs. Women deserve this kind of treatment because I used to be the pussy whipped husband who didn't get pussy no matter how hard I worked or how much money I made. They all can just suck my cock!
Ramos Luna (#6070)
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Kandice Matthews (#6071)
I'm back
Anonymous (#6072)
Anonymous (#6073)
@6071 by now you should have a couple of diseases! You are 12 now is that right candy?
Anonymous (#6074)
@6069 that's cool man bust a nut in her mouth, just NEVER EVER Kiss
Because if you do you will sample other men's sperm.
If you fuck them wear a condom No Exceptions, less you get diseased or impregnate one of these whores and get the money sucked from your wallet for 20 years.
You have to play their Stupid Fucking Games to get laid.
A call girl you straight out pay her end of story.
A so called dating or relationship scenario you pay continually and the more you pay the less you get. No Thanks.
Marriage, most of these lazy bitches as soon as they get married they flip the script, work less or not at all, stop having sex or make it so shitty that you don't want it, gain 60 pounds, and make everyone around them miserable. All the while blaming someone else usually the husband for all her problems. Eventually Cupcake will cheat with some low life because her self esteem is shot, her husband gets set free and she goes through low life after life until she wakes the fuck up if that's even possible. She is now free too and delusional thinking "I'm Independent" "I don't have to answer to any man". Fucking Brainwashed Cunt.
Anonymous (#6075)
The problem with our society is most men suck it up go to work and do what they need to do to survive and support their family. Women listen to other women, TV, Magazines, and Social Media way too much. They talk themselves into being unhappy. They live in some grass is greener fantasy world and see themselves as the constant victim. These Fucked up women should be forced to visit 3rd world countries where they live in mud huts and don't have medicine or food for their children, in some cases the people are starving literally. Maybe then they would be thankful for what they have, I doubt it though. They are so conditioned, so brainwashed that the only thing that will fix it is a global catastrophe the proportions of the great flood, wipe out 99.9% of all living things including mankind and start over.
Anonymous (#6076)
Look at the dating sites you see all these women on there saying all kinds of fucked up things. They have a laundry list of what they want, even though they themselves are far from perfect and most of them have several kids that are a package deal. OK lets get this right I am suppose to think I'm blessed to be with some chubby mediocre single mother with her kids, baggage, and drama. I'm suppose to feel happy about putting myself in that position, for that headache. Been there tried that, FUCKING NEVER AGAIN. I watched My Dad go through this shit he married my mother, she already had 2 kids from another man, all he got was an empty wallet, a headache, and eventually divorced (he's better off). My Older Brother same scenario marries some woman that had 2 kids from another man, all she and her kids did was make him fucking miserable and broke every fucking day until he died. Guys be smart, choose wisely, Don't go with, have sex with, or bother with Whorish Women. If a Whorish Woman tricks you then get rid of her as fast as possible and save yourself the Time, Money, and Headache.
Be careful of single mothers, they will get you to bond with the kids as a hook. The kids are not the problem. The problem is the Mother.
Anonymous (#6079)
I swear to you guys. At least twice a month I have the opportunity to steal
a woman away from her husband or boyfriend who's put in tons of work, time
and effort with the whore. I have SEVERAL men at the local gyms that hate
to see me coming because their wife always finds a way to sneak looks at
and make eye contact. Instead of guys taking responsibility accepting that
their wife or gf is no good they'd rather put the blame on me lol but really it's their wife that's initiating the transfer of energy. Lower
middle class, upper middle class, rich, don't matter you cannot ever in
your life 100% trust a bitch. I've had women actually come up and talk to me or just come within a few feet away from and make strong eye connection
as soon as their husbands go to the bathroom or something. You learn a lot
from the popular social gyms where its a lot happening. This is why I just
love to fuck or have a woman stay with me overnight or the weekend, but I
cannot ever truly get committed women today are way too spoiled. It doesn't matter that a man does the providing they still like to have their cake and eat it too. Its not just the hot looking babes either it's the ones anywhere from 6/10 on a scale of attractiveness. Its funny though
how the husbands get mad at me I wouldn't have noticed anything if it
wasn't for the guy's wife staring at me from across the gym then actually saying a few words to me when he's not around.
Anonymous (#6080)
@6079 I had this happening to me at a bar I use to hang out at. It is a popular weekend spot live music @9pm big crowds. So I would hang back with my drink and I would catch these married women check me out, strike up conversations, and if they were a bit drunk get all touchy or just hand me their number when the bf or husband went for a piss or a smoke. I got to fuck a few of them, all the same mentality, they have the house, cars, money, husband, and family. Yet they want to fuck other guys. They had no issues talking with the husband on the phone 30 seconds after I busted my nut in her mouth, making excuses and saying when they will be home. Bend her over bust a nut inside her and she goes home to her husband dripping my load kissing him with my cock on her breath. You cannot trust them. If you work out on a regular basis and get a decent build going on they love this and will go crazy for it, in their mind they think how powerfully you will fuck them.
Anonymous (#6083)
White women are the worst ones lol. They're the most bold and daring with black chicks right behind them...then latinas. What ive found out though is that many of them like to fuck as many men as possible to get that confirmation that a guy is truely getting off sexually to their body lol this raises their self esteem. The husband's opinion is outdated they need new fresh bodies for that re affirmative opinion to know that they still have it
Anonymous (#6084)
I have seen so much even when i do come in contact with a decent woman i still avoid any type of commitment because of all the shady games thats being played. I have a friend who's a manager at the local hotspot gym and he tells me he sees married women all the time in the morning meeting up with their fuck buddies then 5-8pm they turnaround and show up with their husband and kids lol. He said its so rridiculous he just closes his office ddoor. These women act like they are such prizes that you must keep them entertained or else if you know whats good for you. Good dick, great food, vacations, gifts, night outs, you better have some consistent entertainment happening orelse you better lol.
Anonymous (#6086)
@6084 Is correct. A married woman I was fucking came to my apartment so we could go out. I was feeling really tired and a bit sick so I said "Lets just chill and watch TV for a while". She watched the TV for about 2 minutes and said "you are making me watch this, I can do that at home, I'm going out".
My response was "There is the door, nothing is stopping you". She wanted constant entertainment, constant restaurants, bars, and different places.
All of these bitches think their pussy is lined with gold or something. As if I can't just pick up another whore to fuck.
Anonymous (#6087)
I think the macho thing is fucking stupid. These guys think they are a man for fucking another man's wife. They think they are more manly than the husband because "She Chose" to fuck another man. Bottom line is any married woman that fucks another man is a whore and she is choosing who she fucks and who she doesn't. Has absolutely nothing to do with the so called macho dude's ability to get a woman. UHM yeah good job there macho douche, you got to fuck a whore, wow your a real man. Have fun paying that 20 years child support or pissing razor blades, or that nice scabby herpes outbreak, People are fucking stupid, they don't even realize they are being conditioned and programmed to do this stupid shit, and it's passed down generation to generation.
Anonymous (#6089)
(#6088) been there done that tiny beaver tiny bug tiny pussy with my tongue and with my cock.
Anonymous (#6090)
I have something that ya'll are really going to enjoy....I have a buddy
that's works for a multi millionaire he is like the run a round errand guy.
Well when his boss sends him out to find a guy high end call girl $500hr
plus type of women! He told me that he had to stop bringing the escorts to
the house because when they see that mansion all of the sudden they don't
want to accept the money. They want friendship and want to hang out. Ain't
that something!
Anonymous (#6091)
I have something that ya'll are really going to enjoy....I have a buddy
that's works for a multi millionaire he is like the run a round errand guy.
Well when his boss sends him out to find a guy high end call girl $500hr
plus type of women! He told me that he had to stop bringing the escorts to
the house because when they see that mansion all of the sudden they don't
want to accept the money. They want friendship and want to hang out. Ain't
that something!
Anonymous (#6092)
Why would any man with any sense date or wife up a good looking woman in the
age category of 26-40? They know too much and know how to run game plus
they get ideas from their friends in that same age bracket. I mean unless
she made the sex totally easy and convienent for you normally that's the
age where they are very materialistic and always shopping for the bigger
and better deal. I likes em 18-23 OR 45-60yrs when they are young they
are more themselves looking to have fun and appreciate you even spending
time with them at McDonalds that age bracket 26-40 aint gonna accept that
lol you better take them to Macaroni Grill or Cheesecake Factory! The
much older ones are just tired, hagged out, and appreciate a younger guy
coming over to her place for fun no strings. I have this one older blonde
woman that used to leave her door unlocked, have salmon and 2 sides a full
course meal, and my favorite drink sitting on the kitchen counter. Then
after eating I would enter her bedroom and she would be napping totally
naked under the covers and I would just go to work on her lol. No way
in hell would a good looking chick on average let you have it like that!
Unless you have some real big financial shit going on that wows them.
I'm telling you guys the most trouble I've had is that dreaded age group
of 26-40yrs old especially when they are hot. They know all the tricks!
I'll screw a married one though! They dont have time to focus on you
they are just in it for the sex! But single? 26-40yrs? Shit.... They
know how to operate!
Anonymous (#6093)
It's all about them manipulating men with the man's desire to fuck a hot woman, It's a game. Some women target certain men because of what they have or what they can offer the woman. So the woman will fuck the guy on the regular and hook him, meanwhile she's already looking 7 - 10 years down the road and how much she will get in a divorce settlement, that's if she doesn't kill the poor bastard someway, somehow, Stress!!!
I have already seen too much Bullshit, I have seen the men in my family alone go through all kinds of shit with their wives. Today she says she loves you and tomorrow she flips the script and is taking 60% of everything. It's too big of a gamble, So men need to either stay away or play the same fucked up game.
Pretend to be interested in a relationship or marriage.
Get her to believe that, get her thinking you have $$, she will fuck better
Play her for a while then dump her in an instant.
Women do this all the time, some are blatant.
Fake interest, Lots of sex and her faking orgasms, she stops getting material gain from you or becomes bored, she will start bitching at you and saying "All you want is SEX" when the bitch used SEX to hook you in the 1st place. They should legalize Prostitution and it would solve a lot of the worlds problem with Gold Digging Sluts that think they are worth a mountain of gold, when in reality they are worth less than a pile of dog shit. I have seen this shit in my own family, My own mother sisters and nieces all acting like spoiled little cunts thinking that pussy is worth a million dollars. I almost guarantee that if a man has 1000 dollars cash and approaches some female he knows or maybe one he does not know and says
I have 1000 dollars for you to "have some fun with me" most of the women would take the 1000 bucks, have sex with the man and not think twice about it.
Anonymous (#6094)
im sick of bitches and them having boyfriends.
Fuck equality everything is easy for them.
How about we rape women?
How about we kill feminists?
How about murdering prostitutes?
How about i shoot a girl, then grab a couple boys and have some fun raping her lol.
rape is funny.
Beat women with a bat and blow out there brains lol
kill females abort female babies.
iaoai (#6095)
I feel pressured to going to collage when I'm around women.
Its almost like a big vagina is running the collages, One that constantly screams "RAPE, HE RAPED ME, DON'T TOUCH ME, NO MEANS NO!"
Anonymous (#6096)
ugly lesbians i'm going to hang you!
Stinking fem-pigs i'm going to nuke you!
Anonymous (#6098)
Women want equality in pay and rights. Yet they still want a man to pay, they still want a man to make the move and approach them. They say they want a real man, Yet they don't want the man to be the leader, to call the shots.
They spend a lot of their time trying to emasculate their Real Man and then criticize the man afterwards. They want equality yet in divorce court the man usually gets screwed on property division, child custody, and overall financially. How many men get custody? How many men receive child support from a woman? How many men collect an alimony check from a woman?
How many men get financial gain from Divorce?
There you have it things are not equal and never will be.
Anonymous (#6099)
Do people even realize that there are video chat websites where the women get tokens to show tits and ass. Some of the women there are using the website like a part time job to make money. HMM money for showing tits and ass, putting on a sex show and of course private chat one on one. So basically they are a virtual whore on a video chat website. So they can make money from sex without physically having sex. This world is so fucked.
Anonymous (#6100)
To Anonymous #6096, speaking of Lesbians they have destroyed us good men. Especially the ones that left their husbands for other women. What losers they are.
Anonymous (#6103)
Google this! Girl destroys feminism in 3 minutes...
Anonymous (#6105)
dear Pink_Sparkles Im going to find you and Then cut you into pieces for being a slutty gamer hoe You ugly pretender feminist cunt you will die with the rest of them.
Anonymous (#6106)
If most women arent whores then why 80 percent of the time do the really good looking babes and i mean the fucking hot babes most of them only date or marry rich men? Doctors attorneys successfully business guys just saying every time you see a fucking smoking hot chick they are usually gold diggers. Nothing wrong with having a man that has his act together Nothing wrong with that at all but damn. Like as if their hot looks evens the playing field lol its okay for her to have a job as a hair stylist or personal trainer or some other type of reception job making 50k a year but just because they are hot physically they are entitled to a man who makes 300k a year plus! Just by being very attractive they think its even lol. 75 percent of women think this way
Captain pugwash (#6109)
Users sluts whores....all women who dress like sluts must die...horrible painful deaths....they are the sluttiest of the sluts. If you dress in a short dress and boots you must die for your a prostitute, the lowest form of pig and dog and i fucking hate your fucking guts God commands modesty and any form of immodesty is a sin fucking Slags
Anonymous (#6116)
@6106 I remember being a kid and one of my team mates had this Smoking Hot Blond Mom and a short older looking dad who I assumed had lots of money. They were such a mismatch, they had 4 kids together. I am sure she made out extremely well when she filed for divorce. My uncle told me once ALL women do the same shit, So If you are gonna get involved and inevitably screwed over, lied to, and cheated on you may as well Do It with a hot chic. It has to be worse when a plain Jane chubby wife cheats on you because you don't expect it. A hot wife you know guys are hounding her and she might give in. In the end it's all Bullshit 99.5% are all doing the same shit. The same shit has been going on for thousands of years. This is why we have warnings about whorish women in The Bible. It says something like a man that keeps the company of whorish women soon spends all his substance(money). Modern day divorce court stripping men of their substance(money).
iaoai (#6118)
I feel pressured to going to collage when I'm around women.
Its almost like a big vagina is running the collages, One that constantly screams "RAPE, HE RAPED ME, DON'T TOUCH ME, NO MEANS NO!"
iaoai (#6119)
kill all pedophiles
Anonymous (#6123)
I feel ya'll lol. Here in the states even the fat chubby plain jane women
will stick it to you. Even they feel entitled to the best. I cannot stand the
attitude of american babes and this is coming from a guy born and raised here
in the states. They're spoiled as fuk. A woman who's 5ft 5inches and weighs
190lbs think she's god gift to men. I'm not talking about the initial first
few fucks I'm talking about dealing with her over the course of a few months
you'll learn alot. Forget the hot babes even the fat ones are self entitled
Anonymous (#6124)
Man its so funny all the time at gym I see guys that are all lovey dubby
so engulfed in their woman and it's the SAME chick that got right in front
of me bending over where I can check her out or sometimes even strike up a
convo when he's not around that particular day. Its funny to me I see witness this quite often and man women are the REAL players! These guys are
getting pimped! Investing their time, their emotions, and their finances
all the while these chicks are shopping for bigger better deals. I feel
so privelidged to see and know what's going on. I feel blessed!
tape measure tongues and cocks & balls deep pussy. (#6125)
KELLY RIPA. MAY 16TH, 2016 - FROM MAY 16TH, 1986 : 3O YEARS.
tape measure tongues and cocks & balls deep pussy. (#6126)
KELLY RIPA. MAY 16TH, 2016 - FROM - MAY 16TH, 1986 : 3O YEARS.
Anonymous (#6127)
5ft 5inches @190 pounds = Low Self Esteem = will cheat when player dude lays on the Bull Shit. American women are spoiled and entitled, too use to men bending over backwards for that pussy or for their company. I see married women flirting all the time, flaunting their body, basically looking for another man's attention. These women should not be married if that's what they want. I am gonna bet that even the hijab, burka wearing middle eastern women cheat as well, probably more thrilling because they have a higher risk if caught. Under those covering garments, she's still a woman and will buy the Bull Shit coming from some horny dudes mouth.
Anonymous (#6128)
Its so funny you mention the burka arab women just a few months ago i met this older arab dude at the gym who had to divorce his wife after 20yrs. She got a gym membership and he suspected some foul shit so he checked her email and found out that she slept with about 4 different guys. So she got half of everything and alimony
Anonymous (#6130)
@6128 Yeah and those 4 are just the ones he knows about, I am sure they are 4 of 100. They get addicted to the attention, to that feeling of being sexually desirable and then you add Social Media, Cell Phones and even something like a gym membership and there you have, a recipe for corruption.
I saw a lot of shady shit going on at the gym as well, it's really easy to get attention and phone numbers at the gym, probably even easier for a woman.
Anonymous (#6131)
I met a married woman at the bar one night, we exchanged emails and she asked where I lived. After 2 weeks of emails, she was knocking at my door on a Saturday night. She said she only had about 30 minutes, so we fucked and she went home to her Husband. She must have told him she was stuck in traffic on her way shopping. Man I feel sorry for anyone who has invested time, effort, money in a woman like this. Some Women Get Bored and they want that excitement from someone new, that includes the whole sex thing too.
Men if you catch your woman cheating, Dump Her Whore Ass as fast as you possibly can. Dump her even if it costs you Financially. Be a Good Man and a Good Father, Don't bad mouth the whore to anyone especially your kids,
eventually the kids grow up and learn the truth anyway.
Anonymous (#6132)
That aint shit you think that's bad me and my older white buddy used to
tagteam married women all the time. At least twice a month. This one hot
brunette met us at the motel as soon as her husband left to go out of town
we emptied our nuts in her pussy several times taking turns. When she got
up to go shower she sounded like a damn trash bag filled with water lol
Anonymous (#6133)
What do you do when you wake up and realize it's all a Bull Shit Game. Men Trying to be Fuck Salesmen and the Women Playing their own Game exploiting naive men with Sex and the desire for it. Then you have the sincere people stuck in the middle. The sincere people are the ones that really want a relationship that is positive and pure..Only problem is that rarely exist.
The only way to not get to not get involved in the 1st place.
Never commit to a woman, you will save yourself Time, Money, and Heartache because cupcake will eventually get bored and fuck the neighbor. After that you get divorced and robbed of your assets. I say MGTOW and remain alone, get laid on occasion and show them the door in the morning or shortly after you fuck them. Escorts are encouraged, they get paid after the fact and leave. It's a business transaction and nothing more.
Anonymous (#6134)
Most women know nothing of self sacrifice, of loyalty, of servitude towards family. The men in my family showed loyalty, hard work, and sacrifice. Only to be betrayed. Lets face it just being alive and surviving is hard work in this world. Some people live in a fucking fantasy world. Oh the bills will magically pay themselves, he doesn't need to work 60 hours, he is doing it on purpose because he doesn't want to be home with his family. Bitch is smoking crack or something.
Anonymous (#6135)
I find it ironic that these women that "Get Bored" so easily are not really all that exciting or interesting themselves. They need someone else to supply their excitement and happiness because they lack the ability to get joy and excitement on their own. And when they are so bored and so unhappy they blame someone else for it, when in reality it's them that's to blame. People that are extremely negative tend to down everything so much that it kills any joy or happiness they may have.
Anonymous (#6136)
Man thats the main thing i hear from these married whores i fuck from time to time and i swear they make it sound so convincing of why they are cheating on their men. He isn't exciting anymore i dont feel the same. These are the husbands that are providing financially and doing the daddy thing but its never enough. In iraq that dont tolerate that betrayal shit. Then after i fuck them really good and we are laying in bed they go into detail showing me pictures of their kids and how their son just made varsity team like i could give a shit im like bitch im ready to hop on the nearest beltway now that i just got my nut.
Anonymous (#6138)
Nothing is ever enough, They can have a million dollars, the best husband and kids in the world, the best family connections in the world, If they view what they have in a non grateful way they will always feel void and empty hence unsatisfied. Move onto the next guy after they fuck their life up and those same empty feelings, that void, they are still there. It's how they look at things. Positive people are happy and grateful for all they have they view the people and things they have as a blessing. Negative people take things for granted, they feel entitled to everything, they are not thankful for the people and things they have, they spend their time wondering why they don't have more and better, wondering why they don't have a better husband, children, house and etc, because they feel they deserve the best. I say mental disorder, flawed thought processes. That or just one miserable bitch that's a a bottomless pit that will never be filled no matter how much is given.
Anonymous (#6139)
The ones that get married 4+ times: they go from dick to dick, carrying their nasty cunt germs with them and infecting the men they fuck. There is this one bitch that I know. She is on her 4th marriage and in addition to fucking her husbands she has affairs all the time and fucks absolutely anything and everything. The men are somewhat to blame though. They know her reputation and they still fuck her big stretched out cunt. I guess because it is such an easy lay. She looks for cock all the time. If a man is sitting down she walks up to him and sticks her nasty snatch in his face. This whore should be hung by the neck for the way she acts. Yes Trina aka Dick Pauley, I'm talking about you. You ugly dog faced whore. I hope one of those men gets angry and beats the dog shit out of you.
Anonymous (#6140)
Most women are very sad and pathetic today.
Anonymous (#6141)
Women can't figure out why they are at the bottom of the barrel in society. Well it is because you bitches are always in competition for cock. If you see another woman who looks better than you, is smarter than you, has better credentials than you, is just better than you in general, you get mad and think you can make yourself look better by tearing her down. Do men act this way? No they do not. They support one another and work together toward a common goal. You stand there with a pissy look on your ugly face, stick your ass out, and talk shit about any woman who is in any way superior to you. Think about this: there's an Old Boys Network but have you ever heard of an Old Girls Network? No you have not because you stupid fucking cunts can't stop the bullshit and work together to create one. You made your bed now you lay in it. You deserve your place at the bottom and you deserve to be no more than slaves to the men. Fuck you.
Anonymous (#6145)
Lesbians are the filthy garbage that God created.
Anonymous (#6150)
Let's give them some credit though some will end it with you because they have another guy waiting in the wings so that they dont feel morally bad about cheating, getting rid of you first so lets give them some credit.
Anonymous (#6152)
my sister is a fat slab of prescription drugs and depression lol.
Females are a joke, Stupid Mental cases, And Don't need children.
You've got thee nerve to tell men that they are not tough.
But at least we can be logical rather then cry.
You women are dirt so shut up and fuck off!
go to your college and get raped for a victim status.
Anonymous (#6153)
YEAH drag your stupid lazy cunts to college and get raped by some fagot so you can blame it on rape culture you lying bastard piles of vomit.
Take those drugs for you periods so that you don't die of cancer from estrogen build up.
nasty fuck that bloody dirt pouring out of there pussies.
Anonymous (#6154)
Look at the dating sites, What is the one recurring theme "I'M Independent".
The women say this and still want a man to approach them 1st to ask for a number. The women still want a man to pay for dates, meals, trips and etc.
The women still have the upper hand in divorce court and fabricate lies so the husband gets restricted visitation and has to pay more. The women want equality only certain things are in their favor. Some women line another guy up before they leave the sucker husband. They lie so extremely well that sometimes the husband get's blindsided when he finds out. If a man works long hours and has a lot of responsibilities, you can almost guarantee that she has another man keeping her company. Why? because most women don't acknowledge how hard a man is working for his family and how much her husband is doing for his family. These women just complain and complain, He never pays attention to me, even though he does. He doesn't have to work so much, even though he has enormous responsibilities and may need to work that way temporarily. How many of these women would be willing to sacrifice so her husband can be home more??? How many of these women actually have a calm rational grown up conversation with their husband about improving the situation??? NO instead the majority of these women find other men to fill her time, blaming her husband for her bad choice, because she cannot get out of fantasy thinking and unrealistic expectations. One bitch I was with contacted me recently and wanted to start seeing me again, I said NO. I told her you have a husband and everything a woman could possibly dream of, he loves you unconditionally even though you cheat. Yet you cheat over and over, I would throw you the fuck out, you should feel really lucky your husband doesn't do just that.
Her reply was it's not about any of that, you don't understand. What's it about then bitch?? Sex??, excitement??, Are you bored?? what??. What about your daughter?? Gonna teach her your ways?? Probably. They make excuses for everything, the woman described here has everything and doesn't even work, true definition of a cold hearted bitch.
Anonymous (#6155)
Independent we are all dependent upon other people and things. We are dependent upon our jobs for money, we depend on gasoline and the companies that provide it to run our cars, we depend on banks to distribute our payments where they are suppose to go. We are all dependent on our system and other people. OK women are pissed off because they want to have a career or work like a man 50 hours a week and then they still have to Make Dinner, Do Laundry, Care for Kids, Clean the house, Do the dishes, Shop for groceries and so on. So the women begrudgingly do all these chores and get more and more pissed off at their husband for not helping enough or not helping at all. Did she ask or just expect him to read her mind? Women have been sold a line of Bull Shit and believed it. If a woman does all the things she is suppose to do and actually talks with her husband and shows mutual respect and appreciation then they wont have marital problems. Instead they act like children, they get pissed off and don't say anything, they don't appreciate or recognize their husband or his efforts. They only see themselves, usually as a victim. People need to get back to basics, have a smaller house, be more humble and content, be more satisfied with your family instead of that new car, new tech gadget, and etc. People need to live within their means and the women shouldn't work and if they do part time only. Children need their mother around a lot more. This does not guarantee that she wont be a dumb bitch and fuck up her life by being a malcontent, or a cheating cunt. However if people can change their mindset and stop following the brainwashing that's done through the media this world would improve. That and we should hold all the people running the media and the world accountable and fucking lynch them for trying to manipulate and subvert us.
Anonymous (#6156)
Yeah RH blood type, Royal Blood, Fucking inbred cocksuckers, think that they have the right to rule us all. They allow themselves to be demon possessed, that's their fucking power and that will be their downfall. Unfortunately millions of innocent people will die before these cocksuckers are taken down.
Yeah lets create some natural disasters, lets create some lethal diseases and not release the cure, lets collect the billions of dollars spent on medications, lets bombard the masses with negative, constant negative, to implant negativity into their subconscious minds so that negativity manifests itself in reality, Lets get them thinking on a primitive level, where the only thought is FUCKING constant FUCKING, yeah lets get them to create unwanted children for us to abuse, future victims to perpetuate the evil in our minds. Eugenics YEAH we will bombard them with sexual advertising and marketing to sell them our products and they will get caught up in a primitive mindset of derp I just wanna fuck all the time. After that we The Elite will complain there are too many of you and will plan a great culling to rid the world of "Useless Eaters". This is Fucking Insane". Manipulate the people into a certain behavior and then murder them for being ignorant and falling prey to the people that rule over us. Fucking Psychopathic CockSuckers.
Anonymous (#6162)
I know one thing I've been living my life only getting pussy on MY TERMS
and these sluts love me for it! I swear they like to be treated like shit
they love the challenge! Its not an act either everything is on my fucking
terms no matter how hot she is. Star carrying youself like pussy comes
easy no need to rush the bitch could possibly be wasting your time you have
more important shit lined up bitch hurry up and say what you got to say. WATCH the energy you start getting back from these whores.
Anonymous (#6163)
Then it starts to become a game like this "This Guy is a Jerk, But I Bet He's
Great in Bed! I'm Gonna Get Him To Fuck Me That Will Teach Him!"
Anonymous (#6164)
Just too many women today that are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, and very greedy, which Destroyed their brain is the real reason why their so very Pathetic.
Anonymous (#6167)
When a woman says "Independent" what she means is she rejects the idea of the man as leader or head of the household. These women want everything and feel entitled to everything. So they want a "Real Man" yet the second they get a "Real Man" they try to compete with him for the "Leader role", they try to cut him down and emasculate him through fucked up mind games, shaming tactics, public humiliation and or embarrassment.
In other words these women say they want a "Real Man" and when they finally find one they try to destroy him and whatever relationship is going on. God forbid you married her or have children with her. That will just prolong suffering. You can see why Some men "Play Women for Sex", because they know the game and how it usually ends.
Anonymous (#6168)
Ya'll wont listen! Look good and treat em like shit! Hey I have a hot young
brunette that's really vying for my attention right now and I swear to you
guys for the past year or so I've been very cold towards her. No smile, no
hello, no acknowledgment, not a DAMN thing! Its two other babes 3 in total
that's trying to get my attention all the time and I'm very cold and rude
to all 3. What's up with that shit!???? Man now that I officially discovered this tactic FUK being the nice how are you doing type of guy fuck that shit! Do what I do and watch the response you'll get months later they will always put you in that other category which is GREAT.
Anonymous (#6169)
I have to add these are 8, 9, 10s type of chicks!
Anonymous (#6171)
I agree with #6168. This female bartender I know was being bitchy towards me even though I was nice to her. I started ignoring her, wouldn't even acknowledge she was there. The next thing I know she's trying to get my attention and is right on me the second I walk in the door. So yes #6168 is correct treat them shitty, ignore them and the bullshit games and they will chase you.
a.o. (#6172)
Oh look at the poor mainstream hoe got her ass beat and now she is a ratchet Gothic Demon whore.
If i got with Rhianna id brake her back bone leave her in a cold room and Fuck her butt hole till she gets hemorrhoids, and fistula.
You dumb cunts will be wearing a colostomy bag till death do you in lol.
A.o. (#6173)
look at me flashing masonic symbols to show you i sold my soul.
look at me i got black makeup and I'm so scary.
look at my get beat up and get all the attention.
Anonymous (#6178)
I find it fucking hilarious how stupid fucking cunts in this day and age scream for equality in society. These stupid whores state that they are just as equal and qualified as any man... Yet they continue to feed their glutinous appetite of self entitlement in the event of divorce and demand that a man continues to financially support her indefinitely!

