Black guy scaring white children

Black People

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yieee (#51)
bad shit
Sk8terBoiiSwagg (#2248)
F*cking Racist As Shit, Go To Hell.Im Fucking White and This Shit Is Awful!
Anonymous (#2681)
Anonymous (#2837)
How is this racist when it's the truth??
White people were afraid of the "negroes" mixing in with white people, even though they were dumb enough to "import" the people themselves.
So yes, they "scared" them. But this is funny because it's like "Hoogaboogabooga!" in the picture. :P
Anonymous (#2970)
Pls that is not funny at all
Anonymous (#3027)
It's acually true and you guys need to realize how it was back then. White people were so scared of black people and made black people suffer just because of the color of our skin. I am black and its not racist. U white people are just something else so u know what I think black people are more capable of achieving more things because we never give up!!!!!!
Anonymous (#3072)
Fuck race, laugh if you find this humorous if not move along, we are all human :)
Anonymous (#4172)
✊ Power to my fellow white pride brothers
Anonymous (#5625)
Blacks are "people"? Since when?
Anonymous (#7562)
I'm here to fuck all your white daughters and turn them to mulatto

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