European and American trolls

The main difference between Europe and USA

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Anonymous (#2423)
You forgot the fucked up teeth part on the European side.
Anonymous (#2473)
lol iam from germany and today nearly nobody have a fucked up teeth (but we cant speak english very well^^)
Anonymous (#2775)
And I'm from america,and were not all fat ass slobs the bitch who made this is probly some brit with nasty ass teeth and an ulgy fucking girl friend who wishes he could be american
Anonymous (#3273)
With all due respect #2775, that last part made us Americans look bad. The rest was well said...but just remember that no race or nationality is inferior to one another...let alone superior.
Anonymous (#6872)
LOL inbred retarded americunts up above ^^

the rotten teeth stereotypes apply more to you americunts than anyone in Britain you trashed up 20 chinned fat fucks

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