I thought you cunts were equal? According to you hypocrical feminists, you are more than capable of supporting yourself and "don't need no man" to support you?!?!

If that were the truly the case, bitches around the world would unite to end a socioeconomic injustice known as "alimony".

But nawww, you whores love to live in the realm of double standards and pathetically try to justify the legalized theft of another persons wealth and hard work because.... You feel entitled because you were married and maybe had a couple of kids. Cunts will argue their right to financial welfare from their ex for erroneous reasons like "staying at home with the children".

Staying at home with the kids WAS YOUR FUCKING JOB!!!!!!!! The mans job was to work and support his family with a paycheque that afforded a roof and food. These self entitled whores forget the fact that their spouce fulfilled his obligation to give that cunt a roof, food and clothing. She wiped asses and breast fed. He fought rush hour and that unbearable boss in order to support his family. He did his job, she did hers.
But self entitled whores in this day and age love to try and argue their entitlement to financial compensation because they "stayed home with the kids". Again, I say, that was your fucking job, bitch!!! You watched the kids when he was doing his job.
It's a reciprocal relationship, or at least it's supposed to be!!! But nooooo!!! Not according to the whores and hypocrical feminists!!!
They never went to college. They didn't write essays and depositions and study for years in order to advanc their net worth and employability. They simply opened up their piss flaps and took a load of cum... and voila.... They feel entitled to 50% of a mans worth.
A multi millionaire who worked for decades (a decade is 10 years for all you illiterate whores reading this) can lose it all in a matter of months just by saying "I do" to the wrong person!!!

David (#6179)
Hi, I'm just writing to all of you that hate women, and in particular whores. Last week my best friend found out that his girlfriend, who he's been dating for about 4 years, instead of going to work in an office as a secretary every morning, as she said she did, was actually going to another appartment from where she was working as a prostitute. Obviously my friend is devasted and lots of us here are telling this filthy whore what we think of her and of her actions, and if anyone would like to join us, please contact me at or email me at
Anonymous (#6181)
@David, Ok so you were with a whore, Lesson Learned. Move on and don't let this experience ruin you. Rather learn from it, that woman taught you what you don't want.
Think about all the little hints and signals she probably gave you, that's what you need to remember. Now you know and can avoid it next time.
Anonymous (#6182)
Never get married,Don't have children unless you know the mother extremely well. Even then there are no guarantees. People change, people get influenced, peer pressure, ignorance, corruption, mental illness, the list goes on and on. Men are better off single. Save your money and date only occasionally. Make it clear to your date you DO NOT want a commitment or a long tern relationship. This seems what most modern women want anyway a Cock Carousel.
Anonymous (#6186)
White women go with black guys for attention and because it's taboo, and it probably pisses off their daddy, Low self esteem. Black Dudes go with white women for the sex, and because black women have such a fucking shit attitude that they cannot deal with it.
No Race is immune from the brainwashing, it's all encompassing. As far as genital size that's a matter of genetics and the way the individuals body happens to develop. Small ignorant minds are stuck on sex as if nothing else exist in the world, in other words you are a victim of the media brainwashing, they control your mind, you are their bitch.
Anonymous (#6188)
Im black and im not attracted to white women who mostly date black guys. Most of them have or had clymidia or ghonnororea and they all think they are such such a prize. Then after a couple of illegitimate kids, gained 50lbs thenthey want a stable guy. I know one thing out of the dozens of ccheating women ive fucked it seems the most loyal are those muslim arab women. Ive never came across one them and had success if they are already in a committed relationship. White and black women are the worst on average its nothing taboo for them to suck another mans dick. Those latin women that date and marry white and black guys dont trust them either lol. Latino men are too controlling my ass lol. Its just that they cannot fool the latino men with their games so instead they latch on to white or black guys who are excited to have a latina babe.
Anonymous (#6189)
Once you are on to the games Some Women play, then the woman wants to move on. I had one Latina tell me "You Aren't Going To Let Me Get Away With Anything Are You?" that was after I called her out on her Bull Shit. Needless to say I didn't keep her around. As for the prize statement I think that's 100% correct, Some of these women think they are worth their weight in Gold. It's all stupidity,most of them are 12 year old girls in a 30 year old body. They watch reality TV and all that Bull Shit and get corrupted by it. Most of them have this huge list of Male attributes that no man on the planet can fulfill, Hence the reason so many of these females are miserable and cheat.
Anonymous (#6190)
They know how to REALLY cover their tracks as well. A close friend of
mines introduced me to his new gf that he decided to move in and get
serious with. Right upon meeting her I spotted her bullshit. She gave me a
wink when we both said nice meeting you lol. She actually winked! So
later that day she goes and tells my buddy "I Think Your Friend is Gay!"
He stood up for me though lol. What she did was cover her tracks in case
I went back and told him how she gave me the eye now she has an alibi.

