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How to make your school uniform look half decent

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Anonymous (#2712)
Clint Eastwood is not pleased.
Anonymous (#2752)
Well...hurry up! I haven't got all day!
Anonymous (#3478)
Why pedofile shawn as a man???
50% of them are women.
I see discrimination here
Anonymous (#3971)
what's this all about
Anonymous (#4879)
To Anon #3478 - You are SO full of shit it's leaking out of your ears. Sex offender demographics are more like 96% male. Look it up, dumbass. Facts are not hard to find.

The next time you feel the impulse to pull something out of your ass, squat over a toilet first then wipe afterward.
Anonymous (#5620)
Ewww. Jesus Christ, dudes, at least wait until she sprouts some tits.

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