I really honestly prefer chicks that are 18-21yrs old then when they reach
age 22yr cut ties with em before they really get corrupted with the media
bs and become cunning with games. I am dead serious if its a hot chick
honestly and definitely ages 24-40 if it cant be a quick one night stand
fuck on the first date I don't want ANYTHING to do with them! I get anxiety and actually hate dating the goodlooking ones in that age bracket
they know too much. They know how to run game and if they don't their friends will school them about ME lol. 18-21yrs are happy just to have your time taking them to taco bell or olive garden $10.99 meal lol. That age bracket I hate loves expensive happy hours, cheesecake factory,
exclusive social night outs, wants you to live in expensive upscale communities so that they can look good for their friends, wants to ride around in 2014-2015 late model rides, the list goes on.... They simply know all the tricks that's why I cant fuck with them unless its a quick easy fuck the first meeting OR if their in a relationship already they don't have time to observe and focus on me other than sex!
Anonymous (#6206)
Guys even if you make enough money to provide for the both of you regardless of kids keep her ass working no matter what. I dont care if its a dead end job where she makes $10hr keep her ass working. Why? Not all but most of the women ive banged were those lonely housewives thats well pampered having a husband that brings home the bacon and they aren't responsible for anything other than house chores and searching for the occasional cock to blow. Keep them slaving away at their job they'll appreciate you much better than some devious slut that's having everything shoved up her ass. I could be making a million dollars a month in sales believe it or not i would still require that she still work her minimum wage job. Nothing's worse than to be betrayed by someone you took really good care of emotionally and financially.
Anonymous (#6213)
@6206 >It doesn't matter if they work or not. OK so she works that minimum wage job, so now instead of her blowing the neighbor or the FedEx guy she blows a coworker or her manager. If a woman is going to fuck around it don't matter if she works or not she will find a cock. I agree the part about being betrayed by someone who you gave everything to, I experienced that more than once. That's why I will never have another wife or committed relationship, it's not fucking worth it. Our world and most women in it are fucking corrupt.
Anonymous (#6214)
Its almost as if once they know that you genuinely care sbout them deep down they lose some excitement for you...the chase is over now what??? Women i feel love the challenge of the chase that maybe someday i can win him over and then he will love me. Women are complex. For example cindy crawford has had a successful marriage with that club owner. Now i get it he's goodlooking and owns a popular nightlife hotspot. So in her eyes she sees how he has access to all of these hot women that frequent his club and at any given moment he could give cindy the boot for a younger hotter eye candy. There's always that chance. It's simple if you overly show that you love them and they dont have that fear factor with you that they could lose you its over its just a matter of time before they fuck you over. Thats why other than my mother and sisters I'll never in my life tell a chick that i love her it aint happening. I will forevermore keep their lil asses working for my approval it will never ever be enough to satisfy my needs. I will always emotionally keep them on edge no matter how goodlooking and nice she may appear on the surface fuk that shit.
Anonymous (#6216)
I find it ironic that these women Rebel against, Defy, and Have Contempt for men that actually love and care for them. So much so that they wind up being Self Destructive and Self Defeating. Just look at websites like chatville dot com. How many of those token grabbing cam whores are someones ex-wife that rebelled against a good man, and now she is at a low playing virtual whore for the world. So what did that good man do, Oh He Loved her, He Cared, and He probably made some "Rules" or "Moral Guidelines" to live by that she thought were oppressive. Now she has to be a whore on a webcam website to make extra money because she refused to let the man "Be The Leader" and live a clean and healthy life. Oh I am sure living in that nice house with a good man, in an affluent area, with that new car and the spending money/shopping sprees were so oppressive. The fact that the children grew up in a safe area and went to a top notch school system was so oppressive. Cupcake was a CUNT and only thought about herself, she dwelt upon her life as a negative and now look, Alcoholism, excessive tattoos and now a Cam Whore. Cupcake was so oppressed Oh My. Next step will be outright Prostitution and her scumbag Boyfriend will be her pimp, after all why should he work like a man if he can turn her out that way.
Anonymous (#6217)
You gotta check out the following link - it's a support group for CHEATERS. Most of the posters are women - surprise, surprise. After reading some of their lame posts, I felt like throwing up. Jesus, they are all insane, attention-seeking sluts, and you can see the LIES they are telling in their posts, trying to make themselves look good, while confessing to being serial cheaters -
Anonymous (#6218)
That's why I say once they know that you love them its a fucking wrap!
They'll get bored and find some excuse to cheat and move on. I will no
longer fall for that pie in the sky bullshit love happily ever after,
soulmates, all the scam bullshit. I'm from and live in her the states
but man it seems like the most loyal are the indian/desi babes, those
arab chicks, and some asian cultures. American born or american white
women, black women, and latina women are only good for sex nothing else!
On average they have no loyalty. I've fucked COUNTLESS married white and
black women ESPECIALLY white women they are the biggest whores to grace
this planet earth. American or Euro white women that live here in america
are shameless whores they have no shame or compassion. Black women are
right behind them but ooooh wheeeee white women will cheat in a fucking
heartbeat. I recently fucked a married white housewife that provided the
hotel room, had a cooler with ice full of wine coolers, and vodka, ready
for me lol using her husband's money. I used to fuck this no good white
americanized german slut who used to buy me gifts, bake cakes and pies,
all on the expense of her husband who was in the military supporting their
3 kids! Every penny she spent on me was at the expense of her husband's
monthly allowance and military benefits. I even went on base before to
buy shit at discounted rate lol using HIS benefits! White women no matter
where they are from are evil.....Right now at this moment this guy contacted me saying that he wanted to add some spice to his bedroom seeing
his wife with another man sexually. She turns around went into his phone
while he was sleeping and I've been screwing her ever since ALONE he doesn't even know about it lol. Its going on a year now....
Kandice Matthews (#6223)
I'm back and these comments are hilariously stupid. The grammar is so funny. Wow, to think that some of you guys actually went to school!
Kandice Matthews (#6224)
Yes I am a attention seeking slut,! But so what.!!! You guys love it and so do we women. Women love variety! But so do you men!.....
Anonymous (#6230)
Sex is for procreation. Making babies and that's it. We have been manipulated by our controllers, those evil entities to corrupt ourselves. To allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking sex is the only thing in the world worth pursuing. Why? because if you are busy looking for sex, constantly thinking only of sex, then you are kept dumb. You learn nothing because you don't spend any time educating yourself.
Anonymous (#6231)
Variety is not the problem. The problem is we have people getting married and making a very serious commitment to another person, only to break those promises without any thought of the other people it will effect. Especially the children. A married woman wants variety and has an affair without thought of the consequences, without thought of her husband and children. Her husband and children will have their lives altered forever because of the selfish woman. That woman was thinking of herself, her needs and her wants..selfishly. I am sure men do these things too. Bottom line is if you don't want to be married anymore just say so. People need to wake the fuck up and stop toying with other people.
Anonymous (#6232)
My friend met this slut online who would actually travel from arkansas
by car to Houston to suck his dick all weekend and buy him food or whatever
he needed. Eventually her husband found out somehow and call him begging
him to leave his wife alone he's already invested in her over the years.
My friend to him to get lost lol never call him again with that bullshit.
Damn thats cold....Feel sorry for that dude to be all caught up like with
some no good slut and he's financially takes care of her the bitch doesn't
have a job lol. Man please. I would drop a bitch real fast if I detect
any shadiness. This woman has been spending his hard earned dollars for
years and swallowing other men's cum on the side damn that's fucked up.
Anonymous (#6234)
Most of the comments are the cold hard truth. The facts. I really don't think people here are concerned with grammar. After all we are not typing a term paper, a thesis, or a job resume. We are typing the truth in hopes that maybe some other guys out there will avoid getting burnt by whorish women.
Anonymous (#6235)
This website is pretty damned good; it offers good advice to men about how they can turn the tables and play women -

All women are lying sluts. The trick lies in not getting mad at them for it. Because getting mad at them for it is like getting mad at the sun for coming up. You just have to face facts and either avoid them like the plague or game them and get some pussy and kick them to the curb. Anything in between is pure suicide.
Anonymous (#6238)
I agree with 6235. I have seen the females in my own family behaving badly. Lying, Cheating, and Gaming men.>>"game them and get some pussy and kick them to the curb. Anything in between is pure suicide"<< is 100% truth.
Anonymous (#6240)
what's the deal with taking off comments here on this web page it makes no since cause everybody has there own opinions.
Anonymous (#6241)
If you look through all the comments there are a lot missing as if someone went through and deleted certain ones. Also this page was supposedly hacked a while back. Probably some NSA hacker got bored and had his NSA tools at his disposal. That or the comments about "the so called elites" were not liked.
Anonymous (#6242)
I don't know I have the best success with women when my feelings are unclear
about their attractiveness and my desire to date or fuck them. My feelings
being totally unclear= lust and desire from hot chicks! That's just the
way it is these chicks nowadays are extremely privelisged and spoiled you
have to treat em like that they wont respect you. Knowing this I could never
tell babe that I love her or actually care about her. It sounds cold but
I do know that they LOSE desire for you the thrill of the chase is gone
and vanished. In fact whenever a chick tells you she loves after just
a few months thats normally just to make a man go take
you off the market to satisfy her own personal needs it has nothing to do
with really genuinely loving you. Its to protect her investment! I'm
sorry I just believe in fairy tails.
Anonymous (#6243)
Just dont believe in fairy tails my fault. "I Love You" that' some scam
artist shit going on to tie up your time and finances!
Anonymous (#6244)
I am fortunate enough to see through the game. I love the look on their face when I ask "Do you think that hole between your legs is worth the shit your giving me?" I fucking hate lies and games, It's not worth the fucking time or money. Now I have all the time and money to do whatever I want whenever I want. Once you get yourself off the media brainwash trying to tell you that the best thing in life is SEX then you live a happier more fulfilled life.
Anonymous (#6246)
I'm black and I must admit stay away from white babes that date black men!
All of them I've ever dated turned out to be whores! They have this
mentality "If I Can't Get What I Want From This Guy I know That A Any
Black Guy Will Fuck Me! Not Having My Way With White Men Because I'm A Few
Pounds Overweight. No Problem! Black Dick Here I Cum! Black Guys Will Screw
Anything! What My Current Black Boyfriend James Has Been a Real Jerk
Lately. No Problem! Yesterday I Remember That Sexy Black Guy Checking Me
Out Yesterday While I Was With James. Maybe I Should Go Tonight Looking
For Him Maybe He'll Talk To Me." Again....80% of the white women that
date black guys exclusively are nothing but skanks!
Anonymous (#6247)
Jail rape and kill females and there crimes chop off there heads.
Anonymous (#6249)
These guys are crazy! My buddy tried to argue with me saying "Yeah But You
Have Pussy Access All The Time When You Live With A Woman" lol I told him
I'd rather jerk off to porn half the time or find me a quick booty call
hookup rather to put up with all the mess of having some woman move in my
house! That's like agreeing to buy and take care of a 17ft burmese python
you never know what to expect after the move in and get settled with you.
Maybe it's just me having some twisted phobia but I simply have zero trust
most women will be nice and easy to get along with in the beginning not
wanting to run you off so early, then after awhile their true colors will
surface. Whether its 2,3,4,5yrs something is going to hit you that you
didnt see coming. My deal is I dont want to waste years with a babe
that turns out to be phony because early in the going all women show you
their nice side not wanting to scare you away so damn early. I just don't
trust them. Zero trust.
Anonymous (#6250)
@6249 you are 100% correct. Smart Man. You cannot trust a wild animal not to act on it's wild instincts. You would not pick up a rattle snake and think OH this rattlesnake will never bite me. Same with a woman, only she's more cunning and deceitful, play nice until it's time to cash in. Meanwhile you just wasted a decade of your life and a lot of your money too.
Anonymous (#6251)
Most women that are filthy pieces of shit are only good at cleaning pipes, and even some of them Can't do that right at all.
Anonymous (#6252)
I was giving women the benefit of the doubt earlier in my life. Then I noticed even my mother, sister and nieces were playing all kinds of shit and making excuses as to why they were doing that. I kept my mouth shut, although I think they are fucking dirty and will never look at them the same again. I have this one woman after me now. She's so fucking transparent, I see right through her bullshit. She wants a man to work his ass off so she can sit around, do nothing and not have to worry about the money. What's the man get for it? Probably a pity fuck now and then and maybe a few shitty meals, Oh and lets not forget what he will surely get. An empty wallet, an ulcer, a headache, betrayal, and a daily dose of grief that he didn't sign on for. NO THANKS.
Anonymous (#6253)
I tried too get giving them the benefit of the doubt early in life too. Now i have learned no matter how good youbfuck them, feed them, or do alot for them financially. If they have an opportunity where they feel the grass is greener on that other side everything you have done wont matter. Look i know they have shitty guys as well but what makes women so much more evil is that they will not only fuck another guy she will fuck 2 of the guy's friends as well lol. Tagteam her or even pass her around we hook up with her at different times. Ive done this with a few married women when i got tired of them i had my two friends text her. Look i dont care how delicate beautiful and fragile a woman looks they make up for it with betrayal and deceit. Another thing that scared me is thay ive witnessed women cheat on guys that were genuinely treating them very well but when he's not in the picture they give me all sorts of signs for me to make a move on them and i dont give shit rat's ass about them..but they are willing to find out and take a chance. Here's me the guy that doesn't give a fuck whether they live or croak and they show interest to me vs the nice guy they with. Im telling you hot chicks are always looking to trade up lol.
wife (#6257)
You all are absolutely correct. I have never been true. Cheating makes the orgasm better.
Anonymous (#6258)
I know shit you dont have to tell me lol I've screwed over a 100 or so
married babes or committed women dating back 2006. I'm not mad but its
funny how many guys fall the scam or letting some woman move in their home
marking their territory, setting rules and guidelines, investigating all of
the man's contacts inclusing family THEN when its convienent for them they
sleep around lol. Man please marriage this day and age or any committed
type of relationship is nothing but a scam. A fabricated sense of security.
Anonymous (#6259)
#6257 you probably have chlymadia or the hpv virus sleeping with that closet
downlow sidepiece of yours that fucks guys in their asses on occasion lol.
Anonymous (#6262)
This guy I know told me that his great-grandfather knew fully well that all women were sluts. He said that in his great-grandfather's younger days (high school, college), women would come in from other counties and get gangbanged by guys while partying with them. This was commonplace, and that was back in the early 1900's. Women are biologically designed to take cock. Just like the Terminator, that's what they do, that's ALL they do...but they usually don't shit where they eat, so the smarter ones go out of town to get all their holes plugged. I knew a married woman who would occasionally go out of town to get gangbanged by myself and some friends of mine. The husband had no fucking clue about this. And I knew this cab driver (a black guy) and he told me that married white businesswomen would get in his cab and proposition him for sex. He got laid so often by these cheating married sluts, that he started hanging out in the parking of this upscale hotel where many of the married white businesswomen stayed. He had women say things like, "You did me in the ass, so it wasn't cheating." Bitches can rationalize any damned thing. No matter what anybody tells you, women are biologically hardwired to take cock. That's what they do. Married, single, doesn't matter - they are always looking for the next dick. I truly believe that most of them would fuck anything, including animals. Ever notice how many single women have male dogs? Mm-hmm. Women are disgusting.
Anonymous (#6263)
It's funny you mentioned the gangbanging married chicks. My older white buddy
and I used to post black n white gangbang duo looking to spoil one woman
sexually. I shit you not for 2yrs STRAIGHT once or twice a month a married
woman would meet us during the day at some cheap palace inn motel or wait till hubby was out of town. Hot married women with the occasional pretty
looking bbws, Bill was so picky with weight he used to just only blow a
couple of loads down their throat lol as I pounded away from behind! It was
times when he wouldn't approve or he couldn't make it at the last minute and I would end up screwing them alone. Craigslist used to be the mecca for cheating housewives you can still have some success on there but its not like it used to be back in the day 2007-2013. I've gotten pregnant an engaged babe that was set to get married and she secretly aborted the baby. Then another babe who was married to this rich asian guy who contracted a bad form of lupus who's health was failing she was screwing every cock in sight waiting for the life insurance policy to pay off. To all you men that believe you have the ideal wife and that she would never fuck around think again! By talking to these women that we've banged and I banged alone many of the husbands have no clue whatsoever. I couldn't imagine myself working my ass to provide for home and the woman who I thought had
my back is showing up to random motels meeting up with guys having unprotected sex! I've dropped so many hot loads over the years in these
no good women its not even funny. These women are sluts! After seeing and experiencing this oh hell no I know the deal 70% of these women are whores
or closet whores. That's why I could never let a woman move in with me to
shape and cause a distress to my everyday life its not gonna happen in this
lifetime! Hell no! I get off to using their body to get off then sending
them on their way not spending any time with them the usual dating. I really mean that most women are no good they betray their men in very demeaning ways for example talking BAD about her husband's small dick, he cant eat pussy because she cant cum to penetration so that's a big deal,
he's too busy with work, she's not that attracted to him but he makes really great money, they disclose their husband's daily routines to me
ANYTHING I want to know they tell me lol. Man! This is YEARS of data I've
collected its not some made up story I could never trust a woman, the most
I'll trust is 35% that's about it. Because they follow their emotions too
much not think in terms of logic and reasoning. That's why you cannot trust
them! Like for example the slut claims to be in love with a guy, then out of the blue another guy sweeps her off her feet she is now following her emotions lol. Doesnt matter that the guy that sweeped her off her feet is a ex con living at home with his momma with no stability it's just at that moment he's giving her tons of attention and that's all it counts! I'm telling you women are really fucked up. Their too emotional driven.
Anonymous (#6265)
You know what's fucked up? The ones that have several kids and leach off of welfare and family to sustain themselves. They say they are independent when in reality welfare and family are sustaining them. Take away welfare, section 8 housing, and the help of their family and they would be homeless. Many cities in america are making homelessness a crime and the homeless are being locked up and removed from society. So you have all this going on and these ignorant women are only worried about the next dime bag of weed, the next cock, Facebook and other social media. Getting over on the system, family, and men. Who suffers the most? Innocent Children that's who.
Anonymous (#6266)
Our world is so fucked up. The corporations have divided and conquered US into separate taxable individuals. They market their products with sex, to program your mind into thinking sexually constantly. The break up of the family unit has led to children not being raised or taught properly. Hence early pregnancies, abortions and etc. These same corporate scum outsource all the jobs to foreign countries. These same corporate scum have decided now that "There are too many of us and we must be eliminated". This is after they manipulated society into "Bad Behavior" in the 1st place with all their never ending bombardment of the human psyche with all manner of trash and depravity on television and the internet. A lot of stuff is being pushed at us to get us to "Corrupt Ourselves". Once you make that free will choice to "Corrupt Yourself" They come in and say now you must be dealt with accordingly. You see what they are doing is presenting you with a choice. You don't have to be a drunk, a druggie, a whore, or whatever. You are acting on a choice that these scum bombard you with daily. They do this through Television, magazines, internet, social media, peer pressure, and the list goes on and on.
Shut off the fucking TV, stop idolizing fucked up celebrities and their fucked up messages and influence. Use the internet , the library, and really look around at the world. We can take it back if we would just wake the fuck up, look around and see that we are being completely manipulated from the day we are born until the day we die.
Anonymous (#6267)
Thoughts Become Your Reality. The Elite know this. They use this as their #1 weapon against US. If you dwell on lack, oppression, apathy,or any other self defeating mindset. Then they win. That's why the news if filled with Death, Destruction, and Mayhem, to get you to think in fear mode. Do an experiment, tell a coworker "wow you don't look so good, you sure you aren't going to vomit?" say it 3 or 4 times and they will puke. Why because you planted the thought in their mind. This is the same thing the Elite do with the media to all of us. Tell lies until we think it's the truth, to get us acting and behaving in a certain manner.
Anonymous (#6269)
So the whole most women are whores are just a figment of thoughts become
reality? Whatever dude! Go read comment 6263 all that was a figment of
thoughts create reality? All I know it seems like every damn week a married
whore or a woman who has a live in bf was meeting me and my buddy for
discreet sex. These are the type of women we gotten the most response from
that wasnt no figment of imagination whatever lol
Anonymous (#6270)
No Dude nothing is a figment of imagination. Most women are whores. My rant about the elite is how they use your own mind against you. It's called the law of attraction, what you think about you bring about. If you constantly think "man all these married whores jumping on my cock all the time" then you attract married whores all the time. The elite know the law of attraction and use that knowledge to oppress the masses. That's what I was trying to say. I agree that 99.5% of women are fucking whores and nothing besides. I have fucked married women and will keep fucking them until I get bored with it.
Anonymous (#6278)
Broken or Corrupted Women will Hate a Nice Guy. They will Hate him with all their heart and soul. They will punish him (behind his back), they secretly want to destroy and kill him for being good to her. Why? Because they are sick in the mind.
Because the over analyze every little detail about that man, trying to prove he's not really a nice guy, or he has some sick flaw. If they imagined some sick flaw with the guy then that's the excuse for them to behave badly (the way they really want to behave). So guys Don't be a fucking doormat, don't be too nice, In Fact don't be nice to them at all, Treat them like dirt and they will beg you to stay with them. Cheat on them, be mean, give them what they expect. Then when you are tired of her shit toss her on the shit pile with the rest and grab a new one.
Anonymous (#6279)
@6278 You are absolutely correct - bad women have gotten only worse and will simply try to bring you down to their level. Don't even humour them or even attempt to understand them - they are really witches in disguise and have only evil on their mind.
U.C.S (#6280)
We can thank that Nazarene bastard kike Jesus for letting the world go wrong.
Don't hide it anymore gods lead us all wrong and then he fucks with you.
I'm so mad at god that when Jesus comes to earth i will plunge a spear threw his heart!
Fuck god Fuck Christianity.
Adam should have Broke eves neck!
U.C.S (#6281)
burn all the churches in America to the ground!
God is a cunt we all hate him for leaving his precious earth in hell and not protecting his people.
He didn't protect my family from tyrants that came along and killed most of them so FUCK YAHWEH AND HIS JEWISH LIES!
Anonymous (#6282)
Thats when you Stab them in there filthy hearts!
Anonymous (#6283)
Its funny when something good happens thsts the work of god but when something goes wrong all of the sudden god is excused from any wrong doing lol. Thsy only give god ownership for the good things whatever not falling forthe that scam. If god was so powerful the almighty then why doesn't gangster and kill the devil and we all live happily ever after okay keep falling for that scam. Babies dying of cancer people being blown up and beheaded and rampid shootings all sorts of stuff so what's taking him so long to save us? Scam!!!!! Now what i do believe in that everything is consciousness whatever you believe in and add tons of energy to it then that's your reality. Like some cultures in india worship rats they show up to feed them milk on special days. Everything is what your conscience ofand choose to be or believe. Imagine adapting the belief that you are a god and really believing it. You see this idea would create serious problems because of than this life people want something to believe in and lil ray ray nextdoor being a god is too much to handle lol. Shit. whatever you choose to believe is god than that's your reality people get caught up not wanting to feel left out so they be like well shit all of my friends and family are tied up in it xmas easter weddings at the church they don't want to feel left out so they roll with it. When positive shit happens its god when bad happens they put the blame on another entity fuck that! If you are so called that powerful thenbdammit then that means you are responsible for all everything! Whatever that billion dollar a year ponzi scheme
Anonymous (#6284)
Damn god goes from zero to 160 really quick lol. From creating beautiful animals and oceans great food family great sex caring and kindness to murderous rampage disease cancer explosions robbery lies deceit. Im just saying if you are this powerful then you are to blame for everything good and bad dont be all nitpicking shit thay jepls to fulfill your fantasy. Be real about it. God has created wonderful parents and children that you have with all the fun activities but he'll also blow your fuckin brains out too over a couple hundred bucks as well. Zero to 160 really fast lol
Anonymous (#6285)
god let feminism happen so I hate the lord Jesus now.
Anonymous (#6286)
Im just being real im american born and bred but i myself do not trust western women their too spoiled all about themselves professional liars they run the whole gamut. Get you a nice young arab Muslim girl if you want loyalty. I have fucked over a hundred married sluts from the internet alone but i havnt gotten luck with one of those devout Muslim women lol that lets you know something right there. Half of the American Christian women they just dont know what it means to be loyal. They'll look you right in the face and lie making it sound all believeable no matter how cute and sincere they may appear. They will fuck you over o ce they have another option waitron the sidelines
Anonymous (#6288)
Be real about it how many devout arab women met you at cheap motels sneaking away when she had a chance opposed to americanized Christian babes? Im not religious at all but im looking at the bigger picture. American Christian babes will fuck you easily at the drop of a hat! Married engaged with kids they dont give a fuck at all about who they hurt they are all about themselves and they know how to be very phony in the early going to get you going exclusive with them then they'll drop you fast if a bigger better deal comes along. You even see fat average bbws with a list of do's and requirements of what they are looking for like they are some fucking prize this is the norm here in the states Christian American babes you can them 40 percent maybe and the better looking they are you better really watch out. They lack morals they can have a husband that is busting his ass off but they will still find some excuse to cheat swallowing another mans cum. Its part of the culture
Anonymous (#6289)
If you are gonna fuck whores and deal with the games and bullshit, make it a hot one. #6288 is correct these fat bbw bitches think they are desirable. Why? because they get deluded by how many guys pay them attention on the internet or how many guys are trying to hook up with them (only for a fuck and chuck). You see on the dating sites "I'm a Small BBW". That's a contradiction BBW means BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, so how do you get small out of BBW. Fucking dumb cunts. I have dated chubby women and they are just as fucked up and demanding as hot chicks and will cheat just as much, meanwhile pretending to be this wholesome prim proper woman. All BULLSHIT.
Anonymous (#6290)
I fucked a married turkish muslim bitch. She is really bad. She does not work at all. Her poor bastard husband is raising this woman's child as his own and puts up with her cheating all the time. I don't think the nationality or religion matter. If someone is bad or corrupt then that's who they are and the nationality and religion do not matter. The women that cheat make excuses to do what they do. That way the guilt is less. They get stuck in some mode that makes a monster of their husband, they imagine he is cheating and he is doing evil things. That way she can just cheat and lie and feel OK about it.
Deep down they know they are scum and they know they are wrong, but hey they are having a good time. Cheating bitches fuck really good. Why? because in their mind they are punishing the husband with every thrust, with every orgasm, and with every lie.
Anonymous (#6292)
Hey not just on the internet dating sites but the bbws act of arrogant
with their list of requirements, they'll tell you straight up. One bbw
I recently used to fuck asked me why was I alone and I told her that Im
focused on business right now and asked her (like I really gives a flying
fuck) and she said "They Just Not Any Worthy Men Out There Nowadays." She
had a list of things about the problems she's had with guys like she's
some princess or something. Hey 6290 yes race and religion DOES MATTER.
How many married arab sluts you've banged in comparison to the american
white, black, or latina woman? Since 2005 Ive banged about 300 chicks
or close to it I've only managed to screw one muslim hijab married slut
and that was because the husband himself set it up! Or another example
sit here and tell how many MARRIED ASIAN you've banged and dont lie either
lol. Yes alot of them can be materialistic but at the same time during
marriage they are more reliable than white, black, and latin women. White
and Black chicks are the biggest nationality of whores! They will cheat
engaged, married, live in bf they dont give a damn! Race and religion
does matter! I really do believe white and black chicks are the most
devious. Why are they so damn easy to fuck married or not?
Anonymous (#6293)
Another thing I've had 2 chances to fuck married asian women. I noticed
they are more personable for example they like to know alot about you and
tell you their situation and let it build up for a few months. They like for
it to really simmer and they will let you know that they love their husband
but he's been battling health problems which effects their sex life they like
for you to know and understand their situation. I dont know if its just by
strike of luck but both of the asian married babes presented the same type
of situation. They love the build up. White and black chicks will fuck
you that same day lol.
Anonymous (#6294)
I told you! Dont argue with me lol look at the stats! This is from my
experience from banging hundreds of woman over women over the years
the blacks and white babes are the most reckless when it comes to cheating
having unprotected sex. The asian women are more than likely to be more
strategic, they love conversion and the build up! Whether it takes 3,4,5
6,7,8 months! Asian woman are not as reckless the arab muslim women as
well but asian women they have to have a REAL REASON to cheat on their man.
Look below at the stats!
U.C.S (#6295)
aaah well Jesus let it happen so ill eventually kill god when he returns.
Anonymous (#6296)
Every last women with a shit attitude deserves to be RAPED goddammit I'll hog tie and Fuck your guts out!
Anonymous (#6298)
Well any guy that thinks his lack of self restraint makes him more manly is mistaken. Fucking hundreds of women doesn't make you more manly, it actually shows more of a primitive or base mentality. I dont really care who fucks who, just some dudes will fuck any female. Their friends wife, friends daughter, and so on. In other words they are out of control. Then they rationalize abd say oh she wanted it, oh if its not me someone else will fuck her. I knew this ugly little spanish dude like this, the guy would fuck anything, even 300 pounders. He has a really sick mind.
Anonymous (#6299)
Relax on the guy with all the games that goes on you may as well get all yhr pussy you can. In fact i prefer young hot pussy 18-21yrs old a anything older the women has to make it very easy for me. Invite me over to her place and have drinks ready for me make it very convincing. When i got betrayed by a woman that i cared about that had the while package deal 3 small kids and lots of baggage in her mid 30s i convinced myself for now for the rest of my life im banging the young hot pussy for the rest of my life even if i have to pay when im much older its nothing worse than to be fucked over by some cunt who has a fucked up package deal and is in her late 20s 30s and 40s. Fuck that shit! Just last Friday i dropped a thick hot load inside of this 19yr old blonde that shit felt incredible! My heart raced seeing her take off those panties of hers. Fuck some old ass washed up mental case no job having bitch that luves off child support and alimony. I dont like washed up whores give me the fresh 18-21yr olds
Anonymous (#6300)
You get what I'm saying? Why would a guy go exclusive with some babe aged
27 plus that has tons of baggage and knows how to run game they know all
the tricks! Id rather bang those much innocent 18-21yr olds! They look better, their pussy is much tighter, and they are happy for you to any spend
anytime with them you can take them on a date to McDonalds and they'll love
you! They are crazy just with the time spent! Older babes who've been around? better take me to Cheesecake Factory! Or at least
Olive Garden! Maybe McDonalds on the go but no fucking dinner date lol. Fuck them old washed up ass princesses!
U.C.S (#6301)
who cares I hate the universe and god.
Anonymous (#6304)
We heard about this one guy who was communicating with thid babe he met online from out of state. After months of contact he decides to buy her a plane ticket and put her in a nice hotel for the weekend. The plan was for him after he got off work to meet her at the hotel where he reserved reservation for her. He gets off early than usual and she had another guy in the room she wasn't expecting him that early. If thats not fucked up i dont what is. Imagine how he felt for that moment somebody you thought you had a good connection with all fake. He liked her enough to buy her plane ticket and room and board. When women screw you they really get you lol no heart or shame.
Anonymous (#6305)
Someone needs to slit there throat slowly, while torturing there children.
Every last one of you bitches need a cut ear to ear!
Anonymous (#6306)
Fuck them all we should beat and rape more females.
Feminism should be treated as another form of terrorism.
Walking around topless is a crime and now i will kill all you filthy, Ugly, Socialist, coffee shop, feminist bastard, bitches!
Anonymous (#6307)
And fuck all of you fag males who support feminism.
You are a bunch of loner boner who cant get laid. look white men just grab that lady you like a lot and force her to fuck you. Tell that bitch up!
That also goes for black men to stop marrying these ugly deformed chimpanzee inbreds.
Let those ugly bitches fuck there family members and inbreed them selfs out of existence.
Then when we rise up to supremacy we can Slash open there entrails and kill them all MOTHER FUCKER!
And fuck all you ugly stinking liberals you look just like the Jews too with your ugly fucking hook noses ill hang many liberals one day.
Take your ugly frowning faces and go get shot dead in front of a wale fare office screaming. "EQUALITY", and "STOP RACISM!" stop killing babies you ugly fags, Kill your selfs instead you liberal Jew pieces of shit!
Anonymous (#6308)
This is why i believe on average women cant be trusted. You notice the ugly fat ones or just the plane ugly ones are more down to earth easy to talk to and why is this? Its not because their good people but they have to be nice they already have a strike against them in the looks department. The hot chicks always have sort of agenda. Like this hot young hot personal trainer just relocated to another city because her boyfriend is opening up his practice for law of course she would relocate loves kanye....he's a very famous relevant hip hop artist sure she loves him genuinely. Sure......take that same kanye and let him be the owner of a local restaurant she wouldn't give him the time of day.
Anonymous (#6311)
How do u get laid when u have avg looks????
Anonymous (#6312)
I saw about a dozen bitches screaming chris Brown's name ready to leave and go home with him right then and there. First time ever seeing the man in person and they were already lined up to fuck him. The mental biology of most women cannot be trusted i witnessed with my own eyes they were ready to dump whatever bf they had for one night of fun with chris Brown lol. I just love women for sexual purposes to get off sexually thats about it.
Anonymous (#6313)
And it also proved that really they are always shopping for a bigger better deal. I am serious that day at the mall these sluts would have dropped their husbands or bf to kick it with a high profile celebrity. Women are phoney are and social status driven.
Ted Bundy (#6314)
Hey guys, relax. All you got to do tell them you found a hurt puppy or kitten that needs help. Then you lure them off somewhere where there's no cameras or people around and then you've got them.
Anonymous (#6315)
cristy lee. @ bogi lateiner. all girl garage. gangbang squads & pussy eaters and pussy fuckers. pussy pics/photos pussy videos/movies for over 20 years those tit's those ass's those leg's those delicious pussy's favorite food.
Anonymous (#6316)
Thats why for the past few years ive just been screwing their brains out and whatever emotional problems or financial issues they have i let them work it out themselves lol. One latina i was banging needed a place to stay for a couple of months i wouldn't let her stay at my spot. Of course she got hee feelings hurt and moved on. Oh well....theccouple of times were i have been hurt by women is when i show feelings for them and tried to help with their problems that they were going through. Then when they decide to betray me everything I've done doesn't even matter like we never existed or like she never knew me lol. So now I've washed my hands dealing with a woman's pro lems. Its no longer my responsibility. Work your own shit out! Just like that rap song its so fucking true how does it go? "These hoes dont wanna be saved dont save em! They don't wanna be saved dont save em!" Man that shit is so damn true. Think of that certain woman you really cared about and she stabbed you in the back like you never existed. All of that emotional time and money down the toilet. I really do believe deep down these hoes really don't want to be saved lol. Just let them work their own shit out.
Anonymous (#6317)
Find them. Duck them. Then leave!
Anonymous (#6318)
Find them. Screw them. Then leave.
cunt molester of death. (#6331)
And rape the fock out of them!
Anonymous (#6332)
I'll take you too my home and Brake your ribs!
I'll rape you and make you child watch.
All you bitches that cheat and suck cock.
Steven (#6337)
Some very interestings comments here, but also a lot of psychopath.
Anonymous (#6339)
What does a Lesbian want for christmas more than anything else? A brand spanking new carpet to munch on.
Anonymous (#6340)
fictitious dating, fake profiles, what a con.
I hate this world we live in and i know damn well males are just fucking appliances in society.
Thank you god for letting this happen i knew you really were just a trickster kike.
Then you wonder why Hitler gassed your people.. suck my cock god.
Anonymous (#6341)
id never fuck a black women they can be so fucking annoying sometimes they always have that angry stupid tone and got there nigger lips flopping on the cell phone talking about nothing at all but the next cousin they about to fuck.
As far as religion goes these bitches are Supper filthy they live an evil life of oddity and incest i heard about these bitches sleeping with there children and shit.
They always stuck up on birth control and psycho meds. That shit totally ruins there perception. Plus they grown Which makes no sense at all These nasty bitches i will never touch one of these disgusting poop headed turds EVER in my life. YEAHS
I also notice these dumb broke nigger thugs running around with these ugly fat hogs and all they do is disrespect there babies. Then kick the man out and turn totally against him to support fagoted males and Grown little whores.
Fuck black women i want a real African women not some stinking product of race mixing and slavery.
Anonymous (#6342)
FYI i am a black man dude i totally just had enough of these hoes! for real.
Anonymous (#6343)
@6341 Some people these days are just plain ignorant. They idolize celebrity , they are brainwashed from watching television all damn day. Sex in advertising, marketing, music videos and etc sets these people up to just think about sex in an abnormal way. Hypersexualized mentality. Some women (Maybe most) use sex as a tool to get what they want from men. The comment about oddity and incest, the mormons come to mind, with all their inbreeding and incest. The people that rule the world do the same. Arranged marriages to their own relatives to "Keep the bloodline pure"
Reality is they are just shallowing their own gene pool. I would say mothers that seduce and have sex with their own sons is a sickness or the mother using sex to totally control her son with sex. This world is sick really. If you believe the story of "Noah's Ark" that the 8 people on the ark were the only humans spared from the flood, then how did the earth get "Replenished"? These people committed incest to "Replenish" the earth.
Anonymous (#6344)
Religion is used to control people and so the people running a church or religious organization can live off the people giving money to the church. Others go further, look at Jonestown, Waco and other off the wall religious groups. The Way International, the guy that founded that organization designed his whole routine, everything he taught was to get his people to blindly follow him. To give their money without question. That guy also crafted his teachings to get the female participants to be adulterous and promiscuous. That man had hundreds if not thousands of females from "His Flock to His Cock" all the while making millions of dollars every year. So his job was to fuck female religious nutters and to keep making up a bunch of twisted religious bull shit to keep the pussy and money rolling in. People need to be careful with religious groups.
ass fucked (#6347)
i really hate life.
Everyday im reminded of the abuse i went threw, I was born in a fucked life where i'll be alone forever.
I saw this girl at my job and i wanted to Fall in love with and i just kept getting ignored i spent the whole week trying to get her and failed many times.
Then she left the job and i was alone again. I found the frustration fucking me extremely bad and nothing could be done either.
Even when i was young i would get Called a stupid idiot by my father and get beat up.
I knew how fucked i was even heard god tell me i was a fuck up all i ever had in my life was pain i saw the universe and all the pain it carries and i went up a hill and at the top was a gate that told me i had no relationship so it pushed me down and i lost and fell back to number 0 and from there i saw long sharp Cains hanging from the sky and when i walk i'm slashed up by them.
All i can say is i hate the universe and the pain i felt, I cant believe this is really ll there is for me i was fucked by a young age and i don't think i want to become an adult i hate this existence and reality and space time and parallel.
Anonymous (#6349)
most of these dating websites make me want to contribute homicides against women for being flaud bitches and being fucking teases too.
Who else could think of anything more evil then someone who would create a fake profil and steal your information?
Women are the demiurge they are destroyers of sanity they created the black beast known as AHRIMAN the mazdean devil
Anonymous (#6350)
What a cunt of a god created females and let them act like crazy whores god can suck my dick ill execute Jesus and Fuck his ripped up chunks.
Cum on the flesh of god.
Anonymous (#6351)
love is dead, Pleasure is dead, Work hard forever. No peace. No life. Nothing.
Fiction, Just die. Kill your self life hates you!
It should never have existed and this pain would never have happened but to late now.
Life will go on without you but first you'll need to suffer from extreme pain of loneliness. Depression is never ending the villains have there cake and they won so fuck it. Just let that big asteroid kill all life so we can be free.

PS god if your reading this your a kike demiurge.
Anonymous (#6352)
Death to everyone everyone equally executed. Human brains stabbed and raped.
DNA please stop producing life stop producing that very word let it be black space instead We are all waiting.
Anonymous (#6353)
This is what happened when God created Shit.
Anonymous (#6354)
Even God sucks filthy cock and swallows for creating these filthy low life pieces of shit women today.
Jami (#6355)
kill all filthy women pigs
Anonymous (#6357)
Am i the only person that wishes sex didn't exist?

i wish this because everyone thinks it's a game these days and it always leads to trouble, i wish humans reproduced with no contact. i get really wound up when people do casual sex i think it is disgusting. it can lead to abandoned children, rape, paedophila, overpopulation, diseases, manipulation, blackmail, affairs. i could go on for days. if it was only people in proper loving relationships then it would be ok but todays world has too many idiots and most relationships mean nothing.
Anonymous (#6358)
I sometimes wish people had a mating season like most animals. We could live in that sex-crazed world we have now only for a couple of weeks each year, and spend the rest of our time being fucking productive rather than constantly thinking of sticking cocks into cunts.
Anonymous (#6359)
Damn the name of jesus lol i curse your throne for making me an ugly person that nobody wants to date.
Thanks for making me stupid I hate you!
Hail satan
Steven (#6366)
If you want your comments to be taken seriously, please do not mention God or Jesus. They do not exist..
Captain Pugwash (#6377)
I blame the rise of ISIS on the fact society even accepts that women can go around dressed like hookers and society condones women who act like prostitutes as well - women who dress like sluts and act like sluts are contributing to the fact we are nearing judgement day. hey vlad the impaler in the middle ages had no tolerance towards "unchaste women" and dealt with them accordingly .so why 500-600 years later do world leaders embrace these slutballs and call people who criticize their antics "misogynists" and hatemongerors?
Anonymous (#6378)
yes you may be right, my wife will fuck any guy after drinkign a few jack n cockes
Anonymous (#6380)
@6358 we are conditioned by the media to think sexually all the time, Marketing, Advertising, and even Disney movies all have subtle sexual hints and some not so subtle. They bombard your mind with sex. Why? #1 to produce more slaves #2 so you focus on sex and not actually accomplishing anything except for destroying yourself. That way you never grow Spiritually, Financially or otherwise, you get consumed with sex.
For women sex is a means to an end, most of the time "An Act". They aren't even horny and they don't really want you, They want something from you and sex is a tool from the trick bag to get whatever it is that they want from you. I have one bitch after me now because she is on the verge of losing her house. So she doesn't want me she wants to keep her house. Every time I see her she tempts me with sex either by talking about it, flaunting her body, or just throwing herself at me. So one night I got drunk and made out with this bitch, she cock teased and then the next day she says oh last night was fun, what's next? How do we proceed? My Response was there is no proceeding from here. Fucking crazy woman. So this bitch thought she finally had me on the hook by cock teasing me, in reality she just pissed me off and confirmed what I already thought. She wants a man to "PAY" and she will only make whatever sucker falls for it miserable forever with her combative, argumentative, man hating ways. Be careful with alcohol guys it can be dangerous.
Anonymous (#6381)
ISIS is a creation of the US government along with the Israeli mossad. They create False Flag Events and some real events to control the masses and to make new laws tightening the screws on the people. Oklahoma city = FAKE yeah the building blew up only the government did it themselves, 9-11 FAKE same as Oklahoma city. Columbine FAKE yeah kids died only it had all the hallmarks of false flag setup. The bombs the 2 suspects supposedly built were too sophisticated for their knowledge level. The ATF was also seen carrying one of the so called bombs INTO the building days before the incident. The day of the incident there was federal agents in and around the school. Too much evidence suggest that the government pulled that shit off. The sheeple just believe whatever the 6 o'clock news says like lemmings..People need to wake up. See and Realize we are being controlled and it's becoming more and more obvious. Another thing to look at is the so called crisis actors, the same people pictured in the crowds, injured or in a picture crying with devastating emotion. UHM yeah like the same people just by coincidence are going to show up at all these major events, thousands of miles apart, just by coincidence they happen to right there in the middle of numerous major events. Meanwhile thay have you chasing that skank pussyand you don't even realize why you are doing it. You are so fucking distracted that you don't see the obvious deceit being pushed on us by the powers that be.
Anonymous (#6382)
I don't think it's misogynistic to say that Most Men want a woman to dress and behave modestly, to be demure and lady like. To let a man be a real man instead of some emasculated version of a man. A woman that actually has standards and morals and would never disrespect herself, her body, her family, her husband or her children, in other words she would be honorable and virtuous and would do her husband and family good all her days and they would love, bless and cherish her for it.
Anonymous (#6383)
We are dumber and worse off than animals. Humans and Dolphins are supposedly the only 2 creatures on earth that FUCK for pleasure. Look at a horse, a horse doesn't run around trying to fuck all day every day. No a horse has a builtin sense of when the female is ready for his seed, then he fucks her. The horse isn't required to give her an orgasm or last for 45 minutes without busting his nuts. No the horse's job is to plant his seed in the female horses womb and that's it. Human beings are FUCKED UP and that's the TRUTH. We have been and are being MANIPULATED by our own stupidity and ignorance. Human being are capable of GREAT THINGS, only our CONTROLLERS have hidden the knowledge from us. They hid it in plain site. Those who are studious and aware learn and those that want a non stop party, non stop fucking, and non stop ignorant thoughts NEVER LEARN.
fuck life (#6385)
we will go extinc eventually i think about my condition and wow im stuck all goals take to long and often only work for a chosen few i was born lazy and now i have effluenza and im very sensitive to criticism lets face it we are born to die as soon as you hit the age of 20 your expected to be some body else and work work work work i give up we lost any way you don't see any opposition if you get shot and they come and kid nap your kids only so you can awaken in a medical room and then end up in prison forever, You will see that there never was a god in heaven at all god does not exist life is in chaos and when you die your alone everything that happens to you docent matter because life really is fucked...
Oh and then i forgot to mention when evil always triumphs over good you'll see that when you 12 year old child is kidnapped and you beg him to be found and never find him EVER and end up finding him on a website some where in Serbia naked and being raped by a corrupt CIA member.
Life was planned against every one ask that man who never had shit and always was behind all the time.
Anonymous (#6386)
These Christians always blame the devil but your god is the reason the devil exists in the first place.
I can now see why Hitler chose to kill the kike race because they worship and evil demonic god named adonai who is a piece of shit! A demiurge?
Can you tell me why these Jews are nationally despised by every one?
Look at them today they believe gays are a natural persons.
Jews often think commie liberal logic and push nihilistic points of view like atheism, Darwinism, Smugness, Falseness, Feminism, Marxism, Racism.
And that is why i say fuck Israel.
Anonymous (#6387)
I hate ALL women i hate my mother too she let the family fall to abuse.
I hope she gets raped and killed for that too i want all women dead kill them all that is my dream all female life will be replaced by animles i hate all women young and old i want to kill them all!
Anonymous (#6388)
i hate Hillery she is an ugly bitch just like all women.
Girls cant run for president they must cook food or get beat really badly
I mean i will bloody a ladies nose and leave her crying.
Anonymous (#6389)
The way i look at it, these women are just Low Life Losers.
Anonymous (#6390)
Blame the media....and those damn reality shows. You know how many I have banged made their pussies squirt several times in one
session???? Its never good enough. Always a bigger better deal. It's too much access for everyone now where they dont value hookups the same
anymore. Or even dating a decent person. Always a bigger better deal one or two clicks a away lol. The internet and technology has fucked up many
things. Waaaay too much access. For example, you meet some babe from facebook or or some singles event that a local radio show
promoted on the website. You feed her good, show her a great time, fuck her good and today's era it's still not a given that you will see her again. If
you are lucky you'd get to see her 5-6 times over the course of 8-9months. To me the internet is meet that same chick back in 1988 or
1995 she will be head over heals for you. The internet is no fucking good. Its terrible.
Anonymous (#6392)
females do not deserve a lead position at a job because they can be too childish.
Anonymous (#6393)
females are pedophiles naturally they treat there male children like there husbands.
U.C.S. (#6394)
The ultimate evil behind sexuality is the human female. They are the main instigators of sex. They control which men get it and which men don’t. Women are flawed creatures, and my mistreatment at their hands has made me realize this sad truth. There is something very twisted and wrong with the way their brains are wired. They think like beasts, and in truth, they are beasts. Women are incapable of having morals or thinking rationally. They are completely controlled by their depraved emotions and vile sexual impulses. Because of this, the men who do get to experience the pleasures of sex and the privilege of breeding are the men who women are sexually attracted to… the stupid, degenerate, obnoxious men. I have observed this all my life. The most beautiful of women choose to mate with the most brutal of men.
Anonymous (#6395)
i know that my mother is an example of why i hate women so much.
She is lazy and fat and she allowed my abusive father to hurt my brother he slashed threw my brothers hands then she abandons the home and leave her young children to walk to my house barefoot and in the middle of winter.

I wanted to take my mother and beat her UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT.
She will get a good beating from me too!
Ill beat her until her eyes are swollen shut and her teeth are broken.
Ill Make her bleed all over.
Brake her mouth, Jaw, Nose Cartilage, Arms, Legs, Everything she has ill brake and i'll dump her floppy Cunt in the woods.
Anonymous (#6396)
Snap her synapse and Burst her heart in my hands!
Then hang her cunting husband for his filthy habits
Women date evil men and act as if they have no moral mind state.
nick nolskova (#6397)
can you tell me why in the hell do these worthless cunting single mother raise these Filthy Black tramps?
and why in all hell do these nasty fucking cunts let a habitual lier, Weed head lazy black man?
behind these collage sluts there is a totally lonesome void of stupidity and fatherless hate.
there worthless mothers teach them all kinds of stupid shit so they will grow up to be a filthy hoe at age 13.
Anonymous (#6398)
@6377 agree completely
Anonymous (#6399)
It is very true that Most of the women of today are such Low Life Losers.
Anonymous (#6400)
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Anonymous (#6401)
don't ever date one with guy friends just a matter of time they will go behind your back fuck someone in a second if you have argument they have no morals
Anonymous (#6402)
funny lately i dream and day dream of killing innocent girls.
I think of them walking at night like the helpless cunts they are and sticking my ice pick right into there filthy harts.
Anonymous (#6403)
My own mother became a mother at 15 years old, the guy that knocked her up was an illiterate drunk that cannot even spell his own damn name. He gave her 2 children, she meets my father and "Hooks Him" with sex and guilt. He's an emotionally damaged alcoholic asshole. Mother reads the "feminine mystique" and gets a good job asks for a divorce. Me and my brother watched her go through 10 boyfriends before she met her next "victim or husband" Real nice hearing your mom getting banged in the next room by some fucking asshole who isn't your father. This woman uses sex to "Hook Men" that seals the deal for her, once she fucks them she DEMANDS the rest. This woman is so mind fucked that she threatened to leave her husband and four children if she didn';t get her own way. Fucking narcissistic Cunt cant think of anyone but herself. Man after Man hooking them with sex then DEMANDING respect and a relationship afterwards. Then after all this she has the nerve to "Act The Victim" as if she did no wrong. Guys be careful who you get involved with. Don't move them in, Don't marry them, Don't feel sorry for them, If they are too far gone Don't even Fuck her because the price will be too much.
Anonymous (#6404)
I dated a chick with "Guy Friends" she was a pothead so she had a network of around 50 dudes who she calls upon to get high. These dudes are not just handing her weed she is fucking and sucking for it. Hang out get high, she pays with a sloppy tongue ring blowjob or her pussy. Never date a woman that is a druggie and has all "Guy Friends". Chances are she fucked each and every one of them and will fuck them again when she needs a favor or is just pissed off and being spiteful towards you.
Anonymous (#6405)
Tie her up, clip her fingers off, Rape every orifice she has in her body.
slut killa (#6406)
See thats why i hate women.
I hate all of them ill drag them threw the dirts before i slit there throats.
Anonymous (#6407)
Vagina's are very UGLY filthy what kind of cunt of a god would create a wild animal like this?
I already know jesus had a hard time with them all religion hates females and even Solomons wife was a fucking whore.
But its all gods fault that they are bad that Jewish kīk never cared about humanity because half of our pain he made happen.
Anonymous (#6408)
Most bitches in the midwest deserve to be gathered up and fed Zyklon B
Pamela Scott (#6409)
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Anonymous (#6410)
2 Powerful Advice Tips That I'm sure MOST of You Guys Will Ignore.

1.) White women have the lowest morals out of all the races. Its all about getting the bigger better deal when the situation presents itself.

2.) When your date, gf, or wife while you are together and you notice that her another guy has a "silent connection" quietly noticing one another
for about 5-10 secs RUN LIKE HELL FROM THAT BITCH! Its just a matter of time one time I shrugged it off like I was being over jealous and insecure but guys that's your sign please dont ignore you will be sorry years later! You know what I mean....that quiet, paused checking each other
out, then her trying to play it off like she's watching kids play or something. Alot of you are going to get offended but white women are the lowest
forms of trash, these are the ones that I have dealt with that seems like when they see a deal better in their eyes they drop you like they never knew
you to begin with. White women are souless of course they will pretend if the situation is really working in their favor SURE.........They will fuck your
boss, their boss, their co worker, their personal trainer, ANYTHING to get ahead and feel sexy!
Anonymous (#6411)
Fuck them and there fucking babies are worthless too hang them and sell there organs
Anonymous (#6412)
I agree with 6410 he just described my ex wife. Fucking lying cheating piece of trash. I'm relieved That I got rid of her.
Anonymous (#6413)
There are a lot of red flag signs and behavior. Chicks from bars, expect trouble. White women with low self esteem, bad attitudes or those selfish entitled types. Even the fat women these days think they deserve the world and will fuck you over. Divorce court thats where mdn really get hurt. Attention whores, yeah those cunts that cant be alone for 5 minutes. The ones that fall for predator type guys. Dumb Cunts.
Anonymous (#6414)
Lets face it if your woman is checkin out and paying attention to other dudes and that silent shit..Dump her fast. OK lets not forget if your woman keeps mentioning a certain guy say a coworker or some guy she sees around then soonet or later she will be fucking that guy guaranteed. Its not normal for your woman to mention a male coworker to you constantly and if she does then somethings going on. Basically she's telling you in an odd way that shes looking elsewhere. .
Anonymous (#6415)
I've dated black, latina, indian, and white babes. White women from my own personal experience has me like "Wow...I Can't Believe She Did That."
Whether I've gotten screwed over or they were cheating with me behind their husband's back, its something about the way they operate. They really
come off as if they have already made plans incase they get busted and being white and attractive it wont be long before they find another guy that
falls for them. White women UNIVERSALLY know that they are in demand the most that's why they are so quick to fuck the next day. They wont be
alone for too long they already know this. I'm dogging white women so bad lol because they are the boldest! I used to bang one white chick who had a sucker husband in the military and used to buy me gifts lol with his money and benefits lol. I've had other white babes buy the hotel rooms
and and provide drinks using the husband's money because they were not working. Me and my older buddy used to gangbang them while their
husbands were out of town on business. I swear white chicks overall are the most disloyal.......Its about feeling sexy, youthful, and appreciated
at ALL COST. I'm not just talking about your girl bringing up another guy I'm talking about that "Silent Connection" between her and another guy
like she has that look as is "Wow....Look At The Way He's Looking At Me....I Havn't Gotten That Look Since HIgh School...I WIsh I Could JUst Leave
With This Guy Right Now!" I'm talking about that love at first sight type of shit going on LEAVE that BITCH FAST! Don't blow it off! Don't ignore it!
Anonymous (#6416)
I know this married female bartender. I use to look her in the eye and she would get all nervous. Then the next time I would pretend I didn't know she was there and she would go out of her way to get my attention. Could have fucked her. Only I met her husband he's a cool guy married to a bad woman, so I left it alone.
Anonymous (#6417)
Many of us Good men out there have lost our wife over this since they were born to be Pigs.
Anonymous (#6418)
I think it all comes down to morals or the lack of, How the woman views herself and is feeling about herself. I've seen it before You have a good looking woman with a good husband that she takes for granted because she knows she looks good. So she may start feeling uncertain and needing an ego boost and no matter how many times her husband tells her she's hot, she's fuckable, she's beautiful. It won't matter because it's coming from HIM (her husband). Now some dude comes along and tells her the same thing and suddenly her fucking panties are wet and she is intrigued and wants that strange cock at all costs. Doesn't matter she will throw away her family, her marriage, her home, everything for that thrill, that ego boost, that fleeting moment of recklessness. And after she does DESTROY all those things, that strange dude will disappear as fast as he showed up and a family now broken and destroyed, and for what an ego boost? So someone could live a romantic fantasy for a few months? So someone can get their rocks off with a stranger? instead of investing themselves into their marriage, their family, their life. This world is so fucked up and we are so brainwashed into thinking that a fucking orgasm is the main purpose in life.
Anonymous (#6423)
I wonder how many bitches are crying in their Ice Cream because they don't have a man for Valentines Day. Boo Fucking Hoo I don't feel sorry for the se women who throw the man out of their life and proudly scream "I'm Independent" and in most cases they won't say "I'm Broke Too" HaHa bitch have fun struggling with all those kids from different baby daddies because you like thug lovin and couldn't handle being with a real responsible caring man because then you might have to step up to the plate and be responsible too. Have fun bitch. It won't effect bitches that have no conscious to begin with. Yeah my kid is watching netflix in the living room while thug guy takes me to pound town in the next room, bonus thug guy has some good weed so it doesn't matter that the kid can hear mommy getting pounded.
Anonymous (#6424)
@6423 yeah women like that will wait until their daughter is old enough to fuck and offer the daughter up to thug guy too, that way she has a second source of income and weed through her now corrupted daughter.
Anonymous (#6427)
And to think that Women's Lib started this whole thing off which they Never should've ever had Rights to begin with.
Anonymous (#6428)
Feminism and Women's lib = Created By the Rockefeller Foundation to subvert "The Family" of the poorer people or the people that lack the insight and knowledge to see through the veil of propaganda and bullshit that they put out with their media outlets, start up movements, presentations and the movements that they haven't created they "Infiltrate and take over". Don't believe it goto youtube and watch the Aaron Russo interview. He explains exactly what happened and who's behind it. Aaron Russo was also harassed by the IRS and conveniently (for the elite) died of cancer so he would stop spreading his message to humanity.
Anonymous (#6429)
Welfare = paying a woman to not have a man in the house. All this does is further break down society. Her children will likely follow her path. No man in the house = No Family and no chance to ever get out of the welfare condition. It's a choice they can get comfortable there or try to rise above it and get out of it. When welfare pays more than a menial job which do you think they will choose? Welfare right. In that case she cannot have a man in the house living with her. Ignorant people pump out children to get more welfare dollars, like they are really getting over on the system with their stupidity. In reality they are just torturing the children they produced with poverty. I think the whole system enables and encourages bad behavior. This way there is an excuse to steal more money from the people actually working the 50 hours a week in an honest job. Answer: Don't buy into the whole consumerism lie, you can live without a smartphone, cable TV, Internet, Designer clothing and all the other bullshit they shove at us to separate us from our hard earned money.
Anonymous (#6430)
rape there kids make child cum
Anonymous (#6431)
FUCK god for making every girl reject me ill slash a Christians throat in front of god.
Anonymous (#6433)
@6341 You should be Happy that they reject you. What are you missing really? Sticking your cock in a hole? Having her Lie to you, Telling You that "you are the only man she will ever love or be with"? Getting married and having a family that you love only to have her RUIN it and afterwards kick you in the balls and take Your House, Your Money ,and Your Children away from you? Leaving you without purpose as a man. So is putting your cock in that hole worth all the years of misery and all the things I just mentioned? NO it is not. MGTOW and the more men that quit the game the more women will get the fucking message that enough is enough. Women should learn and know their fucking place in this world. They want rights and equality right. Who goes to war..MEN, Who get rescued from disaster 1st? Women and children..Rescued by.. That's right A Man. Men should be allowed to discipline their wife and kids when they get out of line then maybe this world will correct itself.
Anonymous (#6434)
The divorce laws need to be changed. The way it should work is If a Woman betrays her husband or family in any way, Dishonors her husband and family in any way she gets to leave with the clothes on her back and ALL contact with ANY family gets cut off, she would be on her own never being able to see her children EVER again. That should be the price. What does America do? Rewards women for their Bad Behavior, Oh you betrayed your husband here take everything as a reward for that behavior. I Blame the fucking lawyers, they are evil fucking scumbags getting filthy rich off of divorce. I bet the judges and lawyers are fucking these divorcee women behind the scenes and the better she performs the more she will get rewarded in divorce from her husband. Whatever Law Makers or Lawyers created No Fault Divorce are truly evil fucking scum that want to ruin society and get rich at the same time.
Anonymous (#6435)
friend zone cunts deserve to die
Anonymous (#6436)
I'm a female and i masterbate to thses comments. Can't find men like yall where I love.
Anonymous (#6437)
Why in the world did God create these filthy whores? Especially since they really have Destroyed many of us Good innocent men already.
God (#6438)
Because i universally am a evil piece of shit every drop of suffering and pain comes from me i created the ego and let it fuck endlessly and painfully every human being.
Because i'm so perfect i will allow the spirit to keep creating shit and care less.
I'm greater then you and even Jesus tried to wash me up as a really good guy....
Not at all you will all suffer from my hands and nothing will stop me from killing all males and making life shit by letting All types of bull shit run freely and insanely as possible.
I hate you all! And in the flames of hell there will be fire, And gnashing of the teeth.
My good friend Satan will help me rape the souls of your children and molest there young bodies in fire. hahahahaha.
Satan (#6439)
prepare your teen asses for a flaming fist fucking because me and god are one in the same.
I will kill you all!
Anonymous (#6441)
even when i try to understand them.....
I still hate them.
Dose any women make an effort to understand me?
Hell no just ignore him.
Anonymous (#6442)
You stupid fucking whores i hate you and your fucking illegitimate children.
Why do you sleep with lying conceded scum niggers?
Fuck you Stewart i hope your children and you get brutally gang raped.
Alex molestdead (#6443)
I'd love to go to some third world country and brutally torture a crack head prostitute.
Anonymous (#6444)
Lol these stupid bitch i want to see a hammer burst there jaw bones open i'm talking about running them over with a Truck.
Its funny watching best gore i seen a video of a man stoning a Muslim whore.
You cunts beg for murdering all you do is fuck around guess what we are tired of your privilege.
We males are tired of stinking nigger whores sucking on obama's welfare dick.
You filthy bitches that fuck some man and piss out a child like a reversed vacuum cleaner they should take your child and Abort it and smash its heart with a shot gun. Lol your fucking welfare babies are ugly gangster slobs i hope they all die.
Anonymous (#6446)
@6435 Fuck that friend zone shit. You know what those bitches are about? They are thinking that you are such a simple minded fool that you will sit there and pine away for them, do favors for them, watch them date and fuck other guys, all in the hopes of someday she changes her mind and lets you fuck her. Guys need to be more assertive and aggressive, tell her you have enough friends, raise the sexual tension between you and make that move. Be sure that cunt knows You have plenty of other women that you are actively dating and fucking. If after all that she is still "Friend Zoning" then just walk away. Be cold hearted and just break off contact. And damnit stop doing the bitch favors, stop being nice to her, she probably doesn't fucking deserve being treated nice anyway. These types of cunts use men for money, favors and etc and what's the man get? Nothing..maybe a pity fuck or a blowjob..just to keep you on the hook, for the money from your wallet. Fuck Them go find someone that deserves to be with you.
Anonymous (#6447)
One of my co workers bought a house just last year so him and his wife and 4 kids can be comfortable and happy. Well dude got a rude awakening when he found out his sweet little wife has been fucking the neighbor for the last year. The kids are not even all his only 2 are. So this guy marries her, takes care of her, and works daily, and goes out of his way to do "Family Things" and this woman just throws it all away. TYpical story now this chump will get to pay child support for 4 children 2 of which are not even his. Alimony because she doesn't work. He was talking about counseling, I told him wake the fuck up, this woman is no good and this is your get out of jail free card. Child support and alimony compared to wondering how you are being betrayed while you are at work, and if she gets pregnant by the neighbor then what? you get another child to "Pay For" that isn't even yours? Fuck that dump that bitch as fast as possible and don't look back.
Anonymous (#6448)
Some Men use women for sex, and Some Women use sex to get other things from men. It's all a fucking game. Don't get attached that's all just take it for what it is temporary fun. If she asks you for money Sorry I'm broke, favors Sorry I don't have time. Turn the tables, Don't give her your time or effort. Don't answer her calls or text messages. That's what most of these bitches do to guys. They get the guy and then ignore him trying to hurt him somehow by doing this. If a bitch wants to play that I will drop her like a fucking bad habit, because she IS NOT WORTH anything especially MY TIME.
Anonymous (#6449)
dudes here are some tips to self pleasure.
1 eat more eggs.
2 eat more fish.
3 eat raw beats.
4 Wait till your sperm is High.
5 Get a pillow case and fill it with blue jeans.
Hey it works for me!
Anonymous (#6450)
Stalk, Kill, Rape, Freeze, Repeat.
Anonymous (#6451)
Ahh Stewart is a cunt damn that bastard wale fare bastard she had.
She mates with low life niggers She should be grabbed and beaten and stuff her baby in a grinder.
Almost every women hides there filthy low self esteem behind there success.
Anonymous (#6452)
If your woman cheated, If you got Divorced, Just dust yourself off and be thankful you got rid of her. Now your time is yours again. Go do something positive, something that makes you happy. Life is more than bullshitting women in order to put your cock in a hole. Think about it Millions upon Millions of dollars spent and lost each day all for the desire to put cock in a hole. Love does not exist between humans. Yeah you can love your children because they are part of you, Yeah I love a cold beer on a hot day, Yeah I love my day off from work. People pretend to "Be In Love" because they are getting something else from the person they are with, whether it's Sex, Favors, Financial Security, or a place to live. 99.9999% of it is a LIE all fake, all bullshit so people get what they want. How can people claim to love one another and BAM flip the script one day when they change their mind or something supposedly better comes along. I think human monogamy was invented so mankind would not kill each other off over jealousy. It's all bullshit, if you want loyalty get a pet, at least the damn pet appreciates who takes care of it and feeds it.
Anonymous (#6453)
Damn..this dude went HARD. I've always said if it came down to my pet dog or lose the woman she would have to go. I am keeping the dog! Why? My
past dogs when I was at my worst mentally and physically they are always there to jump in your lap inspecting your mood licking you in the face like
What's Up? Cheer Up! Lets Go For a Walk or Something Cheer The Fuck Up lol." I hear ya bro I fell in love with a woman that claimed we were soulmates but when she found that bigger better deal or she thought all of the sudden "Well Things Change! Sorry! Good Luck!" Honestly I was very
shocked that someone that could just flip the script the like that, then she tried to see if I still had feelings for her 2yrs later after a couple of guys sexually ran through her and wanted to see if she could use me as a safety net when her plans failed. No matter how much you tell them you love them and show it, sometimes when that bigger deal comes along what you did in the past never mattered. Its just like it was a dream and now you woke up none of that shit mattered. Helped her get in shape, bought her clothes, wined and dined her, boosted her self esteem, none of it matters once they find that bigger better deal. That's why I now live for myself and what I want because they can change on you at any given moment, so at
least do exactly what you want why not??? From my experience white women pulls that shady shit the most I know bad comes in all colors but on average white women are at the leading edge of fucking over guys.
Anonymous (#6455)
I agree I'm a white dude and even my female family members are dirty. They are careful what they say in front of me now because I'm wise to the game. Even my own mother will sit there with her new man (Victim) and lie straight out right to his face. then she looks at me and suddenly changes the topic. She's aware I'm on to her game so she has to change the topic. I think it's just they are evil or that low self esteem that always needs boosting. Perhaps they were never taught that men all want the pussy and will say damn near anything to get it, Perhaps they were never taught to deal with that properly. I think most of them are just plain stupid, they cannot think for themselves, they bitch to their girlfriends about their boyfriend or husband and take bad advice from those girlfriends. My sister use to work in a hospital and she told me the Black and Hispanic women would listen to the white women bitch about their husband and tell them to cheat. After the white bitch cheated and ended up divorced the Black and Hispanic women would laugh at how dumb these white bitches are. Kind of like taking princess down a few notches. Too fucking funny.
Anonymous (#6457)
Anyone ever notice how shallow some women are. We all want what we want just these women take it to extremes. It's all about how they THINK THEY LOOK..WITH YOU. So they don't want a guy that's too short or to thin, "because a thin guy makes her look and feel like a cow". They have these huge lists of wants and don't wants, No wonder why "They Settle" and "Then Cheat". Some of these bitches have a false sense of themselves as if they are worth a mountain of gold, In reality Some of these women get genuinely good men and fuck them over with that "All About Me BullShit"
Then you have the bitches that base everything on what their friends and other women think, "This has gotten me laid several times". Start seeing a woman and her friends are all telling her how they would love to try me out this pushes her to do it herself, even if she had reservations about doing so. This can be a dangerous thing though, if her friends opinions mean that much then those friends can make or break a relationship, Depending on how much the woman is praising you or bitching about you to them.
Anonymous (#6458)
A friend of mine told me that Black women don't go around advertising how good her man can fuck her because the other women might get ideas, That's where the white women go wrong..They talk too fucking much. So if she goes around talking about how her man made her squirt or gave her multiples then the other women may want some too. That's how these dudes that work in the hospitals and nursing homes get laid a lot they fuck the hell out of one of the white bitches and she can't keep her mouth shut, the next thing you know this dude is fucking all the white bitches in there.
Anonymous (#6459)
Me and my older boddy used to post craigslist ads saying that we were from out of town on business here to bang a chick, the share a babe in a 3some with both of us using her body for whatever we wanted. White women responded the most lol, then american born latina chicks there is a differnce. I don't know it just seems like overall white women are the BIGGEST risk takers. Bill my older friend was a weight fanatic so if she showed
up and turned out to be chubby I would screw her getting my rocks off doggystyle and he would come down her throat lol to get off, he wouldn't stick his dick in her! No matter how much money you make, how nice of a home, the cars, these women especially white babes LOVES attention. Many think believe well if I make this and that then drive this type of car then these women will fall for me more. Yes that's true but only short term!
After she gets her hooks in, pops out a kid or two, then she'll stick it to you 5yrs later! That money front only works to grab their attention short term
Fist my mother, and all her pets. (#6460)
I agree I'm a white dude and even my female family members are dirty. They are careful what they say in front of me now because I'm wise to the game. Even my own child will sit there with her new penis (Victim) and lie straight out right to his face. then he looks at me and suddenly changes the topic. hes aware I'm on to her gaped teen ass. I think it's just fucked up how babies get raped. Perhaps they were never taught that men all want the babies and will say damn near anything to fuck tiger babies, Perhaps they were never taught to deal with that new age porn.. I think most of them are just plain sexy, they cannot think for pitchforking, they bitch to their girlfriends about their child or 3 year old and take bad advice from those baby friends. My sister use to work in a hospital and she told me the niggers, and spics would listen to the white whores cunt about their baby vomiting vagina's. and tell them to cheat. After the white child cheated and ended up being gang raped by the Black and Hispanic women would laugh at how dumb these white bitches are. thats why American males raped them every time they slut walk. lol
Anonymous (#6461)
Someone did a nice edit job on post #6460. Guess they didn't like what the posting said.
Anonymous (#6462)
I think some women come on here and get offended at the comments. Just like Forrest Whitaker sais in that one movie "White Bitches will do anything"
Anonymous (#6463)
Watch this video:


Most women are SICK in the head. Go MGTOW.
Anonymous (#6464)
Exterminate ALL the Khazarian Ashkenazi Crpto-Jews who are Inbred-like Arabs
Blacks are NOT human
Women are natural born sociopathic narcissists who are SEXUALLY immoral
Gays & Lesbians are SCUM
Law Enforcement Officers are authoritative assholes who are treasonous degenerates
Religious people are psychotic and insane

Majority of women in overall are bad and evil in society.
Anonymous (#6465)
Khazarian mafia = The Jesuits and Catholics. The vatican runs the world. Women are deceived easily, so take women down and you ruin men too. The bastards have ruined us all.
Anonymous (#6466)
Fuck The Jews!!

Fuck Women!
Anonymous (#6467)
You women can Stop treating All young boys like your husbands!
And i mean children too Stop treating young men like fags bitches! We have feelings too.
Fucking evil.
Anonymous (#6468)
Lesbians are ugly filth a majority of them rape young children and stab babies threw there young hearts with scissors.
Anonymous (#6469)
It is weird you see these women who are closer to their sons than their husband. They spoil and dote on them and wonder why the husband is upset.
I think that most women settle, and then secretly hate and resent the husband. Doing Evil, Spiteful, and Hateful things to him, behind his back.
If we want our country and world to succeed we need to raise men to be tough, not to be the mother's emotional tampon.
Anonymous (#6470)
Feminism is the pedophile oath!
The very mouth piece for immoral foolishness.
That and homosexuality.
Anonymous (#6471)

Anonymous (#6472)
The Jews are behind the gay agenda. The Jews are behind feminism. Women are DEMONIC and IMMORAL creatures.

The state of Israel must be destroyed. Fuck the Khazar Jews and fuck anyone who supports Zionism.
sewikie (#6473)
All hail Israel.
Your useless hate comments have no effect when we are in power idiot.
Cant wait till America takes apart this silly freedom of speech you idiotic westerners dwell on.
Anonymous (#6474)
All of you twitch bitches, i pod instagram fucking whores.
Its rape time you filth no hope for you its time for a good old raping.
No more feminism I'm a feminist murderer i kill feminists.
asmonchei (#6475)
Rhianna you are a nasty black slut!
You are filthy depraved garbage and you have no fucking soul you demonic slut. I am glad that dude beat you down you slut.
Fuck MTV fuck Hollywood fuck that shit that is some Jewish gay shit.
Marlon Brando Is my hero good spirited man there!
Slut rapiss (#6478)
Man i hate women why did god create complete shit? I want to rape them when they run around n those filthy skinny jeans.
Anonymous (#6480)
I find it comical that women all ask "Where are all the good men?" Or "Where are all the real men?" Then they meet a guy who is probably more than they could ever want in some ways, only the guy is too short, too thin, doesn't have a house, doesn't have a six figure income, The women picks the guy apart like a frog dissection in 8th grade science class. This leads me to question, do they really want a man? or do they want some non existent fantasy man who fulfills their huge lists of desirable traits and wants? Then if they meet a man that comes close, they will look for some kind of flaw so they can get rid of yet another man and get the sympathy from friends and family. Men just want a woman who looks half way decent, is not a slob or a cow and is honest and feminine. Feminist women are women that want to be men and act like men, it's a complete turnoff.
Women should be feminine and demure, that does not mean subservient that means they respect themselves as a woman and they respect their man too. If they want equal rights then when the cruise ship is sinking they should not be allowed to leave 1st, They should not profit in divorce court after they caused the divorce in the 1st place. No Fault divorce should be abolished, a divorce should be proven necessary and each person should have to answer in court for their actions. If these women had to expose themselves that way in court I bet there would be less divorces and better behavior on everyone's part. Problem is we reward bad behavior, oh you had an affair here take 60% of your husband's assets ,The judge then says Mrs. Smith next time aim your sites higher and get a doctor or lawyer.
Anonymous (#6482)
Hey I met a good looking blonde overseas had a ldr for about 3years her flying here to live with me for a month or, then I would fly back to visit her in
europe. Then she moves here to the states and within ONE MONTH she pulled the ol' who are you??? Do I know you? Now 4yrs later she is emailing
me every other day talking about she made a huge mistake lol. I refuse to respond to that bitch. Is she that arrogant to come back to me after sucking
other guy's dicks? Who am I? Man she has life fucked up lol that's some bold ass shit she's pulling she fucked over her ex husband as well. He was
air force and provided her and their 3 kids housing, food, clothes, whatever they needed. Her complaints about him "He's a packrat" oh he drinks
every night, etc...She finds the smallest things just an excuse to go fuck around. She fucked their landlord behind the poor man's back and fucked
one of his co workers in the military. No good pale german bitch that had the idea that MOST men desire a foreign pale blonde euro woman that was
her mentality that she was such a prize despite her having 3 small ready made kids ages 7, 11, & 12. Just being blonde, very pale, shapely, and
german is some hot deal going on. She is one of those no matter how well the guy takes care of her and treats her good within 2-3yrs she'll come up with some shit so that she can have a romp with some random dick and not feel any remorse. They purposely find the smallest things so that they don't feel as bad for screwing the guy that caters the ribs and brisket at the local golden coral.
fucked bob (#6484)
why do i feel like god really screwed humanity and let it get so bad that he made males that will spend there eternal existence beating off alone?
why did god make us so hard wired to sex and then blame it on mankind what is wrong with god why does he always push evil into motion and cause suffering.
Why wont he just kill me im sinning any way i keep on thinking of raping a women come on god just help me i want to make love and be free from this fucking sexuality if you don't ill kill myself. Im sick of life why did this come to be its all so fucking Blank i hate creation i hate existence i hate the fucking universe......
Anonymous (#6485)
one day we will exterminate the female race and become free of feminism and the depravity of these animals.
It is such a sick world we live in all i can say is god is not real the only thing that will be real for the insipid sermon called feminism is the very word DEATH!
Anonymous (#6486)
Passion, honor, peace, all gone. Just war war war love is dead we all must suffer forever and ever no more peace just cold hard solid stone to sit on alone and cry its so fucking depressing god hates me.
Anonymous (#6487)
Work hard FOREVER No pleasure its gone and its so fucking sad too I hate life for ever starting.
IHateJews (#6488)
sewikie (#6473) Go fuck yourself you filthy lowlife kike. May Israel be destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth.

Fuck all Rabbis and fake Jews!!
Anonymous (#6489)
Most of the women nowadays are very Pathetic since Most of the ones that are Straight are filthy Whores to begin with. And then we have the Lesbian Low Life Losers that just want other women anyway.
Anonymous (#6490)
@6484 Why blame GOD? GOD didnt make you do anything, its called free will a choice. Sure we are bombarded with sexual content all the time. Does that mean you gotta run right out and grab a whore? No it doesnt, we choose these things to our own suffering and destruction. Nobody made us we chose.
truth (#6491)
Women are the devil, men are angels!!!!!
Anonymous (#6492)
The People, Beings,Creatures, or dare I say it Fallen Angels are the ones constantly trying to corrupt mankind. Constantly trying to get mankind to make the wrong choices. Constantly trying to separate mankind from GOD. Constantly trying to destroy the family and divide people, divide men and women, divide us by class, race. religion, and looks. We bought the bullshit and allowed them to ruin us. Feminism was created and funded by the Rockefellers to Destroy the family. Why because these evil fucking scum want to control mankind and they want to ensure that nobody gets a shot at becoming as wealthy as them. Divide people = ruin the family, and more people to "Income Tax". Everyone should shut off the television, stop buying fucked up magazines that implant the wrong thought patterns, stop buying newspapers, stop objectifying one another. Women should go back to a traditional role and should not just be used as a cock receptacle, men should not be seen as a walking wallet with a cock attached to it for control.
Anonymous (#6493)
Why do humans dwell on the sex acts so much? One reason is because we are exposed to those messages constantly. Gee putting my cock in that whole, Yeah I can get a STD, Produce an unwanted child and pay Child Support for 20 years. Hmm sounds kind of destructive right, destroying your health and finances. It's a fucking gamble I'm not gonna take. Those things may not happen, then what then I have to wine and dine a female that may have the mentality of a fucking 12 year old and I wont find out until I waste time and money. Why Bother. Then you have all the single mothers looking for a Provider, a Wallet, Sucker to be used and disposed of.. Means to an end..She will use her pussy to get her hooks into you..because her personality and feminine charm just isn't there. Then after he helps her raise her children and pays for everything he gets kicked in the balls and sent on his way. Destroyed emotionally and financially. Selfish huh? The man spent 18 years being a family and really thought he had family and she was just USING him and Playing a fucked up game.
Anonymous (#6494)
fuck the jews.
truth (#6495)
Never forget,a woman is always a cause of evil, purposefully or not!!!!ex= (war)& it feeds their evil energies.Also it is difficult to pinpoint that which is truth they r always and programmed and ready and purpose driven to add to the fire because they r pretentiously trained to b nice.:-) If I can avoid them,I Will live longer. DO NOT CALL UNDER EVIL spells of a woman!!!(Satan) Who in return Will never see heaven!!!!Humans don't analyze explanations, that is y the truth is the hate a another person has for another to the point of Torture or death was influenced and created not by God, but by the whore mother who spread her legs nice and fuckin wide to bring forth these feelings to us knowing hatred has always existed since prehistoric excuses.we as males were and r born to die for their pleasure through hatred or natural cause s
Anonymous (#6496)
Well then fuck god for creating satan!
Soon tiamat will stop this dream and she will awaken and take on the form of azarate and god and Jesus will be Slain!
Enki and marduk will die painfully along with there shitty humanity just wait.
fuck god (#6497)
fuck god and everything he has failed at achieveing go burn in hell with jesus and the jews and the jinn and muslims fuck al arab fuck god.
Anonymous (#6498)
blast a load of cum down yhvh asshole stab out his eyes rip his filthy body apart.
Anonymous (#6499)
damn god to hell may fire rape Yahweh ass hole.
Anonymous (#6500)
God is so stupid may all atheists die too they are a product of god and most are kikes and they trust Carl Marx, Liberalism Which leads to feminism in the bulk of it all.
Anonymous (#6501)
Most women nowadays are certainly Low Life pieces of Garbage.
Anonymous (#6502)
You see how it is now with feminism? Female police sheriffs, female ceo business owners, spoiled housewives that knows how the courts works in their
favor, etc.. Women simply do not need us anymore financially and now more than ever they are showing their true colors because of it. They do not need us anymore like they did in the old days its much different now. They also network secretly with other divorced women being given advice about
which lawyer to hire, which county to file in, what's she's entitled to based on his income, its carazy now more than ever. Nothing wrong with women having a brain and learning a skill having some independence but 60% are using to be deceptive.
Anonymous (#6504)
I notice and is this just me or what??? Everytime I see goodlooking woman that drives an late model luxury vehicle they are totally un approachable
they will easily walk right by you giving you no energy whatsoever. Like out of 10 only 3 will show you friendly energy that they can be approached.
But when I turn the table and show that I dont give a fuck about them then they become curious and interested. Is that where this world has come to??
You have to be an ass to gain respect from these spoiled bitches
Anonymous (#6505)
All I am saying is that when they have it going financially and with looks as well they walk around like the world revolves around them. But make her 50
60lbs overweight and have her living paycheck to paycheck driving a 2006 corolla and notice how much more outgoing and friendly the woman is lol.
Then its OKAY to approach her. Getting out of her 2016 mercedes sedan weighin 110-125lbs oh no you better keep your distance you fucking
Anonymous (#6506)
Cunt is not worth a penny,but a woman is worth two pennies.why did u complain about is not his fault I cunts chose to b Satan in the form of whores.God is good and powerful.Alpha and Omega bitches.Go get another smelly period dirty tramps.
michelle (#6507)
To 6506,I agree with u,we r not God's chosen people as females .we need to work at getting close to god.but nowadays we R whores as always was,just nowadays more is not God's fault hun.I'm an t women I want to get to heaven.
male teacher (#6508)
I DONT C WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT A WOMAN.THEIR PUSSIES LOOK GROSS LIKE SMELLY looking SNAILS.THE STENCH IS ALMOST UNBEARABLE,(u got fish,period blood,other men's saliva,other women's cum&mens,juices rotten,women's saliva,food excretions etc....)so sick.Then blame guys and God for everything.Fuck u two bit Women-holes :-)
hey bitches (#6509)
For neither was Man created for the sake of Woman, but Woman for the sake of Man.
In bibles!!!!
brothers spread this word and b safe (#6510)
t my address?
Anonymous (#5851)
2015-08-14 10:28:34 UTC Women knew people suffered from dinosaur caveman days.I could understand no abortion lls back then.but now their is no excuse & pop out babys from loose fisted many fucked sewer holes.what if your baby grows retarded.or in time gets tortured.they knew of this from before time.they r right out from hell!!!they r closer to the females also .don't trust their seductive lies.its jus a demon.we need more brotherhood.hope u fellas learned something.oh yes. They could of caused a rebellion back in days to stop pregnancy.but truth is their selfish lying whore pain inflicting devils.their nothing nice.they can set u up also.I know this from to all the brotherhood of sllraces.don't fall prey to feminisime.this a mans world.god is alphamale. name is blackbird.
WakeUpToTheTruth (#6511)
The Annunaki are the ones made mankind into a slave race. Enki (the master geneticist) was the one who was behind the experimentation of the Homosapien.

The Virgin Mary = Lilith

WakeUpToTheTruth (#6512)
So please, don't pray or worship this whore cunt deity for she is a female fallen angel that wants your aural energy.

The Reptilian Annunaki and the Khazarian Jews and the 13 Royal Bloodline families are evil scum that must be destroyed.
brothers spread this word and b safe (#6513)
t my address?
Anonymous (#5851)
2015-08-14 10:28:34 UTC Women knew people suffered from dinosaur caveman days.I could understand no abortion lls back then.but now their is no excuse & pop out babys from loose fisted many fucked sewer holes.what if your baby grows retarded.or in time gets tortured.they knew of this from before time.they r right out from hell!!!they r closer to the females also .don't trust their seductive lies.its jus a demon.we need more brotherhood.hope u fellas learned something.oh yes. They could of caused a rebellion back in days to stop pregnancy.but truth is their selfish lying whore pain inflicting devils.their nothing nice.they can set u up also.I know this from to all the brotherhood of sllraces.don't fall prey to feminisime.this a mans world.god is alphamale. name is blackbird.
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Anonymous (#6515)
@6505 That guy is telling the truth, and even then that overweight 50 yr old with the 2006 corolla wont appreciate a damn thing you do and if she does it's only superficial. I have this one 50 year old cunt trying to bait me with her saggy titties because she's gonna lose what little she has because she's fucking broke. Boo Fucking Hoo , your "Independent" Right? then get a fucking JOB.
Anonymous (#6516)
Our society is broken, very few single mothers raise boys that become real productive men. Why? No male role model in the home. Then you have 30 something year old dudes living in mommy's house freeloading and still bitching because she asks him to take the trash out. Any self respecting 30 year old man would not have mommy's titty in his mouth still. He would be on his own paying his own way, not freeloading off mommy. To make matters worse mommy probably spoiled this little motherfucker into some narcissistic piece of shit that has a skewed sense of his own value and intelligence.
Anonymous (#6517)
6506 back again. I'm not going to lie the best fun I've ever had was banging this 62yr old blonde granny. She would actually cook me a full blown
dinner and leave it HOT on the counter with my favorite alchohol vodka and sprite. She would leave the door unlocked and while I ate she would be
lying under the covers naked with candles. At least twice a month it was awesome. I didn't appreciate at the time because I was screwing so many
different ones from craigslist but man I'm almost tempted out of desperation lol to leave my number on her apt door hoping that she calls. I swear
get a HORNY 60yr old PLUS granny they are the fucking BEST! I had another to confirm these woman treat you the best man....... A young
18-50 very decent looking will cost you money and time! Then they still may fuck you over.
Anonymous (#6518)
Yes I said 50! When they're 50 and decent looking they still act out too like they are such a prize lol shopping for bigger better deals.
Anonymous (#6519)
these kind they beauty queens but they will let you fuck them all night and cook for you not asking for a dime!
Anonymous (#6520)
I dated a 49 yr old. She was hot, worked out a lot and liked to fuck. Only problem was while she was seemingly insecure, she was also a control freak and emotionally abusive. So I fucked her for a while and got rid of her. I dont care how hot they are. If they act like a cunt they get sent down the road after I tell them what a cunt they are.
Anonymous (#6521)
Useless product of imagination him and Satan suck on each other that kike god Yahweh could have not created this mother fucking world and we would not have to deal with suffering. FREE WILL IS A LIE HE IS A SADIST I WILL STRIKE HIM DOWN AND EAT HIS ETERNAL SOUL FUCK HIM ALL!.
Anonymous (#6522)
God is useless the Jewish god thinks he came before any other i say fuck Jehovah and fuck all these pieces of shit that point to him.
Id rather worship Odin or fucking Shango or some shit.
Yahweh is a demiurge keep waiting when tiamat awakens enki Marduk and all these pieces of shit will end with there lousy dreams.
sewikie (#6523)
Stop bitching just cause Jews make better money while you sit there crying.
You just a net nazi lowlife just get a life and stop net bitching we have more power then your common Shit 0 life span.
Anonymous (#6524)
Next time i see one of you sex working slut bags in the midwest i will Beat the living shit out of you same goes to the niggers you suck on.
You filthy aids infested whores deserve a 9 inch hot molten rod stabbed threw your eyes I wish mr blue was still alive so he could spill more stinking prostitute blood.
Yeash all these ugly forn prostitutes i will slay them all and there aids infested corpses will become a pile. Nasty usless cock sucking whores!
you deserve worst then rape how about a bullet to the face?
Anonymous (#6525)
I hate you disgraceful turd slut bags who talk threw your teeth. Nest time i see the first sight of you god help me!
What good is a useless cunt though? why these useless sex workers get mad when i talk dirty? You two bit hoodlums wouldn't know a single thing about hygiene. I heard some one tell me your slits stink like fish and feces that is some disgusting shit.
I hate white girls who talk threw there rotten teeth and Have lots of ugly wrinkles on there crack snorting faces that is disgusting i hope you get gang raped by a minority and they slit your ugly neck too!
Anonymous (#6526)
Anonymous (#6528)
There is no God's chosen people that's BullShit. What really happened was a whole villages were slaughtered in the name of GOD. Oh God told me to do it, it was his will. The prophet of GOD told me he had a vision (think book of Samuel) when King Saul failed to murder someone so Samuel the prophet cut the victim to pieces with a sword. Basically people were murdering, plundering and stealing land and goods and justifying it by saying "we are GOD's chosen people" I call rationalizing BullShit on that one. The same thing goes on in modern times, the continent of Africa is being slowly murdered off, so the powers that be can steal the natural resources. Only it's being done subtly with disease and sterilization. It's all fucking greed and evil.
Anonymous (#6529)
Why do you nasty lesbian hoes rape children, i hate to see all these dyke's have a right to vote it only lessons our chances of becoming something rather then a bunch of smelly degenerate wild sexually promiscuous scum.
raping an aborted horse baby. (#6530)
Fuck lesbians
Fuck Fags
Anonymous (#6531)
this torturous existence is painful and hard there is no skin contact anymore there is only struggle and loneliness.
thruther (#6532)
According to some knowledge of the Semite people.
Yahweh was there god he was accompanied by his wife Astarte and there son Baal
Astarte is despised by Yahweh for committing adultery with her child Baal.
This is very similar to modern women These worthless worms will never learn and the sword of the man will kill them all.
Anonymous (#6533)
yup let the western world hear the truth all these sex workers, and feminists must die for there filthy atrocities and for there abortions and promiscuousness.
Anonymous (#6534)
Im tired of dating advice they only shame me to death this is the shit that makes me want to go and shoot up a school.
Anonymous (#6535)
Technology is the new Sheep Dog. Technology distracts us into being grouped together and kept in the circle the same as the Sheep Dog does to the sheep. We are tracked with our phones, we are recorded in our activities, every call, every text message, every website visited. George Orwell was correct. Google tracks every damn thing you do, Microsoft Windows 10 is now playing catch up to Google's Spy Platform. Every country outside the US should suspect the American software companies that work for the NSA. They cannot be trusted with closed source software. Then you have people of low intelligence, getting roped into thinking life is to be lived through stimulating their genitalia. Real Fucking smart, will you being sending sext messages and titty pics when they throw you in the FEMA concentration camp?
Anonymous (#6536)
I bet god is really an evil women with 3 dicks and 5 pussies to fuck over man kind.
IHateJews (#6537)
sewikie (#6523) Lowlife scum such as yourself deserve to get murdered and killed. Fuck all of you khazarian ashkenazi crypto-Jews. You all deserve to suffer and need to be annihilated as soon as possible. Fake Jews and women in overall have power in society, however, that so-called power that they have needs to be stripped away from them for good. I can't wait to kill and murder all of you scummy trash kikes out in public.

Fuck your ancestors and fuck the holohoax you worthless faggot degenerate.
vanella jones (#6538)
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Anonymous (#6539)
Abby wambitch go and die with your equality you victim!
The death of feminist lies are coming!
Anonymous (#6540)
The feminist mindset is a regression for women. They tell women they can "HAVE IT ALL".
They cannot Have It All without being selfish and destructive towards their family. They bitch because they want a career and then still have to cook and clean. Then they get divorced and then have the career and still have to cook, clean, mother and do all the chores and other things the husband once did. If she cannot do those things she has to pay someone to do them. The children suffer being apart from the father. Nobody wins, and these dumb women are too fucking ignorant to see that the feminist mindset was created to Destroy The Family. These women are too proud and stubborn to admit they were and are wrong. Have fun struggling bitches, get a conscious and admit you are harming your children.
Dumb Fucking Cunts.
ariel (#6541)
Pretty women are useless and every last one of them i see i have an urge to harm them and lately i have Nada shame for the way i feel.
They always reject me anyway so they don't like me do they care that im suffering NO they don't. Because they got it all good and everybody else gives them all they want...
Anonymous (#6542)
So i have no shame wanting to kill them when they sit next to me and ignore the fuck out of me like im a pervert Hey i would never want to kill you all in the first place if you would just do your mother fokken job.
Why do you think god put your filthy cunts here? to fuck that is all and if you take my hand i bet you wont take no other because the first time i see your on a dating website ill beat you to shit!@
Anonymous (#6543)
I could care less if they ignore me. The key to it is don't act goofy or fawn over the way they look. Act like you can care less whether they pay attention to you or not because it doesn't fucking matter anyway. Neg her, if she says anything ask her why she is talking to you as if she is beneath you. The problem is we men do stupid shit for so called pretty women, Yeah her outside is pretty, problem is most of them are rotten on the inside and that's a fact. If she acts like a cunt, Ignore Her.
ariel (#6544)
Do i look stupid to you im not interested in them or anything about them ill take love by force now this is who i am now this is all im left with now.
Im cold and dead and forever loveless and it hurts deep too im not going to take anymore fucking methods and shitty things id rather kill them all these pieces of shit even there ugly mix raced children are disgusting slobs.
Anonymous (#6545)
All Whores and Lesbians should burn in Hell where they belong.
Anonymous (#6546)
If prostitution was legal, women would lose all of their power. That is why most women in overall hate prostitution because it proves that their pussy isn't worth that much. Fuck women and Fuck the U.S. government. May they perish and become abolished forever.
Mikey #1 (#6547)
I screwed 12 different women this summer from that pof website. All didn't require a condom and more than half of them swallowed my wad. One 3 times in a row! Anyway, I really wanted a relationship and narrowed it down to this Angela chick. As I got to know her, she told me about the 9 guys she slept with prior to me and has 2 daughters from 2 different men with the same name! Anyway, there were red flags everywhere and once I got a hold of her phone, she was exposed! She fucking lies about everything and proved to be a sèrial dater. She also has a few guy "friends" that proved to be otherwise. I fell in love with her unfortunately. Anyhow, I got rid of her but she tells me she loves me. I am going back to college mode and am just,going to fuck em' and treat em' like shit. They deserve zero respect and the next one is gonna have a gigantic load in her face.
Anonymous (#6548)
These women are out of their minds crazy. I fucked one chick 3 times in 2 hours. The 1st time she wanted a condom, the 2nd time she hopped on it while I was opening the condom. Guess she wasn't that concerned with safety. POF website is weird, you see these women on there saying "No Hookup" No FWB" and "Not Just Here For Sex". Then you see their profile and it has skimpy clothes, bikini shots, cleavage shots, and sexually suggestive poses. Duh that's why you get that kind of attention dumbass, have some self respect and some fucking class. I wonder what the statistics are on POF of how many times each woman on there has been pumped and dumped? I'm gonna say no less than 2 to 3 times each. If men are gonna fuck POF women the best bet is to use a condom and don't eat their pussy because STD can be transmitted to your mouth and throat. Fucking gross.
Anonymous (#6549)
Butured and raped and her kids will be Stalked and fed to the lawn mower We should kill these black nigger kids who steal and shoot inocent people while there monkey ass mother stands at the walefare office and then take them and bash there faces against the ground and torture there young bodies and throw them to the floor There mothers deserve to be Beat Raped And Skinned and set on fire and then smash there faces till there eye ooz out of them.
Sell there boys turn them into brothel whores.
Anonymous (#6550)
I want to take them and Beat them for smiling at me too.
Your kids deserve to be tortured.
Anonymous (#6551)
i hate life and reality i get no pleasure in life it just fucks down my ass i bet god is an evil Jew who hates us all.
Anonymous (#6552)
Women have always been the life forms of earth which embarrass us all. I craved and desired them for decades but finally realized what a bunch of trashy scum whores they all are. The ugly majority of them are just pure shit who help ruin the few desirables to build up themselves. This world is so fucking trashy because of women it's sad.
Anonymous (#6553)
Most women HATE men they HATE having to be "Subservient" to men. Most women don't even like sex, they use it as a tool, and just to get your seed, your dna, your child, and afterwards your money. They love that because it gives them control over you, a way to "hurt you" in a very sick minded way.
Wow a man can give a woman his all, his everything and it means nothing, it's never enough. Most women like to hear lies and they know they are lies. Just the lies allow them to rationalize 'Bad Behavior", to do as they wish. This is why most women "HATE Good Men". A good man makes her feel bad about herself just by his "Being Good", it reminds her that she really is "No Good" therefore the resent and hate comes in. The family is no more, thanks to the adoption of "Feminism" and the ignorance that surrounds it. We have been divided, we have been separated from traditional roles and society reflects that. Women are trying to be masculine, to be men.
Anonymous (#6554)
The "Entitlement Factor". People think they are owed something from their parents and society. "My BirthRight?" what?, Shut The Fuck Up. Your parents don't owe you a damn thing, if you are lucky you will get food, shelter, safety and security. That's all your parents really owe you is those 4 things. Think about the mentality, Oh because My father impregnated my mother HE OWES ME, Money, Property and things? Really, does he? No he doesn't you ignorant motherfucker, he owes you nothing. Inheritance is not a "Right" it's a gift and it's not "OWED" to you. These fucking people make me sick, these are the same motherfuckers that think their Employer "OWES THEM". These same assholes are the ones fucking off at work, making their coworkers work harder and then turning around and expecting that good raise and top pay. Fucking childish, self absorbed, lazy motherfuckers.
truth (#6555)
Mater pater latin = mother father.

The Paterial
Because “spiritual” is a word that has been gang-banged for centuries, pimped out to every fool with a voice, a book or a pen, and beaten and bloodied so many times it is unrecognizable and essentially meaningless…I opted for a different word.

What’s the opposite of Material?

Well, since my website is the Patrix, the opposite of the Matrix, which is a physical system designed to enslave human beings and every other type of being, all for the evil whims of a few…I came up with the word, Paterial.

What is the Paterial? It’s the opposite of the Material.

If civilization is home to Materialism, and the Mother Church (the root word in material is Mater; the Latin word for Mother), the place where Holy Matri-mony takes place, as well as being the Matrix itself, then the soul of the Paterial must dwell in Father Nature, the wilderness…the thing that the Matrix is devouring, slaughtering, and poisoning at a record pace.

I’m the world’s first Paterialist. Yes, I’m a madman and a practicing whateverist, but first & foremost I’m a Paterialist.

What is the Paterial all about? Well, it is about all the things or lack of things that the Material is about…

Enough of this shit. The following are writings on the subject of Paterialism…

Blisters, Sweat & Pain.

And, since the idea of Paterialism comes from the right hemisphere of the brain, Left-Brain, Right-Brain.

And if we actually have three brains, do we also have three sets of consciousnesses?

Why is life so motherfucking boring?

The Seventh Wave.

If the Material thrives on Ego, to enter the Paterial we must demolish Ego as much as possible.

What Am I Doing? touches on a few Paterial themes…

On Chemical Substances does too…

On the subject of remaining humble, as well as simply not standing out in any way, flying below the radar: #LetThemThink
Anonymous (#6556)
Our society has made relationships nearly impossible. Some women are beautiful and damaged at the same time. Think of it as a beautiful dog that has been abused by it's owner. A stranger sees this dog and goes to pet it and something triggers the dog to attack, to lash out. Only in society it's not our owners don't beat us physically, they have beaten and conquered some of us psychologically. They have us out of harmony with nature and our own spirits. I would like to see what happens in a worldwide catastrophe, I bet women would drop all the feminist, independent bullshit and stand behind a man that would would be protecting his clan or family. Things would be set right. Then again a woman is a woman and she might just stand behind the man that's protecting her and stick a knife in his back and go with the man that has a bigger clan. Lovely right. Women are like rattle snakes or scorpions, you know if you handle them sooner or later you will get bit or stung. Humans have it backwards Sex is for making babies and families, to keep the species going. We have turned it into sport and pleasure, so fucking stupid. The animals are smarter than we are.
Anonymous (#6557)
black Boa Constrictors.
Anonymous (#6559)
its so frustrating that life cant just be good i really want to kill everyone i hope the world ends tomorrow.
Anonymous (#6560)
I want to kill, and rape ugly, black nigger babies and sell there young bodies to organ donors these pieces of young shit steal, Loot, Rob, and talk dirty to there own kind and these smelly kike loving liberals think black on black crime is not real I'll kill a liberal I'll shoot them dead along with there monkey nigger babies and wale fare.
Anonymous (#6562)
Dear mag for ruining your baby and husbands life i hope you die a horrible death of pain i hope you get abducted and your throat gets a deep cut with scissors.
Anonymous (#6563)
i hate god for creating me and making every girl i see walk away and treat me like a brick wall.
Fuck the jews. i hate god he was a trickster anyway so you kikes and Christians can fuck your Loki.
jimmy (#6564)
i hate god for creating life and making all my good thoughts turn bad and then making the sky piss rain after i had my hopes up i wish this planet would just blow the fuck up some times.
Fuck my ass hole jesus (#6565)
I hate god for Making it nearly impossible for me to find a women.
Honestly its his fault he made them have periods and made there minds tick like this i hate him so fucking much!
Anonymous (#6566)
Ahh fuck him he was a cunt anyway fuck Jehovah thats his real name a Jewish god a fucking slave owner id decapitate him and his fellow media buds and all his feminazi cunts working with him while he gives them all the power in the universe.....
Anonymous (#6567)
I scream allahu akbar when i see a dead bitch i rape her mother too.
Anonymous (#6570)
yo lets all rape Kandice Mattews young clit. and then sell her.
Anonymous (#6571)
a rape everyday keeps the feminists away. lol
Anonymous (#6572)
Don walk away rape her.
Cut her tongue off.
JeanJean (#6574)
Some nice and true comments about women here, but also a lot of psychopath losers.
Anonymous (#6575)
yup don't like it leave the fucking place FAG.
Anonymous (#6576)
all you bitches i hate you and your fucking boyfriends you never gave me a chance so i will kill you all.
Anonymous (#6577)
You stupid fucking bitches Women i hate you all and i hate your difficulty.
I say fuck your life! judging every man you see and every male child you treat like your husband.
I hate your ugly fucking make up and your constant amorral flirting with other men while merried i laugh at rapes, I laugh at your beheadings too you beg to be Hurt with your shitty fucking attitudes and i give money to any msale who would beat you down for getting an attitude with him.
Im tired of this america and its rise of fagotry and homosexuality there needs to be another holocast and we will Gas more then six million commies this time.
Anonymous (#6578)
I Say fuck vagina's and that disgusting blood pouring out of them you bitches are a disgraceful mockery of nature and i hate you all!
I hate you for denying your self of being promiscuous Then posting nudes and half nudes on social media You invite rapists to come and get you
Your Cocky ass man is a fag and will never amount to shit!
Your nothing but a idiot you beg for a victim status so you can get revenge on your daddy.
I hate your shitty profiles Nagging on males you attract and then disrespect them because they want to fuck you?
You Leave all kinds of sexual invitations,
Anonymous (#6580)
Steven Phillips (#6581)
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Anonymous (#6582)
Die nigger.@6581
Anonymous (#6584)
Yep all women are worthless whores, they have no morals and will fuck anything or anybody that has money, a woman only needs three things in life and that's dick, dope or a dollar, and the ones that fuck niggers are the lowest form of filth on the planet, even lower than the nigger itself, may they all rot in hell
Anonymous (#6585)
cant get a date or get laid worth a shit now im fucked forever i may end up going out and taking love by force I'm really over it already and im tired of life beating me down.
Anonymous (#6586)
Anyone notice with these modern females, If they get attention from a guy they like it's cool, as soon as they get attention from a guy they don't like "Oh he's a Creeper" such bullshit they have no social graces to let the dumb bastard that finds them attractive down easily. They have to add injury to insult and call the guy a fucking creep. We no longer have women we have twelve year old girls in adult bodies. Talk about narcissistic cunts, they think the world revolves around them and their vagina, they want to be held in high regard only they don't deserve it. They don't want a booty call or a hookup yet they flaunt their tits and ass> contradicting behavior. Men are better off just jerking off and keeping their time and money. Let these dumb bitches fend for themselves.
Anonymous (#6587)
What a great time to have a vagina! the whole world revolves around women now.
Anonymous (#6588)
What a great time to have a vagina! the whole world revolves around women now.
Anonymous (#6589)
The females that flaunt their ass like a damn fishing lure amuse me. show that skin and see if the guy makes a move. She's calculated and knows how to play it, he moves and she says "I don't wanna be used for a piece of ass" meaning she wants more. Like your time, money and soul, that fucking piece of paper and a ring that gives her half your assets. All for what? a piece of ass once in awhile, that she will fake enjoying, maybe a shitty meal once in awhile that she may just have poisoned you with. No thanks, my imagination doesn't take my money or destroy my life.
Richard S (#6590)
Anonymous (#6591)
I go with gentile
Ill defend people who follow me otherwise get out of my light⭐⚡🌇🔥
Anonymous (#6592)
I agree with 5804 as well. I have seen women act as if possessed, saying things to me they had absolutely no knowledge of about me. How do you explain this? The only explanation is that demons are real. People wont believe it until its right in their face and even then maybe not.
I hate america and all of this shit taking place. (#6593)
Anonymous (#6594)
She seemingly has it all, yet she's empty. She takes it all for granted, nothing matters except for her own satisfaction. She fills her void with shopping and other men, nothing is ever enough or good enough. Her husband loves her unconditionally even though he knows what she does, he's a cuckolded dumbass. So what's the point? if you meet her just have fun, fuck her as many times as you can, have fun and let her move on to the next guy. Let her husband deal with her on the daily.
Anonymous (#6595)
Meghan Trainor is a twat!
I cant believe Jew holowood let her be a star just for her insipid feminist babble.
Anonymous (#6596)
It is just too bad that God can't get rid of this Shit that he Created which it Really would have been a much better World today.
Anonymous (#6597)
Fuck god
Fuck his ass
Anonymous (#6598)
I don't think the current situation with women is GOD's fault. We have been fooled by the elite. How? They know that the key to taking down mankind, man and the family starts with women. Corrupt the naive, gullible woman into feminism and all that bullshit and Bingo. Family Destroyed, Man lives in an apartment paying child support and alimony, the woman jumps on the cock carousel because no man is gonna keep her around for anything more than a piece of ass, the kids get lost and are now prone to indoctrination into all kinds of corruption, partying and alternate lifestyles. The kids are there for the taking because now they are miserable and apathetic because they saw what the parents did and it damaged them. HMM I'm a kid and I see my mom lose her mind and become a fucking whore, my dad gets pushed into working too much to pay child support and alimony to that CUNT, I see all this shit go down, of course it's gonna alter my views on relationships and family.
Who wins "The Elite Do" because they used mass psychology, thought manifestation, and the power of the media to DESTROY US.
Meanwhile the statistics on "The Elite" are that the rich are actually divorcing less these days. People need to wake the fuck up and stop allowing the media to influence thoughts and actions. People need to think things through Thoughts Become Reality Thought>Actions>Reality>Consequences> We have the minds and power to set ourselves free.
Anonymous (#6599)
Yeah and those ugly, Russian red Jews are responsible as well as the fagot, Luciferian, smug, new atheism Bolshevik
Lets kill the Jews again 6 million was nothing we can do much worst to these worms.
Anonymous (#6600)
Cool that means raping, Or fucking them would be child rape!
Anonymous (#6601)
cant stand these homely white girls who act black everyone knows your uneducated you slime.
Anonymous (#6602)
White ladies who date a lot of black men are usually very ugly And most likely a product of incest.
Anonymous (#6603)
Well the white girls dating Black Dudes could just be a preference, could be the "Big Dick Thing", Could be daddy issues. I know this chick her sisters both date black dudes and have black babies, why? because the family is racist and these girls are attention whores and drama seekers, they wanted to piss off those racist family members. It's about attention, low self esteem and or preference. As far as the "Big Dick Thing" that is a matter of genetics and or Biochemical reactions in the body during development like hypergonadism because there are people other than blacks with big dicks. It's all Bullshit anyway, If a dude can perfect his game, his ability to lie and Bullshit these women, to develop the ability to get in their head and see where they are at then he can easily get laid. Consequences though, disease, loss of finances, unwanted pregnancies and children, child support. Is any of that worth it? Just to say "Oh I'm a man I lied and put my dick in a hole" FUCKING DUMBASSES
Anonymous (#6604)
Division, Separation, Defeat, Implosion, Rise Dust off try it again and fail. Stop, Step Back and really assess what's going on. We have all been suckered and programmed even though most will never know it. The women have a defect because they think mostly with emotions Feel>Think>Action>Mess. It's funny because the women think they manipulate men when in reality the Beings or men that run the world have manipulated the women and all of us. We are all a bunch of doomed fucking idiots bent on destruction and all people can think of is money and their fucking crotches getting satisfied. Fucking Brainwashed Morons.

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